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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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it's just language to believe in mrs deaf and i love this country and i think myself and my music need discounting. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thanks for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes an unprecedented weather event that's affected one point seven million people mozambique zimbabwe and malawi the clear national emergencies after cyclon. here's a tear as he's
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a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak to the man with new zealand's prime minister promises justice for the fifty victims of the christ church mosque attack the british prime minister is expected to request that delay to breaks it but the e.u. says there has to be a good reason as it would be costly and prolonged the uncertainty. installed a name change that's set to have a big financial impact on cycling's leading same team sky will become team in your says part of a huge new sponsorship deal. we begin the news hour with what's being described as the worst weather disaster to ever hit the southern hemisphere one point seven million people are estimated to have been affected by cyclon in mozambique the storm first at the coastal port of
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beirut last week bringing winds of up to one hundred and seventy kilometers an hour and huge sea swells which flooded the city it's thought but two hundred people have died in mozambique but authorities say more than one thousand may actually have been killed cyclon has also the stored parts of neighboring malawi officials fear at least fifty six people have died there and almost one million people are affected and the storm. ravaged areas in zimbabwe two the official number of dead there is ninety eight and more than two hundred are missing also three countries have declared national emergencies well malcolm webb has the latest now from. in central mozambique the cyclamen brought ferocious winds and days of torrential rains just a few days ago this river was up above the level of what remains of this road and it swept away the entire bridge that was here to see some of the few pieces that
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remain of it and that is left people stranded on both sides mobile communications are down so people can't speak to their relatives they don't know if they've survived or what's happened it also means that essential goods and humanitarian aid campaspe soon see ready. to go to. be so. deadly is because if there is no bridge the. bridges all of the officials from the district headquarters of come to inspect the damage but realistically there's almost nothing they can do without help from at least the central government or possibly from outside of ms mozambique there's no way that they can fix a big piece of infrastructure like this and so every day people come down here to see if there's a way if they can pass to see if the water levels low enough to get a small boat or to walk or even get a vehicle across but until that happens they're still stuck. well meanwhile in
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isolated parts of zimbabwe those injured during the storm are struggling to get help how do what is in the eastern district of new money which was completely cut off by the cycler. some of the patients affected by the floods in china money are now being flown to this makeshift health center where they are being seen by medical staff and this is one of them this patient from what we see injuries he has less aeration his face arms and legs he's complaining that he may have a broken wing that's why they're trying to fix it temporarily until he can get to a proper medical facility and get treated to properly others are going to be brought to have been brought to these tents you see here they will be seen by aid workers aid staff nurses doctors who are on the ground who traveled some of them for days because the roads were so bad to get here these are the people who managed to leave their villages when the floods came in crushed their homes they walked
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some of them for hours in waves and waves of water mud and sludge to rita's facility this is the first time they going to be seen by medical staff since friday when the floods actually poured in the ones who are seriously injured are told that the injuries are because when the floods came all of a sudden they crushed their homes or some were crushed underneath the rubble and then others were pushed back several meters when the water flooded in so they're the ones who are more serious they'll be treated to as soon as possible the problem is we've been told many many people are still stuck in stranded out there where it's hard for people to access because most of the roads have been damaged have been destroyed and people can access them the only way is through helicopters it depends on the weather of course the weather software has been relatively ok some choppers have been flying back and forth bringing people in art but right now there's no way of knowing how many people need help right now and of course how many people have been killed by the flash floods. hadn't asked of reporting their
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phones and bob well now let's go to new zealand where bodies of some victims of the christ church mosque attacks are being returned to their families earlier in our first parliamentary speech since the mass shootings prime minister just sent our dare and promised justice for the fifty victims and vowed never to acknowledge the gun man by name when haye has more now from christchurch after friday's attack in christchurch this sitting of parliament was not about politics in a rare move the floor of the debating chamber was given over to people from outside parliament they were religious leaders who came together to offer condolences and prayers for the victims. we ask you to grant patience and hope to all the family members affected by this tragedy. or lot we ask you to protect new zealand
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and the whole was from such calamities i mean to get in an emotional speech the prime minister new zealand is to support the muslim community of memory and she spoke of the man alleged to have inflicted so much pain on that community but refused to speak his name he saw many things from his act of terror but one was no shariah. and this is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak be nameless and to others i implore you speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them he may have sought not sure i see but we in new zealand will give him nothing. the l nor mosque where the first attack took place is still cordoned off
