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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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in christchurch he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears will more life but this particular diary is not of their begun to bite the government says it will buy weapons off owners in a plan things will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing this back to the police but with no gun register in new zealand it's not known how many are out there tell me the last week or so a lot of people been buying up lots but i mean. they are going to have to look at themselves especially for the hard stuff mayor and relinquish them and that simple i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience and some people could see this as a reaction. reaction because of one person the consequences and what we've seen
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is this terrible and something must change the prime minister says the new laws are just the beginning she says one stop passed will be a broader review of regulations to try to ensure new zealand never sees another mass killing wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. weather is next but still ahead on al jazeera we look at the rise of domestic violence in iraq and we hear from one woman who says she fought back but it landed her in jail. welcomes another look at the international focus we have our usual rasher showers into southeast asia and possibly others saying hundred forty seven millimeters of rain in twenty four as i was on and off across the region philippines not doing too
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badly as we go on through the next day or so this affair with the cloud drifting into the west the weather will be over towards malaysia northern parts of indonesia still seeing some lobby downpours and the center of the case as we go on through saturday west of where the still coming in at this stage but the really wet weather has been across the north of australia too circulations here we call this one here this is plain trevor just around the gulf of carpentaria and then just offshore to the northwest we have veronica showing up and has some wet weather coming in across northern parts elsewhere as you can see it is lousy dry but to traverse giving the most cause for concern over the next couple of days that really wet weather sliding into northern parts of queensland widespread flooding many evacuations have taken place we are really keeping a close eye on this one but then veronica does try to make a way south as we go on through sas day such a possible strike very much on the warm side. here not too bad down to the southeast melbourne with
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a high of thirty degrees. traveling to be a beautiful shot. we're not letting our country. has flown to keep most of america people in power travels alone side those hoping to make even. more shoes on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm just. reminded of the news this hour britain's prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for a breakfast at delay in front of european leaders in brussels she is hoping the european union will agree to a three month extension to britain's departure from the e.u. . rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach victims of psycho nearly fifteen thousand more than three hundred people have died since the storm struck that country zimbabwe and. new zealand's prime minister has announced sweeping gun control measures following last week's attack on two mosques in christchurch that killed fifty people just androgen says there will be an immediate ban on military style semiautomatic weapons. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured in the blast at a ceremony to mark the persian new year police say the explosions were caused by
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three remote detonated devices. well domestic violence is on the rise in iraq and women's groups are hoping that this is the year they'll finally be able to push the parliament to pass a law making it a crime al-jazeera as natasha going to aim has this report from baghdad. this iraqi woman we're calling lina fought to ever has been prosecuted for domestic violence instead she was the one who spent over a year and a half behind bars. how. they won the case devastated a woman and he feels she'll be afraid of him for the rest of her life he's now living happily ever after this experience has left it puts innocent side of me. oh lida was battered wife number three after beatings caused her to miscarry twins and left her unable to walk properly for weeks she escaped she hoped filing a police report would ensure her husband would never be
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a woman again however she was arrested and detained when her husband and his two other wives alleged that she had a relative kidnapped beat and held him for ransom she says his status as an informant wielded influence with the police. the judicial system is corrupt we need legislation to protect women's rights the penal code allows husbands to discipline their wives there's no law criminalizing domestic violence for almost a decade women's groups have been pushing the parliament to pass a law that would change that with a new government initiative combat in violence against women they hope this year the law will finally pass. the last available government figures from two thousand and ten estimated that one in five iraqi women were victims of domestic violence but women's groups believe the number is now much higher they blame instability in
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the country and the breakdown of law and order at this crisis and when the. very bad of a new generation of you know affected by violence and affected by extremism. battled this is and the case against her was eventually dropped and we had had to come in last and i thought i do i hope i gain the rest of my life back i obtain my mostest degree and i'm a lecturer at a university i want to some extent since her divorce she learned that her ex-husband married two more times he now has four wives and seven children natasha going to. baghdad. well the latest call for algeria as president to step down is coming from his own party the national liberation front says it fully supports the ongoing protests calling for political change. the members of the
