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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 77  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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is that is unclear britain's prime minister tourism is holding talks with her cabinet to have a plan suffered a setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third vote. if it's fundamentally different from before and has been rejected twice by him. as he won't allow another vote on the substantial changes are made prosecutors in the us are looking into how the seven three seven. got the green light. regulator a federal grand jury issued a subpoena for emails and other related to the jets development investigators have found similarities between last week's question ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven eight. those are the headlines on inside stories coming up next thank you for watching.
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exactly five years ago russia annexed crimea and began a conflict with ukraine that's claimed thirteen thousand lives. but what has russia gained apart from a host of western sanctions against it will that deter president putin from flexing his military muscles again this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on has a monday the eighteenth of march marks five years since russia annexed the crimean
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peninsula from ukraine western countries condemned the move and imposed economic sanctions against moscow and calling siding with the anniversary the e.u. the u.s. and canada have introduced some more of putin remains defiant he's not returning crimea to ukraine and has visited the region to join in the celebrations and open to new power stations the ukraine's foreign minister says the international community will continue to support ukraine stance on crimea. crimea was taken away from crimea ends their homeland was taken away from them it is well understood that the international community will never recognize this we feel pain every day for this but for those ukrainians who back russia have been celebrations that was released about surprise that it is a great very special day for me i feel proud for russia and crimea thank god we are united. a crimea was gifted to ukraine by soviet leader nikita khrushchev in one thousand nine hundred fifty four when ukraine became independent in one nine
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hundred ninety one russian president boris yeltsin agreed it could remain in ukraine the region has always been of political and strategic importance to both moscow and kiev it lies on a peninsula between the black sea and the sea of as of and has a russian speaking majority but many crimean support closer ties with the rest of europe crimean crisis was sparked when ukraine's then president viktor yushchenko which turned down a trade deal with the e.u. and accepted a bailout from moscow three months of street protests followed leading to janak overtures overthrown russia refused to recognize the new government in kiev and within days seize control of the peninsula of crimea referendum considered illegal by the west was held in crimea where a majority voted to join russia fighting between ukrainian forces and russian backed separatists began in eastern ukraine and although peace accords were signed
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in for every twenty fifteen tensions have remained. let's bring in our guest now to talk more about this in kiev we have in point our model of he is an exiled russian politician who was the only member of the state duma to vote against the annexation of crimea in two thousand and fourteen in moscow international relations and security analyst mark sloboda and in kiev as well via skype alexei hard on a professor at the international university of key of more academy welcome all three of you so if i could start with you then five years on how would you assess the state of affairs in crimea is a better off now that the russians are in control. or unfortunately everything that we hear is about five years ago that actually happens. we see of or the expectational so for people that share
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a theory they fall fuels. yeah they live outside any particular war zone bought at the same time they are isolated there we just have more streets significantly of the expected to be out of the sure reason is also will be russia will chairman to resign because there is no international tourism anymore in the new thing that. for them right now is that you can ukraine still there is a callous officer of the revolution so you are at least outside the careless and that's the only thing that to get them to go well actually had and what's your assessment of how crimea has fared over the last five years. well i don't think that we should actually analyze it in economic terms because you know cannot get the arms i seems that everybody lost creamier lost in the nomic terms because it's
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under sentients so-called caribbean package of sanctions russia host russia was also because of sanctions but more importantly russia lost because it violated important international agreements and i believe we should need to start from cent because in ninety ninety four ukraine refused to have nuclear arsenal which was asserted largest insuperable in that it turned for the guarantees of its territorial integrity and this guarantees we're given by united states is a u.k. and russia so russia violated russia waylaid and also russian ukrainian treaty overnight in ninety seven and it means actually what happened with craney it was a first annex a shim in the euro after all war two so basically for your listeners and. if you are starting to stand what happened with cranium it's like saddam hussein
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who seized kuwait he said this is out there. and this is exactly the argument which brutally used he said this is our debt this so despite all the international laws i season and first see that night russian military presence there it was a total lie he said no there are no it were russian soldiers have been sent in the year he bought the recognized so i believe what we when we are talking about cranio in it don't understand that this is an oversight role of the whole international order and that's why as ascensions keep it gainst against russia we also need to remember the position of cranium to us because cranium does is a native people as a native people of crania think wanted to stay with you crazy but not russia didn't
