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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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the gunman who is alleged to have attacked the mosque sport assault rifles legally with a license he then modified them using parts he purchased online he was able to fire multiple rounds quickly the guns he used will now be illegal and the loophole he took advantage of to modify them closed on monday as cabinet met to agree on the law changes the owner of new zealand's largest gun seller held a media conference in christchurch he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears will more life but this particular diary is not of their begun to bite the government says it will buy weapons off owners in a plan it thinks will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing this back to the police but with no gun or new zealand it's not known how many are out there tell me the last week or so
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a lot of people been buying up lots but i mean. they're going to have to look at themselves especially if the hard stuff mayor and relentless them and that simple i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience and some people could see this as a reaction. reaction because of one person the consequences and what we've seen is this terrible and something must change the prime minister says the new laws are just the beginning she says one stop passed will be a broader review of regulations to try to ensure new zealand never sees another mass killing wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. well more victims of the attacks have been buried in christ church among them was how she died not be the first person shots and killed under thomas was at his funeral.
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in the life heart she doubt now be loved motorbikes so his sons arranged for members of a club to lead his funeral cortege nabil was the first and at seventy one the eldest person shot and killed last friday in christchurch witnesses say he greeted the gunman at the door of the al nor mosque not realizing his intent his family is profoundly proud of his spinal words of welcome on first day hundreds of people came to the muslim section of christ churches memorial park cemetery to pay their last respects and reflect on his life he was the first african in new zealand any search to accomplish a mosque in he built the allure mosque in is the founder so many people are being buried this week there's a marquee at the cemetery in which to conduct formalities the greeting of and
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grieving over nobby's body here's why died in teary youngest granddaughter his wife distraught and a friend comforting one of his sons after the funeral prayer this is now the when he first came to new zealand a young engineer who established a business mending damaged cars he made a success of life in new zealand many friends helped carry his coffin. graveside more tears and more prayers eleven victims were buried before nabi thirty eight more to follow all on our identified after days of investigation by police and a coroner. now. used to be lowered gently into the ground. after all the trauma and then the bureaucracy of the last week finally isn't about how she died but rather how he lived who he was what he did and the
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legacy he's leaving behind that legacy includes fun of children and knowing grandchildren and the memory of a kind man dad had a good heart a loving father to welcome even what it is. a good man for muslim religion. for our family. let's make haji daoud will forever stay here but online his final words are now troubling. andrew thomas al-jazeera cross church. of his plans more ahead so only news hour including. no letup in protests in algeria has angered grows against the ruling party. and in sports new rules to lower testosterone in female
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athletes are criticized as unscientific poll will be here to explain. an explosion at a chemical factory in eastern china has killed at least six people and injured thirty more it happens in yen shown in junction province windows in the neighboring residential area were smashed by the force of the explosion well brian joins us now for more from beijing a.j. what more can you tell us at this stage. well hello this was a powerful explosion a large plume of smoke was clearly visible over the site of this explosion also large flames as well we also know that the explosion was heard some forty
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kilometers away that gives you an indication of just how forceful it was what's also i think of great concern to people is that there were at least ten schools that live within a five kilometer radius of this explosion and what this really focuses on once more is the fact that people in china live in very close proximity to complexes industrial sites where some of those dangerous chemicals in the world are produced now we also know that china's earthquake administration recorded a magnitude magnitude three tremor shortly after the explosion so it's possible this explosion actually caused that tremor to happen we know there are at least thirty people who have been injured many of them workers many of these workers have apparently very bad facial wounds from from from glass but also local residents are
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involved in also trying to rescue other people that were caught up in this accident hello we have to remember that these sorts of industrial accidents in china are not rare in the time that i've been in china for five years i can count at least five serious industrial accidents involving chemicals the most serious one was in the northeastern city of tea and gin in two thousand and fifteen when more than one hundred sixty people were killed after an explosion at a facility storing chemicals china is trying to improve its its safety record its industrial safety record in two thousand and seventeen though the latest we have figures for some thirty eight thousand workers died in accidents in mines and factories but that was in fact a twelve percent fall on the previous year it's improving but obviously not fast enough it in brain joining us from beijing thank you.
