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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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full abuse detainees and forcibly disappeared people on the sea international has investigated a network of secret prisons run by the u.a.e. and alleged egregious violations including a forced disappearances torture and other ill treatment amounting to war crimes well in december heavens governments delegation in sweden submitted names of over eight thousand detainees to the un well he sees a mess in the names of more than seven thousand people sign a binge of aids as more. some years daily chores include cutting off plastic into smaller pieces waste is used as cooking fuel in their tent his mom is preparing the only meal they can afford from flour to make bread the story of hunger and desperation is repeated across refugee camps in yemen samir is husband was detained by hutu rebels in her data her children were at risk of being recruited as soldiers so she says the escape to the city of mara liasson helena
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literally the who these first denied having my husband after months his mother was allowed to see him she saw him just once he had bruises and over the top to marks i called on human rights organizations to have my husband and other detainees released without conditions. human rights watch says parties to the conflict have worsened the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe the group blames all sides including hooty forces the yemeni government and the united arab emirates. rahmatullah was abducted in twenty sixteen by pro-government militias backed by the u.a.e. his mother received this photo recently she wants answers from the government and its allies. i asked everyone to return the body of my son for me to bury him they couldn't just throw away his body they have taken him from the streets and they have to return him back to me i have been looking for him for three. his wife
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children mother and brothers want to see him why are they behaving like this. every few weeks mothers and wives of the missing gathered to protest thousands of yemenis have been detained without cause many are abused and others are forcibly disappeared without a trace amnesty international says some of these violations amount to war crimes last december in sweden all sides agreed in principle to swap prisoners but the process has been stalled for months there were a number of talks at the place after stockwell and be as many families are still waiting for the parties to finalize the lists we know what come to agreement between the many parties on the release towns friend about the conflict related. it's been four years since the saudi ever of the coalition began its war against the hoodies on the samir doesn't expect an end anytime soon all she wants is for her husband to be released some of. their. iraq's president for him saw their
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faces an angry crowd on his visits and also a ferry accident kills at least one hundred people for sisters holes insults the president says he to the scene of the disaster in overloaded ferry capsized in the tigris river only were celebrating a holiday most of the victims were women and children all to syria as your family is in mosul and brings us the latest because. this is where the ferry sank the one behind me is identical to the one that went down in this resolve the two ferries used to carry visitors to the result island across this to be totally off the to greece as you can see the water current is very strong and official source from the water authority in one hour told us they had to inform the operators of the most of them to shut more gates to bring the water level down and this would help recover the dead bodies sixty persons were rescued alive yesterday when the ferry capsized the government has deployed all the resources at hand we
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should note that the first capacity is not more than fifty personnel and the one that went down had more than two hundred persons on ball the ferry also lacks safety equipment as you see search operations are still underway the city is in total shock and the government has declared a mourning period. people in northern thailand say they will turn out big numbers for sunday's general election is the first poll since the military coup five years ago that the governments that have a large support base in the north florence lloyd reports now from chiang mai. it's support like this that must worry thailand's military generals through courts and crews have tried repeatedly to destroy the opposition and silence dissent despite being removed in the last crew in two thousand and fourteen the per thai
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party is still alive and saying people in its stronghold of the rural north will send a clear message on election day. saying people are telling me stories up their suffering i have been working in politics for twenty seven years this is the first election where people come to me crying and asking me to come back and help them that we must form the government money thanks largely to support in poor agricultural communities per time or its predecessors have won every election in thailand since two thousand and one but they've had those victories taken away leaving a large section of the population feeling like they've been shut out when we get any better we want the economy to get better because families buried in did we don't want to military rule because we can do anything we have to be careful
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when we say or do things we want them ocracy and people that we represent like in the path. the past if they dream off is when former prime minister taksin shinawatra was in power he was removed in a coup in two thousand and six and lives in exile avoiding jail for corruption but still in control of the per thai party talks in china why it came to power on the back of populist policies in areas like this in doing so he spoke to communities that have long felt neglected or treated as second class by the elite in the capital bangkok he still enjoys a lot of support here and the odds of his party winning the popular vote again are good but forming the government will be difficult the military will hand pick two hundred fifty seats in the upper house of parliament. that means a big head start for the military backed. party it may struggle to enthuse crowds in the north of the country but one of the main candidates here believes toxin is
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no longer a factor people are only concerned about how they're going to support their family when i go out and campaign people say they've moved on from the past they want to stay in the present. but at the per time rally they're looking in all directions remembering what's been taken away in the past while enjoying the present and the opportunity to have their political voices heard again and the only future they'll accept is a truly democratic one without military involvement. there
