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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 12  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 1:32am-2:00am +03

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scientific research is taking place it is an incredible sight but deeply troubling to glasses have always collapsed and carved into the on top to goshen however with global warming they're doing so with increasing speed and as the ice sheets retreat sea levels rise. this right here is humanity's problem for decades perhaps centuries ahead. it is laundry day off at sunrise and here's the thing we will think of being good citizens by wearing fleeces which is made out of recycled plastic also bottles that sort of thing but when you watch the. hundreds of thousands of micro fibers end up in the world's oceans so here on port it wouldn't and not for girls.
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and of course plastic pollution in our seas is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time and the team makes the most of a rare opportunity for research. these are some of the america's rules of the planet that would be appalling to do they could be by successfully greenpeace to conduct this experiment taking samples from the water to see if any micro plastics have infiltrated this environment. just simply into the sea surface like quest five is that maybe first so they're both taking such a feeling it's just more to. the. extent. they push thirty five the this is very hopeful just the way the seas are very close try a system and there's very few local sources of micro plastic fibers should be coming from however evidence is. throwing around the world studies that like the
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plastic before the spark stream because pretty soon there will be found the right place location. you know it's a bizarre thing be afloat on these wild remote and desolate war says he'll quite expose you to g.p.s. google map and zoomed out we can be highly speculative. to draw from by water. yet beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life and these are some of the remotest pools on it. and to see what lies below the expedition submarine is launched on board the antarctic specialist susan lockhart what she sees is a stunning underwater realm composed of all manner of life life not yet touched by mankind but enormously at risk not least from the effects of industrial scale fishing it has one hundred percent coverage of the sea floor i have organised has
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a great three d. structure which allows other organisms to come in and if there and a really interesting species composition and all these factors make it really difficult for a community to recover after a disturbance such as bottom fishing we call these areas valuable marine ecosystem and the estimated fourteen thousand species on the seabed are vulnerable not just to fishing but to other threats like warming sea temperatures and plastics pollution and that's why the expeditions all round research so important in the bid to protect these waters all the scientific data will be compiled to form a body of evidence in support of the sanctuary proposal and presented to the antarctic commission in less than a year's time. but the team needs to find out more about the growing threats encroaching on the region we leave the lonely waters of the weddell sea heading back through the antarctic sound they show. by the routine on board. everyone has
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different ways of filling sparrows from the top practice to running repairs of course looking for old guys and let's get what's cooking today but they do it their way and best of it is that when you know that somebody will know the customers they are the same every day and we share that with them it is not everybody who has a few like this in their restaurant kitchen pretties but if that's why we are here . later we had for sure making landfall on the south set the night and the to be on top to an insular. it's quite a relief to be back on dry land off but it's been careening around all over the place so we welcome hi colin the ephesus.
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penguins shared territory with the seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers the melting juveniles. but here too evidence once again of how the world is closing in on the top to cut the number of tourists twenty years ago it was around forty five thousand a year now it's more like thirty thousand. all like me desperate to see this wilderness while it's still here. despite myself i can't help the sense of unease in surprise about the sheer numbers. of it saddened by the. great big cruise ship. here in pristina on top of the care and lines of terrorists . there's dormant volcano which is ridiculous because it's a free will. but it does just demonstrate the. new accessibility that there is in danger. and there is becoming tainted.
