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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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within hours of victory ceremony was held in blues and the u.s. special envoy on syria it was there alongside kurdish fighters from the u.s. army has been supporting this critical milestone in the fight against isis delivers a crushing strategic blow and underscores the unwavering commitment of our local partners and the global coalition to defeat isis. the self declared caliphate which one span swathes of syria and iraq has eventually been refused to the town of but whose as it was unable to withstand the might of the u.s. led coalition which bombed it from the skies and the onslaught on the ground of a variety of groups including the kurdish led syrian defense forces the s.d.f. and the turkish backed free syria army. the taking the boos from ice all came just hours after the white house issued a statement announcing the total defeat of the group but even though it no longer controls the land analysts say it's premature to declare the end of the group
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itself. so what next for syria in other parts of the country where i saw has been overrun the vacuum has been filled by different fighting groups close to the turkish border for instance formally eisel held territory is now under the control of the free syria army a group that anchor approves of while im embittered now but was kurdish fighters have taken over since eisel rose to prominence in two thousand and fourteen the international community slowly stopped talking about the syrian revolution in the struggle for freedom and the narrative became one of defeating i saw in combating terrorism and that's helped us that survive the presence of i saw also discourage many countries from supporting armed opposition groups in the syrian civil war now that i saw no longer controls any territory inside syria the question is will the international community refocus attention on the atrocities committed against the
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syrian people by the assad government and its allies. beirut. joshua landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says this a syrian kurds in stanton or the u.s. prepared so withdraw from syria the turks clearly want the united states to leave everybody wants us to leave except for the kurds and of course the. the non kurds the arabs in this northern region the many of whom support the kurds now the question is will they go slow i think that everybody including syrian government and the turkish government will keep a lid on any invasion until they see the american troops withdrawing they want to confirm to us withdraw because any dramatic action right now would provoke the united states to remain there i don't believe the kurds will trust the us side and
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regime to. given the long term there might be short term. there could be guarantees on on autonomy for cultural reasons like the language and so forth radio but as for military autonomy i don't think the syrian regime intends to military autonomy phantom on this news hour including still under wraps us democrats call for the mother report on russia's alleged role in the twenty six thousand presidential election to be made public last we'll tell you why our visit by brazil's president has sparked controversy in chile and in sports christchurch is famous super rugby team returned to action after the mosque shootings and consider changing their name to. it for a state agency say they are running out of time to reach survivors and stop the
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spread of disease more than a week after as scientists swept across southern africa the un says they are no confirmed cases of cholera but the risk of that disease and malaria remain high in mozambique officials are warning of further flooding as dams and rivers threatened to break their banks more than seven hundred people are confirmed dead in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi but aid workers say that number will rise when floodwaters recede rescuers are still trying to restock thousands of people still stranded many of them ill those who have been rescued or crowded into camps and desperately need eight the executive director described the scene on the ground as this but rate stating that the situation in the groan and i quote though i'm quoting her the situation on the ground remains critical to the reason no electricity or running water or hundreds of thousands of children need immediate help the priority right now is to give them shelter food water education protection
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. well aid agencies as we mentioned say they're running out of time to reach survivors and stop the spread of disease more than a week after the cycle and the number of people killed in mozambique alone has risen to more than four hundred marcum web went to susan danka distrait where some of the villages were among the hardest hit some humanitarian aid is finally getting through to the isolated communities that need it but with roads and bridges washed away many of them still very hard to access the few transport was all says that are available in particular helicopters have been used initially for search and rescue operations to rescue people who are in isolated bits of high ground or treason rooftops but in the villages where floodwaters have now receded facing a myriad of other problems including finding the bodies of the dead and a chronic shortage of food it's not easy to get to armando jacoby's home. so he claimed it i cut off many parts of central mozambique he turned his maids fields
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to mud we find it left nothing of his house and it took his aunt uncle and two nephews and. those who managed to swim across the river others were washed away we climbed trees and stayed there for four days without food those who grew too weak just fell down into the water it is god that saved us it's villages like armando's on riverside planes that have been hardest hit this is all that remains of one of armando's neighbors' homes they had several hearts in this compound another one was here all that's left is the sticks just a few days ago the water level was about twice as high as i am and his neighbors survived by climbing these trees many more people from this village still missing across the river we met on ten year mckay at his house who swept away all his
