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tv   East End Undertakers  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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happened leaving behind all this destruction and all this devastation and all the grief the water was so powerful it managed to drag parts of a bridge which was nearly a kilometer away from the area is shows you how strong the raging water was now people are trying to find out how many of their loved ones are dead and with the people who are who are missing we don't know exactly how many people are missing but what we seen throughout the day is people coming going through these borders walking through these parts trying to figure out was this the place where my house used to be if it was is a possible that maybe someone i think you may be missing may be buried underneath the boulders are buried underneath the mud they know it's going to take a long time for officials to come here and remove all of this debris if it ever happens right now the focus for rescue operations is that they want to find as many people alive as possible they want to try and get food and medical supplies to people as quickly as possible we've seen
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a lot more helicopters flying around the area and a sign that perhaps more people will be coming in to the place but in this particular area they said so far they have received no direct help from government officials or from aid agencies in terms of food blankets clothes etc but they're hoping that come soon for the moment though it is a moment of grief families or survivors have managed to come back to the area trying to find out more about their loved ones and some are even trying to rebuild their homes and try to move on their lives. brazil's former president michelle turner has been arrested as part of a huge anti corruption investigation the federal prosecutor says tamara was the leader of a criminal organization involved in decades of money laundering she though insists he's done nothing wrong reports. he was arrested he was. an investigating judge accused him of being the head of
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a criminal organization the payments of millions of dollars more than. willing to. the charges or in connection with the construction of a multi-million power plant three within an hour of the arrest. on the brazilian currency the one point two percent against the dollar. the arrests . into widespread bribery and corruption in brazilian business and politics more than one hundred fifty people in jail they include the former president. who was imprisoned last year for corruption. president in two thousand and sixteen. was impeached for financial irregularities
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always denied previous charges of corruption and this president enjoyed immunity from prosecution that ended when on january the first he handed the president. much of his popularity grew with a promise to fight political corruption which is long been widespread in brazil. everyone must be responsible for their actions justice applies to everyone. hima left office with approval rating of around two percent after implementing tough austerity measures and freezing public spending for twenty years he'll have little support from the brazilian public but he was at the center of power is and many of those he associated with will be anxious about what he might reveal in exchange for the likes of treatments another president implicated in this investigation is far from over. brazil a top aide to the venezuelan opposition leader who has been arrested during a raid against what the government describes as
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a quote terrorist cell why do and his backers in washington are demanding roberto my rare as a media release in a tweet the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or said those involved in the arrest will be held accountable. nicolas maduro doesn't did jail me or he is simply not in charge the chain of command is broken and they went over him and they and justly arrested. liberia's former first lady is set to appear in court in britain for a string of torture offenses agnes taylor the wife of former president charles taylor denies the charges would stay back to liberia's civil war almost twenty years ago catherine stansell has a story. miss reeves taylor used to be married to liberia's former president charles taylor but was she behind a series of human rights abuses between one thousand nine hundred nine and one thousand nine hundred one during the west african countries first civil war i she
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was living in southern england when she was arrested in twenty seventeen and denies various torture charges one relates to women in a village allegedly being raped by fighters from the national patriotic front of liberia other charges cover a pastor's wife being tied up and witnessing her two children being shot at a thirteen year old boy being severely beaten agnes taylor who previously worked as a lecturer at coventry university in the u.k. has been in jail for the last year and a half was her ex-husband charles taylor let the national patriotic front of liberia following the peace agreement he was elected president in one thousand nine hundred seven. but two years later a second civil war broke out and eventually taylor was forced into exile. in two thousand and twelve following a war crimes trial in the hague he was convicted of aiding and abetting rebels committed atrocities in neighboring sierra leone he was sentenced to fifty years in
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prison the fighting in his native liberia spanning almost fifteen years killed up to a quarter of a million people have been stansell al-jazeera. sports is coming up next and paul will tell us about a delay to the decision over a new testosterone rules in a flood it starts coming up in a moment. hello
