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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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water came from that direction and it kept rising and rising very quickly some people ran to a police camp which was near this area for safety but the water was too powerful and swept many of them away the floods ravaged several parts of eastern zimbabwe completely transforming parts of minicon and province it really has changed the landscape of this reform. as it is you know most of the bridges have been washed away. or certainly that the entrances the approaches to the bridges have been washed away this makes bringing in the men a tearin aid more challenging and this is how people now get across to what used to be a business center. the precarious makeshift bridge is meant to be temporary until a more permanent structure is built as long as this place is difficult to reach by road people here say they have to improvise the is an official death toll for the province but community leaders fear once the missing are accounted for that number could be much higher those who haven't found their relatives say they won't stop
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looking for them survivors believe those who weren't slipped away cheering the floods are buried somewhere under these boulders and mud. al-jazeera zimbabwe the more ahead on this news hour including sitting uncomfortably e.u. leaders agreed to a break sit delayed but it comes with conditions u.s. secretary of state michael has arrived in lebanon and will be live in beirut with more on his visit and in sports japanese rugby suffers a road just months before they host the world cup paul will have the details later in the news. first there's growing condemnation of the u.s. president's plan to recognize the occupied golan heights as fodder of israeli territory russia says any change in its status is a violation of united nations agreements iran and syria have also criticized donald
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trump's tweets in which he said it's time the u.s. recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights the territory was captured from syria more than fifty years ago it's estimated twenty thousand israelis live there as well as twenty thousand syrians mike hanna has more from washington. the closeness of the israeli u.s. relationship and the trumpet ministration emphasized the u.s. secretary of state becomes the most senior u.s. diplomat to accompany an israeli leader toward jews call the western wall flanking the shereef one of islam's holiest sites might pompei a state department signaling what was to come by referring to israeli control of the golan heights rather than israeli occupation and more than half a century of u.s. policy reversed by one presidential tweet after fifty two years it is time for the united states to fully recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights says president trump which is of critical strategic and security importance to the state
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of israel and regional stability replete grateful for the. unbelievable and unmatchable support for security and our right to defend ourselves we will redouble our efforts to make sure that we protect all of this important of what is important is wrong what is important to america and indeed all that is important to the world some though see this as a dangerous u.s. move in a deeply sensitive region this from a former state department spokesman for crowley who concludes he's not advancing the peace process he's killing it president can stay for them to flout international or underpinned by a un charter which specifically states that any territory forcibly occupied can't be. that is a principle argued by the u.s. and the u.n.
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with regard to the russian invasion of crimea the contradiction apparently ignored by president trump but welcome by the israeli prime minister who's standing has just received a major boost ahead of next month's elections in israel mike hanna al-jazeera or shinton. we want to thank you now live to beirut lebanon where the u.s. secretary of state mike from fail has arrived without talks with the lebanese president michel aoun is currently holding a news conference alongside the lebanese foreign minister thing and that's nothing to what he asked for behest of the iranian regime its foot soldiers serve a tehran's bidding hezbollah and its illegitimate militia put the entire country of lebanon on it on the front lines of iran's misguided proxy campaigns rest assured hezbollah's iranian patrons don't want the status quo in lebanon to change they see peace prosperity and independence for lebanon as
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a fundamental threat to their political interests and their hedging monic ambitions finally has gloves global criminal networks it's a drug smuggling it's attempts to launder money through the international system and its interference with customs and other trade controls place lebanon under the microscope of international law enforcement indeed has been robs a lebanese state of resources that rightfully belong to its people the lebanese people should no longer be made to suffer for the political or military ambitions of an outlaw nation and its terrorists affiliate it will take courage for the nation of lebanon to stand up to hezbollah's criminality terror and threats it will take effort to ensure full respect and independence for the lebanese armed forces and other national security interests to be clear we understand the issue of syrian refugees in lebanon. this is another dimension in arabian aggression and we support
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their return to syria in a secure and voluntary manner as soon as conditions allow i want everyone in lebanon to know that you will continue to have a friend in the united states we will continue to support the legitimate state institutions of lebanon and all of its people. in two thousand and eighteen this year past the united states provided more than eight hundred million dollars in assistance to lebanon a fair question what did hezbollah and iran contribute. they contributed coffins of young lebanese returning from syria and evermore iranian weapons qassam so monny and hezbollah's other any backers continue to undermine lebanon's legitimate security institutions and jeopardize the safety and security of the lebanese people it's plain to see which country is
