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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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it's being fined one point six billion dollars for blocking rivals for ties e.u. regulators say the tech giant breached antitrust rules they say that for over a decade google abused its dominant position in the market allowing it to maintain an unfair advantage over competitors this is the third time the e.u. has fined google google has engaged in illegal practices when it comes to their search at the tyson brokering in order to cement its dominant market position this is the third antitrust fine that we have imposed on google in june two thousand and seventeen we find google for its illegal behavior in comparison shopping services and in july two thousand and eighteen we find google for its illegal behavior relating to the android robot operating system from all of our apps and services it in mars is
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a technology journalist who's joining us by skype from london thanks very much indeed for being with us let's start with some context i'm trying to get through some of the get a sense of some of the terminology they're using here but in practical terms what is the e.u. saying that google has done. yeah it should be fairly blatant straightforward and you trust stuff they. if the big rivals are who are using their search services on their own website to bring up that website search results are long with adverts from including adverts to rivals like mark softly at who they wanted written permission. fat how they would display rivals adverts on their website and they insisted that google got the top most prominent spots on these websites so if you're an advertiser that wanted to use google ads and they had the vast majority market share in the advertising market and still do on the internet.
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you. even had to do what google said so yeah straight forward antitrust stuff this is the third time that it's been fired by the find by the you why is it still going on with this. well i think in america comes and goes depending on the political flavor of. the of the regime in power we saw. things for instance in night ninety eight of the department of justice. were very active in america in pursuing microsoft and on their. full abusing their dominant position and giving away internet explorer the web browser for free we've seen the similar case now happen with google browser in europe on android phones and nothing happens in america so
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i mean your brother has been fairly consistent on antitrust cases because it's not acting directly on the influence and appointed by the government in power. move of many european governments. so those interrupt forgive me for interrupting but one of the points are very very interesting in that google has been fined significantly large sums of money each time and as you say it's been this is the third time that this is happened. is there any chance of google actually paying this money and is there any sort of method of actually monitoring to see what it's doing so that perhaps prosecutions can be made more quickly or there is some sort of external control to make sure it's actually sticking to the rules. well in america they have been subject in the past to. some companies have been subject to agreements where they've had to agree to monitoring notably facebook europe hasn't
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tended to do that they've imposed conditions about what they must do and then they've and when they haven't done it they've bought further finds against tech companies they haven't put in place sort of internal monitoring and reporting functions so much but i think it's in their power to do so should they want to but certainly a significant amount alphabet google's a parent company made thirty point seven billion pretax profit last year so they've lost a third of that so far in fines they will have to pay it adventure if they don't win appeals. typically these guys obviously for the church a vast amount of money however hopeless you think it is it's worth appealing and i suspect this will be subject to appeal after appeal and dragged out for as long as possible so if i understand it if the forgive me for interrupting but just if i understand it correctly this is by no means the end of the story there's going to
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be a succession of appeals on both sides and this is just going on in for an item but there is no sense that anybody in the interim is holding google to account for what it is being accused of having done. well i think google will mend their ways to some extent. they would be foolish not to if they carry on the way they were. they they said they're grateful i think they used a phrase something like grateful for the feedback from the european commission is rather expensive back in their previous antitrust case. so no there isn't written anything apart from fighting so it's there isn't. a monitoring process it's the next step is government start making noises about breaking these companies are people bringing in european legislation that further limits what they can do but these things take
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a long long time and so far the evolution of tech companies behavior happens faster than legislators legislate and that's been the case for at least the last twenty years and i'm sure will be the case for some time but it's not that so forgive me good to get your thoughts on this as we appreciate your time sir thank you very much indeed. pleasure. well just nine days before the u.k. is said to have to leave the european union british prime minister has asked the block to delay that departure by three months m.p.'s have already rejected that deal twice and a third vote was vetoed on monday unless the agreement includes fundamental changes on thursday may will head to brussels to discuss the possibility of either a short or long delay. on thursday the house voted in favor of a short extension if the house had supported a meaningful before this week's european council motion also made it clear that
