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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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future some say a kind of digital i am go through this folder we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. fully back to go this is the news hour live from the headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes is slate came full knowing in the rain will still be feeling. sick but it did lead us thousands of feared dead in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi after the most devastating storm in twenty years plus here's
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a terrorist he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak the nameless new zealand's prime minister vows justice for the families of the victims of the christchurch mosque attacks. in london with the top stories from europe including the british prime minister is expected to request a delay to brooks's it the e.u. says the has to be a good reason it would be costly on prolong the uncertainty. also this hour algerian students and doctors join the ongoing protests demanding an end to the president's twenty year rule. and spoil the name change that set to have a big financial impact on cycling's leading team tim scott will become same n.e.o.'s as part of a huge new sponsorship to. thank
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you for joining us the united nations is warning that the cyclon that's devastated mozambique zimbabwe and malawi is fossa be the worst ever to hit the southern hemisphere almost two million people are in its path in mozambique is one of the hardest hit areas the president says more than a thousand people may be dead in malawi officials fear at least fifty six people may have been killed with over five hundred others injured many seeking food and shelter in camps and in zimbabwe roads and bridges are destroyed hampering the delivery of aid ninety eight people are dead there all three countries have declared national emergencies al-jazeera is how i will update us on the situation in zimbabwe in just a moment but first to markham webb who is in esp in central mozambique. the vice people again in some places of the curfew and others they were ordered to evacuate
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. a lot of people didn't know the people weren't able to follow up because of course a lot of people around here don't have many resources to relocate when something like a cycling comes the moment we haven't heard any further warnings but if there is more rain of course it's only going to make things more difficult here one of the worst affected regions right now is. really district which is the war that carries the cyclon hit the coastal city of barrier but the problem is just there now suffering very bad floods of all of the rain that fell here following the cycle and now right on through the country into that area and in that place then people stuck on the views of how there is also stuck increase the way thing rescue by helicopters if it's available. mozambique does have some assistance from neighboring south africa but i think the military and humanitarian if it can happen is an area fifty square kilometers in that district is completely submerged in water a lot of people waiting for some kind of help. as we
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mentioned cyclonic die has also battered zimbabwe thousands of people are isolated in more than two hundred are missing while the search continues for them family members are burying the victims of the floods aid agencies say continuing rains are hampering relief and rescue efforts how are more tough isn't she money money in zimbabwe where people have been injured during the storm are struggling to get help . some of the patients affected by the floods inch of money money are now being flown to this makeshift health center where they are being seen by medical staff and this is one of them this patients from what we see in g.c.'s lacerations to his face arms and legs he's complaining that he may have a broken leg that's why they're trying to fix it temporarily until he can get to a proper medical facility and get it. properly. others are going to be brought to have been brought to these tents you see here they will be seen by aid workers aid
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staff nurses doctors who are on the ground who travelled some of them for days because the roads were so bad to get here these are the people who managed to leave their villages when the floods came in crushed their homes they walked some of them for hours in waves and waves of water mud and sludge to rita's facility this is the first time they going to be seen by medical staff since friday when the floods actually poured in the ones who are seriously injured are we told that the injuries are because when the floods came all of a sudden they crushed their homes or some were crushed underneath the rubble and then others were pushed back several metres when the water flooded in so they're the ones who are more serious they'll be treated to as soon as possible the problem is we've been told many many people are still stuck in stranded out there where it's hard for people to access because most of the roads have been damaged have been destroyed and people can access them the only way is through helicopters it depends on the with of course the weather software has been relatively ok some
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choppers have been flying back and forth bringing people in art but right now there's no way of knowing how many people need help right now and of course how many people have been killed by the flash floods in other world news new zealand's prime minister has promised justice for the fifty victims of the christchurch mosque attacks dressin there are dern made in an emotional speech during the first parliamentary session since the mass shooting when harry orders from christchurch. after friday's attack in christchurch this sitting of parliament was not about politics in a rare move the floor of the debating chamber was given over to people from outside parliament they were religious leaders who came together to offer condolences and prayers for the victims. we ask you to grant patience and hope to all the family members affected by this tragedy or lot we ask you to protect new zealand
