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tv   Walk In Their Shoes  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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the country until the end of his mandate in two thousand and twenty one it is unclear if the political situation will damage i'll be in yes this present to join the european union meanwhile there's a growing dispute over a large scale coastal land project in the country the albanian government is pushing ahead with construction in an effort to develop tourism but ethnic greek landowners say the state is forcibly taking away their land. has no enemy only but ego was barely seven when she witnessed the deaths of six greek soldiers fighting fascist forces in world war two they are buried on her thumb stood now she feels she is facing a similar author of terrorism and the fight is once again over her land. beachfront property in the bay of humor albania's most valued resource area but the government refuses to recognize her title to it it has not all the beach front property in this valley state owned and plans to hand it over to developers. well. i have the
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title deeds this land was bought in one nine hundred thirty three my father offered a different piece of land in exchange for it because his land was smaller he also paid eighty nine go peacefully and that the papers are all signed now the authorities tell me i'm not the owner i've submitted the papers to court they're just holding on to them these people are crooks. but he is one of hundreds of ethnic greeks who stand to lose one hundred thirty seven hector's of beachfront property stretching down the southern albanian coast the government claims the land last november in a cabinet decision that wasn't ratified by parliament or signed by the president the greek minority omonia party wishes to challenge the cabinet decision in court but it can't because albania's court system is crippled by a major shake down that has seen most supreme court and constitutional court justices dismissed for corruption this hiatus in the judiciary could last for years but development is carrying on the government is expropriating greek property at
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a rate which it has ordained of two and a half dollars per square meter money which the greeks aren't even bothering to claim deutsche bank has valued that same property at between sixty and one hundred twenty dollars per square meter putting the total value of land under expropriation at between eight hundred million and one and a half billion dollars the government is able to offer such a low rate because it has given developers negotiating leverage what we have is a government that is plotting on a daily and nightly basis to take away private and public property and then give it to a handful of honor guards which are effectively predatory chronos of the government . who are taking these properties and developing them in shady deals the government says it is trying to generate growth for the economy our main challenge remains the development of tourist we are rather taken
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a big reform for the property title settlement. which can guarantee the investors the foreign investors that the land they would like to invest their farms he says. are completely in line with the law the greeks who died here scored the second world was first victory against fascism pushing lysle east forces back through albania but in a country without a functioning judiciary and an insufficient balance of power the ark of justice may outlive me only legal jobs are open al jazeera humor. a growing number of children in the philippines are struggling to feed themselves that's according to aid groups one in five live in extreme poverty getting by on less than two dollars a day a national survey by the philippines department for science and technology found
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twenty percent of children are considered underweight is thirty two percent suffering stunted growth another survey found nearly seven out of ten households are unable to meet their daily dietary needs and went out and again has more from the capital manila. when war broke out in morality in the southern philippines almost two years ago. and her children fled the violence they made their way here to downtown manila since then her eldest son up to her man has been providing for the family but life in manila is also violence and like many others they are harassed because they're homeless and they're classified as illegal vendors. look at us hard when i see them hauled away and tired what is even more difficult is when the children are sick but what can i do. experts say iran to have a filipino children go to bed hungry and the young are most at risk of money meant
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more than twenty percent of them are underweight the philippines ranks ninth in the world among countries with the highest number of children with stunted growth. how occurs the most in agriculture and fishing sectors where more than seventy percent of workers are impoverished displacements brought about by natural disasters and continuing on conflict contributes to communities food insecurity the autonomy as a region in muslim mindanao has one of the highest tendency for on their way children and it may be attributed to the history of conflict in the region. aid groups have been feeding children in many public schools for years and the government is promised to expand that program nationwide and include kindergartens and elementary schools it hopes to eradicate hunger and reduced on to the growth in children by twenty thirty on there it's sustainable development goal it's not being highlighted because. this is very abstract we only notice one nutrition if the
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child is already skin and bones sometimes we call it behave that hunger even recall it like. that starvation of the soul because when we talk about malnutrition that it doesn't only affect the body but it affects the whole being of the child shane is twelve years old and for four years she's been helping her mother feed her other seven siblings they sell flowers outside churches and together make less than six u.s. dollars a day shane sleeps here on the pavement with her mother she says she dreams should become a doctor one day but for now she sells her flowers with hunger her constant companion . dog an al jazeera manila. still ahead on the program one of sport's biggest names announces her retirement poll will be here for the details.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. lauren thank you very much well the biggest star in gymnastics among bottles. after the tokyo. the twenty two year old american house for olympic gold became the first woman to win for all around the world titles but she says strenuous training on minor injuries have left her body feeling like it's falling apart she was asked
