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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 46  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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me and my. doctor. but only me. that no one. but the everybody but the handles better not the only place he rattled to call i thought well if you know what he is but by the end of that i was kind of done a lot of folks when. they were among the first to join the caravan as they walked across central america thousands joined the whole believing there is safety in numbers. i was elected on that. yes you being as he looked down you never. know who's twenty one is carrying the child. running your own month for the last half hour move. out of move out of my place to sleep. it is hard to get by even norma she home we're safe here because there are literally thousands of people
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pulled wool pulled in sixteen hundred kilometers to get in and this is the first place they have made mari to about the role of joy know all the women and young girls had to be fearful of being right and it's a brief response we could give they continue to go north and most say they will the markets will that thousand kilometers to the u.s. border with thousands of combat troops being sent to stop them but that's a risk they're prepared to take just the chance of security for themselves and their children. yes one of the most determined travelers we meet is miriam's a liar she's persuaded a local woman to let two kids stay in. india. miriam's also looking to see a nineteen year old solar traveller who she met on the rug sannyasi who kind of wanted to pose. the admin number of nora's. read it and america's biggest
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bank you. know they must be back. soon as your sort of. lying. when you move upwards to the policy. in favor mat and perrin malik you've got me no you got joel barkan of getting started and opinions and you know. your metaphor well the local paper way alamosa good guy but also about coming um no. four years ago her husband paid people smugglers to get across the border they abandon him to die in the desert of hypothermia. a year yet to see any sort of move yet my you were mad for helping us tell you something to me but he's. the man when i'm not going to find how he knows he can't tell me and i you know. she can't see why donald trump we're. innovating was you know i want to ask you
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general being a young then thank you sally bercow no i you know i just i mean so you know i don't know how do you know who have been a factor how i use. them day all don't get you know for the iraqi you know it has to laugh when i first asked our finance columnist. for the most of my you know since way. back at the stadium the decision has been made to push on. you know you know i love you mark. you know the most. common. law not what i say i want to be done of course by now. miriam returns to get ready to bring her daughters and her friend cindy to safety.
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madam when i'm at. nearby touch younger is getting sick they've moved into a cardboard box for comfort and that would show friel ian does i do you are missing the mum a lot of yasin which are free and back in. ten i don't. think . they spent the last afternoon here celebrating their older daughter's fourth birthday. it will be the family's last treat for some time rubens wallace has been stolen by now have no money. but. all. but five am the first weary migrants start to live. in man.
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for miriam the border is that much closer oh no wonder they ask than going to seattle on a platter they may say you know if he's going to start a band of snow you know one of the. tatiana packs up the kids. see you. in the belief that they brought. a family that he has. also in your but i let you know. last. as welcoming as the city authorities have been they came for the caravan to. organizing two trains to get them out before dawn. to avoid the worst bad there is still head to the pacific
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a journey almost three times longer than the direct route no. two weeks later we arrive at the border where the caravans are converging. and. oh. a show of force for migrants hoping to reduce the other side.
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to one already has a lot of swords steel slats and mental fences are all would stand between mexico and the beaches of san diego. the migrants wait in filthy camps as military helicopters hovering above. the mining area east bank holding by all they can say america through the cracks in the probable cause at the end we've heard nothing from the people we met in vera cruz in mexico city but among the thousands of migrants here we still have to find them. it's a scandal it's the familiar. that's obvious don't. we spend days looking for
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them without success. process and a. few. locals are growing resentful of the cost of the migrants and suspicious of who's amongst them. one as used to receive people from the low countries who have his way nothing thousand people here one time. i don't. here it is he's ready ready to receive the title among the people here the tension in this border town has grown. because our crews. we look out into you want to have heard our friends may be in another town.
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driveway driving two hundred kilometers. a lot of people from the era that are already looking so good. job on a site. being gone mad that they made the bed of bed in the mood in this small town is more relaxed and we find the salvadoran boys daniel and victor. danielle here back. when i. was pretty you. know. this staying in a vacant lot where almost everyone is ill and winter is making everything worse today i'm all the more for how i'm going to. college sure that. they might.
