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for is there fruit here in the audience have said bring up all who me today me is a. very much in a position to direct our book at the mall the night there is a lot of the most out there. but give the madonna more of that of me. thanks to many of our though may put heel bressay on a. door or not there is never that here and on the moon promised through the via the. other night the buzz that bosh. felt and told her mother did of a they have another order jimmy do create shot if it were me it was cool breeze of the. group from air force minerva through my daughter. mother grandmother of me to
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just. if you have disappeared. after world war two yugoslavia incorporated the balkan countries of serbia bosnia single vienna croatia montenegro macedonia and slovenia. cost of all was a province of serbia. thank yous and yet the only. issue with the new mutants in the study that i caught a bus with. their public or to a hate crime scene. they are only good for their theory with others. also gain much autonomy in the new constitution in one thousand nine hundred seventy four but kosovar albanians lost many of these rights six years later in
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a counter-reaction by the minority serbs. issue with a. buffet a bus a modest shelter a recent. poll in a church in thirty three your. name bill in charlotte only recidivate call it a myth with just case this your daughter. name out of the jet at the date of. the way the. ethnic tension grew during the boston wall of the ninety's order through one of the ships give to anyone as a turn to or danny boy you know studying here and daughter took a thought which occurred yesterday and oracle thought were awful for him broad issue and may feel on no good took
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a good deal of issue many home near the top for. the result was the cost of a war in one thousand nine hundred eight one thousand nine. people but the escalating violence attracted the attention of the international community. and every community. know that it. is to pray none the region it took years. for the victims. machine for the north. pole tempted to negotiate peace. talks broke down and they then intervened with
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false news of the cutter marci. brahmin. mystic author marcy loon or i knew that if israel to be alone to admit i had or thought not of nevitt for never use in your example. but didn't show that the thought of him brought things even with. the not enough thought and don't.
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want to sit on. it were a little of it. thank you for a minute although got it out of our. cost. a couple bucks. well. ok.
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during the conflict hundreds of thousands of phone ping inspire force from kosovo or fled the violence. after the killing simply took cusa. the female. had to rescue joined the hordes. that can't. afford to. go off in. a mall of. him or his prophet and call. him
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a dog. just to. see it. in his uncombed big. hole can do with. mischief mayhem it's a. call. to. the competition but it's me out that for me the water. from the mouth of.
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the. once feel had survived the attack on the men and the boys in the village he laid low for a while first i did commission doing a period in the south with a weakening both core support and good official theory and fourth. you may cooper three nights out in bravery to commute the who does about north of shouted bravely to to net deeds and none to nothing learned book and none did book to another. by north of shot it crucial with gun school. ship very little to have more of
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need time to meter. for meat more to the none of. the country who furnished free. even to the buff got addicted to the ship remember that bus thirty in a pub on three. such a will it. just. give me. it. could do more. that he'll. put the thing. serve it
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like you still do. for three neighbors so that when. needed i read a. post that you sick such as comes to look at the us of the local best buy now promote enough for a lot of that. hunting buddy. because the thing to. get away with article came a chance to whom they are funny down a door. has caught the law and made a video g.m. to over the ball they come to me and it's.
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tough don't go. looking. in trying to be a. ten year old who just wants his. own school. computer sort of book or i don't call the country that will talk to. you because
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you do want to push. i just want to move in and all the thought you know that you thought when i'm off. the cello you continue. to program. to show lucky success. of him so with that approach but i want to jump. out of that will solve one. more thing. from feeling. so so much for. the.
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first of the to do to admit i do or to not to the bus or to host serbia and with all that cloth on got to do with martha martha martha or your one got to a thug. by phone to come to the to do that mr pre. the earth. oh. the cost of a war ended in june one thousand nine hundred ninety nine when the villages returned to leech of crucial nothing has panned them for what they found explaining . that they can you.
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now learned that. there. was a world. first to get this. was a. new . low salt of the. just.
