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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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the knowledge of the. towns and cities and submerged and there is more rain on the way mozambique struggles with the aftermath of cyclonic die. i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the first bodies from the new zealand mosque attacks are released to families as pressure mounts on social media sites. changing course we'll look at what the british prime minister's options are as the brags that deadline looms. was boeing seven three seven max approved to quickly the top u.s. aviation authority is under investigation after
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a two fatal crashes in five months. five days after i tore through parts of southern africa the full extent of the devastation is slowly becoming clear more than one and a half million people have been affected agencies are desperately searching for the missing and they're getting satellite images from nasa to help them mozambique was the first to get hit with an eighty people are confirmed dead with over two hundred missing but the president says more than a thousand people may have been killed at least ninety eight people are dead in neighboring zimbabwe with two hundred seventeen missing their cycle and destroyed roadways and that's making it hard to deliver aid and in malawi officials fear at least fifty six people were killed and more than five hundred others injured all three countries have declared national emergencies malcolm web's joining us from
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one of the hardest hit areas in central mozambique welcome bring us up to date with what's been happening there. we're here began with ferocious winds and days of torrential rain still raining on and off now cause an enormous amount of damage has swelled broke their banks washing away bridges houses schools hospitals farms here building here that had a tree land on its roof and on this side all the way down the third several trees came down taking out the power lines there's no electricity and no running water most of the affected areas and almost no communications as well which is why it's taken so many days for the picture to slowly come together as you said and the world through program announced a short while ago that it's a major humanitarian crisis they said is only being revealed hour by hour they said the satellite images that you mentioned indicate that there were one point seven million people in the path of the cyclon in mozambique and nearly
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a million have been affected in malawi as well give us some idea if you can of the kind of rescue efforts that are going on there at the moment. here on this side of the country it's been very difficult for any rescue operations to mobilize it so this town has been. connected to the rest of the country by only two roads and the bridge on one of them was washed away the other one the road also washed away so no help by road as the vines here are no help by hundreds of people in this district that their houses destroyed many of them a sheltering within schools in the town and then in the other parts of the district that are now being cut off the officials don't even know how many people are in need because there's no way of communicating with them among them were mentioning before is that there is a warning that there may be rain on the way are people concerned about that and it's around this thing they can do if it does come. it was raining
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a little bit right now but yeah there is very little people can do it we're told in some places to evacuate others to stay indoors evacuation is something that would be well beyond the means of very many of the people here anyway of course live basic conditions in wouldn't for the transport of their cars but now that roads bridges and rivers have been washed away people don't really have the option of moving around at all it's also important to understand that most people in mozambique live in quite simple structures made of bricks made of stuck together with mud iron sheets on the roof for millions of people living in these conditions and of course lots of rain and then strong winds these kind of structures can very easily be destroyed so there's not much people can do to prepare other than hope for the best those that have already been affected as instead of taken shelter wherever they can find it in schools and other public buildings welcome thanks very much. of the miller is in the area are one of the areas in mozambique which has been feeling the brunt of the storm. the situation here appears to be becoming
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increasingly difficult just behind us as you can see power lines are down in this particular street but that is the picture across the city there's also no communication we're using a satellite phone to communicate with people here we don't have that luxury and that's what adding to a some of the difficulties that people here are facing so far the government has said that sixty eight people were killed during that psycho in the days after but it's expected that figure will rise because there is there's no communication people aren't able to call for help or determine we're missing people or just also the extent of the devastation and aid agencies is that just one of the biggest challenges apart from accessing areas especially rural areas in low lying areas where floodwaters are continuing to rise apart from having difficulty in accessing those areas they simply can't determine just how bad the devastation is aid
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agencies that have been able to fly overhead say that the flood waters a very high that entire villages have been slipped away now here in barrow where the central hospital is that services the city of half a million people the roof of that hospital was torn torn away during that cycle own and that hospital also is running out of medicine now the government is holding a meeting in a para at some point during the course of the day to to work out what to do but people here are also disappointed they were told to evacuate before the psych loan but the question for them was where do we go and they have a number of grievances with the government and just how it's dealing with this disaster so far and what happens next given the scale of devastation but as you mentioned at the top of the program the cycle has also busser zimbabwe thousands of people are isolated at least ninety eight people have died more than two hundred
