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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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or to be in no way cause of costs less to ensure that it. at the last lot was supported less turmoil in one way. or state by vision i should go all you're getting back at calgary has the past masters made their bed paschal kept pressuring and that is the last i was being yup i shall get the better care mostly now but they had their cut cut. in the us of an order to cut say a shop or council camp that he's seen watching over to clean up at night as dash will come up some of us can matter right and not if you know how can someone not or something not to call more. they do not mount the line as good illegal yet it is those of
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a. million dollars so we get our own comply what advice occupies us personnel get with kurdish rule deliberately conflict quintillion regime we want decisional to is just a little just we can't recycle live with a thing he won't even you look you up could juggle oblige him think of the delicate and win him the writable door he will go away because her being in the she does not leo would you would the police tell you but to die you would of course groups like unconditionally as are all the most adored juggle and must perceptive little. liberal there because on the do your list of mourners established preceded it.
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you know when you're leaning or you believe. that one time is just fine i'm going to go to their message my dinner is versus no more they say math as resumes at my new book or record of a girl let them do that i'm i'm really there now this was a big this couple to show me you know to them because they're. not alone and not know that i might desire to publish money humanise and they're not very much and i'm wrong about that which i asked about. and again i don't know how in a richer my own then where we're going to but the government the goddamn break up there meredith my team. he would say that showed us the league knew was going to do the masters of moderation the good yep sound good the.
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majority of them. no i stick your stamp. which does she does and you both please as good as live in the us has the same degree of give an inch of more or less as the b. model good to see her go board through the first hole got the utica at this push and in my satellite medium has done very little of that with the whole. them giving him a new sound with the voice still at the oscars he is like i am. are we. still. here are long. still others who. watch.
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kerry. stewart hours. who. refuse ministers been in government to use memento has been asking can delete imposed. on islam state in the way you can out. there where the main the material is made where they will punish them on the labels going to publish a good hunter c o two us has contempt to stalk or skip over
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a million a city or younger. for . the fallen on. the felt part of it. and so on the placement supposedly for this is because idea of good was a pretty it. looked awful that's. good business for deal. with now because the us. but if you're dead on oil talking put it up there's been deeds as. yes most member solicitous over.
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who are. there. for for all of them or for.
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a hot tub. you. are expensive goddess very proud of the finer beauty of the new thunderous cuter sack of i do stop i'm. bored. of all the booze the cheap jenny coarseness bit down at our school oh god i. love. the way. you're. going to talk about the love of that is not mine i thought it was the pursuit isn't it you miss the mark i'm going to put it on my wall. no no. no no no no no of you know just. think it's not just believe.
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these are just some of our oh lord there's more oh most of those going dude. you know. that they use it i'm a diggin gluck is bad to most a bike what their next your next job so get coulda been a clear cut that when they're all in english to go bus boy duma for the fun yes then i thought up. the violet is. that your a look at i'm going to look out of this miami. have him what was her car going around oh. well. you see my love. was yes. just so good. oh. well done that was the way this is going up was
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a good one of us were great though it was the book that was out there beat up as they did the clip adult of that if they put it. that had to shoot a new predominant us front look at the basement is there a pool clear let's just read you. because they've been out. for one. minute nest nest montrose one of the most. good. for nothing. it was when i focused my source. my mind. and. my. things and there's no those that i was.
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yesterday. but i disagree on this is small no i just wasn't there it was the size and the mother but i did some more that the. mothers of the so that it just for the don't doesn't show things when you're in the studio when you have posed to you know was not showing up as good shows will show. mislead us. to the wood buzz kill muslim and now the photo of my son dualisms bottom of.
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in the. newsweek a. very good guess for it to be al but they knew that he already if you have are we are. going to this. level you know going to them for the lord knows i give it to me because that is good even if i say the first of a very stupid and. i am i the answer is going. for the. russian aggression in ukraine is a threat to the security of all european continent. that is why we took action to
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strengthen our security what we have seen during the last year is a more assertive russia illegally and they've seen crime young and continuing to destabilizing eastern ukraine and therefore nato has to react and that's exactly what we're doing. now but. there are six was a political solution serious bush called washington the current one not a horse and cattle stadium i was assuming you can show name and yet i could you know minute almost i want party what's on our mind to us if you saw her you know then you well you can't as i should think you think she could or would caught on to the way but when it only way. it in a. well thought out they're not going to have to cover up or down the ticket from
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our history but if they figure bush because the last thirty years or so get to guess a lot again lot of good will. come out. the banking workers. and i think that now says you're good for those markets after the last go through but the governor says that in this mess is to create a course to pursue much. more in the coming. down. the last waltz that's a last message addition benchrest mets assassin lacy they had at least last year there was months clear so get you bad tend to last. for soviets or play pool is not at the depth of our what are you saying yes it is but yet they is going.
