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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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thanks for that update kev well there's more weather next but still ahead on al-jazeera one of a million people desperate for food we visit a village in kenya at the center of a drought crisis. and people in new zealand remember those killed in the mosque attacks a week ago. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast where things are about to change here across europe we've been talking about that very lovely weather they've been having across central europe we've had some weather up to the north that's all dealing with a cold front as well it's very very windy conditions across the north sea and around scandinavia well unfortunately that nice weather across much of europe is about to change we're going to be seeing that fun about to start to make its way down here towards the south things are really looking too bad here on sunday we're
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still seeing some very nice conditions down here across much of southern europe we are getting some cloudy conditions here across much of northern europe and then the winds are going to be picking up too as well as we go from sunday to monday notice this next batch of winds clouds as well as rain coming through the area so for germany most of germany's going to be rainy windy temperatures only into the single digits there we're going to be seeing some winds across much of france down towards the self it is going to remain quite nice for italy with rome seeing a temperature there of about one thousand degrees well here across the northwestern part of africa we've been dealing with a lot of rain in the good news is the problem area is going to start to move towards the west was certainly get some rain here across parts of western algeria as well as morocco but as we go towards monday we are going to be seeing some improving conditions there but from morocco the clouds are still going to remain in the forecast. it was sponsored by qatar and. she was the scoots woman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's
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still in the from believe in the principle she fought for. was. really you know vice president for women and family and friends to al-jazeera. i really feel liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth of it all. that's what this. hello again i'm not. a reminder of the news this hour voting is underway in thailand first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup more than fifty one million tires are eligible to elect five hundred members of parliament but critics
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say it isn't truly democratic since the entire upper house is appointed by the military. australia is being hit by its second major storm in true days veronica crosses the northwest coast of port hedland a day earlier trevor hit a remote part of the north coast. and the death toll in one of southern africa is west of natural disasters is continuing to rise more than a week after it dies swept across the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi and the risk of disease spreading remains high. while a severe drought is taking its toll on people in kenya the government says more than a million are at risk of starvation catherine soy reports from tacoma county one of the west affected areas. it's weltering in the more i religious from this dry desolate land here to the sea food aid from the humanitarian agency wald vision is
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a drought in kenya and the government says up to a million people in thirteen of the country's forty seven counties need argent help hiders in the northwest region of two cana a some of the worst affected here they receive saugor rice bins and cooking oil to last them at least a few weeks a lot about i want to go i'm very happy to see this food and make sure it lasts longer for my four children before you go away from community centers the more desperate the situation gets as he can loria bond says how fourteen year old son long narrow died last month from manu tradition. we did not have food so you just used to have fruit he grew weak by the day until he died that's when sam when we first met us were the only volunteer health worker in the village shows as well long hours buried the government denies others have also died of hunger thing and then i'll go with you was just bones he had never come to the health center for any
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treatment of any other ailment he had just been eating wild fruits and nothing else . wild food which grows near reavers is what to kind of return to when they can't find other food at accounts has found is doing his best to feed his remaining family until more help comes. over we just need help if we don't get it then we'll just continue eating the fruit and wait to die there's nothing else i can do the government blames the drought on delayed trains the crisis is made worse by locust invasion last year i mean all diseases and conflict many in this village escaped another area after cattle rustlers attacked them and stored the animals it's may day now we've been in this village for a couple of hours and we haven't seen many people making. break first or lunch most of them are saying they don't have anything for dinner as well they say that they've run out of food aid they received at the beginning of the month lucky mayor
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quis boiling the last of her cheek piece i borrowed from a neighbor of the sleeping hungry yesterday i know i'll have to share the food with those who don't have she tells us in this village and many others that are harder to reach time is of the essence of delayed response to their plight will only make things worse catherine soy al-jazeera to canada northwest kenya. well at least one hundred seventy four free lonnie herders have been killed in mali during an attack blamed on an ethnic rebel group gunmen dressed as traditional dons or hunters targeted the village of bank cast district they also attacked another for dani village nearby ethnic violence has compounded an already daya security situation in mali is desert regions which are used as a base by al qaeda and i fall into groups well the few lonnie's say that mali's military all means dons are hans's to attack them but pull many from tasm houses africa program says that accusation is yet to be established we don't yet know if
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the army has actually. some of the traditional hunters what we do know is that over these four or five years that this crisis in the center of the country is accelerating the army has really struggled to maintain any control there been a lot of random attacks or military bases and particularly isolated military outposts for example or checkpoints where a police always on them are checking on travelers and that has stirred up bitterness among the army the army is not always been as disciplined as it should have been not as well trained as it should have been and this is a very different situation from the north where for example the french and the u.n. forces are deployed in much greater force which is a bit nearer to a conventional sort of anti terrorist situation this is a really a mixed up community situation with an awful lot of bitterness intentionally that sides. donald trump says the u.s.
