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for is there fruit here in the audience have said bring up what you mean to them it is a. very much in a position to direct our book at the mall the night there is a lot of the most out there. but give the madonna more of the grab out of me. next to many of our little. press a on and on a. door it not there is never that here and on the more information through the via the. other net the buzz the bosh. felt and told her mother or did they have another order jimmy do crave shot if it were me who receives a. group to problem it for them and that is the room of god that's the bosh mother
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grandmother of me the just. after world war two yugoslavia incorporated the balkan countries of serbia bosnia single vienna croatia montenegro macedonia and slovenia. cost of all was a province of serbia. thank you sr the only. issue with the new mutants in the study that i caught a. bus with the public or to a hate crime scene. they're only good for their theory with others. cost of again much autonomy in the new constitution the ninety's seventy four but kosovar albanians lost many of these rights six years later in
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a counter-reaction by the minority serbs. issue with a. bus of modest shelter a recent. poll in the church and thirty three your. name bill and call it on your person if a call that a mythical just cut case this your daughter in the name of them to just at the date of. the way the. ethnic tension grew during the boston wall of the ninety's order through a ship of the ship give to anyone as a turn to or that he knew no studying history and daughter took a thought which occurred yesterday and oracle thought were awful for him brought to
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issue may feel i'm no good took a good deal of issue many home near the top are. the result was the cost of the war in one thousand nine hundred eight one thousand nine. people but the escalating violence attracted the attention of the international community as a new region you mentioned. know that it. is to pray none the region it took years. for the victims. machine for the north. pole tempted to negotiate peace. talks broke down and they then intervened with
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false news of the cutter marci. brahmin in. mystic author marcy loon or i knew that if israel to be alone to admit i had or thought not of nevitt or never use in your example. but didn't show that the thought of him brought things even with. the not enough thought and don't.
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want to sit on. it would have a little of the. thank you for they mean although god had to have our. cost. a couple bucks. well. ok.
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during the conflict hundreds of thousands of own thing inspire force from kosovo or fled the violence. after the killing simply to kusa. the female. had to rescue joined the hordes making. us. all. with a girl i'm all of which. came to his profit and call. him in.
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as the day we see it. in his thing called big. do with. mischief mayhem it's. the competition but it's me out that for me was. from the incremental nothing.
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but. it. one's gonna feel had survived the attack on the men and the boys in the village he laid low for a while first i did commission the one in a period in the south with a weakening both corps support and good official theory and fourth. you mean cooper three no shot in bravery to give me the who do so but north of shouted bravely to to net deeds and none to nothing learned book and none did. to another one but. by north of salt it crucial with gun school. ship very little to have more of
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need time to meter to permeate more to the none at issue in. the country for next year pre. even. the buff got addicted to him burnish the ship remember that bus thirty in a pub on three. such it was a lovely offer to. give me. it. could do more. that he'll take. the thing again there's
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a survey. struck amongst the. first three neighbors now that. post that you sick such as comes to look at the us of the boom bust by now promote another model. and body. because the thing to get. better with article came a chance to whom they are funny down a door. look up is caught all made a video of g.m. . over the ball they come i mean this. morning
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don't go. looking. in the sky to what's going to be a good. thing to do just for school. functions. computer sort of book or i don't call because the code that will talk to. you
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because you do want to push. what will be no more than a phone you know that if i'm in a mall. somewhere you can take. cortical program. to show me the success. of him so with that approach. i want to. go saw my. friend more. from feeling. so self-conscious for. the.
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first obvious have to do to admit i'd ordered to not to. or to host serbian got awful or that close on got to do with martha martha martha or dear one got to thirty. but i want to come to the purpose that the dude had it no surprise that you're mixing. with her. hair the cost of a war ended in june one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but when the villages return to little crew shot nothing can test them for what they found. in their area. that they can you know.
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they're now more effectively done there. this is. a good. look. first to get this. new. low voltage first.
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two thirds of the. man on. earth. want it. all over. the. fire. was that that there was gold the that. that. was not a problem. with their village and lives in ruins the women of crucial where faced with
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a stark choice remember. both of us had given me to diego prediction please give us the ones the enjoyment of the minutes of us who. they could accept their fate and live in abject poverty or pick up the pieces and rebuild their village their businesses their entire lives. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness here that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera.