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a force for good in lebanon the united states will continue to bring unprecedented pressure to bear on iran until it ceases all malign behavior including that which is carried out by hezbollah iran's support of as well pose a threat to people to arab people of all face it weakens the lebanese states and undermines the prosperity of future generations it also increases the likelihood of conflict and undercuts opportunities for peace between israel and the palestinians the clerics in tehran provide hezbollah with as much as seven hundred million dollars each and every year this is a staggering sum especially given that up to ninety percent of iran's labor force as long lived before the pot below the poverty line are pressure on iran is simple it's aimed at cutting off the funding for terrorists and it's working on march eighth assad in this role and begged his boss supporters to make new contributions and we believe that our work is already constraining has by laws activities. the
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united states will continue to use all peaceful means everything at our disposal to choke off the financing the smuggling the criminal networks and the misuse of government positions and influence that feeds iran and hezbollah terror operations and we will not hesitate to call out those who active actively and passively support these activities and betray the trust and hopes of the lebanese people i had a chance to discuss each of these issues with lebanese leaders x.-press hope that the new lebanese government would be able to meet the needs of the lebanese people in that regard i shared concern about both extro and internal pressures upon the government including coming from some of its members which do not serve an independent thriving lebanon frankly lebanon lebanese people face a choice bravely move forward as an independent and proud nation or allow
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the dark ambitions of iran and hezbollah to dictate your future you all know the history lebanon has paid a terrible price over the past half century for the sake of its independence as i travel from the airport i was reminded powerfully of this past suffering i passed the site where thirty five years ago the predecessors of today's hezbollah murdered u.s. marines on a peacekeeping mission i passed near the site of the u.s. embassy where the same terrorist thugs killed americans diplomats as they worked i viewed the memorial to mr lebanon or if we cut brutally assassinated for his courageous opposition to cruel tyranny of the assad regime over a lot over lebanon but from that bitter past a better future beckons and it is all around us neither iran nor its party has will have the right to exact more suffering from the lebanese people beirut is rightly
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seen as a symbol of rebirth out of ashes of coexistence out of separation. of mosques churches the synagogues rebuilt. and what was once a bitter green line the devoted family from family and friends from friend mr foreign minister you should know the lebanese people know the united states will continue to stand with the lebanese people as they seize the opportunities they so richly deserve to live as a free people thank you. that was u.s. secretary of state michael speaking alongside the lebanese foreign minister gibran brasil. in beirut today after being in jerusalem a day earlier he was of course much of his speech focusing there on iran the u.s. secretary of state saying the united states will continue to support lebannon but
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expressed concern about what he called the internal and external pressures on the lebanese government he had some very harsh words for hezbollah the lebanese party which as you know is supported by iran and he called on the lebanese leaders to. to basically warning them about the internal pressure and the external pressure on the government and telling lebanese leaders say hezbollah we can see the lebanese state earlier the lebanese president michel aoun. told the united states basically that her hezbollah was part of the lebanese government and not a terrorist organization as the united states calls it let's speak some more about this now to me who is the founder of the center for american strategic studies in beirut and joins us from there come out the i believe you heard what michael had to say there in beirut alongside the lebanese foreign minister how will his message go
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down with the lebanese leaders. well obviously there is a division about his visit to love and on and lebanon is divided along those lines those people who are so probably welcome his visit to lebanon and those people who actually they have this respect for him and his mission and basically they have the thought that rejection for the administration especially on the light of his decision to be very forceful against issues that really major concern to the stability of lebanon obviously the message that he is sending is not something new to the lebanese community to to to certain. faction of lebanon it seems it's more forceful today but in the end i think he had a meeting with different political party especially with the speaker of the parliament
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where he indicated that hezbollah is a part of the lebanese community and he is part of the government lebanon is a very delicate place. merican knows that very well and everybody knows that very well the statement actually speaks for itself i don't think american and hezbollah can see eye to eye grays and open war between them and go to but i think in that and i don't think the united states want to jeopardize the security of lebanon yeah the lebanese president michel aoun telling my comp ale that hezbollah is a lebanese party with a popular support base as we had there michael pales shipped to beirut comes just said day after donald trump tweeted that the united states should recognize israel as you know being in control of the golan heights and this has caused controversy
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of course is just the latest move by the trump administration basically reversing decade. of american foreign policy in this region how will arab leaders view this latest decision by the united states over the golan heights they're meeting in just a few days in tunis for their arab league summit how will this go down especially with those leaders who have close ties with a trumpet ministrations saudi arabia namely and that had been seeking closer ties with israel well obviously this is a statement by the trumpet ministration does not go very well for the stability and peace of the region and this is really not gave the commitment of the violation of the international order and probably is a violation of. the u.n. i don't seem at but and to any possibility of peace in the region especially between syria and israel because one point there was a chance for