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a forensic examination is coming to an end and the focus is turning to cleaning before worshipers are allowed back in there's been some frustration expressed by family members of those killed about delays in having bodies returned for burial but that process is now under way and for now the area behind the cordon remains a crime scene but it's believed that in the next few days both mosques will reopen that will be a difficult time for people like. who came to new zealand from south africa twelve years ago he used to pray at the el nor mosque but at the moment this is as close as he can get all of the people in the most. welcome guest to new zealand and most of them so there's a lot of places all for us to eat. so it's. that's an emotion that will be around for a long time yet as the people here struggle to come to terms with the terror that came to this city wayne hay al jazeera christchurch the attacks have highlighted
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the problem of racism and extremism in new zealand with many asking if more could have been done to stop this from happening and thomas reports. new zealand is a multicultural multiethnic society more than two thirds of people describe themselves as new zealand european about fifteen percent called themselves indigenous maori and about a fifth of the people identify themselves as either asian pacific or african on city streets faces reflect that mix but in the light of last friday people are talking about the country's racist underbelly if we to continue to ensure the safety of our muslim communities and others the two hundred in the cities that live and you zealand we have to be live to the fact that there are those who do not share our values of arcanists of diversity of compassion the man suspected of carrying out friday's attacks was australian but was living in new zealand and you
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zealanders were among those watching his live stream of the attacks and posting encouragement while shocked to the brutality of the attacks some from minority communities say that the new zealand is generally tolerant there is a cage not only verbal even physical racism most have a story because she's. black and that which is you know i'll go but your own country my wife told me that somebody grabbed her and said hey if you move this. is a community did feel a rise in the level negativity on the rise. through social media some in the police force agree there's racism but say it shouldn't be exaggerated racism certainly is within new zealand there's no doubt about it but it's small pockets and this challenges i mean we are a multicultural society we've had a lot of immigration in the last fees that challenges some people hell admits that
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before last friday place thought an attack in the name of islam was more likely than one by white extremists and the biggest anti terrorism raids in new zealand happened in. two thousand and seven on what police suspected it was a paramilitary training camp of maori separatists a report later heavily criticised the police for unreasonable roadblocks and searches having talked to lots of people in christchurch over recent days including many from ethnic minorities laying flowers at memorials it would be wrong to exaggerate the perception of whites rights as the extremism here no one i've met says until friday they thought is an urgent problem that needs addressing and there is some comfort taken in the fact that the man suspected of friday's attacks was not a new zealander what we've seen here is a guy from a stray yes actually come and potentially specifically for this. for the sake tiffany of what that speaks to is that this wasn't necessarily a local issue it was a global problem that happens locally and there is
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a significant difference here but nobody is being complacent anymore well andrew joins us live now from christ church in new zealand andrew a lot of the families had of course on top of the enormous pain of losing their loved ones have been frustrated by the fact that a lot of the funerals couldn't be held apparently some had started to be held tell us a little bit about that. well in fifty minutes from now the first funeral will get under way you can actually see people gathering in the graveyard behind me they're gathering for the funeral of the first person to be very that will happen in about fifteen minutes and then we're expecting a couple more later on wednesday afternoon news event time about four hours from now but still this slow process of identification is slowing up the return of bodies to loved ones we've just right now a place a press conference is underway in the center of christ church and really it's focused on the process by which bodies are being identified by the place and by the
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coroner and they're giving us an update on how quickly bodies are being released and the place of just said that as of half past eleven last night you see them times i was eleven twelve hours ago they had formally identified twenty one victims and they were offering those bodies back to their families if the families were ready to collect them they say that by lunchtime today another hour and a half two hours from now they should have identified formally another six twenty seven in total that's more than half of the victims then by the end of wednesday they hope to identified some more that in put a number on that but this is a very slow process just had promised a few days ago now that by the end of wednesday the end of today they would have returned to hoped all of the bodies to loved ones but clearly the identification process is a slow one it's very important of course not only for the coroner's court for the criminal case that will follow not only that bodies are absolutely identified correctly but the cause of death is established beyond reasonable doubt because of
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course that will be the basis of many of these murder trials all trial probably one trial but many victims as and when that happens and clearly some of the injuries that some of these bodies sustained have made identification extremely difficult on the other legal aspects the sharing of the killer's video as you live streamed it well not only of people in new zealand is the man now in custody charged with sharing that. by supporting years in prison but new zealand's media is reporting many people in new zealand such from their jobs for sharing this video you heard in one's report their new zealand's prime minister saying that she will not say the killer's name out loud she doesn't want to give him the cute office she thinks about house but on the other side of the world turkey's president is showing parts of the video naming him in his campaign rallies trying to say that this is the siege under which muslims around the. under thomas with the latest from christ