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national liberation fully support the popular movement and will defend with all sincerity in order to achieve the objectives according to a clear roadmap. nine u.s. democratic senators are calling for the release of detained human rights activists in saudi arabia including a us citizen in a letter to king solomon they denounced what they called systematic discrimination against women and religious minorities and the mistreatment of migrant workers they all asked for the pardon of activists including dr will lead for the hey a u.s. citizen held without charge since november twenty seventh teen and saudi arabia has hired a public relations firm to rebuild its image following the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi riyadh's public investment fund signed a one hundred twenty thousand dollar a month contract with the new york based firm the cia has concluded crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing of at the saudi consulate in istanbul last year. another palestinian has been killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank
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this follows news of the killing of three others in two separate incidents involving israeli forces israeli intelligence agency says one of the men was the main suspect in a shooting attack that killed two israelis and abraham reports from the occupied west bank. the. people in nablus came out for the funerals of lady moody and a lot of them both palestinians we had a good early twenty's the israeli army says its soldiers killed them after the two men through explosive devices from their car at the soldiers. suddenly we heard lots of gunfire four or five soldiers were shooting at the same time they're going to israeli bulldozers destroy the common push me to worry the soldiers drug the bodies out of the car before farming it again there was a general strike in nablus to remember the two men as well as another palestinian who was killed and i when
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a village near. the israeli intelligence agency says it killed nineteen year old. after an exchange of gunfire was really forces had been looking for on water after the accused him of killing an israeli soldier and his stock there in the occupied west bank this old house is believed to be where he was hiding since sunday but the owner says he knew nothing about it. he is really of the threats and if he does not survive two minutes he will destroy the house he barely finished his sentence before the army started shooting witnesses tell us the didn't find almost body and they believe these really forces have withheld that the house has been partially demolished and the israeli army has conducted several raids in all matters home town of a year where they say they're preparing to demolish the family's house. the occupied west bank qatar says a nuclear power plant under construction in the united arab emirates poses
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a serious threat to regional stability and the environment qatar has called on the international atomic energy agency to create a framework for nuclear security in the region the u.a.e. denies safety issues with the braca plant in abu dhabi which is being built by a korean firm the plant is set to come online in twenty twenty while the international criminal court is considering whether the persecution of the rich by myanmar's government warrants an investigation a group of young rangar refugees say they've been fighting for justice ever since they fled along with hundreds of thousands in august twenty seventeen and coaxes bazaar in bangladesh stephanie dechen meets the volunteers piecing together the stories of survivors or meeting place may not look like much but what this young man has achieved is extraordinary. every day i list three month nonstop three month continue to walk to god that doctor can mount fled me in march one
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thousand months ago along with hundreds of thousands of other. he and other volunteers immediately took the initiative to document what happened speaking to survivors one by one they wrote down their stories of dead that we are thinking we lost everything. we are thinking we need to collect and calculate a lot to tell lost but we need to prove what had gone through to my community for example in my belly all money horse was bond on on me people are all mainly galway are really all men issued and we are brought in the fire we need reasonable information for support in the international community and so they documented it all now the testimonies of been divided by the ledge and they have the villages here and then it's also been sub categorized by things like burnt houses looted houses raped and gang raped for example this village here three
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hundred homes burned two hundred sixty looted hundred and twenty seven women or young girls raped and then they were also documented who they believe was behind it . one of the testimonies is from a woman a mother but she could not explain what happened to her he says her ten year old daughter could saying she was raped by let out to women it hard to speak ought with me i see everything what i have done my model and. danny our doctors are split. in the space of just a few weeks almost seven hundred thousand people fled me and marjorie a military crackdown. international criminal court is now looking into whether this warrants best a geisha can says they have in the past given this document to the i.c.c. and other international organizations everyone thinking far fewer than
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food and back to live what do you think to live in the u.k. we lost everything to be his hope and just like everyone else here is for justice to be done and to be able to go back home until then he says he will continue to speak up and fight on behalf of his community stephanie decker zero in the refugee camps of cox's bizarre first as an thailand head to the polls on sunday for the country's long delayed general election after five years of military rule millions of young people will be voting for the first time and many of them want change as scott highly reports from bangkok. for decades thailand's youth has been politically active like in this parade held before the end you will rival football match between thailand's top two universities it satirizes politics here and one of this year's targets the general election to be held sunday many taking