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and the whole was from such calamities i mean in an emotional speech the prime minister urged new zealanders to support the muslim community of memory and she spoke of the man alleged to have inflicted so much pain on that community but refused to speak his name he saw many things from his act of terror but one was no shariah. and this is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless and to others i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them he may have sought notoriety but we in new zealand will give him nothing. the l nor mosque where the first attack took place is still cordoned off
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a forensic examination is coming to an end and the focus is turning to cleaning before worshipers are allowed back and there's been some frustration expressed by family members of those killed about delays in having bodies returned for burial but that process is now under way and for now the area behind the cordon remains a crime scene but it's believed that in the next few days both mosques will reopen that will be a difficult time for people like. who came to new zealand from south africa twelve years ago he used to pray at the el nor mosque but at the moment this is as close as he can get all of the people in the most dangerous there's actually a welcome guest to new zealand and most of them so there's a lot of places all for us to eat. so it's. that's an emotion that will be around for a long time yet as the people here struggle to come to terms with the terror that came to this city wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. politicians in new zealand say
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someone should have seen the signs of white extremism adding that new zealand has have laid down a broader strand of racism for too long andrew thomas has that story. new zealand is a multicultural multiethnic society more than two thirds of people describe themselves as new zealand european about fifteen percent called themselves indigenous maori and about a fifth of people identify themselves as either asian pacific or african on city streets faces reflect that mix but in the light of last friday people are talking about the country's racist underbelly if we're to continue to ensure the safety of our muslim communities and others the two hundred cities that live and you zealand we have to be live to the fact that there are those who do not share our values of arcanists of diversity of compassion the man suspected of carrying out friday's attacks was australian but was living in new zealand and you zealanders were among
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those watching his live stream of the attacks and posting encouragement while shock to the brutality of the attacks some from minority communities say that the new zealand is generally tolerant there is a cage not only verbal even physical racism most have a story because she's. black and that is that which is you know i'll go but your own country my wife told me that somebody grabbed her and said hey if you move this scarf is the community did feel a rise in the level of the tea and the rise. through social media some in the police force agree there's racism but say it shouldn't be exaggerated the racism certainly is within new zealand there's no doubt about that but it's small pockets and this challenges i mean we are a multicultural society we've had a lot of immigration in the last fees that challenges some people hell admits that
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before last friday play stuart an attack in the name of islam was more likely than one by white extremists and the biggest anti terrorism raids in new zealand happened in. two thousand and seven police suspected it was a paramilitary training camp of maori separatists a report later heavily criticized the police for unreasonable roadblocks and searches having talked to lots of people in christchurch over recent days including many from ethnic minorities laying flowers at memorials it would be wrong to exaggerate the perception of whites rights is the extremism here no one i've met says until friday they thought is an urgent problem that needs addressing and there is some comfort taken in the fact that the man suspected of fraud is a tax was not a new zealand what we're saying here is a guy from a strike actually common potentially specifically for this. for the sec tiffany and what that speaks to is that this wasn't necessarily a local issue it was
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a global problem that happens locally and there is a significant difference here but nobody is being complacent anymore andrew thomas al-jazeera christchurch venti more ahead on this news hour including the presidents of brazil and the u.s. meet at the white house top of the agenda a crisis in venezuela and trained will have a live report from washington plus we find out why a growing number of people in italy are getting themselves. and we hear from those who are putting lives at risk and in sport find out if they shop how to inspire the braiding n.b.a. champions to another way. but first let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines in europe is felicity barr in our london new center hi felicity. thanks so much well be hughes chief
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bricks and negotiator says britain will only be allowed to delay its departure from the e.u. if it increases the chances of the withdrawal deal being ratified by the u.k. parliament the british prime minister is expected to ask the e.u. for an extension of at least three months to raise a maze divorce deal has already been rejected twice by and pains. if prime minister may requests such an extension before the open accounts are unserved day it's really before the twenty seven leaders to assess the reason and the usefulness for an extension e.u. leaders really need a concrete brown for the u.k. in order to able to be able to make an informed decision and the questions will be does an extension increase the chances for drought if you question of the we do our agreement on our desires hard abdulhamid join us live now
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from brussels on hold of the a making it crystal clear that the u.k. won't automatically get an extension. yes absolutely and actually michelle batton you're the e.u. chief negotiator did say that it's not because a it was a new deal was voted against in the house of commons that it's off the table and you heard him there saying we actually don't know what the reason may wants at this stage and we need to understand what kind of delay she's requesting for how long and for what purpose he did say also that if it was if a long delay was to be. considered that would have to include as change in the political process in the u.k. now that could be interpreted in many ways including maybe hinting that maybe two reason may must get out of this and someone else must take over these negotiations
