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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 81  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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with global warming they're doing so with increasing speed and as the ice sheets retreat sea levels rise. this right here is humanity's problem for decades perhaps centuries ahead. it is laundry day off at sunrise and here's the thing we all think of being good citizens by wearing fleeces which is made out of recycled plastic also bottles that sort of thing but when you watch the. hundreds of thousands of microfiber is end up in the world's oceans so here in port it wouldn't and not for gods. and of course plastic pollution in our seas is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time and the team makes the most of
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a rare opportunity for research. these are some of the america's rules of the planet there could be a ploy to do they could be by successfully greenpeace to conduct this is where i was taking samples from the water to see if any micro plastics have infiltrated this environment. just simply into the sea surface like quest five is that maybe first so they're both taking something they fully trust more to. the. extent. bush should find that he this is very hopeful just the way the seas are very close try a system and there's very few local sources of micro plastic fibers should be coming from however evidence is growing around the world from studies that like the plastic before the spike stream the prisoner releases and they all be found the right reply to locations. you know it's a bizarre thing be a full. it's on these wild remote and desolate war says he'll quite expose you to
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g.p.s. google map and zoomed out we can be highly speculative. to draw from by water. yet beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life and these are some of the remotest pools on. and to see what lies below the expedition submarine is launched on board the antarctic specialist susan lockhart what she sees is a stunning underwater realm composed of all manner of life life not yet touched by mankind but enormously at risk not least from the effects of industrial scale fishing it has one hundred percent coverage of the sea floor i have organised and has a great three d. structure which allows other organisms to come in and if there and a really interesting species composition and all these factors make it really
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difficult for a community to become after a disturbance such as bottom fishing we call these areas fundable marine ecosystem and the estimated fourteen thousand species on the sea bed vulnerable not just to fishing but to other threats like warming sea temperatures and plastics pollution and that's why the expeditions walrond research so important in the bid to protect these waters all the scientific data will be compiled to form a body of evidence in support of the sanctuary proposal and presented to the antarctic commission in less than a year's time. but the team needs to find out more about the growing threats encroaching on the region we leave the lonely waters of the weddell sea heading back through the antarctic sound a day shaped by the routine on board. everyone has different ways of filling sparrows from the top practice to running repairs of course looking for old guys and. let's get what's cooking today but they do it right and best evidence that
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when you have that somebody when the customers yeah the same every day. we share that with them it is not everybody who has a year like this in their restaurant pretties but that's why we are here. later we had for sure making landfall on the south set the night ins with the to be on top to an inch you know. it's quite a relief to be back on dry land off but it's been careening around all over the place to me welcome hi colinear facets. penguins shared territory with the seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers the melting juveniles. but here to evidence once again of how the
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world is closing in on i talked to cut the number of tourists twenty years ago it was around forty five thousand a year now it's more like thirty thousand. all like me desperate to see this wilderness while it's still here. despite myself i can't help the sense of unease in surprise about the sheer numbers. of it saddened by the. great big cruise ship. here in pristina on top of the care and lines of tourists. there's dormant volcano which is ridiculous because it's a free will. but it does just demonstrate the. new accessibility that there is in the dangers in. these areas becoming tainted. by the footprints of humanity. makes day was steaming down the west coast of the antarctic peninsula. we are going approximately sixty miles. west of an
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area pretty violent where we have seen. three fish we want to go. there all. the vessels off from china ukraine and chile they're fishing for krill a small shrimp like creature which the whole ecosystem depends there are a keystone of the ocean cycle that diet of plankton helping to transfer c o two to the depths of the ocean. but current is being harvested on a growing scale the fish feed and omega three or ships nets are out and they're in the thick of the krill swarm the krill are obviously densely packed into this area up against the island is the basic just circling around the grounds to bring them out of the monks and over whales the fee to see them blowing and whale tails disappearance flicker is showing as we go about. the krill companies say
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that tapping into a resource that is sustainable with a view on board is that that is what they said about other species like the bison in north america called stalks off new found and before both were decimated its essential areas such as weddell see are protected so stocks can replenish the proposal first area but the area thirty kilometers offshore off limits to fishing industry so wait so that's a solution you can continue to fish an intoxication but keep it outside of these areas currently being a protected area because the reason they've been proposed it's because a solemn autumn for the ecosystem down here. soon will begin the long journey home but this time to make another landing and the variety of species here on livingston island is just astounding. just like the folks at the.
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truly spectacular just a lot more diverse me having two species paying when it's time to pull that off from the seals went on tilt has not been another landing with quite a variety when you look at this great ship that's really good and you're right here if you are. teeming with life and it's thriving right now and you can see all around us it's thriving who knows what it was like a hundred years ago it was doing even better but right now it still compared to most other places on earth it's doing a lot better at the point of protecting it is to allow it to continue and that's why we haven't yet met this place up we have the opportunity to protect.
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the question that the dynamics of this place around thoughts get changing you have the seal population expanding rapidly it was a penguin die off in the east last year ice is changing krill import relations are under threat tourism. i mean this is a last great wilderness on a. need to protect. it's time to head back in for five days we crossed the stormy seas of the drake passage to south america before heading home. an opportunity to consider the wonder of what we've seen and the challenges that lie ahead in winning the protection of the precious part of our planet. and whether or not this protection will indeed be granted. in nine months time.