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still missing and they the agencies say several vital roadways have been destroyed and that's making it hard to reach those who are needing help. new zealand's prime minister has promised justice for the fifty victims of the christ church mosque attacks to send to our don has made the violin an emotional speech during the first parliamentary session since the mass shooting when he reports from christchurch after friday's attack in christchurch this sitting of parliament was not about politics in a rare move the floor of the debating chamber was given over to people from outside parliament they were religious leaders who came together to offer condolences and prayers for the victims. we ask you to grant patience and hope to all the family members affected by this tragedy. or lot we ask you to protect new zealand
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and the whole was from such calamities i mean in an emotional speech the prime minister urged new zealanders to support the muslim community of memory and she spoke of the man alleged to have inflicted so much pain on that community but refused to speak his name he saw many things from his act of terror but one was no shariah. and this is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless and to others i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them. he may have. but we will give him nothing. the l nor mosque where the first attack took place is still cordoned off a forensic examination is coming to an end and the focus is turning to cleaning before
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worshipers are allowed back in there's been some frustration expressed by family members of those killed about delays and having bodies returned for burial but that process is now under way and for now the area behind the cordon remains a crime scene but it's believed that in the next few days both mosques will reopen that will be a difficult time for people like me. who came to new zealand from south africa twelve years ago he used to pray at the el nor mosque but at the moment this is as close as he can get all of the people in the most. welcome guest to new zealand and most of them so there's a lot of places to eat. so it's. that's an emotion that will be around for a long time yet as the people here struggle to come to terms with the terror that came to this city wayne hay al jazeera christchurch.
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u.k. prime minister theresa may has been holding crisis talks with her cabinet after her brags it plan suffered another setback a speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third vote on the deal to leave the e.u. if it's fundamentally different from before may's deal has been rejected twice by m.p.'s speaker john bercow says he won't allow another vote unless substantial changes are made european commission says mame must inform them about the next steps by thursday reliance lee is live for us in london lawrence do we have any idea at all where the government goes from here. well there there is it has to be said and outright and now of desperation and crisis at the hostel government the cabinet met this morning for an hour and a half to try to decide what is going to do when the lights of this ruling that you mentioned last night that they couldn't bring trees a maze plan back again for
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a vote there was apparently a massive rattle inside cabinet between those who want an extension and those who just say screw it let's just get out you know that that that the real hard cold texas so that happens and some reason may has said it's according to her official spokes on the way that she is now going to rights donald tusk the presidents of the european council today asking for an extension but she apparently hasn't told her own cabinets what's going to be in the letter because some of them said that they thought it was going to be a binary choice between may be the end of june itching as you would through or maybe two years but then downing street a bit pushed back against that and say no no no it's not that at all but they won't say what's in the letter and so no one's absolutely got any idea at all what's going to happen in us as a suspect very much now that the first time we'll find out what's the reason most plan is and what she said in the letter is when it gets leaked house of the european council. the only thing we i think we can say with some level of certainty
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now is that the idea the votes that the deal might get voted on tomorrow before she goes off to brussels dismissing seems to be ruled out because they can't find any way of doing it but it's chaos frankly of course loans one of the key things in this is where the e.u. is a on all of this are we getting any sense of how they're feeling about what's going on. well there that there is a sort of a pre meeting happening today before the latest meeting on thursday in parts of that at least is supposed to be trying to wind out some sort of position because you remember that all twenty seven countries have agree on the terms of an extension subject states and what we do know because people have been asking all the twenty seven countries is that there is a difference of opinion between some who wants a second referendum some a long extension some want to short extension some are just going to give up and i woke up see no idea but for the one thing they all all upset the united on is that
