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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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christchurch now this is an interesting twist to turkey's president reject time birder one has linked the christchurch shootings to australia's involvement in turkey during the first world war and he accused a stranger in new zealand of having what he called an anti islamic agenda when their troops took part in the glittery campaign one hundred years ago and this is sparked off a diplomatic row was mcbride reports from sydney. this is quickly developed into a serious diplomatic spat between australia and turkey over remarks made by turkish president earlier one that brought this response from his australian counterpart remarks of been made by the turkish president or the one. that i consider highly offensive to astride the ins and highly reckless in this very sensitive environment he's talking about the claim made by erdogan that the alleged australian gunman in the christchurch shootings had also made threats against
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people in turkey he went further saying give us trade unions came to turkey to do harm they would face the same fate as australian soldiers killed in the first world war battle of can literally. just if you come with the same intentions you are always welcome have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfather's murder one has already been widely criticized for making political capital out of the christchurch things by showing footage from the attacks at his rallies but the memory of the thousands of australians who died in gallipolis is revered here and people are offended if that's not respected. turkey's ambassador was called in to explain her two ends comments but he didn't satisfy the australian government we had a thank you exchange with the prime minister. the gullible and spread the more intimate the phrase thank you risk it's australia's prime minister promising to take this
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further i will like to see what the responses from the turkish government before taking further action but i can tell you that all options are on the table but also promising that any response will be measured so it doesn't escalate the tension rob mcbride al-jazeera sydney so that's the view from australia same cosi only now with the reactions from turkey. all march thirty first turkey is heading to the ports for local elections and to the ruling party which is headed by president our don this local election is also seen as an event that will determine the future of the ruling party mainly in big cities like stumble on car and is fair to the ruling party and not only to them to many political parties if you lose in big cities and turkey it means that you risk your you risk your future in the national elections that is going to come up and that's why the opposition parties and the political
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analysts have been criticizing the ruling party and president add on for using this wildly offensive language against the people whom they see as others and also against some international actors like it happens in this latest incidence and new zealand prisons are drawn is not expected to take his words back that his pen that he said to the australians and new zealanders until the election campaign is over but of course time will show whether he will be apologizing to his counterparts and to his international partners for for the words that he have he has used but turkey witnessed this international tensions in previous elections as well this is mainly seen as an effort to gain the nationalist wards in turkey. here's what we've got few. accused of violating the use competition rules again google is hit with
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a one billion dollar fine. it's not in the best interests of the region to start in the best interest of the world we need the gulf countries all working together a dispute going on too long says the u.s. . wants an urgent end to the blockade of qatar and sport the competition with its millions of dollars to be made unless one of the players. right to break that update for you now on the british prime minister has formally asked the european union for a short break that delay in less than twenty four hours to resume a will meet your pain leader in brussels she's requested a three month delay to the process of leaving the e.u. until june thirty four hours ago in parliament a probe brags that m.p. called maids request a betrayal to the british people and the opposition labor party leader jeremy corbin news called it
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a full scale national crisis will also be in brussels on those days and to meet the e.u.'s chief negotiator if the deal is rejected it would mean the u.k. could crash out of the e.u. without a deal and that would be in just nine days time here is john holl outside the houses of parliament in westminster in london john i guess this was in the end the only option. i've got in the sense of asking for an extension well in that sense yes i mean we had these votes last week in which it was approved that an extension would be asked for the prime minister at that point said she would be asking for a long extension if by the time of these some is tomorrow she didn't have an agreed deal in her hands which she's done an about face on that and in fact submitted a letter asking for a short three month extension causing some uproar amongst certain quarters in the house of commons the letter that she sent to don't trust the e.u.