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it's not that he didn't say it but some here thought that he might be hinting at that now at the moment to reason they did not formally for that extension or did or did the lace is certainly what. leaders here at this stage are waiting to hear from her and we shall burn year and also the head of the council both made it quite clear that they first want to hear from her and then a decision could be made of whether that will be granted or not or a total in brussels thank you let's go from brussels to westminster and speak to lawrence lisa lawrence does to reason may assume that she's going to get some new source of an extension and if that doesn't happen then what. well i mean she certainly needs one and the fact that she's asking for one employees i think that the u.k. is not ready for no deal and they and frankly they have the brinkmanship that the
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european union is showing towards a suggest that it is more ready for no deal than than she is but you do have to ask the question if and this is the mood music now coming from brussels if they say we're not going to give you an extension if you can come up with an alternative plan and based on everything the sudden with reason may so far she has no alternative plan then the u.k. next week will be staring down the barrel because even if the reason may comes back next week to parliament and says look this is your last chance a vote for my deal then why would the ultra hard core bricks it has ever support and she needs all of them on board is going to pass a deal because they will say well no we don't get a vote for you because the end of this week we're out and so if if it did come back for a vote next week because there's no extension and she loses and she were to lose again then the straight choice would be between no deal or to resume a revoking article fifty in abandoning the projects to leave the european union
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neither of those things would split the conservative policy massively down the middle and create an enormous crisis in the middle of governments and so for all of those reasons the decision that's going to be made in the next day or two by the european union will be absolutely critical for whether the u.k. has any sort of strategy for extending come up with a different plan or whether or no deal looks frankly more and more likely than ever to happen that deadline edging ever closer lauren same. and all the more from london i'm a little a set right now though that's got to fully into helicity thank you so much for that we're going to head to the u.s. now where brazil's president abbas and the arrow is holding a press conference right now with president donald trump the two leaders have been meeting at the white house this is boss now as first foreign trip since taking office and the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues including the political crisis in venezuela both leaders are fierce critics of president nicolas maduro together we could.
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and and have been really very happy to feed thousands and thousands of starving venezuelan the venezuelan people have appreciated it and if the material forces would step aside it could be a truly great and successful humanitarian project we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for material who is really nothing more than a cuban puppet and finally set their people free alan fisher is at the white house for us al and that press conference still ongoing tell us about what they have said so far what they have announced if anything. well really the most important thing is in fact what they're talking about and that is venezuela and you've heard from donald trump who took the opportunity not only to say that he would like to see the end of the maduna regime and he's doing so while
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walking with allies such as brazil he said that this will bring the twilight hours of socialism and latin america but couldn't resist the opportunity to also see he wants to see the end of socialism in the united states why is he seeing that well he's decided very clearly that come to twenty twenty election anyone who is involved in the democratic side of the the equation here is going to brand socialist so he wants to hammer that message continually no president both are not always asked will you provide military facilities if the united states wish to be self and brazil what he said was look we're talking about a range of options here and i'm paraphrasing and he said some things we are not going to discuss that point he then praised donald trump saying you will remember one candidate during the election campaign in twenty sixteen was asked how are you going to defeat isis and he would not give the details saying why would i tell
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people what i'm going to do so balsa not all praising donald trump as well as saying all options are on the table something which again has been reiterated by donald trump in the news conference happening in the rose garden as we're speaking . a lot of people are holding this as a new year of u.s. president relations as of course the issue of the crisis in venezuela but another question is what will this mean this close relationship now mean for other countries china for instance when it comes to the question of trade. but present both are not always saying here is the most pro united states president there has been in brazil for a while it's that sort of hyperbole we've heard from the likes of donald trump and certainly president balsa not oh was keen to go back and it's to see a few things such as he supports donald trump's immigration policy he also believes . that he sometimes they are both covered by what he described as fake news which
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of course has become the shorthand for coverage that you do not like there was an interesting moment too when donald trump praised president both sinatra's son who was sitting at the back of the media in the rose garden whether he expected around of applause i'm not entirely sure that certainly wasn't going to happen there but he's been a big supporter of donald trump as well he appeared to a rally in florida he told the crowd that he should continue with the immigration policy and build the wall certainly these are the two biggest economies in the western hemisphere we know that china has invested very heavily in brazil in recent years particularly when it comes to important minerals and natural resources and certainly if there's a move for brazil to switch towards the united states that is something that would certainly can say on china although the brazilians are very keen to get as much investment into their business as possible borth men are saying that it's important
