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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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but also i was supporting less turmoil in one way. i stick by regime i should go or you're getting back at calgary has the past masters made their bed special kept pressure going at that is the last it will be your passion get the better care mostly number eight they have. made us have an order that is say a shot across a club that he seen with a chill to clean up at it as dash will come up some of us can matter right and no it is not a sampling of more. the lunar month in line as good illegal yet it is a. million dollars so we get our compile got a biased specimen deal with kurdish rule deliberately conflict quintillion regime
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we will be a solution will push us a little just we can't in fact who live with a king he won't even you look you up could juggle oblige him think are pretty delicate and win him through with your board or you'll go away because they're being edition just not with you would you would the police tell you but don't you would of course complied unconditionally as are all the moscow door juggle and must perceptive little. liberal there because unlike the do your list of mourners established preceded it. you know me or you believe. that one time is just i'm going to go to
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their message my dinner is worse and no more they say matter of as writers that my new book record of a glitter that i'm i'm really did know this was a big this couple to show me you know to them because the i'm. not alone not now but i might desire to publish money humanise and they're not very much i learned a lot about that which i ask about. her again i don't know how in a richer with my own merit like it but the government the goddamn break up there meredith my team. he would say the sureness only knew i was going to do the masters lucia was the head of moderation the good yep sound good the. majority of them. know i stick your stamp which yes. she does and you both please as good as live when they visit us and the ability to
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give an inch of more or less as them being mocked at the sea of a globe or through the first home but the utica at this bush and in my satellite medium has done very little of that with the whole. them giving him a new sound with a voice to sing at the oscars his vehicle during the. week . still. there i hear all the long. still hours. long. carol.
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still. stood hours the. who. the roosters minister has been in as mithras memento has been ask you can delete imposed. on islam state in the way they you cannot. know where they may admit realism and where they will punish them on the labels. put on to a c.e.o. or comes to us as conflict to stalk or skip over a million a city or younger. house
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the fallen on. the front part of it. and so on the placement of the suppose are destined for this is because idea of good was a pretty is. looked up all that's. good business for deal. with the gals because they see us. oh i know to you but you're dead on oil is talking with did it just when did as he smoothed yes most member solicitous builder.
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who are. good. for all of them or for. ha ha ha. ha ha. ha you. arcs to seek god this very. rough
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upon a beautiful you thunderous cuter sack of a to stop i'm. bored a good dose of on the booze the cheap jenny course misbah down at our school. school. the way. you're. going to talk about an open that is not mine i thought it was the pursuit isn't it you do some of that up with anything i want. no no. no no no no no of you know. there's not just believe. these are just some of our oh lord it is more oh most of those going do.
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you believe. the u.s. it i'm a diggin glut is bad to most about i gotta nixed your next job so get coulda been a clear cut that when the golden rule is to go bust podium or for the fun yes i thought up. the violet is the clearest of yours that you're a look at i'm going to look out of this miami. have him what was your car going around oh. well. you see if i live. close yeah i'll stay see if it was. just so good. oh oh. well done that was the way this is going up was a good one of us were great though it was the book that was out there beat up as they did the clip adult of that if they put it.
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that had it issued a new predominant us front look at the basement is there a pull korean losses we need to. be. because they've been out. for one. minute mess miss montrose one of the most oh. so. it was when i focused my source. my mind. and. my. things and there's no those who think i was. the. case.
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but i disagree on this is a small no i was in for it was the size and the mother but i did some all the. other cities so that it just for the town doesn't show things when you're in the studio when you have goes through you know was not showing up as good children show . news leads. to the would buzz kill muslim and now the vote of the mosque on dualism boma. in the.