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a peace today rather this will call for escalation of tension and belled of weaponry on the say on the syrian side because any hope for any peaceful resolution on the issue of golan heights but by by trump administration i think he did it a service to the election that is taking place in israel and it is really not the bright message that peace and order should be. the form that we have to deal in the middle east and one of the four major attraction of our second set of just to pick up there on what you're saying and coming back to the response or reaction from the arab leadership in this region nothing much really happened after israel's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital do you expect things to be different with this recognition of the golan heights by the u.s. as israeli territory. no i don't think there will be the seem. especially
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saudi arabia another arab country there on the side of the trumpet mr asian and there are willing to go with the trouble to station all the way probably will see some probably some statement shy statement from upcountry in there and this is leave one choice in the region that the only way to resolve this is wars and i think this is the message that was sent by the trumbull ministration this is will will lead to more extremist in the region because when you like violate united united nations resolution is actually if something really bad on the international diplomacy and something the united states should have not done this stuff it put the whole region into for the risk and has collation and this is not so the issue that should be done at this time but as far for some other countries
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especially saudi arabia they are least concerned it's what happened in syria and or another arab country that all they care about how the regime cannot survive doesn't matter what is the cost of the unity of arab or its land thank you so much for sharing if it is with us come our way as me joining us there from beirut and there's been a lot of reaction on social media to the u.s. issues decision to recognize the golan heights says israeli territory sahaj right is here to tell us more about that a funny role in the tweets israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu thanks for this gesture at a time he says when iran sixty you syria as a platform to destroy israel but what about the country at the center all of this syria of course well its foreign ministry says syria condemns in the strongest terms the irresponsible statements of the american president on the occupied syrian golan i think that it reaffirms the blind bias of the us. towards designers or
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patient entity and its unlimited support for aggressive behavior but it also goes on to say it reflects its content for international legitimacy and its flagrant violation of its resolutions especially security council resolution four nine seven and then this is quite interesting because not long ago jason green blatt now he's the u.s. special representative for international go ca sions he tweeted it's time to recognize that be no comprehensive peace agreement without addressing it says the golan heights issue and again that we say that same thing about reference to by the us to iran he goes on cena saying that israel would never let go and be controlled by what he calls the failed states of syria or even iran and this is happening at the same time you see as the human or un human rights council adopted a resolution earlier condemning what it calls israel's apparent intentional use of unlawful lethal and other excessive force against protesters in gaza now twenty
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three countries actually voted for the measure with eight opposing it and then fifteen were absentia is now also on the palestinian side we've seen reaction because politically the one ashrawi she also tweeted about this and wrote that donald trump is enabling israel to see the golan heights she says from the destroyed the chances of peace of course with palestine and his neighbor israel to . destroy the chances of peace with syria of course and ask the question how exactly does that serve israel's security and regional force ability thank you very much for that. let's return to the u.s. secretary of state's visit to lebanon he's just wrapped up a short press conference with the lebanese foreign minister after meeting lebanese president michel aoun led speak to jamal and shi'a who was in beirut for so what was my phone pale as a message in beirut jamal and how has it been received. well for the century pump aoe focused his statement through the presence of the public on the century
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bashing hezbollah and iran which are as we heard from my guest obviously something about a large section of lebanese society will react negatively to not to mention the fact that they weren't too optimistic about his trip to starts with but let's start with talking about what john brumby see of the lebanese foreign minister focused on in his section of that joint press so funny he spoke about a century a need in the desire from the lebanese people to entice us investments in lebanon he spoke about trying to get american countries maybe to help extract gas and offshore drilling exercises off the lebanese coastline he spoke about the need for the u.s. to help maintain stability in lebanon obviously speaking a lot about the diversity poor lism either religious sectarian or ethnic that exists here in lebanon as an example obviously you also made it clear that as far as he was concerned as the president himself had spoken of that was what is
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considered to be a political organization and considering that he himself is part of that's why your block which includes hezbollah that they wouldn't allow for other countries to essentially dictate on through lebannon. how they should fuel has been law but interestingly enough there was no mention of the occupied or illegally occupied golan heights there was no mention about tweets from donald trump and what we should not hear from me is that a couple of days or more from viewers will remember sector prepared started his middle east tour so to speak in kuwait and we were there presence in that press conference he was specifically directly questioned about the status of the illegally occupied golan heights vis a vis u.s. policy and he specifically on such saying that there will be no change in that policy whether he was maybe. not being so honest or as many would expect maybe he was being honest but just wasn't aware that his president hours later was about to
