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tv   Reuniting Koreas Families  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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in the short term many see this forum as yet another mechanism to. him out. and wouldn't. ration while brazil's president. says the new forum will prevent more of an israel is from emerging in the region. that is objectively here because this is what will happen. president peña that went further saying days are numbered. responded angrily an insolent servant of u.s. interests but even many critics are happy with this initiative which claims not to be ideological but which clearly represent the conservative wave in regional politics in fact a group of former chilean foreign ministers and diplomats have sounded the alarm saying that paulson is in fact a threat to multilateralism and pluralism in the region. you know.
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instead of building an organization that defends. the disposal of the. that he's taking hold in this region. but perhaps the biggest problem with the ambitious forum is that it could be as short lived as its predecessor if the political pendulum in the region shifts yet again you see in human i'll just see that santiago. prime minister has hinted she might not bring her brakes a deal back to parliament for another by despite that being one of the only options for the u.k. to avoid leaving the e.u. with no deal on thursday e.u. leaders told a reason may that breaks it could be delayed until may twenty second but only if m.p.'s back the agreement otherwise the prime minister will have until april twelfth to decide how to proceed but in a letter to parliament may says she won't bring the deal for another vote if it
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looks like there isn't enough support equipment has already been rejected twice by parliament the european council president says he's still hoping for the best outcome it's really is that the very proof and the thing possible to do. if they decided to rethink its strategy of revoking go through fifty which is a drug at the for the u.k. government. the fate of brigitte is so far a british friends. of the u. we are prepared for the worst. but told for the best if you little. hope the dice last. well france's president has accused politicians of lying to the public and says the e.u. must protect itself on of all. of them or their idea of course is to ensure an organized withdrawal and have as much clarity as possible with regard to dates and
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conditions of the withdrawal so that the european union does not remain a hostage in the system that we need to get out of this checkmate we need the u.k. to come up with a credible alternative plan to ratify the agreement and of course maintain a good strong relationship with the u.k. general sent this update from outside parliament. well promise to theresa may has on friday evening written a letter to all m.p.'s in the house of commons a sort of rallying cry reminding them of the big decisions that they face in the week ahead head telling them indeed that she's open to talks with any of them should they want to talk to her she's got a lot of work to do and she's to regain any sense of trust among employees uphold of course by the open assault she launched on wednesday night before the e.u. summit against parliament against m.p.'s accusing them of infighting and game playing of essentially conspiring to frustrate the will of the people saying that
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it's parliament's fault not hers that breaks it is in the mess that it's in but quite apart from that this is a set of menu options that she has delivered her vision of the choices that lie ahead either vote on her deal or deal going through possibly next week or the week after if not that well then they've got to find a consensus on a plan b. that would require agreeing to take part in european parliamentary elections by april the twelfth in order for the e.u. to deliver a longer extension if they can't do that well then they face no deal on april the twelfth and the final option of all that would be left to this government in this parliament to decide perhaps to cancel breaks it altogether by revoking article fifty these are the choices as to reason may seize them she hopes of course that m.p.'s will rally behind her deal with the numbers it has to be said on not looking good for the prime minister the french president on has come in for major criticism
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over his decision to deploy the army to counter this weekend's yellow vest protest that kong wants to avoid the violence of last week which saw shops in central paris looted and burned but opposition politicians say using troops is heavy handed as they've achieved their explains. soldiers will be deployed to guard public buildings in the french capital as the yellow vests prepare to take to the streets for the nineteenth time this weekend they're being diverted from their normal operations sentinel anti terror patrols to free up police resources but the decision has attracted fierce criticism the army not being used in the context of social prata since nineteen forty seven and and the strong suit all of putting the army back in the street for this purpose and or the question but it traces the risk potentially of a risk. this is archived film of the clashes seventy two years ago five striking
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miners who were killed. in the occupied mine. last weekend in paris millions of years of damage was caused by writers on the seans elisei this time police are being equipped with a new high tech weapons to help them cope with so-called ultra radicals intent on violence some sort of shows it is the last saturday on the show's elise's there were no demonstrators there were only haters people who came to smash and destroy will see the shows elisei is one of three areas in paris now designated as a no go zone for yellow vest demonstrations although president macron said the protests are protected by the constitution what happened here last saturday was done by a horde of hooligans. the latest poll shows seventy percent of the public in france are disturbed by how far the movement has moved away from its original roots the cost of the damage has been estimated at more than two hundred million dollars but
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the real long term cost is to the image and spirit of france itself david chaytor al-jazeera paris. business updates.