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for the sport over to you joe thank you very much a year after australian cricket was rocked by a ball tampering scandal one of the three players who put them there is preparing to take a new leadership role cameron bancroft has been named as caps in an english county team darren he'll make his debut for them in mid april bancroft was given a nine month suspension for scratching a ball with some paper during the third test against south africa in march last year teammate steve smith and david warner's bands and next week there's been some negative reaction online but local sports journalist nick laughlin believes most of derms fans and players will get behind bancroft is going to be welcomed into durham not just as a bottom but i think is a bit of a figurehead as well because this is
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a very and i'm not overly experienced but this is a very young squad to durham at the moment as well and i think his experiences over the last year the last. lot of them if you look at it was life experiences coming back into the cricketing fold as a hard i think impossible experience not now it's not level of carcassonne understanding on a lot that you can place in the dorms what because remember paul collingwood kept at this side of the squad for many years he's called it did now retire at the end of last season and there's a lack of real authority of leaders in the squad at the moment if you like and i think that yes like i said it could be a gamble it might work it might not board i think in terms of making a statement it's certainly a fault and probably positive move the globe a top american skaters think ada causing intentional harm to a competitor at the world championships in japan right about collided with a sixteen year old south korean limb young soon in the womb up session cutting her rival's leg with the skate late korean officials complained to the international
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skating union have decided that no action is necessary. it's been just a few days since bianca andrea squeezed on to victory at the indian wells now the canadian teenager has made it into the second round of the miami open and go on the far side of the court here has gone from ranking outside the top one hundred fifty at the start of the year to twenty four thanks to sunday's win but she got to be struggling when she trailed romanian. by a set and five games to one andrea dug deep though to win twelve of the next fifteen games. and she took the match to says to her. about worrying scenes in the men's tournament two hours into his match mischa's that it liquid cooled collapsed with extreme cramps the spaniard was writhing in pain on the ground and was unable to return to the match he was cheered as he walked off in tears and to make things worse it was also his nineteenth birthday.
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christiana an elderly no mess he will return to international action later for the first time since last year's world cup messi set to start in a friendly for argentina against venezuela or now there has a more important task at hand he's in the squad for portugal as the reigning champions begin their qualifying run for next year's european championships they're up against ukraine on friday and in the days of the games england face the czech republic although they're already guaranteed a place in the playoffs thanks to winning their group in the nations league world champions france are in moldova. if. we have to certain new goals he challenges it doesn't take away from what we achieved in russia we have a status and we have to defend it each time that we have the chance to do so we know how important it is to start a qualifying campaign well even if it's only moldova we have a lot of respect for them so we will have to attack our opponents on the pitch in order to perform well and to take the three points off a brazilian footballer her face monkey chants in bolivia says the country should do
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more to tackle racism said jr walked off midway through a game for his club shows will stand against blooming after receiving what he says was nonstop abuse the opponents condemned the racist chance but also filed a complaint to get some genius suspended for leaving the pitch arguing he talked to the fans his club will summon also filed a complaint in the same court seeking sanction against the english fans. they called me monkey told me that i had to come back to the jungle i have a family children my family was watching the game on the television certain things but i injured up to my limit this is not football we are all equal i'm not different because of the color of my skin or perhaps for being brazilian god created just one race the human race scottish go for russell knox has put himself in contention after the opening round of the valspar championship in florida the world number sixty two produced an albatross that's when
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a golfer goes three strokes under par on a hole knocks was two hundred seventy four yards away on the par five eleventh when he made this second shot and went straight into the cup to straight behind leaders jones almost. all right that is all useful for now will have. very much for me for this new surge to stay with us i'll be back with you in just a moment with more of the day's news. is the war on truth when they're on line. is to be able to be concise expressing that exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state and ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from the new join the global conversation. until now
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the coverage of latin america and most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not sure how people feel how they how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding a good education system that was introduced to. latin america as europe has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. i made it to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in battery is a free palestine
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a listening post on al-jazeera. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been hearing it was me going to really. reveal secrets see one point resiting out there will be people outraged you know. and connections some don't want exponents many in legacy media. mass shooting. with my al-jazeera investigations to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. was. on the streets again the hundreds of thousands of algeria and surmount wholesale change the political establishment.