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change policy via a couple hundred per hour on twitter and therefore the fact that it was a mention today probably is more reflective of the fact that there seems to be at least a miscommunication or disarray amongst the different states institutions within the us with regards to this policy shift as expressed by them tompkins troops jamal a child with the latest on the u.s. secretary of state's middle east tour which has taken him to beirut lebanon today thank you jamal. now british prime minister theresa may is back in the u.k. after persuading leaders in brussels to extend the deadline for britain's exit from the european union beyond march twenty nine may says she is determined to deliver on her breaks a deal but that will involve changing the minds of m.p.'s who have already rejected her deal twice live to join her home was outside the british parliament in london so john of the battle now shifts back to the british parliament they're almost
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certain to hold a third vote on may's deal next week what are its chances this time. what it was overall was going to be an extremely tall order to change the minds of m.p.'s and to reason they will be working hard this weekend we're told continuing to do that deal has failed by an enormous margin twice and now i think most would agree that the chances of it possible on not on impossible there is no evidence of a change of heart of the northern ireland democratic unionists and their implacable opposition to the so-called backstop contained in the deal that may change conceivably there is a hardening of views evidence of a hardening of views among tory party m.p.'s who may beginning at the beginning now to feel that a no deal resolution to all of this is better than a deal no deal better than a bad deal as they've often said so they don't appear to be coming on sides and the
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labor party m.p.'s who theresa may would have needed to make up the numbers well if there was any sympathy there much of that evaporated with the assault she launched in her address to the nation on wednesday not blaming m.p.'s and parliament for the mess that this country and breaks it is in accusing them of time wasting infighting and game playing and utterly outraging so many of them the chances of him coming on side to support and out of the extremely slim so what are the chances then what happened sorry i don't know if the deal fans fight that time what are the possible scenarios. i think will be a big question mark over her future she may be forced to resign. the promise that would stay in position for a number of weeks before a successor is chosen i think the more urgent matter though would be the scramble to produce a plan b. to produce for the european union by its next deadline of april the twelfth along
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with a plan b. that have to be an agreement by parliament here to take on europe european parliamentary elections in order to trigger a longer extension both of those issues a plan b. and participation in european parliamentary democracy huge question marks here massively difficult to achieve on the plan b. that be a series of votes so-called indicative votes on a sort of menu of options from three's a maze deal to a soft a deal to no deal to revoking article fifty in a second referendum the point to bear in mind though is there is no majority for any of these offices there hasn't been a positive majority on anything since the referendum nearly three years ago the chances of consensus suddenly breaking out in a matter of weeks seems to many here quite fanciful john hall in london thank you very much for that. still ahead on this hour we take a look at the plight of the thousands who have been taken prisoner in the war in yemen and those who are left behind the last canadian teen bianca and rescue moves
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out more than one hundred ranking places that surprise win at the miami open hole be here with a detached from the. weather looks decidedly unsettled across a good parts of the middle east over the next couple of days that a cloud showing up on the satellite picture making its way through iran pushing over towards afghanistan in the fabric of that cloud also effect in the gulf you and through the next couple days. which will pilots way down across the caspian and the other the black sea when she whether they're just around armenia maybe tools georgia as well basin places that few spots of rain there into syria and that so gathering is all making its way further east was said but it's all becoming to sunday look at that really heavy rain there it's
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a good part of iraq western areas of iran and yeah a fair bit of snow also spilling in across that eastern side of the relevant laws the drive for many by rotating cells just will not see bad here but we have got some wet weather that you can see into syria from that same weather system the same weather system bringing some disturbed weather down across saudi arabia tools concerts was bahrain towards that southwestern corner of iran as well could see some bits and pieces of rain there into the u.a.e. into our models well for a toddler but skies do return as we go on into sunday temperatures lifting quite nicely here and with a top temperature twenty seven. you're
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watching the news on al-jazeera with me for a reminder of our top stories in algeria protesters are out in force again for a fifth friday calling for president abdul aziz but defeat an entire establishment to step down they are rallying in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country. aid agencies say hundreds of thousands of people in mozambique will need humanitarian assistance in the coming days hundreds have died from the floodwaters caused by science. but officials warn the numbers are likely to rise and the u.s. secretary of state michael has warned lebanese leaders of what he calls hezbollah's destabilizing activities in lebanon and the region michael pale is in beirut on the latest leg of his middle east war. american leaders are meeting in chile
