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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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the cyc loan destroyed their huts and crops they now survive on bananas and maize maria's home was demolished when the psycho struck she thought she was going to die . that's a fairly large when i saw the danger to first thing i did was to protect myself and my son i couldn't stop the water strapping away our clothes blankets environment and everything is gone we're suffering. water levels are dropping after two days of relatively good weather but the damage left behind is hampering aid efforts up until three days ago this whole area and this road was completely devastated by the psycho and covered in water it made passage impossible come along these roads it shows you how difficult delivering any kind of meaningful way by road will be the main focus is by people being rescued by helicopter but that's only making a small fraction of a difference. many of the dirt track roads in the countryside have been seriously affected aid is trickling in but the death count is rising and the risk of disease
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and illness is increasing by the day we're sitting on a ticking bomb as well as what is the new vision imagine is concerned and cholera outbreak you know is there a reality you know that we will be ready to face malaria is on the making already thore in this country and the depreciation that abilities that people are facing anyway because of the socio economic situation of mozambique will be further exacerbated and clean that will be leaving you know to many more crises. for many people in this region life was tough before cyclon eat ice truck is becoming even harder they will probably recover eventually but it could take a long long time tony berkeley al-jazeera tika central mozambique narcan webb has made it to some of the worst hit areas of mozambique and joins us now from the city of chinmoy you malcolm what are the priorities right now for the
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rescue and relief efforts. they're still trying to rescue people who are in areas where they're stranded cut off on small pieces of high land cut off by the water or treetops on the roofs of buildings in the in the areas where there is still a relatively high water level of course the search and rescue operations take priority but now in many other areas where the water has receded or started to recede people are in desperate need of food and many of them haven't even now for about a week we traveled to some villages on a low lying plain next to a river so far from here yesterday people that were really struggling desperately hungry many of them to survive for days i don't stand in needy people in water having climbed into trees to survive the flood now that the water has receded they're desperately hungry. the villages where we were brought just
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a few bags of rice from the government relief agency which will probably last about a day but they say the government says it really needs foreign help to be able to meet the needs of these tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people without throughout central mozambique you are now in a in a similar position. you have been to some of the most remote areas we understand the fill that needs for aids relief is it getting to those people in just high water means are relief workers looming threat of disease. you and said this is a very high risk of cholera in terms of getting relief to the people that need it something that something only just in many cases only just starting to happen happening very slowly and people are getting very little assistance or something else that people are struggling with a lot now that water has receded it is finding the bodies of those who were washed
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away in the places where we were yesterday there was one man who found the body of a child many more people are still. missing many of those who were washed away were younger people small children someone who weren't strong enough to withstand the current. embraer a short while ago the lands minister announced that over four hundred people have now been killed by this cycle and the number keeps going up we can expect it to keep going up for quite some time ahead as those floodwaters with even those people find the bodies of those people who are missing trapped in the deadly or trapped in the trees of course some of been washed away will never be seen again respecting. counts of people who were killed by this strike lone keep going up in the days and weeks ahead malcolm webster any of us from in mozambique thank you so much for bringing us an update on the situation plenty more still to come on the including. sold out people sort of falling on this. issue just came in or they
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just sort of randomly shooting everyone. survivors return to the christ church mosque where a gunman killed so many of their fellow worshipers. special counsel robert mueller complete since reports on russia's alleged role in the twenty sixteen u.s. election senate and can president trump relax. and novak djokovic begins his run for a record seventh title in miami yes we'll be back to let us know how he's getting on. for the full extent of the ferry disaster in the iraqi city of mosul is becoming clearer civil defense says the number of dead is now at one hundred and twenty one hundred more are still missing iraq's prime minister. mattie is calling for the
