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tv   Reuniting Koreas Families  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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and given the strength the feeling and it's very difficult to see how this can be reconciled when and even if it happens i wanted to remain because. i'm one of a cloud and i want to stay. i don't want us to be little britain. there is a lot riding on what happens over the next few days now the prime minister to resign may face extra time to push through deal she is facing the political fight of her life but she may not survive has blamed british m.p.'s for the bricks that obstacles and that has cost us support for another attempt at a vote on her withdrawal agreement the march is insists that nothing is a done deal britain is in full swing of a political crisis. there is a political stalemate it is impossible to predict what happens next but opposition to it here is alive and kicking. anytime soon. al-jazeera.
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demonstrators have clashed with french police during the nineteenth straight weekend the feel of us protest tear gas was fired after a peaceful march through paris and did with some protesters setting fire to garbage cans paris police banned demonstrators from gathering on the show after shops and businesses were looted there last weekend tougher security measures the french army guard public buildings to help protect the city a move that's been widely criticized violence between police and protesters are also broke out in other cities including the in the north and to lose in the south where the scene. police fired tear gas the demonstrations began last november or fuel tax rises but have since grown into a wider movement against the president. american powerful america's powerful pro israel lobby aipac out began its conference on sunday it is
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taking place at a time of unprecedented pro israel decisions by the trump administration i can explains. it's a close relationship like none before president trump has repeatedly made clear his support of israel reversing decades of u.s. policy by moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and most recently recognizing israeli sovereignty over the golan heights his decision to unilaterally tear up the nuclear deal with iran another move that delighted israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who sometimes was at a loss for words in proclaiming his gratitude the president. has just made history i call them i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel he did it again congress too has played its role in recent days a bipartisan bill introduced in the house denouncing efforts to boycott israel as
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incompatible with a two state solution despite this there are clear signs of a potential split among democrats with regard to israel new representative omar controversially implied that israel was buying supporting congress a claim she subsequently withdrew but not before an intense debate among members of the democratic party caucus the first palestinian american representative in congress rushy that adding her voice in cautioning against unconditional support for israel. these new positions in the party gaining some traction a number of democratic presidential contenders have announced they will not attend the conference. senior democratic party leaders like house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer will take part in the conference. at issue the votes of jewish americans in twenty twenty in the last election donald trump drew
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just over twenty percent of the jewish vote as opposed to the nearly eighty percent cost for hillary clinton a statistic president trump is clearly intent on reversing to the extent of labeling democrats anti semitic the democrats are very much moving to be anti israel there's no question about that and it's a disgrace i mean i don't know what happened to them but they are totally and i is real frankly i think they are entitled to your comments that may resonate in israel with president trump supporters bolstering the prime minister's chances in next month's election but it will be a concern for an organization with a slogan connected for good one that traditionally has been staunchly bipartisan in politics both home and abroad my kind of zero washington to new zealand now a vigil has been held in the city where a gunman killed fifty people to last the service was at
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a park near the nor mosque that was the first to be attacked under thomas has more from christchurch. perhaps as many as twenty thousand people have come out of what is a beautiful autumn evening here in christchurch to remember the events of nine days ago and see commemorate the victims but also to appreciate what the last nine days been about as well the coming together of a country because this country really has unified in opposition to the horror of what happened nine days ago this event began with the imaam of the lynwood mosque the second of the chance of being attacked he gave some prayers and then read out the names of all fifty victims all lives who lost their lives by evil followed by christie embraced by a catholic bishop and then we had maori songs a minute's silence from the national anthem opera songs on stage music performed by one of the high school students who knew one of the victims to being killed in the
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mosque another student wrote out some poetry i was talking to some of those gathered about how they felt the loss we could go on is just a sharing of everyone coming to get a feeling of community and is being is why measure is just holding in line there's been a terrific. and started talking about friends and family within the community and so i think it's going to speak who. tried to keep the environment to be honest made everybody who was off the stand in the cold emergency service workers who rushed to the two mosques after they were attacked and the was spontaneous applause for the prime minister to send auden when someone on stage fact most people here think she's handled the last nine days and one man's words brilliantly well on friday will be a national memorial event nationwide and then the prime minister is likely to announce some sort of full inquiry into how those events were able to happen nine days ago we can expect to hear about that in coming days too. and still ahead in
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sports we'll tell you about a world champion gymnast to just going to hold on to his title or the bar. and more coming up. on. the furniture. you responding six continents of course they do. you see there is corresponding
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sleeping during the story state. of the city was. a few. minutes to see on. the bridge of the russian camp for palestinian groups to see right through did with news. hello again and here's the sports and here's here thanks to view well to finish as biggest stars are now out of out of the miami open world number one naomi osaka was knocked out in the third round on saturday the defending champion was shocked by shasta way and three sets the number twenty seven c.
