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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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world war two well the town has become symbolic of the very worst atrocities that took place in the balkans during the war it has also been a milestone for the legal consequences that followed it took twenty years and let's hope it's not going to take twenty years for syria or for your men all of these other places where similar atrocities are being committed and we as an international community have to be more committed to bring justice to the fictive sway sooner than twenty years rather than cut a judge will now spend the rest of his days behind bars his genocidal actions scarred an entire region and they leave behind a legacy of anguish from which many will never recover so al-jazeera the hague. so. u.s. secretary of state. promised to benjamin netanyahu on the second leg of his. one point seven billion dollars for blocking rival online advertising its third
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penalty in just two years. and in sports more n.b.a. history. the houston rockets and that story. of the number of deaths from soccer in it i will continue to rise with more bodies being found in the floodwaters cycling has left a trail of destruction across southern africa in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi i mean to miller through with the south african defense force on recognizance mission in one of the hardest hit areas in central. that's all that's left of this town dismayed by floodwater that almost a week ago. a province it's not known how many people made it out safely.
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stagnant water lies across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land rescue workers drop off desperately needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only meal in days. like. it. was a bit. late it looks like. as we fly further we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded sit wait and sleep on a battered grandstand a short unsubtle group preved from floodwaters. then a call comes through to save a critically ill patient this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible a ten minute flight between flood ravaged and the safety of bare
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a city may be her only chance initial concern about how cycle of die would impact central mozambique has been replaced by widespread flooding a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just one rescue of what aid agencies say could be thousands more from al-jazeera muslim beak or malawi has also been hit hard by the soccer now joining us now via skype from malawi's capital in long way is now in young southern africa regional director of the international charity oxfam thanks very much for being with us or can you give us an idea of how bad things are. yeah the situation is quite dire and bad in malawi because the flooding did affect this southern part of malawi and a fourth in districts where affected the numbers that have been released a big government and have been the common theme to based on my system and done by the u.n. and by the agencies showing that we have seven hundred if it in one thousand people
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that are affected and the seventy five thousand displaced living in camps some my living in churches church buildings and other living in classrooms we have recorded fifty seven deaths but we worry that there could be more dates because we also do have over five hundred people that have been injured in the process so at the moment of the flood waters have gone but it has left so much destruction in different places so at the moment we are having to deal with people who have lost the house this is they have nowhere to go back to we are left with the fields that have been washed away people should have been have assisting their maize this coming may but if they have lost all that and somehow moved into temporary shelter where they have no food or water points in the most of the villages have been the contaminated and so at the moment people are having to use going terminated water
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our medical center at the moment is that we might have another wave of a crisis that will come out of water borne you diseases so there is a need for immediate to support immediate assistance for the communities that are affected i mean it sounds a pretty grim when you when you mention the people been sheltering in places like churches and buildings that have been left standing what kind of assistance are you managing to get to people as it being is quite a while to get shelter in tents and so on to people in these hard hit areas. yes agent says have managed to get there and did to send out for our stuff to the field as well as this is tuition so we know that some of them are living in temporary shelters in tents but i think in terms of the supplies that the people are supposed to get to these graves are limitation there so we have noticed that most of them do not have had to get food we haven't noticed that people do not have the supplies things like soap abutting soap with that they can use and also notice that
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a lot of them do not have money to be able to provide for the things they need so most of the times when you go there you find that there are only women during the day in the camp and that women know how the men who have gone out looking for some jobs so at the moment what is needed very quickly is a full best distance for the communities that are affected and the particularly those that are in the camps and then we also need to be providing water for those that have been completely displaced and i think there's a whole lot more around what i understand it tastes and so teaching the water that people are drinking at the moment and then the sanitation facilities to be provided like toilets or lapsed you know most of the house sorts and then we know that there has to be a lot of law you need to get ch'ien as well so as looks repairing to go to one of their west districts to study which isn't science but we are also going to be covering one j. and apollo and idea is that we are going to provide cash to help people be able to