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south. there. was. the. oh god. god will go all the that. god you know. with their village and lives in ruins the women of crucial we're faced with
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a stark choice room and for both of us the give us the a good one prediction for each confusion being the one storage of the nick of us who. they could accept their fate and live in abject poverty or pick up the pieces and rebuild their village their businesses their entire lives. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel it i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. this powerful social network is sculpting
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a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the us was getting ready to clean up and leave in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of who tony i'm and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was no effort to line it and therefore
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the seawater is is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out ready o. active isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it. really we're not talking just a marshall at us we're talking the whole class we should. madison in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the first funeral for the victims of new zealand's mosque attacks have taken place a father and son who fled the water in syria were buried in christchurch where fifty people were shot dead at two mosques during friday prayers the number of
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people killed in a powerful cycle in mozambique has risen above two hundred the u.n. says syphon is could be one of the worst weather related disasters to hit the southern hemisphere with just nine days left before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. the british prime minister has now sent a letter to the e.u. president asking him to postpone that departure until june the thirtieth there is a may is currently taking questions in the british parliament she'll go into brussels on thursday hoping to agree on the exact terms of the delay. google's been fined almost one point seven billion dollars by the e.u. for blocking wyvil search advertisers they say google abused its dominant position in the market allowing it to maintain an unfair advantage over competitors regulators said the search engine giant breached antitrust rules relating to its ad sense service that places ads on websites google has engaged in illegal
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practices when he comes to their search advertising. in order to cement down wouldn't market position. this is the thirds antitrust fine that we have imposed on google in june two thousand and seventeen we find google for its illegal behavior in comparison shopping services and in july two thousand and eighteen we find google for its illegal behavior relating to the android more robot operating system from all of our apps and services us secretary of state mike pompeo has spoken about the importance of the gulf region being united compare made the comments in kuwait on the first stop of his middle east tour also find the country for its role in trying to find a solution to the book paid of qatar by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain stand has a new president seems no more talking has been sworn in to replace no sultan not
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a pile of who resigned on tuesday after nearly thirty years in power and those are the headlines the news will continue here at al-jazeera after al-jazeera the world by for the. in the course of a village of little crew shot in march one thousand nine hundred ninety nine one hundred or more ethnic albanian men and boys were killed in an attack by sar police . march by from a neighboring village helped the women escape. when they all returned from albania three months later little crucial had been devastated. that the food would be moved through. so one of other with it probably game should look.
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overall. look more loyal to benoit not the girl said of these other brought governor roy the proprietor of a so if he says he would have occasion where would have the better the food you have to everything. chillicothe all kind of the very kind of those chicken mean little things are still new. rather groovy. was the rather the charm will say moved to the visionaries to draw their groove of liberty for the marshall mcluhan of our book. the seattle girl john drew on live two on me at them you live the not the me more from them or from of india subs
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are doing yet the. give us the ground grade. of the. government and i'm our other measurable of you out of all of a god the wise of the morning. from the first of thanks for all you should from those who ever will hear them. i think they're with you.
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as the. one for me is other than light of them that means as a part of me a link of all that is called. some of the women of little set up their own organisation. its main aim was to enable them to make a living and provide for their families. this by teaching them new skills so they could do jobs that had traditionally been done by men. manya neighbor. and the hard to. lose. all for when he has no will continue. for.
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shit if you will believe this she is lame you heard over the hey give me a new enemy or vote for me or choose not to know me of this i'm here about dollars bucks to choose yancey of us then we are mere civility and yeah martial law shall see through the so simple for years for this. controversial court careful so if you're going to be or what good does it go well me or all of these guys who do it. the will of you chris or this is what they want to. go home i don't want to tell you that i mean i based at the met near i mean if you know how do you know your boss.
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if you're still on the ballot. yes. we have gone on i.r.c. to the president. or there's someone does a body of words. when i am locked up like five i pray search all those families are not a single is the need to. give my girl the voice of it they are. looking and are seeing me most about all. one of theirs and theirs over need us to go to war good so upset that's why you didn't shower for another as they felt it go so well when they come here asking gret was so that was the dream it.
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says just gone was a door of it was seen on the wall for about it get the wise men. did not least of ever hit those at the bourses as though the. barrier was only two when a father was killed her uncle is a way for her to connect with a munch never knew. about the chicken if i support them. as a matter of a need to live here i was thinking about my think you can be kind of me or give me give a chance to the must go in the misery to just money can be got to. give me to. give a dog her best game ever met river because i'm a dork humans and best. yet how did you corner pushing with misery to give me i do not give up on anyone but the board. company on the bridge go i thought you were
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going to. get that from. me but the shot in the mist with the nuclear arsenal the third started usually gives other but they got to go some other till the new muck in new come young men. get go home are forced out there if there's room book room with s. to many marquee in there. who didn't welcome the middy to go home tonight and. bust noticed him you're out of the door but he is but we is a shindig you know him better to. two. hundred two but. play it just salted.