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of lost the opening set but forced her way back by winning the next to face caroline wozniacki in the round of sixteen. i just think goes to show. just something that i did last much to i'm not really sure why this is happening but it's kind of unusual for me. well since winning the australian open in january osaka has had quite a rough time she split with her coach sasha by an who's helped her to two back to back grand slam wins and to the world number one ranking then she broke down in tears after losing in the second round in dubai and last week she failed to reach the quarter finals and indian wells. meanwhile time champion serina williams has pulled out of the tournaments with a knee injury a day after reaching the third round. an indian wells champion bianca and now has ten wins in a row the eighteen year old canadian beat world number four and julie kerber in
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three sets but the german was a sore loser microphones caught her calling and the biggest drama queen ever as they shook hands. in the minstrel roger federer avoided an exit at the hands of moldova and arrived to all but despite losing the opening set the three time miami open champion fought back to escape and embarrassing second round. but the number two seed alexander's vera crashed out to david ferrer is vera of had nine aces but also double faulted twelve times in this last third goes through to face francis jafo in the third round. u.c.l.a. gymnast caitlin ohashi has taken the world by storm again with another perfect ten only this time she did it with new music ohashi replace angst for michael jackson and her new viral floor routine with hits from tina turner beyond say and sister janet jackson the change comes after the leaving neverland documentary which
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highlighted alleged sexual abuse of children by michael jackson has given her says given her platform she thought it was best to make a change. to stay the same with gymnastics the world cup in doha wrapped up with a nasty fall for the netherlands on the horizontal bar. in the world champion in the event lost his grip and crashed to the ground leaving the way open for tim varick of croatia to take the gold ahead of japan and keep. an american jade carey followed her vault victory on friday with another gold this time on floor the eighteen year old won the event by more than a point with the a tally. hands in second and third carries victory takes her one step closer to making the olympic team for tokyo next year. amazing well one of argentina's top female footballers says more must be done to fight for gender equality in the sport marketing essential as took legal action against her club and the argentine f.a.
