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tv   Walk In Their Shoes  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 1:32am-2:00am +03

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for their forefathers fought. for twenty five years off to independence. they must become. defenders of. preparing for the possibility of. waiting for. a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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to be able to. express. what is happening. join us. in the ethnic cleansing of the people is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear join. the opportunity to understand the very different way before something happens after. this muslim undertakers working. with a community my father purchased
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a black. stories . told by the people who the. east and undertakers this is europe and al-jazeera. the forty year sentence in adequately reflects the extraordinary gravity of carditis crimes. not only does the international criminal court rejection of the appeal of convicted war criminal read about. it ups his sentence to life in prison . joe how everyone i'm come all santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera.
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the government intends to bring forward proposals for the painful fight it's not giving up on her brags that planned prime minister to resign by asks the e.u. to delay the u.k.'s exit from the block until the end of june. i told has declared that the united nations structure of israel is his primary goal u.s. secretary of state is in israel to discuss a new pipeline in the mediterranean but it's iran dominating his news conference and the first funerals are held for the victims of the mosque attacks in christchurch new zealand. he pleaded to reduce his forty year sentence but the un appeals court has ruled the former bosnian serb leader radovan tatar judge will spend the rest of his life in prison for his role in the one thousand nine hundred war in bosnia the hague based tribunal up held his conviction on charges including genocide war crimes and crimes
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against humanity. he had to consider this as a sentence of forty years imposed by the trial chamber on their estimate see extraordinary gravity of cartridges responsibility and his integrity participation in the most street greatest of crimes. committed throughout the entire period of the conflict and has to go i were noted for their sheer scale and systematic cruelty. in the circumstances of this case the sentence the truck chambering post was so on reasonable and plainly unjust that you can only try and chamber a failed to properly exercise its discretion. the trial chamber committed a dishonorable error and abused its discretion in imposing a sentence of only forty years of imprisonment more on this with. a recording.
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which is from the public gallery as the sentence but as i said it was read out this sentence now there is room. to a lifetime sentence for the relatives of the victims that gathered outside the tribunals there was a sense of satisfaction that justice had finally been done after years of suffering and attempting to bring the perpetrators to justice so that i kind of cells he is guilty and has been sentenced crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide. for the massacre at srebrenica which more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were killed as the bloodiest genocide have taken place on european soil since the second world war. members of parliament in the u.k. are holding an emergency debate over brags that prime minister theresa may has formally asked the european union for a short break that delay and then in less than twenty four hours in fact should be
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meeting european leaders in brussels. on thursday the house voted in favor of a short extension if the house had supported a meaningful vote before this week's european council motion also made it clear that longer extension would oblige the united kingdom to hold elections to the european parliament mr speaker i do not believe such elections would be in anyone's interest. the idea that the idea that three years after voting to leave the e.u. the people of this country should be asked to elect a new set of any peace is i believe unacceptable. and a short time ago the european council president donald tusk made this statement reiterating the e.u. support but within limits even the whole for a final of may seem frail. even illusory. teak is increasingly visible and justified we can not to give up
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seeking the last moment a positive solution of course without opening up with israel agreement. we have reacted with patience and goodwill to a numerous turns of events. and i call for that. who are not like the same patience and goodwill that this most critical component in this process. here's the team covering events at the moment lawrence in brussels we will be with you shortly i'm going to start with jonah hollande westminster. jonah we get three more months of it at the most i guess. well look i think the point here is is that this intervention by donald tusk the european union council president essentially saying that he believes an extension a short extension of the sort that the reason may has requested would be possible
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but contingent upon a successful vote on her breaks it deal she's got to get it passed in order to get the extension i think ten downing street into reason may will be quite pleased with that in the scheme essentially accedes to her request. and sets up the very likely possibility now if not certainty of a third vote on her deal next week. you may recall poll that john bercow the speaker earlier this week thought forty to her plan to have that vote before the european council session so you can bring the same issue back to parliament that's already been decided upon using centuries of parliamentary precedent to make that decision i think the reason may and the government will now use donald formulation if indeed that is what he's agreed in the next two days as representing some new position some new platform on her deal to allow that vote to go on and then the
