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you can imagine it was likely pretty packed there was a ferry along the tigris is part of this theme park and it's estimated that there were about two hundred people on board at the time the ferry capsized and now iraqi civil defense is saying that it likely capsized because it was the capacity there also saying that at least forty people women and children are dead so far they've been able to rescue twelve people but the social media video we're seeing and from the sheer number of people who are already on the ferry the video i can see of just how swift that current is and from being told by the producer here here that it's not uncommon for rocky's not to know how to swim i think that we're likely going to see those numbers increase in terms of the death toll especially good in baghdad thanks very much for bringing us that we will of course keep across that story and bring you all the latest as it comes and to other news now so one
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of five filipinos lives in extreme poverty because in by own less than two dollars per day many including children will now as the street vendors and laborers to make enough to feed themselves to the island's ogun need some of those struggling to earn a living and feed themselves in the capital manila. when war broke out in morality in the southern philippines almost two years ago. and her children fled the violence they made their way here to downtown manila since then her eldest son up to her man has been providing for the family but life in manila is also violent and like many others they are harassed because they're homeless and they're classified as illegal vendors. the market is hard when i see them haul away entire what is even more difficult is when the children are sick but what can i do. experts say
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iran to have a filipino children go to bed hungry and the young are most at risk of money meant more than twenty percent of them are underweight the philippines ranks ninth in the world among countries with the highest number of children with stunted growth. how occurs the most in agriculture and fishing sectors where more than seventy percent of workers are impoverished displacements brought about by natural disasters and continuing on conflict contributes to communities food insecurity the autonomy's a region in muslim in the now has one of the highest tendency for under way children and it may be attributed to the history of conflict in the region. aid groups have been feeding children in many public schools for years and the government is promised to expand that program nationwide and include kindergartens and elementary schools. in hopes to eradicate hunger and reduced on to the growth
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in children by twenty thirty on their it's sustainable development goal it's not being highlighted because. this is very abstract we only notice when nutrition if the child is skin and bones sometimes we call it behave that hunger even we call it like. starvation of the soul because when we talk about that it doesn't only affect the body with it affects the whole being of the child. shayne is twelve years old and for four years she's been helping her mother feed her other seven siblings they sell flowers outside churches and together make less than six u.s. dollars a day shane sleeps here on the pavement with her mother she says she dreams should become a doctor windy but for now she sells her flowers with hunger her constant companion
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. dog and al jazeera manila. the international criminal court is considering whether the persecution of the reading go by me and most governments warrants an investigation a group of younger refugees say they've been fighting for justice ever since they fled one with hundreds of photos and others in august twenty seventh seen when coaxes bizarre in bangladesh stephanie decker meets the volunteers piecing together the stories of survivors are meeting place may not look like much but what this young man has achieved is extraordinary every day a list three months nonstop three month continue to walk through that dr can mount fled me in march one thousand months ago along with hundreds of thousands of other . he and other volunteers immediately took the initiative to document what happened speaking to survivors one by one they wrote down their stories of dead that we are
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up thinking we lost everything. we are thinking we need to call out and calculate a lot to tell lost but we need to prove what had gone through to my community for example in my belly all money. horse was bond on on many people way out. on when to shoot an oil in a fire we need reasonable information we're told in the international community and so they documented it all now the testimonies of been divided by the ledge and they have the villages here and it's also been sub categorized by things like burnt houses looted houses raped and gang raped for example this village here three hundred homes burned two hundred sixty looted hundred and twenty seven women or young girls raped and then they were also documented where they believe was behind it. one of the testimonies is from a woman
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a mother but she could not explain what happened to her he says her ten year old daughter could saying she was raped by let out to women it. ought with me i see everything what i have done my model and. danny i was dumped out. in the space of just a few weeks almost seven hundred thousand people fled me and marjorie a military crackdown the international criminal court is now looking into whether this warrants investigation can says they have in the past given this document to the i.c.c. and other international organizations everyone thinking for shooter who shoot and backed out alive what do you think it will be live in the u.k. we lost everything to do his hope just like everyone else here is for
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justice to be done and to be able to go back home until then he says he will continue to speak up and fight on behalf of his community stephanie decker zero in the refugee camps of cocks is bizarre. for the first time. you have. been.