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that they consider their countries fast but they don't see anybody else to doing deals that would help know donald trump also said that he is going to push forward with the idea that brazil would be declared an important nor need to our ally he then went off on a tangent to say maybe they'll become a nato ally perhaps forgetting for a moment that need to stands for north atlantic treaty organization but what that means is that brazil will no get favor terms when it comes to buying u.s. military hardware certainly something that donald. has been keen to push on a number of countries so i think both men will leave from this news conference on this meeting here at the white house believing that they have phoned a newbie f.-f. a new best friend and they will continue to talk about important things like trade and venezuela thank you very much for that alan fischer live for us and the white house. and the protests in algeria show no sign of slowing down now medical
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students and doctors are demonstrating against the president's plan to stay in power beyond the end of his term abdelaziz bouteflika says he will remain in office beyond april twenty eighth when his fourth term is due to expire. choose the marks the anniversary of the r.g.b. in war of independence. this year it's coincided with unprecedented calls for change thousands including university students and medical doctors have joined the protests in the capital of jews calling on president of the isis but a few cartoons on. the word change which for weeks was the exclusive demand of the protesters is now being used by their leaders to. but while the protesters want to change the entire ruling class the leaders are talking about changing the constitution according to state media president with a flipper has announced that an all inclusive national conference will be held soon what people can decide on a new constitution to throw
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a referendum senior algerian diplomat lot about a brahimi who is likely to be assigned a role in the political process weighed in by stressing the arrogant nature of the national dialogue was stuck in an interview with the national radio he said there was a deadlock in the situation and desisted the demand for change is in his words totally legitimate comprehensible and expected. the circus is proposing to those who present themselves as the spokespeople of the street to those who say we need immediate change in our leader should go i say very well let us go but we have to organize it we can't just throw the keys and walk away to escape it's impossible and i've said it several times before in iraq they are left at once and look what happened after that the head of the army also spoke out yet. not drugs but they should be just the algerian people have proved to enjoy a supreme sense of civilization and nationalism it denotes
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a deep popular awareness that has amazed the entire world in light of this awareness of the sacredness of the nation its security and stability i now renu my previous engagement before god the people in history to ensure the continuation of the role of the national army as an impregnable fortress protecting our people in our nation and in any imaginable circumstance. but a large section of the political opposition says official statements fall short of the mop and thirteen independent unions have refused to back the newly appointed prime minister's efforts to form a government risking further political analyst in the weeks to come home advice or does it. well let's speak to karen now as a research fellow at the school of advanced studies in the social sciences she joins us by skype from mountain areas capital jeanne thank you so much for being with us what is the end game for protesters what exactly do they want today.
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do you get to read subtly of diligence and its practices because it's not only about the hood it's beyond what's been hired they are quite it's quite obvious to deborah that would feel karr had not even address his people it's clear talk used to do very badly she was trying to save him control and control all transition well but didn't dawn on them to somehow negotiate on the lives she was on tour because even if the engine seems to have heard somewhere where the forward with the negotiation are the transition period when the whole national party is first these parties are not have not critical here mark the ranks of the courtis tourists and security there's no negotiation with the people there's no air and. practices not delusion so the leader may have also heard. negotiation
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with its own clients announced that he did not accept to cherish its practices and to. explain who is living and who would lead the transition even among the region itself in the coming month we we've heard from a group of algerian politicians in opposition figures who have called on the military the army to pay what they're saying it's constitutional role plates constitutional role without interfering with the people's choice if the protests continue what action can we expect from the military i mean are they going they likely to switch sides. well we have to make a difference between the military can advance and the hall people working out there who are called the army as as high as people from the civil society each algerian family has someone who is cut off of the military and these people were actually
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out with the police as well and all other part of the security forces they are going to stripping more and more sort of directing is the court is just down to their pride sample now jerry are you saving medical students where industries but also people from public administration where on strike so there's a growing consensus ever within the ranks of the army that delusion needs to leave and that there's a need to hire the people or to have institutions that are. that the people have agreed on to control the transition i don't wonder that aren't going to turn violent i read the quote there's because it's international partners all cheers international partners have no interest to give this green light to the army but i believe that we shouldn't be at i'm sure to how people who are in the army and how to do this but only coping with the army is changing quite quickly but it don't you
