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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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like no manatee but for now the rain continues well let's get more now from famine another who's in barrow for us from a couple of days ago you were saying that one of the biggest issues was the fact that there were very few dry areas for helicopters to land and also for air drops to be made to get supplies to people who were trapped how is the rescue operation going. well at this point rob what's happened is that these flights have had to be grounded for the time being because of the adverse weather conditions and that has caused the rescue operations to slow down but with regard to the the risk u.s. that we've spoken to they talking about seeing people who had been clinging to trees six days after the cycle and hit the area people now haven't had anything to eat there's no fresh water there's a huge health concern and rescue operations continue to be jeopardized by some of these sometimes insurmountable challenges but to give us some more insight into
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exactly what is happening we're speaking to caroline haga she's from the international federation of the red cross and recross and caroline how far have these rescue operations come well we are looking into just increasing and increasing or operations all the time we are having mobilized a lot of more high the helicopters and are looking into bringing even more in both the government and us humanitarian organizations we are also dropping high energy biscuits we are dropping food and water purification tablets and so on so we are trying our best to do what we can of this very difficult situation that has been described as a complex humanitarian disaster just how different is the the impact of psycho to die here in mozambique compared to other situations you've dealt with but this is indeed a very complex disaster we're dealing with two emergencies here we came in and we're going to deal with a cycle where people have been able to shelter themselves i'm going where
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forewarned and we were looking into helping them with rebuilding their lives or giving them shelter and now we're dealing with a completely different emergency which is the major flooding and the lifesaving activities that we are doing people are actually here in danger so it is very complex we also know that you are beginning to set up tree our centers to deal with some of the immediate concern. what is the plan a round that as we understand that there are up to four hundred thousand people in need of help but we are working on two fronts here as well so one is set up for the first for the first time the rescuers come for the rescue to come in and that is to provide them with first day refer us to hospitals with food water and whatever demanded and at some point we will be building bigger centers which will be for all the displaced people both from the cycle of flooding which is where we are looking into a more permanent status so that this will be up and running for quite some time caroline
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thank you very much for your time carolyn haga there from the international federation of the red cross and red crescent we understand that given the government information that's come out so far that dozens of hospitals have been destroyed we know that about twenty three thousand homes no longer exist there is a huge issue a round displacement and this is a great concern for the aid agencies here and also in the coming days they do expect more rain and also the floodwaters to increase in these water levels to to rise and this creates yet another challenge in an already difficult situation from a thanks very much indeed foxes and bob we have also been hit hard by science learned medical services are starting to reach some communities stranded in the hills in the east but rescue teams are warning the time's running out for those who are cut off. has more money money district which borders mozambique. one
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by one they arrived bruised and battered by the violent flood surge caused by cycling the die these survivors spent days marooned in remote villages but damaged phone lines destroyed roads and bad weather delayed the help they needed some posing for pictures. but they always just pawns because some we covered by my question or just a part of the border and some of. the cards in. turkey and on friday before some of the patients they were now sitting in fiction so. those are the injuries that we've been seeing this woman walked to this makes of medical center she was injured when a house fell on top of her during the floods two of her children were killed her surviving baby is the sole focus of i love. my husband and uncle said the waters in the house they were trying to pull out one of my children from under the
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rubble he wasn't breathing and then the kitchen collapsed that's where my other child was killed doctors say they saw at least twenty patients in one day they hope that number increases as reports of more people needing help come in those people's rescue depends on the weather rescuing people when there is a bad way they can be extremely difficult he needs the helicopters can't take off and some of these people have been waiting for days to hear news about their loved ones they don't know whether they are alive or dead. is a was storm to hit and second in the nearly twenty years ago some government officials have reacted faster and learned from past natural disasters we're very exists in structure. that give us an indication that the people were prepared but the magnitude of what you've been now was unimaginable. in new. for the priority for now is burying the dead finding the missing and treating the