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church andrew thank you so to come on the al-jazeera news hour why pope francis has not accepted the resignation of a french cardinal convicted of failing to report sexual abuse allegations bowing under more scrutiny over the safety of its seven three seven max eight jets this time from the u.s. justice department and then sport find out if this shot helped inspire the reigning n.b.a. champions to another win. the e.u.'s chief rex in the go c.a.t.'s says britain will only be allowed to delay its the parcher from the e.u. if it increases the chances of the withdrawal deal being ratified by parliament the british prime minister is expected to ask the you for an extension for at least three months the reason is the force theo has already been rejected twice by m.p.'s . if prime minister may requests such an extension before the open
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accounts are unserved it's really before the twenty seven reduced to uscis the reason and the usefulness for an extension you really do is really need a concrete brown for the u.k. in order to able to be able to make an informed decision and the question will be. those an extension increase the chances for director. of the reader a group of other delimeters following the reaction in brussels you do sense a certain degree of frustration listen to the words of e.u. chief negotiator michele bachmann year he did say clearly that there was genuine uncertainty now hanging above everyone concerned he did say clearly that it's not because a new deal was voted against in westminster that it was off the tables here in
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brussels and then when he talked about the extension he questioned what for if it's a short extension what could possibly happen that will change and will make to reason me convinced the house of commons to ratify the current withdraw agreement of withdrawal and if it's a long extension we're talking here about an extension for up to two years what will happen during those two years will there be a change in the political process in the u.k. are we talking about a new agreement all together so far the e.u. has not received a formal request by to reason may for this extension i think that at the summit here in brussels later this week leaders will want to hear from her what exactly she's thinking and how exactly she's planning to proceed and it's only after that that they will decide on their position. lawrence lee has been following
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developments with the latest from westminster. well to reason may is right seeing has written is in the process of writing to the head of the european council and just asking for an extension to article fifty and a delay to bret's it and clearly she's working on the assumption that that's going to be granted on some level but a lot of the music now coming out of brussels is to say why should we do it you can't tell us what your tentative plan is and certainly the french among others are suggesting they might not grant an extension at all now just to extrapolate that that would mean that after the e.u. summit at the end of this week there would be one week left until the supposed bricks it dates of march twenty ninth the reason may was then you have to come back as a parliament here and say this is your last chance about an ideal but even if she says that the ultra hardcore bricks it says will not vote for her because they would say no to do that because we're out with no deal at the end of this week and that's what we've always wanted so if you assume then that even if she tried to bring
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a vote back the third time she would lose it's then the u.k. is staring down the barrel of either no deal crushing out with all the turbulence and economic damage that would cause or to resume a having to face the choice of abandoning bricks it's an revoking article fifty that would split the conservative party the government of and probably would collapse the government so the decision of the european union is about to make is absolutely critical for the democracy of the united kingdom the future economy of the united kingdom all these things though are absolutely at a critical moment pope francis has not accepted the resignation of a french cardinal who was convicted of failing to report sexual abuse allegations phillipe barberin travel to rome to present his resignation to the pope after being found guilty of covering up sexual abuse committed by a priest cardinal barr brain is planning to appeal his conviction and the statement by the church in new york says the pope rejected the resignation on the basis of
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the presumption of innocence. well father robert gallucci is a professor at the pontifical university of the holy cross he says the case could set a new precedent but clearly pope francis is respecting the judicial the legal process in france and he doesn't want to preempt the appeal process which is now under way so judicial experts are watching this case very closely because if it is the case that he is found eventually guilty even after the appeal this would create new precedent under french law that someone would be required legally to report a crime whose that is already expired under the statute of limitations of course has a moral obligation to defend the community and to make sure that. a perpetrator such as this figure might be put aside and that's exactly what cardinal barberin did it's got scholars are watching this case closely because it could establish new precedent without any kind of antecedent and this new precedent would be such that
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anyone anywhere would be legally were criers to report any crime including those that took place a long time ago that it actually mutation has already run out because that is exactly what colonel barbara barbara and has been held responsible for he's been convicted for despite the fact that the prosecutors themselves twice thought that he should be acquitted well tim lennon is president of the survivors network of those abused by priests he joins us live now from tucson arizona via skype sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera you are yourself a survivor of sexual abuse from within the catholic church i mean the life of that and obviously your role within snap tell us what your reaction is to this news coming out of the pope would not accept the resignation. well i think we need to keep in mind the victims the children in other words does this non-action both by
