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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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but first see poll brennan in westminster poll just nine days to go until the u.k. leaves the european union give us an overview of how things are looking at this stage. well let me talk about that address that series of may the prime minister gave last night's and from a political point of view it would seem to have backfired spectacularly at least within the environs of the parliament building behind me here her intention it seems was to appeal to the british public or at least that section of the british public that voted for brics is that kind of fifty two percent leaving aside the forty eight that didn't now what she did was say the problem is with the m.p.'s it's not with me she said i'm with you the british public she said that has caused real bad blood and at a time when she is supposed to be trying to get m.p.'s on her side to support what expects to be a meaningful vote three on her deal next week it is really created an emotion see the mood here parliaments is anger haitian exasperate mutiny there
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are a few i have to say the purest bricks it is who are right relatively relaxed about it and they don't have any problem with the prospect of leaving the european union on march twenty ninth week on friday without a deal but they are in the minority and the criticism that has been heaped on theresa may for this tactic of making this speech in downing street instead of coming to parliament to try to go over the heads of m.p.'s has come from all sides and i think the reality is that it's set back any hopes that she has of getting opinion in parliament to coalesce behind a meaningful vote three next week when she hoped to bring it back for one final push in the hopes of getting it passed before may twenty ninth what policy say reason and why given she annoys so many of her parliamentary colleagues just how likely is it that she will get her deal past the third time runs or find a solution
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a way out of this. it's almost impossible to predict the this last few weeks we have been buffeted by bombshell after bombshell of unexpected events john bercow the speaker the chairman effectively of the parliament who turned around and said that she couldn't present a third time deal because it over already been rejected by significant majority is twice she said you can't browbeat parliament over and over again until they agree with your point of view so that was an unexpected intervention the intervention yesterday when she turned around and sent this letter to donald tusk the european council president and said we're not going for a long extension after all we're going to stick to a short extension that created problems even within their own cabinets one cabinet member described her as craven that is craven to the hard line euro skeptics within her own party so predicting what's going to happen over the next few days it's very difficult what seems that she'd like to do is bring her deal back for
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a final attempt at passing it through the parliament in the hope that panicked m.p.'s will wave it through the other possibility is that m.p.'s here in london in westminster will seize control of parliamentary time and push through their own ideas on how they hope to change the design or action of the government it would be parliament taking over the executive rather than executive leading parliament and we are in unprecedented uncharted waters here it really is a political some say a constitutional crisis in the u.k. . thanks very much paul brennan there joining us from westminster let's cross nights brussels of the needs is joining as not. as ever a key in these sorts of negotiations but what are expectations where you are. what is fifty difficult really to go and what's going to happen certainly we heard from donald tusk yesterday and he seemed to indicate that then extension to article
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fifty was not a problem. condition terrorism may provide enough unsure and says and guarantees that a meaningful vote three will actually go through and she will be able to bring her briggs deal over the finishing line now she's going to have to convince the twenty seven leaders that she is able to do that and that she has enough backing to do that and they're quite skeptical actually in the in his remarks yesterday also said that the end that a far from his point of view they are very frail and chances that that will actually happen he said nonetheless they will push forward they will try to get over the line because no one actually wants a no breaks a deal but i have to tell you as we're speaking now well opposition. labor leader jeremy corbett is here in brazil and he is meeting with e.u. chief negotiator michel back in. we are told that they're talking about turning to
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plan not sure what that means at this stage but certainly you do have these parallel consultations that are going on now one thing to reason they might not get is an extension until the date she requested which is june thirtieth many of the e.u. leaders emmanuelle my corner french president first one on that list saying that that cannot happen that any any extension has to end before do european elections which are set for the end of may. other of the needs in brussels thank you very much indeed a fast moving story we'll keep across it for you here on al-jazeera but for now let's turn to other news the future of the jury in president of disease but the thing isn't dates following a decision by the ruling party to withdraw its supports and that's unlikely to satisfy protesters who don't just want the president to go but the entire