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longer extension would oblige the united kingdom to hold elections to the european parliament mr speaker i do not believe such elections would be in anyone's interest . i fear the. three years after voting to leave the e.u. the people of this country should be asked to elect a new set of any peace is i believe unacceptable. or john hall is live for us now in london jonah do we have any indication in what's in the letter that the british prime minister has sent to the e.u. . yes we've seen the letter. that was reason why you were listening to that giving her rationale which is in the letter for this short extension just three months to june the thirtieth this is the requests she's put to the e.u. saying that that way britain avoids being involved in the european parliamentary elections which would be unacceptable in her words and in reality the talk is that
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she was heavily pressured by her own m.p.'s on the right of a party a very powerful progress it faction of the conservative party to take this stance because if she'd gone to the e.u. and us for a long extension as indeed she said she was going to she faced multiple resignations from her own cabinet among other things that if there this is the position she's taken a short extension is what she wants she's saying to the european union in her letter that it remains government policy to exit the e.u. on the basis of her agreed deal with the will be it now on june the thirtieth if she gets her way she says she hopes that the e.u. summit in the next two days the remaining twenty seven members of the e.u. will ratify the legally binding changes concessions that were offered on this deal previously and that she might therefore be able to use that presumably as a basis to present to parliament a third meaningful vote in other words that that would acquaint account amounts to
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substantial change at that vote perhaps taking place next week this is sort of her new strategy if you like to try and sort to get around john bercow to speak because surprise decision on monday to not allow a third meaningful vote on her deal and she signed off by saying that this delay is because of the in try and trenches intransigence of ultimately speaker and parliament itself which she said had indulged itself enough on brakes it john i'm just reading on the news wires here that is the french government spokesman is quoted as saying that theresa may needs to provide clear reasons for the brags that delay and any delay cannot be automatically guaranteed so what happens next. yes well i think that's a very appropriate comment coming coming from a senior member of the european union because it lays out the agreed position of the european union which it's been very clear about up to now we will only consider granting an extension if it is assured that the time given will be put to good use
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to reach an agreed position of majority in this house about britain's exit plan now the big question of course moves now to the summit in the us in brussels on thursday and friday as to whether the e.u. will agree to this request whether they will consider for instance three's a bayes idea of holding a third meaningful vote. a likely scenario given the speaker's position whether they will consider it likely to succeed given there's no obvious majority for it it must therefore be possible that they will simply say no but. the. european commission president has said that that may be the chance of a further summit at the end of next week in which they could say go away have you'll vote come back to us with the result and we'll talk again the options on the table then would be if she doesn't have a deal either a long extension or no deal jonah thanks very much indeed u.s. secretary of state might bump aoe has spoken about the importance of the gulf
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region to being united pompeo made the comments in kuwait so on the first stop of his middle east tour you also find the country for its role in trying to find a solution to the blockade of qatar by saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain. we spoke a great deal today about the rift between the gulf countries we are all working to find a solution. it's not in the best interest of the region it's not in the best interests of the world we need the gulf countries all working together on the complex set of challenges that face each of them as i think i i think i've said repeatedly united states is a force for good in the region we are working to help those countries find a set of common ground we all have the same set of threats the threats from al qaeda and from isis threat from islamic republic of iran and we all are working diligently to find a path forward so that the rift between those countries can be resolved your child
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is in kuwait city. although secretary of state mike pompei i did stress the need an urgency for finding a resolution through the g.c.c. crisis he failed to outline and he or actionable things that would be taken to find a resolution to the problem or the rift in the gulf cooperation council what is very peculiar is that since the blockade on property was imposed by the iraqis the saudis and their allies the u.s. administration namely through president donald trump himself actually took credit for this essentially saying that they had given the green light for even actively encouraged the alderman arm and cairo to take this collective punishment against qatar and the people there however existence transpired that the g.c.c. crisis is not only being. something that is negative but with regards to the us a special interests or their own direct interest rather in the region but also goes