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over the years. good suited. to lead the show in the litter. that it may. be a good deal you know american. lenny studios simply laid him in the nose though you know so much of it is just. the what a dog he has been. good he did a lot of it was easy about that oh yeah see me again you must though you should name some god god has. the money. that they did to love you to go. yes if you want yeah so be it look at us and then i looked and caught in this now and what better way you are quoting astrology was. a joke novel and
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a snorkel get out. there my goodness you did you saw the numbers that you know that i simply saw the man nor. the market seems to get that i just got to do things think should do this or something new. but the text of the new place seems. to. be full of little quest walked into the same circle august getting up at the debate last. night as opposed to going up a shower the most of us look at them i got shot with it and slogans will be stopped and those folks dress as.
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a bit of our star the most are. going to market it just because you become the scots taking a nationalistic take to get our moment. there's still a stupid person unless he's. going to. get also. i wonder. who thought up with this. very very. very very.
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fly qatar airways experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby had been employing it was me and you got to really. reveal secrets you want messaging out there that are going to go out they get mad and connection some don't want to expose stanny in legacy media. mass shooting. back next week may al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. in
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a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera are fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. uncovered goals that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . and how he'd seen in doha the top stories on al-jazeera rescue workers in mozambique struggle to reach victims all cycle and. fifteen thousand people are stranded somewhere the three hundred have died since the storm struck mozambique
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zimbabwe and malawi welcome webb has more from susan dentzer in mozambique what we can see here which is a bridge really damaged when a rental rain like caused the river to swell this river just a few days ago was above the water levels above where i'm standing now really damaged the bridge and took out a whole section on the far side that people have gathered on both sides in vehicles people are managing to cross by climbing up and down the pillars on the bridge with the help of a cable and scrambling across not very safe that people really need to get around to find out if their relatives have survived presidents prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for a delay in brussels she's hoping the european union will agree to a three month extension to britain's departure from the e.u. . you see this prime minister has introduced sweeping gun controls after last week's mosque attacks that killed fifty people just send to our dan says there will
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be an immediate ban on military style semi automatic weapons. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says twenty three others were injured in the blast site a ceremony to mark the persian new year which is celebrated in parts of afghanistan . and explosion at a chemical factory in eastern china has killed at least six people and injured thirty others the blast happened again showing a young two province. a senior aide to venezuela's opposition leader has been detained by intelligence agents one quite as chief of staff was arrested in a don't raid on his house in caracas another opposition politician says his property was also raided by intelligence agents but he hasn't been arrested becker argo's government says it will free old jail protesters within the ninety days more
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than seven hundred opposition demonstrators were arrested steering the arrest last year freeing them made demands all the opposition for continuing talks with the governments goes the headlines witness is back next. it will kill scuffles of look as good of it but sticks quickly out of calls to the . bank because there's. a. know. it's just not understood you should push to an assessment just extend the
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protein yes thank you was just kind of this you said that of all your dog new dukes think she could appeal given you're not pushing her to lose just. by seeing to get agnes to keep them by sinking them also the ladder is starting. to slow convoy almost as a nag of course. she still was going to document yes but this sounds.
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more news to you should have been your just going to put the issue is don't use do you mean. by just your producer work or you could get in people's. bank in as well boy state go fast that sad if you could because you have to give it a king a line at a citizen and that's all given a chance. actually still not back to.
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monday it's probably i. just believe in the because there's a tide see it's the first one and the first one over the years as opposed. to being that good to get in and maybe i guess you didn't make it most of what is on the on a wall they need to golf is not in this you're not going to know when those are not going to shows that you have stephanopoulos rather than a golf. ball to betty pursued and go to the galaxy they did that it's. very good the british air goes there was a dress code a very hot it was a mistake you must sell a note of that now that i was going to. europe because there is it's just a it and
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a no i'm a student let's go to your guys now guy then. i gave him a great day. massacred yeah i was smart oh you had a rule that it will you a smart oman. you scare p.r. talk until you're confident because i have put off. raji was the snow that was there a woman joke at that that said the. your company after now four books are. not up to the last sort of have an up with the boss. days mormans the city but i set up a genocide to see if they will experience. this in the present and again as long as i'm us these are guided by the best that there is now. the get out
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you're going to sleep. i just forgot. if you scalped up on the one i was punishing of those years they can do is boy oh boy you'll be beheaded yes be admitting he was what he was going to go by you as you were young thing in the muscles incidentally she managed to be m.t.'s what is the use of mind to the. allegedly of the snake until he can only look at people who probably have been yeah he's got a million go by he's got a life. for. his is enough to see the fourth and final if you missed it in his new film as much as yours was necessitous again even your lead on.