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council president outlines the government's continued policy to exit the european union very strong the deal she struck with the e.u. but now on june the thirtieth rather than march the twenty ninth if she gets her way she says she wants to bring her vote vote deal back for a third vote as soon as possible you'll remember it was counted out on monday by the speaker who said you can't very bring back the same thing time and again so she's got to get some sort of change will in that letter she's saying if you ratify the other twenty seven members. ratify those legally binding concessions we got last week and we put that on appeal on a piece of paper that might suffice to hold a vote and she took the trouble explaining all of this to parliament a little earlier to say that this delay was the fault of the speaker john bercow is intransigent and intransigents and also parliament who she said had been indulgent enough on the question of bricks it what does that say about cerise amaze future
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hisself he's only asking for a short extension when there are all these sort of rumblings about how long she should even stay on as leader. yes those rumblings certainly continue she seems to have been saying that she simply will not countenance any extension longer than three months many people have read into that that if indeed it does turn out to be a long extension that might signal her decision to quit we don't have anything more definitive than that all attention now will turn to the european union and indeed whether they're prepared to countenance any sort of extension because they've always said we need to know precisely what that time is for it's got to be spent in the suit of a majority deal in the house of commons not just to carry on talking and going round and round in circles the french have doubled down on that and saying she must offer a guarantee that her deal will be acceptable that's going to be difficult for her third way seems to be opening up with the commission president saying another
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summit could be held next week right on the eve of march the twenty ninth they might indeed say to her now go away have the deal have your vote on your deal get your deal passed and come back and then we'll decide what sort of extension to get right on the eve of march the twenty ninth this absolutely could go down to the wire stronger so thank you jonah holy live for us in westminster there. now the number of people killed when cycling need a hit mozambique has doubled and it is expected to rise further president felipe and you see confirmed more than two hundred people have died but close to three hundred fifty thousand more are considered at risk and the u.n. says likely need a could be one of the worst weather disasters to hit the southern hemisphere the destruction has made it hard for rescue crews in a groups to reach victims in remote areas the storm has also affected neighboring zimbabwe and malawi. in mozambique is one of the hardest hit places in fact ninety
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percent of what is the fourth largest city in mozambique has been destroyed farming a military there she has met victims struggling to cope with the impact of the storm. traumatised but safe survivors of cyclonic die a rival a port one helicopter load at a time they come from boozy one of the hardest hit areas insofar province infants a mother and daughter this is the first dry land they've seen in days. another chopper lands filled with young children but hundreds of thousands more remain in desperate need. the united nations says cyclery die could be the worst weather related disaster known to hit the southern hemisphere one point seven billion people lay in its path in mozambique alone just was rescued three days after the cyclon struck he was found clinging to a tree almost entirely submerged in water now just sayas navigates the same water that nearly drowned him to rebuild what little is left of his flooded home now my
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snow broom would be were there is no more reason to go back all of our houses have been destroyed risky workers say they've moved as many people as possible in dando district but there are many more they say the situation was made worse because people refused to leave their homes ahead of the storm this is poor river its banks person after the psycho hit some of the people who've lost their homes have come to this school to find a place to stay they may have found shelter and some water has been delivered but there's very little in the way of. a few hundred people are living at the school several families a crammed into one classroom where you question arguing i have been here since a cyclon hit by days ago all the roofs were blown away when i looked for help my neighbor but his house was also destroyed the devastation is worse in rural areas at this point too far away and flooded to be reached by road. we are now at the
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point on taking people that are there for her up to their heads and and taking them by helicopter of boats to places where they're stranded up to their ankles we're in the lifesaving phase where we're not even at the point where we can do medical assessments because they've been out there for many days drinking stain waters with bodies and animals and so the health is going to be our second most important thing relief efforts have been hampered by poor communications phone and power lines no match against the cyclons pala the water has to recede for life to return to anything like normality but for now the rain continues. al-jazeera. and it so that's mozambique meanwhile medical services are starting to reach some communities stranded in the hills of east in zimbabwe but rescue teams are warning time is running out for those who've been cut off how do we toss a has more from two money money district which borders mozambique. one by one they arrived bruised and battered by the violent flood surge caused by cycling
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a die these survivors spent days marooned in remote villages but damaged phone lines destroyed roads and bad weather delayed the help they needed some posing for pictures. would be always just bones because some we covered by my question or just a part of the border and some of. the cards in. turkey and on frayed for some of the patients they were now sitting in fiction so. those are the injuries that we've been seeing this woman walked this makes of medical center she was injured when a house fell on top of her during the floods two of her children were killed her surviving baby is the sole focus of a love. my husband and uncle said the waters in the house they were trying to pull out one of my children from under the rubble he wasn't breathing and
