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new zealand's prime minister did send our dern says our country will mark the one weekend of verse three of the attacks the two minute silence also broadcast the muslim call to prayer and told al-jazeera she's deeply confronted by last week's shootings that targeted worshipers under thomas reports now from christchurch. since last friday's attack the always of the world being on new zealand and its prime minister. has only been in the job seventeen months and never expected the horror of what happened last friday speaking to al-jazeera she says she appreciates the sympathy the country's received we feel all of the support and condolences that of being shared with us from around the world and particularly. from the global muslim community and i think on behalf of new zealand and perhaps of the new zealand muslim community i say thank you for that support we have we have found it very strongly our dances she's all too aware how people at prayer
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with the targets of last week's attack so confronting to us this new zealanders that it happened in that place of peace the worship where you know that our muslim community would have been in a place of deep contemplation when it was so clearly targeted at the him and talk to tag at the same while they were shipping there i find deeply confronting the prime minister says the gunman was motivated by hate and ideology and that makes him a terrorist for me the case for using the word terrorists is a fairly clear this was a terrorist act this was a direct tech very direct attack a deliberate attempt on new zealand's muslim community we should call it what it is although that excepts racist of ideology exists in the country absolutely acknowledges even though this terrorist act was committed by someone who was not a new zealander we cannot. ignore it as many nations do that there are
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those in new zealand albeit small who will share the ideology of this attack and we must root it out she says social media needs to be better policed globally and she'll give details of the proposals to tighten gun laws later this week it's my belief that when we come to announce the decisions that have been made by us as a government i actually believe that new zealanders who currently hold guns for legitimate use that they will be with us that they will ebb salut least see the need for the reform that we are proposing and why it is being proposed you don't have a terroristic like this happen on your soil and not ask yourself the question did our gun laws contribute to the sin if they did let's change the prime minister says to mark the passing of a week since the attack the two minute silence will be held mention wide on friday
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along with the broadcast of the muslim call to prayer the message that i'm sharing is actually just a message on behalf of the new zealand people we are an inclusive peaceful nation we are a people and grieving alongside our muslim community and that is who we are and that is simply what i'm communicating andrew thomas al jazeera christian when he joins us live now from christchurch wayne so we know that some of the funerals for victims took place yesterday just bring us up to date with what's happening today. yes there and there will be a lot of relief among the family members of the victims that this process is now well and truly underway we saw six funerals take place on wednesday the first of which was a father and son refugees from syria who only arrived to settle in christchurch less than a year ago they have begun also on thursday the first funerals to take place on thursday in the last hour or so siad ahmed milner another teenager
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a fourteen year old and tariq. twenty four sayed ahmed milner now the student of kashmir high school here in christchurch and terry gross she'd omagh a former student so that school hit particularly hard two students and a former student killed inside the mosques and that's where we saw the prime minister. go to on wednesday while she was in christchurch to speak to the students in total the police are now saying that thirty bodies have been formally identified to the satisfaction of the coroner and made available for release to the families and weigh in with friday prayers coming up will worshippers be allowed back into the mosque. that is still the hoedown we're standing outside the eleanor mosque with the first of the attacks took place where most people were killed the police cordon has been brought close in the last few hours so that is raising hopes that the mosques both of them will be able to reopen in
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time for friday prayers much of the police investigation scene examination which we believe came to an end on tuesday evening so now the attention is very much on cleaning and repair work as you can imagine there were horrific scenes and inside those mosques and a lot of damage to the buildings themselves with gunshot wounds and things like that so there is repair work to be done and down we are hearing some hot woman stories of many christchurch businesses volunteering this. no commons compensation to help repair those mosques to a level fits in friday prayers can be held many worshippers say they want to go back into have friday prayers others are saying actually not so sure they think they'll be too scared to go back in the police have tried to reassure them saying they'll have offices. juicy outside those buildings on friday or right away in haditha in christchurch when thank you. coming on the news hour including after the