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feel fear that they could be some sent a protest for tea perhaps i mean these protests have been going on for some time now how much longer can this momentum be sustained. i was didn't answer is in the hands of delusion you're not an indian and of the are you know what's going on now in all syria and that algerians are really on the nod and that is that the arabs and i are people who we will take care of the transition you have everywhere groups are all that are really very keen talking chanting on how to build a new ology really are and they are names that are circulating actually the other side of the medium there is no will next to adam allege these developments all people have the feeling now that they are taking back control of their country out of this we are the politics that are making their country and the end what the next step for that is to get back control of their institutions i believe they are not
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going to wait that long for the history into. the lives of to erect transplant so we'll shoot a hard look on how what is a human for you know neither is insults you know society will somehow in raised what has fulfilled the last thirty years thank you so much for your insight and your. care joining us from. sin a head on. the pope to turn down the resignation of a french cardinal failing to report. the boehner epidemic in the democratic republic of congo. one major obstacle in new zealand small successful rugby franchise could be set for a different note. is here with that story.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast this hour we are going to start here in mozambique and update you on what we can expect over the next few days we are still dealing with rain across parts of the country and that is really hampering recovery and relief efforts for many locations so this is a forecast we do expect to see here on wednesday rain still a big problem anywhere from the central to the northern part of the country now is going to get better as we go towards the next couple days a lot of the rain is going to start pushing to the north it will begin to dry out across much of this area but that's only going to last for a few days this is the rainy season more rain is expected as we go towards the weekend well here across the gulf things much better than the the good of the winds as well as the low visibilities we had just a few days ago for doha though we do expect to see
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a temperature of twenty seven degrees here on wednesday staying about the same but more clouds just to the north quite city you could be seeing a cloudy day as well and then across the levant we are going to be seeing more clouds out here towards the west we do expect to see maybe some rain in the forecast over the next few days but for baghdad it is going to be a nice day at twenty four degrees but kuo a little bit cooler for you appear cross the caspian with a temperature of eleven but plenty of sun in the forecast for today ron we do see the rain pushing out but a temperature few of twelve degrees. i am a dish every weekly news cycle going to see the simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jannah laced that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the story that matter the most him
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better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we dealt as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have devoted our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politics. an unholy alliance on all jews.
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you're watching the news on on just zero a reminder of our top stories mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed by psycho and state of emergency has been declared in there in mozambique and as well as in zimbabwe and. in new zealand the bodies of six victims of the christchurch mosque attacks have been returned to their families on a minute suggesting dodger as far as the suspected gunman will face the full force of the law and the u.k.'s prime minister theresa may is expected to ask european union leaders for a d.n.a. to break six but the e.u. negotiator michel bonnie's says they'll need to know what any delay will achieve before they meet on. our let's check in once again with felicity barr in our london you send for more news from europe felicity. like foley and politicians in the netherlands of held a minute's silence for the three people killed in an attack in the city of utrecht on monday dutch authorities say a lesson was found in the gunman's getaway car and is one of the reasons why
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a terrorist motive is being considered a turkish form gottman thomas was detained on monday night hours after the attack the thirty seven year old is known to local authorities and has been convicted of crimes in the last months. is following developments in the tract. when i was a very moving ceremony in the dodge parliament a minute of silence as them please remember the victims of the attractive tram shooting which took place here on monday they also remember the victims of the christ church shooting on friday when in terms of the investigation a dutch police say they are continuing to question a man that they have identified as when tan is a thirty seven year old born in turkey they say but he grew up in the netherlands lived in utrecht in fact he was arrested just three kilometers from the scene of the shooting he is a man they say that was known to police a crime society's brokering in the past now in terms of the motivation for this
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attack it's still unclear investigators the prosecutor all say only that it could be a family drama a dispute all they say that what they call terrorism could also have been a motivation for this attack well there's no doubt that the people here in this city and the devil is a still extremely shaken it's not a place where gun crime is common it's a city very popular with students it has beautiful canals a lot of to take care of people here would stream such a violence could happen on their doorstep the mayor of the city has said that he won't name the victims because he says he wants to be respectful to the families and to their memories however he has confirmed that two men were killed and one woman. italy is among a number of countries that has seen a spike in cases of measles in the past few months the country has put in place emergency measures that keeps vaccinations compulsory medics a blaming a growing anti vaccination movement for the rising cases so i'm not going to go has