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for not recognizing her as a professional since then the f.a. said it a professional women's league will start later this year her campaign was also boosted by a mixed football match on saturday organized by amnesty international which also featured former national team captain juan pablo soren. but if possible to feel he was a positive first step there are still missing and we must understand that this is not the end but just the beginning there is still a lot to be done we must continue to demand in the clubs that they comply and continue to address and develop humans football according to the full world to enjoy football enjoy the same mixed football as we play in the street on the beach or in any neighborhood in the world to offer a show and remark that women mustn't be underestimated just because women's football doesn't have as much impact as men's football in other countries that already has it like in spain. new england patriots owner robert kraft has commented
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publicly for the first time since being charged with so was city in prostitution craft apologized to family friends and coworkers but denied committing a crime and has pleaded not guilty to the charges. go for paul casey is barely hanging on to his lead and an attempt to become the first back to back when are of the valspar championship in florida casey it was on the verge of building a comfortable lead into a bogey on the final hole for a three under sixty eight that cut his lead to one shot over dustin johnson and johnson the world's number one player had some say in the margin going into the final round. but the shot of the day came from jason could crack on the fifteenth this hole in one shot him up to the leaderboard and into third where he's just two strokes behind. sport for now back to to. thank you very much for that well that's it for me
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nastasia table be here with another round up of the news but before that you can always go to our web site for more news al-jazeera dot com check it out. a chance for reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to east joins a mother's journey to break unite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri
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seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brits unease how fitness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they will live in as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh
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against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. the polls have closed and now thailand awaits the results of its election since a military takeover five years ago live pictures here from bangkok where but it counting is underway. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up one of a million people desperate for food we visit her village in kenya at the center of
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a drought crisis. fishing boats to the rescue in mozambique but the death toll rises every day and the u.n. warns of the dangers of disease. people here change your expect an extreme weather event that is now. our correspondents in the thick of it as a powerful storm last as north west australia. well the polls closed just over an hour ago in thailand's first election since a military coup and twenty fourteen the leader of that coup prayer wants to remain as prime minister through the ballot box his biggest challenge is expected from prot side the most prominent party whose leader you can see verging here it's linked to exiled former prime minister taksin shinawatra he was ousted by the army
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in two thousand and six as was his sister eighty years later a group is led by the anti tax and democrat party which argues that it can form a government that's neutral is also the future forward posse and its charismatic billionaire front man is popular among younger people well as florence hillary has more from china. we're on the outskirts of chung mart specifically at a polling station in san campaigning the hometown of thompson shinawatra former prime minister of thailand taksin and his allies have not lost a single election since two thousand and one but they've been removed from power either through the courts or in coups since people here and all over thailand have been waiting for five years to once again be able to cast their votes. i'm very excited it's been a long time since i've ate it i got up early this morning to get ready i've got my documents with me and i'm ready to exercise my fate. i want the country to move
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forward in the right direction and with any corruption the way politicians choose. north and northeast thailand have in the past delivered election victories for taksin the support comes mainly from the rural and farming communities they voted for him because he was one of the first politicians to pay attention to them he gave them cheaper health care subsidies his rivals criticized his populous policies calling them a form of vote by but they never managed to catch up to him at the ballot boxes even after a years in exile taksin remains popular. politician on pongsudhirak is the director of the institute of security and international studies at the university he says that there is a long road ahead until a true democracy is returned to thailand. we have to realize that this is a step along the way it's not a return to democracy as such is a democratic exercise in order to regain a democratic path there's
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a long road ahead so we have to be mindful and sober about what's to come it's not a genuine democracy isn't democracy democratic transition and military custody i mean this election you know we see a lot of all faces veteran m.p.'s the constitution is stacked in favor of the military parties the military government and it looks like we're headed for a longer term military supervision of thai politics but at the same time we're also seeing a younger generation entering the fray this is we haven't had election no election for almost eight years now i think that a lot of younger people who are under thirty nine under twenty five they have grown up over the last fifteen years seeing their country being polarized. you know with two military coups judicial coups and so on and they think that probably this is their future that they want to secure they want to make a difference because otherwise it's their country too that they have to live in.