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as they look to form a new regional bloc called prole sewer more than half the members of the previous group. as it became divided over how to respond to the venezuelan crisis venezuela is not a member of the new group but its opposition leader has been invited to attend the talks president nicolas maduro wasn't invited and that has met to criticism from some leaders and speak to a latin america tend to see a new man who joins us from santiago how relevant is this crisis in venezuela and the decision to form this new body. hello folly well a stencil really this is a form that is supposed to promote progress and integration in the region south american leaders trying to give a new crack at this but this time led by the right wing governments of the region but in the short term clearly this is seen as an effort to further isolate and further put pressure on. to try to get him out and you can hear things for example
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from zillion president saying that the reason that girl sued or whatever it will end up being called because there is some issue about what the final name will be that this will get this forum is being put together to prevent more of an israel is from being created in the region and holds president of us jumping yet has said in fact that muddles days were quote numbered has responded himself from god x. remember he wasn't invited saying that these presidents are insolent and that they are doing basically the bidding of the united states so venezuela is still very much on people's minds here and that's the reason why some countries like oregon and bolivia are not going to be taking part yet there's a lot of that in the end of this initiative why is it so controversial beyond venezuela. yeah beyond that venezuela a lot of people who are. critical of my would also say that this is this
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organization rather than favoring and defending multilateralism seems to be playing into this new right wing populist wave in the region being led by president donald trump in the united states and eyeballs are not all from brazil remember these are the two largest and most powerful countries in the americas and so they believe that this is very dangerous because it's moving away from the independence of the region and also that it should not be ideological if it was criticized for being too much to the left clearly this no version no would be version of a regional bloc is being criticized for being too much of the right they say that it must be pluralistic because governments change but institution should not fall is the new man reporting there live from santiago chile thank you very much. people all over new zealand mourned then prayed together on friday and nationwide memorial service was held to remember those killed one week ago in the attacks on two mosques in christchurch thomas reports they came in their thousands muslims
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and others to the park opposite the al-noor mosque a week ago a gunman killed fifty people here and at the nearby mosque in lynnwood neither. wood was ready to host friday prayers this week so a virtual mosque was created in the park instead the prince and the sermon broadcast nationwide and attended by new zealand's prime minister. we need the heart of the body south as the home for the fields pine museum and mourns with you. we are one. at one thirty two exactly a week after the shooting began the park fell silent. for two minutes they stood. and then the prayers begin. they were followed by a sermon. nor thanked the people of new zealand for their tears for their flowers and
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for their love and compassion too he thanked the prime minister for her response to the slaughter and then he can text allies to what happened here the attack he said did not come overnight you know where it was the result of anti islamic and anti muslim rhetoric used by some politicians some media agencies and others we call our appalling governments around the wards including new zealand and the neighboring countries to bring an end to hate speech and the politics of fear will his sane came from australia for the event last friday two of his relatives were killed for it touched by what would be emmanuel saying and i think he was saying the right words and that's why i believe given close but not everyone in the park had a personal connection to a victim or even share their faith for many hearts most of those who came here
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these will have been the first friday prayers they've ever attended became not because they're muslim but to show solidarity with the victims of last friday's attacks and islamic community of new zealand more generally many not muslim women wore a head scarf as an added mark of respect i just want to express myself or terribly at this terrible time just how terrible made clear by the mass burial held on friday funerals for twenty six people in a single afternoon after thomas al-jazeera christchurch. iraq's president sally has been met by an angry crowd on his visit to mosul following a deadly ferry accident protesters held in seoul south the president as he toured the scene of the disaster at least one hundred people died when the overloaded ferry capsized in the tigris river al-jazeera is me a friend who has the latest from mosul. this is where the ferry sank
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the one behind me is identical to the one that went down in this resolve the two ferries used to carry visitors to the result island across this three tory of the to greece as you can see the water current is very strong and official source from the water authority in one hour told us they had informed operators of the most of them to shut more gates to bring the water level down and this would help recover the dead bodies sixty persons were rescued alive yesterday when the ferry capsized the government has deployed all the resources at hand we should note that the first capacity is not more than fifty personnel and the one that went down had more than two hundred persons on ball the ferry also lacks safety equipment as you see search operations are still underway the city is in total shock and the government has declared a mourning period. any yemen thousands of people have been jailed by both sides of