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against the interests of the wider international community of the the stability of the g.c.c. which exists in a wider mina region which has been more and more unstable since things like the invasion and occupation of iraq as well as obviously the war in syria and other conflicts taking place here and now obviously the u.s. is going to rely on the kuwaitis if there was any hope to find a resolution to this crisis because it is the kuwaiti amir who albeit unsuccessfully however has unwaveringly tried to find a resolution to this crisis he's been leading mediation mediating efforts here there moralities in the saudis have refused some of his suggestions in the past even just to meet to discuss some sort of resolution through this but possibly through the latest calls by such a state might compel some sort of breakthrough may be found. israeli forces have
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killed three palestinians in the occupied west bank crowds gathered for funerals being held in the light and still mourning the palestinian red crescent society said the israeli army fired at its ambulance as it tried to get to the wounded. earlier israeli forces shot dead a palestinian man thought to be behind an attack in the occupied west bank on sunday that suspects nineteen year old i mean was found in the village of a boy in north of ramallah when troops raided the building where he was hiding israel says he was killed after he allegedly opened fire at the security forces that came to arrest him two other palestinians were arrested in the operation. fans of students are on the streets of the bangladeshi capital calling for reform for road safety laws the protests follow the death of a student hit by a bus in dhaka on tuesday time their child tree has more. thousands of students gathered there in the bush in the area of the capital city there blocking the main
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col affair which connects the knockout of the city to the central part of the city let's see what anybody actually talk about this i got some stories here see what their demands are not that we are protesting well i want to feel ready. yeah i mean first aid and is going to be going to be some of the law that you have going to actually do killings it's the last one we want peace and we didn't know those out there at least. in the media over us are. you know then claims. x in all kinds so we need to do the read on all the buses there i should mention a similar protest took place last year in the end of july and lasted about a week with thousands of students took to the street in the capital city and other parts of the country will eventually took a political turn now that still has been continuously demanding that their old safety rules be enforced by the government it is a major problem in bangladesh in two thousand and seventeen report the world health
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organization said that over twenty thousand people are killed on an average in bangladesh and about forty thousand people are in just a serious concern there are rules and regulation but it's hardly enforced by the government hopefully this time the government will listen to what the student have to say and crack down on the road safety in bangladesh. and it's time for the weather here's kevin that's right we're still dealing with the flooding situation united states this is going to go on for weeks and of course we are now in the spring when a lot of the snow is melting into the snow situation that has been causing a lot of problems this has been a very active winter across much of the northern tier of the united states we had a lot of snow we had above average snow in many locations in the last week we dealt with a major storm system which brought some very heavy rain across this area on to the snow as well as warmer air in the region melting the snow i want to show you the area that is being impacted by this these are the the major river systems in the midwest in the central plains of nine states in this area is where we had the snow
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i now want to show you some before and after pictures of the region here is before of what this area in iowa look like that now this is what it looks like currently with all of the rain looks more like a a lake and you can see some of the buildings popping up or a here here is another one this is going to be off an air force base in nebraska a big military base right here in half of the runway is now covered with water looks more like a lake in this area as well another area here in parts of north platte nebraska completely covered with water across much of this area it looks like a huge ocean and the region you really can't even see any of the roads in the region we're talking also about five hundred million agricultural loss in this region as well as this is going to continue to go up as the temperatures in this region rise. still ahead an al-jazeera a well known brand of weed killer is the likely cause of a second mans counselor according to a san francisco jury more in the court ruling coming up. and in the sports world
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heavyweight champion deonte while the name is his second opponent. when they're on line like t.v. as hard as it is to be able to sit inside. being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state engage in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation amount is zero. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as
