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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 1:00pm-1:59pm +03

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however iraqi civil defense says it appears it was due to the ferry carrying more passengers than the maximum capacity recommended this ferry accident appears to be unprecedented in iraq it's also yet another misery to be endured for the people of war ravaged mosul who have already lost so much natasha going to. baghdad since an explosion at a chemical factory and eastern china has killed at least forty seven people and at about ninety others it happened in young chang and young su province a coastal area north of shanghai people living nearby have a windows were smashed by the force of the blast adrian brown has more from beijing . well many people have been killed but many more have also been injured the death toll began to rise on friday because rescuers were able to recover bodies from the rubble of the factory where this blast happened the explosion was caused in
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a part of this fertilizer factory where benzene was being produced it created a huge fireball that according to china's earthquake administration packed the force of a small earthquake now more than six hundred forty people we know have received treatment in hospital in hospitals that have been absolutely overwhelmed they're being treated with things like respiratory problems severe cuts as well as severe burns the injured include school children there were at least five schools within a five kilometer radius of the site where the explosion happened now investigators of course want to speak to the managers off this plant to find out a bit more about what happened we know according to state controlled media that the bus of this plant himself received a suspended sentence two years ago after being found guilty of breaching regulations really related to waste management as well as air pollution so this is
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a plant with a poor safety record we also know that in the same area where there are a huge number of plants involved in the processing of chemicals there was another serious explosion twelve years ago an explosion was largely covered up by the authorities this time it's different the media is pumping out updated information almost by the hour but this of course was not china's worst chemical explosion that was in te engine in northeast china in august two thousand and fifteen when more than one hundred sixty people were killed after an explosion at a facility storing chemicals but it's possible that this could well be on course to become china's second worst chemical explosion. still ahead on the bombers when we travel to one of the region's had hot and spicy i plan to die and mozambique.
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how i welcome to look at the international full cost of us in bits and pieces a cloud on the right i mean little bit of snow to just push into parts of the middle east but things trying to quieten down except areas of cloud they're showing up nicely on the satellite picture pushing a little further eastward it's also the old wintry flurry there into afghanistan some rain too with the northern parts of pakistan but behind that it comes the sun twenty celsius therefore by route twenty four in baghdad similar values as we go on through saturday assessed a just ice is that right just pushing a little further north was took minus down is back to stop could see some outbreaks of bright little area cloud to into southern parts of iran pushing over towards pakistan in that same area cloud well it stretches across us here around the arabian peninsula much see the old spots of rain but nothing much to her to speak
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of as we go through the next day or so perhaps the heaviest of that rain pushing down towards the u.a.e. maybe to northern parts of mon still looking at some pockets of heavy rain into mozambique i'm afraid the showers do continue to drive away in here eastern cape also seeing one of two showers through friday go on into saturday showers trying to push a little further north of the more than half of mozambique eastern parts of zimbabwe now edging into tents in the. it's. easy to know. where the wrong line. is to be able to cite expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means for the future or if you join or. israel is an apartheid state in view of the claims of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join
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a global conversation. going to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the jewels have been held across new zealand to mark one week since a gunman attached to mosques killing fifty people the call to prayer for cost on t.v. and radio ahead of two minutes silence. the european union will grant an extension to its parts of the period but only to resume may's deal as approved by the british parliament that what's taking place thanks week just days before the deadline for the. blog on march twenty ninth and a vigil is being held for at least a hundred people who died in iraq when the ferry they were traveling in capsized in
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the northern city of was carrying families was celebrating the persian new year. now a trail of deaths damage and flooding is devastating southern africa one week office . through was a big zimbabwe and malawi have been hit hardest while the one point seven million people are affected many have lost their homes spending days without food. food or water two hundred forty two have died in mozambique a lot and that number is expected to rise the government says fifteen thousand people many of them ill still need to be rescued and zimbabwe the death toll has jumped to one hundred thirty nine and the rain is still falling there roads and bridges have collapsed making humanitarian operations difficult the u.n. says two hundred thousand people need urgent food aid for three months and fifty six people have died in malawi eighty two thousand people displaced there are now fears of disease in