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after months of campaigning and intense lobbying by the greenpeace team it all comes down to here how about on the island of tasmania in australia with the future of the wealthy we decided. this is where it's all happening the headquarters of the antarctic commission that protects and manages the planet's southernmost waters. everything from territorial claims to fishing rights are being thrashed out right now by twenty five government delegations historically the departure point for several antarctic expeditions today hobart is the place where the fate of the continent hangs in the balance. after a voyage together in antarctica i hook up again with will he's been lobbying hard for the weddell sea sentry since i last saw him and the news he brings is unexpected to say the least it's not looking great i think we've seen
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a real. a bit of a disaster of a meeting to be honest something that noma's really expect they were i we were always in the knowledge that was going to be hard and then what we've seen is a few countries just really undermine the process and essentially block any progress on any issue not just not just the antarctic ocean sanctuary but actually progress in any field good luck thanks fortitude in the next twenty four hours goodness me. i'm hoping for the best perhaps we'll hear some good news tomorrow. it's decision day and the country delegations have been locked in talks journalists aren't allowed in so we wait and wait. we have development something's afoot just had a. so we're going to go and try and find out what's happening. is that is
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the head of the indian league agent talking to australia post and you told us what he's saying is this is this is kind of a quarter century to real estate where the dead in the interest not to be adopted it's just not going to have. it's just devastating news or cops come at you and how . how the greenpeace team of three right now now let's say the other delegations all the other n.g.o.s who supported this proposal it's just wanted to nations it go the way to russia and china. it confirms will's worst fears but it's not until much later we can speak to him. he's devoted so much to this project. it's terrible nice i mean it's. it's just a complete failure on the behalf of the commission on behalf of you know the
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millions of people who signed this petition who want to visit to happen and we've just seen the entire thing trashed here twenty two countries of the twenty five support it they believe this is a good proposal but china russia norway you know one by one. three different means and different reasons have just taken it apart and kicked into the long grass and from a personal point of view you invested so much time and energy and passion and heart into this. what's what's it's horrible you know it's. nearly two years of us working on it. in an r.v. you know there are other good proposals on the table and this proposal in it's is still a good one. and we'll get a chance next year to resubmitted but something's going to have to shift in the next year. it is intensely disappointing for everybody involved but it does just. the challenge we face in protecting this planet evolves especially in the face of
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a current climate of nationalist and political self-interest. it is not just about the whales and the penguins in the wonder of antarctica it's about us us and our descendants we do we want to leave them a world without wilderness without healthy fish docks with the ecosystems in tatters. with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. that we may be the last to be able to do something about. fourteen that dime of change and discovery now that love is not for me. to
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forge an identity but i need. peace. i'm confused and in one thousand nine hundred ninety south africa revisits the children of about seven years on as they grow and develop with their country. fourteen south africa part one on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story below six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine and not enough syringe and al jazeera has teens on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more low holding documentaries and live news on air and online. against the odds and in my civic devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial shown
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enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brother's. twentieth after the possible al jazeera while tells the story of female courage village the last of the. women who show on al-jazeera. i'm sam is a down here in doha with a look at the headlines here now to syria it's an investigation that's instead former close associates of donald trump and cast a shadow over his presidency now special counsel robert muller has submitted his report into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. elections donald trump's denounced the whole thing as a witch hunt michaela has more from washington d.c. . it was in middle of to noon that recently appointed attorney general william barr
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received special counsel robert miller's long awaited report. national counsel robert muller has submitted his long awaited report no more indictments coming from the special counsel and he said i waited two years for this is terrible around four thirty five pm white house lawyers were notified and about half an hour after that this letter was delivered to the judiciary committees of house and senate and official notification from william barr that the report was in his hands the attorney general added that he'd be consulting with his deputy as well as special counsel miller to determine what other information from the report can be released to congress and the public. but democratic party leaders insist the complete report should be made available to congress it's imperative for mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress
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the mill investigation has already led to criminal charges being laid against more than thirty individuals at least six of them within trumps in a circle at one stage or another. a senior justice official is being quoted as saying that the special counsel does not invision any further indictments but this does not mean an end to the matter there are a number of investigations into criminal activity around the two thousand and sixteen elections as well as into the question of whether president trump obstructed justice or suborned perjury in some cases these intersect the investigation and also add that they are congressional investigations counterintelligence operations and a number of cases being investigated by federal prosecutors in new york and other parts of the country robert mueller may have completed his report but
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a number of other investigations are just getting underway. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging as the new threat to survivors in storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say huge number of people need help especially in mozambique in zimbabwe. a category four storm has made landfall along a remote stretch of the northern australian coast most of the sparsely populated area was evacuated in anticipation of sight trevor the storm is expected to weaken to category two by late saturday another category four storm sidetone veronica is due to make landfall in western australia in the coming hours to such large storms crossing land on the same weekend is rare. the white house says eisel has lost all its territory in syria but the u.s. banks rebels say there's still heavy fighting with iceland because where the armed
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group has been making its last stand the territorial defeat device or will be the end result of a four and a half year campaign. india has banned the pro independence group in india and their demeanor said kashmir is part of a crackdown on dissent in the region the government accuses the general kashmir liberation front of raising money for armed groups it was previously banned in ninety ninety one was allowed to operate again after it laid down arms and turned to politics last month an attack by another group killed more than forty indian troops and raised tensions with neighboring pakistan. millions of people across pakistan meanwhile are commemorating pakistan day the annual event marks a nine hundred forty resolution that led to the country's creation islamabad is using this year's parade to show its military strength malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad is the guest of. its witness next stay with us here.
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