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the conflicts last december the parties agreed to exchange prisoners or talks in sweden but so far that hasn't happened human rights watch says who the forces yemeni government and u.a.e. backed militias have obvious rarely detained people abuse detainees and forcibly disappeared people amnesty international has investigated a network of secret prisons run by the u.a.e. it alleges serious human rights violations including in forced disappearances torture and other ill treatment amounting to war crimes in december yemen's government delegation in sweden said middle names over eight thousand detainees to the u.n. the segmented the names of more than seven thousand people osama bin javid has our report. some years daily chores include cutting off plastic into smaller pieces waste is used as cooking fuel in their tent his mom is preparing the only meal they can afford from flour to make bread. this story of hunger and
12:37 am
desperation is repeated across refugee camps in yemen mir's husband was detained by hutu rebels in one day the children were at risk of being recruited as soldiers so she says the escape to the city of mara. but the who thiis first denied having my husband after months his mother was allowed to see him she saw him just once he had bruises and all to talk to my ex i called on human rights organizations to have my husband and of the detainees released without conditions. human rights watch says parties to the conflict have worsened that world's largest humanitarian catastrophe the group blames all sides including hooty forces the yemeni government and the united arab emirates. were met sally was abducted in twenty sixteen by pro-government militias backed by the u.a.e. his mother received this photo recently she wants answers from the government and its allies. i asked everyone to return the body of my son for me to bury him
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they couldn't just throw away his body they have taken him from the streets and they have to return him back to me i have been looking for him for three years his wife children mother and brothers want to see him why are they behaving like this. every few weeks mothers and wives of the missing gathered to protest thousands of yemenis have been detained without cause many are abused and others are forcibly disappeared without a trace amnesty international says some of these violations amount to war crimes last december in sweden all sides agreed in principle to swap prisoners but the process has been stalled for months there were a number of talks that took place after stockwell and be as many families are still waiting for the parties to finalize the lists we know what come to agreement between the many parties on the release downs from the devout the conflict related . it's been four years since the saudi emirate of the coalition began its war against the hoodies on the samir doesn't expect an end anytime soon all she wants
12:39 am
is for her husband to be released some of. their. force walking out on races. as.
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tempus foresightful thank you very much the president of the international boxing federation says he's stepping aside from his role amid a dispute that threatens to overshadow next year's elim picked games in tokyo
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businessman has been involved in the running of amateur boxing for more than twenty years but his election to the presidency last year sparked an inquiry by the international olympic committee looking into the governance of the sport and also threatened to stop organizing boxing outs to carry twenty twenty u.s. authorities have stated that rock mob is involved in organized crime in a spec a stand he said on friday he refuted allegations against him and was stepping aside to put boxing before his own considerations it's still possible he could return if the i.o.c. claes him of wrongdoing the development of rugby in japan has suffered a blow just months out from the hosting of the world cup the country's only major club team has been axed from the southern hemisphere as super rugby competition tokyo son wolves will no longer compete against team from the sounds our nations that's new zealand australia south africa and argentina japan's rugby chief said
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the other countries had imposed unreasonable conditions on the sun will such as paying travel costs for visiting teams the sun will play their final super rugby season after the world cup and in japan in november whatever it was they were in a world cup we don't send so to not throw cold water on us before the world cup but as you can see through various overseas reports they've gone and done this through the reasons we've mentioned and. well a year after australian cricket was rocked by a ball tampering scandal one of the three players found guilty of cheating is preparing to take a new leadership role cameron bancroft has been named as captain of english county durham the bowler was given a nine month suspension for scratching a ball with some paper during the third test against south africa in march last year teammate steve smith and david warner's bonds and next week well it's been some negative reaction online but local sports journalist nick laughlin believes most of the rooms funs on players will get behind been crossed. it will be welcomed
12:43 am
into durham not just as a partner but i think as a bit of a figurehead as well because this is a very and i'm not overly experience but this is a very you want to determine moment as well and i think his experiences over the last you know the last eighty miles a lot of them if you look at his life experiences and coming back in the cricketing fall does he hollers i think in part that spins that now it's not level of carcassonne understanding and a lot that you can place in the dorms because remember paul collingwood kept this side the squad for many years he's called it did now retire at the end of last season and there's a lack of real authority leaders in the squad at the moment if you like and i think that yes like you said it could be a gamble it might work it might not board i think in terms of making a stand months it's certainly a balt and probably positive move the globe a top american skater has been cleared of causing intentional harm to
12:44 am