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then the kitchen collapsed that's where my other child was killed doctors say they saw at least twenty patients in one day they hope that number increases as reports of more people needing help come in those people's rescue depends on the weather rescuing people when there is bad where they can be extremely difficult to move the helicopters can't take off and some of these people have been waiting for days to hear news about their loved ones they don't know whether they are alive but it. is a was storm to hit and second in the nearly twenty years ago some government officials have reacted faster and learned from past natural disasters we're very existing structure. that give us an indication that the people were prepared but the magnitude of what you've been now was unimaginable. in new. ford. the priority for now is burying the dead finding the missing and cheating the
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injured many thier time may be running out for those still believed to be alive and trapped in a month parts of the country how to metapsychology is there it's a monumental zimbabwe the united nations is holding a meeting over libya to discuss how to lay the groundwork for elections a national conference is expected to take place next month labor of course is that two rival governments over the past few years one in the capital tripoli the other is in the eastern city of to block our diplomatic editor james bays has more from the us i think you can describe the situation in libya eight years after that rebellion started against gadhafi as a complete mess and the u.n. is making another effort to try to get things back on track just explain what you're seeing now that is a ambassador from germany who is currently serving as the head of the sanctions committee was regard to libya what's known as the one nine hundred seventy sanctions committee referring to the resolution number updating the details on of
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of the sanctions on various individuals and entities with regard to libya but what we just had before that was gas and salam a who is the u.n. special envoy with regard to libya and he's come up with a quite ambitious plan to get things back on track he's called for a new national conference for libya for libyans not the international community but libyans a national conference to take place in the southwestern town of good dharmas between april of forty and sixty the plan then is to have elections that that national conference a meeting of all the important parties in libya to have elections by the end of this year remember they were supposed to have elections way before that lot most recent date was the end of last year. algeria's president disease but the thinker appears to have lost the support of his ruling party algerian media is reporting
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the national liberation front chief bush arab saying the party now fully supports the recent protests the ruling party has become the latest in a growing list of groups to come out in force against the president's second largest party in power has also expressed its support for the protests turned shia . to run the presidential race for a fifth term and his current physical condition is nothing short of lack of common sense on our part we have not had enough courage to express all what is in our minds we were not among those convinced with the notion of running for a fifth term in his current physical condition. when we come back disappearances and torture al-jazeera uncovers evidence of secret prisons in eritrea and the role of the united arab emirates plus. every day thousands of people come to this war to find some fish to eat i'm pretty foul you put it back on the plane it's
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a way that with the story on how people in this country continue to struggle to survive. and in sport the world heavyweight champion while their names his next opponent. hello again it's good to have you back well here cross lavonne things are not looking too bad over the next few days now we did have some clouds here across the caspian those will continue over the next few days for back who it's going to be a mostly cloudy day and cool for you at nine degrees over here towards tehran though that is where any weather we do expect to see in terms of precipitation we do expect to see a mix of rain and maybe some snow along the coast with a temperature of about eleven degrees here on thursday and as we go towards friday things clear out most of the weather makes its way towards kabul we're going to be
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seeing some clouds forming for you over the next few days and into the weekend there about a temperature of twelve degrees here across the gulf things are going to be a little bit messy across much of our area here in doha twenty eight degrees so it's going to be a warm day here on thursday in the overnight hours we could even see a thunderstorm maybe a rain shower and as we go towards friday it's going to be a little bit cooler maybe some winds in the area lower visibility over towards abu dhabi we do expect to see a temperature of twenty six and of course mozambique has been on our radar of the last few days we are still going to see some heavy rain just towards the central and northern part these are the seasonal rains that we would normally see this time of year over towards medicare we do expect to see more rain in your forecast as well with a temperature there of about twenty eight degrees. used properly can be a beautiful sight. it
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would not letting them enjoy our country. trump has found to keep my quince out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping to make even. more can mess shoes on al-jazeera and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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in the news. stories the international criminal court has ruled on an appeal. and increased his forty year life sentence to life in prison was convicted for his role in the. first funerals for victims of the new zealand. father and son who fled the war in syria were among those buried in christchurch where fifty people were killed during friday prayers. and the british prime minister. the european union for a three month delay until june thirtieth which is nine days to go before the u.k. scheduled to leave the e.u.