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sacking of a local governor. good name is joins us now from the scene of the design natasha we can see people gathered so on the banks there we've. moved the movement . we've been speaking to people here on the banks of the tigris river in mosul all morning and their anger and pain are how bubble we spoke to a very large family just now lots of sobbing women and angry men and they lost a father and his two daughters and they're saying that this accident was preventable that the amusement park a ferry operator packed so many people onto this ferry in order to make money they accuse the government of one time neglect and they want answers what's particularly heartbreaking for this family they came to the banks to pray but they also and it's grim to say came to look and see if perhaps they could see the bodies
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of their loved ones those three people are still missing they are among the dozens of families who are desperately awaiting answers if they aren't here at the banks of the tigris many have been going to the morgue hoping beyond hope that at least if they've lost someone they'll be able to retrieve their body few girls have been underway on friday protesters swarm the vehicle of the iraqi president when he made a visit to mosul to offer condolences and our assurances that those who were responsible would be held accountable and in another very sad development how the iraqi red crescent tells us that two people who volunteered to help divers whole bodies from the river have also died come pounding this tragedy. natasha given the pope mobile. families some protesters just how is the government responding to the
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. well the government is responding let's just be very clear to a very general discontent by the public there is already widespread allegations of government corruption in africa in efficacies story and lack of accountability so far nine people including the amusement park owner and the ferry operators have been arrested and as you mentioned earlier the prime minister is asking the parliament to vote so formally sacked the governor and two deputies in this province they are being accused of misconduct and neglect but i will tell you that even if all of these things happen again the concern by the public the dissatisfaction with the government runs so deep that the anger and pain are going to linger here in mosul for much longer than one can imagine that such a good name joining us from the banks of the tigris in mosul thanks very much for
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bringing us the least the situation. of the two mosques in christ's church tax just so for a week you go half reopens police in new zealand say they finished their investigations inside the lynnwood and handed them back to the muslim community and he told us was invited inside the owner a mosque the first to have been attacked. it has been eight days since the al nord mosque was attacked police have examined and photographed the scene and taken out the bodies builders have ripped out the carpets and repainted the walls at the gates people continued to pay their respects leaving flowers and messages of support forty one people were shot and killed here just over a week later the al not a mosque has now been handed back to a muslim community still coming to terms with the tragedy that happened in a mosque they should have been safe here and ninety three year old boy he would
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have just begun plain war. you know with me here noises and stuff we just sort of yelled is going on and don't think that it's a gunman on the loose or. just as targets who said what i was praying in the mosque when the gunman came in they switched his first time back i fell down people started falling on me. she just came in or they just started randomly shooting everyone i will since i was underneath the bodies that were going to get to me and then i stayed he went out and still in get up. he came back in and it was a silence because almost no one was saying anything and it was it was like crazy you know and then i heard shots coming on from the far end so the mosque was also he's over there i was like ok stay stopped stay calm and then suddenly you should come and shoot really close to me there was a really not a fear in my heart and qusay were phones were ringing and you find them and with
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your them. i could feel the blood over here is from the other person and i have to also feel the shots they were hitting the other bodies in front of me feel the pressure of the bullet i think it was there was a hole they were easily hit me then saddam's two three minutes ok it was you know because i couldn't hear is what's up because of the carpet and they were too much of in front of me and he was another shocker and they literally threw the staple doing shots. every ten minutes in groups of fifteen mosque leaders let people in here are there. is now no physical sign of the horrors of eight days ago no blood no obvious bullet holes and virtually no noise. inside it looks and smells as though every wall has been freshly painted this coverings over over carpets and the people inside rather standing in quite content pleasure. for the price for what a mosque reopening is the first time he's felt at peace in days it's been an
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horrific week into a lot of the losses of the last showed five bodies as well i'm happy that i could get that chance but also i'm sad as well that i've lost my circle lost really close what was was very yes last i heard a major was. across the road in the park where this week's friday prayers were held a game of cricket the sound of bats on ball is the sound of christ church slowly moving on andrew thomas al-jazeera cross church. it's an investigation that's and snared former close associates or donald trump and cast a shadow over his presidency their special counsel robert mueller has submitted his reports in see russia's alleged will in the twenty sixteen u.s. election that will trump sternness the whole thing as a witch hunt mike hanna has more now from washington d.c.