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buy then assistance they need to because most of the markets in the at the parts of the districts are working so question going to work and we also want to go and to provide support for treatment of water and to supply of what we have that is no clean or dowdle nanny and young well thank you very much indeed for joining us and here's the picture of what's happening then malawi thank you for your time and younger from the oaks i'm thinking. heels of a held in the new zealand city of christchurch for the victims of last week's mosque attacks many of the bodies have also been released to the families of the victims among those buried her father and son who fled the war in syria when a report. khaled moustapha and his teenage son hamza were refugees from syria they and their family arrived in new zealand last year among the mourners holmes's younger brother who was shot and wounded in the attack on the el nor mosque homs i
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had attended kashmir high school in christchurch along with another of the victims it was there that the prime minister was welcomed on wednesday with a traditional mahdi haka mother her mother. was. one of the messages that i want to hear to our gang people in particular he said k. to grieve this arcade aspect how even if you were directly effected these things these images that people are seeing they have really really difficult to proceed some injured in the attack of now left christchurch hospital after treatment but many remain some in critical condition the medical staff say that tired but proud of the way they've responded to what was an unprecedented number of gunshot wounds gunshot injuries aren't uncommon for us we normally see went to a month and we normally see one to two critically injured contract i should say year so about six in the last three years but to get forty actually one day is exceptional hoping to be exceptional for any hospital in the world actually the
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mosques where the attacks took place are still under police guard but people are hoping they'll reopen in time for friday prayers most of the focus now is on cleaning and reconstruction of the mosques worshippers want to be able to return for what would be difficult emotional and poignant friday prayers but they also don't want any physical reminders of what happens the prime minister has announced that friday's call to prayer will be broadcast on television and radio around new zealand and then two minute silence will be held to honor those who were killed wayne hey al jazeera christchurch. meanwhile in an interview without a syria is eden's prime minister just sent out and said she is deeply concerned by the shootings and. thomas reports from christ church. since last friday's attack the always of the world to be the new zealand and its prime minister. has only been in the job seventeen months and never expected the horror of what happened last
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friday speaking to al-jazeera she says she appreciates the sympathy the country's received we feel all of the support and condolences that have been shared with us from around the world and particularly. from the global muslim community and i think on behalf of new zealand and perhaps of the new zealand muslim community i say thank you for that support we have we have found it very strongly our durned says she's all too aware how people at prayer with the targets of last week's attack if so confronting to us this new zealanders that it happened in that place of peace the worship where you know that our muslim community would have been a place of deep contemplation when it was so clearly targeted at the him and talk to attack at the same while they were shipping there i find deeply confronting the prime minister says the government was motivated by hate and ideology and that
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makes him a terrorist for me the case for using the word terrorists is a fairly clear this was a terrorist act this was a direct tech very direct attack a deliberate attempt on new zealand's muslim community we should call that what it is on earth except racist of the geology exists in the country absolutely acknowledges even though this terrorist act was committed by someone who was not a new zealander we cannot ignore that as many nations do that there are those in new zealand albeit small who will share the ideology of this attack a and we must root that out she says. social media needs to be better policed globally and she'll give details of the proposals to tighten gun laws later this week it's my belief that when we come to announce the decisions that have been made by us as a government i actually believe that new zealanders who currently hold guns for
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legitimate use that they will be with us that they will absolutely see the need for the reform that we are proposing and why it is being proposed you don't have a terroristic like this happen on your soil and not ask yourself the question did our gun laws contribute to the sin if they did let's change the prime minister says to mark the passing of a week since the attack a two minute silence will be held mention wide on friday along with the broadcast of the muslim cool to prayer the message that i'm sharing is actually just a message on behalf of the new zealand people we are an inclusive peaceful nation we are a people and grieving alongside our muslim community and that is who we are and that is simply what i'm communicating andrew thomas al-jazeera christchurch reporter coming in from the occupied west bank that israeli forces have fired on