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if she'd come back to gymnastics. doria world. god no no. i feel like my life is so consumed in a maybe i have to veer away from their debts for a little bit before coming back to because i always want to try to do other things before coming back just so you know that i can at least do other things. japanese baseball great chiro suzuki has played his last major league game the forty five year old seattle mariners star has announced his retirement from the sports suzuki had his final spot in the eighth inning of the game against the oakland athletics is the second of a two game series being played in front of his home crowd in tokyo which ends a twenty eight year long professional career he also leaves as a winner as the mariners beat the a's five to four the you're pretty util. i wanted to have one final hit to give one last something back to the fans people
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think i'm not emotional but actually i am so i thought it would be good if i could have one last good performance to end it i was unable to do that but still stayed until the last moment and at that moment i felt that i could have died right there and been satisfied caster semenya is returned to the athletics track has been left in limbo after a decision was delayed over a new rules for testosterone levels in female athletes south africa's olympic champion is waiting for the court of arbitration for sport to decide if the rules proposed by the. legal or not that was set for march twenty sixth but has been delayed to the end of april one of the potential rule states that an athlete would have to take six months of medication to lower t. levels which could put some money in doubt for the world championships in qatar in september. former colombian international football a john v. offer has been arrested in connection with drugs trafficking after i was detained on a u.s. warrant after being involved in a car accident near the city of cali the ex premier league midfielder played for
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colombia thirty four times he's suspected of involvement in one of the country's drug cartels. plays and stuff of english side less to sits here in thailand to honor their late owner there's a problem was killed along with four other people in a helicopter crash at the club stadium last year a seven day funeral was held in bangkok in november and his body was rested in a temple for one hundred days before being cremated on thursday the qualification campaign for the twenty twenty european championships kicked off across the continent on thursday all the results but the stand by. beating scotland three nil before this much the cows accidentally won for competitive matches in ten years and are seventy seven world ranking places below the scots you haven't reached the euros since one thousand nine hundred ninety six michael schumacher son mick says he doesn't feel weighed down by comparisons with his father. the formula one
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championship seven times mick is working his way up the divisions with ferrari's drivers' academy stepping up formula two after winning formula three last year. it's pretty simple for me being compared to the best driver in f one history is the goal to have as my model and my father's is something very special honored to be to be compared to him. tennis and venus williams has reached the second round of the miami open in what is a record twenty at the parents at the tournament the seven time grand slam winner is unseated for the first time since two thousand and twelve she had only a small amount of trouble getting past slovenia's delila your cooper which on thursday the american winning this first set seven five venus then took the second six three to set up a meeting with college suarez navarro. world number one our soccer grew up playing close to the tournament's new venue at the home of the miami dolphins and she
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returns to news that a former junior coach is suing her for two million dollars a sucker hasn't commented on the claims from christophe job who says he's owed twenty percent of our prize money the twenty one year old shots the top of the rankings after winning the u.s. and australian opens. the basketball now on cleveland cavaliers prevented the milwaukee bucks from clinching top spot in the n.b.a. division the books went into the game in ohio without the injured star player and to calm paul in missed his second game in a row rookie colin sexton scored twenty five on jordan clarkson added twenty three more to lead the caps to eight hundred seventy one hundred two when the bucs are looking to wrap up their first division title since two thousand and one. oh are sorry sport back to lauren n london. thank you very much and millions of people in india and other south asian countries have been celebrating the hindu festival of holy the festival of colors it marks the arrival of spring on the cover each other
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in brightly colored powder to celebrate fertility and love and the victory of good over evil. and a bit of money can catch up with all the stories we're reporting on checking out our website. that's it for me. i'll be back in a moment with more news source. every weekly news cycle going to see you simply breaking stories and then of course
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there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in battery a free palestine. on al-jazeera. on march twenty fourth thailand will hold its first general election since the two thousand and fourteen military coup most thais are hoping for political stability but after years of military rule will this election be b.s. join us for live coverage as thailand vote on al-jazeera. be chips for democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since to. thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals
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exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. say to discuss with for their leaders all requests for extension. but will the u.k. prime minister get delay to breaks it we're live in brussels where e.u. leaders will deliver their verdict.