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will be meeting with european leaders in brussels on thursday. rejected. there will be an emergency debate on breaks it beginning in parliament in the next twenty minutes. yes sectors that might pump a spike in about the important solve the gulf region being united spawned by it made those comments in kuwait on the first stop of his middle east tour your fifth thank the country for its role in trying to find a solution to the blockade of qatar. we spoke a great deal today about the rift between the gulf countries we are all working to find a solution. it's not in the best interests of the region it's not in the best interests of the world we need the gulf countries all working together on the complex set of challenges that face each of them as i think i i think i've said repeatedly united states is a force for good in the region we are working to help those countries find a set of common ground we all have the same set of threats the threats from al
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qaeda and from isis threat from islamic republic of iran and we all are working diligently to find a path forward so that the rift between those countries can be resolved more on this one with jamal shale in kuwait city. although secretary of state mike pompei all did stress the need an urgency for finding a resolution to the g.c.c. crisis he failed to outline and he or actionable things that would be taken to find a resolution to the problem or the rift in the gulf cooperation council what is very peculiar is that simply blockading property was imposed by the iraqis the saudis and their allies the u.s. administration namely through president donald trump himself actually took credit for this essentially saying that they had given the green light or even actively encouraged the alderman arm and cairo to take this collective punishment against
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qatar and the people there however it's a since transpired that the g.c.c. crisis is not only being. something that is negative but with regards to the us a special interests or their own direct interest rather in the region but also goes against the interests of the wider international community of either the stability of the g.c.c. which exists in a wider mina region which has been more and more unstable since things like the invasion and occupation of iraq as well as obviously the war in syria and other conflicts taking place here and now obviously the u.s. is going to rely on the kuwaitis if there was any hope to find a resolution to this crisis because it is the kuwaiti amir who albeit unsuccessfully however has unwaveringly tried to find a resolution to this crisis he's been leading mediation mediating efforts here there moralities in the saudis have refused some of his suggestions in the past
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even just to meet to discuss some sort of resolution to this but possibly through the latest calls by such a state might compel some sort of breakthrough may be found. u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they have taken control of an area surrounding backhoes the remaining part of territory controlled by ice so in syria force is made up of mostly kurdish troops called a significant progress but fell short of declaring victory over isis fighters the operation to seize control about close down to the beginning of this month. now an al jazeera investigation has revealed new satellite images showing a secret prison built by the united arab emirates on the eritrean cursed they have been reports of prisoners from the war in yemen being held there amid allegations of torture and abuse laura birdman lee has more a secret prison built inside a military base sits on the eritrean coastline these satellite images obtained as
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part of an al-jazeera investigation appears to show the prison built across four hundred square meters in the port city of a sob in two thousand and fifteen the united arab emirates find a thirty year lease to use the port and since then it's provided a strategic advantage for the gulf nations involvement in the war in yemen the u.a.e. has you see a support to send military and soldiers to yemen while using its facilities to hold prisoners of war all of these massive. these detention centers that the u.a.e. have build up in yemen as well as potentially now in a suburb in eritrea are black sites they're part of black operations they don't appear on maps of their military installations which are secretive even for most people in the u.a.e. military and they're run mostly by sargant so by private either by mercenaries or by local forces that they train and equip allegations have been raised about
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widespread torture and abuse taking place in a network of secret prisons in yemen or by the u.a.e. . it's detained hundreds of yemeni rebel fighters and rights groups reported that some of them have been transferred to eritrea the u.a.e. has rejected these allegations saying that politically motivated to undermine its efforts to support the yemeni government the issue is would organizations like the international committee of the red cross have access to those prisoners to verify the conditions under which they kept would there be sufficient transparency who is who is kept there and under what terms of ensuring prisoners of war will be released eritrea is a support is near a busy commercial shipping lane on the way to the suez canal but so far the u.a.e. only development there has been military lore about money out is there israeli
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forces have killed three palestinians in the occupied west bank just outside of nablus crowds gathered for funerals on wednesday morning earlier the palestinian red crescent society said the israeli army fired at their ambulance are trying to get to those who've been wounded. a young palestinians in gaza have launched a new movement with the slogan we want to live there protesting against the worsening economic situation in the strip and also accusing how massive a violent crackdown iran can has more from gaza. asama quaalude can barely sit because he's in so much pain the young journalist who went to cover the protests happening outside of his house. the hunger protests as they have been dubbed have been held all over the gaza strip sama documented the ones in his neighborhood on his social media accounts and with his camera soon after he says members of hamas broke into his house beat him up and destroyed his equipment he then says he was
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taken away and tortured for three days gentlemen little fitness. i knew the sensitivity of covering such an event and so i didn't want to cover it i was criticized for that by my neighbors because i'm the only journalist here so then i went to cover the event and suddenly hamas police stormed my house beating me up destroyed my kit and took me away says it's crackdown on the protests because certain groups want to bring disorder to the streets of gaza i don't deny that there are some mistakes and this mistakes will be investigated by the police and we have a guinness and a violation of the law we are against using. power to get us or various against people but some people are trying to discredit kind of call us. human rights groups say it's because a mass phase the protests could get larger and pose a threat to it even have to be announced for the broadest. authorities or the police force in gaza cracking down on those even who initiated