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a car killing a palestinian and wounding one other it comes a day after three palestinians were killed by israeli forces in two separate incidents it abraham reports in the occupied west bank. was people in nablus came out for the funerals of they did and bought from them both palestinians we didn't get any twins was the israeli army says its soldiers killed them after the two men through explosive devices from their car at the soldiers for the assault with luck suddenly we heard lots of gunfire four or five soldiers was shooting at the same time so then an israeli bulldozer destroyed the calm and pushed it away the soldiers drug the bodies out of the car before firing at it again there was a general strike in nablus to remember the two men as well as another palestinian who was killed and how when village new drama the israeli intelligence agency says it killed nineteen year old omar after an exchange of gunfire israeli forces had
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been looking for all matter after the accused him of killing an israeli soldier an assault there in the occupied west bank this old house is believed to be where he was hiding since sunday but the owner says he knew nothing about it thought that additional israeli of the threats and if he does not surrender in two minutes he will destroy the house he barely finished his sentence before the army started shooting witnesses tell us they didn't find armors body and they believe the israeli forces have withheld it the house has been partially demolished and the israeli army has conducted several raids in all my his hometown of assyria where they say they're preparing to demolish the family's house did that for him al-jazeera the occupied west bank. still ahead on the program hungary's prime minister puts on a brave face after his party is suspended from the largest political bloc. will find out how masses of flowers have created parts of california attracting
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thousands of visitors. and in support of a total hopefuls in need of help at the cape epic race in south africa. how the weather is warming up and down in time for the spring equinox that's true most of europe there is still some stormy stuff just in the finals the british isles and debris down to the north sea and clearly in the midst raney's the what you call settled indeed the border of really quite strongly had a croatian is only just doing lng this is daylight on thursday but as you can see it's a big circulation so this is high pressure temperatures are in the teens quite happily even stockholm the eleven at least for a short while in london we're up to sixteen in paris warmer than that madrid's
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about the same but clearly it's not going to last with some variation and the cloud increases because cold read through stockholm eight degrees here but actually the heart of europe temperatures this movie rising and the winds dying down domination coast but you saw this happening in the western med did the warning out for the potential of this flooding rain in north korean tune into proper circulation that is your notice this will die in two days i would have thought that's to say come friday it's a little bit better but i mean marginally so if your knowledge is you would think seventy robot if you live in the sunshine the cloud does pretty eastwards through some parts of libya but ahead of it it's actually nice and quiet again and warming up nicely serato egypt.
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nothing. democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsy the final hours. on al-jazeera.
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and again one of the top stories here. britain's prime minister has appealed to parliament to get on with the job of leaving the e.u. to resume a made the comments in an address to the nation requesting a three month extension to brics it. the former bosnian serb political leader radovan carriage which has been sentenced to life in prison by un court in the hague carriage was appealing against his twenty sixteen conviction for genocide. rescues in mozambique for the number of deaths from soccer in it i will continue to rise with more bodies being found in the flood waters in the three hundred people have died across southern africa. the biggest block in the european parliament has suspended the ruling party of hungary and prime minister viktor orban the european
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peoples party says the decision for is called for the fish party to be punished for alleged violations of e.u. principles or bonds has he's agreed to pause voluntarily his party's involvement with the p.p. but insists the block is still united ahead of european elections in may what i've read has more from brussels. effective immediately the finnish party of viktor or ben has been suspended from the european people's party that's the biggest party within the e.u. parliament now the head of the e p p munfordville came out and said that one hundred ninety out of one hundred ninety four members voted in favor of this move now what does it mean it means that defeat this party has lost any voting powers within the e.p. p. cannot field any candidates and cannot attend any meetings of the p.p. is not clear for how long that will last but in the meantime a committee has been formed and that committee is in charge of monitoring the
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future moves of the feeders party at the end of that it will write a report and after that. made it very clear. we will reevaluate and decide where expulsion is in order or not he made it very clear that that was still on the table after months of vivir we heard from viktor orban himself and he seemed to have a more conciliatory tone he said that actually he didn't denounced a move this is actually what he said last i want us to all of. the solution we chose is that until these three men prepared their report we ourselves unilaterally suspend the use of our rights and then we will sit down with the e p p again we made another decision that we ourselves for deaths will establish our own council of three people viktor orban also said that for him the most important is that the