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business updates. mariyam funds far too much the president of the international boxing federation
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says he's stepping aside amid a dispute that is threatened to overshadow next year's olympic games in tokyo but businessman golf for him of was elected to the top of boxing last year that was a majorly followed by an inquiry by the international olympic committee who said they could freeze i buy outs of tokyo u.s. authorities say that is involved in organized crime in this town which he denies it's possible he could return to the presidency of if the i.o.c. inquiry clears him as wrongdoing multiple world on the olympic gold medalist simone bille says that usa gymnastics is finally making positive steps in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal biles is one of more than two hundred fifty girls and young women who say they were abused by the former team doctor is in jail for life for sexual assault of minors usa gymnastics handling of the scandal has seen lawsuits
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filed against the organization i think it's going in a positive direction so i think that's good in we're all very hopeful that they're making the right decisions so that we can kind of get out of that dark place you know we can't really say too much just because we're not in the office our only job is to do two massive sent to represent our country and bring back medals but everybody thinks our job is to say what the office needs to do and for us to be a part of the office but you know at the end of the day most of us are just kids. the driver of a truck that collided with a canadian junior hockey team bus killing sixteen of those on board has been sentenced to eight years in prison in april last year the humboldt broncos were on their way to a playoff game when they were hits a junction and the province of saskatchewan truck driver just corrupt singh sidhu missed a stop sign he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving saying he did not want to worsen matters by proceeding with a trial and football teams all over europe
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were involved in the first qualifiers for euro twenty twenty on friday world champions france handed out a form defeat to moldova england were in good form dispatching the czech republic five nil. a brazilian football who faced monkey chants in bolivia says the country should do more to tackle racism says you know walked off midway through a game for his club wilson after receiving what he says was nonstop abuse the opponents blooming condemned the racist chance but also filed a complaint to get says you know suspended for leaving the pitch. they called me monkey told me that i had to come back to the jungle i have a family children my family was watching the game on the television certain things but i injured up to my limit this is not football we are all equal i'm not different because of the color of my skin or perhaps for being brazilian god
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created just one race the human race. in tennis it was a day to forget at the miami open for fifth seed kane isha corey the japanese had to do some of it for company in the second round started out well enough an issue corey when he won the first set six two in two previous meetings live it hadn't managed to win a set against the world number six but that was all about to change the serb rallying to win the second six two and then he completed the comeback with a six three third set when to progress to the third round. it was a better day out finish cory's countrywoman i'm a sucker the women's world number one was up against belgium's yanina wickmayer but in quite a twist of fortune lost the second set in a tiebreaker after easily winning the first set six love the twenty one year old then returned to form winning the deciding set six one. the development of rugby in japan has suffered a blow just months out from the hosting of the world cup the country's only major
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club team has been axed from the southern hemisphere is super rugby competition tokyo sun walls will no longer compete against team from the sounds our nation's new zealand australia south africa and argentina japan's rugby chief said the other countries how to impose unreasonable conditions on the sun walls such as paying travel costs for visiting teams. but it was your look up we don't just send so to not throw cold water on us before the world cup but as you can see through various overseas reports they've gone and done this through the reasons we've mentioned. a year after australian cricket was rocked by a ball tampering scandal one of the three players found guilty of cheating is preparing to take a new leadership role cameron bancroft has been named as captain of english county durham the batsman was given a nine month suspension for scratching a ball with sun paper during a test against south africa last year are that serious but for now back to london.