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murder the journey saudi arabia hires a p.r. firm to help erase some of the bad publicity. his government would use calls for dialogue as protesters call for change. in sports the japanese all time great taking center stage on day one of the new major league baseball season that's all still to come. another palestinian has been killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank it follows news of the killing of three others in two separate incidents involving israeli forces israeli intelligence agency says one of the men was the main suspect in a shooting attack that killed two israelis the brain reports now from the west back . people in nablus came out for the funerals of they did moody and brought them both palestinians we had a good early twenty's. the israeli army says its soldiers killed them after the two
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men through explosive devices from their car at the soldiers. suddenly we heard lots of gunfire four or five soldiers were shooting at the same time very nice very bulldozer destroyed the calm and pushed it away the soldiers drug the bodies out of the car before firing at it again there was a general strike in nablus to remember the two men as well as another palestinian who was killed in a village near. the israeli intelligence agency says it killed nineteen year old. after an exchange of gunfire israeli forces had been looking for ahmad after the cues to him of killing an israeli soldier and a stock there in the occupied west bank this old house is believed to be where he was hiding since sunday but the owner says he knew nothing about it. local jewish israeli officer threatened if he does not surrender in two minutes he will destroy the house he barely finished his sentence before the army started shooting
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witnesses tell us they didn't find armors body and they believe the israeli forces have withheld it the house has been partially demolished and the israeli army has conducted several raids in all matters home town of assyria where they say they're preparing to demolish the family's house. al-jazeera the occupied west bank the un's condemning israel for its treatment of palestinian protesters in gaza last year a report out this week accuses the israeli military of serious rights violations in the deaths of nearly two hundred protesters our diplomatic editor james bays sat down with one of the u.n. commissioners of that report. there are reasonable grounds to believe that. all crimes may have been committed and we think based on what we have found further investigations are required and do need to be taken up by the relevant bodies in the international justice system you don't know all of this work you come up with some very hard hitting findings are you concerned that no one's going to take any
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notice of this and this report is just going to fall away obviously that is a concern and we really hope that will be the case because what we've tried to do is we've not only brought. on to the record findings about what we think has happened of the last nine months over six thousand people injured. you know one hundred need to be booked by life i including children. there we've also made a call for urgent preventive action the events that you detail in your report now almost a year ago were coming up to the anniversary of the start of these demonstrations how worried are you about one hundred three and for big demonstrations because of that anniversary and the possible response from the israeli military well we were very worried i think about what may happen next week on the anniversary of the protests on the thirtieth of march there's every indication that there will be
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a large turnout a massive turnout of protest and there's every reason to fear that there may be terrible violence on them again so we think it's essential that this point that restraint is exercised by everyone concerned in terms of the international community in the security council the quartet they seem to have allowed the u.s. to take the lead politically for now on this file that makes the u.s. response important are you happy with the u.s. response to your report. we haven't received a concrete response they're not spoken in this and we just have to hope that they will that's why we're trying to communicate this is the message of what is widely. meanwhile the u.s. and israel have reaffirmed their partnership to counter what they call the iranian aggression in the middle east secretary of state mike peo has been meeting with binyamin netanyahu in israel on the second leg of his middle east tour speaking in
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west jerusalem on peo about to keep up the pressure on iran and underline the long term u.s. support for israel i told has declared that the united nation to destruction of israel is his primary goal with such threats a daily reality of israeli life we maintain our unparalleled commitment to israel's security and firmly support your right to defend yourself under the ten year imo you that we signed to twenty sixteen we provide three point eight billion dollars annually for security assistance to israel pompei and netanyahu also discussed a deal to send gas from the mediterranean to europe are a force that has more now from western. well this visit by my pump was officially about two things firstly the east med gas pipeline arrangement that is being worked up between israel cyprus and greece this is the idea to make the most of israel's new gas fields that have been discovered in the mediterranean also
