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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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alongside those hoping to make even. more pin their shoes on al-jazeera. came full name indeed in the village supply to the village to. thousands of feared dead in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi after the most devastating storm in twenty years. play this is al jazeera live from my courses in doha i'm fully back to go also ahead changing course we look at what the british prime minister's options are as
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the breck sit deadline looms plus he is a tear as he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak to one with new zealand's prime minister vows justice for the families of the victims of the christ church mosque attacks and brazil's president is you to meet donald trump in washington very shortly with trade on the crisis in venezuela expected to top the agenda. the united nations is warning that the cycling that's devastated mozambique zimbabwe and malawi is possibly the worst ever to hit the southern hemisphere almost two million people are in its path in mozambique is one of the hardest hit areas the president says more than a thousand people may be dead in malawi officials here at least fifty six people may have been killed with over five hundred others injured many are seeking food
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and shelter in camps and in zimbabwe roads and bridges are destroyed hampering the delivery of aids ninety eight people are dead there all three countries have declared a national emergency. on the situation in zimbabwe in just a moment but first here's malcolm webb in esplin got bear imo some big. in some places there was a curfew in others they were ordered to evacuate. a lot of people didn't know the people weren't able to follow up because of course a lot of people around here don't have many resources to to relocate when something like a cycling comes the moment we haven't heard any further warnings but it's reasonable rain of course is only going to make things more difficult here one of the worst affected regions right now is the through the district which is towards the coast the cyclon hit the coastal city of taylor but the province just eleven of there now suffering very bad floods of all of the rain that fell here following the cycling's
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now rush through the country into that area and in that place and the people stuck on the roofs of houses also stuck in trees awaiting rescue by helicopters if it's available mozambique does have some assistance from neighboring south africa which has bought into military and humanitarian assistance an evolutionary of fifty square kilometers in that district is completely submerged in water a lot of people waiting for some kind of help. as we mentioned psyco need i has also battered zimbabwe and just here is how much is in she my money my team money mani in zimbabwe where people have been injured during the storm are struggling to get help. some of the patients affected by the floods in china money are now being flown to this makeshift health center where they are being seen by medical staff and this is one of them this patient from what we see commits injuries he has less aeration his face arms and legs he's complaining that he may have
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a broken wing that's why they're trying to fix it temporarily until he can get to a proper medical facility and get treated to properly others are going to be brought to have been brought to these tents you see here they will be seen by aid workers aid staff nurses doctors who are on the ground who travel some of them for days because the roads were so bad to get here these are the people who managed to leave their villages when the floods came in crushed their homes they walked some of them for hours in a waves and waves of water mud and sludge to rita's facility this is the first time they're going to be seen by medical staff since friday when the floods actually poured in the ones who were seriously injured or we're told that the injuries are because when the floods came all of a sudden they crushed their homes or some were crushed underneath the rubble and then others were pushed back several meters when the water flooded in so they're the ones who are more serious they'll be treated to a soonest possible the problem is we've been told many many people are still stuck
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in stranded out there where it's hard for people to access because most of the roads have been damaged have been destroyed and people can access them the only way is through helicopters it depends on the weather of course the weather software has been relatively ok some choppers have been flying back and forth bringing people in an art but right now there is no way of knowing how many people need help right now and of course how many people have been killed by the flash floods. the u.k. prime minister teresa mayes reportedly preparing to write to leaders requesting a short and long delay after breck's it plans suffer. another setback as speaker of the nor house of the british parliament that she can only hold a third vote on her deal to move the e.u. if it's fundamentally different from before may's deal has already been rejected twice by m.p.'s and speaker john bercow says he won't allow another vote on methods