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they columns agree on the extension unless to raise him and he says what the extension is full and you have to assume that given that she won't actually tell her own government ministers what she's going to do then the european union is completely no doubt that sounding as well lawrence thanks very much indeed. it was to the head to notice here and we find out why a growing number of people in italy a following of the anti vaccine trial and we hear from those who say it's putting lives at risk. medical students and doctors and the latest group to join protests against algerian president out there as he's put the fleet. hello again and welcome back to here cross china particularly up towards the north we are watching a funnel system come into play and that is going to bring some very heavy rain to some locations as we go towards wednesday so we're talking about shanghai over here
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towards who and there is the cold for right there it's also affecting parts of the korean peninsula and into japan but that front is going to be making its way and slipping down towards the south and the east as we go towards thursday so improving conditions for shanghai slowly the rain's going to stop at the clouds are really not going to get any much better than mostly cloudy we do think here but the temperature does come down to about twenty degrees on the rain continues the united states there but for hong kong it is going to be a humid day we do expect to see into the mid twenty's for you we are going to be seeing some clouds making its way across sri lanka over the next day particularly some rain could be a problem for the south eastern part of sri lanka as we go from wednesday and into thursday for the subcontinent that we are looking at temperatures into the mid to high thirty's for many locations hyderabad at thirty seven and new delhi expecting to be about thirty degrees there and then here across the gulf we are looking quite nice we are going to be seeing temperatures starting to rise here in doha to about twenty seven degrees there over here towards a little bit cooler at twenty three and the scot a beautiful day for you with
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a temperature of twenty four. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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you're watching al-jazeera the reminder of our top stories this hour mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by sight phone i did a officials have to clear it imagines is there and in neighboring zimbabwe and malawi. the bodies of six victims of the new zealand's christ church mosque attacks have been returned to their families police say autopsies have been completed in all fifty victims prime minister just send out dunn has promised that the suspected gunman will face the full force of the law. u.k. prime minister to resign may has been holding crisis talks with her capital it after her brags that plan suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third vote from her deal to leave the e.u. if it's fundamentally different from before. kazakhstan's president has announced his resignation after nearly thirty years in power no sultan nazarbayev has led the
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central asian country since independence from the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one the head of kazakhstan senate will carry out the presidential duties until a replacement found human rights watch has previously described his role as authoritative in noting the imprisonment of government critics well for more on france's walker is joining us now from georgia's capital tbilisi is this a surprise after thirty years that he's decided to step down. for those of us to get to close what happens in central asia or in central asia biggest richest economy kazakstan yes it is still a big surprise. given that people who lead these countries tend to like to cling on to power till the very last minute if they can and usually it's succumbing to mortality that brings them down but in this case. ten as abideth has
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set really in front of let's say president broke in with the president and now it's to to the nation and a televised address that he will be resigning but it is important to note that he will retain significant powers he's head of the security council which has been beefed up and is now has constitutional authority and he'll still be head of his political party so we were missing the end of mr knesset bias but it is an exceptional move to be to be taking this step. and i think what he always wanted was an orderly transition of power. because of the stakes i mean you know he has as you pointed out almost thirty years now run rich catholics. she's family is also extremely influential and powerful it's been a very peaceful pretty much thirty years and he's been commended for that but at
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the same time if he had died then it might have been a power struggle and i think he always wanted to avoid that civil knowing looking to see how exactly he intends to hand over the reins. mr juma to talk to has been the chairman of the senate and has its star is now the acting president but as i said mr no surviving prince he very much to be in in his at the seat of power even though he's taken his rather exceptional step for this region of of stepping down. robin thanks very much indeed. leads to iraqi army personnel have been killed in an ambush by eisel fighters north of baghdad but the two sources say a sleeper cell carried out the attack targeting an army checkpoint in the town of tal mia several others were injured and a second name has the details from baghdad on tuesday i saw fighters ambushed in
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iraqi military vehicle on patrol with an i.e.d. this happened in a town north of baghdad called. two soldiers were killed including a major several others were injured sources are telling al-jazeera this is a revenge attack by an ice will sleep or cell in the area recently iraqi forces conducted an operation targeting and i saw hideout in that area and the local eisel leader was killed because this attack happened in relatively close proximity to baghdad it might be considered this concerning to some medical students and health workers in algeria have joined protests against the president's plan to stay in power beyond the end of his term in the capital of jews they've been calling for a free democracy of that as he's beautifully cut wants to stay in power beyond april the twenty eighth when he was forced to term is due to expire after weeks of protests both of the elections promised reforms box hasn't given