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by the footprints of humanity. next day was steaming down the west coast of the antarctic peninsula. we are going approximately sixty miles south of western areas pretty violent where we have seen. three fishing boats we want to go. there all. the vessels off from china ukraine and chile they're fishing for krill a small shrimp like creature which the whole ecosystem depends there are a keystone of the ocean cycle the diet of plankton helping to transfer c o two to the depths of the ocean. but current is being harvested on a growing scale the fish feed and omega three or ships nets are out and they're in the thick of the krill swarm the krill are obviously densely packed into this area up against the island is the basic just circling around the grounds to bring them
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out of the monks and over whales the fee to see them blowing and whale tails disappearance flicker is showing as we go about. the krill companies say that tapping into a resource that is sustainable the view on board is that that is what they said about other species like the bison in north america called starts off new found and before both were decimated it's essential areas such as weddell see are protected so stocks can replenish the proposal first area with the area thirty kilometers offshore off limits to fishing industry so when so that's a solution you can continue to fish an intoxication but keep it outside of these areas currently being a protected areas because the reason they've been proposed it's because a solemn autumn for the ecosystem down here. soon will begin the long journey home but this time to make another landing and the variety. species here on livingston
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island is just astounding. just like you said. truly spectacular just a lot more diverse me having two species of pain when it's time to pull that off and seals the lentil tilts has not been another landing with quite a variety when you look at this great leadership you can see that's really good and you're right here if you are. teeming with life and it's thriving right now and you can see all around us it's driving who knows what it was like a hundred years ago it was doing even better but right now it's still compared to most other places on earth it's doing a lot better at the point of protecting it is to allow it to continue and that's why we haven't yet met this place up we have the opportunity to protect.
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the question that the dynamics of this place about how it's get changing get the seal population expanding rapidly it was a penguin die off in the east last year ice is changing krill import relations are under threat tourism. i mean this is the last great wilderness on. we need to protect. it's time to head back in for five days we crossed the stormy seas of the drake passage to south america before heading home. an opportunity to consider the wonder of what we've seen and the challenges that lie ahead in winning the protection of the precious part of our planet. and whether or not this protection will indeed be
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granted it in nine months time. after months of campaigning and intense lobbying by the greenpeace team it all comes down to here how about on the island of tasmania in australia with the future of the weddell sea we've decided. this is where it's all happening the headquarters of the antarctic commission that protects and manages the planet's southernmost waters. everything from territorial claims to fishing rights are being thrashed out right now by twenty five government delegations historically the departure point for several antarctic expeditions today hobart is the place where the fate of the continent hangs in the balance. after a voyage together in antarctica i hook up again with will he's been lobbying hard
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for the weddell sea sentry since i last saw him in the news he brings is unexpected to say the least it's not looking great i think we've seen a real. a bit of a disaster of a meeting to be honest something that noma's really expect they were i we were always in the knowledge it was going to be hard and then what we've seen is a few countries just really undermine the process and essentially block any progress on any issue not just not just the antarctic ocean sanctuary but actually progress in any field good luck thanks fortitude in the next twenty four hours goodness me. i'm hoping for the best perhaps we'll hear some good news tomorrow. it's decision day and the country delegations have been locked in talks journalists aren't allowed in so we wait and wait.
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we have development something's afoot just had a. so we're going to go and try and find out what happened. to that is the head of the indian league agent talking to australia post and you told us what he's saying is this is this is kind of a conference every two revealed is that where they did in the interest not to be adopted it's just not going to. it's just devastating news or call them i don't know how. how the green peace team of three right now now let's say the other delegations all the other n.g.o.s who supported this proposal it's just wanted to nations it go the way of russia and china. it confirms will's worst fears but it's not until much later we can speak to him. he's devoted so much to this project. it's terrible nice i mean it's.
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it's just a complete failure on the behalf of the commission on behalf of you know the millions of people who signed this petition who want a visit to happen and we've just seen the entire thing trashed here twenty two countries of the twenty five supporter they believe this is a good proposal but china russia norway you know one by one. three different means and different reasons have just taken it apart and kicked into the long grass and from a personal point of view you invested so much time and energy and passion and heart into this. what's what's the food it's horrible you know it's. nearly two years of us working on it. in an r.v. you know there are other good proposals on the table and this proposal in this is still a good one. and we'll get a chance next year to resubmitted but something's going to have to shift in the
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next year. it is intensely disappointing for everybody involved but it does just. the challenge we face in protecting this planet evolves especially in the face of a current climate of nationalist and political self-interest. it is not just about the whales and the penguins in the wonder of antarctica it's about us us and our descendants we do we want to leave them a world without wilderness without healthy fish docks with the ecosystems in tatters. with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. that we may be the last to be able to do something about.