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part have become old enough to vote since the last election eight years ago. and with nearly seven million voting for the first time a form was held in bangkok to teach them how the process works. and why it's important for thailand i. found an importance that not lost on a new political party launched last year. future forward headed by forty year old billionaire tana torn do not get an heir to an auto parts company he resigned ahead of the polls and put most of his wealth into a blind trust. that's why we think the approach to the election is different we are not trying to say all individual polices we are trying to sail change structural change as a whole. future ford says it's an alternative to the entrenched political parties and will cut the military's budget messages that ring true with younger voters. but
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most of these young voters live in thailand's urban areas that means the party lacks the support in rural areas that it needs to have for a chance at election victory and most opinion polls show it trailing the other major parties but that's not something deterring some first time voters who want to free and fair election. not and not just and an election that led you to make someone to say that ok i become the government because i'm elected i think it doesn't matter that we say we go watch me tell you what people believe in dictatorship we want to live in a democracy but what for you live. with voters under thirty five making up about a third of all the registered voters the other parties have also reached out to the youth and it's a well informed of voting bloc partially thanks to social media providing greater access to the issues and the people to debate them with very different some feel from older voters who are likely to have deep rooted political ideas people ready
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to a side order they already have. a kind of waterfall but for the young what those they fed up with these kind of conflict. the future forward is a new player on thailand's political stage there's little chance of it leading a government yet it is energizing young voters and providing an alternative to parties which have dominated this country for nearly two decades scott either al-jazeera bank or. nicaraguan government says it will free all jailed protest as within ninety days more than seven hundred opposition protesters were arrested during unrest last year freeing them was the main demand of the opposition for continuing talks with the government in return the government is asking the u.s. to lift sanctions imposed against your taker administration at least three hundred twenty five people died in the protests since they began last april. the biggest
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block in the european parliament has suspended the ruling party of hungary and prime minister viktor orban the european people's party says the decision follows calls for the free dess party to be punished for alleged violations of principles or says he's agreed to voluntarily port's his party's involvement with the e p p but insists the block is still united ahead of european elections in may the hungary in government has been criticized for anti e.u. immigration policy campaigns targeting european commission president john clarke. hello i missed us here today in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera britain's prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for a break that delay in front of european leaders in brussels may is hoping the european union will agree to a three month extension affair britain's departure from the e.u.
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i passionately hope and peace will find a way to back the d.-u. of negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the do you p.c. is for this deal but i am not prepared to delay bricks eat any further the use of juice rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach victims of cycling is die nearly fifteen thousand are stranded some clinging to trees and roofs surrounded by floodwaters the storms killed at least two hundred seventeen people there so far cycling to die has left a trail of destruction across southern africa including neighboring zimbabwe and malawi new zealand's prime minister has moved swiftly to change gun laws just days after a mass shooting at two mosques. today i'm announcing that new zealand will been all
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military style sumi order medic we friends we will also have been all assault rifles we will ban all current capacity magazines we will ban all parents with the ability to convert sumi or to medical eny other type of firearm into a military style sumi automatic weapon we will ban pads that cause a firearm to generate seamy or a medic automatic or close to automatic gunfire and short every see me automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in this country at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured in the blast at a ceremony marking the persian new year. those are the headlines the news continues here after people in power. a chance for ringing in after decades of separation
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caused by a war. one i want east joins a mother's journey to break unite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera. over the last year knowledge groups of asylum seekers have been fleeing violence in central america migrant caravans traveling thousands of kilometers through mexico towards the u.s. border but in the face of face hostility from the trumpet in stray sheep what keeps them on the road reporter eric campbell went to find out.
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a whole foods dividing america a caravan of desperate migrants trying to cross it. and the president trying to stop. letting. in a new wave of migration that's created a political storm. used rolling in to be a little sight. east in mexico is dangerous territory. if. no country.