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a timetable for any changes. prosecutors in the u.s. are looking into how the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft got the green light from america's aviation regulator a federal grand jury is demanding to see e-mails and other correspondence involved in the jet's development investigators have found similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes were robert wallace the senior aerospace and aviation editor for the wall street journal he says the probes into boeing could have serious ramifications for the company. obviously the prosecutor the investigators keep it pretty closely held what specifically they are looking at we can assume that they will be looking at all the documentation or as much documentation as they can get their hands on between boeing and the f.a.a. to see if everything was complied with if there were any variances maybe even any
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shortcuts taken so i think that is definitely going to be a key part of the probe and i think also important to realize is the u.s. congress is getting involved and is going to start up its own investigation and they can also obviously require people to come testify before congress so this is a multifaceted. scrutiny that boeing and the seven three seven and the f.a.a. will be under in the coming weeks this is certainly a big crisis for boeing i think there's no other way to put it how how financially how big are the financial implications i mean certainly the costs of this can run high between litigation damages they may have to pay for airlines that have had to ground their planes. you know this is a costly undertaking. in all fairness you also have to realize boeing is a big company with many many businesses principally known for its commercial airplanes but it does many other things i mean this is not the kind of thing you would expect would threaten the future of the company but it is certainly in an
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uncomfortable position for them to be in as boeing faces growing pressure the company c.e.o. has released this statement when an accident happens for any reason we focus relentlessly to determine why we're united with our airline customers international regulators and government authorities in our efforts to support the most recent investigation understand the facts of what happened and help prevent future tragedies. at least eighty nine people are dead after flash floods and landslides hit indonesia's popular region search and rescue teams have been hampered by the large amount of debris strewn across monday roads seventy four people remain missing on authorities have declared a two week state of emergency in order to try to get assistance from the central government. in indian administered kashmir the family of a man who died in police custody are calling for an investigation the death led to
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protests and certainly got his family say he was murdered by police officers initially told them he'd been arrested for having connections with an armed group that's something the family denies in me in ma a buddhist leader has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for treason among was charged over a speech he gave in twenty eighteen he was calling for an armed struggle against the government over the marginalize ation of the ethnic iraq population a day later fighting began and seven people were killed among is the former chairman of the other can national party it's known for its hardline views against minority or hinge of muslims in iraq and state. police in the netherlands are investigating the motive of a gunman who shot three people dead on the tram when thomas is in custody after police launched a manhunt in the city. authorities say the thirty seven year old turkish born man had previously run and run ins with law enforcement dutch authorities say they're
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still investigating a possible terrorism related motive but other reasons haven't been ruled out. police are continuing to question the main suspect in connection with this shooting on the tram that happened in your monday now they have named him as thirty seven year old a man. they say that he was born in turkey grew up here in the netherlands in fact lived in utrecht and he was arrested about three kilometers from the scene of the shooting he was found in a building now he was known to the police they say that he has a past a criminal record past including a crime such as burglary but in terms of any motivation wolf that still remains unclear police is saying that it could be a family drama a family route but they're also saying that terrorism could possibly be a motive now in terms of what happens to this suspect he'll be kept for forty eight
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hours after his arrest investigation the questioning continues and after that time the judge will decide whether or not police have the right to keep him for a further two weeks in custody now the man has also come out he has said that the three people who were killed in that shooting two men and one woman but he's not yet released the names and that is out of respect he says for the families there's no doubt though that this city the people in the city still remain extremely shaken by those events on monday because you tricked is well much like the rest of the netherlands it is not a country it's not a city where gun crime is very common. it's a. as among a number of countries that have seen an increase in cases of measles in the past few months the country has put in place emergency measures to keep vaccinations compulsory but it's blame a growing anti vaccination movement for the rise so go reports from rome.