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again tom for the sports news with paul thank you very much the biggest star in gymnastics among bille says she will retire after the tokyo elim picks next year
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the twenty two year old american house for olympic golds on last year became the first woman to win for all around the world titles but she says strenuous training on minor injuries have left her body feeling like it's falling apart she was asked if she'd come back to gymnastics in an ambassadorial world god no no. i feel like my life is so consumed in a maybe i have to veer away from a desk for a little bit before coming back to it because i always want to try to do other things before coming back just to know that i can at least do other things. japanese baseball great its hero suzuki has played his last major league game the forty five year old seattle mariners star has announced his retirement from the sports suzuki had his final spot in the eighth inning of their game against the oakland athletics is the second of a two game series being played in front of his home crowd in tokyo a cheer ends
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a twenty eight year long professional career he also leaves as a winner as the mariners beat the a's five to four the your party util. i wanted to have one final hit to give one last something back to the fans people think i'm not emotional but actually i am so i thought it would be good if i could have one last good performance to end it i was unable to do that but still all the fans stayed until the last moment and at that moment i felt that i could have died right there and been satisfied caster semenya return to the athletics track has been left in limbo after a decision was delayed over new rules for testosterone levels in female athletes south africa's olympic champion is waiting for the court of arbitration for sport to decide if the rules proposed by the i w a f are legal or not that was set for march twenty sixth but has been delayed to the end of april one of the potential rule states that an athlete would have to take six months of medication to lower
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the levels which could put so many in doubt for the world championships in qatar in september former colombian international footballer john v. offer has been arrested in connection with drug trafficking after i was detained on a us warrant after being involved in a car accident near the city of cali the ex premier league midfielder played for colombia thirty four times he's suspected of involvement in one of the country's drug cartels. plays and stuff of english side less to sit here in thailand to honor their late owner. on a problem was killed along with four other people in a helicopter crash at the club stadium last year a seven day funeral was held in bangkok in november and his body was rested in a temple for one hundred days before being cremated on thursday the qualification campaign for the twenty twenty european championships kicked off across the continent on thursday all the results and now but the standout one kazakhstan beating scotland three nil before this much the cows that said only one four
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competitive matches in ten years and are seventy seven world ranking places below the scots you haven't reached the euros since nine hundred ninety six michael schumacher son mick says he doesn't feel weighed down by comparisons with his father. the formula one championship seven times mick is working his way up the divisions with ferrari's drivers' academy stepping up formula two after winning formula three last year it's pretty simple for me being compared to the best driver in f one history is the goal to have that as my model and my father's is something very special and honored to be to be compared to him. tennis on venus williams has reached the second round of the miami open in what is a record twentieth of parents at the tournament the seven time grand slam when it is unseated for the first time since two thousand and twelve she had only a small amount of trouble getting past slovenia's delila your cooper which on
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thursday the american winning this first set seven five venus then took the second six three to set up a meeting with college suarez navarro. world number one nine they are soccer grew up playing close to the tournament's new venue at the home of the miami dolphins and she returns to news that a former junior coach is suing her for two million dollars asika hasn't commented on the claims from crystal john who says he's owed twenty percent of a prize money the twenty one year old shots the top of the rankings after winning the u.s. and australian opens the basketball now on cleveland cavaliers prevented the milwaukee bucks from clinching top spot in the n.b.a. division the bucs went into the game in ohio without the injured star player and to come full in missed his second game in a row rookie colin sexton score twenty five on jordan clarkson added twenty three more to lead the caps to one hundred seventy one hundred two when the bucs are looking to wrap up their first division title since two thousand and one. not so
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useful for now we'll have more later on and that's it for the news hour on al-jazeera but we're back in just a moment. more of the day's top stories coming your way see you in a minute. just . a march twenty fourth thailand will hold its first general election since the
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two thousand and fourteen military coup most thais are hoping for political stability but after years of military rule will this election. join us for live coverage as thailand vote on al-jazeera. be japes first democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsy the final hours on al-jazeera. oldest muslim undertakers working here is a seven day a week that's grown with a community my father purchase a black and blue smoke started to do the funeral in london and family we saw the