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injured many fear time may be running out for those still believed to be alive and trapped in remote parts of the country how. much money money zimbabwe. but more ahead in the news hour including the u.s. secretary of state visits kuwait repeating calls once again for unity in the g.c.c. over the saudi u.a.e. that blockade qatar. gaza right he's called the we want to live protests face a crackdown we look at who's behind that. and in sport the basketball competition for those millions of dollars to be paid unless you're one of the players. dozens of students on the streets of the bangladeshi capital calling for reform of the road safety laws to be reformed the protests following the death of a student hit by a bus in dhaka on tuesday time their child tree has more. thousands of students
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gathered there in the bushland on the area of the capital city there blocking the main call affair which connects the knockout of the city to the central part of the city let's say what anybody actually talk about this i got some stories here saying what their demands are not that we're protesting dental well i want to feel rather sad night that into a killing so yeah i'm a fast agent is going to be going to be from a belt law that you have going to actually do killings it's the last one we want peace and we didn't already know how they're legal. and they. need out over our building you know then claim fifteen back that's the way it's in all times so we need love to do that read on a letter but there i should mention a similar protest took place last year in end of july and lasted about a week but thousands of story took to the street in the capital city and other parts of the country will eventually took a political turn now that still has been continuously demanding that their old
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safety rules be enforced by the government it is a major problem in buying up that in two thousand and seventeen report the world health organization said that over twenty thousand people are. can on an average in bangladesh and about forty thousand people. a serious concern that all rolls on regulation but is hardly enforced by the government hopefully this time the government will listen to what the student have to say and crack down on the road safety in bangladesh us back syrian democratic forces say they've taken control of an iso camp outside dagoes that's the last pocket of territory controlled by isel in syria the mostly kurdish troops say they've made significant progress but they are ready to declare victory and operation to seize control of bugs started at the beginning of this month at the height of its power i saw declared a caliphate across a vast area of land in syria and iraq. u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe has spoken about the importance of the gulf region
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being united the players made the comments in kuwait on the first stop of his middle east tour he's also thanked the country for its role in trying to find a solution to the blockade of qatar by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain we spoke a great deal today about the rift between the gulf countries we are all working to find a solution. it's not in the best interests of the region it's not in the best interest of the world we need the gulf countries all working together on the complex set of challenges that face each of them as i think i i think i've said repeatedly that six is a force for good in the region we are working to help those countries find a set of common ground we all have the same set of threats other threats of a kind in from isis threat from islamic republic of iran and we all are working diligently to find a path forward so that the rift between those countries can be resolved was among those shells live for us in kuwait city the u.s.
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secretary of state come all talking about trying to find some common ground is there any indication yet that he might actually achieve that. well no really i mean aside from those generic statements from there was no real discussion or. pointing out or outlining rather of any concrete steps any tangible or actionable steps that will or are going to be taken to try and resolve this crisis was peculiar for many people obviously have been reporting on this g.c.c. crisis ever since the blockade on part that it was imposed by those countries is that in the early days of that blockade the u.s. administration in fact president donald trump himself took credit for that blockade and it was very apparent thoughts of the white house or at least closest allies and he gave the green light if not even actively encouraged the united arab emirates and saudi arabia with their allies to essentially impose that collective punishment
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on the people and residents of qatar now obviously that it has transpired that this was something that's had not only gone against the direct interests of the united states in the region but also in terms of the interest of the international community with regards to stability of the g.c.c. which exists in a very unstable wider region the u.s. administration has been trying to say that it is looking for a way out of this what's taken the lead in this effort has been the state department but might bump a always on somebody who has that long good track record in the middle east to exert any sort of influence and that's why maybe they are relying on kuwait's who is a mirror has been at the forefront of these efforts to try and find a resolution albeit failed efforts so far because of the refusal of i will not be able to riyadh to participate in some sort of dialogue that's will bring about a resolution to this however having said that said it was high on the agenda it was