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feel. me you know. with no family here is out of money the boys cock out and they have no choice but to wait. ok so we're just trying to find cindy who was the young woman who was traveling on her own and had met miriam with the two young girl's family something very bad has happened to mary not quite sure but we're going to try to. since we last. so miriam in mexico city she's become an unlikely eight figure into your world of foreign media film to complaining about the food you second the first comment i will not that i'm the one to sound. me understand i'm talking about me don't know me don't want to stand on me. you don't put off me only money almost like if i don't come any good to be in and under the command i will tend to the clip when byron is prompting thousands of angry comments about ungrateful migrants and miriam
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disappears. ok. ok so now come over here. as us soldiers lay razor wire front of us cindy tells us some extraordinary moves we feared miriam might be dead instead she's in texas. they are tigers in crimea has telomere correcto even u.s. authorities took the social media threats against her seriously and granted asylum not to me in women's i know my deal means i mean many people who have to do me. go you. know and more. on our last day of filming we were turning to tea or water to make one more attempt to find judge iana and ruben
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. but we finally found someone who thinks they know where they are apparently just around the corner so because most. we have a found the groove or go or star scope and the passion. this staying inside a locked hostel that we're not allowed to enter. the girls the world but tatiana has had a telling. point of the border she was separated from the family why. that would change the incentives sending troops into. this demo giant there when the help is in the day on the up we're going to allow an encounter i guess so in order. to. yes we are more with the local. market a live band a lot of going against the footprint i mean. to get it. now so close to the border this gate to even approach it some migrants have tried
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to scale the fence and be tear gas and sent back home they counting. on you which i'm picking up a following why don't you just laugh in my evening ok i. want to. touch on it and ruben face months in limbo processing for asylum has been deliberately slugged. but i've been attending musical to see why only don't think of milk them important. you put this away if they don't like the messy idea which i have a place to put on but i would say that thank you but up a bit i see no other than just over me. donald trump threaten state of emergency may not get you used. in any case barriers like this happen stop millions chasing the american dream.
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and more caravans are on their way. fourteen. change and discovered no love is not for me. to forge an identity my tiny. piece of me i'm confused. in one thousand nine hundred south africa revisits the children of about seven years on as they grow and develop with their country. fourteen south africa part
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one on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks if they do you want to avoid money laundering for the fun and free of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia's with details coverage lynching such as these were known to take place in the past but they were rare now thirty six cases have been reported since twenty three feet from around the world for the victims on the campaign as you've been here during this trial they say this is being a true fall from grace for the falls as high as clerics. africa's most populous nation a blog just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go to this folder we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. is no one way of telling the story keeping is to tell it right and to be respectful best
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al-jazeera is a great way to get to know the person for he tells time. enough because technological at the center. and google poverty live side by side. in its first episode life ops challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's a starting point because it's already bold people to go live out silicon savannah on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan to stay out of their news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. this delay is
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a matter of great personal regret for me despite the disappointment to resume a valve to deliver brags that before the end of june. thousands of lives remain at risk in mozambique almost a week after a devastating cyclone rips through the country. relatives of victims react as u.n. judges sentence the former bosnian serb leader radovan carriage to life in prison. and the e.u. fines google one point seven billion dollars for blocking rival online advertisers its third penalty in just two minutes. trees amaze defending her request for an extension to brags that the u.k. prime minister wants the e.u. to extend the deadline until june thirtieth european council president donald tusk says that may be possible but only if the u.k. parliament approves may's existing deal but that deal has already been rejected
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twice by british m.p.'s about two hours ago may made an emotional appeal to the nation i passionately hope n.p.'s will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d u p and others for this deal. but i am not prepared to delay breck's it any further than the thirtieth of june john hall has the latest from westminster hall to resume a prepares now to face the e.u. and its leaders in brussels and be issued formally with these old to make to you have your short extension if you want but only if you pass your deal first will in one sense that gives to reason may what she wanted another vote on breaks a deal and in circumstances potentially that make that vote more winnable pitting
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it directly against the much feared no deal breaks it option open the numbers may yet be against it would be potentially a large number of m.p.'s on the right of her party who don't mind the idea of a no deal breaker and potentially not enough in these in the labor benches and elsewhere to make up that gap as much as to reserve a says in her statement in her address to the nation this evening but she is on the side of the public they just wanted over with i agree she said it may yet be far from over because if she loses that folk next week and she doesn't get her short extension the e.u. may indeed force a long extension of britain to avoid no deal and she said again this evening that she as prime minister would not countenance an extension beyond june thirtieth put all that together and you get to the point where if a deal is voted down next week that could in turn be the end of to resume and when the leaders are expected to discuss the issue at
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a summit on thursday lawrence lee has more now from brussels. when sarees and they has to address the e.u. twenty seven the other members of the european union at the start of their talks on thursday afternoon the one question they're going to be asking her is what happens if your deal fails again for the third time of the start of next week because they're only prepared at the moment to countenance an extension to back seat if a deal passes and there's every likelihood that it won't they will say to her i'm sure what happens if it fails are you actually prepared at the end of next week for the u.k. to leave the european union with no deal at all despite the fact the u.k. parliament voted against it now twice despite all the economic damage that would pose to the u.k. the republic of ireland the netherlands and other bordering countries to the u.k. despite the fact that it would be mean the reimposition of a hard border in the island of ireland and all the violence that could lead to