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the cardinal and the pope protect children neither the actions of the cardinal or the pope has protected children it's a continuation of the church officials continuing this process to did miss deny. delay any kind of consequence for covering up sexual abuse i mean this is a conviction in civil society another which we can't rely on the church to tell the truth and we need to rely on on their courts and there should have been an immediate resignation removal of any kind of official title or position that he has . there should be zero tolerance for those that sexually abused children there should be zero tolerance for those that are complicit and covering up and saw i'm outraged that both the cardinal did not resign and removing self from official position but also the pope continuing his practice of apologies. but no
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action. the pope is subtle at least that's the church in the allness saying that this is pending the result of an appeal i mean what do you make of that explanation if you will. well i think there's a conviction. by this civil society of by the laws of that country so any kind of debate or apology or dismissal of of their action is a dismissal of the laws of that country i don't want to get into legal liza's fires or excuses or rationales he was found commit convicted remove them get him out of office it sends a message to all the other bishops who have been covering up sexual abuse that they can continue this practice it shows that the pope continues to do nothing to take account for. these that are complicit in covering up there's
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no consequence so unless there's no consequence there's going to be no improvement there's going to be a continuation that we've seen all across the world of this continue covering up i mean obviously this is one particular case of this one french cardinal to represent an issue that as you well know is is global pretty much and do you think that it's a lack of will on behalf of the catholic church and the pope himself or what do you think is behind what you see as an inability to deal with it. well it is this is now i want to example i mean we can go back to cardinal law and boston who fled boston before he had to go in front of a grand jury and we can see the conviction of cardinal pell we can see the conviction. or the accusations around other bishops the pope has let these guys resign quietly without naming the criminal and naming the crime and then until
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there's actual action until there's actual consequence not only in civil society but within the church itself nothing is going to change and we see in decades a cover up the attorney general of pennsylvania said there is a complicity of bishops reaching to the vatican to cover up sexual abuse of children minors and other polo ball tim is not a it's civil society that's saying this tim lennon president of the survivors network of those abused by priests i thank you so much for having joined us here on al-jazeera thank you appreciate the opportunity to speak. israeli forces have shot dead a palestinian suspect thought to be behind the murder of an israeli soldier on sunday in the occupied west bank our reporter need to abraham joins me now on the phone from ramallah asone to tell us more about these latest developments so the news has been confirmed by the policy and health ministry who said that the nineteen year old ahmed abdul
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a lot has been killed after confrontations in the ledge which is near the west bank city of ramallah looking there say an undercover israeli unit has really did the village a few hours ago actually leading to confrontations with stuff in there more in force meant to the village and the army has surrounded the house in the old quarter there and after all much to set under and then they shelled the house according to the official news agency two palestinians were arrested and it's really prime minister benjamin netanyahu has actually been gradually get damages agency on twitter and saying they have killed all but we're also hearing news of other clashes in the west bank city of nablus and we are expecting this to be. a need to abraham with the latest from the occupied west bank need thank you. now coming up on the program
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a minute's silence is held by police in the netherlands for people killed in a shooting in a crash what more they now know about the attack that italy sees a spike in cases of measles where the country is vulnerable to the growing anti vaccination movement and then sports new zealand's most successful rugby franchise could be set for a different look at these here with that star story and more. how the stormy weather has eased a little bit in northern europe it's moving slowly eastwards so currently the center retold is in the baltic and this is a front on wraps around it disappears into the western side of the mediterranean where it produces showers and court active weather now behind it so relatively quiet and warming up quite nicely once fall temps are to twelve in berlin even
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stockholm's come up six degrees about some you get to search the i would say we come up a little bit more as well the coldish are disappearing eastwards giving some snow in the western side of russia barely has warmed up a little bit back up to disappointing but sunny sixteen in athens so all the actions for the west what will catch the bally our accounts the southeastern part of spain so to catch parts of north africa so off to morocco you're enjoying the sunshine at twenty one if your knowledge area particularly in the north or in tunisia is going to be windy cloudy and for some time wet as well it's warmer in these inside libya middle twenty's much the same as in the old egypt as well and the position if anything on thursday gets more disappointing was almost all of two newsier least the north covered in cloud of potential rain on shore breeze of forty in the capital and i'll just his coat is still a twelve degrees still go back to america needs to enjoy the sunshine is only twenty there in about.