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establishment that has backed him and so no i have a judgment reports. for more than a month algerians have waved banners and shouted slogans demanding president he's put the political step aside now his own party appears to have deserted him. the members of the national liberation party fully support the popular movement and will defend with all sincerity in order to achieve the objectives according to a clear roadmap. it's a serious setback to the eighty two year old leader who many believed to be unfit to govern because of his health the country's newly appointed foreign minister extended a conciliatory hand to the protest movement the likes of which algeria has not seen for decades and then and when she and she was the solution lies in dialogue with the algerian state is fully ready for dialogue moreover it is fully ready to welcome the representative of the opposition and civil society as members
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a new government that is being formed now and a constructive dialogue is the only way capable of finding successful solutions that meet people's expectations in the state's responsibilities. the demonstrations led by the young have already scored success which if lethal was forced to withdraw from the possibility of a fifth time but would also postpone polls which were due in april with no new date set and he remains the nominal head of the transition process. many protesters note ironically that they've asked for elections without the what they've got is beautifully and no elections complicating matters even further is the fact that protesters want to see more than just what if he could go they'd also like to see the ouster of the entire establishment that has backed him until now the which means the protests looks set to continue with of lisa and his f.l.n. party have not ruled out jury alone also at the top table is a coalition of business interests and the military on tuesday algeria's army chief
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declared that the public has expressed noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing itself from. nine democratic senators in the u.s. are calling for the release of all detained human rights activists in saudi arabia including an american citizen and a lesser to consult senators denounce what they called systematic discrimination against women religious minorities and the mistreatment of migrant workers they asked for the parson of human rights activists including dr world lead fatah he a us citizen help without charge since november twenty seventh. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured in the blasts at a ceremony to mark the persian new year police say the explosions were caused by three remotely detonated devices. there has been an explosion at
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a chemical factory in eastern china the blast happens in young chen in jumpsuit province there is no word yet on any casualties. forces in thailand's head to the polls on sunday for the country's lone delayed general election after five years of military rule millions all the young people will be voting for the first time. scots hardline reports from bangkok many want change. for decades thailand's youth has been politically active like in this parade held before the end you will rival football match between thailand's top two universities it satirizes politics here and one of this year's targets the general election to be held sunday many taking part have become old enough to vote since the last election eight years ago. and with nearly seven million voting for
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the first time a forum was held in bangkok to teach them how the process works. and why it's important for thailand. and important is that not lost on a new political party launched last year. future forward headed by forty year old billionaire tenet tony do not get an heir to an auto parts company he resigned ahead of the polls and put most of his wealth into a blind trust that's why we think the approach to the election is different we are not trying to say oh you can do polices we are trying to say oh change structural change as a whole. future ford says it's an alternative to the entrenched political parties and will cut the military's budget messages that ring true with younger voters. but most of these young voters live in thailand's urban areas that means the party lacks the support and brule areas that it needs to have for
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a chance at election victory and most opinion polls show it trailing the other major parties but that's not something deterring some first time voters who want a free and fair election. not and not just an election that led you to make someone to say that ok i become a god and then because i'm elected i think it doesn't matter we say because. what people believe in a dictatorship we want to live in a democracy. with voters under thirty five making up about a third of all the registered voters the other parties have also reached out to the youth and it's a well informed of voting bloc partially thanks to social media providing greater access to the issues and the people to debate them with very different some feel from older voters who are likely to have deep rooted political ideas people ready to aside. they already have. a waterfall but