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being as i want to finally when i ask about it but that's the balance about what i saw when it snows that are not the sad says they're not the same wonder what i heard out of all of our cars and punches at the top to bottom. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera.
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in africa's technological at the center not fluent in group over to live side by side. in its first episode life ups challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's especially because of. the life out of silicon savannah the knowledge is here and. the united states says i saw has been eliminated one hundred percent in syria. hello this is al jazeera live from my headquarters in doha i'm fully back also
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ahead widespread condemnation of donald trump spawn to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights which belong to syria plus. out on the streets again hundreds of thousands of algerians demand sweeping change to the political establishment. hundreds of people are pulled to safety in mozambique but the wait for aid continues after a devastating sight. so we begin with breaking news out of the united states and the white house saying i saw has been called one hundred percent eliminated from its territory in syria the u.s. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan briefed the president was traveling on air force one u.s. forces have been fighting i saw in syria twenty fourteen speak to alan fischer in
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washington for us alan president had been teasing this victory for days now and now the official announcement from the white house. well actually he's been predicting the death of vice all for a lot longer than just the last few days but you'll remember that on wednesday he stood on the south lawn at the white house with two maps one seeing showed the territory that had been controlled by i saw him the day he came to power two years ago and the situation know there was a very small dot of red and he predicted that that would be gone by the end of the day will it took slightly longer than that but he got confirmation from the department of defense that eisel has lost all that territory as i say he's predicted the end of eisel several times he's also said that he is going to pull all his troops out of syria there around two thousand troops there he initially said they're all coming home that led to the resignation of jim mattis who is the defense secretary and concern from allies around the world now because of that
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concern he's decided that there's going to keep around four hundred troops in the country to stop any resurgence of eisel yeah because not holding any more territory in syria is their friend from being completely defeated the capture of bibles marks the end of the group's territory but not the group itself. exactly right you remember that at one point i still controlled territory in iraq in syria that was roughly the size of mainland britain and so it was a huge swathe of territory but slowly that was claimed but by numerous fighting forces one of donald trump's biggest criticisms of barack obama was that by pulling troops united states troops out of iraq that created a vacuum and led to the creation of i saw no one point even claimed that barack obama was the founder of eisel clearly he didn't want to make the same mistake territorially i saw clearly defeated an expert would tell you that but the simple
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reality is that the organization has not gone away there are still hundreds some would suggest thousands of fighters in both syria and iraq who are ready to take up weapons again if called to arms and so the united states and many others including allies such as turkey and also israel want to make sure that i still cannot build itself into any sort of a medieval force that would once again take over huge swathes of territory in the likes of syria or iraq alan fischer in washington thank you very much for that. and there's a growing condemnation of the u.s. president's plan to recognize the occupied golan heights as part of israel russia's foreign ministry says any change in its status would violate u.n. agreements iran and syria have also criticized donald trump's tweet in which he said it's time the u.s. recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights the territory was captured from syria more than fifty years ago it's estimated twenty thousand israelis live
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there as well as twenty thousand wellesley drew syrians while the syria's ambassador to the united nations has been speaking these are live pictures in fact from u.n. headquarters in new york he strongly condemned this statement of president trump as irresponsible and said it's a recipe for more wars at a time when the world needs to. we reaffirmed that the united states states administration has no right or mandate to decide the fate of the occupied seat on going on and that any tickled mission or any action that involves violation of the syrian arab republic sovereignty over its occupied territory is in fact an act of aggression. provocation and illegal act and a failure to comply with the united states obligations as a permanent member of the security council but also as the host country of the united nations our let's speak to our diplomatic editor james phase of the united
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nations for a strange the syrian ambassador is still speaking tell us more about what he has had to say and their reactions to the u.s. plan at the united nations. well as you'd expect hard hitting comments from bashar al jaafari who is very much the chief traveling spokesman not just here in new york but whenever there are species talks or other diplomatic maneuvers with regard to syria he's the person president assad puts front and center he is pretty clear in his condemnation of president trump's tweet he says this is a recipe for war he's calling on the u.n. security council and the u.n. secretary general to completely condemn this and on certain questions i asked him questions about his response to this he was quoting relevant security council resolutions going back to one thousand nine hundred sixty seven when of course israel took control of the golan saying that resolution two forty two then and then
