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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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action apparently ignored by president trump but welcome by the israeli prime minister whose standing has just received a major boost ahead of next month's elections in israel. or washington. stephanie decker joins us now live from the occupied golan heights stephanie this represents something of a boost for the israeli prime minister doesn't know it's absolutely the way it's being described here is like a gift from donald trump to benjamin netanyahu ahead of these hotly contested elections this is really the you know the way it's been seen here as a real indorsement of the american president benjamin netanyahu to be reelected to another term as prime minister because again we're one thousand days away from this election you will have benjamin netanyahu heading to the united states next week meeting with the u.s. president donald trump we are expecting an official announcement of the recognition of the u.s.
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recognition of course of the occupied golan heights israeli territory but we've had a lot of international reaction already to that none no one else other than the israelis and the americans agreeing to the fact that this should be seen as sovereign israeli territory. very much for that stephanie decker let's get more on my international reaction is in moscow for a step furious reaction in parts of the middle east what have people been saying involved europe on the whole. well moscow was very quick to respond and they said it it's a direct violation of of you and decisions and also a way to block the security council the strongest response came from a senator from the foreign affairs committee he sat that it was basically clear that donald trump wants to split the arab world and that russia would never ever recognize the israeli sovereignity of the golan heights russia has of course is
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a specific position in syria it has a very huge military presence there so there is also the thought of course that if syria loses the golan heights and in directly russia would lose them too but also from other parts in europe france germany the e.u. very harsh response against donald trump tweet they sat we are not recognizing israel so for honesty over the golan heights and it is an end to national violations of international rules so basically all these countries have different positions and different relations with syria but they are united in their stance against donald trump's response and his announcement on this tweet thank you for that joining us from moscow let's head stateside now gabriel elizondo joins us now from washington d.c. can we read anything into the timing of this tweet. well it's hard to say trying to read anything into what trump tweets and when he tweets it is probably
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a complicated undertaking because he's so erratic when it comes to when he decides to make these sort of announcements but we can't tell you the trump gave a interview to the fox business channel late on thursday and that interview aired early friday here in the u.s. it was an interview that mostly dealt with economic policy however he was briefly asked about his tweet about the golan heights and he basically said this c said that it was he's been thinking about it for a very long time and it was a hard decision he said but then he seemed to equate the decision with his other decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem trump said that when he came to office he would win and when he was considering moving the embassy to jerusalem he said he was getting calls from world leaders saying don't do it don't do it trump said he did it and it turned out to be fine and then trump said the golan heights is the same thing for years other presidents have campaigned on it they said they would do it i did it
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this is about sovereignty this is about security and this is about regional security so those are trumps comments about a decision on the golan heights he was then briefly followed to follow up question and this is key he was saying did you do this to bolster netanyahu head of the elections trumps response was very specific he said no i wouldn't even know anything about that i have no idea about that i hear he's doing ok apparently referring to netanyahu so trying brushing off any insinuations that he was doing this to bolster netanyahu we are hearing that an official announcement about this decision on the golan heights could come as early as this weekend when thousands of people gather in washington starting sunday for the three day apac conference a conference pro israel activists from out the from throughout the u.s. bice president mike trump will be speaking i'm sorry vice president my pence will be speaking there at that conference as well as benjamin netanyahu we will keep an eye on it thank you very much gabriel ellison's are joining us from washington d.c.