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and how the markets and this is all just hear a wife from doha also coming up. widespread condemnation on donald trump's plan to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights which belong to syria plus. hundreds of people are pulled to safety in mozambique but the waits for aids continues after a devastating cycle and. we are not alone. we'll article ground up. he zealander's unites as a nation to mark one week since the mosque attacks that killed fifty people. protesters are it's in force again for a fifth friday in algeria calling for president of the us he's put a frica to step
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die in iraq being in the capital algiers as well as since all the cities across the country the pressure is growing on longtime leader beautifully with his own party the f.l.n. withdrawing its support. well mokhtar badri is a lecturer of islamic studies at qatar university he joins us now on sense. this that we're seeing significant numbers of protesters on the streets would you say the momentum is with these protestors now yes of course you can see that every week more people to come out to the street and they are repeating the same slogans the same demands they would like a change of region they would like the prove to go and they would like a new regime to be in place they would like to decide for themselves ok what can we read into the fact that the president's own party are no longer backing him does
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this mean it's likely beautifully will go this firstly will. decide that she's not going to stand for the new election he's just trying to gain some more time but it seems that the all the political sphere around here are withdrawing one after the other and they are accepting they are listening to the street so sooner or later will go but how and what will come next i only hope that the elite and she come to an agreement and will. select a new new representatives of the street to enter a serious dialogue to shape the future of algeria the protesters they're also calling as he said for the entire regime to do what they want wholesale change how likely is it do you think that they'll achieve the same. can't say the least a legitimate. of the people it's the people who should
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decide this is democracy and normally you should find a way out on how to find the. the results of this momentum what will come to a shape of dialogue that will select the representative of the people as i told you to decide what when and what will come next in terms of the military ruler they . are they coming. from what they are saying. there are playing the right look at all if they stick to it the army should protect the borders of algeria and the security the overall security and they should provide the security for the people to come together and decide what's next we are not siding. openly towards any of the actors
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in the political arena from the area but down deep down. is there any other agenda it's not playing the smoke reported to the peoples of what they are saying is good and you should be proud of that all the army is playing they are protecting the security of the overall security whether of the borders or the overall security providing a platform for the people to move ok we will have to leave it there but thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and analysis with us here on. now there's growing cohn's a nation over the u.s. president's plan to recognize the occupied golan heights as parts of israel russia's foreign ministry says any change in its status would violates u.n. agreements iran and syria have also criticized donald trump's tweets in which he
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said it is time the u.s. recognize israel sovereignty over the golan heights of the terror she was captured from syria more than fifty years ago it's estimated twenty thousand israelis live there as well as another twenty thousand mostly druze syrians. well stephanie decker joins us now from the occupied golan heights stephanie this would appear on first glance to be something of a victory for the israeli prime minister. absolutely and it's coming very soon before what is a hotly contested election so the timing of this many people will say well why didn't trump wait to do this off to what's with the timing of this is very calculated it seems to put that donald trump support very strongly and firmly behind benjamin netanyahu to be reelected to another term as prime minister now but netanyahu is going to be heading to the united states this week he'll be meeting
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with trump and we do expect an official announcement because of course this tweet is is trouble saying that america should recognize it will recognize everyone will tell you it's going to happen but an official statement we're expecting will happen next week so this is really something i will tell you almost meddling in these israeli real elections because it is now giving netanyahu an extra boost his are already playing the card that the u.s. embassy was moved to drusilla i'm playing the card that the americans pulled out of that iranian nuclear deal very important to the israeli this israeli administration and now of course that this terrorist you were standing internationally recognized by everyone which is why you were mentioning there such international condemnation as illegally occupied syrian territory now the americans saying that they're going to decide that this is in fact legally is raiding. stephanie joining us from new york golan heights thanks very much for bringing us the seats gabriel joins us now from washington d.c.
