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tv   14 Up South Africa P1  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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liaison office in the border town of kaesong just six months after it opened the office was designed to allow regular face to face contact between officials from north and north and south korea for the first time since the war ended sixty six years ago. so we're able to get one towards the government finds the north's to solution regrettable and it's hoped that the north returns of staff to the liaison office for normal operation as it was agreed between the two countries more still ahead for you on the program. the fate of briggs it is and so for our british friends. a bruising day in brussels for u.k.'s prime minister who gets a little more time to change m.p.'s mind over who breaks it deal and a week after the christ church mosque shootings thousands of new zealanders attend friday prayers led by their prime minister.
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hello there we've got plenty of sunshine across europe at the moment most of us are seeing some fine settled weather and enjoying some sunshine there is a little bit more in the way of cloud that's making its way in from the northwest that's making things here a little bit windy and a little bit gray and wet as well and that system slipping its way south was as we head through saturday now as it works its way southwards it's being nibbled away by the area of high pressure so it's actually fizzling out so many of us here we see a good deal of crap cloud but not a great deal of rain as we head through the next day or so and that will continue southwards as we head through the day on sunday and still giving a little bit of gray weather there for paris towards the east largely fine and dry for us as well seventeen should be fine for some bucharest a bit over the towards the south there will be things a very heavy downpours over the northern parts of africa over the past couple of days particularly over the northern parts about geria our system is just tracking a bit further towards the east now still giving some heavy rain for some of us in tunisia and across the north coast of libya as well it gradually fizzles out on
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sunday so more of us will be back to the sunshine including forty in june is where our top temperature will be around nineteen degrees for the central belt of africa plenty of showers here some of the heaviest are in the southern parts are not just stretching up towards heavy showers here elsewhere they generally a little bit more scott to denature. being as i want to buy now in order. to get by the death of the ball is a bar not i see that this set says there must wonder whether the double the buckeyes and the bunch is a push up the bottom. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera.
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just a quick look at the top stories now algerians have been out in force for a fifth successive friday calling for regime change and for president abdul aziz budget to immediately step down. aid agencies in mozambique are racing to rescue and feed survivors of cyclon and i first called our case have been reported in the port city of the era and the u.s. president says i still is now been one hundred percent eliminated in syria. but on the ground the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say heavy fighting is continuing around the village of lose the group's lost territory in the country. meanwhile search operations are
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continuing in mosul iraq a day after a ferry carrying about two hundred people capsized the interior ministry says one hundred people have died most of them women and children and iraq's president also an angry reception when he traveled to the city especially going to him has more from baghdad the people are angry in mosul protesters are calling the iraqi president and other government officials the names they say the government has failed to keep a check on the safety of ferries and how they're operated and they want justice for the victims. this ferry was packed with people enjoying a holiday at an amusement park it didn't get far from the banks of the tigris river before capsizing social media video shows bystanders screaming passengers struggling against the swift current to get to safety dozens drowned most were women and children more than fifty people were rescued so we still have my wife and
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my daughters are of the water of those police officers are not letting me through leave me leave me let me go. this accident has been described as unprecedented the iraqi prime minister announced three days of mourning and you rocky's place candles along the banks of the tigris to remember the victims. the most important thing is to stay in solidarity with the victims' families and to treat the injured and pull the bodies out of the river iraqi civil defense says the boats operators allowed to many people on board exceeding its maximum capacity arrest warrants have been issued for the amusement park owner and the ferry operators they were accused of mismanagement and neglect but i was an eyewitness unfortunately they're using old ferries that lack safety equipment to that they exceeded the maximum weight a search operation is under way the floodgates of the mosul dam have been lowered
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to assist emergency workers the iraqi civil defense says one body has been recovered twenty kilometers downstream from where the boat capsized dozens of families have gathered at the morgue desperate for information about their loved ones so far the iraqi authorities have not said how many people are missing natasha going to al-jazeera baghdad now at least seventy people have died after a head on collision between two buses and south and gonna the accident happened at around two am in the east region buses were each carrying around fifty passengers local media say one of the buses caught fire off to the collision. european council president donald tusk says anything is still possible on brick set off the e.u. leaders agreed a short extension to the u.k.'s departure from the block prime minister to resign may had asked for a delay until the end of june at the e.u.
