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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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as of survive the presence of ice also discouraged many countries from supporting armed opposition groups in the syrian civil war now that ice will no longer controls any territory inside syria the question is will the international community refocuses attention on the atrocities committed against the syrian people by the assad government and its allies drum on and show you on al-jazeera beirut. hundreds of thousands of people have marched through central london demanding a new referendum on whether the u.k. should leave the european union after three years of negotiations is still far from clear how war when breaks it will actually happen for many protesters in the capital it's the biggest political crisis in a generation as prime minister to resign may struggle see united parliament beyond her breasts plan so negative reports from london. they bought central
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london to a standstill at a time when the government is power lies by bricks it this was supposed to be the week when the u.k. would have picked on its divorce from the european union instead. there is more uncertainty more waiting and more anger and the forty eight percent of britons who voted in the referendum three years ago to remain in the u.k. are increasingly exasperated this wasn't what they were promised this was a campaign based on lies and i think people. leaving the european union were actually means was politicians from across the spectrum called for the government to arrange another referendum echoing the demonstrators concerned that the deadlock whether you. voted for the europe you know to leave european union whichever place will fall to you support i mean we could all agree that the talks were being forced on the national interest filmmakers so poor and the rich or so make us weaker or
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stronger it's making us more divided not more you know. they came from all over britain all against the very idea of brics it and given the strength the feeling on show here it's very difficult to see how this can be reconciled when an even if breaks it happens i wanted to remain because i'm european i'm one of a cloud and i want to stay one of a club i don't want us to be little britain all on our own there is a lot riding on what happens over the next few days now the prime minister to resign may face extra time to push through her deal she is facing the political fight of her life one but she may not survive may has blamed british m.p.'s for the bricks and obstacles and that has cost us support for another attempt at a vote on ho withdrawal agreement the marchers insist that nothing is a done deal britain is in full swing. being of a political crisis not seen in decades while there is
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a political stalemate it is impossible to predict what happens next but opposition to it here is alive and kicking die any time soon. al-jazeera london. there have been sporadic clashes in cities around france on the nineteenth consecutive saturday of yellow vests protests there were scuffles between police and protesters in the toons in the south and in the north paracelsus off skirmishes towards the end of the day but the day itself was largely peaceful in the capital after police banned protesters from the shops in say following the looting and torching of shops and businesses last weekend soldiers are also the ploy to guard public buildings a move that was widely criticized the demonstrations began last november over fuel tax rises but have since grown into a wider movement against micro they've changed as more from paris. five thousand
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yellow vests demonstrations marched through the streets of paris going to the church i'm a moderate without any violent instance whatsoever but after they dispersed there were a few sporadic isolated crashes between some protesters and the police they were burning rubbish bins they were trying to vandalize a bank but they were very isolated incidents across france itself to there were clashes but not on such a large scale as seen here last saturday clashes in the north and the south of france now the numbers are quite interesting the interior ministry is saying that there were about four forty thousand five hundred protesters across the whole of france and that is well up on the number that they reported last weekend when we saw the violent clashes here in paris so this is a problem that is still not going away. the president michel it's
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a problem that he tried to diffuse using the the so-called big debate but yet he's got to listen to exactly what he found across the country and come up with some new policies because so many people are still very angry with him they see him as a president only for the rich and yet they're finding themselves in communities many many rural communities where they caught me and this meat they caught get enough money to survive a whole month and feed their families and look after themselves now until he comes up with some sort of new policies this government will still be on the threat from the yellow vestas and this is the nineteenth consecutive sad day they've been out on the streets it could be many more yet before they get the policies they need to make their life that much better in a rural communities. still ahead in this half hour president trying peds to the golf course as washington waits for details of the court and it's just hours to go
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until thailand holds its first election since in the troop coup but will the army allow a democratic result. hello again it's good to have you back with your cross a story i do want to update you on what is happening with our two psych loans one here is trevor that has made landfall and it is making its way towards the south we're going to be seeing the storm diminish in size but the rain associate with the storm is still going to continue over the next few days i'll get to that in just one moment now here towards the west this is veronica it is going to be making land fall very very soon here in western australia bring some very strong storm surge as well as we're going to be seen quite a bit of rain with this in the reason being is once it makes landfall it is going to stay in that same located. elease for the next twenty four to forty eight hours
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and that means in this region the rain is going to continue to fall we could be seeing in this area anywhere between two hundred and four hundred millimeters of rain and where trevor comes down and that particular area we could be seeing anywhere between one hundred to two hundred fifty millimeters of rain so flooding in these two areas is going to be a problem down here towards the southeast we're looking at rain up here towards sydney with a temperature of about twenty seven degrees there and very quickly as we make our way over here towards new zealand where the north island is going to look quite nice over the next few days it is going to be the south island that sees more rain in your forecast for christ church the tempter may be coming up but we are going to sing rain at twenty six. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentaries history over continues from the till now of