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. well as plenty more ahead on the news hour including a call for a day of solidarity against islamophobia we're live in istanbul with the details. pushing for change in algeria thousands of people return to the streets to call for the president to step down. and the indian wells champion marches on in miami join us here with more on this for. people all over new zealand mourns and prayed together on friday and nationwide memorial service was held to remember those killed a week ago in the attacks on mosques under thomas reports they came in their thousands muslims and others to the park opposite the al-noor mosque
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a week ago a gunman killed fifty people here and at the nearby mosque in lynnwood neither al nor nolan wood was ready to host friday prayers this week so a virtual mosque was created in the park instead for prayers and a sermon broadcast nationwide and attended by new zealand's prime minister. we need a heart of the body south as to how body feels pain. new zealand mourns with you. we are one at one thirty two exactly a week after the shooting began but hawke fell silent. for two minutes they stood. and then the prayers began. they were followed by a servant. of al north thanked the people of new zealand for their tears for their flowers and for their love and compassion too he thanked the prime minister for her
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response to the slaughter and then he can text allies to what happened here the attack he said did not come overnight you know where it was the result of anti islamic and anti muslim rhetoric used by some politicians some media agencies and others we call are upon governments around the war what including new zealand and the neighboring countries. to bring an end to hate speech and the politics of fear will his sane came from australia for the event last friday two of his relatives were killed for it touched by what the man was saying and i think he was saying the right words. given below but not everyone in the park had a personal connection to a victim or even share their faith for many perhaps most of those who came here these would have been the first friday prayers they'd ever attended became not
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because they're muslim but to show solidarity with the victims of last friday's attacks and islamic community of new zealand more generally many not muslim women were a headscarf as an added mark of respect i just want to express my solar terrace here this terrible time just how terrible made clear by the mass burial held on friday funerals for twenty six people in a single afternoon after thomas al jazeera cross church. a group of muslim nations has urged the world to fight islamophobia talks held in response to the christ church mosque attacks turkey called the meeting of the organization all of islamic cooperation to discuss violence towards muslims the book wants march fifteenth the days of the attack to become a day of international solidarity against islam a phobia new zealand's foreign minister attended that meeting whenever and wherever
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a terrorist strikes we know and you know the aim is to provoke fear and panic well in new zealand it is failed it failed because al thoughts are not the terrorists thoughts and fears extremist ways are not our way. and to be clear in new zealand hate speech is not tolerated. well everything else may have changed in our country on the fifteenth of march. new zealand's essential character has not and will not reduce what happened in new zealand he needs to tag that killed fifty of our brothers can never be regarded as an ordinary event it is caused by be deeply rooted hatred obsession and grudge i was going out to see them cause the old who whose life was in. sin and the turkish president praised it just in the arts are an earlier today in stark
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contrast are the ones controversial initial response to those attacks but it's just a march that he is still showing that video of the mosque shootings at his campaign rallies. well he was highly criticized about showing this video at first he showed at creamfields and then in the in the next rallies his short lurd to version of those readers but not only received international reaction he received a lot of reaction from the opposition as well inside the country and today after the oh i see a meeting in new zealand the prime minister and foreign minister had a press conference here and he was asked about whether he raised this as an issue while he was having the talks with the with president out on the new zealand prime minister the prime minister said to my understanding he's not showing any more so
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now we come to a point where dawn actually has personalized this attack in a way because if we go back to the first information that we have. we have received from a new zeland this attacker who killed people while praying in a mosque he had the gun and on his gun he had some statements he had some a motive is against the turks especially all timmons and in this so-called manifesto that he has published on his face facebook account he had some statements regarding turks who has called kurdistan will and they have to go back etc so i must say that turkey is going to the polls turkish people are going to the polls on march thirty first it's the miscible election but in turkey going to spoil elections are very important because it's the term ends the future. future of