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again but we heard there from stephanie decker many people seeing this is something of a gift from donald trump sued binyamin netanyahu is president trump insert fearing or meddling in the israeli elections. well it's interesting because trump actually gave an interview to the fox business network late on thursday that interview aired early in the morning here friday in the u.s. and he was asked about this the interview is primarily about economic policy in the economy but he was briefly asked about his decision on the golan heights and the interviewer said are you doing this to help bolster netanyahu in trump's response was very succinct he says he said no i wouldn't even know anything about that i have no idea but i hear he's doing ok so trump sort of brushing away any insinuation that this was about netanyahu at all but clearly it's sort of hard to believe that trump would know anything about the israeli elections happening in two
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weeks from now by the least that's was trump's response there is also asked about the decision on why now in the golan heights and he said that he had something that he had been thinking about for a very long time it was a hard decision and then he pivoted to sort of equate it to his decision on moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem he said that was also a very tough decision he said before he made that decision was getting calls he said from world leaders saying don't do it don't do it don't do it trump said i did it and it turned out fine the golan heights is the same thing for years other presidents have campaigned on it they said they would do it they didn't i did this is about israel's sovereignty so trump clearly a framing it in that regard again this was just a tweet by trump we are expecting perhaps more information or an official announcement on it as soon as this week and that's when on sunday the apac israeli lobby meeting begins here in washington a three day meeting of israel activists in the u.s. and abroad. president mike pence will be speaking there as well as netanyahu
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himself we could hear more about this golan heights announcement or decision ben. joining us from washington d.c. thanks very much for bringing us that. let's check in with the reaction from russia and europe here is. well russia was very quick to respond to this morning immediately decided this is a direct violation of any un decisions and also it's bypassing the security council on this of course the contradiction with the occupation internationally c. of crimea is not being mentioned here the strongest reaction came from a federation council foreign commission member or lech moros off you sat that this was clearly an act by a president from to split the arab world and russia would never accept israeli sovereignty over the golan golan heights you have to do to know of course that russia has been very active military in syria for many years now and any loss by
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syria of the golan heights would directly also be a loss for russia. the un has describes the flooding disaster in southern africa as hugely complex thousands of people many of them ill are still stranded more than a week after a cycle and it always struck emergency teams in mozambique have increased efforts to rescue traps people in areas worst affected by the floods more survivors who'd been stranded on rooftops and in trees have been rescued and agencies have also started to airlift food to flood victims many people had gone for several days without clean water or anything to eat while the world food program says more than one point five million people will need aid over the next three months in neighboring some bob wait the situation is dire many people are still missing and damage to roofs and bridges has cut off some communities.
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reports now from copa were many are looking for their missing relatives. they say they can't wait any longer for authorities to help them find their relatives so they are digging themselves up a village in east in zimbabwe has completely changed. these boulders never used to be here the shops schools and government offices are gone. off to cycle through the community it's now an eerie gravesite my nephew. who was working at the clinic was now living. you see these stories. under structures. and. you can see him. he's a wife in which four children. among the four children the twins.
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all took an hour but people are saying under the stones this is where the people are.


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