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. it was in middle to noon that recently appointed attorney general william barr received special counsel robert miller's long awaited report. national council robert muller has submitted his long awaited report no more indictments coming from the special counsel and you said i waited two years for this is terrible around four thirty five pm white house lawyers were notified and about half an hour after that this letter was delivered to the judiciary committees of house and senate and official notification from william barr that the report was in his hands the attorney general added that he'd be consulting with his deputy as well as special counsel miller to determine what other information from the report can be released to congress and the public but democratic party leaders insist the complete trip or should be made available to congress it's imperative for mr barr to make the full
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report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress the million best a geisha has already led to criminal charges being laid against more than thirty individuals at least six of them within trumps in a circle at one stage or another. a senior justice official who's being quoted as saying that the special counsel does not invision any further indictments but this does not mean an end to the matter there are a number of investigations into criminal activity around the two thousand and sixteen elections as well as into the question of whether president trump obstructed justice or suborned perjury in some cases these intersect the investigation and also at barnsley that they are congressional investigations counterintelligence operations and a number of cases being investigated by federal prosecutors in new york and other
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parts of the country robert mueller may have completed his report but a number of other investigations are just getting underway mike hanna al-jazeera washington well joe watkins is a republican political strategist and former white house aide to president george h.w. bush he says the president turned his inner circle should still be concerned. i think in the short term of the president and his staff the white house will view the fact that there are no new indictments is good news don't say that this is very very good news certainly meet the president will not be indicted nor any of the other people that are currently around him his son in law jared questionnaires daughter baka it means a number of people will be indicted by the motor report remember even though in the short term it may look like the president has some relief now the investigation is over and there are no new indictments that the congress will still certainly the
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house of representatives still consider it can continue to press forward with investigations and there are multiple investigations at present likewise the southern district of new york will continue with their investigations and again as you earlier noted their investigations if they bring somebody a criminal trial and when a prosecution the those people who are prosecuted by the southern district cannot be pardoned by the president so if i were anybody the administration still be concerned about the southern district investigation and certainly about the house of representatives the congressional investigations. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still to come on al-jazeera. french police yellow vests protesters from some of paris his most iconic areas the next few years will show whether that strategy works. on scott heiler in bangkok as thailand already is itself for its first election since the two thousand and
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fourteen crew many feel that a new government won't reflect the return to democracy that story coming up. at the time will pass going to rome more in sports from the gymnastics world club here into. we do want to update what's happening here in parts of our story we have two cycles to talk about one has made landfall one is within twenty four hours of making landfall so when up to two on both of those first of all trevor came across the gulf copper terry made landfall in the northern territory now it is going to be weakening but look at the size of this particular storm how how massive it is bringing some very heavy rain across much of that area of course a lot of people were evacuated on the northern coast that coast coast of where
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carpentaria is the storm is going to be making its way inland as a tropical storm and then weakening but still bring a lot of rain across much of that area the other one we're talking about is what is happening here with veronica veronica will be making landfall in about twenty hours or less here just to the west of port hedland now we do expect to see very very heavy rain and the reason being is once the storm does make landfall it is not going to be moving it is going to be basically stationary across that coastal area that means flooding flash flooding storm surge is going to continue for the next couple of days it will drop down on monday to a tropical storm by the time we get to tuesday it will be a tropical depression but the amount of rain that's going to be coming out of the storm is anywhere between four hundred five hundred to possibly six hundred millimeters of rain. sponsored. used properly can be
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a beautiful sight. and we're not letting them to our country. has found it to keep money currency out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping to make even. more comanches on ounces in iraq against the odds and in mines of the devastation you know that their number ones and their home. women from crucial shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers. twentieth after the cost of al-jazeera well tells the story of female courage in the village the last of its. women of crucial al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder all of our top stories this hour u.s. back to forces in syria have to cleared what they call the one hundred percent territorial defeat of iso and elimination of its so-called caliphate it's all in weeks of fighting the syrians are across it forces have raised their fly in pool was the last i saw held tight in a northeastern syria. aid agencies say they're running out of time to reach survivors and stop the spread of disease more than a week after a cycle hit southern africa more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique