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for these two thousand exhausted travelers here it's their first break since they left el salvador twelve days ago. cross the jungles rivers and stuff borders. a famine has offered them stables to rest in. sight for now it's time to celebrate like business or tomorrow. january thirteenth it's part of ventura and pop tonight and. he and his friend victor join exodus to gangsters tried to close. the. door of the family. but. they were targeted because they
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refused to look for local drug gangs look i am a fan of the m.b. to. be frank about the find out the bread on people get in a much of a catch. when. that i'm going to have an effect i'm happy i'm a. little bit. but yeah. when the ceremony i'm on a high you cannot get africa much american i mean i'm a beautiful young. you know directly the chap. alone i would ask. him if. since oktober huge groups of my kids had been in this.
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crime ridden states of honduras el salvador and guatemala. none of this caravan said traveling for housing to kill them just through mexico toward the u.s. border. donald trump says there are threats to national security claiming they've been infiltrated by terrorists and drug traffickers this vicious gang. has transformed the once piece hope you're able to manage so i know so well i don't molt into a lot of killing female savagely murdering raping and mutilating their victims. central america is terrorized by gangs thanks stuart businesses piled police and forced children to sell drugs to kids like victor the choice is stuck join a gang challenge you know to the family and my. family you
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may come in. i will buy more than thought. there will be a minimum day in the process. photographer one carlos who was born in el salvador understands what it's like for a child to flee. his mother's smuggled into the u.s. when he was eleven to escape a civil war between leftists and us back to dictators. it was very pleasant to see these mom people be no one's skating. in a way the same things people escaping the navy's new war back opportunity violence now minds he's documented the rise of the gangs which he traces to that wartime exodus.
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some of these men grew up in gang ridden parts of los angeles they formed their own gangs for protection so the u.s. to pull out of them back to central america. then married the american in the spanish might not be good enough to get a job i mean and they start doing what they're known to do so they start over next itself. in their neighborhoods and waiting on clicks and gangs to find extortion is a big thing. too much seeing we live in a neighborhood that over them if year period with them or against any good gets into the much you lack of risk. in africa where you get to. this think is if for can president that he took a more real for the park across him. or.
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first they have to cross cultural country. in. all this is one of the most dangerous stretches of the church it's called lopa that where the road of death because of the hundreds of it that reeks of murders and rapes appears as two rival drug cartels fought for control. just weeks earlier a mass grave was found nearby with one hundred seventy four bodies. a local priest father daniel of much a is terrified of what may lie ahead on the road to death he tries to find buses to take them safely to mexico city. luciano would you like you do. you like the idea look if you bring up.
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the arrival of buses creates a wave of excitement people say the three weeks walking but there isn't enough to take hold two thousand people. to just go ahead and come and go but here in the limo somehow more serious you know if i don't find out things going up i know it was a cordial and i have thought i might pop up on. the next morning they wake up to good news the money has arrived there are buses for every. both are not going to look up at that kind of a must. put
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it on just the caravan departs for the mexican capital. from a little plant. to the u.s. from. mexico you see if he is five hundred kilometers plosive to the border. and the first of the caravans from honduras is already a war to good strides the entire way the last. two years. not you know not.
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new. this caravan of six thousand is better down but the national football stands. could see the city jumping. than i. am but getting fresh clothes was good medicine even the cuts they did their final push to the border. to join ramiro said her husband ruben joined this caravan to escape the gangs of sun pedro sula one of the world's most violent cities numb i am a funny lot of passing on my. family found me and mom. talk to us a little when you move rather than the one. but that you have more your family they are still waiting for you tomorrow. when the family is ok and that i would have
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thought of that. they were among the first to join the caravan as they walked across central america thousands joined the whole believing there is safety in numbers. i was alive and i love. yes you being a single down you. know who's twenty one is carrying the child last i moved here only a month from the last half hour with me. now to move our capital somewhere. it is hard to get by the enormity of what we're saying here because there are literally thousands of people who want more than sixteen hundred kilometers to get here and this is the first place they have been worried about the role of the no all the way with the young girls had to be fearful of being right and it's a brief response because if they continue to go north of the first say they will
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the markets will that thousand kilometers to the us border with thousands of combat troops being sent to stop them but that's a risk they're prepared to take just the chance of security for themselves and the chill is also. one of the most determined travelers we meet is miriam so while she's persuaded the local woman to let two kids stay. in the. miriam's also looking to see a nineteen year old solar traveller who she met on the rug said yes he got on a family book of the admin thing and on the north west branch had a hand on his mouth you're going to find the time of the mass in the back commercial no seahorse on the. floor. when you move up ways you can apply to see.