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the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as any gailey migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to photo our nation what has happened to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. is another religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. eternity. secretiveness military occupation. head to my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by languages my occupation since thought of reason and there's a little old swell of well can have a move. to roost and then a rock and
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a hard to please coming soon. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera two point six million people are estimated to have been affected by cyclon which has torn across mozambique malawi and zimbabwe it's being described at the as the worst weather disaster to ever hit the southern hemisphere the chief breaks it may go see a turn michel barnier says an extension of grayson's the parser from the e.u. would only happen if it increases the chances of the already agreed withdrawal deal being ratified by britain that agreement has been rejected by u.k.
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m.p.'s twice already and the bodies of some victims of the christ church mosque attacks have been returned to their families earlier prime minister just sindar their promise to justice for the fifth fifty victims. it is now illegal for anyone in new zealand to share or watch social media videos of the christ church attack and has for years now online tech companies have worked with governments around the world to counter isis efforts to inspire new recruits but they're now trying to find additional measures to tackle violent ideology in the wake of the christ church mosque attacks without going too far by the publisher not just the postman they cannot be a case of all prophet no responsibility this of course doesn't take away the responsibility we too must. as
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a nation to confront racism violence and extremism i don't have all of the answers now but we must collectively find them and we must act but coming up with an enduring solution to this problem will be tough and whatever is decided in new zealand will ripple around the world. it's already illegal for anyone there to possess share or even view the video of friday's mosque shooting in any form an offense that carries up to fourteen years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines in the u.k. it's illegal to view what the government calls terrorists material sweeping new powers were given to law enforcement a few weeks ago to update terrorism offenses for the digital age meanwhile the european commission is considering hefty fines against social media platforms giving them one hour to remove what it calls terrorist contents so when do you apply counterterrorism laws designed to combat i sold to others with similar violent views we have to be very careful about the phone and attorneys because
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there's a lot at stake in terms of protecting a political expression and let's not forget a lot of the far right not violent necessarily they might have some some views that the rest of society don't agree with but it's important to ensure the by developing policy we don't feed into the narrative of persecution and victimization of can often drive radicalization in these communities these are the kinds of conversations taking place between the tech industry governments and digital rights groups to find a balance between internet freedom and the need to protect the public politicians in the netherlands of how the minute silence for the three people killed in an attack in the city of tracks on monday that's authorities say a letter was found in the gunman's get getaway car and it's one of the reasons why a terrorist motive is being considered turkish born in time this was the tamed on monday night hours after the attack the thirty seven year old is known to local
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authorities and has been convicted of crimes in the last two months at the lower is following developments from utrecht. well i was a very moving ceremony in the dodge parliament a minute of silence as employees remembered the victims of the utrecht tram shooting which took place here on monday they also remember the victims of the christ church shooting on friday when in terms of the investigation a dutch police say they are continuing to question a man that they have identified as who went down is a thirty seven year old born in turkey they say but he grew up in the netherlands lived in utrecht in fact he was arrested just three kilometers from the scene of the shooting he is a man they say that was known to police for a crime society has broken re in the past now in terms of the motivation for this attack it's still unclear investigators the prosecutor all say only that it could be a family drama a dispute all they say that what they call terrorism could also have been
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a motivation for this attack well there's no doubt that the people here in this city in the devil is a still extremely shaken is not a place where gun crime is common it's a city very popular with students as beautiful canals a lot of to take care of people here would stream the show such violence could happen on their doorstep the mayor of the city has said that he was named the victims because he says he wants to be respectful to the families and to their memories however he has confirmed that two men were killed and one woman. the protests in a show no sign of ending with medical students and doctors the man being the president of the lizzie's but the fico resign immediately they're also calling on the military to not intervene in their movement and to respect the constitution the hum of vile has more. marks the anniversary of the r.g.b. war of independence. this year it's coincided with unprecedented calls for change
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thousands including university students and medical doctors have joined. the protests in the capital are jews calling on president of the losses but africa to design. the word change which for weeks was the exclusive demand of the protesters is now being used by their leaders to but while the protesters want to change the entire ruling class their leaders are talking about changing the constitution according to state media president put a flipper has announced that an all inclusive national conference will be held soon what people can decide on a new constitution to throw a referendum senior algerian diplomat last about a brahimi who is likely to be assigned a role in the political process weighed in by stressing the arrogant nature of the national dialogue. in an interview with the national radio he said there was a deadlock in the situation and desisted the demand for change is in his words
