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tv   Return Of The Lizard King  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 1:32am-2:00am +03

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play rattle that was one for the family yes but by the end of that i was kind of done a lot of folks when. they were among the first to join the caravan as they walked across central america thousands joined the whole believing there is safety in numbers. i was alive and i love them yes you being a single down you'll never. know who's twenty one is carrying the child. running your own month for the last half hour with me. now to move out of my place to sleep. it is hard to get in by an almighty home i say here because there are literally thousands of people who will then sixteen hundred kilometers to get in and this is the first place they have been worried about the role of joy no all the women and young girls had to be fearful of being right and it's
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a brief response we could get they continue to go north and i must say they will the markets will that thousand kilometers to the us border with thousands of combat troops being sent to stop them but that's the risk they're prepared to take just the chance of security for themselves and digital lives and. yes one of the most determined travelers we meet is miriam's a liar she's persuaded the local woman to let two kids stay. in the. miriam's also looking to see a nineteen year old solar traveller who she met on the rug said yes he got on the family book out and main thing you know not explain fashion how the man who was just found you're going to find that i was the last in the family commercial no she herself. knowing. when or. where is that boy is he.
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in favor madam favor madam he's got me. thinking of getting started and of convincing. your metaphor we're not on the ball way almost a good guy coming them though. four years ago her husband paid people smugglers to get across the border they abandon him to die in the desert of hypothermia. a year yet to see any sort of move the young man you are mad for can't go there are they your son is in the fight he's. the man when i am not moved by stealth who knows even can a family member you. she can't see war donald trump were. in nobody was going to ask general be any of them thank you sally bercow no i you know i just i mean so you know i don't know how you have been attacked i used. them to hear you all don't get you know for the iraqi in the last laugh when i first asked
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our finance columnist. for going to stop by you know safe way. back at the stadium the decision has been made to push on you know none of you have . been on the most. common platform i don't know. if it was law not what i thought there would be done of course by now. miriam returns to get ready to bring her daughters and her friend cindy to say. madam when i'm. near by touch younger is getting sick they've moved into a cardboard box for comfort that would show friel ian does here i do have this is
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the mom in law yasin which are free and back in mill valley and ten items in detail . they spent the last afternoon here celebrating their older daughter's fourth birthday. it will be the family's last treat for some time rubens wallers has been stolen by now have no money but. part. of. the five am the first weary migrants start to leave. man. for miriam the border is that much closer oh no wonder they ask the balco
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ministerial plan they may say you know if he's going to start a band of soon i'm going to see. tatiana packs up the kids. see you. in the belief that they brought. a family that he has. also in your but i let you know. last. as welcoming as the city authorities have been they came for the caravan to. organizing two trains to get them out before dawn. to avoid the worst bad areas they'll head to the pacific a journey almost three times longer than the direct route no from. the air.
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two weeks later we arrive at the border where the caravans are converging. and. oh. a show of force for migrants hoping to reach the other side. of. tijuana already has a lot of swords steel slats and mental fences are all would stand between mexico and the beaches of san diego.
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the migrants wait in filthy camps as military helicopters hovering above. the mining area east bank just full of life all they can say america through the cracks in the problem. is that. we've heard nothing from the people we met in vera cruz in mexico city but among the thousands of migrants here we still have to find them. it's a scandal it's the familia. that's obvious don't. we spend days looking for them without success. process and the.
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locals are growing resentful of the cost of the migrants and suspicious of who's amongst them. one as used to receive people from the low countries who have his way nothing thousand people here one time. i don't. here it is he's ready ready to receive the title among the people here the tension in this border town has grown. because. bruce. we look out into you want to have heard our friends may be in another town. driveway driving two hundred kilometers. long the people from the area that are already looking so good. job on
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a site. being gone mad that they made the bed of bed and the mood in this small town is more relaxed and we find the salvadoran boys daniel and victor. danielle here back. when i. was pretty young going. back. this staying in a vacant lot where almost everyone is ill and winter is making everything worse today i'm all the more for how i'm going to. get out from college sure that. they might. feel. with no family here is out of money and the boys cock out and they have no choice but to wait.
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ok so we're just trying to find cindy who is the young woman who is travelling on her own and had met miriam with the two young girls currently something very bad has happened to mary not quite sure but we're going to try to. since we last. saw miriam in mexico city she's become an unlikely eight figure into your world of foreign media film to complaining about the food your second if i cycle in the comment i want that and the fight is our. only understand and lucky for me that my mommy don't have to stand by me. even put up the only money almost like if i know anything good to me and under the command i will tend to the clip when byron is prompting thousands of angry comments about ungrateful migrants and miriam disappears.