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than short changes are made the european commission says may must inform them about the next steps by therese day we have two reporters covering this story for us i mean it's in brussels where european ministers are meeting or. moment but first an hour and in london for is so is there any idea what terry's may span are going forwards. well since this morning's apparently very angry and chaotic cabinet meeting things have gone deathly quiet here but there's no there's no reportedly about it to resume its official spokesman said that she is rising to the european council president to ask for a delay but what he wouldn't say and when the course appears to know is is alysa going to be delivered today or tomorrow and what source of delay is she going to ask for there are two general theories doing the rounds one is that she might ask for a simple delay possibly ever two to ninety days something of that sort which would
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plainly only be with a view to try to force her deal through at the last minute some before european elections or the alternative idea is that she might ask for two delays to get a deal through and if that cold work then potentially something up to two years which would either render bricks it's. basically almost impossible to deliver or in some softer form that exists at the moment and clearly if it was a very long delay anything frankly is possible isn't it between now and then that could be another election should almost certainly stand down as prime minister some polling that could be another referendum any of those things are possible. but at the moment nobody's quite clear what her plan is thinking is is on the assumption the e.u. does grant some sort of delay that would then come back in the days right up to the planned leave dates of march twenty ninth for a final votes in parliaments where parliament would have to decide whether to go
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for delay or alternatively either abandon breck's it completely all suffer no deal which clearly neither the u.k. parliament nor the european union wants so all of these things are up in the air but there is a profound sense of chaos now inside british government thank you for that let's get the view now from where european union leaders are meeting i mean is there for as far as we hear the nokia no strategy from the u.k. what do the european needed to make of all this. well i think they're trying to make sense about the chaos that is ongoing as lawrence just said now they are having their own meetings there was an e.u. ministers meeting that we presume has wrapped up simply because just moments ago the chief e.u. negotiator michel has come out and said well ok we need to understand what what is if we talk about delay what is it for exactly are we talking about having
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a new plan altogether or are we talking about changing some of the some aspects of the current agreement at the same time we also had the head of the e.u. council has been going around some of the european capitals he was in berlin he was in paris and then he was earlier today in dublin and we're hearing exactly the same messages say ok we we want to we won't take a decision then not really giving any kind of indication whether yes or no they would agree to delay what they are saying is that we first want to hear from terrorism a what what is the purpose of a delay and then they will decide if they will grant that delay or not and thank you for that life for us in brussels. new zealand's prime minister has promised justice for the fifty victims of the christ church mosque attacks just in the are made in an emotional speech during the first parliamentary session since
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the mass shooting when he reports from christchurch. after friday's attack in christchurch this sitting of parliament was not about politics in a rare move the floor of the debating chamber was given over to people from outside parliament they were religious leaders who came together to offer condolences and prayers for the victims. we ask you to grant patience and hope to all the family members affected by this tragedy or lot we asked you to protect new zealand and the whole was from such calamities i mean in an emotional speech the prime minister urged new zealanders to support the muslim community of memory and she spoke of the man alleged to have inflicted so much pain on that community but refused to speak his name he saw many things from his act of terror but one
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was no shariah. and that is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless and to others i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them. he may have sought notoriety but we in new zealand will give him nothing. the l nor mosque where the first attack took place is still cordoned off a forensic examination is coming to an end and the focus is turning to cleaning before worshipers are allowed back and there's been some frustration expressed by family members of those killed about delays and having bodies returned for burial but that process is now underway and the area behind the cordon remains a crime scene but it's believed that in the next few days both mosques will reopen
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that will be a difficult time for people like. who came to new zealand from south africa twelve years ago he used to pray at the el nor mosque but at the moment this is as close as he can get all of the people in the most. welcome guest to new zealand and so there's a lot of places all. so it's. that's an emotion that will be around for a long time yet as the people here struggle to come to terms with the terror that came to this city wayne hey al jazeera christchurch. still ahead on al-jazeera two crashes in five months that killed hundreds of people u.s. authorities want answers on the safety of the boeing seven three seven max eight. and refugee women are putting themselves at the heart of the fight for justice.