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of the dead money. you didn't.
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need the thousands those are for. the actions of those. that does the us for need the any show in the song. then why you so this situation. that should be up through me to you. this is the week you get in this you show for the first year so that you're this
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guy it sounds. nearly washing mother sound like not to or to deny but the good the free for me i was there that put all of that perfume me arses is the mailman there for. that and performing the bully.
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he hot dog sitting for good more schoolma'am hunting object to a small to. school she moved me. you'll. see just. hussein obama in the wrong way going to other quickly or request. all markets when you. get your. question is near a proportionable aloofness. cold as the covers got a couple you can't ask because they're like of course a little gamey spine going to move on with your voice of
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a boy which will work rules but first i was given was common name or was misquoted . or look or to. have a new chip still wasn't there to make up of course a whole. book called. we're going to do to one of this school of. accomplishment i moved. so that. the fact that there were.
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so a lot of miles that were along then you don't throw any at me and if not to me i can use the thought in an honest. i just was mostly with it it's a sort of a. dornier . to thirty of them. so there was a second. to the.
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door you mentioned or. forgot you don't want to condition your. new shirt on it. and you looked and knew that it just mark said no they're not. did they do that via. michonne affairs at the just get him. bridget and nothing on it for for me my funding written gets. the thing to. you nothing. to do exhaust an exam tomorrow or more no netted mother. foreman dogs and jim. but it was a not for for me was not the point enough to get me. through it. for it took him out there for you. to watch it but.
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to look back but above you're from you know. what to look. for the. religious. community. a given what you know. what we did. a pretty good job at a. little bit of the stuff. we did. mont bus route to go but you wrote a book about. the best departure when it was a ride in the door of books. that have to. take you three barra. didn't show. go to reach by going to get until we got. to the other.
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to think the law had a love to and you know. it's a fear. the sun can give. you all then the it's to put the. law at the door the man came we had failed lovie smith. a long time for the miles the didn't. if i know of a group of run off for the whole matter up. to
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the guy in front of auriemma there's a town or even more in. martha has held the women the little crow show set up an organisation called visionary women of the twenty first century. it's taken that a farming movement to a much higher level to include health equality and did you cation. a way to do window so the massacre of little crew shot involved.
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investigations into alleged war crimes by both sides in the course of a war are ongoing. conditional profit in the force so this for the child. i asked my partners when you need all the new more you got you know if you got to close all of us in the morning and kids in a fish is on. his woman who were borrowed for. the sex of you when you saw her success you haven't gone and. like them. i don't already.
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know the one yet that tomorrow's going and when i never saw the bars danuta for out on others leaned in at your opinion as a young woman. or see your thorn in the authority of infants for the. whole live on in their. letter of the day that. you. can as you get back into your shell east. from home. for mike noyon another story in the fort thus make known das mccoy titanic imho it must be very uncomfortable either you were. face a judgment for me or for my phone i just annoy me hi there.
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joe. no joe. you know oh. dear dear no. cheers. good luck jolie. oh.
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good day. to.
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a prominent saudi john lest committed to freedom of expression silenced in tukey by
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his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera weld investigates the death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across united states we are still dealing with the ongoing flooding situation across the plains in the midwest all due to that storm system last week this is the latest video coming out of nebraska as well as missouri widespread flooding across much of the area the death toll is now four across the region in the figure the amount of
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damage well we're talking into the hundreds of millions possibly even a billion dollars because we're also talking agricultural well we do expect to see more rain across much of the central plains right now into their higher a valley and as we go towards tomorrow that system is going to be making its way towards the east coast drying out behind it but of course the flooding situation is going to take weeks to settle down over here towards the eastern seaboard though it is going to cool and chilly with some more rain in the forecast new york with a temperature of nine in washington nine degrees for you as well well here across much of the northern caribbean we did watch one front about to push through that cause a lot of heavy rain across the bahamas into florida as well as into cuba and the good news is as we go towards the next couple days things are going to be improving but we are going to still get see some symbol residual showers across much of the area the yucatan showers few there but for have vanna things look much better if you and we do expect to send a temperature of twenty five. whether sponsored by katherine ways.