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summit on thursday that deal has already been defeated twice in parliament but the e.u. illegally to perspire in the departure and till may twenty second and that only if the prime minister manages to get m.p.'s on side if the deal is voted down again sure have until april twelfth to decide how to proceed it means that the twelfth of april and the thing if possible do. if the u.k. decided to rethink its strategy or revoking go through fifty which is a priority for the u.k. government. the fate of bridget is so far a british friend. there you are prepared for the worst but hope for the best. if you love. of the days last france's president is accuse pro breaks politicians of lying to the public and says
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the e.u. must protect itself on of all of them or their idea of course is to ensure an organized withdrawal and have as much clarity as possible with regard to dates and conditions of the draw so that the european union does not remain a hostage in the system and we need to get out of this checkmate we need the u.k. to come up with a credible alternative plan to ratify the agreement and of course maintain a good strong relationship with the u.k. . with jonah how is live outside the british parliament and joins us now jonah we're hearing that reason may has just sent a letter to m.p.'s what's her message to them. i in a sense if you heard donald tusk saying that hope dies last messages that hope hasn't died yet at least not in juries amaze head this letter that she has just sent to all m.p.'s a sort of magnanimous appearing effort to reach out to them of course she's got
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a lot of work to do to repair damage relations there are the assault she launched on m.p.'s in parliament on wednesday night an extraordinary and derisory attack on parliamentary process saying it was all down to parliament and m.p.'s of infighting and squabbling the brics it is in the mess that it's in and she's managed to alienate what little support she may have had among many m.p.'s over there here she's saying she's sort of rallying them around in this letter for the important decisions that lie ahead in the next week or two and she's laying out in fairly stark terms as she sees it the four choices they face either her deal which will be voted upon again if it's allowed to be of course but we expect that it will be or they must agree and decide that this country will take part in european parliamentary elections and ask the e.u. therefore for a longer extension beyond april the twelfth in order to come up with some other.
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illusory consensus plan b. or in the absence of that no deal on april the twelfth and finally possibly no bricks it she says that the last option might be to revoke article fifty and we know that there's a big petition going around it's had three and a half million signatures signatures on the parliamentary petition website a lot of people in favor of that last option so lots of question marks in the days and weeks ahead to resume a as i say appearing now to be the prime minister that nobody else really thinks that she is and offering parliament this range of choices. and john to promise a treason a has for a long time been viewed as a leader in name only how i mean what are her prospects at this point is her time her own time in office increasingly running short. i mean one could only speculate that somehow it must be it's hard to imagine
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a prime minister with less or soroti with less sort of command over events and treason may has her deal is about to be brought up for a third time it's quite likely to fail doesn't appear that enough has been done to turn enough m.p.'s around to vote for it and it's hard to imagine how she might continue after that of course the big question is how to get rid of her even if people do want to she said one vote of confidence fail against her with a no party she can't be voted out by her own party until the end of the year they would have to be a vote of confidence one in parliament at the moment the conservative party and the do you suppose have a majority so it's not immediately clear how she before start she may well choose to go or she may offer herself up as a sort of sacrifice in return for people voting for a deal there are those options around as well but it's very hard to see how to resume a restored in any way any sensible storage or control thank you very much from westminster jonah. a group of south american nations are formed
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a new alliance known as for soon venezuela is not a member of the block but sits high on the agenda chile hosted the signing of the agreement also attended by the presidents of argentina brazil colombia ecuador peru they invited venezuelan opposition to one. of them president nicolas maduro but he did not attend a latin america editor lucien human is at that meeting in santiago president was not invited but venezuela is obviously very much high on the agenda there. absolutely maryam he wasn't the president the man that is recognized by the leaders here as being the rifle to get him the president didn't show up at as well but there are a lot of people who think that the whole point of order here at least in the short term is to come up with yet another forum another mechanism for putting pressure on me and forcing him out of power president. to get
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a hold president said in fact that days were numbered. told the president of brazil said that the whole point of having a was to make sure that there would never be another venezuela in the region and he said that they would make sure that that is what happened so people are talking a lot about venezuela and in fact one of the conditions for becoming a member of this new organization which is still in the works it's not completely done a done deal yet but they've laid the groundwork for it is to make sure that any member has to quote respect to human rights democracy democratic institutions and the separation of powers all the words of a clearly are meant to isolate not just in israel and other governments they could come up in the region that would be considered to left leading. and you see if this block is also proving somewhat controversial tell us more about why there's been so much criticism of it. yes that's right you know in this this