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hello again and welcome back we're here cross china particularly up towards the north we are watching a funnel system come into play and that is going to bring some very heavy rain to some locations as we go towards wednesday so we're talking about shanghai over here towards who and there is the cold for right there it's also affecting parts of the korean peninsula and into japan but that front is going to be making its way and slipping down towards the south and the east as we go towards thursday so improving conditions for shanghai slowly the rain's going to stop at the clouds are really not going to get any much better than mostly cloudy we do think here but the temperature does come down to about twenty degrees we're on the rain continues the united states there but for hong kong it is going to be a humid day we do expect to see into the mid twenty's for you we are going to be seeing some clouds making its way across sri lanka over the next day particularly some rain could be
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a problem for the south eastern part of sri lanka as we go from wednesday and into thursday for the subcontinent that we are looking at temperatures into the mid to high thirty's for many locations hyderabad at thirty seven and new delhi expecting to be about thirty degrees there and then here across the gulf we are looking quite nice we are going to be seeing temperatures starting to rise here in doha to about twenty seven degrees there over here towards a little bit cooler at twenty three and the scot a beautiful day for you with a temperature of twenty four. really wanting to continue to care bring your people back to life with updates on the best about zero as documentary the struggle continues. to. use districts revisiting and fridge free press. and the money they didn't talk. was how excited they have been some changes over the years
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rewind on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by a psycho on officials have declared imagine seems there and in neighboring zimbabwe and malawi. the british prime minister recently is reportedly preparing to write e.u. leaders requesting a short and long delay after plan suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament raul that she can only hold a third vote on her deal to me the e.u. if it's fundamentally different from the one before and the news even the bodies of
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six victims of the christ church mosque attacks have been returned to their families prime minister just into our journey as promised the suspected gunman will face to fall for something long. brazil's president. is meeting donald trump in washington d.c. in his first trip abroad since taking office there is excess of the meeting good hainje on the similarities between the so-called soft american trump and the u.s. president. has more from sao paolo. you know. on the surface they've so much in common president. his u.s. counterpart donald trump came to power on the wave of popular support promising simple solutions to complex problems shared habits and similar ideology is good for the two biggest economies in the region it's currently in alliance of more potential than concrete agreement something that both hoping this visit would change we might think of brazil's relations with the united states this is the
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cornerstone of latin america's relations with the united states so to a large degree whatever brazil does towards the united states can be replicated by smaller latin american countries and obviously it's important for the united states who have a giant. neighbor supporting us policies in the region it's not at the top of the agenda regional missionaries will be the turmoil in venezuela with brazil she has a long border further from home brazil urged by its powerful christian fundamentalist lobby little full of the u.s. and move its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem in concrete terms the u.s. hopes to consolidate use of the base in northern brazil from which to launch its rockets and satellites but improved trade may be tougher to negotiate china is brazil's biggest trading partner broiled in a trade dispute with the u.s. we are in the middle of
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a trade war between china and the west of course resort might try to benefit from from some vacuum trade vacuum that is open by buying china in the west a trade war brazil is also hoping that the u.s. will put in a good word for its bid to join the organization for economic cooperation and development the o.e.c.d. in return brazil could open itself to us development is here radium deposits and its nuclear power plants it also wants to be declared a major nato ally which will give it access to cheap to us. weapons the two presidents will meet only briefly in the white house they have much in common the religious one another's ideological similarities but the real work will be done behind the scenes to make that apparent friendship something more substantial that will benefit both countries. some will see the meeting as the beginning of a beautiful relationship that by the two presidents obvious camaraderie others will view it as a warring leigh's on with long term repercussions in the region beyond that there
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are two zero zero. while the two leaders are meeting right now inside the white house alan fisher is there for us joins us now live so alan what are the what are we expecting out of this meeting what is each side's objective. well i think this is really just a getting to know you meeting sam we don't all trump is very a few serve and his praise for the man who was dubbed the trump of the tropics is daniel says there are a lot of similarities between the two donald trump likes the fact that there is another world leader of a significant country who sings his praises and follows us policies he's very pleased for example that the brazilians are going to follow his lead and move the embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem there won't be a great deal of concrete decisions made during this obviously they would like to see progress on a few key issues and that is always distinctly possible what we're likely to see at