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for the young what those befit be. conflict. the future forward is a new player on thailand's political stage there's little chance of it leading a government yet it is energizing young voters and providing an alternative to parties which have dominated this country for nearly two decades al-jazeera bangkok . the ensor national criminal courts is considering whether the persecution of the right only me and mine is government's once an investigation a group of younger refugees say they've been fighting for justice ever since they fled along with hundreds of thousands back in august twenty seventh seen by coke's as bizarre in bangladesh stephanie decker meets the volunteers piecing together the stories of survivors. our meeting place may not look like much but what this young man has achieved is extraordinary every day
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a list three marked nonstop but human continue to walk through that dr can mount fled me in march one thousand months ago along with hundreds of thousands of other rangar he and other volunteers immediately took the initiative to document what happened speaking to survivors one by one they wrote down their stories are dead that we are thinking we lost everything. we are thinking we need to collect and calculate a lot to tell loss but we need to prove what had done through to my community for example in my belly all money. horse was bond on on many people way out. on michigan way up or in the fire when it reasonably information was all in the international community and so they documented it all now the testimonies of been divided by the ledge and they have the villages here and it's also been sub
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categorized by things like burnt houses looted houses raped and gang raped for example this village here three hundred homes burned two hundred sixty looted hundred and twenty seven women or young girls raped and then they were also documented where they believe was behind it one of the testimonies is from a woman a mother but she could not explain what happened to her he says her ten year old daughter could saying she was raped by let out to women it. ought with me i see everything what i have done my model and. danny i was dumped out. in the space of just a few weeks almost seven hundred thousand people fled me and marjorie a military crackdown the international criminal court is now looking into whether these warrants best occasion can says they have in the past given this document to
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the i.c.c. and other international organizations everyone thinking for shooter who shoot and backed out alive what do you think it will be live because we lost everything to do his hope just like everyone else here is for justice to be done and to be able to go back home until then he says he will continue to speak up and fight on behalf of his community stephanie decker al-jazeera in the refugee camps of cox is bizarre. thousands of people are being moved from northern parts of australia had of a powerful cycle and many people living along the northern territory's east coast are being relocated to the city of darwin cyclon trefor is expected to make landfall on saturday officials say it'll bring a heavy rain and a strong storm surge. well in
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a few moments we'll have the weather with everett's in but still ahead so on al jazeera we hear the story of an iraqi woman who fought back against growing domestic violence yes president donald trump types his achievements in manufacturing but jobs in the car industry all looking shaky. and in sports experts claim that the proposed new rules to lower to stop strewed in female athletes is unscientific pharo will be here to explain. well we actually have two tropical cyclones spinning away over australian waters at the moment there's veronica up towards the northwest but of great significance at the moment is of course trevor which is located now it's actually punched its way
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into the gulf of carpentaria this week and slightly actually which is good news but still a lot of rainfall to come sustained winds at present ninety kilometers per hour gusting to around one hundred fifteen kilometers per hour but as it makes its way across those warm moist with the waters of the gulf of carpentaria it will pick up plenty of moisture and it will strengthen it will become powerful and extremely dangerous lots of rain coming in as well we've already seen a hundred sixty millimeters of rain to that far north of queensland as we go on in sewer friday you can see how out west the weather the system gathers over the open waters and they will gradually punch its way into the northeast and northern territory as we push on into saturday go on into or sunday will make landfall on saturday on sunday it will push some very heavy rain into parts of the drought affected pass of northern territory by sunday though all eyes will be over towards the northwest corner of the country as radhika makes its way towards port hedland.