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block is meant to replace another one called. that was started fifteen years ago by the left leading government in the region by the former but it's whalen president the former brazilian president lula da silva at a time when almost all the governments in south america were on the central the center left or even all the way to the left this is basically falling apart as the political pendulum in the region has shifted dramatically to the right and so now critics are saying what they're really doing rather than fixing the natural order is to replace the left wing populism with the right wing populism and that this is not the way to go you have to have an institutional organization that can now live any kind of political shift in the region marian thank you very much our latin america editor lucien human there in santiago. now prosecutors in burundi of arrested and charged three schoolgirls the scribbling on the president's picture it's alleged they drew want to photograph of president of pierre and currencies a and are accused of insulting the head of state if convicted the girls will under
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the age of eighteen face up to five years in prison the latest in a crackdown on free expression by burundi's authorities in two thousand and sixteen eleven eleven children which hundreds of students sent home for scribbling on pictures of the president memorials have taken place in new zealand a week after the shootings at two mosques in which fifty people were killed all over the country people of many different religions attended friday prayers prime minister to odan took part in an open air service in christ church close to the scene of the attacks andrew thomas was there. they came in their thousands muslims and others to the park opposite the al-noor mosque a week ago a gunman killed fifty people here and at the nearby mosque in lynnwood neither are nor no linwood was ready to host friday prayers this week so a virtual mosque was created in the park instead for prayers and
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a sermon broadcast nationwide and attended by new zealand's prime minister. we need heart of the body surface the how far the fios pang. new zealand mourns with you we are one at one thirty two exactly a week after the shooting began the park fell silent. for two minutes they stood. and then the prayers but. they were followed by a sermon. nor thanked the people of new zealand for their tears for their flowers and for their love and compassion too he thanked the prime minister for her response to the slaughter and then he can text allies to what happened here the attack he said did not come overnight you know where it was the result of anti islamic and anti muslim rhetoric used by some politicians some media agencies and others we call our
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governments around the wards including new zealand and the neighboring countries. to bring an end. to hate speech and the politics of fear will his sane came from australia for the event last friday two of his relatives were killed for touched by what would be a monastery and i think he was saying the right words and that's what i've been given but not everyone in the park had a personal connection to a victim or even share their faith for many perhaps most of those who came here these will have been the first friday prayers they've ever attended became not because they're muslim but to show solidarity with the victims of last friday's attacks and islamic community of new zealand more generally many muslim women wore a headscarf as an added mark of respect i just want to express myself at this terrible
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time just how terrible made clear by the mass burial held on friday funerals for twenty six people in a single afternoon after thomas al-jazeera cross church there is a remarkable sense of unity and solidarity we seeing there in christchurch and you can read much more about it right here. is why a need to go. quick recap of the top stories this hour algerians have been out in force for a fifth successive friday now calling for regime change and for president abdul aziz bits of the kit immediately stepped down they rallied in the capital algiers and smaller cities across the country as more of the president's former allies abandon him. aid agencies in mozambique are racing to rescue and feed survivors of
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cyclon edythe the first caller cases have also been reported in the port city of era say as the head of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies is just being a mozambique and as the country is a ticking time bomb of disease unfortunately many people their livestock and they loved what under what many were lost their lives the meant by these people to be the covered but i mean why thousand thousands of people that are great meat of everything from shelter to clean water to some of deja. to food and also psychosocial support because people are coming traumatized many of them children and we remember really even be the people people who you want you money term challenge that we were facing and it could respond very effective the white house is saying i sill has been one hundred percent eliminated in syria but on the
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ground the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say heavy fighting continues around the village of whose last pocket of territory in syria the defeat of i still it will be the culmination of a four and a half year campaign to drive the group out of syria. search operations are continuing in the iraqi city of mosul a day off a ferry carrying about two hundred people capsized the interior ministry says one hundred people have died most of them women and children iraq's president and the governor of mosul cause an angry reception when they travel to the city with protesters blocking roads and at least seventy people have died off for a head on collision between two buses in southern gonna the accident happened around two am in the east region buses were each carrying around fifty passengers local media say one of the buses caught fire after the collision you're up to date with all of our top stories this hour coming up next it's up front with many house
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on. how worried should we be about the danger of nuclear war on the indian subcontinent in this new season of upfront acclaimed indian novelist and activist r. inductee roy. hodgson also on the show venezuela's political and economic crisis is deepening under president nicolas maduro and the u.s. and over fifty other nations say they want him out so are we now on the verge of
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a military intervention that's our debate but first india and pakistan became the first nuclear powers to launch air strikes against each other after the recent violence in kashmir tensions remain high but many in india have been celebrating prime minister modi's aggressive stance giving him a boost before the country's upcoming elections one of india's most famous novelist and human rights activists though he says modi is part of the problem not the solution this week's headlines indian literary legend. thank you for joining me on outfront tensions between india and pakistan are at their highest for decades a lot of your fellow indians would say that you should be standing with your country with your government with your prime minister narendra modi but you've come out against him again why. i've always been against prime minister ever since even at the time he was the chief minister when. in two