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they're going to say the reason why is that actually what your intention is and they going to have to try to get some sort of straight answer from her because it's based on that answer that they'd then have to consider whether or not to have another emergency summit literally in the two days will direct it supposed to happen and potentially protect arlen from a no deal by proposing an even longer extension to reason most prepared to go for that so many unanswered questions for the european point of view at the moment they're trying to get some clarity from some reason maybe but at the moment this seems still to be no plan b. for what she proposed proposing to do if she loses her deal for a third time well let's bring in jonathan lists he's deputy director of british influence that's a pro e a think tank he joins us live from london jonathan so tourism a says no she doesn't want to delay brigs it beyond thirtieth of june but she's saying it's my deal or no deal i'm painting this perhaps a battle between the will of the people who voted for briggs and on the one hand and a british parliament that's continually failing to make
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a decision. that's right trees them a did today was totally extraordinary knowledge that parliament had essentially asked for a long extension not ratified by not voting for a deal and then she said that she was going to override the will of parliament and request a short extension and her deal really was the only game in town so parliament wasn't prepared to induce it she would simply bring it but parliament as many times it took until they did so now that is not parliamentary democracy that is the actions of a cheater modoc who simply insists on her way or no way to and the speaker of parliament john bercow said that he would not allow another briggs it vote unless the circumstances were substantially different does a possible extension until june thirtieth deliver that different set of circumstances john of them. now that is going to be the question next week daryn because the speaker intimated that it wouldn't fulfil that criterion but we simply
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don't know at the moment it's a chicken and egg situation because one side has to move first the e.u. is saying we can't grant an extension until you have a plan but theresa may seems to saying we can't we can't have a plan until he grants us the extension and so really it's up to one of the sides to show some form of leadership if you like and the really important thing that the e.u. did today was a paid through into may strategy which is to have her deal or no deal as the only two options open to parliament the e.u. has suggested that they might not grant that extension if parliament doesn't vote on the deal but if john bercow the speaker doesn't let them vote on it that doesn't give us very many options and let's just stay with the e.u. for a second jonathan because broadly speaking they don't want to hard drugs it with all the political and economic and financial uncertainty that could bring so where are the fault lines within the twenty seven member states of the brigs that i mean the
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french would very much like to see britain out of the game germany perhaps not so much. i think that all the e.u. states ultimately shield their citizens from the worst of the new deal breaks it and they also are aware that there will be immense economic damage associated with outbreaks it and france of course will be greatly damaged because that's one of our closest trading partners it's one of our closest neighbors the point is that our island would be almost certain to indorse a british request for an extension and that i think is why in the end to the e.u. will grant that extension i think they would grant it even if we don't have a deal that's been voted three by parliament because so far the e.u. has. privileged solidarity with our island for the last two years it seems unlikely they would throw in the to the bass at the last minute a final thought from you jonathan so there's no general election there's no second referendum but if there was any further delay beyond thirtieth june is to resume
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a likely to resign and it could be argued that the way she's played this game as you say that she's part of the problem herself she is up so you part the problem because she used to box herself in with countless red lines that she didn't need to that she didn't need to construct so the twenty ninth of march was or was not very soon by the british people it was an arbitrary date invented in downing street which is since become an article of faith theresa may said that she was prepared to go beyond it now she's saying she's not prepared to be on the team the thirtieth ultimately the face series in may is a secondary issue for us because the point is if we get to june and there are still no further developments we'll have missed our opportunities to participate in the european elections and that means that we really will be facing a cliff edge of her deal which parliament has already determined to be greatly not in the interest of this country a very bad deal or no deal which is even worse and that really is what may's been stretched rising all along after that she can go because she had delivered what she
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wanted journalists thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera. rescuers in mozambique fear the number of deaths from the they will continue to rise with more bodies being found in the floodwaters cyclon as left a trail of destruction across southern africa in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi for me the middle of flu with a south african defense force on a reconnaissance mission in one of the hardest hit areas in central mozambique. the roofs of buildings peep out from the muddy water that's all that's left of this town by floodwater that almost a week ago waged. a province it's not known how many people made it out safely. on stagnant water lines across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land rescue workers drop off desperately needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only meal in days. their little guy left.
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there. was a. late. night. as we fly further we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded sit wait and sleep on a back to grandstand a short unsubtle group preview from floodwaters. then a call comes through to save a critically ill patient this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible. ten minute flights between flood ravaged and the safety of bare a city maybe her only chance initial concern about how psycho to die would impact central mozambique has been replaced by worry over widespread flooding a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just
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one rescue of what aid agencies say could be thousands more. al-jazeera muslim beak. with two minute silence also broadcast the. shootings but. reports. since last friday's attack the always of the world been on new zealand and its prime minister. has only been in the job seventeen months and never expected the horror of what happened last friday speaking to al-jazeera she says she appreciates the sympathy the country's received we feel all of the support and condolences said of being shared with us from around the world and particularly. from the global muslim community and i think on behalf of new zealand and perhaps of the new
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zealand muslim community i say thank you for that support we have we have found it very strongly. she's all too aware how people up.


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