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a newly discovered cypriot gas field and allow europe to import gas from this pipeline an alternative both to russian gas and as far as israel is concerned to gas from other middle eastern states as well so there's a political as well as an economic dimension to this the united states signaling very much its support for that plan also it was about talks on iran my compost talking publicly about what he called the regional rampage that iran was on in terms of the security threat that it posed to the region and in particular he said to israel that very much jibes with the message that have been coming from benjamin netanyahu for many years now both domestically and internationally but it's also being interpreted here very much as a third thing an endorsement from the trumpet ministration of benjamin netanyahu as he fights this very hard fought election campaign against his chief rival the former israeli army chief benny gantz he was able to pivot within the space of a couple of hours from talking about the reports of his against his phone being
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hacked by iran saying that he had to display everything that was on that phone to make sure that iran couldn't blackmail him and in the future. having this conversation about iran with the u.s. secretary of state the united states administration also at the same time announcing that netanyahu would be hosted twice by donald trump at the white house next week on monday in the oval office and then on tuesday at a dinner the other thing that netanyahu has been lobbying for from united states is recognition of israel's control of the golan heights that is something that has yet to come in terms of of recognition of it as israeli territory but there is obviously an effort by israel to get that as well as an extra present before the april ninth election. qatar says a nuclear power plant under construction in the united arab emirates poses a serious threat to regional stability and the environment qatar's called on the international atomic energy agency to create
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a framework for nuclear security in the region the u.a.e. denies safety issues with a baraka plant in abu dhabi which is being built by a korean firm plans are set to come online in twenty twenty saudi arabia has hired a public relations firm to rebuild its image following the murder of the journalist . riyadh's public investment fund signed a one hundred twenty thousand dollars a month contract with the firm the cia had concluded the crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing of three of his consulate in istanbul last year well in wallace a senior fellow at the atlantic council she says riyadh believes that time and money can help the public forget all these events. saudi arabia doesn't seem to want to wait there or they're very keen in pressing forward fairly quickly with investment they've had some some high profile setbacks in that area the. future investment initiative conference in october just after the first of two killing
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those is one that really can be pointed to as having been a particular. point of a bad p.r. there were many many high profile departures from that conference and it really did i think set back the p.i.a.'s investment initiatives perhaps did slow down or me companies you know more wary of taking saudi money and the holy herd you know from some places that people in silicon valley are definitely wary of saudi money more so than before absolutely have slowed down some deals that they were hoping to make on the other hand i've also heard that you know the saudis have money and so there are people who are definitely still willing to you know to to deal with that there were i believe at least two deals that were announced shortly after the incident i believe in in november afterwards one had to do with a window tech company called view so that that seemed to be evidence that the
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investments weren't really suffering as a result but then again you know the p.i.a.f. hasn't made any you know big splashy announcements since then nine u.s. democratic senators are calling for the release of detained human rights activists in saudi arabia including a u.s. citizen in a letter to king solomon senators denounce what they called a systematic discrimination against women religious minorities and mistreatment of migrant workers of the pardon of human rights activists including the doctor wanted to tie a u.s. citizen held without charge since november twenty seventh team. break here al-jazeera when we come back an indian court verdict sparks controversy after the acquittal of suspects accused of killing dozens in a two thousand and seven train bombings. and we'll find out how a mass of flowers of created a sort of blew them out of california attracting thousands of visitors. and it's
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all there's a winning start for this three time for much of the end of the miami open on the stay with us. hello the main story for the u.s. on in the county but most of the u.s. is not active whether so much is passive whether the wall has been spreading it to the plains states particularly brassica and iowa which is still there with temperatures not very high but certainly above freezing is caused a massive thaw and this flooding threat here as for active weather well is still rain in the east coast you can see the market rather disappointing in new york and washington for thursday and as more rain with snow a tight returning to california and the adjacent states further inland san francisco looks fine but only thirty it could be warmer that's the picture for friday and this look tucker i means
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a little bit of late season snow might even touch the finger states and certainly close to toronto or south of all this also is going to get more activity we still got the problem of impending or actual drought from dominique sykes words this is for the caribbean small island further west side the increase in the likelihood of seeing big sheryl's in colombia venezuela panama and costa rica increasingly guatemala honduras and mexico i'm not just naming countries or all places where we've seen showers recently and they are still in the forecast but basically you're not doing badly. against the odds and in fines to the devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial have shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers fathers. twentieth after the