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thousand and two but right now i feel that you know he has been extremely reckless in what he did. by doing those sort of symbolic airstrikes. after the attack india and pakistan became the first nuclear powers to bomb each other to put. into jeopardy because of a problem that they have not just been able to saws but have actually been. perpetrating for so long and that problem is in fish me you've also said the pakistani prime minister quote acted with dignity and rectitude throughout this crisis many others around the world of praised prime minister kan as well but should he also be held responsible
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a lot of indians would say for being in charge of a country that has failed to crack down on groups like mohamad which took responsibility for the attack on indian personnel just a week after the attack a global financial watchdog said that pakistan still even on the imran khan is not doing enough to stop the funding of terrorism and money laundering. well i was at least about that particular moment when we could have flashed into war you know i was not commenting on. the whole dispute which is a complicated one and of course you know. to take action against groups like the jaish is a responsibility of pakistan. but you know history did not begin with. me so i think we need to look at that. very very the whole world needs. turn his
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attention to push me because we are in a very very dangerous situation there is a problem though that the rest of the world is more concerned about nuclear war than about the plight of the kashmiris well i mean if they cared about nuclear war they'd have to care about. and frankly it's not just that they care about a war you're looking at. a country like pakistan bought. by weapons and you know things that keep that military industrial complex in the works west ticking so there are very serious reasons for why people have looked away but now with this i don't think you can look at just on the indian press and the conflict in kashmir how much is the indian media and the very nationalistic cable news channels that we see from the far how much do
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you think that's to blame for all this tension and hostility i mean do journalists complicit in ramping up some of these tensions. there are more than complicit sometimes they are literally calling for war i mean you had a major television anchor saying we don't want to contemplate a condemnation we have on blood you know one of the most terrifying things in india now is that you have something like four hundred. twenty four hour news channels i mean even of the government government for those media channels. openly lie publishing fake news knowing that it's think some of those channels are all owned by weapons they have a vested interest some are most are owned by major corporates the biggest corporation in india twenty seven twenty four hour news channels you know. the conflict of interest is unbelievable let's talk about what's. on the ground in
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indian administered kashmir in particular the suicide bomber at the center of this recent escalation. he was reportedly humiliated by police officers while in school he was shot in the leg during violent twenty sixteen protests when he joined a group of fighters in march twenty eighth his family told reporters and the indian military's response was to raid their home set it on fire now no one is justifying what he did but how different would the reaction in india be to his story if more people knew about his story and more people knew about what's happening on the ground in me there's nothing special about that story that's the story of average young man and that's why everything is so dangerous you know it's not what i'm saying is this beyond question of posturing and condemnation nationalism now you did have senior journalist think we can have a limit can you kill or for heaven's sake i mean in punjab the president's low on
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their crops you can rethink their lives and they're talking about living to take with you here or there i mean this is a situation of absolute. and what is your position. are you for independent. you know i am nobody to say what should happen to me my position is that the shreddies should be given a chance to express their opinion fearlessly what do they want why are we so scared of that no i guess that they should have the final say but you're not just a novelist of course you're a political analyst if you could wave a magic wand what would you do to me if i could wave a magic wand i would say that you need to demilitarize and you need to ask the people that have been fighting for since nineteen forty seven what is it that they want you know why have seventy thousand people died why are hundreds of teenage.
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has been blinded why have so many people been tortured for what why are people willing to kill them why our citizens willing to come in the way of bullets. the army cordons of a militant and people just throw themselves in the part of the year why so just to be clear if the question really is did get a vote and they voted for independence from india and from pakistan let's say you would support that you would say you're not opposed to breaking up that part of india look i'm not i'm not any kind of a sinful believes in the sanctity of maps i mean if indians believe that it's all right for them to bring to intervene in bangladesh and to separate what was their pakistan from west pakistan and liberate that place which was me which was being assaulted there was genocide being committed in bangladesh if indians believe that
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that's ok then how in what way do they justify their position on push me you've been accused by your army of right critics in india of being among other things an apologist for militant groups in kashmir as well as india's maoist for it is to you once said i do feel it's incredible that these poor poor people are standing up against this mighty state what is your position on minority groups taking up arms against the indian government which for all its sins and flaws is in the elected government. well you know i ask to speak like if you go to the center to the villages as i have been deep into the forests of central india are four or five days walk from the main road where you have vigilante armies raised by the government plus paramilitary forces surrounding.