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take it into account and now you have one hundred political prisoners of crimea and that does ukrainians who are in the russian who are in the russian prisons you have to venti it premium class ect of us who were killed twenty were disappeared so what russia installed in crania is actually kind of put there with their own continuation of that though there in the history this is a total suppression of sick people whatevers their ethnic origin is ukrainian russian or cranium tatar alright matsumoto i suspect your take on all of this is going to be somewhat different from what we've just heard from india and alexei what is your view. yeah i can't really agree with about anything they said first of all full disclosure my wife is crimea and my mother in law lives in some for opal i'm in crimea every few months and we have family all across east ukraine
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hark off odessa and done by us so first of all the majority of crimea and seventy two percent by the most recent polls disagree completely with our previous two guests assessment and they say their lives are better ninety three percent of crimea and about the same as during the original reunification referendum continue to support reunification this is confirmed by polls international polls pew gallup j.f.k. it shows clearly the will of the crimean people secondly. our colleague alexei brought up international order and the budapest memorandum he might have mentioned that the budapest memorandum not only guarantees ukraine's territorial integrity but also non interference in its affairs and certainly the openly west backed my done putsch which violently and unconstitutionally overthrew the last legitimate
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democratically elected ukrainian government meets that and render that treaty move at that time and russian support for reunification continues near eighty percent so this side of in both crimea ends and russians are happy to be reunified in their lives have gotten in crimea and measurably better i want to bring out the point though moxley botha that alexei made earlier there about president putin's denial initially that there were any russian troops in crimea at first and then much later pretty much the acknowledged it and that there is there was a deficit of trust there with president putin and this is one of the issues with with with the with the breaking of the international order what do you say to that . well i think it's a blatant mis understanding of the situation in crimea because in crimea at the time of the west backed my don putsch which overthrew the ukrainian government
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there were some twenty five thousand russian troops by treaty at russian naval bases in the crimea so of course there were russian troops in crimea so why did he deny them why did he deny it at first then what he denied is that russian troops were actively involved in arranging the referendum in the country this was done through largely through militias that were organized just like the putsch but talian were organized in the west of the country that overthrew the government in kiev really put them out of what's what what do you say to that right think of a situational spiritual view as the first we hold this clearly the midst of which unfortunately has come from this that firstly the occupation happens and all of them the periphery of the of the so-called true freedom the was the church kind of
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irrelevance what are the walls what were the public opinion. in this regards because all this public opinion was formed after the actual occupation happens and that's the bottom line of this whole process so in this official. of the troops will be withdrawn there will be no war occupation more for a new israel of this territory of a car unclear whether they leave in the controls and why don't we know that russia is not the most democratic country on earth when you take somebody in love when you say it's a controlled environment in crimea what do you mean by that. i mean that the police forces only service that has dramatically increased we know where bolts holding some one hundred cases of political prisoners on the earth or do we know the struggle the first hole general of the prince saud or
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obviously this is not the free chair authority in general in russia of the. floor speech six freedom of speech freedom will filter them out free will of communication with it within this control so people simply afraid or let's let's put that point back to mark's lebeau to then they've been numerous accounts from inside crimea crackdowns on that sentiment intimidation and so on for anyone who takes expresses disagreement with with with the majority view and particularly minority tars which is the point that alexei made earlier and what what rights groups have said is this system systematic harassment of to tara's going on in crimea since since the russian annexation five years ago what do you say to that. yeah well first of all mr parnham are of can deny agency to the
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crimean people all he wants i think he should visit himself if he wasn't of course . wanted for fraud embezzle meant and dereliction of duty in russia i guess he could probably not visit so freely with those criminal charges hanging over his head. but. if you don't want to believe international polls on the subject. and if we assume that this as it was suggested was is under some kind of coersion that the crimean people would all change their pint if there were no russians there the majority of the crimea as being ethnic russians that i guess we should result reverse the results of the west backed by don putsch government in kiev that happened just a few months beforehand and reverse that and see if the majority of ukrainians want their government overthrow because polls at that time showed the majority of ukrainians were against the my god and this was repeated during the three months of
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that overthrow of the government backed by the west and in kiev as for the crimea into two hours the crimean to tar's are not a political monolith polls by lovato the. independent pollster critical of the russian government has shown that a plurality of crimea and the two r.'s feel that reunification was the right thing to do and this is a few cases of genuine extremists from the self declared self elected maj lease which does have a number of members on fortunately with extremist ties that is supported by the regime now in kiev and i think certainly the genuine cases of persecution of far less than the hundreds and hundreds of ukrainians that have been picked off the street by the putsch s.b.u. as u.n. reports and human rights watch of detail tortured in prisons often simply for being