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on or in tears as al-jazeera live from london also coming up donald trump vows to recognize israel's sovereignty over an area seized from syria. thousands of people remain marooned in mozambique and zimbabwe a week. devastated the region. brazil's former president michel terrorism rested in what's become latin america's biggest anti corruption investigation. you know we begin in brussels where e.u. does a wrestling with u.k. prime minister to resign may's request for a delay to bret's it uniters were expected to announce their decision several hours ago but they're still locked in talks writes it is now just over a week away e.u. so far insisted that they won't change the brics it withdrawal deal they've agreed with the u.k. prime minister and that the british parliament must back it but that deal has been
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rejected by u.k. and peace twice already to resume has spent the day in the belgian capital appealing to european leaders to approve it today it till the end of june. is outside the british parliament in westminster first to lawrence lee in brussels this looked like it was settled hours ago what happened and what went wrong. well i mean there's various different ways of explaining that one is that under the terms of what to pay is now to be a new deal bricks a day might not be next friday it's all with or without an extension but effectively what happened was they did it's a reason they came here and said one extension had looked like they were going to give us some sort of extension on the assumption of how do we get through until may the twenty second but then she apparently was so evasiveness in a question and answer session with the other twenty seven members of the european
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union join the afternoon that effectively they just said so let's go and sit in the room over there and if you can't tell us what your plans going to be if you lose your vote for a third time next week then we're going to come up with an alternative plan for you and then they went off to have their dinner. and from all the sounds of it flashed out any number of different options of dates and plans and only sort of thing and now looks like they might have got so position where they're going to say to her and apparently she has some agreement that they have her agreements on this she can have a vote next week if it passes then the u.k. would leave on may the twenty seconds that is effectively as it was but the new thing is that the now suggesting to her that if a deal doesn't pass next week then she can simply stand up and say fine that said i'm off the u.k. is leaving on friday that deadline will be moved to april the twelfth which is the day after the u.k. has to say it is going to participate in european elections at the end of may and
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so by april the eleventh if a deal doesn't pass next week the u.k. would either crash out whole if parliament gets its say its way and takes over the process from to resume a then it could ask for a much longer extension based on the new plan and that could extend rex's through to the end of the year under a new plan so you know all. you can say about all this is basically the european union being so fed up with a total lack of clarity from stories in may as to what would happen if she loses a deal next week i decided to take power away from her and so and set the terms themselves and also i think has the effects of offering the u.k. parliament's about the wilfully more weeks to basically try to get past the reason may and come up with some sort of alternative suggestion of its own that they could put to the european union alongside a much longer extensions of brics it. thank you very much indeed for joining hollis live at westminster so how will this go down with that midwestern city thing with a pretty parliament that. well how it goes down here
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maybe getting a little bit ahead of ourselves because the first thing we've got to ask is whether she will actually accept these new terms and i think there is sufficient unpredictability in the system here to suggest that she may well not it's all predicated on the idea that theresa may would do anything to avoid no deal that may be a false premise but bear in mind this is a prime minister who is where she is in brussels right now on the back of a letter she sent to donald trump don't ask rather that she didn't run by her own cabinet she didn't run it by parliament certainly. and she gave this extraordinary speech to the nation last night using absolute derisory language about parliament blaming parliament for the mess that. this country finds itself in she doesn't appear to have run that by anybody this talk about that there's a rift between her and her chief whip that she should foresee in her body who's now