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possessions were inside. since the water went down he's been searching here for them he found something else instead as we get closer this is a terrible smell not another dead goat or cow but the body of his four year old neighbor. where i found the body all searching for my things somebody recognized the boy his family is in a camp nearby i want to go and tell them that people here say it's the worst i claim to hit mozambique in living memory. down the road survivors gather to receive food no one hears eaten for days. government relief workers have brought some rice and flour but the village administrator tells people it's not nearly enough. that. the people in this area lost everything we don't have houses we don't have food we don't have clothes we have nothing we need help all i have is the clothes i'm
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wearing. and families given barely enough food for one day. the government says it needs foreign support for a month ahead and everyone here will depend on it to survive another major concern in the villages where the floodwaters have now receded is sanitation the ground still very wet loss of mud and silt and pools of water along with toilets and clinics having been destroyed significantly increases the risk of spreading of water borne diseases such as cholera that is something that the united nations as warned about pools of stagnant water also a breeding ground for mosquitoes which increases the risk of the spread of malaria conditions in many of these towns and villages were brilliant before the cycle and there wasn't a lot of public health care or other public infrastructure but now all of that's been completely destroyed it's going to be a high risk of disease and health care problems in the weeks or months ahead and it's going to take
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a very long time for things to get back to normal. at least one hundred ten people have been killed by gunmen in an attack in central mali three villages were targeted near the town of bangkok's the attack was just the latest in a series of clashes between communities that have left dozens dead in recent months pregnant women children and the elderly were among the victims a gun battle went on for hours in somalia's capital saturday after an attack on government buildings and early a bombing killed at least seven people including a deputy labor minister police say the explosion happened at the ministry of labor and there was a second blast nearby. in the united states democrats are demanding the immediate release of the long awaited munna report which has been delivered to the u.s. attorney general present donald trump has announced what he calls the witch hunt investigation and denies colluding with russia to get elected mike hanna reports from washington. it was in middle of to noon that recently appointed attorney
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general william barr received special counsel robert miller's long awaited report. national council robert muller has submitted his long awaited report no more indictments coming from the special counsel and you said i waited two years for this is terrible around four thirty five pm white house lawyers were notified and about half an hour after that this letter was delivered to the judiciary committees of house and senate and official notification from william bond that the report was in his hands the attorney general added that he'd be consulting with his deputy as well as special counsel to determine what other information from the report can be released to congress and the public but democratic party leaders insist the complete report should be made available to congress it's imperative for mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings
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to congress. the million vista geisha has already led to criminal charges being laid against more than thirty individuals at least six of them within trumps in a circle at one stage or another the senior justice official who's being quoted as saying that the special counsel does not invision any further indictments but this does not mean an end to the matter there are a number of investigations into criminal activity around the two thousand and sixteen elections as well as into the question of whether president trump obstructed justice or suborned perjury in some cases these intersect the investigation and also at bonsa that they are congressional investigations counterintelligence operations and a number of cases being investigated by federal prosecutors in new york and other parts of the country robert mueller may have completed his report but a number of other investigations are just getting underway. mike hanna al-jazeera
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washington. speak together in the sandals in palm beach florida for as the president is spending the weekend not far from where you are any word from himself or about this man or a horse. absolutely nothing he's been totally silent and it's almost been twenty four hours now it's about twenty two hours exactly since that mueller report was handed over to the department of justice and we've heard nothing from the president he's here it is golf club and resort just down the street from our matthew west palm beach florida we're told he just finished a round of golf but other than that his advisers that are with him are telling the media that pretty much he's keeping a pretty low profile for the most part and has not tweeted anything and he has not very steady statements about this at all even the people around him aren't saying much but his top lawyers that are dealing with the mueller investigation are with him as well as all of his communications staff as well so he's got the pretty much