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same for the sports news here's paul thank you very much athletics world governing
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body has been criticized for using unscientific research as it tries to bring in rules to reduce testosterone in female athletes critics say talent not testosterone is behind the success of athletes like caster semenya well south africa's olympic champion is waiting for the court of arbitration for sport to decide if the rules proposed by the idea are legal or not so many was subjected to a gender test in two thousand and nine and was banned from competing for almost a year before being cleared to run again well the say the changes will ensure fair competition for female athletes and are the result of years of scientific research it only applies to running events between four hundred metres and fifteen hundred metres which would hit so many hard because she competes in the eight hundred and fifteen hundred affected off lease who want to keep participating must either take medication for at least six months run a longer distance events or start competing against men well it boy is
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a professor at the university of oslo he coauthored a report which says the data being used by world athletics is forward. it was lovely report good results from two world championships where we have classified the female athletes as and we're going to try to start trying. not to start drawing the ball and then they come here. and they have all of the highlights of the length or what they did in their in their in the field. and it would usually was there were certain events from four hundred to fifteen hundred meters running you know was tiny. or having a high testosterone and all and i should underline it's a tiny and it's a few percent. so you know problems with that they want to put
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people on the hormone her therapy reducing the cost on the whole for such a tiny little thing for which they have no scientific arguments because they're good but in north korea it's the miami open tennis will look a bit different this week because for the first time it's been played at the miami dolphins and f.l. stadium it shifts the tournament from its longtime home on key biscayne top players like serina williams and roger federer there took part in the opening ceremony the miami open is trying to recapture its reputation as an unofficial fifth grand slam on the world tour. it's a totally different feel here the stadiums massive it's a state within a stadium so i think it's really exciting it's fresh it's new and it's a ball that's it's a big move you know and i understand why the move has been made seeing any wells grow miami the site it keeps going not being able to grow i think wanted to just change it up again women's number one naomi osaka grew up playing close to the
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dolphin stadium but she returns to florida with news that her former junior coach is suing her for two million dollars a second didn't comment on the claims from christoph jaw he says he's owed twenty percent of her prize money she shot to the top of the rankings after winning the u.s. and australian opens back to back. oh yeah i mean it's definitely a new feeling for me just to be at the top and not really have to chase anyone down but. i think that the sort of people bending me down is so it is something that i've been used to these paths to try to meet so i'm just. looking forward to how it goes. well now i mean it won't be the only our soccer in action this week older sister mary has been given a wild card entry for the tournament she's currently ranked three hundred thirty eighth in the world want to look out for in the men's draw is canadian teenager félix. he eighteen year old won his qualified to make it through to the main
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torment in miami is already up to fifty seventh in the world after the third round out indian wells last week. and basketball the cleveland cavaliers prevented the milwaukee bucks from clinching top spot in the n.b.a. division the bucs went into the game in ohio without the injured star on to the concord who missed his second game in a row rookie colin sexton school twenty five points jordan clarkson out of twenty three more to lead the caps to one hundred seven hundred two wins the bucs are looking to wrap up their first division title since two thousand and one. and the n.h.l. defending champions the washington capitals were defeated by the tampa bay lightning tempus fled during what was a very tight contest with going tied for four at the end of regulation it went to overtime. headman clinched the winning goal that ended five for the light.