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discussed but failed to see exactly what's will be done in order to resolve this very quickly and other important elements of the discussions that took place between the americans and the crazies here was out of the. the so-called peace process over or whatever is left of it with regards to illegally occupied palestine pompei all will be going after this to meets with and that's and yeah and then that's a government and there has been much talk about this deal of the century obviously that was questions that were posed to the secretary of state for the broad certainly good luck west bank and golan heights which the israeli prime minister now claims is told to me under israeli jurisdiction trying to parse that out as israeli territory pompei all said that the u.s. administration's policy with regards to that hasn't changed but obviously to try and get the arab governments to agree to this deal over a century has been proven to be very difficult to say the least so well thanks very much a jury in the u.s. has sided with a california man who says one santo's popular weed killer roundup was
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a substantial factor in causing his cancer when santa has aggressively defended its product against thousands of similar claims the jury's verdict marks the second legal blow against the company in a separate case just months ago a groundskeeper who blamed round up for his cancer was awarded eighty eight million dollars kazakhstan as a new president. has been sworn in to replace no sultan not by of who resigned on tuesday after nearly thirty years in power to have the rest of the time which ends in april twenty twenty rights groups have described as a role as a thought of teddy and noting government critics have been imprisoned and knowledge is here the investigation has revealed new satellite images showing a secret prison built by the united arab emirates on the edit train coast that have been reports of prisoners from the wall in yemen being held there amid allegations of torture and abuse not about money as more. a secret prison built inside
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a military base sits on the eritrean coastline these satellite images obtained as part of an al-jazeera investigation appears to show the prison built across four hundred square meters in the port city of a sob in two thousand and fifteen the united arab emirates signed a thirty year lease to use the port and since then it's provided a strategic advantage for the gulf nations involvement in the war in yemen the u.a.e. has you see a support to send military and soldiers to yemen while using its facilities to hold prisoners of war all of these massive. these detention centers that the u.a.e. have build up in yemen as well as potentially now in a sub in eritrea are black sites they're part of black operations they don't appear on maps of their military installations which are secretive even for most people in the u.a.e. military and they're run mostly by sargant some by private even by mercenaries or
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by local forces that they train and equip allegations have been raised about widespread torture and abuse taking place in a network of secret prisons in yemen over by the u.a.e. it's attained hundreds of yemeni rebel fighters and rights groups reported that some of them have been transferred to eritrea. the u.a.e. has rejected these allegations saying that politically motivated to undermine its efforts to support the yemeni government the issue is would organizations like the international committee of the red cross have access to those prisoners to verify the conditions under which they kept would there be sufficient transparency who is who is kept there and under what terms of ensuring prisoners of war will be released eritrea is a support is near a busy commercial shipping lane on the way to the suez canal but so far the u.a.e.
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only development that has been military lore about the money out is there and in a moment we're going to have the weather but still ahead on al-jazeera. the presidents of brazil and the u.s. meet at the white house among the topics the political on dressed in venezuela. amazing it's stakeout we are in have been taking time to smell the flowers the unusual phenomenon in california that's joined tens of thousands of visitors. and sports world heavyweight champion deonte while the names his next opponent.
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well this time yesterday this storm system this is trouble so i can see trevor made landfall on the coast of queens and just about twenty four hours ago now the storm is entering into the gulf copper terry has taken just about twenty two hours to cross over the area the storm has weakened and right as of this moment it is equivalent to a tropical storm we have one hundred ten kilometer per hour winds gusting up to about one forty it's really moving quite slowly only about four kilometers right now as it enters into the gulf proper teria it is going to enter into an area very warm water so that means over the next twenty four forty eight and seventy two hours we do expect that the storm is going to intensify quite rapidly so in the next six to eight hours we do expect it to come back up to a tropical cyclone strength at a category one storm tomorrow actually as we go towards friday we do expect the storm to come up to about a category two intensity as we go towards saturday and it makes its way down here towards the southwest close towards the northern territory area we expected to
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increase to about a category four widespread flood is a widespread flooding is expected across this region and the good news is it's not a very highly populated area but we do expect that roads and communication could be out. the weather sponsored town. up to. fourteen a time of change and discovered now now just not for me. to forge an identity.