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will stamp out eisel wherever its fighters are until the armed group is defeated once and for all u.s. backed forces have declared victory over iceland the only piece of syrian territory it had left. reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. this was the moments i so lost its last piece of territory in syria kurdish fighters hoisting their flag declaring that the are now in control or the threat of far enough of it boggles what our forces have raise our flags in booze and have declared the end of this so-called cully faith in north and syria this victory couldn't have been a sheep were it not for the great sacrifices of our brave martyrs. within hours of victory ceremony was held in blues and the u.s. special envoy on syria it was there alongside kurdish fighters from the u.s. army has been supporting this critical milestone in the fight against isis delivers a crushing strategic blow and underscores the unwavering commitment of our
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local partners and the global coalition to do the isis. the self declared caliphate which one span swathes of syria and iraq has eventually been refused to the town of but whose as it was unable to withstand the might of the u.s. led coalition which bombed it from the skies and the onslaught on the ground of a variety of groups including the kurdish led syrian defense forces the s.d.f. and the turkish back to free syria army. the taking the booze from ice all came just hours after the white house issued a statement announcing the total defeat of the group but even though it no longer controls land analysts say it's premature to clear the end of the group itself. so what next for syria in other parts of the country where i saw has been overrun the vacuum has been filled by different fighting groups close to the turkish border
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for instance formally i saw held territory is now under the control of the free syrian army a group that anchor approves of while him embittered now but was kurdish fighters have taken over since eisel rose to prominence in two thousand and fourteen the international community slowly stopped talking about the syrian revolution and the struggle for freedom and the narrative became one of defeating i saw in combating terrorism and that's helped us that survive the presence of i saw also discouraged many countries from supporting armed opposition groups in the syrian civil war now that i saw no longer controls any territory inside syria the question is will the international community refocus attention on the atrocities committed against the syrian people by the assad government and its allies jamal and show you on al-jazeera beirut. america's powerful pro israel lobby apac begins its conference on sunday it's taking place at a time of unprecedented pro israel decisions by the trump administration mike hanna
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reports. it's a close relationship like none before president trump has repeatedly made clear his support of israel reversing decades of u.s. policy by moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and most recently recognizing israeli sovereignty over the golan heights his decision to unilaterally tear up the nuclear deal with iran another move that delighted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who sometimes was at a loss for words in proclaiming his gratitude the president. has just made history i called him i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel he did it again congress too has played its role in recent days a bipartisan bill introduced in the house denouncing efforts to boycott israel as incompatible with a two state solution despite this there are clear signs of
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a potential split among democrats with regard to israel new representative omar controversially implied that israel was buying supporting congress a claim she subsequently withdrew but not before an intense debate among members of the democratic party caucus the first palestinian american representative in congress rushy to try you out in her voice in cautioning against unconditional support for israel. these new positions in the party gaining some traction a number of democratic presidential contenders have announced they will not attend the conference. senior democratic party leaders like house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer will take part in the conference. at issue the votes of jewish americans in twenty twenty in the last election donald trump drew just over twenty percent of the jewish vote as opposed to the nearly eighty percent
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cost for hillary clinton a statistic president trump is clearly intent on reversing to the extent of labeling democrats anti semitic the democrats are very much moving to be anti israel there's no worry about that and it's a disgrace i mean i don't know what happened to them but they are totally and by israel frankly i think they are entitled to your comments that may resonate in israel with president trump supporters bolstering the prime minister's chances in next month's election but it will be a concern for an organization with the slogan connected for good one that traditionally has been staunchly bipartisan in politics both home and abroad my kind of zero washington demonstrators have clashed with french police during the nineteenth straight weekend of yellow vest protests tear gas was fired after a peaceful march through paris ended with some protesters setting fire to god.