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the call on social media so this means that from day one they have gotten letters for any kind of peaceful protest and out of this on the subject it's not the issue of economic or. any other issue but they have been a position not to allow these demonstrations they can lease anyone anyway according to the world bank gaza has a seventy percent unemployment among young people and it is young people who've been protesting although i have called the hunger demonstrations. now the root causes still exists the israeli egyptian led siege has been going on for more than a decade now regular israeli bombardment and a myriad of other issues means the gaza's economic situation is rapidly deteriorating and broke out al-jazeera gaza city amnesty international is accusing the united states military of killing civilians in somalia the rights organization analyzed satellite images from five of more than one hundred air strikes and found
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at least fourteen civilians have been killed the u.s. military acknowledges the number of strikes has tripled on the trumpet ministration and says hundreds of fighters have been killed so well in a statement the u.s. military denied the accusations saying africom goes to extraordinary lengths to reduce the likelihood of civilian casualties exercising restraint as a matter of policy our assessments found no african-american strike resulted in any civilian casualty or injury. the u.n. human rights chief is accusing the venezuelan government of killings and torture during its crackdown on protesters. also told the u.n. human rights council the u.s. sanctions all nicolas maduro government so he worsening the situation and reports from. desperation is leading some to barter fish for vital supplies. this is a daily scene. in the state of. fishermen arrive with catch of sardines
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which is the only fish most people can afford to stays. spend all night had seen. the government to come and see what's happening here this is hunger it's desperation i don't even make money i only try to get food for my family. paper inflation is having a devastating effect among the country's poorest the fish that you can see here are surging. hundreds of people. to. the right. one. is one of. these days struggle to find the most basic items medicines i difficult to find but. there's no food there's no money my husband works and money's worth less look at us
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i came here to find something to take back home. has been a fisherman all his life it's what he's family has been doing for generations now for the first time in his life he's thinking of leaving the country. i already got myself and my family a passport three of my children already left if i go somewhere there has to be somewhere i can fish because it's the only thing i know how to do. has only one engine left. and the government has stopped giving credits to people like me years ago. engines are crucial because fishermen they came mostly work in the islands close by where they set up their base camp and money to the tides of the caribbean sea a place where the situation has deteriorated in the past two years just like almost everybody else fishermen are also struggling with the current economic crisis. because of that crisis insecurity has become
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a major issue most of the fishermen we have spoken to say that they have been robbed by thieves that are operating. in the local although most of them are former fisherman turned into smugglers. was robbed a few days ago it's a funny thing is something pirates and the government detain them and then releases them they are armed and if there are five five of them are the boat i work with was stolen i am without a boat and without work. once had one of the most driving fishing industries in the region when i came to power he nationalized company some ports he also wanted to prioritize our fishing but things did not go as planned so. the government expropriated companies and gave them to cooperate of no experience there's no knowledge in how to handle these companies when the equipment starts failing the nobody knows how to solve it initially b. idea was good day many of them are not even working. in venezuela people can
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no longer depend on their wages as the economic crisis makes it difficult to eat every day it's a struggle for survival that people say the government has chosen to ignore. aggressively defended its product of similar claims the. few months ago in which. i was awarded eighty million dollars.
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talk about a program called afghan star it's a televised singing competition modeled on the u.s. program american idol one of the finalists in its fourteenth season is a teenager named. both her voice and her story have going to attention she comes from the taliban stronghold of thousand province this is her story in her own words . my name is r l m i am one of the afghan star finalists i'm eighteen years old and i'm from provence as well as me i was so excited to join afghan star at the
12:37 am
beginning i didn't know if i would make it into the first round and then people voted for me and the judges gave me good feedback and then i got into the final twelve now it's just down to me and one other i was over there. my father and mother were always encouraging me to become a singer along with some of my relatives only my uncle was not happy with me performing but my mother continued to encourage me more than everyone she encouraged me so much. my outfit is representative of kabul with province we used to have these types of clothes in gaza as well as in kabul and that's why i've decided to wear this dress for my past two so my role models are afghan signet daoud so hoosh and one of the judges. when i saw them perform i wanted to sing just like them and then they got up the courage to into afghanistan outside of afghanistan my role models that justin bieber and selena gomez. and i dream to be
12:38 am
a professional in populous. singer in the future and i hope i can sing in different languages but all different people like an english. language about a year washout. i want to make very nice song sit a romantic and patriotic that's my dream. and that's where you're going to get a check on your support now with far come all thank you so much the seattle mariners have won the first game of the new major league baseball season tokyo hosted the match up with the oakland athletics an event dominated by a japanese legend of the gate. mariner star it's a hero suzuki was the center of attention at forty five he's the second oldest because position player to start an opening day game in american league history domingo's son tom i did his best to steal the headlines having a grand slam home run that helped the mariners secure a nine to seven when the teams play again on thursday you know it's