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these disasters revisiting return of the lizard king we went undercover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling rewind on al-jazeera. reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the number of herders killed in a village in central mali is now reported to be one hundred thirty four the mayor of a nearby town says gunmen dressed as traditional hunters targeted the area earlier today more than seven hundred people are now known to have died in mozambique
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zimbabwe and malawi. rescue workers are struggling to reach thousands. by the floods and the u.s. backed forces in syria have raised their flag over after pushing eisel out of the village it was the last pocket of syrian territory held by the. u.s. attorney general william barr is still reviewing special counsel robert mueller his report on russia's alleged role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election are received the report on friday following a twenty two month investigation into potential wrongdoing by president trump in a letter to congressional lawmakers turn in general said he may inform the principal conclusions as soon as this weekend trump who is currently at his mar a lago resort in florida has been playing golf but is yet to comb and on the reports completion. well motor's investigation has inspired six members of trump's inner circle and twenty eight foreign nationals let's take
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a look at some of the key players well the president's former personal lawyer that's why call cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress and has been sentenced over hush money payments that he made on trump's behalf the former campaign chair paul not a fort has been convicted of financial fraud he also shared private polling data with a man connected to a russian intelligence trumps first national security adviser michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his conversations with the russian ambassador during the presidential transition and trump's close friend that roger stone has been indicted for lying about his efforts to contact we keep leagues he allegedly wanted to know how hacked democratic e-mails could help trump's campaign twelve russian intelligence officers were also charged over that hack which targeted the chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign and thirteen russians were charged with manipulating social media to help trump's election campaign to get more now from gabriel who is in
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palm beach florida not far from president's. resort i gave you any idea of when we might see or if even we might see that conclusion of the report. yeah we're going to see it for sure it's just a matter of when and how much of it will be released publicly it's important to point out that that is in the hands of william barr right now that mueller report and there's only a small handful of people in the entire federal government anywhere that know what the contents are are of that report no one knows how long it is how many pages it is what conclusions there are in it that's the responsibility of william barr he's been going over it at the department of justice in washington throughout the day with close aides and eventual what we're waiting for is for him to then give a summary of it or the key points of it in his opinion to congressional leaders and
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at that point it will probably be released or leaked almost immediately he'll probably also inform the white house of his summary that he's going to be giving to to congress as well so there's two things number one he's going through the report and then number two he's deciding how much of it to release to congress and that's very key things and it's just simply going to take a while as of a couple hours ago we've heard from the white house that they have not been briefed on the contents of the reports of trump does not know what's in it either trump is kept in uncharacteristically low profile here in mar a lago he has not tweeted about the report he has not been talking about it all he played golf today but other than that just pretty much holed up in his moral law the resort here he does have a lot of staff with him all of his key lawyers that are dealing with the mueller investigation and all of the white house communications staffers here as well as well because this report once it's released and once the white house is told the
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key findings of the report will be a consequential part of donald trump's presidency without a doubt so there is so much anticipation for when even just a little bit of this report is released we're hearing from the department of justice that it will not happen on saturday but it could happen as early as sunday. on the with the latest from palm beach in florida gabriel thank you now emergency services are lifting certain hundred people from a cruise ship at risk of being grounded off the rocky norwegian coast furniture was tossed around the interior of the sky after it encountered engine problems and bad weather forcing the captain to send the mayday call helicopters and rescue boats with the highways and strong winds a reception center has set up on shore to accommodate the passengers credible
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pictures that kazakhstan has officially renamed its capital nor sultan in honor of north by of one expectedly resigned as president on tuesday on friday dozens of opposition supporters were arrested as they protested against the name change they also say the former president is planning a dynastic succession lining up his daughter to take over after almost thirty years in power the veteran leader called for a new generation to take over the vast oil and gas rich country there's a buy of will remain head of the national security council as well as the ruling party. two days after a massive explosion at a chemical factory in young chang in eastern china rescuers have pulled a survivor from the rubble the best toll has now risen to at least sixty four people rescue efforts are continuing as twenty eight people are unaccounted for the explosion on thursday was so powerful that it shattered windows in homes several
