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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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people living in conditions that are worse than normal conditions normally are brilliant talking about a lot of people living on less than two dollars a day living in very simple structures not much access to health care or public services now that their homes have been destroyed maybe pushed into camps or living in temporary shelters then of course those conditions could go even worse miles might also hearing that the death toll could rise so what is likely to rise as these floodwaters begin to recede is is there a concern about what's going to happen in terms of sanitation with with all those bodies. the government announced just a short while ago the ones minister is now official accounts of people who were killed by the cycle and over four hundred we can definitely expect that to go up more in the weeks and days ahead when we travel to some of those villages we found a man who just found the body of one of his neighbors a small child who'd been washed away by the flood and was among many people who
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were still missing bodies have been found in trees or trapped in degre others still missing some of course will never be found to be washed far away others will be sound as the floodwaters recede in this is what remains clearing up but definitely there's there is a health risk from bodies and also from livestock places where we were very bad smell coming from decomposing bodies or cows or goats. just now we know when they're not getting the rain they're getting the sunshine so definitely a health hazard there as well. for us on the ground in my eyes and big thank you for that update malcolm. next about still ahead on al-jazeera special counsel robert king his report on russia's alleged role in the twenty sixteen u.s. election what's in it and can president trump really. fell down people start building on that. issue just came in or they just sort of randomly shooting everyone. survives return to the mosque in new zealand where
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a gunman killed so many of their fellow washington. hello again this hour do want to start here and north asia we did see a funnel system push through but that doesn't mean the snow is not going to continue across parts of japan over the next few days notice the clouds right there so as we go towards sunday we're going to be seeing in the higher elevations particularly we are going to sing the potential of snow up here from the north all the way down here across the central area sapporo only getting to minus one so the snow that you see probably isn't going to be melting anytime soon tokyo you're going to be seeing a partly cloudy day with a temperature of thirteen degrees and then as we go towards monday we're going to seems a better conditions most of that snow pushes out here towards the pacific we are going to be seeing up to the north better skies but down here towards the south or suck the clouds are coming in attempt
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a few of about fourteen degrees well across chad parts of china we are seeing some mix of rain across much of the area on your forecast map it does look like this the temperatures out here towards the east have come down we were talking into the high twenty's just about five days ago for food show as well as into shanghai here across the central areas though we are going to seem plenty of rain and that rain is going to continue actually it is going to start to make its way down here a little bit more towards the south on call and you're going to be at the edge of it by by monday night though we think some rain in your forecast attempt there of twenty one and for joe a rainy day for you with a temperature of sixteen. yes i want to ponder what you were going to ask this but the ball is a board that i see which means i'm stuck. so it's doing. a little double move because i'm conscious of which i'm up to but odds are. in part one of these two
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part series called a zero explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports the endless troops on all disease. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour u.s. backed forces in syria have declared what they call the hundred percent territorial defeat of i still on the island the elimination of its so-called caliphate following weeks of fighting the syrian democratic forces have raised their flag and bob who was the last i saw held town in northeast area. aid agencies say they're running out of time to reach the vibes and stop the spread of disease more than
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a week after a slight up in africa more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi but that number is expected to rise. of the number of passengers killed in thursday's ferry disaster unfold in iraq has risen to at least one hundred twenty people and another one hundred missing in mosul prime minister abdul mahdi has requested that parliament fax the governor of nineveh province protestors have accused government leaders in baghdad of failing to modify fairy fay fifty attash again has more from mosul. big groups of people are lining the base of the tigris river as the search operation continues there sharing their anger and their heartache iraqi civil defense says one hundred people are still missing relatives of the victims are packing the morgue desperate for answers in the iraqi red crescent says two people who volunteered to help divers pull bodies
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out of the river have died compound ing this tragedy on friday during a visit by the iraqi president protesters swarmed his vehicle they called him and government officials thieves they're alleging widespread corruption in efficacy and lack of accountability this is news that part ferry capsized because there were too many passengers on board nine people including the amusement park owner and ferry operators have been arrested and the iraqi prime minister is calling for the parliament to formally sack governor of this province and two of his deputies he's alleging misconduct and negligence local officials are requesting federal funds to compensate victims families in what has been described as an unprecedented accident in iraq. the report into russian interference in the election of donald trump has
