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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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soil since the second world war. the british prime minister is formally asked the european union for a short break that delay and less than twenty four hours tories and they will be meeting european leaders in brussels she's requested a three month extension to the process which will take you up to june the thirtieth in a few hours ago in parliament to probe briggs an m.p. called may's request a betrayal to the british people ok john howell is outside the houses of parliament for us in london hi john i believe an emergency debate going on now as well. yes there's an emergency debate going on there i mean basically this is using up parliamentary time at the moment a series of of questions being asked talking going on in order to try and style me the attempt by fatah and to have another amendable emergency debate later on
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at which they might be able to seize back control of the process anyway it gets more and more complicated and dense people we go into it at the moment what matters those that trees are made has submitted a letter to donald tusk to the council president in brussels indicating her desire for a short extension this is another yet another turnaround in her position she promised essentially to ask for a long extension if she didn't have a deal agreed to by now that's caused some consternation in the house as she told mr toast that it was still this government's policy to leave with a deal with her deal but now on june the thirtieth rather than march the twenty ninth she said that she plans to hold a third vote on her deal has issued a possible speculation that that may well happen next week she clearly expects to win it the changed circumstances she plans to put forward to speaker john bercow who wanted to have planned that vote this week saying she. would bring this
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a vote yet again will change circumstances would be that changed date if indeed brussels accepts and agrees to it so it just basically gets drawn out even more three months is what she's asking for now is there something to be read into that jonah that it's only a three month extension being asked for not longer. get well as far as she's concerned and indeed as far as the very powerful progress that faction within hope party is concerned to which she has very often bowed in the end and they've certainly put a lot of pressure on her now to them the idea of a long extension is anathema it could well amount to the end of breaks it all together so they've put pressure on her she's gone for a short extension this is all happened because of john burke has intervention on monday pulling her third deal that she played a third vote the chief planned of course to have had by now and so what she's saying to brussels is we just want to short extension we are sticking to our plan
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we are going to have a vote and we're going to have it next week and win it this is the government's gamble now this is to reason may's gamble and indeed she has said she will not accept a long extension under these circumstances many people reading into that but if this all turns around and there is to be a long extension well then that might be a signal for her resignation ok jonah hill with the break that up there thank you jonah to new zealand now with the first funerals have been held for the victims of last week's mosque attacks for example a father and son who fled the war in syria they were laid to rest in christ church where fifty people were shot dead during friday prayers thirty bodies now released to their families when he has more. it's five days since worship his was shot dead in two christchurch mosques and the bodies of the victims are being released for burial here a father and his son khaled moustapha and his teenage son hamza were refugees from syria they and their family arrived in new zealand last year among the mourners
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holmes's younger brother who was shot and wounded in the attack on the el nor mosque hamza had attended kashmir high school in christchurch along with another of the victims it was there that the prime minister was welcomed on wednesday with a traditional mahdi haka. was one of the messages that i want to see you try getting people in particular he said kate a grave is i came to ask her how even if you were directly effected these things these images that people are saying they have really really difficult to proceed some injured in the attack of now left christchurch hospital after treatment that many remain some in critical condition the medical staff say that tired but proud of the way they've responded to what was an unprecedented number of gunshot wounds gunshot injuries aren't uncommon for us we normally see went to a month and we normally see one to two critically injured gunshot i should say year
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so about six in the last three years but to get forty actually one day is exceptional having to be exceptional for any hospital in the world actually the mosques where the attacks took place are still under police guard but people are hoping they'll reopen in time for friday prayers most of the focus now is on cleaning and reconstruction of the mosques worshippers want to be able to return for what would be difficult emotional and poignant friday prayers but they also don't want any physical reminders of what happens the prime minister has announced that friday's call to prayer will be broadcast on television and radio around new zealand and then two minute silence will be held to honor those who were killed wayne hale. christchurch. as another strand to this story a diplomatic rift that's opened between australia and turkey in the aftermath of the mosque attacks president reject typer one is actually linked to the christchurch shootings to australia's involvement in turkey during the first world
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war he accused a stranger in new zealand of having an anti islamic agenda when their troops took part in the glibly campaign more than one hundred years ago rob mcbride reports from sydney. this is quickly developed into a serious diplomatic spat between australia and turkey over remarks made by turkish president earlier one that brought this response from his australian counterpart remarks of been made by the turkish prison another one. that i consider highly offensive to astride ians and highly reckless in this very sensitive environment he's talking about the claim made by erdogan that the alleged australian gunman in the christchurch shootings had also made threats against people in turkey he went further saying give us trade unions came to turkey to do harm they would face the same fate as australian soldiers killed in the first world war battle of can literally. just if you come with the same intentions you are