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kilometers away the only one hundred people are seriously injured it's the latest in a string of deadly industrial accidents that have prompted a growing public anger over lax safety standards. now in two and a half hour is the thais will start voting in a long delayed general election their first since the military coup five years ago but critics say that thailand's military rulers are ensuring that there is not going to be a truly democratic government whatever the result it's called hiding or reports from bangkok i am. i think you know from rubber plantations in the south to the opposition heartland in the northeast candidates are on their last push before the nearly fifty two million thais head to the polls on sunday. while they'll be playing their role in the democratic process there's a widespread belief that with a constitution crafted by the military any new government will be far from democratic the two hundred fifty member senate will be appointed by the military
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government ensuring it has a strong grip on parliament sunday's polling is for the five hundred seats in the lower house. and there's also a pro-military party running. don't need. with coup leader. as their candidate for prime minister as much as we try to celebrate the upcoming election i don't think i think that. we know that we get bigger conditions within the const within the constitution and that condition. and the military has used the courts to curb competition among others it is five cases against the poor thai party led by former prime minister talks and. he faces corruption charges he says are politically motivated and lives in exile was a tie and its predecessors have won every general election since two thousand and one the home to. the judiciary can certainly the straw
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a these pro talks and parties. so in the end. the election will certainly be a spectacle that people can use to express themselves and be happy that they had a voice but in the outcome the whole into wins again i would say some feel that the military government has been clever in exploiting the divisions here in thai society but some say part of the blame rests on the biggest political parties the democrats and put die. the supporters of these two parties are known as the yellow shirts and red shirts and their rivalry has been the basis for nearly two decades of instability and led to two military coups three hundred sixty seven seats is the magic number needed to gain control and form a government. opinion polls indicate no single party will reach it so it's unlikely a coalition will be to be formed and with the deck stacked in the military's favor
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many expect compromises will have to make any. political parties that will be successful in this election will face. a monumental task of dismantling and repression that have been carefully put in place by the military so even after the ballots are counted and winners are announced they'll be some intense political horse trading before the people of this nation see the face of their next government scott harder al jazeera bangkok. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least one hundred thirty four fly any herders have been killed in mali in an attack blamed on an ethnic militia the mayor of a nearby town says gunmen dressed as traditional dons a hunter has targeted the village of although so go in the early hours of saturday they also attacked another flood even the. at least eighteen people have died in
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a wave of violence unleashed by al-shabaab fighters in the somali capital mogadishu first a suicide attacker detonated a car bomb near the labor ministry on demand then stormed the building sparking a gun battle with police at least fifteen people were killed including an assistant minister and four of the gunmen in a separate attack a bomb at a checkpoint killed at least three people. we were in the middle of the judy's when the suicide vehicle exploded at the gate i flipped from the building just as the gunfire was starting. with. the ministry building when the first explosion happened in front of the gate black smoke was seen rising then gunfire erupted at the scene and i fled from the area. more than seven hundred people are now known to have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi after a cycle hit rescuers rescue workers are struggling to reach thousands still
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stranded by the floods nearly four thousand square kilometers of crops have been damaged leaving many with nothing to harvest us facts forces in syria have raised their flag over but after pushing i saw out of the village it was the last pocket of syrian territory held by the armed group u.s. president donald trump says his country will remain vigilant against isis network hundreds of thousands of people have marched through central london the landing in new referendum on whether the u.k. should leave the european union organizers say more than a million people took part which would make it the largest anti breck's of protest yet the u.k.'s prime minister to resume is struggling to unite parliament behind their pricks a plan which has already been rejected twice by m.p.'s those are the headlines coming up an undercover investigation into the man at the heart of illegal trading in endangered wildlife rewind is coming up next more news in half an hour and i
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will see you tomorrow of my. she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she still believes in the principle she fought for. was sumi amateur radio vice president for women and family affairs talks to al-jazeera. hello and welcome again to rewind on of the product since the launch of al-jazeera english back in two thousand and six we'll build up a library of award winning films and here on rewind we're very visiting some of the
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best of them today we're reminded to two thousand and thirteen when we went undercover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar off the southeast coast of africa across asia to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling or global wildlife trafficking is estimated to be worth billions of dollars every year almost as lucrative as the trade and illegal drugs and arms a key destination for wildlife traffickers as madagascar over ninety percent of the country's animals aren't found anywhere else making them a prize catch for smugglers including anson wong the man nicknamed the lizard king was jailed after a sting operation in one thousand nine hundred eight he was soon back in business before being arrested again in malaysia and two thousand and ten at an al-jazeera and best occasion in two thousand and thirteen travail that those arrests and subsequent convictions did not put an end to his smuggling korea from the. he has
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returned. to all his years of trying to get there is one place the lizard king has always returned to. valley bay lies in a remote corner of madagascar off the southeast coast of africa. it's home to the ploughshare the world's rarest tortoise that distinction makes him target number one france it was. with members of a conservation group spearheading the fight to save the species. robert brew and his team used radio receivers to track the ones they've managed to tag it's estimated there are only four hundred adults left in the wild applause