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paris police banned demonstrators from gathering on the city's a after shops and businesses were looted there last weekend tougher security measures saw the french army guard public buildings to help protect the city a move that's been widely criticized. and helicopters have airlifted nearly four hundred people from a cruise ship at risk of being grounded off the rocky norwegian coast the viking sky with some thirteen hundred passengers and crew on board sent a mayday call encountered engine problems and bad weather emergency services say three of the four engines have been restarted and it will be towed to a nearby port victoria reports. it was meant to be a relaxing cruise. that passengers on the bike and sky say it ended in a terrifying ordeal i. thought
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that. the ship suffered engine failure and stormy conditions of norway's west coast on saturday afternoon as it drifted towards rocky ground the captain sent out a mayday signal it all tonight. it's clear that it's a serious situation when a cruise ship with over thirteen hundred passengers is in one of northern europe worst waters they've managed to anchor the boat so it's lying at rest they've also managed to start one engine there are four engines on board and now they want to start more so they can move themselves thanks strong winds and waves up to eight meters high caused windows to break and rooted to float when the passengers mostly from the united states in the united kingdom were told to put on life jackets and wait for help the bad weather meant rescuers were unable to use lifeboats to take them ashore. the helicopters were said to winch them one by one to safety. the viking sky was more than halfway through
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a twelve day trip around norway and we showed you will to arrive in britain on tuesday. it's a trip passengers say they'll never forget but for all the wrong reasons victoria gates and be there. and vigil has been held in the new zealand city where a gunman killed fifty people at two mosques the service took place at a park near the eleanore mosque the fast to be attacked andrew thomas has more from christ stretch. perhaps as many as twenty thousand people have come out of what is a beautiful autumn evening here in christ church to remember the events of nine days ago and see commemorate the victims but also to appreciate what the last nine days have been about as well the coming together of a country because this country really has unified in opposition to the horror of what happened nine days ago this event began with the imaam of the lynwood mosque the second of the two to being attacked he gave some prayers and then read out the
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names of all fifty victims all lives who lost their lives. by christie embraced by a catholic bishop and then we had maori songs a minute's silence from the national anthem opera songs on stage music performed by one of the high school students who knew one of the victims to being killed in the mosque another student wrote out some poetry i was talking to some of those gathered about how they felt the loss we could go on was just a sharing of everyone coming to get a feeling of community and is being as one measure is just a line there's been a terrific. and started talking about friends and family within the community and so i think it's dangerous speak for. the moment to be honest maybe. everybody here was off the stand in the cold emergency service workers who rushed to the two mosques after they were attacked and the was spontaneous applause for
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the prime minister to send auden when someone on stage thanks most people here think she's handled the last nine days and one man's words brilliantly well on friday will be a national memorial event nationwide and then the prime minister is likely to announce some sort of full inquiry into how those events were able to happen nine days ago we can expect to hear about that you coming days too. well you can find out more on the thai elections and many other stories on our web site the address al jazeera dot com. hello i'm the star in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera voting is underway in thailand's first to general election since the twenty fourteen military coup more than fifty one million thais are eligible to elect five hundred members of parliament but critics say it isn't truly democratic since the entire upper house
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is appointed by the military still prayer is praising the democratic process. but you know my logic today the prime minister has voted like everybody else today in the name of the people one write one vote i hope everyone will vote in the election today to exercise their own right everyone wants democracy therefore everyone should exercise their rights in transparency and the country will be developed by their own hands the death toll in one of southern africa's worst natural disasters is continuing to rise more than a week after cycling it die swept across the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi the risk of disease spreading remains high australia is being hit by the second major storm in two days as cycling veronica crosses the northwest coast of port hedland a day earlier treva hit a remote part of the north coast nearly four hundred people have been airlifted from a cruise ship at risk of being grounded off the rocky norwegian coast the viking