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the latest news as it breaks as well as the police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage of the arms trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important components of life in post bricks of britain. from around the world that is a symbol also must multiplied and it's europeans call dell for support behind it. in the country playing political cutting mouse games with europe and russia the people who are trying to find their voice. but under the un free struve the super cool glow stick to the tour of europe voicing any opposition is risky. but the penalties can be severe. the better roost in the emma the weakness documentary. on al-jazeera we know the culture we know the problems
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that affect this part of the world very very well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers are out there flowing i'm tired. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. pollin and these are the top stories now desire for the polls have closed in thailand's first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup more than fifty one million thais are eligible to elect five hundred members of parliament
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but critics say it isn't truly democratic since the entire upper house is appointed by the military kenya's government is warning more than a million people are at risk of starvation because of severe drought in parts of the country conditions in thirteen counties are worsening with kenyans struggling to grow food catherine saw as more from love war and turkana county. we have seen in the last few days have been here trucks from the local government aid agencies and just kenyans a kenyan well wishes missing their trucks going to some of the villages to deliver food to those villages but many other people live in areas that are very difficult to access this is a region with a very difficult terrain and you know when you talk about the conditions it is dire indeed it has been terribly hot. meanwhile the death toll in one of southern africa worst natural disasters is continuing to rise more than a week after
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a cycle and its eyes swept across the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi the risk of disease spreading also remains high. riot police in america have broken up a protest by teachers demanding improved contracts including pensions similar to government workers the protestors in the capital robots had planned to spend the night outside parliament before joining a large demonstration called by opposition parties. and cyclists and veronica is battering the north west coast of australia port hedland is one of the towns confronting wind speeds of up to one hundred sixty kilometers an hour the storm is particularly dangerous because it's moving slowly and there's threats of flooding in the northern territory another storm cycle and trevor has weakened allowing people to return home. and a cruise ship is being towed to safety after being stranded in rough seas off the
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coast of norway with engine failure nearly four hundred of the almost fourteen hundred passengers on board the vikings were airlifted to safety well those are the headlines all desire world continues now. in the course of a village of little crew shot in march one thousand nine hundred ninety nine one hundred or more ethnic albanian men and boys were killed in an attack by sar police . march but by from a neighboring village held the women escape. when they all returned from albania three months later little crucial have been devastated. that the food will be moved through. so one of our with it probably gives should look.
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overall. look more loyal the benoit not the world so if they have these other brought governor roy the proprietor of a so these as you would have obligations would have that all the food you have to everything. chillicothe all kind of the body and got all kind of those chicken mean little things are still. rather groovy. was the rather the charm was a move that the vegetarian brought their group of liberty with the marsh going over both. the cia. john drew on with two on me at them you laid that out the me more from them are full of india. are doing yet
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the. give us the agron grade. of. government and i'm our other measurable of you out of all of a god the wise of the morning. from the. thanks for all you should from those who ever will hear them. i think they're with you.
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as the. months for me is other than that of them and me devise a part of me at least of all that. some of the women of little set up their own organisation. its main aim was to maple them to make a living and provide for their families. this by teaching them new skills. so they could do jobs that had traditionally been done by men. manya neighbors and the hard realities of. one born pm that's. all for when he has no will continue. for.
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shit it will fail you there she is lame you huddle over the hey give me any mere feel for me i'm sure is going to knock me of this i'm here about dollars bucks to choose you can see a boss then me a mere suggestion yeah martial law shall see through this so simple for years for this. to. consciousness. simple so is your will be or what good does it go well me or all these guys who do it. to both of you chris or this is what they want to. go home i do i can tell you that i mean i've embraced at the met near my dream if you know how do you know your boss.
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if you're still on the ballot. yeah. yeah yeah. we have going on our scene in the present. or there's someone does a body of words. when i'm locked up like a brace or charters are not a single is the need to pull neither did my girl the voice of it they are. for. the camera semantics they're all. oh no there's no there's over need us to go of all good so upset that's why you didn't shower for another as they felt in kosovo when they come here asking gret was was the dream it.
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says just gone was a door other than the war for about it get the wise men. least of the brigade those at the bourses as though the. barrier was only two when a father was killed her uncle is a way for her to connect with a munch never knew. about the chicken if i support that. as a matter of a need to let her. mother think you can be kind of me or give me give it to the most they're going to misery to just money give me could you. give me to. give a dog the best game ever met river because the majority was the best. clue yet how did you call it pushing with committee to give me i do not give up on anything but the board. company one hundred go i bought you
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a british. your pension. and both of them is with the nuclear arsenal the third study it usually gives the other plus a gust i think or some other till the new muck in you come young man. good go home of course thought they had their broom book with extreme money makin the. wooden plug on the mideast to go home tonight and. but still to me out of the door but it is but we it's a shindig you know you can build up to. two. hundred two but. if i it just thought it.