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more from rome. home schooling is sometimes a necessity for us yes so legal when she was just eight months old she had to have a liver transplant one side effect was that i could not get a vaccine such as the one required to prevent measles leaving her vulnerable to infections she has to rely on something called herd immunity which requires ninety five percent of the population to be vaccinated to create wider protection. device if. i can't do many of the things my friends like if i go to school and there's an outbreak of the flu i get sent home as his mother christina has campaigned for mandatory vaccines and she's furious that it is government for attempting to allow parents to self certify their children for vaccinations without official checks but if you didn't meet the skill why does there have to be this risk it's not a joke the problem is a basic ignorance. it's not
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a consideration for this family who didn't want to use their real names so we're calling them out and cloud they've decided to forgo the measles vaccinations for their child yet they have self certified him so he can enter the public school system their choices aren't informed by scientific fact but on debunked theories promoted by the anti vaccine movement designated by the un's health body to be one of this year's worst health threats. research is taken from different sources some from the internet some from friends medications are important and science is fundamental but the most important thing really is personal choice. it's really had been a leader in vaccination strategies but over the past four years there has been a ten percent decline in those rates. it's especially dangerous for children last year the country had one of the highest rates of measles outbreaks in europe this
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phenomenon of self determining medical practices has gone down well with those who are somewhat skeptical of the or forty such as the doctor who is devising the vaccines and the politician who is implementing them but the problem is that this populist approach to health care is having very real consequences and flies in the face of scientific evidence. both really gd my own the the five star and the deputy prime minister say they are in favor of vaccines but they have spoken out against the current law in a radio interview last year salvini even push theories university debunked by medical professionals have been amplified by social media. you get confused nor. henri trusting other people that may be also more famous the doctors and that's one of the problems we face now as the cases of measles continue to rise some leaders from the populist governments
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surprised many recently by signing a science pact in favor of vaccines but the damage from the decision from asian campaigns may have already been done so yeah go al-jazeera rome pope francis has not accepted the resignation of a french cars and all he was convicted of failing to report sexual abuse allegations really barbara travel to rome to give his resignation to the pope after being found guilty of covering up sexual abuse committed by a priest in france a statement by the church in the french city of little says the pope rejected the resignation on the basis of the presumption of innocence. well that's it for me. and fully felicity thank you very much for about twenty four new confirmed cases of ebola being reported by health officials in the democratic republic of congo the cases have been discovered over the past three days the world health organization says the virus is concentrated in two regions and can be fully contained in six
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months u.n. teams have been visiting provinces affected by the deadly virus attacks by armed groups in the eastern part of the country is threatening the fight against the spread of the virus while government data says there are more than nine hundred confirmed or probable cases of ebola almost six hundred people have died after contracting the virus in the past year but the world health organization says this progress virus has been largely contained nearly ninety thousand people have been vaccinated against a virus since the latest outbreak was detected in the kiva province in august of last year well joining us now on the news hour is marc who's the head of the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs he's via skype from a need to re province in the eastern democratic republic of congo thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera so i understand you are visiting two of the provinces hardest hit by ebola can you tell us what progress has been made in containing the virus. well this outbreak of ebola as you say has been going
9:42 pm
on for eight months so say now on more than one hundred cases and of course it comes on top of the loss of ongoing humanitarian challenges and this post of the country with large numbers of displaced people and lots of conflict and what's making it hard to contain these the makes of the power of the virus together with the conflict and insecurity it is contained in a defined area but it's not all under control and we need to bring in bring it under control of the missing the most important thing to do in order to do that is to build the trust and confidence of local people to engage that in the fight against the virus and that is the top priority of the government i talked to the health minister yesterday and it's also the top priority of the united nations team on the ground led by the world health organization and of all the the ngos international and the congolese who are working on tackling this problem and as you
9:43 pm
say i mean there are many armed groups that are operating still in this region they've been attacks we saw recently on treatment facilities how do you scale up the response when you're working in such extremely dangerous conditions where you have to as i was saying have the in the trust and confidence all of the people in the region it's not possible to tackle the virus unless you engage communities in that indefinite so you need to understand what the community's concerns are and then you need to recognize that they have needs other than that that can be a boat a program including in particular i also want to say this is education and so on that's the only way we're going to make progress langauges local people themselves and that's what we're doing now and i was going to ask you in fact to what extent the boehner epidemic is making the humanitarian crises eastern d.-r. c worse because this is a region that's obviously prone to to such crises how has the border crisis made the situation worse and what is the most urgent need right now is. still