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the key parts of the white house all here in west palm beach with them but so far nothing from the president on any sort of reaction and the reason is because even the white house we're told has no idea at this hour right what's in the report nobody knows what's in the report so when will we get an idea of its contents. they said we waited two years for the molar to finish investigation now we're waiting again and waiting now for tourney general to release the highlights or or the key points of the report to congress and once that happens we expect that it will immediately be leaked to the media it could happen on saturday today it could happen on sunday it could happen next week there's all sorts of speculation it could happen in the next hour the short answer is nobody knows and that's why everyone is really waiting because that will be the key when we get our first look at what the attorney general thinks that least are the key takeaways from the
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report and everyone waits thank you so much for that game and is on the line for us in palm beach florida. activists in chile are expected to hold protests against a visit by brazilian president. go on that america. is in china's capital with the. brazilian president is attending an official lunch at this hour here in some towels presidential palace with his chilean counterpart and a number of guests but it has turned out to be a very controversial lunch indeed just like the very visit here to chile the president of chile is upper and lower house of congress for example refused the invitation saying that it's a bad example for and they've been protests out on the streets the reason is not just because of bull's eye not as well known massage honest and anti gay comments but also because of his call his opinion his admiration for former military
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dictator. and the visit is taking place precisely one day after a chilean court found guilty the eleven members of the military for one of the most emblematic examples of human rights violations during that dictatorship here and that was in one nine hundred eighty six when two young people were burned to. live by soldiers so people say that this the timing has been exact very very insensitive still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour anger grows in iraq after a ferry disaster that's kills more than one hundred people. left hanging we visit the exhibition bearing silent witness to violence against native american women and just six weeks after being released from prison a former bahraini footballer makes his return to the pitch you don't have the details and sports to stay with us.
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good to have you back here across the vod we are watching a very stormy situation here that's making its way out of egypt we have an area of low pressure that is just down here and by the time we get to sunday that is going to start to make its way up here towards the northeast and look at all the rain as well as the winds and even snow up here towards parts of turkey so this is going to be a very messy situation we are going to see rain down from quite city up towards baghdad aleppo is going to be rain tehran the rain is going to be on the increase for you and then as we go from sunday into monday notice that rain really stays in the area expands across much of the region and we do start to get some very windy conditions particular down here towards the south where it is going to be mostly cloudy but in those clouds we could see some abetted rain as well so that means across parts of northern saudi arabia as well as into quaid over here towards bahrain we're going to be seeing possibly some rain in those clouds continuing as we go towards monday but the temperatures for doha thirty degrees for you and then very quickly across
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parts of africa good news for mozambique a lot of that rain is beginning to make its way towards the north so for central mozambique we do expect to see some clear skies over the next few days good news there up towards the north though it is going to be rainy across parts of madagascar it's going to be rainy as well over towards durban tempters going a few with a temperature of thirty. thing i want to pan over with. that but that's the balance of. when it's not isn't that. so is there not. a lot of the present devotions approach and at the bottom. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless cheney's on al-jazeera.
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eternity. secretiveness military occupation. my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by negligence my occupation should fill out a resume a bill for the. will cause of to. jerusalem a rock and a hard to proof coming through. and watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to a reminder of our top stories huge crowds have gathered in britain's capital for what is called the people's votes march they are demanding
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a second referendum organizers are hoping to be a three quarters of a million protesters seen at last year's event in london u.s. forces in syria say they've taken the last pocket of montell by eisold following weeks of fighting the syrian democratic forces have raised again. and aid agencies say they are running out of time to read survivors and stop the spread of disease more than a week after the and he die a southern africa more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi but that number is expected to rise. iraq the number of passengers killed in thursday's ferry disaster in the north has risen to at least one hundred seven people another one hundred missing in mosul prime minister adam abdul mahdi has requested that pot and sacks the governor of maine vag province protesters have accused government leaders in baghdad of failing to monitor a ferry safety. has more from mosul. big groups of people are lining the