a competitor at the world championships in japan ryan bell collided with a sixteen year old south korean limb and soon in the warm up session cutting her rivals leg with the skate blade korean officials complained to the international skating union who have decided that no action is necessary well it's been just a few days since bianca under s.q. storm to victory at indian wells and now the canadian teenager has made it into the second round of the miami open and rescue on the far side of the court there has gone from ranking outside the top hundred fifty at the start of the year to twenty four thanks to sunday's win but she looked to be struggling when she tried romanian irina camillia beg you via set and five games to one and rescue dug deep though to win twelve of the next fifteen games and take the match two sets so one. football and christiane are in although on land all messi will return to international action later for the first time since last year's world cup messi is
12:45 am
set to start in a friendly for argentina against venezuela where naldo has a more important task at hand though he's in the squad for portugal as the reigning champions begin their qualifying run for next year's european championships there against ukraine on friday. our brazilian football who was here has faced monkey chants in bolivia says the country should do more to tackle racism says walked off midway through a game for his club money against blooming after receiving what he says was nonstop abuse the opponents contend the racist chance but also filed a complaint to get so you're suspended for leaving the pitch arguing he told to their fans his club also followed a complaint asking for the funds to be punished. me monkey told me that i had to come back to the jungle i have a family children my family was watching the game on the television certain things but i injured up to my limit this is not football we are all equal i'm not
12:46 am
different because of the color of my skin or perhaps for being brazilian god created just one race the human race. power thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera to say with plenty more world news coming up after this very short break thank you for watching. in the next episode of earth royce nick talk to him to greenpeace crew and on
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a voyage through the wintle sea to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile and topsy ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life the bees and some of the remotest pools on a un celtic century on al-jazeera. on march twenty fourth thailand will hold its first general election since the two thousand and fourteen military coup most thais are hoping for political stability but after years of military rule will this election be vs or join us for live coverage as thailand vote on al-jazeera. isn't the problem for yorktown that they really don't have a health question mark over it but he does have a corruption question mark over really doesn't look good for the image that it appears that they are going to do really we'll probably not know about this or you say it will you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.s. across the globe. it's called for
12:48 am
a bridge doesn't build confidence it breaks will join me near the hot sun on up front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here in algiers it. she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's still a from believe in the principle she fought for. was. iranian vice president for women and family affairs talks to al-jazeera. out on the streets again hundreds of thousands of algerians demand sweeping changes to the political establishment.
12:49 am
and i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha coming up hundreds of people are pulled to safety in mozambique but the wait for aids continues after a devastating psycho last widespread condemnation of donald trump's plan to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights which belongs to syria and. we are to gaza. new zealand is unite as a nation to mark one week since the mosque attacks that killed fifty people. algerians are out in force again for a fifth friday calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down they are rallying in the capital as well as in smaller cities across the country demanding sweeping changes mohamed job in june has our report. for the fifth friday in
12:50 am
a row demonstrators across algeria poured into the streets gray skies did not cloud their enthusiasm rain could not dampen their passion appropriate to the occasion this man carried an umbrella designed in the colors of his country's flag. were coming from all over the country we're all one united under the umbrella of one nation we will keep protesting in the sun in the rain until we get what we want it's been almost a month since demonstrators led by the young began demanding president up to as he's beautifully withdraw from running for a fifth term in office. the eighty two year old leader reversed his decision to stand for reelection but he also postponed polls that were due in april until he said political reforms could be implemented he remains the nominal head of the transition process which hasn't just further angered the protesters it's also deepened their resolve to get it no matter how harsh the wind and rain will be no
12:51 am
matter how bad the weather will be the regime is harsha we will keep on protesting on thursday even judges joined the demonstrations this sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to show solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who had earlier refused to oversee the upcoming election if president with a was a candidate another big setback for beautifully who also appears to have been deserted by his own party. analysts believe friday's protests are among the largest demonstrations ever seen in algeria think it would do the city bus with up and the last week and it basically turned into president we. hope will god and you and your government with lives full of them the army chief says the public has expressed what he calls noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing
12:52 am
itself from within and the political elite who support him but if so that would be a problem for a president who has been in power for twenty years and a huge support for the hundreds of thousands of protesters who want to ensure the remnants of beautifully because government are gone for good. and just see it end. joins us once again on al-jazeera he's a lecturer of islamic studies at qatar university thank you for being with us again we heard from one of the protesters there in miami's report she said they will keep protesting but until when what's the end game for these demonstrators until the prove of their call in nigeria leadership the leadership will. accept that demands and they will give them a green light to organize themselves and to see lect in new setting of dialogue but we will select the new lead this is we which is their demand which is what