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thank you very much full well that wraps up the news hour for now but i will be back in just a couple of minutes time including all the latest news from washington was special counsel robert muller has completed and delivered his report into the russia investigation more on that in just a few minutes. travelling to be a beautiful shot. and we're not letting them to our country. trump has
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found to keep migrants out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping to make it in. move. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera the coverage to see is any feelings watching us at the reports see africa as it is. we take our time getting to know the people we meet the soldiers aren't forcing a convoy of vehicles the road is unsafe you see in the cross one of the houses there reading about telling stories also things not just about al-jazeera it's about the people who tell the stories about. continues to care breyer people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries the struggle continues book from do to now use distance revisiting return of the lizard king who went undercover on
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a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling rewind on i'll just zero. robert mueller wraps up his investigation into possible collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign delivering his report to the attorney general. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up the white house says ice will no longer hold any territory in syria despite fighting
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continuing around whose. cases are reported in mozambique as local residents join the desperate struggle to rescue thousands still stranded by cyclonic die. and despite the rain algerians fill the streets again keeping up their demands for president beautifully to go. on now we begin with our breaking news story this hour special counsel investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election has reached its conclusion has submitted his report to the u.s. attorney general william barr it looks into whether the campaign colluded with russia to influence the outcome of this election let's get more now from mike hanna in washington mike old ready we're hearing noises from well certainly in this case a republican in congress and i suppose now pressure is going to mount about making
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the findings of this investigation public. that is going to be the key issue and that is ultimately up to the attorney general william who operating within justice department guidelines will decide what to make public whether sections are made public or whether indeed the report is made public with reductions now the attorney general has sent letters to the judiciary committees of both house and senate confirming that he has received the report from robert miller he also says in that letter which is the one thing that has been made public that he will sit down with his predecessor as well as robert mueller himself to decide what exactly is going to be handed over to congress now congress has made very clear that it wants this report to be made public in its entirety it wants to see the report in the entirety we all the be hearing from democratic leaders in congress speaker of the house
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nancy pelosi as well as the minority leader in senate chuck schumer that there must be no instance where the report is first shown to the white house before being delivered to congress so already there's a little bit of infighting here but it is twenty two months since robert muller start to his investigation this report from patty culhane. this is the man who has the u.s. president clearly worried robert mueller the special counsel investigating him his family and his campaign president donald trump has complained and tweeted about him and his investigators more than eleven hundred times by one count calling it a witch hunt hoax the greatest political scandal of all time but trump can actually blame himself for miller having the job in the first place the f.b.i. had already started a national security investigation into potential collusion between russia and the
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trump campaign the man who launched it was later fired and he mccabe is making some very serious claims as to why we had information that led us to believe the. there might be a threat to national security in this case that the president himself might in fact be a threat to the united states' national security but it was only after the president stepped in to fire his then f.b.i. director james comey the moeller was appointed now looking into collusion and possible obstruction of justice because of coma's claim that the president had asked him to and investigation into the national security advisor michael flynn it's illegal to interfere in a federal investigation trump himself seemed to confirm in an interview with n.b.c. news that komi was fired because of the russian investigation in fact when i decided to just do it i said to myself i said you know. this rush or thing with trump and russia is a made up story it's an excuse by the democrats for having lost an election that
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they should've won then he later told russian officials in the oval office that firing komi took the pressure off it didn't miller has rounded up those closest to the president his former national security adviser deputy campaign manager former lawyer and fixer of all pled guilty his campaign manager was found guilty of a litany of crimes and his long time friend roger stone is also facing charges of mine to congress and impeding the investigation the president has another phrase he often uses when it comes to the investigation it was no solution with the russians there was nothing there has been no collusion they won't find any collusion this is no good whatsoever there are high expectations that miller's report will detail if that is actually true paddy calling al-jazeera washington. i suppose what's fascinating now is that there are different legal principles to try and balance in the situation but i suppose the key question for congress will be whether the.