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base of the tigris river as the search operation continues their sharing their anger and therefore hurting iraqi civil defense says one hundred people are still missing relatives of the victims are packing the morgue desperate for answers in the iraqi red crescent says two people who volunteered to help divers pull bodies out of the river have died compound ing this tragedy on friday during a visit by the iraqi president protesters swarmed his vehicle they called him and government officials thieves they're alleging widespread corruption in africa city and lack of accountability this amusement park ferry capsized because there were too many passengers on board nine people including the amusement park owner and ferry operators have been arrested and the iraqi prime minister is calling for the parliament to formally sack governor of this province and two of his deputies he's
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alleging misconduct and negligence local officials are requesting federal funds to compensate victims families in what has been described as an unprecedented accident in iraq. to new zealand now where the two mosques in christchurch attacks just over a week ago have reopened police say they have finished their investigations inside the door and linwood mosques and have handed them back to the muslim community. thomas was invited inside the nor mosque the first to have been attacked. it has been eight days since the al nord mosco was attacked police have examined and photographed the scene and taken out the bodies builders have ripped out the carpets and repainted the walls at the gates people continue to pay their respects leaving flowers and messages of support forty one people were shot and killed here
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just over a week later the al noted mosque has now been handed back to a muslim community still coming to terms with the tragedy that happened in a mosque they should have been safe here and three year old boy he would have just begun plain war. you know when we hear noises and stuff we just sort of oh yeah what's going on and don't think that it's a gunman on the loose or. it's just hard to say for well what i was praying in the mosque when the gunman came in they switched his first time back i fell down people started falling on me and she just came in or they just started randomly shooting everyone i will since i was underneath the bodies that was going to get to me and then i stayed he went out i still in get up. he came back in and it was a silence because almost no one was saying anything and it was it was like crazy you know and then i heard shots coming in from the far end side of the mosque there
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was also he's over there i was like ok just stay stopped stay calm and then suddenly you should come and shoot really close to me there was a really not a fear in my heart and whose our phones were ringing and you find them and i was sure didn't. like the feel of lot away it was from the other person and i have to also feel the shots they were hitting the other boys in front of me to feel the pressure of the bullet i think it was there was a hole they were easily hit me then suddenly for two or three minutes ok it was you know because i couldn't hear is what's of the cause of carpet and they were too much of in front of me again it was another shocker and they literally threw the state would do it at shots. every ten minutes in groups of fifteen most leaders let people in. is now no physical sign of the horrors of eight days ago no blood no o.p.'s bullet holes and virtually no noise. inside it looks and smells as though every wall has been freshly painted this
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coverings over over carpets and the people inside rather standing in quiet contemplation. all the praying for what the most reopening is the first time he spelt a piece in days it's been an horrific week of it's a lot of the loss of the love her child five as well i'm happy that i could get the chance but also i'm sad as well that i've lost my circle the last reading those words was very last i heard later it was from. across the road in the park where this week's friday prayers were held a game of cricket the sound of battle is the sound of christ's church slowly moving on andrew thomas al-jazeera cross church in china the number of people killed in those days chemical factory explosion has risen to sixty four nearly one hundred people a seriously injured and dozens remain unaccounted for residents and young chang
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a coastal area north of shanghai are seeking government compensation to repay their damaged homes the explosion was so powerful as chatted window several kilometers away. india's government has banned another prominent pro independent school in indian administered kashmir the second this month a crackdown coincides with campaigning for india's general elections so hail raman reports from new delhi. it's all quiet on the streets of the capital of india administered kashmir especially at the office of the jumble kashmir liberation front the indian government banned the group on friday and its headquarters in srinagar is closed. india's government leaders say the j k a life is a separatist movement that committed violence towards the pallies hindu minority its chairman the r.c. malik was jailed and remorse that allows for suspects to be held for up to two years without charge. the ban follows another imposed earlier this month bold
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another organization jamaat e islami and the arrest of around three hundred of its leaders the indian government is clear in its approach the central government has today declared. infection as an unlawful association under the section three one of the unlawful activities prevention act nine hundred sixty seven. this is in accordance with the policy of zero tolerance against islam which is being followed by the government the crackdown follows the killing of forty indian troops last month in a suicide bomb blast in indian administered kashmir the pakistan based rebel group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility the indian government says rebel groups support terrorism and the fighting the unification with pakistan. reaction to the j k l f band was swift from one of its founding members here little games are being.