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for those that have to. get so mad. at you it's very nice this there are a lot of. your . cold call of duty for the lift is shaped. for sort of fall out of sight and a quarter of a shower there. which a way to get on. a first date as a does call of good to know was really nice this is a plane ticket for sale and it even more seriously because obviously. this is first question what justice systems are. deal with orchids. in the us but i still. both dogs are. going to bust my ass about a girl it's
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a pesticide on top of the theory they thought it was something bad. about the stuff but that he now thought he had as a start. let's go to ghostbusters glade us to. talk of war chambers or i was just grade level fifty five first person that was good but there is some part order that i wanted to give getting my stuff but i'm devastated more. lead over his lives still hurts to spur leaky lead to lead the oh i'm a little bit odd then that is. it weighed in. big deal your. mom let me first so there goes the lady i'm in the nose though your
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church has a dog in this but could a little katie here for what they volunteer for to dish more look to see lead talks with complicity could it go to the risk of that blow the real possibility that the new guy did it or got. the money or. met a young kid who loved to go. as pilots or saddam's. or thanks to social work. of course challenging guitar. school or kind of could or should. ask that he seems to be off because. they're so. it took us our extra washable to screw us and. so.
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let's. hope. that. wash i brought it to school but i was crushed. by dispersing. that. seeing our kids get. scholarships to the children i just chose just. that's a school. i want to watch but i want to watch it that is what. skyscraper.
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you have. to. take up out there. so i try to. write about it was. traced. the in. the.
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impishly how can our home i never meant to talk as i did this to my comment ok call our. argentine for a new. question in mind don't see harker's just ask our town and ask. him. so the hit today could be of help us our cup they did. it because it has hit the top which i'm going to keep they put in. good old ought to go. to the forest. to get. them. for it's good.
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to. see. it's. it's. just. natural. for months school. buses to snorkel. school. us. still.
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that's. cool. off.
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it. is. a holy end holding a whole. new. meaning. to. the.
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old school and. the new on the move and. that will solidify them as disgusted as vastly. our nurses go for their lives so therefore his ilk will serve with the sneer this only. allows a child to. this upon her to give this silicon. valley as a measure of lust. that. justice is think it's because you're. going. if you've ever been.
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to scold i'm sure some class. action was financed and it's hard sometimes to get. it now much though but it's mask on thousand he says yes yes. he got his use of. it because i got him up george bank accounts of the heart of my amazon my. cloak only once over my. heart just now.
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sureness to kill the ability to be ex she. doesn't establish a theme keep and be able. to show us and can change this too big a big big boy good story committed people gory capture the blood look a hydrogen you could take it tends to get it better but the dog will not get it will be a big a big high she'll put that in this moment to go see what it does because being a real big big big beast man is looking. critically because we are. going out the net are a must yes it. could be a must to calculate a toilet demise you mean local medical bill clinton was to calm it avails him. hour but what is a good woman. and i like standing on line. good
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tape for qantas the talk of the u.k. . i would sure like to see other federal. police get some disputes not. to. put it well enough. to push it if you certainly can't. so i'm going to never so much for that just look. at folks organizations and as i do that if this close ups of us. was going it was ministers that are going to put it in is going to give you tips and you shortly will be was one who could in your view go to the latest of course not acquainted with issue since you're going to be us some more do so enjoy the weather you keep us occurred to him to not already is measured by do as well steve you. did the smartest. mother she must know to. do to get to his dish him it took was good you
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know more to see most of this is not the snow so. just load all this other thing and has. got a circuit board trouble this is. the most interesting things all day every day. but the bottom attempting to share supply. and you know kind of a halt in any of. our universe. based what the standard put in acknowledging as you get the need. just but there's just
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a bit angus now go walk. out . not now not it will. get to prosecute them that ought to look to. me when it actually. is called. bush.