12:37 am
totally legitimate comprehensible and expected. and circuses. to those who present themselves as the spokespeople of the street to those who say we need immediate change in our leader should go i say very well let us go but we have to organize it we can't just throw the keys and walk away to escape it's impossible and i've said it several times before in iraq they are left at once and look what happened after that. the head of the army or so spoke out. during the algerian people have proved to enjoy a supreme sense of civilization and nationalism it denotes a deep popular awareness that has amazed the entire world in light of this awareness of the sacredness of the nation its security and stability i now read knew my previous engagement before god the people in history to ensure the continuation of the rule of the national army as an impregnable fortress protecting
12:38 am
our people in our nation in any imaginable circumstance. but a large section of the political opposition says official statements fall short of the mark and thirteen independent unions have refused to back the newly appointed prime minister's efforts to form a government risking further political analyst in the weeks to come home advice. i don't trump says he strongly considering nato membership for brazil as he welcomed its leader to the white house jade paulson i don't lead the u.s. president for talks in washington d.c. honest first trip abroad since taking office in january alan fischer reports the brazilian president has quickly become donald trump's closest latin american ally not only does he praise almost everything he does the sheet a lot of the same treats the push many of the same policies and they're both on the same page on venezuela both supporting self declared interim president one white all u.s.
12:39 am
president again called on the country's military to abandon president but do we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for madeira who is really nothing more than a cuban puppet. both men insist all options are on the table when it comes to events across brazil's border and president both are not who wouldn't rule out using his country as a piece for a u.s. led military intervention. there are a few issues that if you speak they are no longer strategic so these issues are not going to be made public during the brief news conference in a chilly white house rose garden donald trump revealed brazil would know how the opportunity to buy u.s. weapons after being designated a major nor need to ally and even suggested brazil might be considered for membership of the north atlantic alliance i also intend to just ignite brazil as a major non nato ally or even possibly if you're so i thinking about maybe
12:40 am
a nato ally both countries are signed bilateral deals and agreements aimed at expanding and improving treat present bolsa not all believes that he is the most pro u.s. president brazil is had in years and is a reflection of the man at the top in washington president trump believes that. alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house canada and the european union say they will seek their own guarantees over the safety of boeing's seven three seven x. eight planes before they allow them to fly again it comes after an aircraft of the same model crashed in ethiopia earlier this month killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board u.s. prosecutors are looking into how the plane type was cleared by america's aviation regulator a subpoena for information on the jet's development has been issued by a federal grand jury gabrielle it is on the has more on the story from washington
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d.c. . boeing is said that they're going to be issuing a software update to a particular system within the boeing seven thirty seven max so a lot of investigators here in the u.s. are looking at why if the problem was just a software upgrade did it take so long for it to the company to realize this this seven thirty seven max has very big engines for the size of the plane what boeing did is they moved the engines forward on the plane just a little bit and that causes the nose of the plane to go up just a little bit and so the company inserted what's called m cas maneuvering characteristics augmentation system it's fancy words for this computer system that would then bring the nose of the plane down the working theory is that is the system that perhaps failed at that might have led to the crash of the ethiopian airlines flight three zero two and the lion air flight six ten that is what boeing
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says that they are going to be issuing an update to is that particular computer system there in the flight data recorder that was taken from the ethiopian airlines plane was sent to france the french authorities downloaded the data and apparently sent it back to ethiopia where the officials there are now going through that data it's going to be key to figure out what the two pilots on the ethiopian airways. flight were saying in the moments before the plane crashed that's what investigators are going to want to know and that will be a key element in this investigation to figure out why that plane went down. italy is among a number of countries that has seen a spike in cases of measles in the past few months the country has put in place emergency measures that keeps vaccinations compulsory but explain a growing anti vaccination movement for the rise in the outbreak so go has more from rome. home schooling is sometimes a necessity for us yes so legal when she was just eight months old she had to have
12:43 am
a liver transplant one side effect was that as you could not get vaccines such as the one required to prevent measles leaving her vulnerable to infections she has to rely on something called herd immunity which requires ninety five percent of the population to be vaccinated to create wider protection. i can't do many of the things my friends like if i go to school and there's an outbreak of the flu i get sent home as his mother christina has campaigned for mandatory vaccines and she's furious that it is government for attempting to allow parents to self certify their children for vaccinations without artificial checks. but they didn't meet the release q why does there have to be this risk it's not a joke the problem is a basic ignorance. it's not a consideration for this family who didn't want to use their real names so we're calling them out and cloudier they've decided to forgo the measles vaccinations for