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him famous i'm fine malcolm you know you don't just want to talk in a few things that you know can sing you know humaniform oh no simple way i want to keep my mouth and i'm coming i'm not. four years ago her husband paid people smugglers to get across the border they abandon him to die in the desert of hypothermia. a year yet to see how you sort of move her young man you were mad for i can't help enough they use an image but he's. the man when i am not who finds out he knows he can't tell me and i you know. she can't see why donald trump weren't. in nobody was going to ask general be any of them thank you sally bercow no i you know i just i mean so you know i don't know how you don't live in it but i used. to day all don't get you know for the iraqi last laugh laugh when i first asked our finance columnist. for going to stop by you know said well.
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back at the stadium the decision has been made to push on you know many of you have . been of the most. common. law not what i thought there would be done of course by now. miriam returns to get ready to bring her daughters and her friend cindy to safety. madam when i'm. nearby church yonder is getting sick they've moved into a cardboard box for comfort in time which will freel me and doesn't i do you are missing the mom a lot of yasin which are free and they came. back and i had the market in detail.
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they spent the last afternoon here celebrating their older daughter's fourth birthday. it will be the family's last treat for some time rubens wallers has been stolen by now have no money. for. the five am the first weary migrants start to leave. the man. for miriam the border is that much closer oh no wonder they ask a bank going to seattle they may say you know if he's going to start
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a band of snow you know one of the. tatiana packs up the kids. so you. do not believe the labor of. a family that he has. also in your but i'll let you know. last. as welcoming as the city authorities have been they came for the caravan to. organizing two trains to get them out before dawn. to avoid the worst bad areas they'll head to the pacific a journey almost three times longer than the direct route no from. the air.
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two weeks later we arrive at the border where the caravans are converging. and. oh. a show of force for migrants hoping to reduce the other side. to one already has a lot of swords steel slats and mental fences are all would stand between mexico and the beaches of san diego.
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the migrants wait in filthy camps as military helicopters hovering above. the mining area east bank just pulled by all they can say america through the cracks in the pool. as. we've heard nothing from the people we met in vera cruz in mexico city but among the thousands of migrants here we still have to find them. it's a scandal it's the familiar. that's obvious don't. we spend days looking for them without success. process and the. locals are growing resentful of the cost of the migrants and suspicious of who's
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amongst them. one as used to receive people from. countries. like these where you are not been found some people have one time. i don't. here it is he's ready ready to receive the title among the people here the tension in this border town has grown. because. bruce. we look out into you want to have heard our friends maybe in another town. driveway driving two hundred kilometers. a lot of people from the arab. league would. be on a site. being gone mad that they made the bed of bed and the
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mood in this small town is more relaxed and we find the salvadoran boys daniel and victor. danielle here back. when i. was pretty you. know. this staying in a vacant lot where almost everyone is ill and winter is making everything worse today i'm all the more for how i'm going to. college sure that. they might. feel. me you know. with no family here is out of money and the boys cock out and they have no choice but to wait.
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ok so we're just trying to find cindy who is the young woman who is travelling on her own and had met miriam with the two young girl's family something very bad has happened to mary not quite sure but we're going to try to. since we last. saw miriam in mexico city she's become an unlikely eight figure into your world of foreign media film to complaining about the food your second if i cycle in the comment i want that and the fight is our. only understand and lucky for me that my mommy don't have to stand by me. even put up the only money almost like if i don't get to be in and under the command i will tend to the clear winner barrooms prompting thousands of angry comments about ungrateful migrants and miriam disappeared.