12:53 am
precisely not just that beautifully go they want more what do they want to precisely they they want to reshape the new government of algeria according to the people the algerian people when they they would like a real democracy to to be in place so they would like a free election they are objecting totally and injecting any influence from foreign. powers whether the french or the americans or some arabs they would like an algerian solution the terms out from the people some would say that the problem right now this protest movement is that it doesn't have a head it doesn't have a leadership so they can't organize themselves better perhaps would you agree with that. we cannot vote with this judgment because i can't see a clear leadership in the street but in the if i see it from another angle
12:54 am
it's a clever. way of managing this situation by the protesters such big protests as cannot gather there in different cities and different successive weeks without a leadership but it's not coming out of this state i think they are waiting for a signal when home from the government the ira the ready to to give way for the new people to come to camelot and they start a new dialogue to shape the future what about the military's role in all this how long can we expect them to stay idle so far they haven't taken any size but if the protests continue and if the momentum gets growing as we've been seeing in the past few weeks on the protesters side will they shift sides. i think i may
12:55 am
expect maybe a non seeing of all can be played by the military to push the different parties of gilia to move ahead than to side towards a and that against the other. they are also playing a clever role and i was that the military of. will keep the same distance from the different actors whether those who are in government or the opposition in this series or the political parties as they are doing now. that is clever that is clever from the algerian thank you for sharing your views with broady from cateye university. now the world news the united nations has described the flood disaster in southern africa as hugely complex fifteen thousand people many of them still stranded more than
12:56 am
a week after he die struck emergency teams in mozambique have increase efforts to rescue trapped people in the areas worst affected by the floods joining us now is. the secretary general of the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies he left mozambique just a few hours ago and joins us from johannesburg thank you so much for being with us tell us about what you saw while you were in mozambique. we so water water everywhere covering please there are no longer to be seen houses no longer to be see him unfortunately many people their livestock and their life what under what many were lost their lives and by the still to be recovered but meanwhile thousands tens of thousands of people that are in great need of everything from shelter to clean water to some be patient. to float and also psychosocial support because people are coming traumatized many of them
12:57 am
children and women currently and even visible people who you would you mind term challenge that we were facing and it could respond very effectively you say that their bodies so to be recovered you are expecting the death toll i imagine to go further up. we definitely expected them fortunately because the way water is backing now to the surface that is on the up the time that we're going to see what is really happening really. and what the underwater. well it is over that this money i could even see some i don't want to go further in the description but it is a very flat wish and that was the and then we fear that more people will have lost their lives because the rescue. phase is over it is responding not with the needs of those what the we've seen some dramatic pictures of people being rescued
12:58 am
people being airlifted those that have been rescued where are they being relocated and what sort of assistance are they receiving. the people are different. in many of those. on. the people trying to comfort them in the best possible way and then they will go to produce shelter and those temperatures are really not adequate so i visited yesterday one school fifteen classrooms six stylists but three thousand people in that school the school itself is flooded. and we're sitting really on the water and sanitation ticking bomb and we're all afraid to see water borne diseases develop and we working together with many other partners including with the government to improve the quality of those. people that it is possible to
12:59 am
recover some form of dignity and safety the united nations has made an appeal for help today what precisely is needed most urgently right now on the ground. what he's urging lead me to it is a show to show the piece of show to be temporary when it is possible and get people to start the rebuilding you know for the long term what is urgently needed also is of course clean water sanitation and hygiene facilities what is the best way to prevent what of one disease is how it started it is not i need it because many up been lost and there on the water and psychosocial support as i said because the number of children affected many of them must parents right now we hope we will find you know to restore the family links for some was from whose parents are alive and unfortunately often children that will have to be taken care of and the needs
1:00 am
are huge and they are multidimensional and the response must also to be multidimensional quite a sad situation and i thank you so much for speaking to us and i see the secretary general of the international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies joining us there from johannesburg thank you for your time. there's growing condemnation of the u.s. president's plan to recognize the occupied golan heights says spot of israeli territory russia says any change in its status is a violation of united nations agreements iran and syria have also criticized donald trump suite in which he said it's time the u.s. recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights the territory was captured from syria more than fifty years ago it's estimated twenty thousand israelis live there as well as twenty thousand syrians stephanie decker has more from the occupied golan heights well all the international attend to now here are the israeli occupied golan heights it is all in the language the international
1:01 am
community recognizes this is occupied syrian territory while u.s. president donald trump now indicating that the united states.


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