12:44 am
their child yet they have self certified him so he can enter the public school system their choices aren't informed by scientific fact but on debunked theories promoted by the anti vaccine movement designated by the un's health body to be one of this year's worst health threats. research is taken from different sources some from the internet some from friends medications are important and science is fundamental but the most important thing really is personal choice. it's really had been a leader in vaccination strategies but over the past four years there has been a ten percent decline in those rates it's especially dangerous but children last year the country had one of the highest rates of measles outbreaks in europe this phenomenon of self determining medical practices has gone down well with those who are somewhat skeptical of the or forty such as the doctor who's devising the
12:45 am
vaccines and the politician implementing them the problem is that this populist approach to health care is having very real consequences and flies in the face of scientific evidence both luigi. the the five star and the deputy prime ministers say they are in favor of vaccines but they have spoken out against the current law in a radio interview last year salvini even push theories university debunked by medical professionals have been amplified by social media. you know get confused and don't know if trusting them or even trusting other people that may be also more famous to doctors and that's one of the problems we face now as the cases of measles continue to rise some leaders from the populist governments surprised many recently by signing a science pact in favor of vaccines but the damage from the disinflation campaigns
12:46 am
may have already been done. al-jazeera rome because it stands president has a broccoli announced his resignation twenty nine years after taking office now so than ever has led the central asian country since its independence from the soviet union back in one nine hundred ninety one open forrester walker has more than any other year given. the three decades in his decision to stand down is nothing short of historic in a region where leaders tend to be pushed out. that are here because of. you today always wrong in the most important moments in the history of our state which we are building together but my address today is special i made an easy decision to step down as president of the republic of. stone's capital to start a became a modern metropolis
12:47 am
a country the size of western europe with a population of just eighty million it is benefited from billions of dollars in oil revenues but that prosperity has come at a price while the political elite in which to itself has abides government was accused of stifling political dissent elections have never been free or fair and kazakstan has no independent media. as a legacy he would be proud of it's been my honor to welcome he and respect by dismantling the country's nuclear weapons after the soviet union he also kept a lid on nationalism the country has a large number of ethnic minorities including russians. the only president. enjoyed the nickname of papa. officially he will remain leader of the nation. and extensive head of. the government has not given
12:48 am
a reason for the seventy eight year old's resignation but the move should ensure an orderly transition of power to prove to. and the world that. we don't have but. the basketball competition where there is millions of dollars to be made unless you are one of the players coming up in sport. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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now let's go to and the indo have for all the sport. thanks so much barbara all the leading team in the world cycling looks at some insane its financial domination of the sports team sky will become team any os as it partners with britain's richest man jim radcliffe team sky riders chris froome and write some us of one five sort of france titles but swayne them but it december the broadcaster announced it would be ending its sponsorship the british team have also faced allegations of cheating a u.k. parliament to report accuse them of crossing the ethical line over the use of medical exemptions for banned drugs or sports cross from at least willing says this deal should bring them more success. while it was not so extraordinary period of dominance from team sky in cycling over the period of a decade that is a long time in a sport to win right after i say hundred twenty seven races eight grand tours like
12:51 am
there was no why they could be stopped and i do believe that this new financial import that's going to come in from britain's richest man jim rockliffe is going to type them or certainly maintain that level of success maybe even take it further because he's certainly going to pump a lot of money in and of course the expertise the mastermind hasn't changed dave brailsford who had such a lympics success with britain he's still there he's still the helm and he's still going to be making sure that what's now to many of us is going to win races i think the issue that this team has got is with their reputation of course the u.k. government said that crossed an ethical line with things like therapeutic use exemptions and a mystery package that went to bradley with. in two thousand and eleven now this is clearly a manipulation of rules that exist what's going to happen now with their reputation because there's a lot of cynicism around what was team sky they going to need to make sure they
12:52 am
manage that carefully because they will certainly have more success but will it be well received or new zealand's sports minister says he supports discussions into changing the name of the country's most successful club rugby team accounts or be crusaders from robertson's comments for friday's muskets acts in christ's church that seem also so there opens its walking about the issue concerns the crusaders names associated with the religious wars between christians and muslims robertson is it seems to involve cross churches muslim community in the dialogue or the crusades were founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and a nine time super rugby champions a competition involving franchises from most of the southern hemispheres replying nations that same have previously said the name reflects the region's crusading spirits and is it's a reference to the medieval religious wars but the crusaders do play up to some of that history before home games knights on horseback ride around the stadium. rugby journalist ross carr believes some form of change is inevitable. stickery says had