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been completed and rival democrats are demanding the immediate release of the details the us president has denounced what he calls a witch hunt and denies any condition with russia well al jazeera is rosalyn jordan joins us now from washington d.c. rose when are we likely to know exactly what's in the report. well that's of course the sixty four thousand dollar question the attorney general william barr has indicated to congressional leaders that at least some of the main points in broader muller's report will be shared with them perhaps as early as this weekend and that is because william barr has said that he is very much interested in transparency regarding the special counsel's report now of as you've noted democrats want this report to be reported in four to the u.s. public and indeed to the international community because they're very concerned
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that the u.s. president donald trump might try to prevent some of the details from being released using the theory of executive privilege this is the notion that the president needs to have some of his actions and conversations maintained as confidential in order to make the best judgments in his position so there is that tension. about what exactly will be released and how much will be released rose there are supposedly normal recommended and diamants in the report have we had anything yet from president trump about this. we have not heard anything from the president of reporters apparently tried to ask him about the report on friday as he was heading to his vacation home in florida he didn't give any comment we've been monitoring his twitter feed where the president likes to make official pronouncements he has not said anything beyond noting that he had
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a meeting with several leaders from a caribbean nations in florida on friday but of course people are expecting that he might have something to say of course if he doesn't say something the speculation would be it's because his legal team has advised him to stay quiet that advice has been given before but as you know the president hasn't always followed so we are a keeping track of his movements on this saturday with that update from washington d.c. that was russian and georgian thank you reynolds. well police in france are warning of a severe reaction if there's a repeat of riots cheering yellow vests protests in paris the saturday protesters are now banned from the famous. after shops were torched and looted a week ago to reports. soldiers will be deployed to guard public buildings in the french capital as the yellow vests prepare to take to the streets for the nineteenth time this weekend they're being diverted from their normal operations
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sentinel anti terror patrols to free up police resources but the decision has attracted fierce criticism the army not being used in the context of social protestants nine hundred forty seven. and the strong simple of putting the army back in the streets for this purpose and or the question but the trees and the risk potentially of a risk. this is archived film of the clashes seventy two years ago five striking miners were killed. last weekend in paris millions of years of damage was caused by writers on the seans elisei this time police are being equipped with a new high tech weapons to help them cope with so-called ultra radicals intent on violence. that is the last saturday on the show's elise's there were no demonstrators there were only pages of people who came to smash and destroy. the
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shows alisa is one of three areas in paris now designated as a no go zone for yellow vest demonstrations although president mccall said the protests are protected by the constitution what happened here last saturday was done by a horde of hooligans. the latest poll shows seventy percent of the public in france are disturbed by how far the movement has moved away from its original roots the cost of the damage has been estimated at more than two hundred million dollars but the real long term cost is to the image and spirit of france itself david chaytor al-jazeera paris. well britain's prime minister is trying to persuade m.p.'s to back that deal to e.u. leaders granted a short delay to the u.k.'s departure to resume a has told british politicians they won't be offended voters on the agreement unless sufficient numbers switch sides she has until april the twelfth to get them to support her plan and be granted
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a delayed departure until may the twenty second if she fails that britain could ask for another extension or face and no deal breaks it a car bomb blast has targeted government buildings in somalia's capital mogadishu smoke from the explosion could be seen across the city police say it happened at the ministry of labor and that there was a second explosion nearby gunfire has also been reported in the area but there's been no word yet on casualties. the death toll from a chemical explosion in eastern china has risen to at least sixty four people residents and yung chang a coastal area north of shanghai seeking government compensation to repair damaged homes the explosion on thursday was so powerful it shattered windows and home several kilometers away nearly one hundred people are seriously injured and dozens are still unaccounted for. pakistan has been showing off its military might as part of its national day celebrations india's prime minister narendra modi sent his best
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wishes pakistan's prime minister imran khan tweeted his reply saying he believes it's time for a serious talks tensions between india and pakistan remain high following the killing of indian soldiers in disputed kashmir and the shooting down of will planes come to has more from islamabad. to commemorate pakistan day parade in head in the city of islamabad and of course the malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad who are going to the day really to pakistan is the chief guest at the ceremony the pakistani air force displayed its fight to egg cross ritual followed by an aerobatic display by chinese. have been flown in from china to take part and up august on the day celebrations also have sixteen pilots from showing all the days august on also showing an area of weapons including indigenously crude mrs