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calculation will be that this will be a vote taking place at the very last possible minute just days before march the twenty ninth breaks a day at the end of next week i'm moment of maximum jeopardy the calculation being that groups opposed to her deal from the far right of her fogey to the democratic unionists in northern and even some labor m.p. she'll need labor on the side as well a number of them will simply decide that as much as they don't like her deal they like no deal much less and that enough of them at the last possible moment with a gun to their head essentially will come on sides and vote for you good stuff turn to hell in westminster thank you off we go to brussels. now don't we heard him talking about him as well trying to show how. he's patient he is and how patient the european union has been but that patients would surely start to wear thin as we get closer and closer. well look i mean i think there's
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there's just a general level of open mouthed astonishment at the european council and the european commission and in those european union countries most directly affected by all this that syriza may appears to be at this point in the process deaf dumb and completely blind to what they've all said to her that they would only grant her a meaningful extension if she were to come up with another deal and she's now said there's no the deal is only my deal and so give me more time to do that and you know i mean frankly they know very very well here what the issues elephants are reason may be in particular that the real hardcore inside her conservative policy will never vote for her deal because the the you'll deal tentative at the end of next week is no deal which is exactly what they want and so in doing this they have effectively as jonah said putting a gun to everybody's head and say you know if you don't vote for her deal now then you are staring at the economic collapse and no deal but just just a couple of things to put in parenthesis come already quickly he didn't rule out
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a longer extension though i think a lot of other european countries really don't want a longer extension at all and would be prepared to cut the u.k. off it's not even clear at the moment if at some morrow's e.u. summit he'll get the idea of a short extension through based on to resume a winning because the french in particular have said they're against an extension and anyway the other thing he said was if she doesn't get a deal through the could be another emergency even summit at the end of next week and even clear that the other twenty seven e.u. countries have got time to agree that with all their parliaments and so you know he might have said all these things as absurd a plan to get through the next few days but it's you know the chaos in london frankly is spreading to here and i don't think they really know what to do with this because they've been putting so effectively an impossible position by the british government day by day proposition isn't it we will talk to me in brussels. the u.s. secretary of state has reiterated the united states' strong bond with ease israel's
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speaking from west to resume while on a middle east tour might say the u.s. would defend israel against what he called iran's regional rampage more on this with harry force it. these i mean i believe the official business was supposed to be. energy pipeline discussing that with cyprus and greece but as always iran takes center stage. well yes he is. and benjamin netanyahu in discussions now with both cyprus and greece about this energy pipeline designed to take gas natural gas from cyprus and from israel through greece to italy into europe beyond and provide an alternative to the major mainly russian supply that that europe so much relies on that's got the u.s. seal of approval and so might compare here in part two to really deliver that more
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strongly but also obviously to talk about iran policy he talked about the daily threats that israel lived under and the as you say the regional rampage of iranian policies in the middle east and so it very much buttresses the case of benjamin netanyahu these be making for many years now that iran is the number one threat to israel's national security and that he is the man to deal with it and to keep israel safe it's a campaign an election campaign that we're currently in with polls do you want to pull the ninth which has really been dominated by benjamin netanyahu his character and the issue of security and whether he or his chief opponent benny gantz the former israeli army chief is best suited to take up that mantle and so it serves benjamin netanyahu not just to have mike pompei oh here giving the imprimatur of donald trump donald trump once more to benjamin netanyahu but also he can switch as he did in the space of
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a couple of hours from really castigating benny gantz over the most recent major issue that netanyahu has raised the fact that according to reports iran hacked his phone and saying that he must tell everybody what is on that phone so that prop possible future prime minister could not be compromised by whatever iran might want to blackmail him with and then he can switch to playing the statesman with the u.s. secretary of state so all of this is something that he will welcome obviously for his campaign kerry force that will be update from west to receive them thank you still ahead for you on al-jazeera international aid starts arriving in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi as communities try to dig themselves out of cyclonic devastation and accused of violating the e.u. competition rules.


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