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newsweek a. very good guess for it to be al but that he that he already if you have are either. going to the. lab or you know go to them for the lot of them would like it with me because that is that even if i were the first of a very different and. they asked us again. for the. russian aggression in ukraine it is a threat to the security of all european continent. that is why we took action to strengthen our security what we have seen during the last year is a more assertive russia illegally and that scene from young and continuing to
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destabilize in eastern ukraine and therefore need to us to react and that's exactly what we're doing. now. there are six was a political solution serious bush called washington the current one not the whole sum total stadium i was assuming you can show name in your time could you know minute almost time up or he was on our mind does he do so when you know that he well you can't as i should think you think she couldn't count on have to wait for one minute only weigh. it in a. well thought out they're not going to have to cover up or down you get there from our people to pay for your books because the last three years or so it took us
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a lot of get a lot of people. come up to. the bank and look at her. and i think that now says you're good for those markets i have to have a laugh because i'm going to governors was in this mess is to create a course to pursue much. more in the coming. down. the last last that's a loss message addition benchrest not just awesome alessi there at least small scale there was months clear so good but you bad tend to last. for soviets or lakeport it is not at the depth of our what do you sell yourself it is that you i think is going. over the years. good soup goodness leak. in the literature then today by the way the. big idea you
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know american. lenny bruce today goes super laid him in the nose though you know so much of it is just. the underdog he has those again. today again but it wasn't easy about that oh yes i mean again you us though you should name some god god as. the money. they. love to go. yeah yeah yeah so be it look at it and then up next i'm calling this out and what better way to call your style it was. a joke novel and a snorkel get out. there my goodness you did start numbers that you know that i simply thought man nor. the market seems to get that
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it's got to do things think should do this or something new. but the text of the new flick seems. to. be a little close walked into the love business some so called just getting up at the debate and ask. us pleasure to wind up at a show the most of us look at the market shall date and slogans will be stuck in those talks dresses. i'm a bit of our star the most are so i. go visit so we're going to look at this look at the inquest become the scots taking the show stick. together
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a moment. there's still a stupid person unless he's. going to. sue to. get also published i want. you to give up which is. which. here here here very very. thing as i want to find out where you were going i ask about that but that's the balance of bond that i see well it's not just that i deny this said so is there not. the thought of all the bad guys and the bunches of which are not the
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bottom. in part one of this two part series all dizzier explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports the endless chase on al-jazeera. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want this
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much extra in contradistinction. to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. i'm sorry say that with a look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now the model reports into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election has been completed it's been handed over to the attorney general holder's side on which to make public donald trump's political rivals the democrats demanding the details of the report be released immediately now that special counsel moller has submitted his report to the attorney general it's imperative for
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mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and foreign guns to congress. attorney general or must not give president trump his lawyers or his staff any sneak preview of special counsel mallos findings or evidence and the white house must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence should be made public diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging as the new threat to survivors and storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say a huge number of people need help especially in mozambique and zimbabwe a category four storm is made landfall along a remote stretch of the northern the straightly and coast most of the sparsely populated area was evacuated in anticipation of site phone trevor the storm is
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expected to weaken to category two by late saturday another category four storm site and veronica is due to make landfall in western australia in the coming hours to large storms across england at the same time is rare the white house says eisel has lost all its territory in syria but u.s. backed rebels say there's still heavy fighting with i saw in buchholz that's where the armed group has been making its last stand the territorial defeat of ice or will be the end result of a four and a half year campaign india has banned the pro independence group in indian administered kashmir as part of a crackdown on dissent in the region the government accuses the general kashmir liberation front of raising money for armed groups it was previously banned in one thousand nine hundred but was allowed to operate again after it laid down arms and turned to politics it's back to witness now stay with us.
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hell bent it will kill scott's walks of life as if. it sticks quickly out of schools the better. ben because there is a service but seems to. want to know what he knows about under the addition of the sureness minute just the extent that a protein yes thank you was kind of this you said the little your dog knew dogs think she could do to people given you're not a good a loser just. sat
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down by saying to get us to keep them by sending them also the latter is starting. the old dog bucket of local boil most of the nag of course. she still was the go to document yes but this sounds. more news did you should get is going to put is don't use keep me. but. yes your
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producer who you could get he beats. her. dang good mouth oh boy state. that sad if you would because you have dogs here that are going a line at that to get them and that's all giving a chance. i just feel my back to. my empty out of all the lovely i. just believe in is the better call just a thought i'd say it's the first one the first one over the years as opposed. to being that good to get an answer maybe i got it and didn't make it most of what is
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on the a wall in the. is not in these are not good. when those are not good shows that you have stephanopoulos of all that are in golf if you will to betty for cynical talk of galaxy they did that is. very good the british their course there was a dress code a great. use of the state you must sell a note of that now that i was going to. europe because there is it is dated and a new one was didn't. goodyear got their guy then you take it and i gave it to you know got a. blow for. as