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the news conference which will follow the meeting is donald trump being peppered with questions about things other than his relationship with brazil although venezuela almost certainly come up certainly donald trump would like to nor the south american take on what is happening there both governments support the idea of one taking over as president they both support him as interim president and as we know john bolton who is the national security adviser here in the united states has said repeatedly that no options are off the table when it comes to venezuela if there was any possibility of the united states organizing some sort of military action they would like an ally that shares a lot and border such as or don't or say brazil to help them in any possible action it's going to be other questions though the donald trump will face in the news conference but we know that both men believe ideologically they're very much in
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chile yeah venezuela as you said likely atop the agenda there talks but trade also likely to feature high. exactly right of course is the question of where china fits into all of this because china has been involved in the markets in brazil quite actively over the last few years some of the united states would like to see brazil grant them access to a rocket base in brazil where they could fire satellites into space brazil has never been terribly keen on that idea because they see that as giving up rights to solve a lot and in brazil brazil would like to join the e.c. de not absolutely guaranteed that the united states would back that idea but the brazilians really would like to get access to united states weapons by becoming
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a favored nor nato ally now that is possible because you know we know donald trump is very keen to sell us armaments abroad you'll remember he's done it with middle east leaders in the white house when he's taken out his chart says poster boards to sure what they're selling so the idea of adding to those sales is certainly something that donald trump would consider it'll be interesting to see what both president see the news conference we're expecting here at the white house in the next couple of hours thank you for that allan special live for us at the white house and saying the u.s. president donald trump has been taken to court for allegedly violating the constitution and legal round sanders and a hotel that trombones in the nation's capital how to call home has a story. u.s. presidents get a lot of gifts what many people don't know is they don't get to keep them these expensive tokens belong to the u.s. government. in part because of this the founders were so worried about foreign
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influence on presidents they put this prohibition into the first article of the constitution basically saying the executive can't accept any present amalia meant office or title of any kind whatever from any king prince or foreign state unless congress approves it. the moment is basically a payment but in a lawsuit the top lawyers from maryland in washington d.c. say that is exactly what trump is doing when foreign leaders stay in his washington d.c. hotel we know that foreign governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states just one example the kingdom of saudi arabia whose government has important business and policy before the president the united states has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the trump international hotel three billion dollars the washington post reported lobbyists for the saudi government paid for an estimated five hundred nights in his d.c. hotel just after the election these marble and gold clad rooms are not cheap they
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range from around five hundred dollars a night to as much as ten thousand so how much did saudi arabia or any other country spend we don't know the hotel doesn't have to report that but the trump business says it's giving foreign profits to the u.s. treasury so far more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars the problem is we don't know if that is the full amount a judge had ruled that lawyers in maryland and d.c. can subpoena those records to find out if the president is violating the constitution on tuesday an appeals court will decide if the case can proceed if so it would mean even more problems for president already surrounded by investigations . al-jazeera washington. canada says it will stop the use of the boeing seven three seven max a craft until july meanwhile prosecutors in the us are looking into how a model was cleared by america's aviation regulator as a peanut for emails and not
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a correspondence involved in the jets development has been issued by a federal grand jury investigators have found similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes as well from washington boeing is said that they're going to be issuing a software update to a particular system within the boeing seven thirty seven max so a lot of investigators here in the u.s. are looking at why if the problem was just a software upgrade did it take so long for it to the company to realize this and why wasn't it done previously now not to get too much into aeronautics here but this is a seven thirty seven max has very big engines for the size of the planes what boeing did is they moved the engines forward on the plane just a little bit and that causes the nose of the plane to go up just a little bit and so the company inserted what's called m cas maneuvering
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characteristics augmentation system it's fancy words for this computer system that would then bring the nose of the plane down the working theory is and this is only a working theory is that that is the system that perhaps failed at that might have led to the crash of the ethiopian airlines flight three zero two and lyon air flight six ten that is what boeing says that they are going to be issuing an update to is that particular computer system there not a boeing c.e.o. issued a statement late on monday said the company's working diligently to figure out what the problems were he said that boeing has been a company that's been around for more than one hundred years flew and millions of people safely around the world on their airplanes this is what else the c.e.o. had to say. when an accident happens for any reason we focus relentlessly to determine why we're united with our airline customers international regulators and government authorities in our efforts to support the most recent investigation