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stock being father and daughter and became business partners the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. the e.u. offers britain a breakfast at dealey but it all depends on what happens next week in the u.k. parliament. you're watching from headquarters and. also ahead nationwide vigils a new zealand marking a week since fifty people were shot. as many as one hundred people drowned as
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a ferry sinks in the fast moving water as a for iraq's tigris river. the president. has just made history strong praise from benjamin netanyahu after donald trump declares it's time to acknowledge is really sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. hello e.u. leaders have agreed to offer the u.k. two options to delay breck's it which is supposed to happen in seven days time but it all depends on what happens in the u.k. parliament next week so if prime minister to resume a can get politicians to approve her deal the new departure date will be made to twenty seconds but if they reject it again breaks it will only put be pushed back to april the twelfth or in sleep has more from brussels. it is supposed to be about taking control than what's happened at this summit was nothing short of
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a humiliation but the reason she turned up assuming the european union. extension plan. the language of everyone else was more or less the same ok a short extension they said with a sigh but only if you get your deal past the most threatening language had been coming from the french who would threaten to veto any delay such was their frustration but their president also warns that this was the last chance he didn't just. talk if there is to be an extension he can only be a technical one we cannot has a long lasting situation where there is no visibility no path and no political maturity the mess be a deep political change for there to be anything else other than a technical extension. but when make gave her pitch it all went wrong sure a few was to tell the other leaders what she would do if a plan fails yet again so she was ushered from the room in the e.u.
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started to change its plans there's a fairly even split between those who believe that if her deal collapses next week for the final time to reason they will simply throw caution to the wind and announce that the u.k. is leaving the european union with no deal of soul and others who think that is simply so inconceivable that she must have some sort of alternative arrangements e.u. leaders asked straight out at this meeting if she had a plan b. and as usual she refused to answer. the e.u. assumes she will lose her votes again not least because in her address to the british people she managed to blame parliament for not agreeing with her infuriating the very politicians whose support she needs. it all meant by midnight they were heading home with a new plan if the deal passes the u.k. leaves in may if not brecht's if they moved from next friday to april the twelfth that gives parliament more toy to get the prime minister out of the way and find
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a new plan that would lead to the u.k. staying in the e.u. for the rest of the year what this means in practice if done to date all options remain open. and the kloof date will be delayed the u.k. government will still have a choice of a deal how do you a long extension of revoking article fifty. of a prude is the key date in terms of the u.k. deciding whether to hold utopian parliament elections. if it decided to do for. the option of a longer extension will automatically become impossible. if parliament does not agree a deal next week the new council would extend article fifty until the twelfth of april this point we would either leave with no deal or put forward an alternative
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plan if this involves a further extension it would mean participation in the european parliamentary elections as i've said previously i believe strongly that it would be wrong to ask people in the u.k. to participate in these elections three years after voting to leave the e.u. . nobody needs reminding that no deal would mean a land border crossing on and into jeopardizing years of peace backlogs for essential goods going in and out of the u.k. economic and social instability inside the european union what happened here was that the e.u. gave the british parliament more time to stop people from happening and the prime minister could be on her way out. and lawrence leigh is joining us from brussels and you ended that report on the prime minister laurence you touched upon this a little bit but how much of the says the humiliation for in a defeat. well it's it's i mean pretty
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high tech terrible frankly a thing i think you could probably form an argument that the the european union has thrown everybody a lifeline in doing this treason make a man saying please can i have an extension is too much i just lay ssion subparts between now and next friday if my deal passes so give me a few more weeks as a technical thing to get all that through and they've eventually said yeah ok fine but the fact of the matter is as i said in that report they don't think the deal is going to get through because it just keeps losing by by so much it's got too many opponents on all sides and when they kept saying in the meeting itself in the in what are you going to do if you keep losing the deal she kept refusing to answer and the great fear inside the european union and remember is trying to defend an island primarily because that's the border with the u.k. is if they honestly believe that if she keeps losing she's just got it in