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the weather sponsored by qatar is. in the next episode of earth royce nick clock to enter grouping screwed on a voyage through the whittlesey to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of man made threats beneath the surface of the earth magnificent desolation is just tearing with life the bees are told the remotest mosses on the nz arctic century on al-jazeera. she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's still a firm believer in the principle she fought for was sumi to carve iranian vice president
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for women and family affairs talks to al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera reminds are all of our top stories this hour. rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach the victims of cycling it i believe fifteen thousands are stranded or more than three hundred people have died since the storm struck that country some bubbly and malawi. britain's prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for a break set delay in brussels is hoping the european union will agree to
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a three month extension to britain's to pay. marcher from the e.u. in. new zealand prime minister has introduced sweeping gun control measures after last week's mosque attacks that killed fifty people to send art and says there will be an immediate ban on military style semiautomatic weapons. for muslim communities in neighboring astray or have been sending support see christ church including volunteers offering counseling or bride reports from one such community in sydney in the majority muslim neighborhood of the kember in sydney's western suburbs they're still trying to understand what happened and why outside the local mosque a shrine has steadily grown with messages of support from people of different faiths i disappear a guard standing on duty as people gather for prez. in the surrounding streets people have drawn together to provide support for those grieving in christ church
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it has warned people to come forth and become more close and although obviously go to new zealand for help and so forth like the community in christ church this suburb is largely made up of immigrant families for some it's a time to consider their relationship with their adopted country not just to camera i think in all australia all be able not happy with what happened in new zealand is that any of their government is good and justice respect mostly and not different between muslim and christiane it's very good on the streets of the camber they're still shocked but also a sense of coming together and in australia as a whole the christchurch shootings seem to have prompted a wider soul searching linda brisk men is an academic who contributed to a study islamophobia in australia now she believes is
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a good time for the whole country to take stock there has been an outpouring from communities. i think it's. a bit light in some ways people who weren't concerned about islamophobia or or people didn't understand the rise of islamophobia including right wing groups and now some are trying to come to terms with that so that is a positive reaction in many ways this muslim community is similar to the one in christ church and is sharing its pain bride al-jazeera sydney. the biggest block in the european parliament has suspended the ruling party often carrying prime minister viktor orban the european people's party says the decision follows coals for the fidesz party to be punished for alleged violations of e.u. principles of and says he's agreed steve voluntarily polls his party's involvements with the sensorites m.p.p.
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but insists the block is still united ahead of european elections in may of uncaring governments has been criticized for its and c.e.u. immigration campaigns let's find out more about that so easy britain is asian one a professor in european studies at stanford university berlin and he joins us now on skype from verts furred in germany professor briggs what exactly is mr organ and his party being punished for well the european union is not just the utility maximizing club of countries that want to get rich but they are committed to western her democratic principle and it turned out recently in the last few years that some countries are playing follow when it comes to such principles of the certainty in europe or the temblor list or the long list of violation like a separation of powers minority rights protection violation data protection
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violation principles by the rule of law and now of very substantial relations that question whether party like desh is committed to what the european union stands for. given that viktor orban has some self offered to withdraw from the c.p.p. how much of a punishment is this that this latest move well look one thing is to have called article current procedure. sanctions and expel i mean a card you can membership and even a country to freeze its membership rights and it's another thing to look at the political situation that the strongest party group within the european parliament the european people's party that combines the conservatives can they need the votes to elect the next prez that conduct the european commission and so the compromise
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is not as strict as some observers would want it to be be because the candidates of the conservative kind of riba would still be happy if you could support it get support from hungary and members of he did so the suspension is kind of buying time to the environment or elections are over ok we'll have to leave it there professor brickner thank you very much for joining us from fort stewart and john the apologies for the audio quality a during our conversation i like the areas former first lady is set to appear in court and press and first straying off torture offenses agnes taylor the wife of former president charles taylor the nazis those charges the state back to liberia civil war twenty years ago catherine stansell has the latest. reaves taylor used to be married to liberia's former president charles taylor but was she
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behind a series of human rights abuses between one thousand nine hundred nine and one thousand nine hundred one during the west african countries first civil war. she was living in southern england when she was arrested in twenty seventeen and denies various torture charges one relates to women in a village allegedly being raped by fighters from the national patriotic front of liberia other charges cover a pastor's wife being tied up and witnessing her two children being shot at a thirteen year old boy being severely beaten agnes taylor who previously worked as a lecturer at coventry university in the u.k. has been in jail for the last year and a half i her ex-husband charles taylor let the national patriotic front of liberia following a peace agreement he was elected president in one thousand nine hundred seven. but two years later a second civil war broke out and eventually taylor was forced into exile. in two thousand and twelve following a war crimes trial in the hague he was convicted of aiding and abetting rebels