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openly walking around saying that that speech last night was appalling increasingly there is the image of this prime minister as a sort of lone wolf prime minister acting alone and capable of just about anything and the thinking is that great fear here is that she may well have decided that no deal is the best second option after her deal therefore what's to stop her. say to brussels that thanks very much but no thanks i'll take my chance of a deal next week if it fails i'm fine with no breaks it particularly up against the option of a long extension which he knows could split a party apart dilute bricks and possibly extinguish it all together at so i think there's a real worry about that they will be efforts next week to table an amendment to her deal when she brings it to parliament here to try and overturn the business of parliament to take that control away from her possibly delaying bricks it by a bit but the ultimate problem is there's no plan b. so all you achieve is move the deadline
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a little bit down the road without really getting rid of any of the jeopardy jonah hill thank you very much indeed and of course bring that to news conference from brussels as soon as it happens. is president donald trump it says it's time the united states fully recognized israel's sovereignty over the golan heights in a tweet trump said the golan heights is a critical strategic area for the security of israel and for regional stability the region was captured by israel during the six day war in one nine hundred sixty seven from the syrian army israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu fact what he called a bold move. and just being history. i. believe is your.
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first. right. to the truth. you will be able to. read this group or you will. israel and syria fought two wars over the good and heights the key conflict was in june one hundred sixty seven when after defeating egypt and jordan israel captured the area from syria six years later syria attacked and tried to regain control of the area but was repelled and nine hundred seventy four syria and israel signed an agreement establishing a un buffer zone there but in one thousand nine hundred one israel announced it was an exciting the going and heights this is not recognized internationally mike hanna has more from washington. in one presidential tweet president trump has
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effectively reversed more than fifty years of established u.s. policy by recognizing israel's sovereignty over the golan heights he's also flouting international law and international precedent international law states clearly underpinned by un resolutions that it is illegal to create sovereignty over a land that has been occupied by force and interestingly enough this is precisely the argument that the us has used to the united nations criticizing the russian invasion of crimea this a contradiction apparently ignored by president trump but not by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who's greeted this with joy no doubt well aware that his standing is going to be increased given that there is an election in israel taking place next month so certainly president trump handing the israeli prime minister a form of a political lifeline and at the same time reversing what has been
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a longstanding u.s. policy in the region a trail of death damage and flooding is continuing to devastate southern africa one week after psycho barreled through the region mozambique zimbabwe and malawi have been hit the hardest or the one point seven million people are affected many have lost their homes spending days without food or water after there is malcolm webb is traveling through one of the west hit regions the system dangar district in western mozambique close to the border to zimbabwe. cyclamen die ripped through roads and washed away bridges. our journey from. began in small boat made of tree bark. then a few kilometers down the road another broken bridge. the cyclamen split central mozambique into islands cut off from road access. we met knocking on
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a sire who hasn't seen our husbands who for storm mobile networks are cut off and made the crossing to find him. it is good but what choice do we if. i. just say something that is happening and being us the actual helping us to cross to get. people to cross to reach loved ones food. to refine whatever ways they can. after we've broken bridge we paid to ride him or to have a vehicle we could find most people here don't have the means to travel far like this. when we reach low lying planes but the storm damage is worse than this we have burst its banks. it's total devastation homes have been destroyed crops blasted by the wind and rain field off the field of them completely destroyed
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so a lot of people here will be very hungry. more than three quarters of mozambicans live on less than two dollars a day many people here subsistence farmers. what's left in the field was their food for the year ahead. they held. the any sign of it a helicopter makes one circle and flies off possibly an aid agency taking a survey and people can only hope they'll soon bring food and shelter. but with so much damage to the roads it'll have to come by at. the last broken bridge just before she has been made possible with some blown down cables. and tell us the money's trying to reach the town check on his family. hundreds of died. i'm a survivor but i've suffered too much not just physically but also psychologically .


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