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piece. i'm confused. in one thousand nine hundred ninety. revisits the children of about seven years on as they grew up and developed with their country. fourteen south africa part one on al-jazeera. marching orders here a reminder of our top stories this hour the first funerals for victims of the new zealand mosque attacks have been held a father and son to fight the war in syria are among those buried in christ church where fifty people were shot dead at two mosques joining friday prayers. there's
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a growing diplomatic rift between turkey and a stray about the president's version of one link to the christchurch shootings to a strenuous involvement in turkey during the first world war. in southern africa the number of people killed when cycling i hate mozambique has doubled and it's expected to rise further president filipe and you'll see confirmed that more than two hundred people have died and close to three hundred fifty thousand are at risk . new zealand's prime minister says her country will mark the one week anniversary of fight is attacked with a two minute silence it'll also broadcast the muslim call to prayer this into our down told al-jazeera that she's deeply concerned by last week's shootings that targeted worshipers under thomas reports from christchurch. since. last friday's attack the always of the world to be the new zealand and its prime minister. has only been in the job seventeen months and never expected the horror of what
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happened last friday speaking to al-jazeera she says she appreciates the sympathy the country's received we feel all of the support and condolences that of being shared with us from around the world and particularly. from the global muslim community and i think on behalf of new zealand and perhaps of the new zealand muslim community i say thank you for that support we have we have found it very strongly our dances she's all too aware how people at prayer with the targets of last week's attack so confronting to us this new zealanders that it happened in that place of peace the worship where you know that our muslim community would have been in a place of deep contemplation when it was so clearly targeted at the him and talk to tag it being while they were shipping there i find deeply confronting the prime minister says the government was motivated by hate and ideology and that makes him
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a terrorist for me the case for using the word terrorists is a fairly clear this was a terrorist act this was a direct tech very direct attack a deliberate attempt on new zealand's muslim community we should call that what it is all done except racist all the geology exists in the country absolutely acknowledges even though this terrorist act was committed by someone who was not a new zealander we cannot ignore that as many nations do that there are those in new zealand albeit small who will share the ideology of this attack a and we must root that out she says social media needs to be better policed globally and she'll give deep. tales of the proposals to tighten down laws later this week it's my belief that when we come to announce the decisions that have been made by us as
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a government i actually believe that new zealanders who currently hold guns for legitimate use that they will be with us that they will ebb salut least see the need for the reform that we are proposing and why it is being proposed you don't have a terroristic like this happen on your soil and not ask yourself the question did our gun laws contribute to the sin if they did let's change the prime minister says to mark the passing of a week since the attack the two minute silence will be held mentioned wide on friday along with the broadcast of the muslim cool to prayer the message that i'm sharing is actually just a message on behalf of the new zealand people we are an inclusive peaceful nation we are a people and grieving alongside our muslim community and that is who we are and that is simply what i'm communicating andrew thomas al jazeera cross church. i
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missed international is accusing the u.s. military of killing civilians in somalia their rights organization analyzed satellite images from five of more than one hundred air strikes and found at least fourteen civilians had been killed the u.s. military acknowledges that the number of strikes has tripled under the trumpet ministration and says hundreds of fighters have been killed but it maintains there have been no civilian casualties when a state but the u.s. military denied the accusations saying afrikan goes to extraordinary lengths to reduce the likelihood of civilian casualties exercising restraint as a matter of policy our assessments found that no african airstrike resulted in any civilian casualties casualty or injury or death of her son is the somalia research for amnesty international he joins us now from nairobi thank you very much indeed for your time sir if this is found to be true what do you think this would tell us about u.s. operations in somalia. this
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is this because of the big job the u.s. operations is so much we found in just five of the more than one hundred started out by the u.s. forces in somalia that they have killed for at least fourteen civilians and injured eight more in ways that. the national humanitarian law and in some cases that may amount to walk lames. the u.s. military of course like other military forces around the world would defend the use of air strikes as being in some cases the most effective way of dealing with the kind of armed groups that somalia is being faced with now is doesn't understand the national accept the fact that there are cases under which air strikes could be the only option and there may well be civilian casualties when you carry out airstrikes . the number of strikes cut it out by the u.s. in somalia in the past two years out of more than one hundred. we just found five
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of those killed at least fourteen civilians and injured eight more. under international humanitarian law the united states of america and any other any other force is required to protect the lives of civilians whenever they're conducting military operations and in this case we found that some children were killed women were killed and injured in this and that is an accepted acceptable and a punishment and the united states of america needs to look into this allegations and take them seriously. nevertheless it is true that somalia like other countries is facing a significant issue with armed groups if airstrikes are as devastating to civilians as your report is suggesting what do you think the alternative would be to deal with these armed groups. the