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a party so and in some big cities like a stumble and the ruling party which is run by presidents acted on current the it is still at risk and many political analysts and the opposition believe that presidents are going to try to show. matched. alice modes by bringing this video to their rallies but it hasn't it hasn't brought so much attention till now case and can see all the thanks very much for bringing us up to date from istanbul. at least sixty six people have been killed in central ghana twenty buses collided head on it happens that surrounds two o'clock in the morning local time on a highway connecting two cities one of the buses caught fire while the other veers into a ditch the death toll from an explosion at a chemical factory in eastern china has risen to at least forty seven with scores
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of others injured it happens in young children and young sindh province coastal area north of shanghai if you brian has the latest from beijing. and it was a thunderous detonation heard more than forty kilometers away the fireball engulfing the fertilizer plant. over state television didn't hold back as it often has in the past the scale of china's latest chemical explosion was becoming clear. hospitals were inundated many of the injured have severe cuts and burns but on a light when i was told about the blast i called my brother who works in the factory but he didn't pick up the phone we were pretty nervous then a doctor cop back to say but brother was in the u. mergence he ruled the fire burned all night but emergency workers managed to
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prevent the flames spreading to the rest of the industrial park by friday morning the worst of it had been extinguished but the toxic pull has forced the evacuation of those living nearby. smoldering fires from industrial accidents in china have become a common sight in august two thousand and fifteen one hundred sixty five people were killed after an explosion at a chemical storage facility in northeast china lax safety standards well one reason it happened as could be again in this latest accident state media is reporting that the plant's owners were found guilty over violating rules governing air pollution and waste management two years ago one of them is among the injured adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. well time now for the weather and everton is where there is ever so what's the latest on those two storms that are bearing down on history and
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you know just a couple of days away now this is only a second time in recorded history we've had two storms this strong make landfall similar tiny asli over australia have taken the satellite pitching see the strongest one is veronica sustained winds around two hundred five kilometers per hour gusting to two hundred fifty it's a slow mover those only moving at four kilometers per hour you can still walk a lot faster than that the swim fast that actually tropical cycling trevor on the other hand well this is slightly weaker but it's still strong enough still intensifying actually and this is what is going to make landfall around about nine or ten hours winds gusting over two hundred kilometers per hour is moving more quickly though eleven kilometers per hour and that is crucial because as we go on through the next couple of days we're looking at something like maybe fifty two hundred millimeters of rain coming in across the northeastern corner of northern territory just course yarra believe the rain here it will cause some flooding having said that will be
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a problem maker but look at that for rainfall up around the proper coast we're looking at three hundred to five hundred millimeters of rain coming in over the next three days that's around a year's worth of rain that will cause widespread problems there because saturday to the position of the storm then go on into sunday doesn't really move too far and even as we go on into monday you can see it still hugging that northwestern corner meanwhile traveler made its way right into the interior hala. thanks anderson well still to come on al-jazeera breck's it blooms to find out what people in the u.k. second largest city think about britain's delay it's a departure from the e.u. . i'm foreign slowey in northern thailand a political stronghold of a party that was removed by a military coup almost five years ago and the people here are vowing to turn up in huge numbers to vote in the upcoming election. walking out on racism a footballer in bolivia takes a stance as coming up in the sports with joe. eternity
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. so it could have us military occupation. my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by languages my occupation so the thought of even some of those a little old shoe alone will cause the. jerusalem our rock and the hard to please coming soon in the next episode of earth royce nick clock to into greenpeace crew on a voyage through the wooden seat to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile untaught ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v.
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with live music it's all the remotest nuances on unsought tick centering on al-jazeera. he watching all of us here a quick reminder of our top stories this hour. the un has described the flooding disaster in southern africa as hugely complex and says it will require an even more complex response thousands of people are still stranded more than a week after cycle it ice struck. russia's foreign minister says any change in the status of the occupied golan heights would violate u.n.