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committed atrocities in neighboring sierra leone he was sentenced to fifty years in prison the fighting in his native liberia spending almost fifteen years killed up to a quarter of a million people have been stansell al-jazeera. the latest united nations reports own goals suggest that the deaths of one hundred and eight and i'm palestinian protesters at the hands of israeli forces could be considered war crimes as a promise ahead sir james bass sat down with one of the u.n. commissioners about reports. there are reasonable grounds to believe that. crimes may have been committed and we think based on what we have found further investigations are required and do need to be taken up by the relevant bodies in the international justice system you don't know all of this work you come up with some very hard hitting findings or you can say no one's going to take any
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notice of this and this report is just going to fall away obviously that is a concern and we really hope that will be the case because what we've tried to do is we've not only brought. on to the record findings about what we think has happened over the last nine months over six thousand people injured. you know one hundred need to be booked by life i including children. we've also made a call for urgent preventive action the events that you detail in your report now almost a year ago coming up to the anniversary of the start of these demonstrations how worried are you about one hundred three and big demonstrations because of that anniversary and the possible response from the israeli military well we were very worried i think about what may happen next week on the anniversary of the protests on the thirtieth of march there's every indication that there will be a large turnout a massive turnout of protest and there's every reason to fear that there may be
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terrible violence on them again so we think it's essential that this point that restraint is exercised by everyone concerned in terms of the international community in the security council the quartet they seem to have allowed the u.s. to take the lead politically for now on this file that makes the u.s. response important are you happy with the u.s. response to your report. we haven't received a concrete response they're not spoken out on this and we just have to hope that they will that's why we're trying to communicate this is the message of one of our report as widely as we can the message violence is on the rise in iraq women's groups are hoping that this is the year they'll finally be able to push the parliament's past law making it a crime that's actually going to him has this reports from baghdad. this iraqi
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woman we're calling lena fought to ever has been prosecuted for domestic violence instead she was the want who spent almost a year and a half behind bars to send our how. they won the case devastated a woman and he feels she'll be afraid of him for the rest of her life he's now living happily ever after this experience has left a petition a sort of side of me. lino was battered wife number three after beatings caused her to miscarry twins and left her unable to walk properly for weeks she escaped she hoped filing a police report would ensure her husband would never be a woman again however she was arrested and detained when her husband and his two other wives alleged that she had a relative kidnapped beat and held him for ransom she says his status as an informant wielded influence with the police. the judicial system is corrupt we
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need legislation to protect women's rights the penal code allows husbands to discipline their wives there's no law criminalizing domestic violence for almost a decade women's groups have been pushing the parliament to pass a law that would change that with a new government initiative combat in violence against women they hope this year the law will finally pass. the last available government figures from two thousand and ten estimated that one in five iraqi women were victims of domestic violence but women's groups believe the number is now much higher they blame instability in the country and the breakdown of law and order at this crisis exactly when the. event. of a new generation of you know affected by violence and affected by extremism. battled the system and the case against her was eventually dropped and i had had to
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come in last on. again the rest of my life back i obtained my mostest degree and i'm going to university i want to some extent since her divorce she learned that her ex-husband married two more times he now has four wives and seven children natasha going to. baghdad. a senior aide to venezuela's opposition leader has been detained by intelligence agents on go i doze chief of staff roberto moreto was held after dawn raids on his house in caracas and other opposition politicians says his property was also raided but he hasn't been arrested. nicaragua's government says it will free old jail protesters within ninety days when seven hundred opposition protesters were arrested during the arrest last year freeing them as the main demands of the opposition are continuing talks with the government
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in return the government is asking the u.s. to lift sanctions imposed against the daniel ortega administration at least three hundred and twenty five people died since those process began last april. president donald trump has been visiting the u.s. army's battle tank manufacturing factory in the city of lawyer ohio trump's increases in defense spending have the good news for the plants but still tariffs and job cuts by automakers are some of the challenges that make this official trip more like a campaign stop john hendren as more. president donald trump came to the last plant building tanks in the united states to insist he's still the manufacturing president jobs are coming back and pouring back frankly like never before companies are coming back into our country they want the action production is rare bring up in the biggest way the are some out m one abrams tank is once
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again thundering down the assembly line donald trump campaigned promising a revival of america.


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