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understand the facts of what happened and help prevent future tragedies now in terms of the investigation the black box or the flight data recorder that was taken from the ethiopian airlines plane was sent to france the french authorities downloaded the data and apparently sent it back to ethiopia where the officials there are now going through that data it's going to be key to figure out what the two pilots on the ethiopian airways. flight were saying in the moments before the plane crashed that's what investigators are going to want to know and that will be a key element in this investigation to figure out why that plane went down pope francis has turned down the resignation of a french cardno who has been convicted of failing to report sexual abuse allegations cardinal for. planning to appeal but travel to the vatican on monday to offer his resignation as archbishop of leon he now says he will nevertheless that decide for an unspecified period was given
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a six month suspended prison sentence earlier this month. in myanmar an ethnic buddhist leader has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for treason i'm on was charge over a speech he gave in twenty eighteen in which he said the ethnic rakhine population had been marginalized and called for an armed struggle against the government a former chairman of the r. can national party he is known for its hardline views against minority rohingya muslims. female rohingya refugee has addressed united nations human rights council for the first time how did a cartoonist part of a women's support group brought together by their trauma they began meeting in the refugee camps of cox's bizarre in bangladesh but a stephanie decker reports they're much more than just a support group none of these women knew each other before they fled me and more a year and a half ago now each of them is forever connected through grief. we've not identified
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the women at their request there is are horrific stories and i'm mildly but played a good amount when you learned would you tell our fathers and brothers were shot our sisters and mothers raped our little children were cut into pieces and thrown into the fire he just grabbed our children out of our arms. but they say they don't want to be seen as victims they are telling their personal stories to raise awareness what they want is justice i who am i but i'm now going to have you know they are who are going to be killed my husband and my son and they raped my daughter in front of me why did they humiliate us why did they cut my husband and son into pieces but the group known as shanti submitted a formal request to the international criminal court in may of last year for an investigation into allegations of genocide persecution the court is now conducting a preliminary examination into the case of the it could lead to an official
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investigation the women are being supported by a legal and we represent them in various forums such as the international criminal court and should other accountability mechanisms arise then we will also support them in accessing justice through those forums it's difficult to comprehend what these women have been through difficult to imagine what goes through their mind. but their public message is clear they're not victims they're not refugees but human beings who deserve and to moaned justice stephanie decker all jazeera in cox's bazar of southeastern bangladesh. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by cycle and eight i officials have declared emergencies there and in neighboring zimbabwe and malawi the un says it is possibly
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the worst ever storm to hit the southern hemisphere almost two million people are in its path. u.k. prime minister theresa may is reportedly preparing to write leaders requesting a short and long delay after breck's it plans suffered another setback as speaker of the nor house of parliament ruled that she can only hold a third vote on her deal to leave the e.u. if it's fundamentally different from before. by fictious from washington d.c. now where the brazilian president cheney of all scenario is meeting u.s. president donald trump at the white house it's his first visit abroad since being elected trade and political crisis in venezuela are expected to be the focus of their discussions and trade between the two countries is also high on the agenda as we just mentioned. canada says it will stop the use of the boeing seven three seven
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max craft until july meanwhile prosecutors in the u.s. are looking into how the model was created by america's aviation regulator as a piano for emails and other correspondence involved in the jet's development has been issued by a federal grand jury investigators are found similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes when an accident happens for any reason we focus relentlessly to determine why we're united with our airline customers international regulators and government authorities in our efforts to support the most recent investigation understand the facts of what happened and help prevent future tragedies and those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news will continue right after rewind to stay with us.
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hello and welcome to rewind. over the last ten years here at al-jazeera english we've built up an incredible library all award winning documentaries and all rewind where taking another look at some of the best of them and seeing what's happened in the years since they were first shown this week we're going back to two thousand
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