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sky with some thirteen hundred passengers and crew on board sent a mayday call after it encountered engine problems and bad weather emergency services say three of the four engines have been restarted and it will be towed to a nearby port. demonstrators have clashed with french police during the nineteenth straight weekend of yellow vest protests tear gas was fired after a peaceful march through paris ended with some protesters setting fire to garbage cans paris police have banned demonstrators from gathering on the city's a after shops and businesses were looted there last weekend a vigil has been held in the new zealand city where a gunman killed fifty people at two mosques the service happened as a park in christchurch near the mosque the first to be attacked. well those are the headlines i'll be back with more news here to talk to al-jazeera to stay with
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us. on counting the cost this week on al-jazeera we'll take a deeper dive into what's behind algeria as protests. it's only get from joining china spells and road initiatives plus we'll take a look at the plight of venezuela struggling fishermen. counting the cost. i. decry on november nineteenth seventy nine a group of iranian students take over the u.s. embassy they were part of the revolution that overthrew the shah and replaced his government with an islamic republic just months earlier fifty two american diplomats and citizens were held hostage for four hundred forty four days in what became the longest hostage crisis in modern history well. as the spokesman for the students at the car was
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a prominent figure at the time they demanded the us government deport the shah back to iran to stand trial. the hostages were released in january one thousand nine hundred eighty one and the crisis was over. but nothing of the car's career after years in akademi as she became iran's third female member of the cabinet in its history when she was appointed head of the department of environment during former president mohammad khatami is government everything is very shaky. the military is at the car has also sort of distinct runs a city councilwoman in august two thousand and seventeen president assad rouhani appointed her vice president for women and family affairs forty years after the iranian revolution and to cover it means a strong believer of the principles she fought for but what does she hope for the future the iranian vice president for women and family affairs must be at the car talks to. my so my car iranian vice
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president for women and family affairs thank you for talking to. twenty years ago you were the first female cabinet minister since the nine hundred seventy nine revolution forty years ago you were the spokes person for the hostage takers at the u.s. embassy how did you see your role back then the summer of one hundred by him this moment revolution in iran was a major social political economic upheaval it was a call for freedom and independence and the establishment of an islamic democracy in iran in terms of independence well probably you and your viewers knew that no that he ran in the past was under foreign subjugation after a american staged coup d'etat in. nineteen fifty three. practically iran was under
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american domination and the shaw took orders directly from washington from. outside of iran so this was a major issue during the revolution it was a major issue for iranians iranians felt humiliated at the hands of. american. infiltrators who tried to change the course of iran's economy runs politics so the issue of independence was was a very very serious issue for students after the revolution students were students felt that they have to take action they felt that their voice was not heard in today's world they felt and they under they had evidence coming through through the news coming through the system and the system the islamic republic about time
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is very young it's about seven or eight months all we still do not have a security apparently this we still do not have a parliament we do not have a constitution adopted we don't have a president we just have a revolution council and a provisional government so everything is very shaky students feel that they have to take things in their hands to clearly after the shah is admitted to the us the students feel they understand they realize that something very serious is going to happen against their revolution once again and on that basis they decide to take over the american embassy with no arms with no force other than the slogans and moving ahead just to say just to deliver the message of the iranian people i was invited on their day to assist them for. particularly for translation both in
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interviews into patient but also translation with documents. have been changing for two years later your political rivals many in the west see you as one this is the way they described it as one of the masterminds behind this incident no i wasn't one of the masterminds the students groups the stablished student groups who were very active during the revolution before the revolution and after the election day designed this i've written this in my book take over and i have all these memoirs there it's very clear this is a student group named themselves muslim students following the lives of the mom because they didn't want to affiliate themselves with any political group do you have looking back at what happened in the hostage crisis do you have any regrets about being part of this incident i don't think any of the students have any regrets because they feel that it was a natural reaction any human being react to being subjugated to slavery i think