12:39 am
a great honor for for us to come back here with the chiro and understand what he means to the mariners franchise i know what it means to baseball here in japan but it also means a lot to the fans and our entire group organization wide in seattle so you know we want to send him out here in front of his home crowd in japan the best way we can and you know just trying to give him every chance to tip his hat because he certainly deserving of a basketball star james harden has made more n.b.a. history he's become the first player to record a thirty point game against all of the league's twenty nine other teams and a single season last franchise on harden's hit list where the atlanta hawks got the record by scoring thirty one points against them on choose a helping his used to rockets team win one hundred twenty one to one hundred five the closest anyone's come to harden's also known as kobe bryant to manage thirty points against twenty eight teams in one season. harden has been breaking records
12:40 am
all season in february he set a mark of thirty two consecutive thirty point games which is the most since the n.b.a. merged with its rival league in one thousand seventy six he's also recorded for fifty point triple doubles which is the most in and year history he did it with a game winning display against the l.a. lakers in december this season hardman is averaging thirty five point eight points per game if he keeps that up i'll have the best regular season scoring average since michael jordan's thirty seven point zero nine in the mid one nine hundred eighty s. early response to robert black sports online he said despite hardin's achievements he's still got a long way to go before he can be considered one of the greatest of all time. james so i mean it is definitely it in to be blair he's a player that's like he said breaking a lot of records i think without question most people would say that he's one of the top five players in the n.b.a. right now as far as the you know greatest of all time you know that's
12:41 am
a very you know lofty list with a lot of heavy hitters on it and i don't know james who i mean has the audio work to say put him up in a top two or top beat. beat you see the potential for him getting to that you know level but what you really see where you're talking about top ten players in the n.b.a. specifically is all those players have multiple championships and no matter the stats are not big russell westbrook is another example of this no matter what type of legendary stats a record breaking stats they put out would be hard for them to break into the top two and time unless they stored away some championships the brooklyn nats had moved a step closer to reaching the n.b.a. playoffs they rallied from twenty eight points down to beat the sacramento kings the agilent russell scored a career high forty four points lead to a one hundred and twenty three to one hundred twenty one when and stopped before
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game these in st but that set seventh in the western conference. and the u.s. even casual sports fans are getting caught up in what's known as march madness it's the men's and women's basketball tournaments that are two of the largest annual events and college athletics there's lots of money to be made but at the moment not that that goes to the players john hendren reports for the backdrop of double play at march madness and other college sports tournaments when fans buy tickets in jerseys bearing the faces in numbers of athletes universities reap millions the athletes make nothing none of those players on the field the ones who are the. running the football kicking the soccer ball playing basketball none of them are compensated it's really it is it is a foreign concept to most people outside of this nation but here it's real and the student athletes on the one suffer even many college coaches think that's wrong
12:43 am
it's a big big business piece big money and the reason people are in the business is to try to make money in could make it an honest case that the student athletes. are the ones that create the money but wrote really received very little of it so i think i think there will be an adjustment i don't know the magnitude of it but i look forward to seeing some changes. now in north carolina congressman hopes to change that republican mark walker's bill would let all students men and women alike playing all n.c.a.a. sports money when their names are images used players would still get nothing when teams use their names in jersey numbers to advertise games universities would still pay only for scholarships but the change in law would allow players to collect on third party endorsements so one day soon it's just possible you might see american college players pitching sports drinks clothes and shoes ninety nine percent of college athletes won't ever make it as
12:44 am
a pro they're paid in scholarships and education alone and that's fine with some coaches the vast majority of college athletes college basketball players are probably happy to have a full scholarship and the cost of attendance and leave college with a degree and a great basketball player experience there has been a slow erosion in the status of college athletes it's similar to the rules that eventually allowed professionals to take part in the olympics earlier this month a u.s. judge ruled that the n.c.a.a. violated antitrust laws by capping the amount universities can spend on scholarships but for now college athletes will have to play for the love of the game john hendren al-jazeera chicago. it's final stretch of the n.h.l. regular season with teams fighting for a spot in the postseason a gloves came off in new york as the islanders matt martin clashed with boston's end of chara the bruins had won six consecutive meetings between the teams heading into the game and they kept up their dominance over the islanders boston winning
12:45 am
five nothing in the islanders of falling to second place in the metropolitan division. and nashville the predators shut out the visiting truong toe maple leafs for the second time this season brian doyle wayne simmons and philip frostburg all scored to give the predators a three nothing win national are within one point of first place winnipeg and the central division while toronto last for the fourth time in five games. sorry far i have to interrupt you there is we have a live news conference coming with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in the u.s. secretary of state. are airspace and probably countries and i think that working together we've been able to achieve. norma's about. under president trump that alliance has also brought a store of quick admission of jerusalem as israel's capital the moving of the
12:46 am