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ballistic missile and men back to gangs. portrayed. by several dignitaries and it is interesting to note that a contingent of the. defense forces. here along kerns and even from brunei in the just above the parade when you were just on had already said they did want to create an ad for peace in the region but that it should not be construed as a sign of weakness the bugs on the president saying that on the occasion and at the same time the pakistani prime minister appreciating india's prime minister. narendra modi's tweet in which he greeted pakistan so indeed strained but also to commemorate an important day which laid the foundations for a separate muslim state in the subcontinent the two mosques and christ church
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attack just time for a week ago have reopened police in new zealand say they finished their investigations inside the know and what mosques and handed them back to the muslim community andrew thomas was invited inside the nor mosque the fasts to have been attacked. it has been eight days since the al nord mosque was attacked police have examined and photographed the scene and taken out the bodies builders have ripped out the carpets and repainted the walls at the gates people continued to pay their respects leaving flowers and messages of support forty one people were shot and killed here just over a week later the al not a mosque has now been handed back to a muslim community still coming to terms with the tragedy that happened in a mosque they should have been safe here and ninety three year old boy he would have just begun plain war. you know with me here noises and stuff we just sort of oh yeah what's going on and don't think that it's
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a gunman on the loose. it's just hard to say what what i was praying in the mosque when the gunman came in they switched his first time back i fell down people started falling on me. and she just came in or they just started randomly shooting everyone i will since i was underneath the bodies that were going to get to me and then i stayed he went out and still in get up. he came back in and it was a silence because almost no one was saying anything and it was it was like crazy you know and then i heard shots coming on from the fire inside the mosque there was also here's what it was like ok stay stopped stay calm and then suddenly you should come and shoot really close to me there was a really no the fear in my heart and qusay were phones were ringing and you find them in which you don't. like the feel of lot of where you is from the other person and i could also feel the shots they were hitting the other boys in front of me
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feel the pressure of the bullet i think it was there was a hole they were easily hit me then saddam's two three minutes ok it was you know because i couldn't hear is what's up because of the carpet and they would come and shoot in front of me again it was another shocker and they literally threw the staple doing shots. every ten minutes in groups of fifteen mosque leaders let people in the yard who. is now no physical sign of the horrors of eight days ago no blood no obvious bullet holes and virtually no noise. inside it looks and smells as though every wall has been freshly painted this covering it's over all the carpets and the people inside rather standing in quiet contemplation. all the praying for what the mosque reopening is the first time he spelt a piece in days it's been an horrific week of it's a lot of people the last of the north or south five as well i'm happy that i could
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get that chance but also i'm sad as well that i lost my serve the last reading of those words was very last i heard a major was from. across the road in the park where this week's friday prayers were held a game of cricket the sound of battle. is the sound of christ church slowly moving on. andrew thomas al-jazeera cross church. hello i'm a star with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. backed forces in syria have declared what they call the hundred percent territorial defeat of ice and the elimination of its so-called caliphate following weeks of fighting the syrian democratic forces have raised their flag and bug who is the last i saw held town in northeast syria. has more from beirut. it would seem that
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the last piece of to read through of what once was remarked larger entity of the self-styled or self-proclaimed. fruit is the or are. described it's. reduced through gradually different parties different groups from the kurdish fighters on the ground through the turkish park the free syrian army to the russians into mushroom together with the americans or you might two to essentially defeat the group aid agencies say they're running out of time to reach survivors and stop the spread of disease more than a week after a cycling hit southern africa more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi but that number is expected to rise the number of passengers killed in thursday's ferry disaster in northern iraq has risen to at least one hundred seventy people and of one hundred missing in mosul prime minister has asked parliament to sack the governor of nevada province protestors have
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accused government leaders in baghdad a failing to monitor a ferry safety democrats are demanding the immediate release of the long awaited law report which has been delivered to the u.s. attorney general president donald trump has denounced what he calls the witch hunt investigation and denies colluding with russia to get elected a car bomb blast has targeted government buildings in somalia's capital mogadishu smoke from the explosion could be seen across the city police say it happened at the ministry of labor and that there was a second explosion nearby gunfire has also been reported in the area the death toll from a chemical factory explosion in eastern china has risen to at least sixty four people the explosion on thursday was so powerful it shattered windows in homes several kilometers away nearly one hundred people are seriously injured and dozens are still unaccounted for those are the headlines they'll be more news here after inside story do stay with us.