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as u.s. soldiers lay razor wire front of us cindy tells us some extraordinary news we feared miriam might be dead instead she's in texas. a after causing harm in his telomere record even u.s. authorities took the social media threats against her seriously and granted asylum not to me in women's argument you know me as i am many people who have to do me. go you. and move. on our last day of filming we return to tea or water to make one more attempt to find judge iana and ruben. but we've finally found someone who thinks they know where they are apparently just around the corner so because most. we have
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a found the groove or go or stars go for the fashion. this staying inside a locked hostel that we're not allowed to enter. the girls a world attached yard has had a helicopter. to the border she was separated from the family why. that would change the incentives sending troops into. this demo giant their way into the help is in the today on the up we're going to allow an infant i guess so in order. to. yes we are more with the local. market a live band a lot of going against the whole of the tent i mean. to get it will you. now so close to the border this gate to even approach it some migrants have tried to scale the fence and be tear gas and sent back home they counting. the
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money in which i'm picking up a following why don't you tell him nothing in my evening ok i. want to. touch on it and ruben face months in limbo processing for asylum has been deliberately slugged. but i've been easy for this you already don't think milk them important. you put this away if they don't like the messy idea which i have a place to put on but i wanted to tell that thank you but up already sealed up and left over me. donald trump threatens state of emergency may not get you used. in any case barriers like this haven't stopped millions chasing the american dream. and more caravans are on their way.
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they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have an adequate tax we should have people in power investigates the private companies and rule us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and then sets not a future in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited one on al-jazeera.
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on counting the cost this week on al-jazeera we'll take a deeper dive into what's behind algeria as protests last what it's really get from joining china's felten road initiative plus we'll take a look at the plight of venezuela struggling fishermen. counting the cost on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. it is murder when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and nice sheets in off trash you know. that's not
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insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as it crime gag down very significant by dictating big government if they fucked up policy the dow shall not kill the radicalized series on algis. they are. demanding as second referendum hundreds of thousands join the people's votes march in london. hello this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back to before also coming up i saw its last bastion falls in syria u.s. backed forces are now in control of the town of buy good news fears of disease in
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mozambique and zimbabwe a week after he dies struck the region aid agencies warn they are running out of time to be survivors and left hanging with visit the exhibition bearing silent witness to violence against native american. huge crowds have gathered in britain's capital for what's being called the people's votes march they are demanding a second referendum organizers are hoping to beat the three quarters of a million protesters last year's event and speak to paul brennan who is in london for sport tell us about what the day has looked like so far and what these protesters are hoping to achieve. it's been an impressive turn of folly yes it began at noon a park lane. hyde park they marched they persist past downing street
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down. to here palm and scrap the seats of government the estimates were that it was far in excess of the seven hundred fifty thousand who turned out to protest against last october the organizers are actually went as far as to say that they believe they may have exceeded a million but there are no official. the police here in the u.k. no longer give official crowd estimates nonetheless the turnout was significant it was impressive and what they hope the organizers and the marches is that they've sent a powerful message to government that the people of the u.k. should have the chance to vote again on whatever outcome the government or parliament manages to secure in the negotiations with the european union overbred said there was deep disillusionment many most of the people i spoke to here. simply fed up with the way that the politicians have gone about their business and felt
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that the people who had a chance lost a vote on wretched in two thousand and sixteen should have another chance bearing in mind the options now being put in front of them. will such a march power have an effect on on the brakes and process and on events that are coming up next week. it's a powerful message and i think it will weigh heavily on the minds of all the politicians the two main parties the ruling conservatives and the opposition may offer to labor party neither of which neither of them have of wanted to give a people's march the conservatives opposing almost without totally a labor has been extremely reluctant even though it's. official party policy but it's a real last resort i have to say though because the new prime minister is not here in london and neither is the labor party leader gerry corbett but gerry cauldrons deputy tom watson was here and he spoke from the stage and said the following that the labor party will support the government's bracks
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a deal but only if the government lets the people have another vote and that for me was quite a significant statement it's a real evolution in the labor stance towards eight people's votes and i think it brings the prospect of a people's vote somewhat closer no guarantees but some are closer as whether it will stop bracks it altogether i wasn't necessarily the aim of today's march although many people i suspect would hope for it what they at least want to have is a say on the final outcome that the politicians on the go see it hope and reporting there live from the streets of london thank you very much for. in france riot police and soldiers are on high alert to prevent a repeat of noting on the famous avenue in paris the shells and yellow vests protesters are running for the nineteenth consecutive weekend and they're banned from the shots in this following last saturday's destruction the governments want protest says of severe severe response if there is more violence but untie government protesters have fought with police in other cities in the country in an
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illegal and this was a scene in the southern city of tennis. in other world news u.s. banks forces in syria have held a parade after declaring victory in boggles the last i saw held in northeast syria syrian democratic forces raised their flank in the town after what they're calling a full territorial defeat of the armed groups and the elimination of a scallop state john a child reports from beirut. this was the moments i so lost its last piece of territory in syria kurdish fighters hoisting their flag declaring that v are now in control or the thought of far enough of it boggles what our forces have raise our flags in booze and have declared the end of this so-called kali faith in north and syria this victory couldn't have been a sheep were it not for the grace sacrifices of our brave martyrs within hours of victory ceremony was held in bottles and the u.s.