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a moment we'll hear from tony berkley and farmer the millet they have been in and around in mozambique how to me tosses and zimbabwe she's going to report from which isn't far from the town of chipping away but first this report from malcolm web pages of one of mozambique's hardest hit places the district. so i claim it i ripped through roads and washed away bridges. so our journey from. began in small boat made of tree bark. then a few kilometers down the road another broken bridge. the cyclamen split central mozambique into islands cut off the road access. we met machree honest who hasn't seen our husbands through the storm mobile networks a cutoff we made the crossing to find him. it is but let's
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show see do we. what choice do i give. at least three something that is happy in the happiness the actual helping us to cross to get food. people who need to cross to reach loved ones or food so they find whatever ways they can. broken bridge we paid to ride in more type of vehicles we could find most people here don't have the means to travel far like this when we reach low lying planes but the storm damage is worst this river burst its banks. and homes have been destroyed crops. by the wind and rain field off the field of them completely destroyed so a lot of people here will be very hungry. more than three quarters of mozambicans live on less than two dollars a day many people here subsistence farmers. what's left in the field was their food
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for the year ahead. held. the only sign of it helicopter makes one circle and flies off possibly an aid agency taking a survey people can only hope will soon bring food and shelter. but with so much damage to the roads it'll have to come by air. the last broken bridge just before she has been made possible with some blown down cables. and tonio as the money's trying to reach the town check on his family. hundreds of died. down i'm a survivor but i have suffered too much not just physically but also psychologically traumatized is the first time i've seen it so i close like this now people can travel a little families are trying to reunite many people are still missing it will take a long time for mozambique to recover from cyclonic die malcolm webb al-jazeera in
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suspending a district. this is the primary school on the outskirts of beer it's now home to about four hundred people forty one families and be made homeless by the cycle own their homes were ripped apart by the psycho with the strong winds and you see around the corrugated iron roof and rips apart on thursday they got their first regular through three square meals for the first time in five days but they weren't out of water they are relying completely on local n.g.o.s for their food and their water but i suppose in some ways they're the lucky ones in the hinterland is a far different case three hundred sixty thousand people are at risk and the problem is getting food and clean water to those people which is proving that stream be difficult now these kids are making the most of what they can but people are living on roots in the hinterland of sickly around places like. the problem is that although the water line is going. rescuers can't get to them they don't have
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sufficient means no more helicopters will come on friday and saturday more teams will come in and that will help people but still it's a massive operation here the death count at the moment stands at something like two hundred seventeen but the president of mozambique estimates that it's going to be far in excess of a thousand so that is a big problem some massive operation here so this is not over the water is going to the weather is improving but still the challenge is to help the people who are most at risk and that's the problem now is also additional cross a problem there soon large reza was a show filled to overflowing now they have to release the waters in a controlled way if they do that in the wrong way it could cause a massive surge and cause additional problems in those areas so problems are improving the problems are still there for the people of mozambique. it's a bit different. in this region this is where a lot of people have been stranded in the flood to see how it. gets to what it
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translates into the top yeah we receive medical attention now because the number of n.g.o.s and people when i see president trying to assist yes they can but the demand come way you almost can't keep up one of the main issues that's because of the trial or some of. the pop just at risk people and sometimes. the way you have down to your. local fish when you see the spot to get out because the more time to use the risk of this many people out. in the last day of this rescue the. people he says he needs to because. he is of able to take his way to look at myself. the system now you take people. in many
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instances have been. stranded on. these rocks and boulders they never used to be here this used to be a busy bustling busy center and then cyclonic die happened leaving behind all this destruction and all this devastation and all the grief the water was so powerful it managed to drag parts of a bridge which was nearly a kilometer away from the area is shows you how strong the raging water was now people are trying to find out how many of their loved ones are dead and where the people who are who are missing we don't know exactly how many people are missing but what we seen throughout the day is people coming going through these borders walking through these parts trying to figure out was this a place where my house used to be if it was is a possible that maybe someone i think you may be missing may be buried underneath
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the borders or buried underneath the mud if they know it's going to take a long time for officials to come here and remove all this debris if it ever happens right now the focus for rescue operations is that they want to find as many people alive as possible they want to try and get food and medical supplies to people as quickly as possible you've seen a lot more helicopters flying around the area and a sign that perhaps more people will be coming in to the place but in this particular area they said so far they have received no direct help from government officials or from aid agencies in terms of food blankets clothes etc but they are hoping that comes soon for the moment though it is a moment of grief families or survivors have managed to come back to the area trying to find out more about their loved ones and some are even trying to rebuild their homes and try to move on their lives. now survivors of nazi atrocities have joined a campaign urging washington's holocaust museum to cut ties with an advisor to donald trump but it isn't because office association but the current administration