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donald trump says the u.s. should change its policy on syria is going heights which is occupied by israel that's being condemned around the world but israel's prime minister is celebrating so what's behind trump's move and what all of the implications this is an inside story. welcome to the program i'm nick clegg the state of the occupied golan heights has
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been the delicate issue for more than fifty is israel captured the area from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and next to it in a move never recognized internationally now once again donald trump tweet is threatening to overturn decades of to play mitzi he posted that it's time for the united states to fully recognize israel sovereignty over the golan heights saying it is strategically important for israel and for regional stability while syria iran turkey and russia say the announcement is irresponsible recognizing israeli occupation would defy u.n. resolutions and malcolm major shift in u.s. policy israel's prime minister is praising trump's move as historic he did it again. recognizes drucilla was israel's capital and moved the u.s. embassy then he pulled out of the disastrously wrong treaty and we impose sanctions
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but now he did something. of equal. historic importance to recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights and he did so at a time when iran is trying to use syria's a platform to attack and destroy israel and the message that president trump has given the world is that america stands by israel while its head now from stephanie decker our correspondent who has more from the occupied golan heights. what you're looking at now is the syrian golan heights where we are is these radio go to heights and of course this region is now firmly in the international spotlight following a tweet by u.s. president donald trump saying that the americans will be recognizing this area as legitimately israeli territory while there's been a deluge of international reaction saying they don't agree with that from the european union to the russians to the iranians to the french to turkey and even the syrians saying that they will do anything it takes to take it back now what many
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analysts will tell you is that this is playing very firmly into the hands of these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu ahead of hotly contested elections here in israel that will take place on april the night we are expecting an official announcement of this decision perhaps next week when benjamin netanyahu visits the united states but certainly it is seen as a major victory for him netanyahu has been lobbying for this for years but the fact that this timing is happening just two weeks ahead of these elections is seen as president donald trump and dorsett the israeli prime minister when it comes to a very hotly contested election what will be the repercussions practically when it comes to this decision will remain to be seen but certainly there are now three things that lead to yahoo is playing at the fact that the u.s. embassy's been moved to jerusalem the fact that the americans pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and now the fact that the americans will be recognizing this area internationally recognized recognized as occupied land as sovereign israeli
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territory stephanie decker for inside story. we're going to try and dig into some of those repercussions let's bring in our guests joining us first of all from west jerusalem is mitchell barrett. global research and he was an adviser to former israeli president shimon peres from brussels we're joined by softly advocacy officer for. human rights center in the golan heights and joining us from. simon mabel no you see electra in international studies at lancaster university welcome to you all so i puff a century of u.s. policy reversed in just one tweet first up let's just get you'll brief. reactions to this news and then we'll delve more deeply into the mire of questions that it presents and if we could start with you your based in the golan heights what do you say to this absolutely thank you for having me so as the only
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organization in the occupied golan dedicated to preserving human rights and protecting international law unequivocally rejects this policy shift the suggested policy shift because it blatantly violates international law to pull levels and evaluates israel's systematic human rights abuses in the region that have been occurring since israel initially occupied the reason region ok we have secured what about you how do you how is this going to houses going down in this row. well this is an absolute consensus issue meaning there's not any israeli that is going to say this is wrong it's really not even a groundbreaking tweet everyone knows that the golan heights belongs to israel it was annexed by israel in one thousand nine hundred one all of the people there were given citizenship and the fact that in the beginning of your story you said syria iran russia and turkey condemned it because all those terror actors are active in syria and this protects the israeli people simon to differing views what's the
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dispassionate view if you like well look this is just the tweet up present as a great deal more that has to be done for it to be formally recognized in u.s. foreign policy i think the other thing is that while it's doesn't necessarily change anything on the ground it's going to have serious repercussions in terms of how international politics is conducted because it is a essentially a flagrant breach of international law ok well before we launch into it let's give it some background now israel is syria have fought two wars over the golan heights the main conflict was in june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven when israel captured the area from syria and after defeating egypt and jordan six years later syria tried to regain control but was repelled in one thousand nine hundred four syria and israel signed an agreement to establish a un buffer zone but in nine hundred eighty one israel announced it was an exciting the region and that's not recognized internationally leaked documents have suggested that in two thousand and ten the israeli prime minister offered to