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kenya's government says that more than a million people are at risk of starvation as a severe drought takes hold there catherine so i reports from tech on a county one of the west affected areas. it's weltering in the more i village just from this dry desolate land here to see food aid from the humanitarian agency world asian is a drought in kenya and the government says up to a million people in thirteen of the country's forty seven counties need help how it is in the northwest region of cana some of the worst affected here they receive saugor rice beans and cooking oil to last them at least a few weeks later but i had a good i'm very happy to see this food and make sure it lasts longer for my four children before you go away from community centers the more desperate the situation gets. eddie can loria bond says how fourteen year old son long narrow died last month from manu tradition. we did not have food so you just used to have fruit
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he grew weak by the day until birth to answer him when we first met us were the only volunteer health worker in the village shows as well long hours buried the government denies others have also died of hunger. was just bones he had never come to the health center for any treatment of any other ailment he had just been eating wild fruits and nothing else. wild food which grows near reverses work to canada's return to when they can't find other food at accounts has found is doing his best to feed his remaining family until more help comes. we just need help if we don't get it then we'll just continue eating the fruit and wait to die there's nothing else i can do the government blames the drought on the drains the crisis is made worse by a locust invasion last year i mean all diseases and conflict many in this village
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escaped another area after cattle rustlers attacked them and stored the animals it's midday now we've been in this village for a couple of hours and we haven't seen many people making break first lunch most of them are saying they don't have anything for dinner as well they say that they've run out of food aid they received at the beginning of the month lucky mayor quis boiling the last of her cheek piece i borrowed from a neighbor of the sleeping hungry yesterday i know i'll have to share the food with those who don't have she tells us in this village and many others that are harder to reach time is of the essence delayed response to their plight will only make things worse. well catherine joins us from in turkana county catherine can you talk us through the conditions there at the moment and are people getting the help they need. it is quite dire and we have seen in the last few days of been here trucks from the local government aid
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agencies and just kenyans kenyan well wishes missing their trucks going to some of the villages to deliver food to those villages but many other people live in areas that are very difficult to access this is a region with very difficult terrain and you know when you talk about the conditions it is dire indeed it has been terribly hot we're talking about degrees of temperatures of forty five degrees on average for the last couple of months so the situation very bad indeed as i mentioned in that story that we did we went to villages where people are saying that they don't know when they had a proper meal they've been eating those wild fruits which is not enough for you know nutritional values to them. is a vast region it is a third of the country but it's also sparsely populated we're talking about a population of one point two million people we're told half of those people need
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food aid they're mostly pastoralist communities we're told many hard does have gone have migrated to neighboring countries into border areas looking for pasture. and water for their i mean more of this while a lot of mention yes food is getting to some people but many others live in areas that are very very difficult to access and those are the ones that need the food most catherine what's cause this presumably this hasn't come as a complete surprise. well there has been no rain for a while we had short we were supposed to have short rains in october those fields we're supposed to be in the long season now it's not happening the metrological department says that we expect a some rain in some form we don't know how much but some rains are the end of the month of the next two weeks or so other people are saying that we don't expect much of the rains it's
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a wait and see situation people here saying that if it doesn't rain then the situation is going to get worse we did speak to the governor who say that if it doesn't rain then. we might as well go into a full blown crisis he says this is the beginning of the crisis so it's a very bad situation but then again we're also faced with another challenge of it does rain every time the long rains come we experience floods and it floods it devastates again the lives of millions of people and their livelihoods in these floods homes are washed away so a lot of people of kenyans angry saying that these things are anticipated we're talking about droughts that are becoming very predictable every two or three years we're talking about the same situation we're talking about solutions you know irrigation trying to get permanent solutions to this problem and then another three years the same problem because a lot of people are saying that the government needs to do better to make sure that
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there are measures in place to mitigate the effects of this droughts. are speaking to us there from turkana county in kenya thank you catherine. well survivors of cycling in dire that battered southern africa and they are facing the threat of diseases like cholera and malaria the death toll from the storm is at more than seven hundred but is still expected to rise tony betty isn't mozambique's port city of beara most of which has been damaged or destroyed. they are tired and traumatized but at least these victims of cyclamen eat i are safe now each one has their own harrowing story about the time the storms came each day more of them come mostly from boozy district. on monday which about a sixty five years of age he had a smallholding and lived alone he was rescued after spending four days stuck in a tree without food he says his life is changed forever by fellow good little
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little five eleven i have nothing to go back to my farm my house all were destroyed there is nothing left i need to start afresh but i don't know how. he lives here now in the sim or in michelle's school in bira along with twelve hundred other displaced people. the scene arrived on saturday after surviving for four days on the roof of a church in boozy her foot was infected after she stepped on a piece of submerged roofing while waiting to safety her future like many others is something she finds difficult to contemplate i was i from now on life will be difficult i will need food i will need shelter he's crying for food now but i don't know what he will be crying for when we go back. these people are getting three meals.


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