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judges have joined protests in the algerian capital organizing a settin outside of local courts the process says a solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who refused to oversee the upcoming election of president of disease was a thinker is a candidate's. oh dear israel and party has also withdraw its support for which the but that's unlikely to satisfy protesters who don't just want the president to go but the entire establishment that has backed him up so my momma junction has the reports. for almost a month algerians have waved banners and shouted slogans demanding president dr as you put a fluke a step aside now his own party appears to have deserted. the members of the national liberation party fully support the popular movement and will defend with all sincerity in order to achieve the objectives according to
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a clear roadmap. it's a serious setback to the eighty two year old leader who many believed to be unfit to govern because of his health the country's newly appointed foreign minister extended a conciliatory hand to the protest movement the likes of which algeria has not seen for decades ok then and when she and she was the solution lies in dialogue the algerian state is fully ready for dialogue moreover it is fully ready to welcome the representative of the opposition and civil society as members a new government that is being formed now and a constructive dialogue is the only way capable of finding successful solutions that meet people's expectations in the state's responsibilities. the demonstrations led by the young have already scored success which if liko was forced to withdraw from the possibility of a fifth time but would also postpone polls which were due in april with no new date set and he remains the nominal head of the transition process. many protesters note
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ironically that they've asked for elections without the what they've got is beautiful and no elections complicating matters even further is the fact that protesters want to see more than just politically could go they also like to see the ouster of the entire establishment that has backed him until now. which means the protests looks set to continue would have luka and his f.l. and party have not ruled out jury alone also at the top table is a coalition of business interests and the military on tuesday algeria's army chief declared that the public has expressed noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing itself from with that leaker. nine democratic senators in the u.s. a calling for the release all detained human rights activists inside the arabiya including an american citizen and a lesser is king solomon sena says denies what they called systematic discrimination against women religious minorities and the mistreatment of migrant
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workers they asked for the parts and over human rights activists including dr weil the fatah he a u.s. citizen held without charge since november twentieth seventeen. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul there of ministry says at least twenty three others were injured at a ceremony to mark the persian new year for the city exposes were caused by three remotely detonated devices. thousands of people are being moved from northern parts of the straight ahead of a powerful cycle and many people living along the northern territory's east coast are being relocated to the city of darwin cycling trevor is expected to make landfall on saturday officials say it will bring heavy rain and a storm surge. now speaking of whether he has ever said ever so what's the latest with this cycle trevor then welfare has actually lost
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a little bit of strength. in the process of making its way back out into the gulf of carpentaria so it's regaining strength take a look at the satellite picture you see how it is now becoming organized once you get in it is set to become a large powerful and extremely dangerous system as it makes its way towards north east and parts of northern territory sustained winds at the moment of around ninety kilometers per hour gusting to around one hundred fifteen so certainly strong enough but it will strengthen further as we go through the coming hours and on top of that of course we're very concerned about the amounts of rainfall coming down. over the past twenty four hours or seen around one hundred sixty two millimeters of rain is to that more than cold just around the cape york peninsula of queensland so as we go on through the next couple of days is what we are with faced with friday it gathers itself in the gulf of carpentaria sucking about warm moist saying it push a little further south west which is to go on into this german saturday it is set
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to make landfall it will punch its way inland into that northeastern corner of northern territory lots of heavy rain coming in here this is the trials affected there actually so some of that rain will be useful but it will cause inevitable flooding by this stage will be casting our eye over towards the northwestern corner of australia where we've got veronica pushing in higher and that's going to bring some flooding rains here for the start of next week. couple may al-jazeera news are a former first lady is likely to face torture charges related to liberia's civil war. and in sports the biggest names in tennis get a new home at an american football stadium paul tell us more later on. but that's. when it's not isn't that. so is there not. a lot
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of redoubtable now because of the bunches approach and at the bottom. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chain on al-jazeera. nearly three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union exit is yet to take for. them britain seen through its divorce from its european a based cloak of the whole process still be revived to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. news every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all jazeera reminder all the top stories this hour. rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach victims of cycle is i know the fifteen thousand people are stranded and at least three hundred have died since the storm struck mozambique zimbabwe and malawi. business prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for a brics it delay in brussels she is hoping the european union will agree to a three month extension of britain's departure from the e.u. . new zealand's prime minister has an eye on sweeping gun control measures after last week's attack on two mosques in christchurch that killed fifty people just