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another resolution in one thousand nine hundred one made it very very clear that israel was occupying the goal and that occupation should end and he says that still the settled position and he made it quite clear that those were resolutions that were voted for by the united states an interesting situation right now where we probably i think although the some of the comments been a bit muted have some of the u.s. his closest allies on this particular issue more on the side of the syrian ambassador than they are on the side of washington very interesting but not of course the first controversial decision made by the time but ministration in this region what a move what response all reaction can we expect from the united nations if any. well first thing to tell you is the u.n. security council is actually technically not here in new york the current president
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of the security council is france their ambassador many of the other ambassadors and certainly delegates from all the members of the security council are currently in mali on on a visit so don't expect anything to happen here in the next few days there's another reason for that and that is there is a number of scheduled meetings next week which are relevant to this meeting on the middle east a meeting on the u.n. peacekeeping force because yes there actually are over a thousand peacekeepers there on the go land separating the israeli side from the syrian side but of a headache for the united nations the. p.l.o. chua who's the head of peacekeeping i spoke to him in the last few hours he said he was monitoring the latest developments very very closely he'll be the one that will brief the security council then the difficult question is what the security council then says because although there's no way the u.s. can overturn security council policy because it's just one country of course it can block any message of condemnation of the u.s.
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as it is a permanent member so expect the security council last i would think as a whole to be pretty silent on this issue james bays that diplomatic editor life for is at the united nations thank you james the u.s. secretary of state has warned lebanese leaders of what he calls hezbollah. activities in lebanon and the region by pump ale is in beirut where he's been meeting officials including some who are allied with the iranian backed lebanese corp has been law the visit is the last leg up on pale as middle east war which has also taken him to cooperate and israel. for thirty four years has bought as put the lebanese people at risk with unilateral unaccountable decisions on war and peace and life and death. whether through political promises or outright intimidation of voters has blah sits inside the national assembly or other state institutions and pretends to support the state meanwhile as blood defies the state and the people of
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lebanon through a terrorist wing committed to spreading destruction. john is shy and has entered his now from a wrote. this was my come pales first visit to lebanon as secretary of state and he used much of his public statements you know to essentially lambaste parts of lebanese political society for the inclusion of hezbollah he said that hezbollah was a destabilizing force should not be considered as part of lebanese society and must be shunned obviously this was rejected by not only his counterpart foreign minister john brumby to see them said that if other countries wanted to classify one terrorist organizations that was their prerogative however as far as the lebanese society was concerned it represents a significant section of that society and was a legitimate force but it was also criticized by the president michel own who also rejected and who calls to disengage with hezbollah what is significant here is that
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there was no mention of that's hugely controversial tweets by president donald trump these of the the league of your compiled golan heights remember parts of lebanon itself are lebanese land continues to be going to occupied by israel according to international law and from paya when he started his middle east war a couple of days back in kuwait prior to his visit here in lebanon he was actually categorically aust by one of the journalists whether there will be a shift in u.s. policy with regards to illegally occupied golan heights after the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a call for countries to accept it as part of israel's sovereignty he said point blank there will be no shift now whether from pale was lying or whether he just hadn't found out he had ties is the case sometimes with this u.s. administration under president donald trump when policy decisions seem to be advertised or announced via twitter that's probably the more likely you know aside from those political aspects there wasn't an attempt by pompei o to address the
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other security threats that are considerations with in lebanon so he didn't speak about the many. violations into lebanese sovereignty by even israeli army he didn't speak about the destabilizing force that many view with regard to saudi arabia and its allies inside lebanon from his counterparts perspective the lebanese foreign minister was trying to entice u.s. investments in lebanon he said it was. needed in order to secure lebanese stability and was hopeful that through this visit that's would give a green light of encouragement for u.s. companies to invest their money here in lebanon algerians are out in force again for a fifth friday calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to step down they're running in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country demanding sweeping changes june has our report. for the fifth friday in a row demonstrate.


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