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indigenous peoples villages burning their own raping their women chasing people off the land in their tens of thousands what do you want us people to do in the middle of the forest corner hunger strike when they're already starving what what do you expect them to do you know. obviously i'm not just suggesting that everybody picks up arms and starts shooting people you know but if there's nonviolent protests as large loud if there is armed resistance is not allowed all of us are supposed to be ok with that and making the status quo sorry. in these elections begin in just a few weeks prime minister has exploited the recent crisis in pakistan we're seeing a lot of nationalism xenophobia on the part of government ministers is he going to get reelected with this kind of rhetoric and campaign do you think. quite honestly i don't think so because the situation here is that everything is in crisis farmers
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are in crisis universities are in crisis banks are in crisis courts are in crisis i don't think it's going to work there's something else happened and something else may well have you have said in the past that the opposition party the congress party has quote done by night what the b j p modi's party does by day five years into this modi era is that really still your view of congress that they're basically all the same. that's a very tough question to answer you know because one looks back at the history of what the congress has done and you do. however the more it is not the problem or the representative of the most powerful organization in india r.s.s. with hundreds of thousands of volunteers it's a cultural that could chose to be j.p.
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it was set up in nineteen twenty five it has always been. and the indian constitution is a horrible constitution it has always maintained that india should be declared a. nation so now we are in that sort of. politics modi's politics would you call that the hindu politics would you call that kind of politics fascist well the r.s.s. itself it's all the ideologues have written so much in praise of. in praise of mussolini have caused mostly i'm second class citizens have called christians and called mean is there any if you look at the games that have been played so far flag attacks the trail of death of more of lynchings you see fascism what else do you see is in the really big problem for you and people who are opposed to modi modi still has the support according to the recent polls of the majority of indians
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you're in a minority of the critical is not the big problem. it's a problem but the thing is that majority area is. and fascist they have an awesome logic wall between them so in the last elections they proved that they didn't need muslims in this election they're going to try and prove they don't need. you know the cost equations in india something we haven't spoken about but. that runs this country and i don't believe i mean more they didn't come to power with a majority of the water anyway but you know there are thousands of people in jail today thousands you know kilos of. people who have been held guilty of massacring you know ninety people in the road up but here in two thousand and two. who was. couldn't be a kid and who actually openly boasted on camera that he slit don't put
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a pregnant muslim woman stuff. recently been released whereas human rights lawyers professors active. indigenous people. and you yourself were imprisoned in the past for your protests against the norm. you've been very outspoken in your criticisms of both parties of the military of police forces of violence you've been criticized for that obviously you've been so i mean you get death threats do you worry for your life. you know i have always to care for you know i am somebody. who is protected by my readers in some ways that's all the protection that i have but it's happening to so many people you know people have been killed of course go to locations so many others have been killed so it would be silly to say oh i don't worry at all but all
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of us worry all of us are careful for the first step back sometimes on the first try to live in this country. the most intelligent way that we can and save. how we can when we can. are inductee roy thanks for joining me on outfront. welcome. more than three million refugees and economy in freefall and more than fifty nations around the world including the us demanding the president stand aside to make way for the opposition leader venezuela is in a serious crisis so is it time for chavez's successor president nicolas maduro to step down or will the u.s. backed change in the government in caracas constitute a coup joining me to debate this venezuelan american lawyer and journalist who served as an advisor to the late president chavez and make an american national
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security and foreign policy columnist for bloomberg. who says regime change is the only moral option thank you both for joining me in the arena eva let me start with you it isn't just the u.s. you have canada france germany the u.k. the e.u. parliament venezuela's neighbors brazil argentina colombia chile acquittal they've all indorsed one as the new president the opposition leader in terms of both the global scene and the regional scene president maduro doesn't have much of the just a missile left as he he is the current president of venezuela who's in power he's in the presidential palace he won an election last year under questionable circumstances that that can be contested by the opposition they chose to boycott it for the most part but he is in power he has the support up until now of the armed forces and at least at the higher levels and he has control of the state institutions so there is also support formentera i mean i absolutely there are millions of venezuelans who have supported him and may not be content with the
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current situation in the country but don't support you know the kind of cool like situation that's taking place he's the elected president of venezuela he's in the presidential palace who cares what other countries think well i don't think he is the elected president as well as his election was didn't pass any kind of international muster almost all the countries that you mentioned did not recognize that election there were significant members of his opposition most notably leopoldo lopez who was in jail and could not run the reason that the opposition boycotted that election is because they had seen slowly but surely under nicolas menorahs reign you know an erosion and an attack on the very powers of you know venezuelan democracy particularly the national assembly which he basically neutered and then you know sort of revived an old form and called it his new legislature which you know undermined a very legitimate election in twenty fifteen when we were as opposition he's won a majority in that assembly that is the basis or the roots of this. so when we talk