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as u.s. soldiers lay a razor wire front of us cindy tells us some extraordinary news we feared miriam might be dead instead she's in texas. a after causing harm in his telomere. even u.s. authorities took the social media threats against her seriously and granted asylum not to me and my name is i know my deal means i am many people who have to do to me . go you. know and more. on our last day of filming we return to geo water to make one more attempt to find judge iana and ruben. but we've finally found someone who thinks they know where they are apparently just around the corner so because most. we have a found the groove or go or star scope and the passion. this staying
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inside a locked hostel that we're not allowed to enter. the girls a world attached yard has had a political. point of the border she was separated from the family why. that would change the incentives sending troops into. this then what you hand there when going to help is in the day on the up we want to allow an encounter i guess so in order. to. yes we are more with the local. market a live band a lot of going against the whole of the tent i mean. to get less. now so close to the border this gate to even approach it some migrants have tried to scale the fence and being tear gassed and sent back home they telling. you which i'm picking up as long why don't you just have nothing in my you can live
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. on if it. turns you on and ruben face months in limbo processing for asylum has been deliberately slugged but i've been easy for this you only think of milk them important. you place a weapon on the messy whichever place to put on but i would if that were thank you but up already and i see no other hand over me. donald trump threatened state of emergency may not get you. in any case barry is like this haven't stopped millions chasing the american dream. and more caravans are on their way.
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they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have an adequate attack which it out for people who investigates the private companies and rural towns allegedly complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation. not a few. who can make the sunshine rendition visited. on al-jazeera business updates brought to you by qatar. going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar. going places together third. third twenty five often. they become.
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defendants. preparing for the possibility of. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. this is zero. zero zero how long he and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes desperate for help thousands of people still stranded and more than two hundred dead a week after a cycle in it i hit mozambique plus. i think it's
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a step on the right direction new zealanders welcome tougher gun laws introduced just days after friday's mosque attacks also. it is high time we made the decision to resume a blames members of parliament for the bricks at dili as she heads to brussels to get an extension from the e.u. and putting on a show thailand's young voters are hoping to shake up the election. a devastating storm is affecting tens of thousands of people across southern africa cycle in it i began as a tropical storm earlier last week before intensifying off the western coast of madagascar that hit mozambique on thursday with winds of up to one hundred and seventy kilometers an hour pounding the city of beirut it then moves inland causing
6:50 pm
further destruction through the weekends and tract westwards striking neighboring zimbabwe malawi also experienced severe rain flooding and damage from high winds flattened buildings and put millions of lives at risk. now rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach cycling victims traps in flooded areas around fifteen thousand people still need rescuing hundreds of them have been stuck on rooftops and trees for more than three days cycling has left a trail of destruction across southern africa where the three hundred people are known to have died but that number is likely to be much higher now when a moment's we'll go to malcolm webb who's in the city of thing in mozambique but first this reports from farmer the miller in the port city of beirut. the roofs of buildings. that's all that's left of this town.
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almost a week ago. province it's not known how many people made it out safely. on stagnant water lies across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land rescue workers drop off desperately needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only meal in days. to die. i. was. like. as we fly further we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded sit wait and sleep on a back to grandstand a short group preview from floodwaters. patient
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this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible. between. maybe her. initial concern about how cycle of die would impact central mozambique. it's been replaced by a real bill widespread flooding a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just one rescue of what aid agencies say could be thousands. al-jazeera boozy muslim peak. on malcolm web joins me now live from. mozambique malcolm we can see this being lord scale infrastructure damage just talk us through the scale of the destruction you see what we can see here which is a bridge severely damaged when the rental rain like clone brought cause the rivers
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as well this river just a few days ago was above the water levels above where i'm standing now so it's really damaged this bridge and took out a whole section on the far side so people have got it on both sides and vehicles people are managing to cross by climbing up and down the pillars on the bridge with the help of a cable and then scrambling across it's not very safe but people really need to get around to find out if their relatives have survived because there's no phone communications and also to get food to people who are stuck in isolated on the other side and this picture is a. similar story throughout the whole of central mozambique we travelled along that road yesterday we got across several bridges that were broken like this and so that reduced the whole of the central region into a series of islands in which there are many people in need people whose homes were flooded crops were destroyed people do need food and now no road access to get emergency support to them or humanitarian aid so that we waiting to get help by.