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unity of d e p p a was kept together now this is spent and is more likely to last until after the upcoming european elections in may the european commission has fined search engine giant google one point seven billion dollars of blocking raw. online advertises here ping competition commission a moderate investor says the tech firm has conducted anti competitive practices for a decade the competition watchdog says the find only accounts for just over one percent of google's twenty eight hundred turnover it's the third time in just two years the e.u. has fined alphabet google's owner for anti-competitive behavior well britain has for google dot com is the world's most visited web site and that traffic generates hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue every year but this case examine the way google imposed anti competitive contracts on other website
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companies today's decision is about how google abused its them and to stop web sites using crocus as the act since many websites such as news travel sites have an embedded search function a little micro firing glass in the top corner very often and they bring up search results but also search adverts now those adverts are placed there by brokers such as google's ad sense platform which competes with microsoft and yahoo and other platforms in the marketplace. from two thousand and six google started using its market dominance to insist a third party website searches would exclusively show google adverts that was later changed to a demand that google ads would simply get premium placement there was no reason for google to includes these restrictive close's in their contracts except to keep rivals out of the market. and this is why we concluded that between two thousand
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and six and two thousand and sixteen whose behavior was illegal and the e.u. actually trust rules google has issued a statement saying we've always agreed that healthy thriving markets are in everyone's interest we've already made a wide range of changes to our products to address the commission's concerns over the next few months who are making further updates to give more visibility to rivals in europe since twenty seventeen the european commission has fined google three times the penalty so far totaling nine point three billion dollars and there is global concern as well earlier this month news corp australia urged a government inquiry there to break up what it described as google's unparalleled power but there is no quick fix these things take a long long time and so far the evolution of tech companies behavior happens faster than legislators legislate and that's been the case for at least the last twenty
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years and i'm sure will be the case for some time the latest one point seven billion dollars fine is barely a dent in the thirty one billion dollar profits of google's parent company alphabet but the cumulative effect is significant and it shows a growing determination to hold big tech companies to account paul brennan al-jazeera london one is now to speak to log fazer technology reporter for the daily telegraph thanks for being with us so do you think that what you think you already do about this. well it's an interesting question it's the fine that they've been handed as part of the kind of anti trust. package that has come from the european commission and in previous cases so the former two fines they will pay with them i would be very surprised if they want to do the same but even though they have appealed previous to fines they
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have also made adjustments to the way that they they do business and they have said that they will consider the complaints that the european commission has made and you've seen that with the way that they're placing apps on the android operating system and the way that they're sharing links to rival comparison shopping websites on a shopping product so i think that they probably will take everything into consideration after all europe is a huge market for them. i would be again very surprised if they want to appeal this fine to what about the find itself i mean it's not that tim's is not particularly large is it. precisely it's a drop in the ocean if you consider i mean the two points i think quite interesting is the european commission have been with this fine for ten years of abusing competition or according to them and if you consider that in just the last three months of google. the last three months of two thousand and thirteen google made
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thirty billion in revenue thirty nine billion in revenue so it's really really minute in comparison to what they're making but that said if you look at their profits the amount of cost they're drilling down and fines from all the other member states so it's not just go on strike fines you've also got previously data breaches she's they all going to mount top and you've got shareholders who are growing increasingly concerned about these fines if they become an annual occurrence if google doesn't trick change it's talks you know that's another cost that will just start to drive down and that said as well i mean it really is about the principle. google doesn't want to like about guy google wants to get like it's promoting other businesses it took some not about promoting small businesses and and helping individuals thrive online so i think it's twofold hair it is not really about the money as much as the principle what about the way it was
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set up in the first place was there a reason i mean there's a lot of anxiety about what kind of adverts can crop up online with the reasons why things were set up in the way they were to avoid unpalatable stuff appearing. so if for today it's fine it's the ad sense technologies so what google what google did was kind of like any good company trying to make money with sirius or a gap in the market where it saw websites who maybe would like to make some advertising revenue they came along and said look we know exactly how to do that you stick a tiny little bit of code into your website will package your lot for you you get like a little such bar and it's very easy you get a cart we get a car everyone's happy but by doing that and being the biggest payer they just crushed any other rival and then you have website i mean is complaining saying when they try to put their own adverts on on websites that they were unable to and the