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a head that she would just walk the u.k. ounce of the european union next friday with no deal atoll and that would be catastrophic oil and as a member states of the european union and so because she couldn't give him a straight answer wouldn't they have effectively just sidelined her and said ok you're extension fine whatever go ahead but you will not leaving on any terms on march twenty ninth we're going to move that date until the day you have to decide when you can go on on going to participate in the european elections april the eleventh said parliament's now going sylvaine three weeks to come up with an alternative proposition and if in a series of votes that they can prove there's a majority for something else a much softer bricks it probably fan she'll have to step out of the way and some new configuration would be found where whoever leads that process would come back to the european union and say look this deal does have a majority has doesn't but this does so we will party. the european elections give
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us some very much longer extension and we can start the process all over again it doesn't mean that no deals ruled out but the immediate fear of crashing out next friday has now gone into reason may's gotta go back to parliament and explain this and that's where the humiliation is she came is saying i never wanted this extension at all she's now got to go back and say. got to have my extension but moves and the knives are out left right and sense of for now inside the british parliament and this thing that's happened tonight could be the beginning of the end i think it's a reason and for the european council how satisfied do you think the countries and members are with what's transpired when you were listening to a press conference given by donald tusk. yeah well i mean there were certainly divisions you know there were some countries
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that were much more prepared to give a long extension because they're the ones particularly the i think that are close to the u.k. and the netherlands these are the countries most terrified of no deal the ones that were much harsher said in the report countries like france where threatens a veto of the entire process and so lead to a source of a splits inside the twenty seven but eventually as they always do they go around and they compromised primarily in the interests of defending oil and because what they would they have always said they would never do is throw on an under the bus and if no deal happens for all the glib promises of the people who like the hard to say will be fine we won't need a border you know you can join the world trade organization without having a border but if you have a border it jeopardizes the peace process it is completely incompatible and so in the end they have to coalesce around the position that defended on and it doesn't mean that no deal is off the table completely because they have so little trust in sarees in may and what she has up
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a sleeve but what it does do is empath the british parliament if only for a short periods to try to take power away from her and come up with something else and that does appear now to me very much to be the direction of things are heading in back in london all right lawrence leith. vigils are being held across new zealand to mark one week since a gunman attacked two mosques killing fifty people since then the country's been united in grief coming together to remember the victims and offer support to the muslim community so the call to prayer is due to play out on national radio and television shortly and then two minute silence will be observed and thousands of people are expected to gather in christ church opposite the eluded mosque where most of the victims were killed right there others will pray just a short drive away at the lynwood mosque where the second attack happens. are still being held for the victims which included people from afghanistan syria pakistan
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and indonesia twenty eight are still in hospital six of them in critical condition and on thursday prime minister of the order announced an immediate ban on semiautomatic weapons like those used in the shooting the suspect twenty eight year old australian man has been charged with murder and he's due back in court next month we can now speak to. the president of the international muslim association of new zealand is joining us from wellington thanks for speaking to us again on al-jazeera one week on from those horrific attacks in new zealand just give me your thoughts on this day thank you very much. this is one of the memorable day the reason we use our most is that what exactly one week when this incident has happened since this incident has happened there is
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the lots was happening in the country that's including all the mosques that it's the the they have a lot of. traffic that there's a lot of people coming in and supporting the communities they just want to make sure that we are ok and they are offering all sort of supports and they're not in one day that week other people from all different faiths they come in for a day offering all the sort of help so i was well to us. a feeling what we have at the moment is excellent that at least we passed through that stage today is the day that with their friends will take place. in christ church and after that we have to have a plan for moving forward how we want to make sure that this sort of thing will not happen again and also will make our relations better with our communities having said that the relation from last week on till now.


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