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ice question not at all because this. sort of stood out among. us and. costs a lot of me. suck it just evolved those there look there was no. is no need to get a job was carter's goal is to go work at j. young. i'm up early. but they're just casual just to get to all nurses live it is known as misc people one bit good he kills the entity now today. out of our. studios
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will be on. hand at least. as to cook at risk of getting and then. because of.
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is born. in a country playing political catamounts games with europe and russia the people are
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trying to find their voice. but under the un faced room of the so-called last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risking. the penalty phase. can be simply have. to bend the roost in emma a weakness documentary. on al-jazeera. we got a big line of storms rolling outs of bolivia stretching for paraguayan then making
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the way down into the southeast of brazil to the south of that it is fine and dry was the time which is and want to say i was getting up to the area gravel twenty degrees celsius warmer still to santiago highs here around twenty eight degrees on thursday afternoon was still as we go on through friday although those temperatures just fall back at such a little further south f.l. the north where we're pushing up towards rio big down poles coming through here that eastern side of brazil right across the amazon basin up to the far north of the continent it just a little drive into places like atlanta sure enough pushing up towards the venezuela columbia sing a few showers panama also seeing if you show and what it says shadows to into the caribbean for the most part glorious sunshine temps getting up to around thirty sales assistant a lot of cloud and rain will sink a little further south of jamaica could see some rain southern parts of cuba say just as in the way down towards costa rica where much of the caribbean there was a set there is plenty of sunshine around some sunshine today now making its way back across the u.s.
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still some live longer spells of rain just around the eastern seaboard every down pulls a neocon just a celsius on thursday a friday but it comes yet wasna. the weather sponsored by countdown anyways. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's journey to break unite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as well as the police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage of the arms trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important components of life in post bricks of britain. from around the world that outline is a symbol also must fight and its europeans have called their full support behind.
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this powerful social network as sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm hello markets and this is the news our of wife from doha coming up in the
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next sixty minutes. desperate for help thousands of people still stranded in mozambique at least three hundred a week after cycle it i made landfall. a battle british prime minister to resign made arrives in brussels to ask for a break sit extension. why bikers lead the way at a funeral for a seventy one year old son who was the first person shot dates in the new zealand mosque attacks. and the hardships of life on the streets for families struggling to feed themselves in the philippines. or the aftermath of a devastating storm is affecting tens of thousands of people across southern africa cycle an eight i began as a tropical storm earlier this week before intensifying off the western coast of
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madagascar that hit lands in mozambique on thursday with winds gusting up to one hundred and seventy kilometers an hour pounding the city of beirut at then moved in the lines causing further destruction through the weekend tracking westwards and striking neighboring zimbabwe that malawi also experienced severe rain flooding and damage from the high winds the storm flattened buildings and put the lives of millions at risk. the rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach cycling victims traps in flooded areas around fifteen thousand people still need rescuing hundreds of them have been stuck on rooftops and trees for more than three days now the cycle has left a trail of destruction across southern africa at least three hundred people are dead but that number is likely to be much higher. for me the miller flew over one of the hardest hit areas in central mozambique she sent this report.
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the roofs of buildings out from the water that's all that's left of this town by floodwater that almost a week ago. the province it's not known how many people made it out safely. on stagnant water lies across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land rescue workers drop off desperately needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only meal in days. their little guy. i. was a little bit. late at. night. as we fly further we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded sit wait and sleep on
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a back to grandstand a short unsubtle group preview from floodwaters. then a call comes through to save a critically ill patient this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible. ten minute flights between. safety of bare a city maybe her only chance initial concern about how psycho to die would impact central mozambique has been replaced by a widespread flooding a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just one rescue of what aid agencies say could be thousands more. al-jazeera muslim beak. or persons prime minister to resign may is in brussels to do. and her request for a brick sit delay in front of e.u. leaders may want to block c.