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well have a bit later on that's all for now thanks very much paul looking forward to seeing more of that fight on the ice well that's it for the new side of the day stay with us on al-jazeera i'll be back with you in just a moment with more of that they sneeze. more punches when they're on live t.v. and it's taught us is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs to traditional church or if you join us on sat israel is an apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from to join the colobus conversation amount is there a dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following
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her arrest these disabused of the victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since it's two thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the. russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. used properly can be a beautiful sight. we're
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not letting them to our country. trump has vowed to keep migrants out of america. people in power travels alongside those hoping to make even. more pin their shoes on al-jazeera. a ferry capsizes in the iraqi city of mosul dozens of people have dried and. i'm hella mohit seen this is all just live from doha also coming up short extension would give parliament the time to make a final choice that delivers on the results of the referendum to resume
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a is in brussels to try and delay the u.k.'s exit from the european union until the end of june. fearing rescues in mozambique where more than two hundred people have died thousands more are marooned ever since i call it i struck a week ago plus. i think it's a step on the right direction new zealanders welcome tough new gun laws introduced just days after friday's mosque attacks. at least forty people have died after a ferry capsized in the northern iraqi city of mosul around two hundred people were believed to be on board the vessel on the tigris. river they were celebrating the whole. well rescuers have so far pools twelve survivors from the water
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let's get to lisa still in this corresponds and that's a good name joins us now live from baghdad. what more can you tell us the video we're seeing on social media is revealing a very distressing picture on the tigris river in mosul we are seeing people picture video of what appears to be a ferry upside down we're seeing video of people jumping into the tigris river in an attempt to rescue others we can hear people along the bank screaming and we can see several people swimming furiously in what appears to be a rather swift current on the tigris river this is you mentioned is a national holiday here in iraq they are celebrating here and around the world no ruse the iranian new year this happened at a theme park in the northern city of mosul so you can expect that it was likely very crowded now there was an ability for people to take
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a ferry at that theme park along the tigris river we're told there were about two hundred people on board at the time and iraqi civil services are now saying that it appears that that ferry was beyond capacity when it capsized the numbers obviously are going to continue to change but we're now hearing that forty five people mostly women and children have died and about twelve people have already been rescued the very distressing images. very distressing picture that's emerging notably the claim that the ferry was over loyalty what would you say the safety records of ferries used for public transport has been lucky can a wrong. well i can tell you that we have two very seasoned producers here in the baghdad bureau they've been here since two thousand and three and both of them have said that this is unprecedented they simply cannot recall
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a time when there was an accident on a ferry due to it capsizing because it may have been beyond capacity but also involving the sheer number of people that we're talking about you can rest assured that iraqi officials are going to be getting to the bottom of exactly what happened on the tigris river today and why and if it could have been avoided that's a good name joining us there from baghdad thanks very much for bringing us on the latest on the situation. britain's prime minister to resign me is in brussels to defend her request for a break and fronts of leaders but he wants the block to extend britain's departure date from next week to the end of june but any decision to delay the exit must be taken by all e.u. member states unanimously e.u. leaders are expected to wait until a third attempts by may to get parliament's backing on her proposal so it is today
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is a matter of personal regret to me but assures extension would give parliament the time to make a final choice that delivers on the results of the referendum but we used to not forget that we here is leaders of twenty eight countries discussing the global challenges that we face and i've always said that all they were leaving the european union of course we will continue to have shared interests you know should be among those are shared security and prosperity so the u.k. will continue to be involved in discussions at these this summit these discussions are expected to cover issues like china ukraine just information and will continue to want to work with the e.u. on issues of shared interest when we leave. well paul brennan will have the latest from london in just a moment but first order of the hamid's is in a broad for the timing see this very much key at the ball
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but can you just give us a sense of the the atmosphere in brussels right now or are there any expectations of a breakthrough. well certainly you get the impression that the reason may has arrived here and she knows she's going to be put in front of some very tough questions and she must be pretty and the e.u. leaders are expecting her to have some very clear answers now over the past hour we've heard from german chancellor angela merkel she said what she's been saying all along that she prefers to work very hard until the very last through have a friendly divorce as she put it and then we heard just really just about fifteen minutes ago from felt present emmanuelle marquand he said the e.u. is ready and he said the u.k. must decide what it was he did say that respecting the wish of the british people was very important and was a priority but you do get a sense that really e.u. leaders are questioning to resume our server say what you have been telling us what