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send to arthur and says there will be an immediate ban on military style semi automatic weapons. or muslim communities synastry aliya have been sending supports to new zealand after the shootings in christ church including volunteers offering counseling what mcbride's reports from one such community in sydney. in the majority muslim neighborhood of the kemba in sydney's western suburbs they're still trying to understand what happened and why outside the local mosque a shrine has steadily grown with messages of support from people of different faiths and the security guard standing on duty as people gather for prez. in the surrounding streets people have drawn together to provide support for those grieving in christ church it has got people to come forth and become more close and although obviously go to new zealand for help and so forth like the community in
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christ church this suburb is largely made up of immigrant families for some it's a time to consider their relationship with their adopted country not just. i think in all australia all be able not happy with what happened in new zealand is that i hear they're good they're meant is good and justice respect muslim not different between muslim and christiane it's very good on the streets of the camber they're still shocked but also a sense of coming together i did australia as a whole the christ church seemed to have prompted a wider soul searching linda brisk women is an academic who contributed to a study islamophobia in australia now she believes is a good time for the whole country to take stock there has been an outpouring from communities so. i think it's. a bit light in some ways people who weren't
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concerned about islamophobia or people didn't understand the rise of islamophobia including right wing groups and now so trying to come to terms with that that is a positive reaction in many ways this muslim community is similar to the wall in christ's church and his sharing its pain. sydney. well as return see one of our other top stories this hour the prime minister to reason may is in brussels to seek an extension to the u.k.'s exit dates from the e.u. well the research is a policy analyst at the european policy center she joins us now live from brussels louis said do you think it's likely that a delay will be granted. i think. it's quite likely if the withdrawal agreement goes through the u.k. parliament next week simply because even in that case of delay would be necessary
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to pos all the necessary effects of legislation and to ensure an orderly withdrawal i think the more interesting question is going to be what would happen if the withdrawal agreement is not passed because then essentially there would be a choice between a new idea next friday and a much longer extension and it's quite interesting that neither to reason made nor european council president wanted to have explicit believe ruled out a long delay but of course it would be associated with all sorts of complications not least because the u.k. would have to take part in the european parliament elections and also politically it might be quite difficult for both sides well let's explore that it more disease so just why it is. such an issue for both parties. well for the u.s. side to fast because the u.k. would have to take part in the european parliament elections at the end of may and
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that would be quite complicated because some of the u.k. seats have already been redistributed to other countries so you would have to convince those countries to basically forego their claim on those seats which would be politically quite difficult and in certain countries it might also try out new legislation so it would be quite to it would be potentially a lengthy process. especially if basically if the expectation was that the u.k. would leave after a few months anyway then it would be quite difficult to convince those countries to give up their claim so that's the fast reason the second reason is that from that use perspective i think that you would lose some of its leverage because you really once this was withdraw it weak and it wants it now ideally and by granting the u.k. more time the question is really what the arts would do because i think that
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if parliament can't make a decision now when it's under such intense time pressure i think it's a question of whether it can make a decision if the time pressure is removed and i think i thought reason is that it would send quite an undesirable signal to vex a ts in the u.k. because it would basically signal to them that the e.u. is desperate to avoid nodia and that is not a very not the signal that the e.u. wants to send at all and it would weaken its negotiating position it would to another and its credibility and that would have very negative effects in their trade negotiations and i think from the u.k.'s perspective it's really a political problem and would be politically very difficult to get through well there are many political problems many on. this stage as well one of those arguably is it possible to solve this brics deadlock with the shorter extension.
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is seeking. well of course that's the big question whether parliament is going to pass the maze if they believe the ascension to that deadline for passing that it's next friday and that it's uncertain what's going to happen if they do want to pass it at the moment especially after theresa may speech last night it looks it doesn't look very likely that she's got the numbers but it's a very very volatile situation at the moment i think and it's really going to depend on the individual it's of our political process. this is and i think for many and it really depends on how this of our us. are. you know it's very hard to predict it's hard to predict so we will. hopefully very
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soon sabrina have to leave it there thank you very much for joining us from brussels we're going to bring you some breaking news this hour at least forty people have died after a ferry capsized in the northern iraqi city of mosul the overloaded ferry was carrying around two hundred people when it taps eyes in the tigris river those on boards were celebrating noisy of no rules of course we'll keep following that for you we will bring you the latest on the story as soon as it comes in. well let's return to europe the biggest block in the european parliament sasse suspended the ruling party of hungary and prime minister viktor orban fear of pain people's party says the decision follows calls for the fidesz party to be punished for alleged violations of e.u. principles often says he's a great of voluntarily pauses parties involvements with the sensorites e.p. p.