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she have a chance he explains. after elliot abrams pled guilty to and was pardoned for lying to congress about covertly u.s. support for the route will contra rebels in the karada in the eighty's he remained a constant figure in washington's foreign policy establishment but when he was appointed president trump special envoy to venezuela this year even those accustomed to the impunity that u.s. government officials linked to the crimes enjoy were shocked as they took another look at abrams resume he was on the board of the u.s. holocaust museums committee own conscience and a committee and conscience is supposed to stop and prevent future genocides from the right to dismiss the police i can list knowing specifically about elliott abrams history. in a sort of. a coalition of survivors and survivors descendants both of the nazi
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holocaust and the repression and torture of u.s. backed latin american regimes have written to the museum we cannot fathom how abrams a proven supporter of some of the world's most nefarious perpetrators of genocide and mass murderers for nearly forty years could be a member of your committee that writes if people. understood what he might make a lot of obviously not up to the justice like two examples in particular what they call abraham's unconditional support as an official in the reagan administration of the us about quarter mile in general f. rand rios montt slaughter and torture of indigenous communities which has been formally declared a genocide by the un and guatemalan courts and the massacre of over nine hundred civilians by the us backed military and death squads of el salvador in one thousand eight hundred abrams has repeatedly been challenged about these incidents in the past his position is always the same the us had to be victorious it is ludicrous it
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is ludicrous to respond to that kind of stupidity this guy thinks we were on the wrong side in the cold war maybe he personally was. on the other side i am one of the many billions of. supporting the massacre of maria luisa rizzo bogus his father was one of the tens of thousands who disappeared of the being seized by the u.s. back to guatemala military in the early eighty's because he says it's just about it was about winning the cold war bad things have to happen. it's unconscionable it's devastating. and it didn't have to happen but what message are you sending for this this museum for what it represents in terms of building historical memory and and really trying to foment a legacy of never again the holocaust museum declined our request for an interview those protesting are so far gathered over sixty thousand signatures for a petition to remove abrams from its committee on conscience. zero washington and
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in a just national airline is canceling a multi-billion dollar order for boeing seven three seven max jets and aircraft off the same model question ethiopia earlier this month killing one hundred fifty seven people on board the government an airline which had ordered forty nine planes and twenty fourteen said it's lost confidence in the model several countries have grounded bongs most popular plane in the wake of two facial crashes in five months . more on that story and the rest of the day's news can be found on our website that al jazeera dot com. hello again on is a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the islamic court a prayer has been broadcast across new zealand followed by two minute silence so mark a week since a gunman shot and killed fifty people at two mosques in the city of christchurch.
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long war. thank you loni. one. promise to just send a joint thousands of people at a vigil held opposite the mosque where the killing began. he. to believe it is. communication and simply i just write minority. we will leave the heart of the body suffers the whole body feels prime you zealand mourns with you. we are one. the european union will grant bush an extension to breaks it but only to reason as approved by the british parliament that's what's taking place next week a days before the deadline for the u.k.'s exit from the block on march twenty ninth
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. president says he recognizes israel's sovereignty over the golan heights an area seized from syria in one nine hundred sixty seven well israel's prime minister has praised the move but under international law the golan heights is syrian territory under israeli occupation an explosion at a chemical factory in eastern china has killed at least forty seven people and injured ninety others it happened in young chang in junks who province a coastal area of the of shanghai where people live in nearby say their windows were smashed by the force of the blast facebook has met at hundreds of millions of views a password for readable by its employees for years passwords was stored in plain text instead of being saved in a scramble encrypted manner the social media giant says there's no evidence any employees abused access to the vulnerable dot us stored on internal service last year admitted to use the data had been illegally harvested by a political consultancy for what i want east is coming up next. a chance for
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reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's journey to break unite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera. when the korean war split the country and her family's which one of the hottest separated by a border they were forbidden to cross. now some a finely being raised united with long lost relatives. one on one east follows a mother's emotional reunion with the some she lost more than sixty years ago. when war broke out between the two koreas in one nine hundred fifty mrs lee fled south with her husband's before year old son and her baby daughter.
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in the storm of refugees the young mother stopped to nurse her baby. she was separated for a few minutes from her husband and son a separation that would last forever. sixty eight years later mrs lee who had built a new life in seoul received a lesson with news of her lost family. in the booth. opa evening. now.