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about is majority elected well i would say that the election that was held in twenty eighteen was not legitimate no one recognized him but you wouldn't deny that millions of men as well and still support this president would you sure there are millions and i mean though i do think that he's losing his support in the areas that were the strongest supporters of chavez in part because the entire economy is collapsing yet there are millions of supporters he has far less i think legitimacy and popular generally than he did before you wrote on twitter last month that quote regime change is the only moral option in venezuela right now you said coals for compromise a delaying the transition to democracy given that this phrase regime change sure i was speaking the week of the anniversary of the iraq invasion when invoked in the u.s. that phrase associated with iraq with libya with hundreds of thousands of innocent people being killed should people in the u.s. really be talking about regime change in the same sentence as venezuela well i think that regime changes should be distinct matteis i think it's the outcome that
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we're talking about the means by which i support regime change and as well as the have a new election under an interim government and for there to be you know a vote and whoever wins to do that they're my my issue with majority in this particular context is not because i think the u.s. should invade venezuela as they did in iraq he has usurped power by staying past his first term and you know i don't recognize as most of the hemisphere doesn't recognize the last elections ok except i do you disagree with anything absolutely because you know regardless of my position which is which is critical there are millions of venezuelans who did go to the polls and vote for him and believe that he is there are active president so the fact that one why those who who was also elected as a member of the national assembly the fact that he's claiming and that the opposition is claiming him primarily even though the other countries are involved in president in latin america in europe it's really the trumpet ministration that is pumping up the opposition they would not be able to. take this as far as they
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have so far without that open and direct explicit and very aggressive support so i think that's a key factor because you may have venezuelans who don't want madeira as their president they would like change but they don't want to u.s. intervention either absolutely not nor do they want a us puppet so they don't someone and they see trump in the same way that many people around the world see trump which is this emblematic you know figure of u.s. imperialism and capitalism ok well i'd like to bring i think that i would quibble with a very with one thing that you said just then which is that the original driving force of this entire process was a sort of venezuelan supreme court in exile and what's known as the lima group which the u.s. is not a member of and so i don't i would say that yes the trumpet ministration by coming out and saying that they supported this but it was done in consultation with all of these other countries in the room but the other countries are the ones who might take military action you say you're not in favor of military action i don't think
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the u.s. will either but we know we know that donald trump and john bolton don't have an objection to minute are constantly saying that the options on the table i mean donald trump donald trump told the acting f.b.i. there why can't we go toward venezuela quote they have all the oil and they're right on our back door that doesn't worry us size the search multiple times since then that a military option is on the table he said he said it just the other day meeting with the president of brazil i mean if you want to do it and you heard that what would you buy i would i would say that i my understanding from reporting and i think there's been some some public statements of this is well actually from elliott abrams and stuff and so forth is that they say that all options are on the table in order to dissuade. door of from doing something rash such as attacking the u.s. embassy which is now in the u.s. is evacuating its personnel or from doing something like arresting why go in and as we saw this week we you know saw the arrest of his chief of staff so i think that in it's mainly a form of public diplomacy donald trump has shown in his broader foreign policy
4:43 am
that he does not like. you know committing united states to wars in fact would like to brag about ending them we saw that in syria we're seeing that from hussein afghans we've also seen them make very hawkish noises on iran and venezuela i'm just wondering how you mentioned elliott abrams i mean again if you will madeira if you're of the venezuelan government supporter you see that the point man on venezuela appointed by the trump administration is a guy who was involved in central america under reagan with el salvador and death squads genocide in what amal etc what i mean regardless of our own positions of and what to what message is that sending to people in boston threats of military action are not that's not diplomatic discourse that's war discourse so of course the you know the position of the venezuelan government of nicolas maduro is going to see that as a direct threat why wouldn't there have been assassination attempts is it fair to say well i want regime change in venezuela but i don't support military intervention given the dura has the support of the defense minister and the security he's not going anywhere anytime soon so if you really want to get rid of
4:44 am
him you would get behind a kind of trump bolton abrams regime change military and i don't i don't think abrams and and but are spoiling for an invasion why is he holding another. doesn't . hear about it it's a form of psychological warfare but more importantly that never leads to real war then over more and more and more importantly more importantly i think he's trolling the press and trying to sort of send messages or more importantly i don't think scenes are very good for dora right now even if you are the prime minister of canada you are the prime minister of the u.k. you're the president from you see this humanitarian crisis you see this record number of refugees you see people taking to the streets protesting the government you see the opposition leader saying well according to my own study the constitution i can be interim president you've already said the election was flawed on behalf of your national government what are you supposed to do just avert your gaze what would you want not do i think absolutely there should be diplomatic pressure or there should be efforts to facilitate dialogue a negotiated process but again i mean there is a crisis in venezuela but and not to down play or. underestimate the experiences of