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a good gauge again i was smart oh you handle the case of the wheel a smart oman. just kept talking believe how good you know how to help us walk. raji was but i will not know that the president. joked at the last us you. your company after now books are. not up to the last servant had i not was the boss. at this moment to sit but instead of protect us and to see if they will experience. this in the present and again as long as this easter guided by they both know there's no. lead to get out how can i sleep yesterday. is this for the kind of love. if you scalped up on the one i was punishing of those years make him to his boy but
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will you keep it a s b mitigators when he was going to go by you as you would. think in the most incident that she made his her b m d s what is the use of mind to the police you know you get so allegedly you listening only can only look at people who probably have been here has gotten a million go by just your life. for. no uses as an embassy people and finally if you must use that in his new film as much as you use yours was his disability like a name you oughta lead on. for
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those that have to. get so mad. at you it's very nice that's going. to have of. course. your. call of duty for the lift is shaper. them for sort of out of sight and therefore for a shower there. which a way to give. yourself a first date as a does call of good to know was really nice this is a plan to get over your chair with it either way because it was just. like this it just was important just risks this is our super deal with orchids. in the us but i still have those talks. going to proceed. down gurlitt if necessary on top of the theory they thought was. the bad. about the stuff but that he now thought he had as
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a start. let's go to ghostbusters clay last night. because talk of war tapers or i always get paid seventy five per cent that was good but that is support orders that i would keep getting my stuff but i never say get him off our. lead over his lives so the word stupid lisp early can lead to lead the oh i'm a little god in a nice diversion in the neighborhood in. the big deal your. mom let me first stood there goes the lady i'm in the nose though you know so much of her she has a target in this but it could a could a here but they bulletproof would have to dish more look to see lead looks with
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complicity could it go to the risk of that blow the real possibility that the new guy did it or got. the money or. they did love to go. for this pilot was dumb sauce. thanks to social work. of course challenging guitar. school or kind of could or should. i. good reason to believe. it took a while. before some. of the. rest. every
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one of the little. upstarts. wash i put it this way but i was crushed. by this specific job that was. tasting our. skittles hottest. still a ski school shoes to charity i just just. had to school. but i want to watch it when i want to watch it that is what. skyscraper i don't. doubt. that artistic to just. get a credit card. to.
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take up out there. so i try to. write about it and that's almost travesty. i'll. never get a chance to trust. the . i never came in to talk as i did this to my commodore kcal our. apartment is for a new. question in my mind don't see hargus just as our town and ask. him.
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for the hit today as will help us our cup they did. it because it has hit the top which i'm going to keep they put in. good order are going. to the forest. to get. them. to do for. us. and. it's. just so.
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much work. from our school. system is now called. school said. gently. so. that's.
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cool cool cool cool.
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a holy anyway and. a whole. new. meaning. to. the new orleans.
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that will solidify them as disgusted as vastly. the sour nurse to go for the new so the for his ilk will serve to the next verse so it. will last a child. this is a pervert give this ilke a. bad leg a muslim lust. that. justice is think it's just going to kill us. all. you've never. spoke of them she was so fast.
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she was fine. but it was fast getting. it now much focused mask on thought it is. yes yes. the goddess used to be ready if this guy got him up torched bank account of the heart of my amazon my. cloak only once over my. heart just now. for. sure unless to kill the ability to be x. she. doesn't establish that they were prepared be able.
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to show us and control this too big a big big boy good story committed people gory capture the blood look a hydrogen you could take it from the plan but he get it but the dog will not get it will be a big a big hush as you put that in this moment to go see what he does because being a real big of a big beast man is looking. to critically has been a. good omen at the net a must yes it. could be a must to calculate authority at the most you mean local medical bill cook the most calm native village in car but a good woman. my life than a month ago. good day for qantas to talk of the u.k. . i would sure like to see it off with federal.
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from. the u.k. some does it's not. good at all no. solution if you certainly can't. so i'm going to never so much for that just look. folks border agents and as i do that if this gets upset us. who's going to was ministers that are going to put it in is going to give you tips and you surely will be was one who could in your beautiful course not acquainted with issue since you're going to be us some more do so enjoy the what do you keep him to natalie is measured by do as well steve you. did the smartest. mother she must not. do to get to this dish him it. took was good you know more to see most of this is not this now so.
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just load all this other thing that has. got us out of boredom trouble this is a perfect. loves and has been this. all day every day. but the butt of attempting to share supply. is just. yes and you know part of the fault in any of all. our universe. i set the standards put an acknowledged one hazard. but there's just a bit angus now go walk. led also go to the book. not now not it will. get to prosecute them that ought to look to.
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me when it actually. is called.
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ice question not at all because the. sort of stood out among. close. call costs not a total me. suck it's just the volume of those there look there was no. is no need to get a job was carter's goal is to go work at j. young people. are more girly. but the tears kushal just to get to all nurse live it is known as most people. and betty would he care is going to. go to play. out over there she goes to your school and am. at least asked to cook at risk of getting.
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a nanny. because.