american embassy to jerusalem david doesn't have to. travel up the traffic jams from tel aviv which we're trying to loosen up anyway but i think also the equivocal commitment to israel security the support that you give us and international forums all of that is deeply appreciated. i think that. no less a store is the president's decision to walk away from the disastrous nuclear deal with iran he said he would do it he did. and he said that he would reimpose tough sanctions on iran and he did and what we see is that this push is working. we need to increase it we need to expand it and together the united states and israel are working in close coordination to rollback of any aggression in the region and around the world secretary and i just spent. the first part of our meetings
12:47 am
discussing exactly how to do that and i think there are ways that will intensify the pressure even more rolling back iran is in the interest of peace and security and stability for israel for neighbors and for the world. i also appreciate the fact that the united states gives israel the full backing to defend ourselves against iranian aggression i want to use this opportunity and say that we will continue to take action as needed against the attempts of iran. to entrenched itself militarily with dangerous weapons in syria there is no limitation to our freedom of action and we appreciate very much the fact that the united states backs up our actions as we do them. just last week we uncovered efforts but hizbullah anyway in proxy to build a target work in syria on the golan heights and i can say that all of you can
12:48 am
imagine what would have happened if israel were not in the golan we would have iran on the shores of the sea of galilee i think. for this reason and for many more i think it's time that the international community recognize israel's stay in the golan the fact that the golan will always remain. part of the state of israel. the secretary you are a stalwart defender of the truth and i appreciate your important statement last week regarding the international criminal court we share the concern of the us and many other states. this court has lost its way instead of dealing with mass atrocities of the court and gauges and unwarranted and politicized efforts to target the states that are committed to the rule of law and that have not joined the court its exact opposite of what it should be doing and therefore the fact that you spoke out against this i think is against this i think because of stellar importance i think the united states for taking the moral and necessary steps to
12:49 am
protect the citizens of both our countries against this outrageous. distortion of international law israel has no greater friend than the united states and the united states is no greater from than israel. i look forward to our discussions and i look forward to my visit next week to washington where i will meet with president trump. and i believe that we can carry this relationship even stronger is getting stronger and stronger and stronger and then we continue to do so thank you thank you. thank you mr prime minister you know that israel has no greater friend than the united states of america israeli people can have confidence the president trouble maintain this close bond and the unit present have an outstanding working relationship he sent me here to build upon that and to represent him here israel
12:50 am
has a special place in my heart as well my very first trip as secretary of state included a visit here i'm proud to be here again not only is america's top diplomat but also as a man of faith there's always a million speired when i get the chance to travel to israel. now to the business at hand and just a few minutes the president promised and i will participate in meeting with greece and cyprus to promote energy security and diversification eastern met i will also discuss our efforts to counter iran russia and china we had a chance to talk about those a few minutes ago as well this meeting is part of our effort to continue to build up. regional alliances last month representatives of more than sixty countries met in warsaw. and had this historic conference which the prime minister attended arab and israeli leaders discuss ways to end the war in yemen to manage refugee crisis to confront radical islamic terrorism and to stop iran's regional rampage working to build the middle east rooted to alliance and to enhance cooperation on economic
12:51 am
energy and security matters. fundamentally our view that this region needs a candid dialogue and open exchange of ideas especially as we seek to make progress towards a comprehensive and lasting peace between israel and the palestinians mr bush to mr green but recently met with regional leaders to find ways to provide economic opportunity for those regions i know today that sundown right about now the jewish people will begin the celebration of poor commemoration when queen esther saved the jewish people from destruction centuries ago which the prime minister and all who are celebrating a happy. of course i remember when he addresses a joint session of congress right before for i was there sitting in the. almost exactly four years ago on that day you spoke about the great threat that the jewish people face the threat from the islamic republic of iran which seeks the absolute destruction and annihilation of israel the tolls of spent four decades spewing
12:52 am
hatred supporting terrorist violence and pursuing nuclear weapons for war against a neighbor which is nothing more than to live in peace and i told has declared that the united nation instruction of israel is his primary goal. with such threats a daily reality of israeli life we maintain our unparalleled commitment to israel's security and firmly support your right to defend yourself. under the ten year imo you that we signed in two thousand and sixteen we provide three point eight billion dollars annually for security assistance to israel and with israel threatened by rockets and missiles from gaza lebanon syria and auser we are proud to deploy that any missile batteries here. the drop of ministration to is dedicated to monitoring combat in any semitism or special envoy on car was recently here to discuss how we can deepen our commitment commitment to battle this odious prejudice and all other
12:53 am
forms of intolerance with the dark wave of any separatism arising in europe and in the united states all nations especially those in the west must go to the barricades against bigotry or challenges especially urgent as the hot rhetoric of prejudice cloaks itself in the language of the academy or diplomacy or public policy sadly we in the united states have seen any semantic language uttered even in the great halls of our own capitol this should not be. tomorrow my wife susan i will take a full day of activities to get a deeper sense of israel and its storied history will visit our new embassy in jerusalem which we were proud to open last year i'm eager to see more of the timeless country and i think the prime minister and the people of israel for what i know will be a productive and memorable visit make like your mark welcome. how do you think you're. going to keep. your feet.