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was. a bit in money. you didn't.
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need the thousands those also. to the terms of this. so that does the lawsuit for me at the end show me the song. they're my own so this is for our situation. but. this is only you can in this you show for the first year to the set you're
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discussing it sounds. nearly washing mother sound like not to me or to dinner but the good the free for me as though that part of the perfume me arses is the no one there for. their time performing the bully.
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the hot dog sitting for the more school on my mind doing obscene phone to a small to. school she let me finish. you know your thought well. on the subject. hussein obama in the wrong are you going to over the quickly or you have requested . all markets a little interest or stature question is near a proportional gong i lose does. or does the covers kind of couple you can't ask because they like of course a little gamey spine going in the only survivor of oil which will work through it
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but first a ski season is coming lamer was misquoted. or look or to. have new chips or not said there's me cup of coffee or a cold war. we're going to get sort of on this school of. accomplishment i moved. it so that. the fact that the ground.
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i. saw a lot of miles up were along and you don't throw any at me and if not to me i can use the thought in an honest. it's. dornier. to thirty of them. to the.
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store you mentioned or. forgot you don't want to condition your. new shirt on it. and you knew that it just marketed not the not. the via public and jennifer that the just had to look to hubbard with and nothing on it for for me my son did written guess. the thing to. you not. to dig zogby exempt them out for more knock netted mother. foreman dogs and jim. but it was just for for me was not the point enough drinking economy. through it. for it took him out so if you
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just want to watch it do it but. to look back but a bucket from you know. what to look. for the. religious . community. to give that much you know. but with it still cuts though ultimately to show that on. top of the. stuff. we did. montage ruth should go but she wrote a book. called on the best departure want to. write a door book. that of. birth three barra. didn't show. before going to respond again to get
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on till we got. to the other. to think the law had a lot to and you know. it's a thing with. the sun can give. you all the way it's going to put the. law at the door the man to the camera had failed lovie smith. along for the. if i know of a group of run off for the whole matter up. to
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the guy in front of auriemma there's a town or even more in. martha has held the women the little crow show set up an organisation called visionary women of the twenty first century. it's taken that a farming movement to a much higher level to include health equality and education. a way to do wedo so the massacre of little crew shot involves.
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investigations into alleged war crimes by both sides in the course of a war are ongoing. some profit in the course of this. i wish my brothers i'm with you now though than you my god you know if you got us all of us in the morning and you then if which is all. going to school were borrowed for the seventh day see this text of you when you saw our success if you haven't done so. i go to. the one
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here that is more like him would i ever saw the cars than you thought for i don't others remain at your opinions of your move. or see your thorn in the authority of infants for them. all live on in their. biggest. letter of the day that. you. can as you view get back into your soul in east. berlin call. for mike chinoy and another hour in the fourth make known dos mccoy writes habitable it must be a variant of the school either you were. just one for me or for my poor home and i
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just annoy springtime i have a. chil. did. pull the born. chill. pill or. leave us oh. there's fear the. who did our cheers. did and it is good in my chill. the adil. did.
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last lol. good look good day to send. it in. to. me. and i'm sick. to. day.
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a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera weld investigates the death. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. the silencing of
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a journalist on al-jazeera. hello again or welcome back to international weather forecast well here across argentina things look quite nice as we get in the weekend and go into the beginning of the week we may see some clouds by monday but not a lot in terms of rain most of that rain is making its way towards the north so that means for rio sencion things are much better than they were two weeks ago we saw some very heavy rain showers across much of this area temperatures there we're
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going to be looking at a low thirty's as we go towards a monday but heavy rain showers across much of the amazon as we begin the week here across the caribbean though we are seeing a lot of rain up towards the north we're talking about cuba the dominican republic as well as over here towards puerto rico those showers will continue as we go into monday as well tempter wise they'll remain into the high twenty's for many locations over here towards kingston we do expect to see thirty degrees staying at thirty as we go towards monday and then here across united states we are looking at one weather system really kicking up with the system we do expect to see the possibility of some severe weather brewing towards the afternoon and evening here on sunday so we're watching this very carefully up towards the north though it is still quite chilly we are looking at the single digits for toronto auto as well and then as we go over here towards monday things along the east coast look a little bit rainy for washington with a temperature of thirteen in atlanta at about twenty. whether sponsored by katherine ways.