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robot is well if he would pursue criminal charges against president trump and if he doesn't do that is it because of a lack of evidence or is it because it's not in the country's interest for a sitting president to be indicted. now robert mueller has operated under very strict justice department guidelines which have been established in previous cases this isn't like the star prosecution for example which involved bill clinton those guidelines are is that robert muller will recommend in his report to the attorney general where they he will recommend to criminal charges to be brought against one or a number of individuals or whether he declines to bring such criminal proceedings and he has to give the attorney general reasons for that particular decision so that is a very clear cut issue robert muller operating very much as a neutral figure in effect his role is simply to recommend to the attorney general
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whether or not a criminal proceeding should be continued as a result of his investigation now those are the details that the attorney general should provide to congress once it's provided to congress obviously then it becomes public but before then there may be senior levels of congress involved in briefings with the attorney general all of this is something that's going to play out over the coming days but one must remember that there was a unanimous vote in the house month insisting that this report be made public in its entirety we have also heard from president trump that he wants the report to be made public because he insists it will prove his position that there is no collusion a last point to is that six hundred seventy two days since began his investigation on average president trump has tweeted about this investigation twice on every single day merriam well they thank you very much mike hanna with the latest on this
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story from washington thank you mike. so over a week since psycho a die hit mozambican zimbabwe and desperation is growing among the survivors an estimated one point seven million people are affected many of whom need food water and shelter in mozambique which was the worst hit two hundred ninety three people have now been confirmed dead but it's feared that the death toll could the death toll could far exceed a thousand the devastated port city of the era has become a center for the frantic efforts to rescue thousands still trapped by the floodwaters in eastern zimbabwe the official number of dead from the floods and mudslides is two hundred fifty nine and another two hundred seventeen people missing aid agencies say they are running out of time cases of cholera have already been reported in the era as well as of rise in malaria infections marcum web has
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been to a village affected by the floods west of wives are still waiting for help. this community is in desperate need of help about half an hour's walk from here is a river and all of the ground between there and here is completely flat and it's completely flat very far beyond so shortly after the cyclon hit mozambique this area was affected by lethal flash flooding the water was coming in so fast the people couldn't run if they tried to run they'd be swept away before they could reach higher ground so these are the survivors. the lucky ones spend three or four days standing kneedeep in water others who are out of that that have to climb trees to survive. may muddy in the. tree. people is edging discreetly. help me help me all old people no one. came and
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instead did the fraidy saturday sunday. coming out. by diddy and other people is in there. and other people come in monday at least ten people died in this village many of them small children who weren't strong enough to withstand the strong currents of the flowing water and now that the water levels receded people are beginning to find the bodies of their loved ones trapped in trees or another deborah meanwhile the survivors desperately need food homes were destroyed crops were destroyed finally some food has arrived from the national disaster agency that's not nearly enough to go around and the government says it doesn't have nearly enough resources to feed the people here in the like this all over central mozambique. a week on and a staggering number of people are still stranded in mozambique son clinging to
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trees and rooftops many local residents are doing all they can to help those trapped by the floodwaters as for me the miller reports from the era. this is a domicile a man's fourth trip to boozy in two days the fisherman is using his boat to risk you as many people as he can who are stranded in the flood hit area after cyclonic die struck mustn't be. water now reaches as high as eleven meters sums up the support when i first saw women with babies on their backs crying for help saying they were dying i knew i had to do something about what i saw there was a catastrophe and they reminded me of two thousand and eight when another disaster struck. i'm sort of. on the boat is a mother desperate to save her child she's come from the capital market to she last received word from her daughter days ago but there's been nothing since. yes as a mother i had to make this bold decision even though the rest of my family was
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against me coming here nobody thought i could survive this but i have to save my daughter and grandchild the area is vast flooding stretches for one hundred twenty five kilometers. hours later and from the dark of thing to whistle in the distance alerts us to people calling for help as soon as the boat reaches them they pleads to get on they say they're exhausted they've not slept for days women children and the elderly are brought on board first hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much time to fill the boat about two hundred people have been rescued and more want to get on but this simply no space. up among those who have found a place on the boat is a dire her daughter and grandchild that had to leave her son in law behind he's a doctor and says there are too many people who need his help in boozy on the boat they do what they can to help the injured finally.


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