12:54 am
so secular state might pompei and is ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu not taking any questions there they are leaving for the official business as might pompei or put it all discussions with cyprus i believe it is cyprus and greece over energy security but most of that speech and will bring in harry force that in west jerusalem to talk through some of that is iran iran iran in fact they the phrase i picked out of my pompei a speech was quite iran's regional rampage as he described it. yes indeed that was always likely to be the case benjamin netanyahu and mike pump would focus on iran it has been benjamin netanyahu a key security focus for much of his term of his term in office and obviously at this time as he is fighting a very hard fought election campaign and trying to promote himself as the candidate
12:55 am
best suited to ensure the continued security of israel in the face of the threat that he continues to emphasize from iran then it's good for him to have the u.s. secretary of defense here but you're seeing that point and also talking about the good working relationship between prime minister of israel and the u.s. president donald trump saying that he'd been sent here by mr trump to try to to solidify and. that that's relationship in benjamin netanyahu as word words would get stronger and stronger so all of this obviously is about the. policies and shared interests of these two nations it also comes at a time of this talk about the the latest brand the latest branch of this talk about
12:56 am
and east pipeline connecting cyprus greece israel to europe in the coming years which has got the seal of approval from the united states but it's also very handy for benjamin netanyahu to have this to pivot to from his domestic political campaign ahead of the elections on april ninth harry there was a passing reference to what is arguably the bigger problem in the middle east well certainly the longest running one and that is the whole peace process between the israelis and the palestinians is there any movement there e referenced kirschner and green but i think it was in the so-called deal of this century. yes i mean he made a very scant reference to the palestinians that's become something that we've become used to in terms of visiting u.s. officials when they come here certainly benjamin netanyahu not doing so and yes the the peace plan is still being worked on jason green black the u.s.
12:57 am
envoy continues to tweet about it continues to tweet at palestinian politicians in defense of that peace plan but it is on hold at least until after the israeli elections which point the united states will know who is the prime minister in charge remaining here and will then be able to come up with some sort of a plan for rolling it out he talked about the economic side of it which had been promoted by cushion and green blood of course the palestinian response to that is that it is an issue of politics as an issue of statehood and that the key issues that the palestinians are here to jerusalem as a capital a sovereign state but those can't be bought with economic proposals at terry forsett in west jerusalem thanks for all that harry returned to other news now and he pleaded to reduce his forty year sentence but the former bosnian serb
12:58 am
leader radovan cottage which will now spend the rest of his life in jail a u.n. appeals court has increased his sentence to life in prison for his role in the one nine hundred ninety s. war in bosnia the hague based tribunals uphill for his conviction on charges including genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity. the appeal standard considers that the sentence of forty years imposed by the trial chamber underestimates the extraordinary gravity of carthage his responsibility and his integrity participation in the most to greatness of crimes that were committed for out the entire period of the conflict in pasta and had to go vienna and were noted for their sheer scale and systematic cruelty. in the circumstances of this case the sentence of tried chambering post was so one reasonable i plainly on just that you could say but can only infer that the try and chamber failed to properly exercise
12:59 am
its discretion. the trial chamber committed so noble error and abused its discretion in imposing a sentence of only forty years of imprisonment following events from the hague for us son you're going to go. there which is from the public gallery as the sentence but i had a judge was read out his sentence now those were forty years to a lifetime sentence and for the relatives of the victims that gathered outside the tribunals there was a sense of satisfaction that justice had finally been done after years of suffering and attempting to bring the perpetrators to justice for that are cut education self he is guilty and has been sentence for crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide and most notably for the massacre at srebrenica which more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were killed as the bloodiest genocide took taken place on european soil since the second world war.
1:00 am
the british prime minister is formally asked the european union for a short break that delay and less than twenty four hours tories and i will be meeting european leaders in brussels she's requested a three month extension to the process which will take you up to june thirtieth in a few hours ago in parliament to probe briggs that m.p. called may's request a betrayal to the british people ok john howell is outside the houses of parliament for us in london hi john i believe an emergency debate going on now as well. yes there's an emergency debate going on that i mean basically this is using our parliamentary time at the moment a series of of questions being asked talking going on in order to try and stine me the attempt by fatah meant to have another amendable emergency debate later on
1:01 am
at which they might be able to seize back control of the process anyway it gets more and more complicated and dense people we go into it at the moment.


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