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you don't want tell us what you need now she said she's going to ask for an extension until june thirtieth that might not be possible because several e.u. leaders said that she must. that cannot go any extension cannot go past me twenty second because of the upcoming european elections i think what you're going to have by the end of the day is e.u. leaders saying yes we agree in principle on an extension but you have to go back to do you care you have to go back to the house of commons you have to make sure that you get a yes minicon meaningful meaningful vote this time and then we can talk about all the rest so i think you're not going to get a firm commitment for an extension but you're going to get an agreement in principle in terms of this extension of order we've heard about the shorts extension the long exemption you've been speaking with european leaders summit is there any indication at all which way they're leaning or is the ball very much back
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in the u.k. scores on this. well we did hear from some european leaders over the past few days that we've just specially french the french president that ok let's talk about a short extension but that doesn't mean that after that you can have a longer extension donald tusk yesterday very clearly said that there is brics and fatigue settling in and that this and that the e.u. also has many other files to do with not just bricks and everybody wants that to finish even though both sides if there's one thing they agree on is that everybody wants doesn't want rather no deal breck's is how you reach that is the most complicated thing yet i think terrorism may we'll have to give some sort of pledge that there won't be a long extension after that because the e.u. leaders have been saying listen we work for two years on this withdrawal agreement we're not going to spend another two years working on a bridge and
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a whole new withdrawal agreement so let's deal with what we have let's see what kind of amendment you need so you can be able to put it forward to the house of commons and you need to make sure that you will get a yes vote in return i think that's the situation at this point and it's really all now into the order of the reason may have a holder of the honeyed in brussels thanks very much for bringing us up to speed let's cross now it's a poll brennan here is live for us in london the poll we heard there the e.u. putting the pressure on the prime minister in brussels what kind of pressure is she facing back in the u.k. where you are. immense pressure yeah i mean theresa may is in brussels but frankly here at westminster the still feeling the repercussions of what she had to say the prime minister say in a televised address that took place on wednesday night where she essentially said that she was with the people and that the log jam over bricks it was all the fault
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of m.p.'s now that has gone down very badly indeed and i have. never really seen the prime minister quite so isolated and friendless as she is in regards to the situation here in westminster that she has now m.p.'s who have been exasperated are now becoming infuriated by the prime minister's strategy the clock is ticking we are now just eight days away from bracks it's and she's effectively managed to make everybody unhappy that the she will bracks it is who simply want to leave the european union come what may are very angry at the fact that promise to may has been effectively bounced into asking for an extension or albeit a short one other m.p.'s who want to see a more orderly withdrawal from the european union are extremely unhappy with the fact that theresa may still seems to be banging on about the post about reintroducing to the parliament another meaningful votes on the deal it's already
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been rejected very resoundingly by huge majorities twice already now there's a big question mark about whether the speaker of the house is like chairman of the debates will actually allow the prime minister to strike a meaningful victory in m.v. three as it's being called here the other thing is that the problem is that self might not want to introduce it because the numbers are simply not there there isn't enough support and it seems the support is that being away i mean i was listening to one tory backbencher from her own party who said he voted for her in n.v. to meaningful vote to be seriously considering not voting in favor of the deal in m.v. three so rather than this speech increasing the amount of support and trying to coalesce support around it's actually backfiring in quite a big way paul brennan thanks for bringing us that update that from westminster more from paul and what of course it's a. for the let's see other news the aftermath of a devastating storm is affecting tens of thousands of people across southern africa
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cyclon it i began as a tropical storm earlier this week before intensifying off the western coast of madagascar they were the headlines in mozambique on thursday with winds gusting up to one hundred and seventy kilometers an hour pounding the city of beira and then move further inland schools and further destruction through the weekend tracking westwards and striking neighboring zimbabwe malawi also experience of fear rain and flooding and damage from the high winds storm flattened buildings and put the lives of millions at risk the rescue teams in mozambique have extended their search for survivors who still traps in flooded areas this footage shows an emergency team rescuing stranded villagers in beira hundreds of people have been clinging to tree branches and rooftops for several days now some fifteen thousand are still stranded that is has.


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