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much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. your charges here are a reminder of our top stories that the first funerals for victims of the new zealand mosque attacks have been held of father and son who fought the war and setting out what among those better to christ church where fifty people were shot dead at two mosques during friday prayers. in southern africa the number of people killed for the cycle and. grief has doubled and it's expected to rise president
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felipe new city confirmed that more than two hundred people have died and close to three hundred fifty thousand. google's been fined almost one point seven billion dollars by the e.u. for blocking wyvil search advertisers they say google abused its dominant position in the market allowing it to. tain an unfair advantage over competitors. convicted of war criminal radovan cottage which is set to hear the outcome of his appeal over his role in the step in and some massacre thousands of muslim men and boys were killed in the massacre in one thousand nine hundred five so new gig of reports. the graves since three inscribed to the names of those slaughtered by serb forces quarter of a century ago more than eight thousand bosnian men and boys were massacred in the besieged enclave during a reign of terror by units of the bosnian serb army the worst atrocities to have
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taken place on european soil since the second world war. has lost twenty four relatives in the genocide including her husband and son her fear is that the band leader of the bosnian serbs rather encourage each will not be given the maximum sentence for his crimes serka any sentence other than life in prison would be unacceptable i know that mothers and wives of victims have no say and that the seem to be a matter of political interests for thirteen years kind of a did capture he was eventually arrested in belgrade in two thousand and eight where he was living under a false identity in plain sight as a self-styled faith healer brought to the hague where he was found guilty of genocide the seventy to massacre among other crimes it has been one of the most high profile legal battles of the yugoslav wars said his words were twisted joining
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the trial and that prosecutors are unfairly black and his name and is calling for the conviction to be overturned but the survivors of the one nine hundred ninety two to ninety five conflict in bosnia that left one hundred thousand dead believe that appeals judges must keep in place his ten convictions and his sentence. unfortunately in many past cases convicted criminal sentences were reduced on appeal and we are afraid that the same thing might happen in the case of rather than courage it even though we believe that for the crimes he had organized here in bosnia herzegovina he does not deserve forty but rather four hundred years in prison there has been. a little re conciliation between the ethnic groups that clashed in bosnia is war among that many. make up a third of bosnia's three point five million population cottage which is still celebrate his as one of the heroes even in the face of the thousands of graves that
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stand as silent memorials to the atrocities committed started i am. ok just before we move on i want to take you to live pictures from the hague where that catheter appeal is being held right of on carriage which waiting to hear the outcome of his appeal over his role in the massacre that's when thousands of muslim men and boys were killed there in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. we're going to be waiting for the outcome of that as soon as we get it of course we're going to bring it to you live on thick skins honesty international is accusing the u.s. military of killing civilians in somalia rights organization analyzed satellite images from five out of more than one hundred air strikes and fired at least fourteen civilians have been killed the u.s. military acknowledges that the number of strikes has tripled under the trumpet administration and says hundreds of fighters have been killed but it maintains there have been no civilian casualties in a statement the u.s.
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military denied the accusations saying africa goes to extraordinary lengths to reduce the likelihood of civilian casualties exercising restraint as a matter of policy our assessments found that no airstrike resulted in any civilian casualty or injury adachi hasan is the somalia researcher for honesty international and he says the evidence of wrongdoing is so clear that the u.s. should rethink its strategy in somalia. the alternatives that may be employed by the u.s. and other forces is up to them we are not suggesting. for them to to approach this . in somalia and that we know they have cut it out several attacks inside somalia and outside somalia what we are talking about here in this case are not meant to walk in but we are talking about civilians including children and women and men who are not part of the conflict in somalia or a low for the killed by the u.s.
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military and what we are saying is this serious allegations and the united states of america needs to stop that blanket. denial that they kill civilians in somalia they should take this seriously an open investigation into them they should tell us the identities and if they're nor any information about the individuals we listed as killed or injured in our report they should tell us why for example the young guy. was killed eighteen month injured seriously injured and no it's able and cannot move and why they should tell us why they came to him and pseudo for example . injured his son who was this blanket denials of the u.s. . that they have not killed any civilians is actually shocking even when we presented them with evidence and we give them the information we had about these individuals. a jury in the u.s.