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i'm a musician i'm very happy with my own i think with my music more powerful i can deliver a message in the same terms i'm really interesting about the country but if people are not myself here i have my family the way these fantastic and my music me discount i don't see any you know reason to left the country because i think today we can call from senegal good. to see. from senegal because the satellite we can fly we can take the board and everything's fine a long time ago when people were thinking about africa they think we live on a tree. african jungle and i know what i'm trying to bring to the world and saying yes we have aids we have wall we have what we have smile
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to make this country growing really fast is make sure everybody. you know. what they call formal. education i think is very important and tell people they have their own responsibility to be one of the member of the country everything i'm doing is following my music is. from my music i did deliver a message sometimes during the song sometimes i stop everything and talk to people everything i'm doing is behind my music music is along which is maybe the first language and we can use it to deliver a message and i'm going to keep this use language to deliver the message definitely . i love this country and i think myself and my music need discounting.
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given the problem for your town that they may have a health question mark over it but he does have a corruption question mark over him join me. from my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories i think issues. when the news breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine that they're not enough syringe and al jazeera has teams on the ground u.s. power alone is not enough to bring in more maintaining documentaries and live news on. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the first funerals are held for the victims of the mosque
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attacks in new zealand. accused of violating the e.u. is competition rules again google is hit with a one billion dollar fine. seeking more time british prime minister tony so may i ask the emu to delay you brings it. amazing it's like we are in heaven and taking time to smell the flowers the unusual phenomenon in california that's drawing tens of thousands of visitors. in sports makes more n.b.a. history the houston rockets star has become the first player to score at least thirty points against all opponents in a single season. the first funerals of those killed in the christ church mosque attacks have been held six of the fifty people shot dead were buried on wednesday the funerals took place
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as new zealand's prime minister visited the city for the second time since the shootings when he reports from christ church. it's five days since worship his was shot dead in two christchurch mosques and the bodies of the victims are being released for burial here a father and his son khaled moustapha and his teenage son hamza were refugees from syria they and their family arrived in new zealand last year among the mourners holmes's younger brother who was shot and wounded in the attack on the el nor mosque homes or had attended kashmir high school in christchurch along with another of the victims it was there that the prime minister was welcomed on wednesday with the traditional mahdi haka. the. one who. was one of the messages that i want to hear to again people in particular he said k. to grieve this i came to ask her how even if you were directly effected
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these things these images that people are saying they have really really difficult to proceed some injured in the attack of now left christchurch hospital after treatment but many remain some in critical condition the medical staff say that tired but proud of the way they've responded to what was an unprecedented number of gunshot wounds injuries aren't uncommon for us we normally see went to a month and we normally see one to two critically injured country i should say year so about six in the last three years but to get forty actually one day is exceptional hoping to be exceptional for any hospital in the world actually the mosques where the attacks took place are still under police guard but people are hoping they'll reopen in time for friday prayers most of the focus now is on cleaning and reconstruction of the mosques worshippers want to be able to return for what would be difficult emotional and poignant friday prayers but they also don't want any physical reminders of what happens the prime minister has announced
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that friday's call to prayer will be broadcast on television and radio around new zealand and then two minute silence will be held to honor those who were killed wayne hale. christchurch. a diplomatic rift has developed between australia and turkey in the aftermath of the mosque attacks president recep tayyip erdogan has linked the christ church shootings to a strain is involvement in turkey during the first world war. new zealand of having an anti islamic agenda when their troops took part in the glibly campaign more than a hundred years ago robert wright reports from sydney. this is quickly developed into a serious diplomatic spat between australia and turkey over remarks made by turkish president earlier one that brought this response from his australian counterpart remarks of been made by the turkish prison another one. that i consider highly offensive to astride the ins and highly reckless in this very
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sensitive environment he's talking about the claim made by erdogan that the alleged australian gunman in the christchurch shootings had also made threats against people in turkey he went further saying give us trade eons came to turkey to do harm they would face the same fate as australian soldiers killed in the first world war battle of can literally. just if you come with the same intentions you are always welcome have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfather's earlier one has already been widely criticized for making political capital out of the christ church things by showing footage from the attacks at his rallies but the memory of the thousands of australians who died in the literally is revered here and people are offended if that's not respected. turkey's ambassador was called in to explain her two ends comments but he didn't satisfy the australian government