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agreements donald trump has tweeted it's time the us recognized israel sovereignty over the territory. and people all over new zealand mourns and prayed together on friday and i wish why is memorial service was held for the fifty people who were killed in the attacks were remembered and islamophobia was content. or protest theirs are in force again for a fifth friday in algeria calling for president are these beautifully to step down they're rallying in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country pressure is growing on longtime leader abdul aziz beautifully with his own party the f.l.n. withdrawing its supports. well use of one though is a professor of political science and international relations at qatar university he joins us here in doha professor. huge demonstrations we
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saw those repeated again today this is ramping up the pressure on their leases announce it is and this is just the beginning of the day because just bloody players are just finished an obvious lot on journey up. the pictures we saw just a few minutes ago the numbers believe it was and it would the would be one of the biggest to demonstrate sions. think it would do surpass what happened last week and it basically telling the president that we are not going to stop we have got that momentum until you and your government will leave for another ok so we're seeing the momentum with the protesters here were nice starting to see the ruling party expressing support for the demonstrations is there a rift emerging in the ruling elites why are they signs in with the protesters basically it's like where were you wouldn't john kennedy was killed so at the end
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of the day deployed. when they have doubled on the high ground and now the. done and all those who would like to. in the future of judea so the longer they stay with. the other discredited already but the longer they stay the more discredited they will be and they would like to find the need for themselves in the post but do you think they're trying to they're trying to protect themselves if brits if we could goes yes the basically they would say we sided with the people who will your laws that basically we have to listen to the voice of the people delusion because days and his clique in office number. before. those people who would like to remind you that they have made like choice at some point. be to verify to date that it's not just. the protesters are calling
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to go it's the end. stablish likely do you think that is going to happen to bleed the system completely that is too much i don't think it will happen what we have seen over the last week or two weeks is that one of the most hated figures in politics former prime minister. he was fired. but we was asked to form a government over the last maybe ten to two weeks he has not been able to form a government if new paltz he called over five hundred people of them in this is not confirmed yet but he called over five hundred people asking them to take positions within his own cabinet and all these would have refused to do so what. wants or what protesters want is basically to get rid of was names not associated with
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corruption like most of the ministers and the so-called businessman and so far they have been for the house of cards ok thank you so much for your insights and analysis professor you say for one though professor at university thank you thank you. now e.u. leaders have given the u.k. more time to decide on the future of bricks its surface spawning the deadline past march the twenty ninth present politicians know you can extend the departure date to may twenty seconds but only if they approve the prime minister to resign may's deal if they don't they'll have a shorter time and so april twelfth to get the deal through or quotes indicates a way forwards the battle night shifts back to business parliaments which is split still in the middle between supporters and opponents of brecht's it's the reason he
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says m.p.'s now have a clear choice what we've got two correspondents on the story will head. barber in london shortly first though let's go to zero zero holder of the hamid he's in brussels for. suggesting there is the e.u. that's taken back control of those breaks it proves what should we be looking out for next. certainly we should be looking at what will happen in the house of commons next week the e.u. said quite clearly due to their tourism may you go back you try to make that meaningful meaningful yes vote go through and then we can see what what's going to happen next at that point as you said she has two choices if it's a no vote there's that first deadline of april twelfth by then it's either from what we understand the hardbacks it or there's some sort of new proposal about the
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way forward that will come through and that would mean a very quite a long extension and actually donald tusk was asked last night at the press conference how long is a long extension and then all to us actually turned and said do you have an answer for that and he said well very long and something along those lines so certainly it's there put into by. all in there is a maze court but they're also quite angry even though the leaders came out saying we have all agreed on this plan there are sharp divisions and probably one could say that that's not something that you see very often within the but you certainly had france belgium and spain who wanted a much harder approach to this whole issue they went much harder on terrorism and then you had on the other side german chancellor angela merkel who was sort of more open minded about it all who still wants to push until the very end to find some sort of. end to all of this but the hamid's in brussels thanks very much for
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bringing us says eight let's get the latest now from london with bob. we heard from her there the ball is back in the u.k. these courts what are they going to do with this ball. well there are a lot so lots of variables but what toto was saying is absolutely crucial some e.u. leaders did want to keep things friendly they getting fed up with britain it was clear they were disappointed in what reason may how to say about her plan if she fails to get her withdrawal agreement through parliament next week and that's looking more and more likely that it will be defeated we don't know what day it might actually be debated again but now there's a movement and we're hearing that it's something that the government itself is now thinking about offering for a number of indicative votes to see what parliament can agree now the local media