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is sided with a california man who says monsanto is popular weed killer roundup was a substantial factor in causing his cancer when santa has aggressively defended its product against thousands of similar claims the jury's verdict box the second legal blow against the company in a separate case just months ago a grants keeper who blames roundup for his cancer was awarded eighty million dollars well i'm going to lose someone who is an environmental scientist and a pesticide action network europe member she's joining us now live from brussels thank you very much indeed for your time and first of all can you give me your reaction to this given that you've been campaigning on this issue. yes hello can you repeat the question please yes ma'am i was just wondering what your reaction was to the results of the court case that we've heard today. my reaction so then yeah. this sound is not very clear.
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i think we'll leave the interview there for the moment mommas we're clearly having some technical problems we will try of course try and come back to you when we've got those technical problems fixed in the meantime kazakstan has a new president a customs will not talk of has been sworn in to replace no slow time nazarbayev resigned on tuesday after nearly thirty years in power so have the rest of the time which ends in april twenty twenty the outcome of nigeria's recent elections has left many wondering if the country's democracy is growing at whole more than half of the newly elected members of parliament have no previous legislative experience and that's got many nigerians worried about the performance of a dangerous reports. every election year most of the seats in nigeria's national assembly taken by people with little or no legislative experience. the
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experienced ones most often lose out what. is going to the house of representatives after eight years a state legislator he says members with no previous experience will find it difficult to deliver on their promises but we have to acknowledge that is a challenge because it's like they are starting from describes. the process before you realize i just haven't in four years it's gone. and that's how it's been generous return to democracy twenty years ago. making laws i did nationalize some least not. an easy thing for you to bring somebody with doesn't have a lot of experience because people have to start somewhere it just happens that when we look at the american system we see people who have been in the americas that for thirty forty years but here in nigeria we had lee have people except a few. some who say these disruptions. blame the complex relationship and the power
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play among politicians frosty relations between some of nigeria's powerful governors and federal politicians are prevented many members of parliament from winning reelection a little analysts are concerned about the impact this is having on important registrations and the growth of democracy in the country. what newly elected governors are better off than the m.p.c. the government depending on the areas they come from most come to office with a set of priorities things they say matter to the voter creating jobs including employment opportunities market the market and. towards the generating nizar i mean some level of what. display of communities in. nigeria and members of parliament are among the highest paid in the world. with the but many nigerians feel they do little to justify their pay homage to trees al-jazeera
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made to agree. the u.s. transportation departments examining how the country's aviation regulator certified the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft several countries have grounded the planes in the wake of two fatal crashes in less than six months has more from washington. two fatal crashes of the brand new boeing seven thirty seven max eight months apart and every day it seems there are new troubling revelations the federal aviation administration is in charge of making sure this plane is safe but now there are reports the f.a.a. said it didn't have enough money to check out all of the plane systems with its own employees so they asked boeing engineers to police themselves. a controversial move but one that has some defenders. there is always a risk of delegating some of your direct sort of occasion authority over the aircraft design but you need the manufacturers expertise they know their product
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better than anyone investigators are trying to determine if a new system was responsible for downing both planes boeing put in new sensors in the autopilot system but it didn't tell the airlines or the pilots that it was installed when they did after the first crash they told the pilots to do a voluntary class on their i pads to learn about it all while insisting the airlines shouldn't have their pilots train on a simulator which would have been expensive a simulator is the nearest thing you can have to actually having it happen and they're critical in any pilot's deep tissue understanding of their aircraft should this plane have been certified that is something the transportation department says it will now investigate along with congress and the justice department in the midst of all of this the white house is announce their pick to lead the f.a.a. former delta airlines executive and pilot steven dixon if confirmed to be walking into an agency long overlooked now under fire. al-jazeera washington.
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still ahead in the sports the gloves are off in the fight to clinch a spot in the n.h.l. playoffs.
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bad as time for the sports here's andy thank you so much rob well basketball star james harden has made more n.b.a. history he's become a first class record a thirty point game against all of the league's twenty nine other teams in a single season last franchise and hardens hitlist with the talents of roxy got the record by scoring thirty one points against them on choose life of these two
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sonorities team with one hundred twenty one to one hundred and five the closest anyone's come to hard milestones kobe bryants he managed thirty.


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