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cost of viable al-jazeera while tells the story of female courage in the village the last of its. women of color show on al-jazeera. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been employing is making sure it's going to really. reveal secret seymour resiting out there will be people outraged you know. and connection some don't want to expose stanny in legacy media law last she leaves. us with night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. while
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the bucket come out of the top stories here on the al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister to resign made his defending her request for a three month extension to briggs at the european council president donald tusk says an extension is dependent on palm and an existing withdrawal agreement. rescue teams in mozambique say time is running out to save thousands of people five days off either millions have been affected across southern africa. and more funerals in the occupied west bank after israeli forces killed a fourth palestinian israeli intelligence agency says a lot of the men was the main suspect in a shooting that killed two israelis. algeria's foreign minister says the president will hand over power to a democratically elected successor after weeks of protests demanding he step down. says the election of president in aziz but if we can success that will come after a new constitution is approved the national conference takes place foreign minister
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called for discussions with members of the opposition. ok then and one fee and what the solution lies in dialogue the algerian state is fully ready for dialogue moreover it is fully ready to welcome the representative of the opposition and civil society as members a new government that is being formed now and a constructive dialogue is the only way capable of finding successful solutions that meet people's expectations in the state's responsibilities. the former bosnian serb leader radovan carriage will now spend the rest of his life in jail after being recent by un court carriage was appealing a twenty sixteen conviction for genocide for which he was given forty years behind bars but the judges said that conviction for the shrub needs a mask of ninety ninety five was too light given the gravity of his crimes some of the reports now from the hague. the faces of the dead of the strip
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it's a massacre remembered by their loved ones victims of a genocide perpetrated by bosnian serb leader radovan cottage which it has taken nearly twenty five years for justice to be realized a painful journey often bereft of hope but learn excellently look but the wait has finally come to an end kind of listened intently as the court listed his grounds for appeal and rejected them almost entirely the prosecution's appeal in other respects sets aside charges to prod and order rossetti sending the sentence of forty years of imprisonment and imposes just two pradhan goes into sending a sentence of life imprisonment. outside the tribunal it was a decision welcomed by all who had gathered there but the suffering is never far away for their sins or someone i guess or they go about i am satisfied but i want to ask which school did they go to to learn how to kill our children our sons our
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husbands i am satisfied but then again i am not because i no longer have my children. instead itself tears of relief fell for the tribunals and ousted would increase kind of sentence. this is one of the last remaining rulings dealing with the brutal breakup of yugoslavia and the sentencing of brother i had a church is also being seen as a pollution test holding to factor leaders to account for crimes committed during conflicts. the case has been one of the most high profile legal battles of the yugoslav wars more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were slaughtered in the strip and it's a massacre it was the worst genocide to have taken place in europe since world war two well the town has become symbolic of the very worst atrocities that took place
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in the balkans during the war it has also been a milestone for the legal consequences that followed it took twenty years and let's hope it's not going to take twenty years for syria or for you men for all of these other places where similar atrocities are being committed we are some international community have to be more committed to bring justice to the fictitious way sooner than twenty years god will now spend the rest of his days behind bars his genocidal actions scarred an entire region and they leave behind a legacy of anguish from which many will never recover so al-jazeera the hague. an indian court has acquitted four people accused of blowing up a train bound for pakistan in two thousand and seven the court cited a lack of evidence for the acquittal two homemade bombs killed at least sixty four passengers most of them were pakistani nationals. i don't know which are all the four accused have been acquitted this is on the basis that as the honorable court