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they are all the time on. the bridge cross fit this letter to mrs lee. the lecture states that the son she lost sixty eight years ago is still alive and leaves in north korea. in two weeks she can see him again. how do you feel privileged to have ninety nine and in mind how. good it could give up on the. humble make the all you all started to call to defended the book i don't know how she does or did we do you who does have other know or do you get to it sort of hot about it so who do you always go to do to keep going that. is where your love. i won't go is
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a good kid can go whatever. and you will know i did not join and you know you also to notice how the city of i know the area in my memory recall it was a lot of our monologue and you don't know if you want to look they've been wounded out of their nine hundred ninety motor yard improvement or don't give up most of us only kill her dog move on come on come on come out of a cuddle time ago you don't know to get we can do mountain ridge and hold our new show.
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all the designers on hunger number zero have someone's hand them a whoa whoa whoa is i have got a number she knew to go to buy a death. could or would have thought he dug a time and then a. goose india had got it seen as a dog. human and they got my. i would your mind their boys and their. good as a good as he they got that i done now i'm going. going to go over now don't make. her the job over now that
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a good kid this is sort of my legs out and then them oh my lingo boy. if you're not a head you're going to go in wouldn't i am going to kmart. today mrs levy is ninety one years old. together with a north korean who lost his wife during the flies mrs lee built a new life in south korea. they swore to stay together into a career was reunified and they could find their families. mrs lee is now a widow her two daughters and now helping her prepare for being reunited with her son. the oldest daughter was a baby cheering the flyers we had and time. can . continue. i am very tense.
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come out of the country we took a. big advantage and we are going underground if you could not his dog and the. mrs lee and her daughters have been a go ahead to a grand hotel be the north korean border after a three hour drive also nate the other families invited to reunite with lost relatives. say even a man i know with the kids can. come home that one option but i wanted.
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to magically turn the click on. and to get it out. how. could a camera at the cabin outcome casing out. a man now wish political pep one hundred one took us not so much how. to manage this and we knew they can match us on. the man new level of. afghanistan. and not only that. way that i never find out i did i do they are doing them over and you know it does not inspire growth to get through this if i feel stifled just like other insidious up to the money to kill filed suit on the details she would yell at those i'm going to spend time in the sun who know how to
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. build the red cross of chosen as you know in korean families. it's a political event and a sign for the reunification of both countries. tomorrow they'll be in north korea . today trying to moyo isn't just turned on at the kids kids at the mall as they sit at a can. i don't. feel. an urge to say oh i guess. i want to. beat your head. is what you're. talking about john what is there to say all i do is just. around it i think i.
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i go with. her tell son in north korea. at the end.
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of. eighty nine families are really at the same time. not be nice out. or allowed another ride at least at the hotel the next morning.
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i mean if if every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in battery a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. in africa's technological at the center. and google poverty to live side by side. in its first episode challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers
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cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's a starting point because it's already bold people to live out silicon savannah on al-jazeera. the islamic call to prayer is heard across new zealand as thousands on the fifty worshippers killed in two mosques a week ago. and on welcome to life on my headquarters and. also ahead as many as one hundred people
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drowned as a ferry sings in the past move the borders of the rocks tigris river. just made history. strong praise from benjamin netanyahu after donald trump. says it's time to acknowledge israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. at least forty seven people are killed in an explosion at a chemical plant in china's wells to industrial accident and he is. there's a lot of corporate has been broadcast across new zealand followed by two minutes of silence marking one week since a gunman shot and killed fifty people that two mosques in the city of christchurch all along. along.
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the border thousands of people including pallets of just. stood in a park outside the mosque where the kill again the murder suspect a twenty eight year old australian man live streamed has rampage sparking outrage around the world. who are like what about the. believe it is. communication and simply i just write one already. we need a heart of the body surface the how do you feel spine you see him and mourns with you we are one islam a phobia is real it's a targeted campaign to influence people. to do you mind. and rationally fear muslims to fear what we were.