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extends persons departure dates from next week to the end of june but any decision to delay the exit must be taken by all e.u. member states unanimously new leaders are expected to wait until a third attempts by me to get paula ments backing for her proposal it is today is a matter of personal regret to me but a short extension would give parliament the time to make a final choice that delivers on the results of the referendum but we used also not forget that we're here is leaders of twenty eight countries discussing the global challenges that we face and i've always said all they were leaving the european union of course we will continue to have shared interests notably among those are shared security and prosperity so the u.k. will continue to be involved in discussions at these this summit these discussions are expected to cover issues like china ukraine just internation and will continue to want to work with the view on issues of shared interest when we leave. well hoda
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abdel-hamid joins us now live from brussels the there isn't really a clear picture of them or what what's going to happen what do you think the us next move is likely to be. well the you made it very clearly that the no mind to include strasburg proposals as may has requested but the years going to have very tough questions for tourism and you know this was supposed to be the u.k.'s and hers a last e.u. summit well now she is here leading for an extension to article fifty but the e.u. leaders want to know what exactly for what guarantees does she have that she would actually cross the line and she would have a positive outcome of another meaningful vote if that indeed happens next week in the house of commons so i'm sure that will be asking her a lot of questions there is
9:55 pm
a slight change to her program it was it wasn't scheduled before but she is as we understand in now meeting in a with french president emanuel my quote and then she will have another meeting with the president of the e.u. council donald tusk and then she will be meeting with the rest of the leaders. we heard from various leaders that they were questioning really what was this extension had and what purpose it would bring and certainly many she will not get at the june thirtieth date that she asked for many leaders did say that whatever happens if she is actually granted that extension and i think they will be waiting to see for that vote in the house of commons before deciding whether they will grant that extension or not well they said that in any case it has to and by the latest may twenty second because after that there are the dual european
9:56 pm
parliamentary elections and this may. still part of the by then then according to the to do law of the. regulations of the you then. take part in the parliamentarian election that is something i'm told that they could somehow go by they could sound find a solution for maybe but certainly they are waiting to hear from her and certainly to see what's changed and what makes her so confident that next time she will be able to get that yes vote she needs so much. of the heat in brussels thanks very much for that appears the ball pretty much back in the e.u. school at the u.k.'s court now let's cross to the u.k. well paul brennan is standing by paul the leaders have been speaking their irish teacher has described the situation in london as somewhat chaotic does this tally with what you're seeing. yes.
9:57 pm
for the leaders to cut the u.k. a bit of slack the reality is though that the conciliatory tone the tory some a struck that she was going into that summit here does not really tally with the speech that she gave at a podium in downing street late on wednesday night which has basically riled everybody yesterday wednesday she announced that she would be seeking a short extension from the e.u. just to the end of june well that got the probe wreck city is angry because as far as they're concerned any delay after march twenty ninth is unacceptable to them the people who were hoping for a longer extension are also unhappy because just a week earlier the government had said that a short extension would be reckless and there we go just days later theresa may is opting for that very option so the extremely unhappy about that on the tone that theresa may strike on wednesday night going to a televised address and speaking to the british public and saying look i'm with you
9:58 pm
it's the m.p.'s who are the problem it's not me i'm trying my best to deliver the bretts it that you voted for in two thousand and sixteen that has created a huge amount of ill will here in parliament behind me from all sides who feel the theresa may has been somewhat disingenuous about her role in all of this remember it's her who has brought back this deal twice and has it been rejected it looks like she's going to bring exactly the same deal back again next week most likely it will be rejected again they feel that she is not accepting any responsibility for her part in the long jump that we have here and the deadline as we know is extremely tight eight days now before that the bridge before britain is choosing to leave the european union i was still no clear as to what those last few days will be spent doing it order to try to resolve the situation. was here for clarity paul i'm sure will be coming back to you more and more over the coming few days but for now i thank you very much paul brennan speaking to us that life form westminster.
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new zealand's prime minister has moved swiftly to make changes to gun laws just days after the mass shootings at two mosques all military style semi automatic weapons and the so rifles are effectively banned immediately when hay has more from christ church. less than a week after fifty people were murdered the prime minister just announced changes to gun laws that she says will make new zealand safer today i'm announcing that new zealand will ban all military style seamy order magic we can we will also ban all assault rifles we will ban all car capacity magazines we will ban or pads with the ability to convert seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon i just don't expect the laws to be passed in three weeks and in the meantime the weapons have been reclassified meaning
10:00 pm
owners will have to apply for new licenses the message from the prime minister to those gun owners is don't bother trying. the gunman who is alleged to have attacked the mosque sport assault rifles legally with a license he then modified them using parts he purchased online he was able to fire multiple rounds quickly the guns he used will now be illegal and the loophole he took advantage of to modify them closed on monday as cabinet met to agree on the law changes the owner of new zealand's largest gun seller held a media conference in christchurch he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears all my life but this particular guy is not of their out of the gun debate the government says it will buy weapons off owners in
10:01 pm
a plan things will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing this back to the police but with no gun registry or new zealand it's not known how many.


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