12:53 am
been thinking about this before the tragedy and now that tragedy has happened it has come. and discussion about so the crusaders and oblivious to this that you say is very much aware and wanting to do the right thing but it is going to try to figure out exactly what the right thing is and they have to talk to the muslim community talk to the minister talk to the met talk to stakeholders in the rugby union to figure that out to people across very very keen on the team and a lot of them don't want to lose the name of the history that got with the crusaders name because there's been so successful at such a successful very team such a successful brand when you go across you see that you see heads you see it all here but when you look at dawson they are knights on horseback with a christian cross on their back and they way swords and they run around hyping up the crowd it is an absolute connection to the christian crusaders it's undeniable
12:54 am
so i think that will be the first one to go even if they don't change the name i think you'll find the logo and the branding and their emotive horseback riding will be going pretty quickly in the united states even casual sports fans are getting caught up in what's known as march madness the men's and women's basketball tournament's the two of the largest annual events in college athletics there's a lot of money to be made but at the moment none of it goes to the players john hendren reports he's trying to back up and out of a play at march madness in other college sports tournaments when fans buy tickets in jerseys bearing the faces and numbers of athletes universities reap millions the athletes make nothing none of those players on the field the ones who are. running the football kicking the soccer ball playing basketball none of them are compensated it's really it is it is a foreign concept to most people outside of the. nation but here it's real and the
12:55 am
student athletes on the one suffer even many college coaches think that's wrong it's a big big business big money and the reason people are in the business is to try to make money in could make a case that the student athletes. money but really receive very little of it so i think i think there will be an adjustment i don't know the magnitude of it but i look forward to seeing some changes. now in north carolina congressman hopes to change that republican mark walker's bill would let all students men and women alike playing. sports. when their names are images used players would still get nothing when teams use their names in jersey numbers to advertise games universities would still pay only for scholarships but the change in law would allow players to collect on third party endorsements so one day soon it's just possible you might see american college players pitching sports drinks
12:56 am
clothes and shoes ninety nine percent of college athletes will never make it as a pro they're paid in scholarships and education alone and that's fine with some coaches the vast majority of. college basketball players are probably happy to have . the cost of attendance. leave college with a degree and a great basketball player experience there has been a slow erosion in the status of college athletes it's similar to the rules that eventually allowed professionals to take part in the olympics earlier this month a u.s. judge ruled that the n.c.a.a. violated antitrust laws by capping the amount universities can spend on scholarships but for now college athletes will have to play for the love of the game john hendren chicago. well in the pro game for one steph curry couldn't inspire a win for the golden state warriors but he did still produce one of the moments of the season in a defeat against the san antonio spurs here he is pulling off
12:57 am
a sixty one foot possibly two three points or the end of the first quarter the results of the western conference already assured of a place in the playoffs. and world heavyweight champion dion say while there has named his next opponents. what. has to be a rematch just yet against britain's tyson fury after their compelling draw last december instead the w.b.c. champion will fight fellow american dominic brazil in may brazil's only korea last game against the man who holds all the other world heavyweight saddles that's anthony joshua. if i label excitement because it was the fear i was more side being a more career because of the situation in the position that i was. this right here going top of everything because when martin is the flamed up heart would not even have to get height ok that is i suppose looking for now let's get back to barbara in london and we thank you and that is
12:58 am
a test for this news that we do stay with the stuff i'm going to have more of the day's news in just a few minutes i hope you'll join me then. used properly can be a beautiful sight. and we're not letting them in our country. trump has found to keep money out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping
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to make it a. move can that she's on al jazeera on march twenty fourth thailand will hold its first general election since the two thousand and fourteen military coup most thais are hoping for political stability but after years of military rule will this election be the answer join us for live coverage as thailand vote on al-jazeera. africa's most populous nation the broadest economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i am go through this folder we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told
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people are telling us that there is no medicine there are not enough syringe and al jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more will maintain documentaries and live on air and online. an unprecedented weather event that's affected one point seven million people mozambique zimbabwe and malawi declare national emergencies after cycling. hello i'm barbara sorry you're watching our jazeera live from london also coming up on the program here's a terrorist he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak the nameless news.


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