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it. is born. in a country playing political catamounts games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the un faced rule of the so-called last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is
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a risk. and the penalty phase. can be simply. the better student emma stone committed tree. on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know steady turn the body but the good because you have a lot of people that are you by the political. reality the people believe tell the real story so i'll just mended used to do the work in depth and the reason we don't hear in cuba good audiences across the globe. and i bet a cloud is still snaking its way across the us in the middle east you can save on the satellite picture making its way across the arabian peninsula and then into parts of iran and then winding itself up through parts of afghanistan it is giving
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a few outbreaks of heavy rains at times and it's gradually working its way eastwards there as we head through the day old sun today behind it there's a bit of a break but not for long because this ragtag area of cloud is going to pull itself together so on sunday we're going to see more in the way of wet weather and a fair amount of snow as well so watch out for the winter weather in the eastern parts of turkey that system also stretches further south as well i have a pulse of iran and would she wait for an hour as we had three such today looks like the cloud will be mostly here i have a pulse of the u.a.e. through parts of oman and here in doha but then that gradually retreats as we head through the day on sunday and you because the next system is working its way towards us and generally here things looking a little bit unsettled at the moment down towards the southern parts of africa and there's yet more rain hit particularly over parts of mozambique that's not good news obviously we have the widespread flooding here and it looks like the shots will continue over the next few days also showers for safer parts of madagascar
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some of those are looking pretty lively but towards the west it's dry a brighter twenty six should be a maximum you kate. i mean every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. on march twenty fourth thailand will hold its first general election since the two thousand and fourteen military coup most thais are hoping for political stability but after years of military rule will this election year join us for live coverage as thailand vote on al-jazeera.
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a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's judy to reunite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. the last bastion of i sell falls in syria u.s. backed forces are now in control of the town of and say there's been one hundred percent territorial defeat. hello i missed us here today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. special counsel robert muller completes his report on russia's role in the twenty
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sixteen u.s. election what's in it and can president trump relax. they've survived southern africa has ever cycle and the people of mozambique and then bought way must fight off cholera and malaria. lucky me. just sort of randomly shooting everyone. lucky to be alive survivors return to the christ church mosque where a gunman killed so many of their fellow washington's. u.s. backed forces in syria now claim they have complete control of who is the last i still held area in the northeast of the country they've made the announcement in the past hour you are now seeing live pictures from the center of bugaboos where the kurdish led syrian democratic forces have raised their flag there's been
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intense fighting over the past few weeks and just moments ago the press office of the syrian democratic forces tweeted syrian democratic forces declare a total elimination of so-called caliphate and one hundred percent territorial defeat of eisel on this unique day we commemorate thousands of martyrs whose efforts made the victory possible while our correspondent is in beirut and joins us now from there jamal there have been several declarations of victory in various forms before is the final battle now over. it would seem that this is probably the more convincing on this stuff in the sense that obviously this comes out of the back of the statements from the white house doesn't twenty four hours ago which had declared total defeat on the ground this is maybe more backs up the concerns of. this is it demonstrates that the kurdish fighters that have been essentially the forefront of some of those battles with the help of the u.s.
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obviously being able to expel so remanent from those areas what's significant here is that there has to be a differentiation between the different twelve so as a militia and as a group. with its fighters and the elimination of its actual personnel the defeat of ice on terms of its the territory it helps the latter is more true in the sense that one party did control swathes of land in syria and iraq today would appear not to be in control of any town or city that it previously had under its authority whereas the form in terms of the feet of ice or fighters that is the more difficult to ascertain because obviously. the ones who are fighting under the title like there wasn't exactly some sort of membership card where you know how many people were fighting the way they came from exactly and where they were staying and we had seen reports that whenever they were about to lose some villages or towns or cities
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that they would essentially. be using a different method to blend into the local communities and with the difficult to figure out exactly where the robot fighters who were in control of those towns were you know taken captive all killed them so forth so was this is going to be celebrated hugely particularly by the kurdish fighters there who will want to take credit for. it would be premature to assume that this is the end of it so i've been organization or as a group and you know what does this mean for syria and the conflict then will broadly. well that's a very interesting question because if we think about the narrative with regards to syria obviously what started off as a revolution and then turned into the conflict suddenly became a narrative of fighting i had some people feel there was this revolution forward for by people to change the regime and so forth and started focusing on ice also