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left fighting politically. we have running this moment because from the government up india should ponder over this if the g.l.f. is running a peaceful moment what will they achieve by banning it nothing will come out of this band but our youth will be pushed into a wall and struggle. in one nine hundred ninety four the j.k. alive disbanded its military wing with president morsi mullet committing themselves to a political struggle to achieve kashmiri independence some regional politicians are critical of his arrest and. the former chief minister of indian administered kashmir treated yasin mallik renounced violence as a way of resolving the german kashmir issue a long time ago what will abandon his organization achieve detrimental steps like these will only turn kashmir into an open air prison security analysts say querying why the indian government has acted now and just weeks before the general election it starts moving against first the dramatic islami now the vehicle of both these groups are problematic and should have been acted against the state the data
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suggests that. it has a some thirty seven criminal cases pending against it but it had thirty seven criminal cases for training against it for the last five in fact the last thirty years so why wasn't anything done to prosecute and secure their. conviction tension in the kashmir region continues to be high with cross border skirmishes either with the pakistani military or armed fighters on disputed territory when the regionally elected government in control issues of security are the governors responsibility and he's appointed by new delhi with direct control from the capital there is no space at this moment in time for political dialogue within the region especially with nuclear rival pakistan so whole raman al jazeera new delhi. meanwhile has been showing off its military might test part of national day celebrations regional tensions between india and pakistan remain high following
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last month's illicit attack in disputed kashmir that left us and indian soldiers stabbed and escalated into a major standoff between the two nuclear powers. on display locally back to crude unrealistic misses showing both conventional and nuclear capability. a no fly parts by pakistan's own seventeen fighter built in collaboration with china. the malaysian prime minister dr mahathir bin mohamad the guest of honor on this occasion azerbaijan's defense minister bahrain's chief of army staff and omani officials also are tending continuing from other by john bahrain trying our saudi arabia and turkey also took part in the parade alongside buckets guns armed for the big difference i can see is that
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in the last one there were very few to presentation from the muslim world and this time there were many countries like bread and turkey and going to most saudi arabia for the troll basically the muslim front across the globe today was an excellent event but just on me has done an excellent job here before out of afghanistan pakistan and iran and especially at the loving man you see today displayed evidence of pakistan's growing influence in the area one more important thing is this that in the backdrop of the terrorism manage that pakistan was facing for the last ten twelve years and this pakistan day parade was cancelled many times so this pakistan day is particularly important in the backdrop of the recent skirmishes or problems in india and pakistan and this day which are usually being. used to showcase pakistan's military prowess and military muscle on the international perspective it is also important that we are now emerging in not in terms of
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economy but also in terms of international relations international politics international sports and international coordination better troopers from other by john bahrain saudi arabia and syria lunker took part in a free fall jump. by year's short desk is the next sixty five fifty eight but it was jarring aircraft which stole the show and i did color to the display of aerial arrow back to. the president of pakistan order for. the country to peace in the region but warner a quest for peace should not be mistaken as a sign of weakness that could have been in response to a greeting from the indian prime minister in which he said it's time for the people of the subcontinent to work together for democracy and peace so despite the words of big the message from the parade route clear that progress can roll ready and. against any aggression and that it has ball for friend in the region.
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islamabad thailand is holding his first general election since a military coup in twenty fourteen that will be on sunday but want ties finally get to cast their ballots many wonder if the process will be truly democratic hi larry for some bangkok. you know from rubber plantations in the south to the opposition heartland in the northeast candidates are on their last push before the nearly fifty two million thais head to the polls on sunday. while they'll be playing their role in the democratic process there's a widespread belief that with the constitution crafted by the military any new government will be far from democratic the two hundred fifty member senate will be appointed by the military government ensuring it has a strong grip on parliament sunday's polling is for the five hundred seats in the lower house. and there's also
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a pro-military party running. don't need. with coup leader. as their candidate for prime minister as mustn't try to celebrate the upcoming election i don't think i think that. we know that we get bigger conditions with them to const within the constitution and that conason. and the military has used the courts to curb competition among others it has filed cases against a poor thai party led by former prime minister talks and. he faces corruption charges he says are politically motivated and lives in exile was put thai and its predecessors have won every general election since two thousand and one the home to us ally the judiciary can certainly the straw a these pro talks and parties so in the end. the election will certainly be.


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