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special envoy on syria it was there alongside kurdish fighters from the u.s. army has been supporting this critical milestone in the fight against isis delivers a crushing strategic blow and underscores the unwavering commitment of our local partners and the global coalition to defeat isis. the self declared caliphate which won spawn swathes of syria and iraq how differentially been refused to the town of but was as it was unable to withstand the my took the u.s. led coalition which bombed. skies and the onslaught on the ground of a variety of groups including the kurdish that syrian defense forces the s.d.f. and the turkish back to free syria army. the taking the boos from ice all came just hours after the white house issued a statement announcing the total defeat of the group but even though it no longer controls the land analysts say it's premature to declare the end of the group
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itself. so what next for syria in other parts of the country where i saw has been overrun the vacuum has been filled by different fighting groups close to the turkish border for instance formerly i saw held territory is now under the control of the free syrian army a group that anchor approves of while in. kurdish fighters have taken over since eisel rose to prominence in two thousand and fourteen the international community slowly stopped talking about the syrian revolution and the struggle for freedom and the narrative became one of defeating i saw in combating terrorism and that's helped us that survive the presence of i saw also discourage many countries from supporting armed opposition groups in the syrian civil war now that i saw no longer controls any territory inside syria the question is will the international community refocus attention on the atrocities committed against the syrian people by the assad government and its allies jamal and show you on al-jazeera beirut. a
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gun battle went on for hours on saturday in somalia's capital mogadishu after an attack on government buildings and early a bombing killed at least seven people including a deputy labor minister police say the explosion happened at the ministry of labor and there was a second blast nearby. aid agencies say they are running out of time to reach survivors and stop the spread of disease more than a week after a cycle in swept across southern africa the number of people killed in mozambique alone has risen to more than four hundred malcolm webb went to destroy its way some of the villages were among the hardest hit it's not easy to get to armando jacoby's home. so he claimed it by cut off many parts of central mozambique he turned his maze fields to mud we find it left nothing of his house and it took his aunt uncle and two nephews and. those who managed to swim across
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the river others were washed away we climbed trees and stayed there for four days without food those who grew too weak just fell down into the water it is god that saved us it's villages like armando's and riverside planes that have been hardest hit this is all that remains of one of armando's neighbors' homes they had several hearts in this compound another one was here all that's left is the sticks just a few days ago the water level was about twice as high as i am and his neighbors survived by climbing these trees many more people from this village still missing across the river we met on ten year mikeus his house was swept away all his possessions were inside. the water went down he's been searching here for them he found something else instead as we get close this is
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a terrible smell not another dead goat or cow. but the body of his four year old neighbor. where i found the body all searching for my things somebody recognized the boy his family is in a camp nearby i want to go and tell them that people here say is the worst i claim to hit mozambique in living memory. down the road survivors gather to receive food no one hears even for days. government relief workers have brought some rice and flour. but the village administrator tells people it's not nearly enough. that. the people in this area lost everything we don't have houses we don't have food we don't have clothes we have nothing we need help all i have is the clothes i'm wearing. and families given barely enough food for one day. the government says it needs foreign support. for a month ahead and everyone here will depend on it to survive. malcolm webb
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al-jazeera says and then the district mozambique to new zealand now where the two mosques in christchurch attacks just over a week ago have reopened but he say they have finished their investigations inside the honor and lin wood mosques and have handed them back to the muslim community thomas was invited inside the nor mosque the first time. it has been eight days since the mosque was attacked police have examined and photographed the scene and taken out the bodies builders have ripped out the carpets and repainted the walls at the gates people continue to pay their respects leaving flowers and messages of support forty one people were shot and killed here just over a week later the mosque has now been handed back to a muslim community still coming to terms with the tragedy that happened in a mosque they should have been safe and ninety three year old boy he would have
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just begun plain. you know when we hear noises and stuff we just sort of oh yeah what's going on and don't think that it's a gunman on the loose. it's just totted who said i was praying in the mosque when the gunman came in they switched his first time back. people started falling on me. and she just came in or they just sort of randomly shooting everyone i will since i was underneath the bodies the first couldn't get to me and then i stayed he went out and still in get up. he came back in. because almost no one was saying anything and it was it was like crazy you know like when there is fits of the cause of carpet and they would come in.


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