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always welcome i have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfather's earlier one has already been widely criticized for making political capital out of the christ church things by showing footage from the attacks at his rallies but the memory of the thousands of australians who died in gallipolis is revered here and people are offended if that's not respected. turkey's ambassador was called in to explain your demands comments but he didn't satisfy the australian government you had a thank you exchange with the prime minister. develop on the spur of the more intimate very thinking risk that australia's prime minister promising to take this further i would like to see what the responses from the turkish government before taking further action but i can tell you that all options are on the title but also promising that any response will be measured so it doesn't escalate the tension rob
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mcbride al-jazeera sydney and we'll get the reaction from turkey. in istanbul. all march thirty first turkey is heading to the ports for local elections and to the ruling party which is headed by president our don this local election is also seen as an event that will determine the future of the ruling party mainly in big cities like stumble on car and is fair to the ruling party and not only to them to many political parties if you lose in big cities and turkey it means that you risk your you risk your future in the national elections that is going to come up and that's why the opposition parties and the political analysts have been criticizing the ruling party and president add on for using this wildly offensive language against the people whom they see as others and also against some international actors like it happens in this latest incidence and new zealand prisons are drawn
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is not expected to take his words back that his pen that he said to the australians and new zealanders until the election campaign is over but of course time will show whether he will be apologizing to his counterparts and to his international partners for for the words that he have he has used but turkey witnessed this international tensions in previous elections as well this is mainly seen as an effort to gain the nationalist votes in turkey. algeria's foreign minister says president bush to flicker will hand over the presidency to whomever is elected after a new constitution is agreed upon the announcement comes after the president appeared to lose the support of his ruling party algerian media is reporting the president's party the national liberation front now fully supports the recent protests and not the president it is going to. see if he will have new presidential election and
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until these elections the president will remain in office at the end of the elections he will resign the new president will be elected very democratically and with a full transparency the afghan presidential election has been postponed again this time until september twenty eighth the independent election commission has blamed a lack of transparency and voter registration for the second delay the election was meant to happen in april it was then postponed to july over security concerns and a lack of preparation the afghan president is expected to seek another term indian administered kashmir is once again under curfew the death of a school teacher in a police station on the outskirts of the state capital srinagar is caused outrage and civil society groups have begun a three day strike in the region in protests ahead raman reports now from new delhi . the roads are clear and in the pouring rain there's barely any water around another curfew an indian administered kashmir imposed by the authorities security
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forces and manning checkpoints making it difficult to get around. the reason public anger over the death of a school teacher rizwan while in police custody in the town of our one to poor little state capital trigger. at his home family and friends have been gathering since sunday waiting for news of him his brother says rizwan was tortured and murdered in the police station dr marks everywhere on his body his left eye was hit it was completely black it was completely black here on the whole he was having that but we don't know what it was but it was are some interviews went on his head . i just point he was heading to something you might hear his spine was broken police say the twenty eight year old teacher was picked up by security forces at the weekend as part of an ongoing terror investigation his death led to protests and has been condemned by politicians a police investigation is underway one former chief minister tweeted i had hoped
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custodial deaths were things of our dark past this is an unacceptable development and must be investigated in a transparent time bound to matter exemplary punishment must be handed out to the killers of this young man. rizwan lived here in i want the poorer he previously been arrested and questioned by the authorities on grounds of security but released without charge of us really kind of guy your humble guy indeed he was a very good dieter you know he had a dream of ditching the students he had the bashing of i can see both the good seeds so there dechen they can develop into very good students. people living here say they're often harassed the authorities released results party or tuesday night his family saying they were told to hold the funeral under cover of darkness still hundreds came to pay their respects tension in the region has been simmering since a suicide bomber attacked security personnel in full warmer last month and killed
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forty of them with security high and india heading towards a general election people are concerned of the kashmir region about being arrested or even being accused of having links to armed groups so whole raman al jazeera new delhi. the number of people killed in cycle in a day hit mozambique has now doubled and is expected to rise further president confirmed more than two hundred people have died but close to three hundred fifty thousand more are at risk the united nations says as i pointed i could in fact be one of the worst weather disasters to ever hit the southern hemisphere the destructions made it hard for rescue crews and aid groups to reach victims in remote areas storms also affected neighboring zimbabwe and malawi and flooding has killed at least one hundred people in eastern indonesia according to the national disaster management agency a severe storms affected twelve thousand people in popular province with more than seventy people still missing joe amendola has more. rescuers make their