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specially vulnerable because they're only found in this small area of sand and scrub and. the first we come upon it's a tiny one turns out to be just a few months old. and. some of those who worked with ants and long in the past tell us that because a rare species he collects goodies. is perhaps the most valuable of all goodies when this guy or girl grows up to be an adult he or she could be worth tens of thousands of u.s. dollars. when you put this back. darrelle says there is including wong started coming to these shores in the one nine hundred eighty s. just as the group was publishing reports over how endangered the species had become . endangered means high profits for poachers and the rule believes one has made
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millions selling plowshares off to be illegal pet trade. their beautiful shells make it easy to see why they are considered the jewel in the crown of the reptile world. so when you hear about people like ants and long. making lots of money from these passionate tortoises. what does that do in your mind and to your heart and it's it's not that they are but i want to take a gun and kill him if you feel that strongly about. nearby breeding and rescue center we find pens full of our shares that were saved from poachers. the rate of smuggling is so high this year madagascar's government for bid the group from releasing any back into the wild. in the lab there is a photo warning workers to be on the lookout for this man it's anson was. that
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photograph is there in terms of you know if this man turns up. be careful. in one nine hundred ninety six seventy two plow shares restored from this center in the most brazen reptile robbery in history. while no one was ever caught wang was later found trying to sell a number of them. he's almost public enemy number one for us in terms of his reputation even if half the stories are true then the scale of operation this man has been operating around the world and us and in madagascar is you know is mind blowing. it was a shipment of cloud shares to the u.s. among some other exotic animals that led to the lizard king's first arrest in one thousand nine hundred eight. it followed a five year undercover sting where wildlife officers posed as dealers to lure wong
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a malaysian citizen to america. in court officers testified one promised them he could get anything from anywhere. in the end he pled guilty to forty counts of illegally importing endangered species and was sentenced to almost six years in prison. is all i'm going to market. or a reckless you know walker. who doesn't foster who. this man who we'll call x worked with long for years and describes what drives him is more. besides the ploughshare madagascar is also home to many other unique species. ninety percent of the country's animals are found nowhere else in the world. an irresistible draw says that's for the lizard king.
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and so is in madagascar as capital we begin gaining access to his network and tracking down a man who since being carter has learned to be far more elusive and. we're off to meet someone who's promised to take us to some smugglers and his job is to pack the tortoise's before shipment we told him that we're interested buyers he believes that he's taking some customers to meet his bosses. and give them a. reason not appearing nervous the man guides us through the crowded streets to a factory. i know next year ok buddy mario introduces himself as a businessman. using hitting cameras we film is operation which he says exploits seafood and reptiles. we also learn he's the son of
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a presidential candidate. i'm going to. my home in his office mario is the first to mention the man we're after. ok ok i don't know i know you know him then. and. mario offers to put us in touch with one of his associates. the next evening we meet that associate in a hotel room where he presents us with samples. per. their radiated tortoises the second most endangered in madagascar according to international law exploiting them from the country is illegal. still the deal of promise is not only a steady supply but hundreds per. shipment. peter. he also says his
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contacts at the airport will ensure they get through security checks. are. you. prepared to. hear. it confirm something extort us earlier. one of our customs and all these countries or. their paid off. we're going to get something. what you can get but they're supposed to be enforcing. your forces or you're also corrupt. both x. and the dealer explained the typical route for smuggling same carriers or mules checking the tortoise's in suitcases in madagascar. from there he says the bags transit through a number of other cities by darussalam and to bar before entering asia. shipments
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we're told end up in his home country of malaysia where they are then sold on to buyers around the world. of india. sirus a honda resort says she was once an unwitting participant in long criminal dealings a student from madagascar desperate for money she says she agreed to meet him at this hotel. back in twenty ten sara says she and another woman were taken to a room and offered four hundred dollars each to carry shipments for wong to malaysia the cases she says were packed without her involvement. suffered since july only knew it was animals i didn't ask the details as to which kind of any loss when sight. while their first trip in two thousand and ten proved uneventful sarah says it was her second trip to malaysia a few weeks later that things went wrong. soon after. touching down customs officials singled her out. so soft and before we could take away the luggage it was
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picked by suspection and they saw it was not simple luggage but less full of anyone else. among the cash authorities found three hundred radiated tortoises and a number of ploughshare. sarah was convicted of smuggling and was jailed for eight months. the same year the sarah was arrested the lizard king himself ran afoul of the law. in a separate incident one was caught with dozens of snakes on a plane for which he had no license for. a raid of his properties uncovered even more. a malaysian judge gave him a five year sentence but he served just seventeen months. according to sources one of the mr king's biggest customers lives in indonesia's bustling capital. and. we arrive just of the city is hosting
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a reptile exhibit. which. despite this being a government sanctioned event doesn't take long for us to find illegal animals for sale. including tortoises from madagascar. still undercover as a dealer we head for one of the biggest booths. but we sit down for a meeting you know with daniel and you would judge or you know answer how do you know us and all. of you not only does daniel readily admit that to work together but we notice he's also wearing a shirt from that.


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