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the question is will people now start looking at the issue of the regime of bashar assad and the demands of the people and so forth or will they still be fixated with the idea of. terrorism and. narrative what it means in terms of territorial integrity or things sure it used to it would seem that it would mean that right now you have different areas under the control of different people i'm not maybe it's going to be the next phase of the conflict which is about deciding who will maintain control so when you think of the syrian defense forces or the white or the other kurdish groups that are on the ground obviously turkey on the other side their closest neighbor isn't free happy with having groups like. a link to. a group they consider to be a terrorist organization the to take a try to stop that since they will be happy with them being in control of whose or other towns for that matter you have all the areas that we see. different troll of
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. military your sympathetic groups like the f.s.a. in the novus you have the regime in control of large parts of the country as well so while. i think about what it means for syria moves in seward maybe it's the beginning of a new phase which is. essentially amongst the different groups that were all opposed to high school but each are opposed to each other. will start. this new phase of trying to figure out exactly who will maintain the control of the areas that they have now taken under them after they had expelled forces from and how correspondents miles hylda speaking to us from bay we thank you general. well al jazeera iran call now explains the rise and fall of i saw. this is what the end of ice or self declared caliphate looks like those who fled isis last on clay village in northeastern syria say it's not the end of the state in the way i saw intended
3:55 pm
rather it's just the last place well i saw members offered any kind of coordinated resistance. i said doesn't want any families to leave we have tried more than one time and we are unsuccessful until yesterday the situation under siege is bad for our children are hungry our food had finished the shouting water and so many people that died. are hungry and desperate the state that i saw intended one that allowed them to generate revenue through taxation and oil sands and to be able to pass laws was defeated in july two thousand and seventeen according to the iraqi government. that's when i saw was pushed out of iraq's second largest city mosul. at the same time syrian democratic forces backed by coalition airstrikes mounted an operation against the group's last major stronghold the city of iraq and syria i saw. with the same year. now
3:56 pm
all that remains of the group is pockets of fighters confined to small areas in iraq and syria analysts say the decline for eisel began with its attempt to take a town on the syrian turkish border in september two thousand and fourteen that's kabbani over there the siege of qubani on the turkey syria border is considered to be a turning point in the battle against eisel turkey were very worried that they managed to get this close to the turkish border so they allowed both the kurdish peshmerga and free syrian army forces to use their territory to go into kabul in conjunction with the wipe e.g. they were able to force i saw fighters on the outskirts of the town for many it's considered the beginning of the end feisal as caliphate in just a few short years eisel lost its territory and by the end of two thousand and seventeen stopped referring to the caliphate in two thousand and nineteen the group still represents a major threat or ever by using supporters outside of iraq and syria the group has
3:57 pm
turned to social media to get its message across that platforms like facebook and twitter have closed thousands of isolated accounts the group now uses secure instant messaging apps things like telegram really have taken center stage so if you're. self respecting gadding you probably are on telegrams because that's where all groups whether it's isis or h.t.s. that's where they all share. the majority the vast majority of their propaganda that's where the key conversations are happening it surprised many that the u.s. president donald trump has now declared the end of the caliphate saying he simply playing to his domestic audience there's more concern about the pockets of eisel fighters there remain in iraq and syria and what they might be planning for the future iran can hold as a on the turkey syria for the. aid workers are desperately trying to get imagines he supplies to tens of thousands of people after a devastating cyclon swept across southern africa an estimated one point seven
3:58 pm
million people have been affected and mozambique which was west hit two hundred ninety three has now been confirmed dead as it's feared the number could rise to more than a thousand as floodwaters recede in zimbabwe the official number killed now stands at two hundred fifty nine with another two hundred seventeen people still missing while in malawi the death toll stands at fifty six aid agencies say they're running out of time to reach survivors and stop the spread of disease there's been cases of cholera reported in the mozambique and city of beirut and there's been a rise in the area now the u.n. and its humanitarian partners have scaled up the response they say fall grace international support is needed as well tony betty is live for us now from beirut in lies in beak tony what's topping the list of priorities for the release as it there at the moment. bringing. bring operations because when. there is only
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a limited number of helicopters anyway about. today i'm sorry that i think that they're trying to get the people who are stranded today that. really. because they are away from the main thing. we've seen. this number of people living close to highways and living in a desperate way. they finally. came up. i don't. i don't think taste. there are a whole lot of the same situation all over all their life is one thing it is receding there's still serious hope of
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a very very difficult in the coming days to get a grip on know. they are the survivors of psych loan one week after it struck they are still desperate and hungry but this center just outside the area they were expecting food supplies they got a few packets of biscuits c. one bag that i got you know the flooding happened a week ago and this is the first help we have had just biscuits we are struggling to survive because everything was destroyed. water still holds claim to much of so full of province driving from deraa you can see the vast area that has become an inland sea homes destroyed others left isolated. aid and rescue operations are focusing on the hard hit communities with larger populations there are tens of thousands of others living in smaller more isolated pockets.


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