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east ukrainians other times for making facebook or twitter posts if you want to see a real tall tall a tarion regime with extreme far right tendencies i'm afraid you have to look towards west backed kiev regime for let's put some of that back then to alexei inec what maslow botha was saying. about the issue of the targets in. crimea and that many of them were so-called extremists what do you say to that. well it's very difficult to have such a dialogue because what mr slobo is doing he is. it's not a right it was affects you know it's thought oh it's total kremlin propaganda you know total kremlin propaganda let's start with this so-called western beck which. is the slope of the said yes this was a national movement and this is it was originated in the ukraine for they were
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aggressive of you could and mistake in the court which if you know he was ousted by ukrainian butland who he still wasn't constitution which unocal which waylaid and so it was what he was voted down by ukrainian parliament if you do not know the facts this is a fence not after said cranio was all q what do you think yeah that what i like most was that. you be sure of ukraine but of you create starting from craney and sent eastern ukraine has nothing to do with domestic cheaters in the u.k. because again russia violated also international treaties which russia signed and this is recognized by the international community. it's important also saw hold pulls you know which where there's a better o.c. ukraine is adding more chris it's recognize you cannot go against the facts we have
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free elections in ukraine it's not at all it's more kind of decision set you have in the russia you are smiling but certain sauza ukrainians up killed by russian soldiers and the russian veterans let me remind you also that cranium talk doesn't mind in forty four they will deploy it from cranium base started seeing west sent to safety in it in central asia. and that only possibility to have to come back it did in ninety ninety and in independent ukraine crimea movement was always known violent if you do not know most effects consols effect books she says eason buddy which was elected then is elected by the whole cranium but i want to bring him back and let it completely. and let me just
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let me just final it ends that the question is continuing its aggression not only in crimean not only him eastern ukraine but also in the us off see actual inequality against the russian ukrainian keeping owners of see russia looks ukrainian ships not only naval ships but also commercial satellites that's who was an associate and finally ukraine your seat was the day and was shelled in util who is and twenty four ukrainian neighbors they are now in mosul in prison so basically what russia is doing in service of c. biarritz let's get you let's get the scam artist kletzky much about his response that mark. yeah i'm just flabbergasted by his assessment of so-called elections in ukraine as being democratic i mean this
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was the overthrow of a government the majority of ukrainians confirmed by polls reported in the pro-american american on kiev post said that the majority of ukrainians were against the might done that is it was a slim majority system fifty five percent. when you are here is can check that online at the kiev post in the polls recorded there themselves and i advise you to do the same if you are ignorant of the facts second of all we see elections by this west backed regime in kiev that is literally not only under the barrel of a gun but under fire of grad missile launchers the regime attempts to subjugate the people of east ukraine to their seizure of power in kiev we have the last a ruling governments party has been lost rated in pogrom that of existence every leftist party in the country was banned right and you want to call these free now
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actions but your standard is at the tick and free election is. this is a lie because you know your family and ukraine have been bad deal deny that the you deny that. listen listen to ours and go away for discussion because we have elections in the ukraine and the elections in ukraine are free. to do what you have in the past and what you are defending you are defending by this issue so in months the candidates and its public debate on television would be to present a defense of the left but mr models for example who was fond of a socialist but it obviously so basically i would like to err i would like to err again what you're saying is just you know what a beating can do with propaganda what i already experienced on international
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assessment of international a good position we had a lot of course and all sort of presenting so so will just go companies ok i want to get all of this to have you create them ok to say not just in the couple of minutes just in the couple of minutes we have left i want i want to get the word on this on what we've just been hearing and i want to ask you as well about this accusation from from moscow that what happened in ukraine. in two thousand and fourteen in which yannick zero which was where was removed was was not this this was not a democratically elected government this is what this was essentially a putsch what he say to that. well of course there was a revolution on the streets so or you know or the year we name or evolution was called to give a new show on the fields evolution is called the so called brits ounce to name what happens on the street so for key it was a cool. if you show or through
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a lot for the legitimate grow government i.e. my take on this is a revolution of the in ukraine is called to the. unsafe think that it was actually pretty accurate of what we are used for. to move to move the digital to the elected parliament for. the country he fled the country by the way absolutely on his own nobody was cheese and he was just fried for people on my don that's why he decided to run and serve them unless some i was afraid of him so after what happened on my ukraine has worked that the new prime president and so the president was legitimately elected. almost cool forces. received little support actually will score was triste say that ukraine has been governed by nation lists but even the nation is so
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also with very little support for the king to the full fleshless in the elections of two thousand and fourteen received something like three percent of the votes in the upcoming elections will see in just ten days from home or most likely the result will be woodward and that's all right that is going to have to be the last word. appreciate you all for coming in. and alexey thanks very much for being with us been a good discussion. thank you as always for watching you can see this program again any time by going to our website c.n.n. dot com and for further discussion there is no facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle at a.j. inside story for me has i'm sick and the whole team here but for now.
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