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but insists the blog is still united ahead of the european elections in may well in the broker is a professor in the european studies at stanford university in berlin he says the decision shows the e.u. is sticking to its democratic principles the european union is not just a utility maximizing club of countries that want to get rich but they are committed to western her democratic principle and it turned out recently in the last few years that some countries are playing follow when it comes to such principles of those argentina require or september listed a long list of violations like this operation of minority rights protection violations data protection violation principles by the rule of law and now of very substantial relations that question whether party like desh is committed to what the european union stands for. thousands of albanians have
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gathered outside the offices of prime minister is a rama and the country's parliaments they accuse the prime minister of being caracas and linked to organized criminal groups focus moleskine reports from soraya quote. your position brought us here in tehran are peaceful with minor incidents protests or are in front of the all being on parliament asking for is ignition of prime minister adorama and his government for weeks ago the opposition members of the parliament live their seats the blame prime minister is their arm of her corruption and ties to criminal groups will be indian prime minister said he's not willing to resign and he will continue to lead the country until the end of his mandate in two thousand and twenty one it is unclear if the political situation real damage will be in the spirit to join the european union. the albanian government says launching a large scale construction projects on the country's coasts and
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a bit sense of elop tourism but ethnic greek londoners say the state has forcibly taking away their lands leaving them with votes any recourse to justice john sufferable this reports enemy only but ego was barely seven when she witnessed the deaths of six greek soldiers fighting fascist forces in world war two they are buried on her farm stood now she feels she is facing a similar author of terrorism and the fight is once again over her land but owns beachfront property in the bay of humana albania's most valued results area but the government refuses to recognize her title to it it has marked all the beach front property in this valley state owned and plans to hand it over to developers. for her. i have the title deeds this land was bought in one nine hundred thirty three my father offered a different piece of land in exchange for him because his land was small and he also paid eighty nine gold pieces of papers are all signed now the authorities tell
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me i'm not the owner i've submitted the papers to court they're just holding on to them these people are. legal is one of hundreds of ethnic greeks who stand to lose one hundred thirty seven hector's of beachfront property stretching down the southern albanian coast the government claims the land last november in a cabinet decision that wasn't ratified by parliament or signed by the president the greek minority or money or party wishes to challenge the cabinet decision in court but it can't because albanians court system is crippled by a major shake down that has seen most supreme court and constitutional court justices dismissed for corruption this hiatus in the judiciary could last for years but development is carrying on the government is expropriating greek property at a rate which it has ordained of two and a half dollars per square meter money which the greeks aren't even bothering to claim deutsche bank has valued that same property at between sixty and one hundred
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twenty dollars per square meter putting the total value of land under expropriation at between eight hundred million and one and a half billion dollars the government is able to offer such a low rate because it has given developers negotiating leverage what we have is a government that is plotting on a daily and nightly basis to take away private and public property and then give it to a handful of honor guards which are effectively predatory chronos of the government . who are taking these properties and developing them in shady deals the government says it is trying to generate growth for the economy our main challenge remains the development of tories. we are rather taken a big reform four of the property titles little bit. which can guarantee the investors the foreign investors that the land they would like to invest their farms
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he is. completely in line with the law the greeks who died here scored the second world was first victory against fascism pushing lissa lilly's forces back through albania but in a country without a functioning judiciary and an insufficient balance of power the ark of justice may outlive me only please go jump al-jazeera humor. liberia's former first lady is set to appear in court in britain for a string of torture offenses agnes taylor the wife of former president charles taylor denies the charges which date back to liberia's civil war twenty years ago catherine stansell has the latest. reaves taylor used to be married to liberia's former president charles taylor but was she behind a series of human rights abuses between one thousand nine hundred nine and one thousand nine hundred one during the west african countries first civil war. she
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was living in southern england when she was arrested in twenty seventeen and denies various torture charges one relates to women in a village allegedly being raped by fighters from the national patriotic front of liberia other charges cover a pastor's wife being tied up and witnessing her two children being shot at a thirteen year old boy being severely beaten agnes taylor who previously worked as a lecturer at coventry in diversity in the u.k. has been in jail for the last year and a half i her ex-husband charles taylor let the national patriotic front of liberia following a peace agreement he was elected president in one thousand nine hundred seven. but two years later a second civil war broke out and eventually taylor was forced into exile. in two thousand and twelve following a war crimes trial in the hague he was convicted of aiding and abetting rebels committed atrocities in neighboring sierra leone he was sentenced to fifty years in
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prison the fighting in his native liberia spanning almost fifteen years killed up to a quarter of a million people have been stansell al jazeera. was for certain to that breaking news coming over iraq korea understand at least forty people have to always after a ferry capsized in the northern iraqi city will sue that's a good name is in baghdad and she joins us now on the phone natasha what more can you tell us about this. pretty grim the social media video we're seeing is showing the ferry upside down people screaming on the banks of the river and others furiously trying to swim against what looks like a very swift current this happened this afternoon this is a national holiday in iraq as people here and around the world celebrate no rooms or the iranian new year so this was a theme park you can imagine it was likely pretty packed there was
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a ferry along the tigris is part of this theme park and it's estimated that there were about two hundred people on board at the time the ferry capsized and now iraqi civil defense is saying that it likely capsized because it was the capacity there also saying that at least forty people women and children are dead so far they've been able to rescue twelve people but the social media video we're seeing and from the sheer number of people who are already on the ferry the video i can see of just how with that current is and from being told by the producer here here that it's not uncommon for or not to know how to swim i think that we're likely going to see those numbers increase in terms of the death toll that's as good a man in baghdad thanks very much for bringing us that we will of course keep across that story and bring you all the latest as it comes and to other news now
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so one of falling filipinos with extreme poverty kissing by a less than two dollars per day many including children will now as the street vendors and laborers to make enough to feed themselves to the island organ need some of those struggling to earn a living and feed themselves in the capital manila. when war broke out in morality in the southern philippines almost two years ago. and her children fled the violence they made their way here to downtown manila since then her eldest son up to her man has been providing for the family but life in manila is also violent and like many others they are harassed because they are.


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