9:44 pm
across the country the biggest growth of the maze displacement coast by conflict and that is the situation in here in area in charity as well i'm going to be seeing some of the displaced tomorrow and there are plans to enable them to move home given the progress made in consolidating a bit of peace in the country where this part of the country in recent months getting people who will handle. the problem is definitely a serious additional complication and we need to tackle both the displacement and the it. to get crucially as i as i want to emphasize again by involving local people in the in the fight against the disease and the solutions to displacement thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us michael cock is the u.n. humanitarian coordinator speaking to us there from bunia in east india i say thank you for your time. this concern in colombia over the president's offer to make
9:45 pm
changes to a special tribunal investigating war crimes critics say could undermine the already fragile peace process with former rebels. as well from bogota. peace must be respected is the students rallying cry as they march in the fence of colombia's fledgling peace process so. we're here to defend the peace tribunal that the president is trying to undermine and it's important that we speak up to save our opportunity for peace this is the second rally since president called for changes to a special tribunal tasked with investigating war crimes committed during the conflict i say is right we'll call issues in one direction promising to change a deal it sees as too lenient on fire rebels accused of atrocities but protesters fear the veto is aimed at stifling investigations into the ties between conservative politicians the military and right wing paramilitary groups during the
9:46 pm
war. critics of the legislation believe one of the problems of the accord is that it ends up equating fighters with legal members of the military who have committed crimes however to more than two thousand members of the security forces who have already gone before the peace tribunal believe the government should not be speaking in their name. former army mayer three of those one of them he's accused of murdering eight civilians and pretending they were rebel fighters to boost the sticks in the war against the guilty year after five years in prison he was released thanks to the peace deal now he says the veto left him in a judicial limbo any fears going back to prison. we face the same risk a spark members who believed in this process and what message are we sending to future processes if any government can chew. you can't trust the state. more than
9:47 pm
ten thousand members of the fire curry expected to be judged by the tribunal and received lenient sentences in exchange for truth and reparations but the lack of certainty could convince some of them to pick up arms again if that is the body just want to turn the page on the conflict and build a better country if we came this far it just doesn't make sense to go back to a debate we thought that already been resolved many mistakes have been made during the war but we need to look ahead i think it took over six years of negotiations to end the fifty year conflict with feyerick rebels but building real peace in a country so profoundly divided remains an uphill battle a list of i'm just a little bit with. canada says it will stop the use of the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft until july in wa prosecutors in the us are looking into how the model was cleared by america's aviation regulator a subpoena for emails and of
9:48 pm
a correspondence involved in the jet's development has been issued by a federal grand jury investigators have found similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both involved seven three seven max eight planes.
9:49 pm
and catch up on source that has andy thank you so much folly while the leading same
9:50 pm
in world cycling looks at some insane its financial domination of the sport tame sky will become seen any of us as it partners with britain's richest man jim radcliffe same skyride as chris freeman current some most of one five total fronts a titles between them but in december the broadcaster announced it would be ending its sponsorship the british team have faced allegations of cheating a u.k. parliament for report accused them of crossing the ethical line over their use of medical exemptions for banned drugs or sports correspondent lee welling says this new deal should bring them more success than. well it was not so the extraordinary period of dominance from team sky in cycling over the period of a decade that is a long time in the sport so when right after i say hundred twenty seven rises eight grand tours lower there was no why they could be stopped and i do believe that this new financial import that's going to come in from britain's richest man jim
9:51 pm
rockliffe is going to type them or certainly maintain that level of success maybe even take it further because he's certainly going to pump a lot of money in and of course the expertise the mastermind hasn't changed i've browsed through at such a lympics success with britain he's still there he's still the helm and he's still going to be making sure that what's now to many of us is going to win races i think the issue that this team has got is with their reputation of course the u.k. government said that crossed the ethical line with things like therapeutic use exemptions in a mystery package that went to bradley wiggins in two thousand and eleven and this is clearly a manipulation of rules that exist what's going to happen now with their reputation because there's a lot of cynicism around what was team sky they going to need to make sure they manage that carefully because they will certainly have more success but will it be well received new zealand sports minister says he'll be supporting discussions in
9:52 pm