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zimbabwe and malawi but that number is expected to rise. democrats are demanding the immediate release of the long awaited miller reports which has been delivered to the u.s. attorney general president donald trump denied since what he calls the witch hunts investigation and denies coalition with russia to get elected. well as bring you some more now on our top story the fall of our last stronghold in syria the turn over back goes to understands the armed group we need to look first at how it began and it began with this man abu mussab also koichi now he founded al qaida in iraq and planted the seeds of a so-called islamic state after he died say in two thousand and six the brew group broke ranks with al qaida to form what's become known as i saw about
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twenty eleven there was a political uprising against syria's president bashar assad's and two years later in iraq city minorities words of nuns in more in the way of political rights no i saw chick advantage of the disorder in both countries and spy early twenty fifteen they've captured a large parts of territory of both iraq and syria and by the beginning of this year the u.s. led coalition with the help of regional forces defeated i saw control of certain areas reducing their control to these small pockets but despite its defeats in iraq and syria isis still poses a threat now the territorial defeat of i so would be the coma nation of a four and a half year campaign to drive the group isis of syria ellen fisher has more no from washington d.c. . to choose from his supporters donald trump arrived in florida and proclaimed
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eisel had no been driven out of syria isis or election day. here's a serious right now you look. so there's i said. that's what we have right now. as of last night just two days ago at the white house he predicted the end of the. self-proclaimed caliphate by the end of the day he had already announced the end of eisel back in february but the group still had at least one stronghold in syria at one point i still controlled a huge territory in syria and iraq an area roughly the size of mainland britain. donald trump has wanted to end u.s. soccer issues in syria for a while then in december he suddenly announced he would withdraw two thousand troops it was such a surprise it provoked the resignation of defense secretary jim mattis and criticism from world white now he plans to keep four hundred troops in country pushed by the pentagon and allies in part to stop any resurgence of the case of
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syria is a strange game of musical chairs in the point is this is not just for the united states but for russia iran turkey and israel whoever is intervene in syria is do not have a seat when the music stops because no one wants to pay for the reconstruction of a country and we have one against isis this year alone president trump predicted the end of i saw thirteen times that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate i think president trump wants to emphasize that isis is militarily defeated he's not wrong it's just that as an organization it carries on and we have to make sure that it doesn't come back otherwise we really truly do get stuck in endless wars in the middle east donald trump wanted to be the man who defeated eisel with a territorial force. but he'll be told quite clearly this group hasn't gone away alan fischer washington. well marwan cabala is the director of policy analysis some
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the arab center for research and policy studies and he joins me now on the set and is this the end of i so have they been zefi since. and terms in terms of territories they might have been defeated but i'm afraid in terms of ideology the have nots. why because i believe unless we tackle the root causes which had led and the first days to the emergence of feisal are the policies of execution marginalization of the huge parts of syrian and iraqi society is most probably will be seeing i see you making a comeback sometime in the future this is a see environment which has actually worked with the al qaida which have been defeated by the united states and the iraqi tribes in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine but then we have seen actually al qaida coming in in your form. isom in two thousand and twelve two thousand and thirteen and this time as
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a reaction to the civilian policies of iran maliki government in iraq the government of syrian president bashar assad in syria so unless we tackle these issues i believe i said we'll make a comeback since we need to have a political process inclusive political process and the fear just solution to the syrian crisis because a syrian crisis started in the first place as evolution against the syrian regime by the syrian people but then i took advantage of that and actually started to recruit people as i said. action to the very tough security approach adopted by the syrian regime and also by the regime of nouri maliki in iraq that we talk about a political solution to this crisis a political solution to tackle i saw with the actors involved in that be because of course the threats i saw this isn't just in the we're talking about one small
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village here in northeastern syria there is still the threat of people who subscribe to the isis ideology taking that message much much further indeed worldwide absolutely this is why we need further involvement by the united states the united states is very good in. for yeah they have clearly defeated eisel in terms of territories and they have destroyed the flag for the state of alaska but they're not he says needs really to get involved in the political process in syria in order to force the syrian regime to accept what that meant to discount flipped for me they like this it doesn't seem very much interested and there's a scene to be just we finished. that said we're going to leave and we don't see very comprehensive. strategy for for syria and there's a said earlier without having
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a political solution to this crisis most probably would be having more jihadist actually making comeback in the next the next couple of years and there is so much more to discuss to follow on from that conversation sadly we will have to leave it there for now but thank you so much for joining us on sets to give your analysis and insights into these latest developments now car bomb blast targeted government buildings in somalia's capital mogadishu smoke from the explosion could be seen across the city they say it happened at the ministry of labor and there was a second explosion nearby gunfire has also been reported in the area with no word yet on any casualties. have also been thailand's are for sunday's long delayed general election the first since the military coup five years ago critics say military rulers are ensuring there won't be a democratic government whatever the result scott heibel reports now from bangkok.