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i'm a musician i'm very happy with my own i think with my music more powerful i can deliver a message but in the same terms i'm really interesting about the country but if people not myself here i have my family the way these fantastic my music me discount i don't see any you know reason to left the country because i think today we can call from sinegal good. to see. from senegal because the satellite we can fly we can take the board and everything's fine a long time ago when people were thinking about africa they think we live on a tree african jungle and. i know what i'm trying to bring to the world i'm saying yes we have aids we have wall we have what we have smile
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to make this country go in really fast is make sure everybody. you know. what they call for my. education i think it's very important and tell people they have their own responsibility to be one of the member of the country everything i'm doing is following my music it is from my music i did deliver a message sometimes during the song sometimes i stop everything and talk to people everything i'm doing behind my music music is along which is maybe the first language and we can use it to deliver a message and i'm going to keep this to believe the message definitely. i love this country and i think myself and my music need discounting.
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three year investigation into the program i believe when it was made really. revealed secret see you want to point. out there will be people out there. and connections some don't want to expose in legacy media. mass shooting. al-jazeera investigation. on al-jazeera. this is zero. hello to all come on david it's good to have you here with us this is the news hour
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live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. and the counting began as thailand awaits the results of its first election since a military coup five years ago. this is one of a million people desperate for food we visit a village in kenya at the center of a drought crisis. and why millions in yemen are on the brink of famine that's the impact of four years of war on the middle east's poorest country. and i'm way hard in here with all of your sport naomi osaka is out tennis world number one suffers a shock defeat at the miami open. so polls have closed in thailand's first general election since the twenty four thousand military coup with votes now being counted across the country preliminary results are expected within the next hour of the election commission estimates that
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there was an eighty percent voter turnout more than fifty one million thais were allergic to elect a five hundred members of parliament but critics say it isn't truly democratic since the entire upper house is appointed by the military. well we have to correspondents following the selection shortly we'll go to florence in chiang mai but first caught hiding there is in bangkok for us this god set the scene there tell us what's expected in the next few hours. as you mentioned to me you know we'll be hearing some unofficial results from the election commission probably within the hour it might slide back a little bit now again these are on the official results because the official results aren't expected really for a couple of weeks but this will give us a really good indication of where things stand were sort of. party headquarters this is the party led by taksin shinawatra that is one every major election here since two thousand and one. and its affiliates have won every major election since
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two thousand and one a very popular party that's why we're here to see how these results from theory and how they react to what it's going to be interesting because of what you alluded to in that introduction and that is that the deck has been stacked in this election in the military's favor they already have two hundred fifty seats coming into this election because the senate will be a. appointed by the military government so they already have a two hundred fifty seats lead start head start three hundred seventy six is the magic number that's over that a party needs to get to gain complete control of the government to be able to form the government but that's going to be very unlikely and then we're also possibly going to see because of that system possibly see a situation where there's a popular vote going to one party but because of those seats you know the seat count might go to another party so one party might win the popular vote but not be able to form a government to be so you mention though they a couple of weeks before we are we see the concrete results of these elections but
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how much how soon would we be able to get a grasp on the future direction of this country and which way the government would be leaning towards. what will see divya probably. in the weeks after we get get the unofficial results you're going to see a lot of negotiation going on because getting that three hundred seventy six seat number that i mentioned to form a coalition government there's going to have to be a lot of compromise and a lot of a bartering in horse trading if you will political horse trading so that's what we're going to see over the coming weeks they will make those final decisions nor will they really probably form a government until we get the official results of the missile results from the selection in the deadline for that is may ninth but what we'll see before that are these steps in the go shisha as a possible announcements of what might see what the coalition government might look like and how things might unfold after that but you know tonight obviously all these party the party headquarters across bangkok are very eagerly awaiting to hear what these unofficial results are going to be and hopefully again that's going to
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be the next hour ninety minutes to view that's got hi there in bangkok for us thank you we can now go to florence new use and check my florence as i've been saying that so strong where you are is texas home town and of course a stronghold off the opposition what's the sense you're getting there does it feel like add they might might have gotten some traction in these elections. because this is an area that traditionally counted on to do live the vote for it was you know as you mentioned they've not lost an election since two thousand and one in the north and also in maine the rural farming community they quit maine boiled to say that it's rather good because it was one of the first of the tensions to pay attention to the date that the cultural stuff subsidies change was to help that's a great feeling i think like ted was a patient here where at the district centennial fund something district that's had