situ changing the name of the country's most successful club rugby team the cancer front robertson's comments follow friday's mosque attacks in christchurch the team also say they're open sit soaking about the issue concerns the crusaders name is associated with the religious wars between christians and muslims robertson has urged it seems to involve cross churches muslim community in the dialogue. the crusaders were founded in one nine hundred ninety six and a nine time super rugby champions a competition involving franchises from most of the southern hemisphere rugby playing nations the same of previously said the name reflects the region's crusading spirit and isn't a reference to the mediƦval religious wars but the crusade is to play it to some of the history before home games knights on horseback ride around the stadium will all come by stay roughly journalist ross carr believes that some form of change at the club is inevitable. says had been thinking about this before the tragedy and now the tragedies happen it has come. and discussion about so the crusaders and
9:53 pm
oblivious to the news that is very much aware and wanting to do the right thing but it is going to try to figure out exactly what the right thing is and they have to talk to the muslim community talk to the minister talk to the met talk to stakeholders in the rugby union to figure that out to people across very very keen on the team and a lot of them don't want to lose the name of the history that got with the crusaders name because there's been so successful at such a successful retain such a successful brand when you go across you if you see that uses the hats you see it all there but when you look at the orson they are knights on horseback with a christian cross on their back and they way swords and they run around hyping up the crowd is an absolute connection to the christian crusaders it's undeniable so i think that will be the first one to go even if they don't change the name i think you'll find the logo and the branding and that emotive horseback riding
9:54 pm
will be gone pretty quickly. now in the united states even casual sports fans are getting caught up in what's known as march madness the men's women's basketball tournament that it's the largest annual events in college athletics there's lots of money spe made but at the moment none of it goes to the play as john hendren reports he's trying to back up and down the plate at march madness and other college sports tournaments when fans buy tickets in jerseys bearing the faces and numbers of athletes universities reap millions the athletes make nothing none of those players on the field the ones who are. running the football kicking the soccer ball playing basketball none of them are compensated it's really it is it is a foreign concept to most people outside of this nation but here it's real and the student athletes are the ones suffering even many college coaches think that's
9:55 pm
wrong it's a big big business piece big money and the reason people are in the business is to try to make money in can make it an honest case at that that the student athletes. are the ones that create the money but wrote really received very little of it so i think i think there will be an adjustment i don't know the magnitude of it but i look forward to seeing some changes. now in north carolina congressman hopes to change that republican mark walker's bill would let all students men and women alike playing all n.c.a.a. sports and money when their names are images used players would still get nothing when teams use their names in jersey numbers to advertise games universities would still pay only for scholarships but the change in law would allow players to collect on third party endorsements so one day soon it's just possible you might see american college players pitching sports drinks clothes and shoes. ninety nine percent of college athletes will never make it as a pro they're paid in scholarships and education alone and that's fine with some
9:56 pm
coaches the vast majority of college athletes college basketball players are probably happy to have a full scholarship and the cost of attendance. leave college with a degree and a great basketball player experience there has been a slow erosion in the status of college athletes it's similar to the rules that eventually allowed professionals to take part in the olympics earlier this month a u.s. judge ruled that the n.c.a.a. violated antitrust laws by capping the amount universities can spend on scholarships but for now college athletes will have to play for the love of the game john hendren al-jazeera chicago. well in the pro game for once steph curry couldn't inspire a win of the golden state warriors but it did still produce one of the moments of the season in a defeat against the sun and sonya a spurs series pulling off a sixty one foot was a big c three pointer at the end the first quarter. the warriors are top of the
9:57 pm
western conference and already assured of a place in the playoffs this was the spurs ninth straight win taking this one one eleventh so when i fire up the fifty in the west. dallas mavericks legend novitsky passed a milestone during this game against the new orleans pelicans the forty year old passing will chamberlain for the number six spot in the n.b.a.'s all time scoring list the german has now scored a total of thirty one thousand four hundred twenty points the mouse that felt that one twenty nine to one twenty five and i would say. kris jenner and all the house returns are international juicy as portugal begin the defense of a european championship title the thirty four year old event's a striker has been taking a break from the portugal team since last year's world cup portugal euro two thousand and twenty qualifiers coming up against ukraine serbia. a little simpler. for christiane quality to any team he plays with him it's a pleasure to play with him in the national team he the very important player for of the world. more sport for me throughout the night but that is it andy thank you
9:58 pm
very much that's it for this news hour from me from the back to thank you for watching we're live from london next. used properly can be a beautiful sight. it would not let their. country. trump has failed to keep money out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping
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to make even. more pin their shoes on al-jazeera. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extra content as they can get. to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and. what it should. reveal. secrets and connections some don't want exposed.
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others are going to. get their own. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon. sometimes even. an unprecedented weather event that's affected one point seven million people most on big zimbabwe and malawi declare a national emergencies off to cycling. without i've been to see paul and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the british prime minister is expected to request a delay to proxies but the e.u. says the has to be a good reason as it were.


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