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slavery has different forms being subjugated foreign domination maybe the only concern the only criticism or regret that they had was that it took too long and that it could have been resolved quicker but it wasn't in the hands of the students but on behalf of the american government they had they were also. taking their time on this issue because they had their elections ahead and they were using they were politicizing it. for their own particular interests but will decide what motivated you to support the revolution what was the driving force you were young when i was young and i had a lot of questions because i understood i had lived in the united states and i understood the contrast between. the style of life in the us the
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values their values of freedom of independence which were very important with the american revolution but then on the other hand the fact that nations like iran were subjugated humiliated at the hands of american forces that are wealth was looted iran was seen as an opportunity for. both the in supporting the interests the. geopolitical interests but also the economic interests of western powers. in villages we had practically no opportunity for you we had doctors coming from abroad to serve in iran we had. terrible conditions you're here describing the situation back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine with many people with a you're describing the situation today you were a young person who had. dreams goals but there is also the use of iran who who also
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talk about freedom independence words you use time and time again struggling to respond to them that's true this is a this is an internal dialogue that we have with a young generation and it's very natural and this young generation they seize they see the developments the major achievements that we've had over all these years they are seeing the changes the changes that we're facing now in iranian society towards advancement toward the betterment of our conditions now a young. girl for boy in the villages they not only have access to primary and elementary education before the revolution about thirty eight percent of our girls they did not have access to elementary education it's now about three percent and that's even we think that that should reach zero because we have to invest for girls and we have to make. sure that no girl is left out of school and
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this is the policy of the government now and we're doing a lot of work to ensure that no girl is left out of school and the interesting thing is that now even foreign students young foreign children living in iran like. afghan children living in iran according to decree of the supreme leader they have access to primary free primary education in iran so things have changed a lot in our young generation they understand in spite of the economic or the sanctions that we're facing now again on behalf of the american government in spite of the propaganda war against iran and that's. that's that's something that's been going on for all these years but again now we can see that it's orchestrated against iran a propaganda war trying to smear the image of the islamic republic they're trying
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to show you distort with many iranian officials that this is because of external factors is there and we have internal challenges no we have internal challenges if if we have a growth in terms of education and this is really remarkable because it's both the grounds that the islamic revolution created the enthusiasm for young girls to come and attend school but also a sense of security for the traditional sector of the society because before they didn't feel. safe enough to send their children to school their girls to school but after lucian now they feel that it's safe and they're sending their girls are only a school but also to universities but we also understand that we have challenges we also have shortcomings like any other country. we also understand that we need to address some of the. issues that we're facing what is being done to address those
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issues the public's concerns for example as i mentioned in the issue of education the challenge that we have is that we have not addressed life skills properly in our education system this is something that we are focusing on specifically for example in the elementary or secondary stages with the college and university system we're working on upgrading the for example the communication skills among youth upgrading their skills to deal with for example their rights citizen rights upgrading their skills on like critical thought these are life skills which are very important for the young generation and they've been generally overlooked in the education system in the past there's no doubt the literacy rate is much higher there have been achievements but there seems to be a disconnect we we go to the streets and people tell us our children are grown they
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graduated but they can't find jobs unemployment it's a word you hear time and time again we want jobs what is the government doing you are now at a policymaker. part of those skills are also skills for enter printer ships kills for finding new jobs in different dimensions this is a very important area where the government is investing how it's going to take me how long can people cope with the situation it is quite dire economic situation i think that the people have learned how to increase their resilience in difficult times this nation has withstood a war in which the whole world was practically against iraq when saddam attacked iran so they've learned to be patient to strengthen their internal capacities is what we're working supporting and to printer ship has been a strategy for us we've had.


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