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you know from rubber plantations in the south to the opposition heartland in the northeast candidates are on their last push before the nearly fifty two million thais head to the polls on sunday. while they'll be playing their role in the democratic process there's a widespread belief that with the constitution crafted by the military any new government will be far from democratic the two hundred fifty member senate will be appointed by the military government ensuring it has a strong grip on parliament sunday's polling is for the five hundred seats in the lower house. and there's also a pro-military party running. don't need. with coup leader. as their candidate for prime minister as mustn't try to celebrate the upcoming election i don't think i think that. we know that we need bigger
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conditions within the const within the constitution and that condition. and the military has used the courts to curb competition among others it has filed cases against a poor thai party led by former prime minister talks and. he faces corruption charges he says are politically motivated and lives in exile was put thai and its predecessors have won every general election since two thousand and one the home to us ally the judiciary can certainly the straw a these pro talks and parties so in the end. the election will certainly be a spectacle that people can use to express themselves and be happy that they had a voice but in the outcome. the haunter whens again i would say some feel that the military government has been clever in exploiting the divisions here in thai society but some say part of the blame rests on the biggest political
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parties the democrats and put die. in the supporters of these two parties are known as the yellow shirts and red shirts and their rivalry has been the basis for nearly two decades of instability and led to two military coups three hundred sixty seven seats is the magic number needed to gain control and form a government opinion polls indicate no single party will reach it so it's likely a coalition will need to be formed and with the deck stacked in the military is favor many expect compromises will have to be made any. political parties that will be successful in this election will face. a monumental task of dismantling and are proud to serve repression that have been carefully put in place by the military . so even after the ballots are counted and winners are announced they'll be some intense political horse trading before the people of this nation see the face of their next government scott harbor al jazeera bangkok. police in france are warning
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of a severe reaction if there's a repeat so riot steering yell of us process in paris the saturday professor bands from the famous shoals of easy to shops were torched and lit it's a week ago david chase to reports. soldiers will be deployed to guard public buildings in the french capital as the yellow vests prepare to take to the streets for the nineteenth time this weekend they're being diverted from their normal operations sentinel anti terror patrols to free up police resources but the decision has attracted fierce criticism the army not being used in the context of social protestants nine hundred forty seven and and the strong symbol of putting the army back in the street for this purpose and or the question but it traces the risk potentially of a risk. this is archived film of the clashes seventy two years ago five striking miners were killed. last weekend in paris
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millions of years of damage was caused by writers on the seans elisei this time police are being equipped with a new high tech weapons to help them cope with so-called ultra radicals intent on violence. that is the last saturday on the show's elise's there were no demonstrators there were only pages of people who came to smash and destroy. the shah's elisei is one of three areas in paris now designated as a no go zone for yellow vest demonstrations although president macron said the protests are protected by the constitution what happened here last saturday was done by a horde of hooligans. the latest poll shows seventy percent of the public in france are disturbed by how far the movement has moved away from its original roots the cost of the damage has been estimated at more than two hundred million dollars but
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the real long term cost is the image and spirit of france itself david chaytor al-jazeera paris india has banned a prominent pro independent.


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