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home schooling is sometimes a necessity for us yes so legal when she was just eight months old she had to have a liver transplant one side effect was that as you could not get vaccines such as the one required to prevent measles leaving her vulnerable to infections she has to rely on something called herd immunity which requires ninety five percent of the population to be vaccinated to create wider protection care what they're going to get funded by adding any i can't do many of the things my friends like if i go to school and there's an outbreak of the flu i get sent home as his mother christina has campaigned for mandatory vaccines and she's furious that it's government for attempting to allow parents to self certify that children vaccinations without official checks. but they didn't meet the why does there have to be this risk it's not a joke the problem is a basic ignorance. it's not a consideration for this family who didn't want to use their real names so we're
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calling them out and cloud they've decided to forgo the measles vaccinations for their child yet they have self certified him so he can enter the public school system their choices aren't informed by scientific fact but on debunked theories promoted by the anti vaccine movement designated by the un's health body to be one of this year's worst health threats. research is taken from different sources some from the internet some from friends medications are important and science is fundamental but the most important thing really is personal choice. it's really had been a leader in vaccination strategies but over the past four years there has been a ten percent decline in those rates it's especially dangerous for children last year the country had one of the highest rates of measles outbreaks in europe this phenomenon of self determining medical practices has gone down well with those who
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are somewhat skeptical of the or forty such as the doctor who is devising the vaccines and the politician implementing them the problem is that this populist approach to health care is having very real consequences and flies in the face of scientific evidence. both really. the five star and the deputy prime ministers say they are in favor of vaccines but they have spoken out against the current law in a radio interview last year salvini even push theories university debunked by medical professionals have been amplified by social media. people you know get confused and don't know if trusting a medical doctor or even trusting other people that may be also more famous than doctors and that's one of the problems that we face now as the cases of measles continue to rise some believe is from the populace government surprised many
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recently by signing a science pact in favor of vaccines but the damage from the disinflation campaigns may have already been done sunny diagonal al-jazeera rome and you can find lots more on our website they are dizzy a dot com website al-jazeera dot com. this is al jazeera these are the top stories mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by sight phone officials have declared emergencies there and in neighboring zimbabwe and malawi the bodies of six victims of the new zealand christ church mosque attacks of being returned to their families police say autopsies have been completed in all fifty victims prime minister just into our dan has strong words for the suspected gunman. he will face the full force of the law in new zealand the families of the fallen will have justice.
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he saw many things from his active tear but one was no shariah. and this is why you will never hear his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak the name with u.k. prime minister to reason may has been holding crisis talks with her cabinet after her brags that plan suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third vote on her deal to leave the e.u. if it's fundamentally different from before may's deal has been rejected twice by m.p.'s. kazakhstan's president has announced his resignation after nearly thirty years in national time nazarbayev has led the central asian country since its independence from the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one the head of
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kazakhstan senate will carry out the presidential duties until a replacement is found human rights watch has previously described his role as authoritarian noting the imprisonment of government critics medical students and health workers in algeria have joined protests against the president's plan to stay in power beyond the end of his term in the capital algiers they've been calling for a free democracy of the as these beautifully held wants to stay in power beyond april twenty eighth and this fourth term is due to expire after weeks of protests both think up postpone the elections and promised reforms but he hasn't given a timetable for any changes those are the headlines the news continues here on. after the street scene about half an hour. isn't the problem for you don't turn that are you going to have a health question mark over it but you don't have a corruption question mark or grim join me. from my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories are big issues here when i
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was there. and here in the stream today east africans poured out grief and anger on social media in the wake of the ethiopian airlines flight three zero to crash with many criticizing foreign media coverage what did you think of the reporting tell us in the you tube chat and i'll do my best to get your comments into the conversation. on the beach. with. one hundred fifty seven people were killed on march tenth when flight three zero two crash shortly after takeoff from addis ababa and route to nairobi kenya victims for .


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