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withdraw from the golan heights during secret talks with syria benjamin netanyahu tonight this a negotiation stopped when the syrian civil war began in two thousand and eleven so i'm not going to come back to you first of all the thing is the golan heights was not a major issue wasn't really an issue at all out of the open at least it wasn't on the table but suddenly it's front and center and everybody's shouting about it and in that way it creates a problem. you know there's i think there are two issues at play here one is that it's deeply symbolic the the fact that it was an ex that was occupied and now the change of language is deeply symbolic but the second point is that it's strategically incredibly important and that gets at the real sort of changing security dynamics in the region we know that israel has a long had a real sense of a fear with regard to its neighborhood numerous foreign ministers have said that israel lives in a bad tough neighborhood and the golan has always been an area that that is seen to
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be a bit of a strategic weakness it's the site that that israel controls its northern border through so it's deeply important for its strategic purposes but also the symbolism of its moving from the annexation of the occupation through to the sort of the nod to formal recognition and sovereign power is is really quite significant in the air and the mitchell's point really that many in israel would simply say it just acknowledges reality that israel effectively annexed the golan heights years ago. yes so israel annexed the golan heights. on its own it didn't consult the native syrian population in the region whatsoever and mitchell stated that syrians in the golan were offered citizenship they were offered citizenship however the vast majority reject that citizenship only six point five percent of the syrian
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population in four of the five remaining native villages have actually sought out israeli citizenship and last year in an election the first local elections held in the region since occupation began voter turnout to support israeli authority in the region was between one and three percent between four of the five native villages the people have rejected this the people have always rejected this and it's just a blatant violation of international law and the right to self-determination mitchell bard you want to comment on that point. yeah i mean i i bet they probably are disappointed that they can't be voting for hafez assad again for not tough as us and for us again you know because those are the elections they're used to participating in where they vote for us out and then five hundred thousand people are killed in a civil war and isis almost takes over i mean i think it's a little bit ludicrous some of this discussion in that the people that are there they are living in the as in israel those that want to participate can they were
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extended the right to do that and you know it's basically the high ground above israel in the north it's looks out on the. lake and it's not even up for discussion there's no there's no discussion here every israeli believes that it is part of israel it is strategically in part part of israel and maybe if we would have had the discussion before the arab spring or during the arab spring where it looked like the arab world was turning into this democratic oasis there could even be a discussion about it with various there thing is material there would not be terror by the actors wait a second the actors that are taking place in syria in syria are syria iran russia turkey it's basically a hot bed and a incubator for terrorism terror attacks against it will come to that in the second what i want to put you michel back is that the talks about the city for this to happen because it is important for the security of israel but now you have
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because of this announcement you have iran saying it brings it to the edge of a new crisis syria saying it's going to use all means to get it back does this sound like it's done much good for the security of the region it's what does it good luck good luck good luck to syria but what about how we've been able to do anything but that if they want to try this and it hasn't done in the security the region is going to make it worse yeah. you know the problem is there needs to be more international influence not against israel annexing it or not against the u.s. recognizing the facts on the ground that it is part of israel in. national pressure should have been for the last decade where a half a million syrians are being killed where the russians are involved there where the iranians are involved where it's basically a hotbed for terror that's what people should be concerned it and i'm sure that donald trump is not afraid that if that it's that people may say it's a violation of international law and the u.s. may condemn it as trump would say bring on the fight because it's not even it's not even a serious issue but most of the people understand for regional stability you know
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syria doesn't need to have more opportunities to launch terror attacks they need to have less air and saw theocracy want to come back yeah absolutely i want to make two very quick points first michel said israelis believe the golan is part of israel that doesn't really matter it's not israeli territory the israelis don't have a say and what happens in syrian territory whether or not it's occupied by israel that's the first point the second point is there has been a lot of talk about the security situation in the go on and how it threatens israel when in reality the former i.d.f. officials within the last week have said a lot of these concerns specifically the hezbollah the creation of hezbollah a terrorist cells on the golan heights is overstated a.


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