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rules sort of kept changing google because it had it was so dominant it could kind of do whatever it wanted so if it wanted to kick a rival ow it couldn't and the the websites who built that website around this are the ties and package was sort of ham strong so it was. they were in control of what was going on people want getting enough money and as technology advances people realized that they could take control they want able to ok thank you very much indeed if you felt some sort of thank you italian version of the seizure of a charity rescue ship after defied the government's order not to bring migrants to italy the vessel and to the port of umm produce on tuesday and the forty nine migrants on board were allowed to disembark despite its duties interior minister matusow the early refusing to allow the ship to dog so really was also the different the prime minister has repeatedly declared italian waters closed to end
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you rescue vessels. algerian media is reporting that president bush if he has party is now supporting protests calling for political change which started more than a month ago the national liberation front says its decision to nominate the president for a fifth term was a mistake and has called for talks with the opposition ontario's second largest party has also expressed its support for the protests turned shia. is to run the presidential race for a fifth term in his current physical condition is nothing short of lack of common sense on our part we have not had enough courage to express all what is in our minds we were not among those convinced with the notion of running for a fifth term in his current physical condition. yes or state might propose in israel on the second leg of his tour of the middle east but bear and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu both reiterated their partnership to counter what they
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called it reigne an aggression in the region pay arrived from kuwait where he spoke of his aim to end the gulf crisis he's heading to lebanon on thursday for talks with prime minister saad hariri for a force that has more from western slim. well this visit by my pump was officially about two things firstly the east med gas pipeline arrangement that is being worked up between israel cyprus and greece this is the idea to make the most of israel's new gas fields that have been discovered in the mediterranean also a newly discovered cypriot gas field and allow europe to import gas from this pipeline an alternative both to russian gas and as far as israel is concerned to gas from other middle eastern states as well so there's a political as well as an economic dimension to this the united states signaling very much its support for that plan also it was about talks on iran my compost
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talking publicly about what he called the regional rampage that iran was on in terms of the security threat that it posed to the region and in particular he said to israel that very much jibes with the message that have been coming from benjamin netanyahu for many years now both domestically and internationally but it's also being interpreted here very much as a third thing an endorsement from the trumpet ministration of benjamin netanyahu as he fights this very hard fought election campaign against his chief rival the former israeli army chief benny gantz he was able to pivot within the space of a couple of hours from talking about the reports of his against his phone being hacked by iran saying that he had to display everything that was on that phone to make sure that iran couldn't blackmail him and in the future. having this conversation about iran with the u.s. secretary of state the united states administration also at the same time announcing that netanyahu would be hosted twice by donald trump at the white house
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next week on monday in the oval office and then on tuesday at a dinner the other thing that netanyahu has been lobbying for from united states is recognition of israel's control of the golan heights that is something that has yet to come in terms of of recognition of it as israeli territory but there is obviously an effort by israel to get that as well as an extra present before the april ninth election. tank. increases in defense good news for the plant which is expected to. have just four hundred a few years ago john hendren. wanted to. well he didn't come here for the weather as you can see here because he campaigned in two thousand and sixteen as the manufacturing president he said he was going to
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bring back those blue collar manufacturing jobs in the auto and vehicle making industries and in fact here we do have a plant that makes that abrams tank that you see behind me and this plant is going to increase from about six hundred to about a thousand jobs because of rising defense budgets under the trumpet ministration the problem is that overall vehicle making jobs here in the united states are actually going down in the reason for that is largely because general motors is cutting fourteen thousand jobs company wide including one near here in a large town ohio plant and that has really upset trump because it goes against the narrative that he has been talking about in fact he has been tweeting about this for the past few days and he even went so far as to call the chief executive officer of general motors mary barra to tell her and we know this from his tweets that he wants her to either increase jobs at the lordstown plant or sell it to another company that will do so that is not the way things work in the vehicle
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making industry and general motors does not seem as if it is going to comply with there and that brings us to.


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