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to fear the choice of foods we eat to feel the where you would pray and to feel the way you would practice our faith we call upon governments around the war what including new zealand and the neighboring countries . to bring an end to hate speech and the politics of fear. a correspondent way today has more from christchurch. it was a very emotional poignant afternoon in hagley park in the center of christchurch for friday praise the christchurch city council saying that around five thousand worshippers came here for friday prayers another fifteen thousand people in indecision came to watch and listen so a huge number of people it was held in hagley park because of course of the huge
1:52 pm
number of people but also because the two mosques where the attacks took place are still closed they're still under police guard and able to open just at the moment we're going to show you exactly where we are the service was held just a few from the al nor mosque which is where the first attack took place a week ago and where most people were killed it is still under police guard again a very eerie scene here the work has finished the police investigation at the two sides has come to an end the focus over the past couple of days has been on cleaning and repairing the buildings so that worship is can go back and worship as we've spoken to say they want to go back in for prayers but of course many of them are worried that this sort of thing might happen again so it could take some time for worship is to get the courage back to go inside those two mosques
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obviously they weren't able to open in time for friday prayers which is extremely important to worship is but it's hoped the police at least say that they hope to hand them back on saturday. a year later as have agreed to offer the u.k. two options today breaks that beyond the current departure date and seven days if prime minister tourism a can convince politicians to approve have withdrawn they have rejected twice will be moved to may twenty second but if they voted down again the u.k. could leave the e.u. without. twelve long sleeve imports from brussels. if brick. it is supposed to be about taking back control then what happened at this summit was nothing short of a humiliation for the reason may she turned up assuming the european union would grant her a short extension to have bricks if plan. the language of everyone else was more or less the same ok a short extension they said with a sigh but only if you get your deal past the most threatening language have been
1:54 pm
coming from the french who would threaten to veto any delay such was their frustration but their president also warns that this was the last chance he didn't get just. if there is to be an extension he can only be a technical one we cannot has a long lasting situation where there is no visibility no path and no political majority for the mess be a deep political change a day to be anything else other than a technical extension. but when make a fair pitch it all went wrong sure refuse to tell the other leaders what she would do if a plan fails yet again so she was ushered from the room in the e.u. started to change its plans there's a fairly even split between those who believe that if her deal collapses next week for the final time to reason they will simply throw caution to the winds and announce that the u.k. is leaving the european union with no deal it's all others who think that is simply
1:55 pm
so inconceivable that she must have some sort of alternative arrangements e.u. leaders asked straight out at this meeting if she had a plan b. and as usual she refused to answer. the e.u. assumes she will lose her vote again not least because in her address to the british people she managed to blame parliament for not agreeing with her infuriating the very politicians who support she needs. it all meant by midnight they were heading home with a new plan if the deal passes the u.k. leaves in may if not bricks it day moves from next friday to april the twelfth that gives parliament's more time to get the prime minister out of the way and find a new plan and that could lead to the u.k. staying in the e.u. for the rest of the year. for a pro is a key date in terms of the u.k. deciding whether to hold your appeal parliament elections. if you decided to
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do so by the option of a longer extension automatically become impossible is this involves a further extension it would mean participation in the european parliamentary elections as i've said previously i believe strongly that it would be wrong to ask people in the u.k. to participate in these elections three years after voting to leave the e.u. . nobody needs reminding that no deal would mean a land border crossing our land into jeopardizing years of peace backlogs for essential goods going in and out of the u.k. economic and social instability inside the european union what happened here was that the e.u. gave the british parliament more time to stop it all from happening and the prime minister to be on her way out lawrence li al jazeera brussels. vigils being held for at least one hundred people who died in iraq after the ferry that they were traveling and capsized more full was carrying family celebrating the persian new
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year most of the victims are women and children natasha good name reports from baghdad. hundreds of iraqis were celebrating the no rues holiday at an amusement park in mosul when tragedy struck good. images on social media reveal a distressing sea after a ferry carrying an estimated two hundred people capsized a distraught husband and father begs the police to take him to the banks of the tigris river and now i don't know if they my own i work my family through the water right now my wife and my daughter and i'm asking the police to be a right to go to the other side but they will give me one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero bystanders were screaming some were jumping into the river to try to rescue people and some passengers could be seen swimming furiously against the swift current. in the immediate hours after the
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ferry capsized the death toll kept rising the ministry of interior noted that many of the dozens of victims were women and children the iraqi prime minister has called for an immediate investigation into the cause of the accident however iraqi civil defense says it appears it was due to the ferry carrying more passengers than the maximum capacity recommended this ferry accident appears to be unprecedented in iraq it's also yet another misery to be endured for the people of war ravaged mosul who have already lost so much natasha going to. baghdad to china now where an explosion at a chemical factory in the country's east has killed at least forty seven people and ninety others it happened in young chiang jiang so province at the coastal area north of shanghai people living nearby said they windows were smashed by the blast
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adrian brown has more from beijing. well many people have been killed but many more have also been injured the death toll began to rise on friday because rescuers were able to recover bodies from the rubble of the factory where this blast happened the explosion was caused in a part of this fertilizer factory where benzene was being produced it created a huge fireball that according to china's earthquake administration packed the force of a small earthquake now more than six hundred.


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