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are reporting that those include her a deal the deal plus a customs union of those two plus a single market membership or no deal of course no deal is one of the only things that parliament has actually said they don't want and the other options that are being included it said are revoking article fifty so stopping the brics a process completely and another referendum now coincidentally tomorrow there will be a march in london by the so-called people's vote campaign arsing for it to be put back to the people and currently there's an up a petition online which has now got more than three million signatures asking the government to revoke article fifty jeremy corbyn the opposition leader hasn't ruled out a revocation it's quite amazing that we've got there but he says that his priority is stopping and no deal breaks it more and more people in parliament coming round
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to that idea because the cliff edge is still only a matter of weeks away so the both the marches on the people signing that petition hoping obviously that their voice will add to the momentum to get people to come up with a solution in parliament joining us live from westminster thanks very much for bringing us up to date. well the u.k.'s second largest city falls it's a leaf the e.u. by a tiny margin and remains divided over break says people on both sides of the debate say they're disappointed with the country's politicians the barker reports from birmingham where many from the large south asian community that initially backs break sets are now changing their minds go to africa and sometimes i think you very much believe this is the sound of britain's political crisis a shot in the tube with david cameron lyrics that speak of
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a nation that olds with itself is by ninety's popstar punchy indian who now coaches new artists on how to confront politics and on when i say breakthrough what does it make you think it makes me think everything that is wrong. is not i mean put it this way when i first heard the bricks evolve did anyone know what the voting about really is now we get into the nuts and bolts of it all got to this point first before we had that vote if you like so i think a lot of it was the blind leading the blind is a view shared by many britons second city birmingham merrily voted to leave the e.u. more than two years on the city still divided over breaks it we spent all this time and achieved nothing it's just. that's what i think. we need a new prime minister just say fact. it's all mom think it's for the best but. i'm a bit lot this impeach word spending so much sense to my customers
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a birmingham's oldest indian supermarket also reevaluating their choices more than twenty percent of the city has south asian ancestry owner jatin to dylan voted to remain for the city's south asian community chose overwhelmingly to leave citing the arrival of cheap labor from the fringes of the e.u. as the main reason. i think it was affectively to do with immigration and i think they felt that immigration in these areas was getting out of control where my dad came. they're working twelve fifteen hours you know twenty four hours just to make ends meet here but now i think it's different i think people coming here and. it seems like the perception i'm getting from people is that it's easier. to remain in plays outside a popular pakistani restaurant. turned up the heat a multicultural britain for many members of the south and community to see
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a positive opportunity after spending many years trying to carve out a place for themselves in this country. a chance to save work in new ways of immigration yes. but as the possible impact to break everything from food prices to freedom of movement becomes known many people now want to chance to change their minds second vote delayed departure whatever the next move could bring communities together or pull them further apart. burning them. it's a game and there were thousands of people have been jailed by the warring sides all parties agreed to a prisoner exchange in sweden back in december but it hasn't materialized human rights watch says he forces yet the yemeni government and u.a.e. backed militias have detained people abuse detainees and forcibly disappeared
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people on the sea international has investigated a network of secret prisons run by the u.a.e. and alleged egregious violations including a forced disappearances torture and other ill treatment amounting to war crimes well in december yemen's government stella geisha in sweden submitted names of over eight thousand detainees to the un well he says submitted the names of more than seven thousand people a sign a binge of aids has more. samir is daily chores include cutting off plastic into smaller pieces waste is used as cooking fuel in their tent his mom is preparing the only meal they can afford from flour to make bread this story of hunger and desperation is repeated across refugee camps in yemen samir is husband was detained by hutu rebels in one day the children were at risk of being recruited as soldiers so she says the escape to the city of mara liasson helena literally the
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who these first denied having my husband after months his mother was allowed to see him she saw him just once he had bruises and at the top. i called on human rights organizations to have my husband and other detainees released without conditions. human rights watch says parties to the conflict have worsened the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe the group blames all sides including hooty forces the yemeni government and the united arab emirates. rahmatullah was abducted in twenty sixteen by pro-government militias backed by the u.a.e. his mother is. this photo recently she wants answers from the government and its allies. alone i asked everyone to return the body of my son for me to bury him they couldn't just throw away his body they have taken him from the streets and they have to return him back to me i have been looking for him for three.


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