4:45 am
any venezuelans going through hardships it is not a humanitarian crisis that we would call for example yemen it's not a situation where we're looking at a famine you know yes there have been more refugees or an exodus of venezuelans and ever before in history but a lot of those are economic refugees and that's again not to underestimate their own hardships but you know i mean there is still you go to venezuela and if you go to the remote regions you're going to see you know like more rural you'll see the impact of the crisis more but in the city you still got people there going i mean if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling me i mean the hyperinflation in venezuela is the human absolutely anything that well there are many things wrong on that i mean we're good at that what is the solution going forward in terms of ending this crisis i would say absolutely there needs to be facilitated negotiation the side must take part in any kind of justice to one of
4:46 am
them will be clues to what the end point of that is a new elections is there is a new directions that should take place at some point but to get your oaken content to get to get there well i don't think personally i don't think he should participate there are plenty of other candidates that should play a role but i think that the main point is that the us side must be included because it represents still to this day a majority of people in venezuela they cannot be excluded they cannot be repressed or isolate you disagree with that solution why do you think it should be negotiations with the door appear and i think that the international community should remain strong and i think that there should continue to be encouragement of negotiations between many of the chevy's to politicians many of the democratic opposition politicians and the leadership of the military to ignore the resolution to eventually come to an agreement that says that you know we are unified that we no longer wanted by the ruled by majority vote that we visit in six months well i can do that over time in a day earlier call for a recall referendum but then they'd have to recognize the legitimacy of his
4:47 am
presidency. there is a figure in the constitution that would allow for his time to be recalled well after leaving that eva golinger you know like thank you both for joining me on the show that's our show up properly but next week. fourteen the time of change and discovery now not just not for me. to forge an identity i tell you which is peace me i'm confused i know in one thousand nine hundred ninety south africa revisits the children of
4:48 am
a bad day seven years own as they grow and develop with their country. fourteen south africa part one on al-jazeera. now. now. now. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london just a quick look at the top stories now algerians have been out in force again for a fifth successive friday calling for regime change and for president abdel aziz but if he had to immediately step down they rallied in the capital outas and in smaller cities across the country as more of the president's former allies abandon him mama jan jim now reports. for the fifth friday in a row demonstrators across algeria poured into the streets gray skies did not cloud
4:49 am
their enthusiasm rain could not dampen their passion appropriate to the occasion this man carried an umbrella designed in the colors of his country's flag. we're coming from all over the country we're all one united under the umbrella of one nation we will keep protesting in the sun in the rain until we get what we want it's been almost a month since demonstrators led by the young began demanding president i was he's with the withdraw from running for a fifth term in office the eighty two year old leader reversed his decision to stand for reelection but he also postponed polls that were due in april until he said political reforms could be implemented he remains the nominal head of the transition process which hasn't just further angered the protesters it's also deepened their resolve. to get it no matter how harsh the wind and rain will be no
4:50 am
matter how bad the weather will be the regime is harsha we will keep on protesting on thursday even judges joined the demonstrations this sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to show solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who had earlier refused to oversee the upcoming election if president with the flicka was a candidate another big setback for beautifully who also appears to have been deserted by his own party. analysts believe friday's protests are among the largest demonstrations ever seen in algeria a think it would do the city bus with up and last week and it basically didn't deploy as it did and we. hope we have good momentum and you and your government would live for all of them the army chief says the public has expressed what he calls noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing itself from and the political elite who support him if so that would be a problem for
4:51 am
a president who has been in power for twenty years and a huge support for the hundreds of thousands of protesters who want to ensure the remnants of beautifully because government are gone for good. and just here are. aid agencies in mozambique a racing to rescue and feed survivors of psycho one week after the storm devastated southern africa nearly three hundred people have been killed in mozambique and there affair is the death toll could rise above a thousand meanwhile at least two hundred fifty nine others have died in eastern zimbabwe the first cholera cases have also been reported in the mozambican city of the era. well hijazi is the head of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies he's just been in mozambique and says the country is a ticking time bomb of disease unfortunately many people their livestock and they left under what many want lost their lives the men but you still to be they covered but i mean why thousands thousands of people that are great meat of everything
4:52 am
from shelter to clean water to some of patients. who fought and also psychosocial support because people are coming traumatized many of them children and we remember really example people do you want your money term challenge that we were facing and it could see to respond very effective and the white house says i sill has now been one hundred percent eliminated in syria but on the ground the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say heavy fighting continues around the village of the last territory in syria the defeat of i still would be the culmination of a four and a half year campaign to drive the group out of syria coming up an investigation into the use of performance enhancing drugs among athletes in eleven countries the program sports doping the endless chase is coming up next but i will be back with more news after that in twenty five minutes time.