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has read out that the prosecution agency the investigation agency couldn't prove their case that is why they have been acquitted. so let's bring in our melinda mr he's a south asia political commentator and senior lecturer at lancaster university he joins us via skype from there this was one of the first cases where a hindu group was accused of targeting muslims there are accusations of the indian government being lenient towards these groups do you think that's a fair accusation well i wouldn't be surprised given the fact that there is a general election which is going to be held in two weeks time so these accusations stunned but then again you have to realize that for the last five years many of the fair deal is to do since i've been undermined by the nationalist government that is but it isn't a party so we're talking about the federal reserve bank it is a bank of india then we're talking about the national industry gessen is insane c.b.i. then we also hardaker existence against the highest court that is the supreme court
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of india so this might stick if there is analogous and that the government was believing and then perhaps going back the past record one could say it may not be completely unfounded and it's an interesting point you make about the timing because do you think the verdict coming just ahead of the elections helps prime minister narendra modi consolidate his hindu voter base because of course the court verdict will be popular with hindus. of course if you have to realize that the chief or accuser here i mean though a person was accused of some yes in london happens to be a member of the it illogical partner of the ruling party that is to say this was just friends of exxon so he's acted sort of clear sic i nd of the best sort of popular base among the in the war to us and let's talk a also about the other two verdicts that were against him alia he was acquitted on
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two of the charges in twenty thousand to two thousand and seventeen and two thousand it in israel and following that in two thousand and eight in his family said that this was in part big for the internationalism ok near i'm so before i'm going to show that to this and used by the kind of group to cancel it it's best let's just talk about pakistan for a second because islamabad has reacted strongly to the verdict so where does this leave the indian demand that the pakistani government acts against the groups accused of the mumbai attacks which are facing trial in pakistan like last. well the fact is like this is different if you have justice on both sides we are not only talking about forty four pakistani nationals who lost their lives we are also talking about twenty four indians also where killed in the bomb blast so what is happening to them i mean look sort of if you take it to where the pakistani in the debate from it we are talking about justice for the innocent lives lost so that
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is one thing and second thing is that it could become strode out that there is a kind of dived a kind of get there yes and by the indian side given the pakistani side hasn't done enough ok in terms of i just tried i did about the bombing of last night's tribute they advance on and so forth it might be taking revenge on the basis of that underlings there but the unease that the government investigating is is going to challenge the verdict ok i'm a landed me so we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed the all time thank you so much now the outcome of nigeria's recent elections is left many wondering about the state of the country's democracy more than half of the newly elected members of parliament have no previous legislative experience up an address reports every election year most of the seats in nigeria's national assembly are taken by people with little or
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no legislative experience because they experienced once before most often lose out amatus money gys going to the house of representatives after eight years a state legislator he says members with no previous experience will find it difficult to deliver on their promises but we have to acknowledge that is a challenge because it's like they are starting from these crowds. if. you know you realize i just have a name for you as it's gone. and that's how it's been so generous return to democracy twenty years ago. making laws i did nationalize some least not. an easy thing for you to bring somebody with doesn't have a lot of experience of course people have to start somewhere it just happens that when we look at the american system we see people who have been in the americas that for thirty forty years but here in nigeria we had lee have people except if you get some who say these disruptions are voted will blame the complex
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relationship and the power play among politicians across to relations between some of nigeria's powerful governors and federal politicians are prevented many members of parliament from winning reelection a little analysts are concerned about the impact this is having on important legislations and the growth of democracy in the country. newly elected governors are better off than the m.p.c. government depending on the areas they come from most come to office with a set of priorities things they say matter to the voter creating jobs including employment opportunities marketing marketing. towards generating nizar i mean some level of what this bill of community in. nigeria and members of parliament the highest paid in the world. but many nigerians feel they do little to justify their. algis either by degree.
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it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the town put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brittany's happiness as well when sure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has.
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africa's most populous nation a block just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go to this folder we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.


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