6:54 pm
those that infrastructure damage is surely going to hamper rescue efforts what kind of impact is it hunting and how are people holding up given the circumstances. when we were traveling through the. other side of that district yesterday we passed villages that was still completely there was water covering all of the ground people were sheltering on the raised road because it was the only place that was on the water homes were destroyed crops completely destroyed people were sheltering from the rain on the need parasols that was all they had to do it desperately needed shelter desperately needed food it rescued whatever they could from their homes or trying to dry some things out on the tarmac but that was very difficult because when the rains keep coming back again and again. here and also in the low lying districts the plains towards the sea there are a lot of people in great need of well those need to rescuing who are stranded others in need of food and of course you can't take
6:55 pm
a vehicle across most of the roads and that means trucks of food aid can't be delivered so until either the roads are fixed or that food brought in by air then it's very difficult to get help to those people who need it. malcolm webb reporting live from susan dan got thank you very much indeed for the news now new zealand's prime minister has moved swiftly to make changes to gun laws just days after the mass shootings that all military style semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles are effectively banned immediately when haye has more now from christ church. less than a week after fifty people were murdered prime minister just announced changes to gun laws that she says will make new zealand safer today i'm announcing that new zealand will ban all military style seamy order matic weekends we will also ban all assault rifles we will ban all kike city
6:56 pm
magazines. we will ban or pads with the ability to convert seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy order magic weapon just don't expect the laws to be passed in three weeks and in the meantime the weapons have been reclassified meaning owners will have to apply for new licenses the message from the prime minister to those gun owners is don't bother trying. the gunman who is alleged to have attacked the mosque sport assault rifles legally with a license he then modified them using parts he purchased online he was able to fire multiple rounds quickly the guns he used will now be illegal and the loophole he took advantage of to modify them closed on monday as cabinet met to agree on the law changes the owner of new zealand's largest gun seller held a media conference in christchurch he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and
6:57 pm
he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears all more life but this particular diary is not of their begun to bite the government says it will buy weapons off owners in a plan things will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing days back to the police but with no gun registry or new zealand it's not known how many are out there tell me the last week or so a lot of people been buying up lots but i mean. they are going to have to look at themselves as the hard stuff mayor and relentless on them that simple i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience and some people could see this as a reaction. reaction because of one person the consequences and what we've seen is this terrible and something must change the prime minister says the new laws are
6:58 pm
just the beginning she says one star past will be a broader review of regulations to try to ensure new zealand never sees another mass killing wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. plenty more ahead on the news are including fighting for justice cases being built to take action on behalf of reading the refugees. a former first lady who's likely to face torture charges related to liberia civil war. and coming up in sports one of the biggest tournaments in tennis has a new home pharo will be here to explain. britain's prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for a break certainly in front of e.u. leaders in brussels may wants the bloc to extend person's departure date from next week so the end of june but any decision to delay the exits must be taken by all
6:59 pm
e.u. member states unanimously it's unlikely that will happen as a unit is are expected to wait and so a third attempt by may to get parliament's backing on her proposal i passionately hope and peace will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d u p and others for this deal but i am not prepared to delay brics it any further than the thirtieth of june or heart of the honeyed we'll have the latest from brussels in just a moment but first see paul brennan in westminster paul just nine days to go until the u.k. leaves the european union give us an overview of how things are looking at this stage. well let me talk about that address that story some made the prime minister
7:00 pm
gave last nights and from a political point of view it would seem to have backfired spectacularly at least within the environs of the parliament building behind me here her intention it seems was to appeal to the british public or at least that section of the british public that voted for brics is that kind of fifty two percent leaving aside the forty eight that didn't now what she did was say the problem is with the m.p.'s it's not with me she said i'm with you the british public she said that has caused real bad blood at a time when she is supposed to be trying to get m.p.'s on her side to support what expects to be a meaningful vote three on her deal next week it is really created an emotion see the mood here at parliament is anger.


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