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mean as opposed to by the way you into. again yes cricket but that's the balls of the board not us get phenolic to found out the fall when she found out that he had . just said his interest was done so this is what we had thought of which news of this set says didn't last and david sort of sit on.
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the diluted form of a cousin to punches a pitch up the butt out of. a ball it just all know is that all of the. people talked of all nineteen and. just not just particular to you. because you can get the most at least. the story you want then you need to keanu. cook with smoke with my new teacher. knocking about some of our colleagues want to know about as well as thaw search and use that same fact still leggett you want to. pick your singing it. borgen if.
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he wanted. the death of god all about us. can suck money would not or small just like you could see me i have which snap my cheeky reported. last. for about four hundred four during the hour step out of pocket but it cannot be my luck that you know you'll be as the pawn of a is a whistle blower a heroine of the fight against doping despite the risks she had the courage to report an organized cheating system in russian athletics causing one of the world's biggest sports scandals questioning the presence of russia in international competitions. and ask the question about doping in the russian federation half. the floor on the last world cup level. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level. never has the pharmacological range of performance
4:56 am
enhancing drugs been so great to. get something to all these and it took them this issue to spot the level of cycling football power sports endure in sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where do these products come from how does this underground activity work. till armitage but certainly it's also going to aid in a good many cattle at the most of these to keep you busy there fishing. the styles of high performing schools can spend up to one hundred thousand euros a year on state of the art treatments that are often still under development. the extreme growth of the sports business gendered a lucrative black market in doping with an estimated thirty billion euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport demands that it was picked that diminish it given that it was because the measure of the of
4:57 am
a. twenty six thirty pm some of the guests whatever. is on the. eve of lot of state. sponsors and sportsmen relations are partly responsible. for the video for putting my arm right where is it being in my mind's eye would have. some leaders benefit financially from having done the athletes and cover up the cheating to ensure participation in international meetings such as all good business damaged opted to build a machine skewed on top of a call for clubs and in a world that values performance and competition so highly all the proponents of green sports fighting a losing battle. it's
4:58 am
rare to find out leads willing to talk about doping. where starting investigation about things parts could i talk to no i'm sorry i have no comment to make nothing to say about that. just what you perceive to find only to say was b.s. but the shop money front door being flown in was up and. she. hunted him out in force by the english if she had been there nobody will talk about this please stop calling every day when a car ferry think thanks but. the subject is to. do with that as you said you know better than the things about in fact i'm always. up . for believing. this young man is the first to agree to address the subject area but already there are. a quarter. twenty
4:59 am
two year old quentin beagle a hammer thrower tested positive from anabolic steroids at the european championships in germany in two thousand and fourteen. time to go a canoe said to do pee was on the birdies on all field in late june with a long i don't do you know i pad like. the pinnacle of videos you hold dear when you look at your. responses and of course i mean all of. this mystery tour or does it really sort of care for way more sports gets raphael emerged. his coach rafael pierre lanty was indicted for inciting doping. remember all this sentiment in a sixty year misses the point of forgive for she said while the us to talk of off if you don't see it when you're up to full of korea for the only man. says his to
5:00 am
screw the rest of us or not. at eighteen going to big or became junior champion of europe at nineteen he was the youngest athlete for the french delegation at the london olympics in a sport where you normally reach the peak of your performance in your early thirties his career seemed to begin well. ideally. more. suited me they do want. you know a certain. part of the.


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