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had a thank you exchange with the prime minister. be gullible and spread more intimate very thinking with australia's prime minister promising to take this further i would like to see what the response is from the turkish government before taking further action but i can tell you that all options are on the title but also promising that any response will be measured so it doesn't escalate the tension rob mcbride al jazeera sydney in southern africa the number of people killed when cycling mozambique has doubled and there are fears it could rise further president felipe nusi confirmed that more than two hundred people have died and close to three hundred and fifty thousand are at risk the u.n. says founded i could be one of the worst weather related disasters to hit the southern hemisphere the destructions made it hard for rescue crews and aid groups to reach victims in remote areas the storms also left a trail of destruction in zimbabwe and malawi. the city of bear and mozambique is
9:55 pm
one of the hardest hit places ninety percent of its infrastructure is being destroyed by the bellows there she's met victims struggling to cope with the storm's impact. traumatized but safe survivors of cyclonic die over rival bear airport one helicopter load at a time they come from boozy one of the hardest hit areas insofar province infants a mother and daughter this is the first dry land they've seen in days. another chopper lands filled with young children but hundreds of thousands more remain in desperate need. the united nations says cycling to die could be the worst weather related disaster known to hit the southern hemisphere one point seven billion people lay in its path in mozambique alone just was rescued three days after the cyclon struck he was found clinging to a tree almost entirely submerged in water now just sayas navigates the same water
9:56 pm
that nearly drowned him to rebuild what little is left of his flooded home now almost no broome would be it is no more reason to go back all of our houses have been destroyed risky workers say they've moved as many people as possible in dando district but there are many more they say the situation was made worse because people refused to leave their homes ahead of the storm this is poor river its banks person after the psycho hit some of the people who've lost their homes have come to this school to find a place to stay they may have found shelter and some water has been delivered but there's very little in the way of. a few hundred people living at the school several families a crammed into one classroom there you go through again i have been here since the cyclon hit by days ago so all the roofs are blown away when i look for help my neighbor but his house was also destroyed it. the devastation is worse in rural
9:57 pm
areas at this point too far away and flooded to be reached by road we are now at the point on taking people that are there for water up to their heads and and taking them by helicopter of boats to places where they stranded up to their ankles we are in the lifesaving phase where we're not even at the point where we can do medical assessments because they've been out there for many days drinking stain waters with bodies and animals and so the health is going to be our second most important thing relief efforts have been hampered by poor communications phone and power lines no match against the cyclons pala the water has to recede for life to return to anything like now manatee but for now the rain continues. al-jazeera. not only are we spoke to travelers troyer from the rescue south africa foundation and he says most of better is submerged making it hard for rescue workers to operate. the devastation as lost as far as i can see is just water it's
9:58 pm
you can't see any land there are small patches of land if you weigh those patches of land that are they are all classes of degree that are leaning up against trees that's why these people have had started to come up into trees and they've assembled day. along with it and sinks in the snakes and all the animals and stuff we we've been on the ground from the morning off the stock and we were first in the new rescue team on the ground up until yesterday we were asked by the minister to do two you can call it a night or rescue operation which we are currently doing when we arrived it wasn't even open. seven kilometers of road trees so that we could start as we can government could start setting up places of why we're doing that we're called to dam that had burst and washed away on tire at the moment is not even a way for us to get out when that's when that dam burst there was approximately plus minus one hundred fifty people that were stuck in trees that we started to
9:59 pm
rescue it was not your sort of not about six o'clock not paddling through that water and i'm seeing them in the trees was absolutely devastating the woman was throwing the babies out of trees and paddle boats the ones that you can see over there. we were only managed to get twenty children before which of course the operation unfortunately we knew went back in the morning those people were not on good day. plenty more ahead in the years of including the u.s. secretary of state my potato is in kuwait said he has a message for the gulf cooperation council. gaza robbie's called the we want to live protests face a crackdown we'll look at who's behind it. and in sports the basketball competition where those millions of dollars to be paid unless you're one of the players. google's in more legal trouble with the e.u.
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it's being fined one point six billion dollars for blocking wyvil search for ties e.u. regulators say the tech giant breached antitrust rules they say that for over a decade google abused its dominant position in the market allowing it to maintain an unfair advantage over competitors this is the third time the e.u. has fined google google has engaged in illegal practices when it comes to their search at the time brokering in order to cement its down wouldn't market position this is the third antitrust fine that we have imposed on google in june two thousand and seventeen we find google for its illegal behavior in comparison shopping says. and in july two thousand and eighteen we find google for its illegal behavior relating to the android robot operating system from all of our apps and services it in was.


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