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alternatives that may be employed by the u.s. and other forces is up to them we are not suggesting. for them to to approach this . in somalia and that we know they have cut it out several attacks inside somalia and outside somalia what we are talking about here in this case are not are set up met by those who are killed but we are talking about civilians who are killed including children and women and men who are not part of the conflict in somalia who are unlawfully unlawfully killed by the u.s. military and what we are seeing is these serious allegations and the united states of america needs to stop that blanket. denial that they kill civilians in somalia they should take this seriously an open investigation into them they should tell us why. they should tell us the identities and if they're nor any information about the individuals we listed as killed or injured in our court they should tell
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us why for example the young guy. was killed eighteen months ago was injured seriously injured and no example and cannot move and why they should tell us why they came to him and see them for example. that his son was a.t.'s on this blanket denials of the u.s. . that they had not killed any civilians in somalia is a truly shocking event when we presented them with evidence and we give them the information we had about this individuals. some of whom are searching for amnesty international thank you very much for joining us on al-jazeera. israeli forces have killed three palestinians in the occupied west bank crowds have been gathering for funerals being held on a wednesday morning earlier the palestinian red crescent society says the israeli army far to ambulance the trying to get to those. earlier israeli forces shot dead a palestinian man thought to be behind an attack in the occupied west bank and
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sunday the suspects nineteen year old all modern. life was found in the village of north of ramallah when troops raided the building where he was hiding israel says he was killed after he allegedly opened fire at the security forces who came to arrest him two other palestinians were arrested in the operation when they were able to join us now live from ramallah a. first of all give us an indication of what happened in a village. so we are standing here in our village where the israeli forces have come just a day night and killed nineteen year old. no calls here to tell us that first an undercover unit has arrived to the scene they've surrounded the house and confrontations have happened with locals before more reinforcements came to the scene and they've. been that himself before they shelved the house now that's
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according to witnesses however the israeli intelligence agency said that has been killed in an exchange of fire here in the house you see behind us now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has congratulated the israeli intelligence service for killing who they believe has been on that on since sunday but they say that's around fifteen have been injured in the confrontations that happened here not point. getting reports the two other palestinians have been killed by israeli fire in what's been happening there. so the two twenty and twenty one year old palestinians have been laid to rest in nablus this morning after being shot by the israeli soldiers. in that area now the israeli army says that these two palestinians have herold explosive devices against them usually of
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israeli soldiers are in that area protecting and securing the release that there is breaking into the joseph two sides but it's of course hard to verify the israeli narrative as medics couldn't come to the wounded in that area now nablus has held a military procession for the two palestinians and has announced a general strike in the city mourning the death of thirty palestinians over nights they do thanks very much indeed well with just nine days left before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. the british prime minister is expected to us the e.u. president to postpone that departure to resume may well go to brussels and throws it hoping to agree on the terms of the delay m.p.'s have already rejected her bragg's a deal twice and a third vote was vetoed on monday unless the agreement includes fundamental changes . the u.s.
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transportation department is examining how the country's aviation regulator the f.a.a. sexify the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft several countries have grounded the planes in the wake of two fatal crashes in less than six months ago hayne has more from washington d.c. . two fatal crashes of the brand new boeing seven thirty seven max eight months apart and every day it seems there are new troubling revelations the federal aviation administration is in charge of making sure this plane is safe but now there are reports the f.a.a. said it didn't have enough money to check out all of the plane systems with its own employees so they asked boeing engineers to police themselves. a controversial move but one that has some defenders. there is always a risk of delegating some of your direct sort of occasion authority over the aircraft design but you need the manufacturers expertise they know their product better than anyone investigators are trying to determine if
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a new system was responsible for downing both planes boeing put in new sensors in the autopilot system but it didn't tell the airlines or the pilots that it was installed when they did after the first crash they told the pilots to do a voluntary class on their i pads to learn about it all while insisting the airlines shouldn't have their pilots train on a simulator which would have been expensive a simulator is the nearest thing you can have to actually having it happen and they're critical in any pilot's deep tissue understanding of their aircraft should this plane have been certified that is something the transportation department says it will now investigate along with congress and the justice department in the midst of all of this the white house is announce their pick to lead the f.a.a. former delta airlines executive and pilot steven dixon if confirmed to be walking into an agency long overlooked now under fire. al-jazeera washington.
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tom tom says he's strongly considering nato membership for brazil the us president made the comment as he welcomed his brazilian counterpart to the white house it's also not his first visit abroad since taking office in january the pair also discussed the on going crisis in venezuela together we could. and and have been really very happy to feed thousands and thousands of starving venezuelans the venezuelan people have appreciated it and if the material forces would step aside it could be a truly great and successful humanitarian project we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for material who is really nothing more than a cuban puppet and finally set their people free the democrats fear nothing as vela
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reestablishing democracy in venezuela is a shared interest between the two administrations the dictatorial regime in venezuela today is part of a broader international coalition known as the sao paulo forum which nearly conquered power throughout latin america in recent times however by democratic means we were able to rid ourselves from that project in brazil.


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