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way through the murky horses that first hits jayapura the capital of indonesia's pathway province before spreading across the region the. these are some people who found safety dozens have been killed since torrential rain trickett flash floods on saturday witnesses capture the devastation it caused sub merged homes collapsed buildings and piles of gas a day be it in rockaway and you're able for a lot of is there and on and on a moment when the flood came we were watching t.v. at home suddenly the flood hit us fortunately my three brothers help the children escape to the top of the mountain but when they came back to fetch our belongings our house had been washed away by the flood and little the house was stuck in the trees the belongings inside they were all gone. rescuers search for the dozens who remain missing despite the difficulties caused by rocks and fall in trees several
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villages were struck leaving many in need of medical treatment and supplies these residents are among twelve thousand people affected by the floods. as of church day the government has seen eight hundred soldiers and seven hundred police officers to risk you the engine we also got some support from some volunteers and over three thousand risk it was deployed by other or thora to. the government has declared a fourteen day state of emergency in the province landslides and flooding are common during the rainy season and it's uncertain whether this is the last of the floods while some injured and displays victims fill evacuation centers others try to return to their normal lives struggling three muddied waters hoping the worst has finally passed. his area and unusually wet weather on the west coast of the united states has turned some hillsides into
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a blanket of wildflowers the super bloom of color is attracted crowds to one city in california but it's also caused a bit of a headache of sorts rob reynolds has more. southern california's hillsides have put on their most gorgeous garment a brilliant robe composed of countless golden poppies it's a rare sight in this usually brown and dusty land heavy winter rains brought forth the blossoms in such abundance that the super bloom as it is known is attracting huge crowds to gaze in all it nature's splendor it's amazing it's like we're in heaven most people are chained to a desk and they don't get the chance to see anything like this and you can't even get this on your widescreen t.v.'s i don't think you get to see it up front you got to see it you guys you actually have to see it with your own eyes a few days ago so many people flocked to walker canyon near the town of lake elsinore that mayor steve monoliths had to temporarily close the area we just
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didn't have the crowd control necessary to deal with the enormity of this which. we thought twenty thousand people maybe and we got a hundred and so disneyland usually gets forty four thousand on any given day so you can figure that you can do the numbers now things are under control with extra parking and more shuttle buses provided we're asking everyone to be kind of mind the trails don't pick the poppies don't own the poppies the kind of nature of the california poppy or s shoulder california is the official flower of the golden state much of its original habitat has been lost to development and invasive plants species some people make a pilgrimage to the wild flowers whenever they appear like a curious sato whose late mother brought him when he was his own son lucas's age the poppy is the sign of remembrance so you know looking at poppies is
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a good way to remember your loved ones who have passed the poppies hay day will be brief a week or two at most in the fourteenth century the persian poet hoffa's said spring and all its flowers now joyously break their vowell of silence it is time for celebration. soon the sun will dry the verdant hills and the poppies will return to the earth as all things mortal must. but for now it is a time for celebration robert oulds al-jazeera lake elsinore california. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories the international criminal court has ruled on an appeal by bosnian serb war criminal radovan khadijah age and increased his forty s. sentenced to life in prison and a judge was convicted for his role in the seven it's
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a massacre thousands of muslim men and boys were killed back in one thousand nine hundred five. dismisses churches to prada descending prosecutions of people in a lot of respects sets aside charges to prod and order rules on descending the sentence of forty years of imprisonment and imposes just two pradhan goes into sending a sentence of life imprisonment other news the u.s. secretary of state has reiterated the united states' strong bond with israel speaking in jerusalem while on a middle east tour might pump aoe said the u.s. will defend israel against what he called iran's regional rampage troll has declared that the united nations structure israel is this primary. was such threats the deal we have is really why we maintain. israel security in britain we support your right. does it in your m.o. you that we cited twenty sixteen we provide proof what he believed for security. is
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an emergency debate over brags that on the way in the british parliament right now just hours after prime minister theresa may formally asked the european union for a three month delay until june thirtieth just nine days to go before the u.k. is supposed to leave the e.u. and to resume a will be meeting with you. leaders in brussels on thursday. algeria's foreign ministers as president of the disease but the fleet will hand over the presidency to whoever is elected after a new constitution is agreed upon the announcement comes after the president appeared to lose the support of his ruling party a syrian media is reporting the president's party that is the national liberation front now fully supports the recent protests and not the president and the afghan presidential election has been postponed again this time until september twenty eight the independent election commission has blamed a lack of transparency and voter registration for the second delay election was supposed to happen in april when it was postponed to july over security concerns
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and also a lack of preparation ok you're up to date with the headlines here and al-jazeera we are back with another bulletin of news right after witness.
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