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since hometown was just on the outskirts of checking life and this is where the ballots from a hundred and twenty one hundred twenty seven polling stations are being brought that will be at the final overall tally now which is soon we hope that. we've been speaking to voters throughout the day as well we were at the polling station people that tell us that they're really excited to be able to vote to get especially up to five years of military i mean. just around closing time we know to go to start to steam back into the polling stations because they wanted to be that when votes were being counted and just like at this district the center as well it's starting to fill up with more and more people not just polling station workers the election of the but also the villages from the nearby villages or even to find out if our voting went down the on the fish the results that we've gotten from the election commission is that codifies is leading in the north and northeast regions which is really no surprise that the wait is still too early to tell what the results are going to be and of scotland should we hopefully expect that in the next one to two
9:55 pm
hours envied as you say hour but if they do get to come up with large numbers and manage to get a majority what is the prospect of taksin wing parties being able to be a form or become part of the government. the opinion polls i mean taken very close to polling day just before polling start to have to put the high in the lead but a lot of academics don't think they will be able to get enough seats to be able to form a government on their own and so as far as scott mentioned it's very likely that we will see a lot of tense negotiations medicals trading puttering for parties to come in for a coalition on the head of the thai party to their ok europe has already said at a press conference that she gave. that she hopes that the party that wins the most votes will be given an opportunity to form
9:56 pm
a coalition and so they've got their eye on the prize and they they are hoping that if they do win the majority of the votes even if it's not enough to form the next government they are going. the opportunity for the next governor wilson of the of the fight that there is in the coming new party future for that you mention this is a party that has captured the attention and the imagination of younger voters first time voters make up of that team of registered voters this party could walk to the doctor with this election and they are about ninety military as well so they could potentially be a partner for the cotai coalition florence thank you and we will be getting more analysis on these elections later in the program. and some other news now kenya's government has warned of more than a million people are at risk of starvation as a severe drought grips the country rainfall has been low for months and that has
9:57 pm
affected crops people are finding it hard to feed themselves and just last year kenya experienced its worst flash flooding in recent memory thousands of acres of farmland were destroyed half a million people lost their homes the government has denied that anyone has died from lack of food but critics claim that as many as twenty people may have already starved to death. but again his government says more than a million people are risk of starvation as the severe drought takes hold catherine soy has this report from turkana county that's one of the worst affected areas. it's weltering in the more i religious from this dry desolate land here to the sea food aid from the humanitarian agency wald vision there's a drought in kenya and the government says up to a million people in thirteen of the country's forty seven counties need argent help hiders in the northwest region of two cana a some of the worst affected here they receive saugor rice bins and cooking oil to
9:58 pm
last them at least a few weeks a lot about i want to go i'm very happy to see this food and make sure it lasts longer for my four children before you go away from community centers the more desperate the situation gets as he can loria bond says how fourteen year old son long narrow died last month from manu tradition. we did not have food so you just used to have fruit he grew weak by the day until he died that's when sam when we first met us were the only volunteer health worker in the village shows as well long hours buried the governments denies others have also died of hunger thing and then i'll go with you was just bones he had never come to the health center for any treatment of any other ailment he had just been eating wild fruits and nothing else . wild food which grows near reavers is what you can as return to when they can't find other food at accounts has found is doing his best to feed his remaining
9:59 pm
family until more help comes. over we just need help if we don't get it then we'll just continue eating the fruit and wait to die there's nothing else i can do the government blames the drought on delayed trains the crisis is made worse by locusts invasion last year i mean all diseases and conflict many in this village escaped another area after cattle rustlers attacked them and stored the animals it's midday now we've been in this village for a couple of hours and we haven't seen many people making. break first or lunch most of them are saying they don't have anything for dinner as well they say that they've run out of food aid they received at the beginning of the month local mayor quis boiling the last of her cheek piece i borrowed from a neighbor of the sleeping hungry yesterday i know all have to share the food with those who don't have she tells us in this village and many others that are harder
10:00 pm
to reach kind of the essence of delayed response to their plight will only make things worse. and catherine can join us now from turkana county or katherine and we spoke earlier you said you were hearing a food a possibility being delivered to some areas can you update us from our. yes where we are right now is trucks of food that have just been brought trucks of water as well that have just been brought here and there will be flagged off by the governor of japan and other politicians and they will be going to the different villages where people are most are most in desperate need of this food and water so we have seen this movement in the last few days been there aid agencies have been bringing food and water out we've seen other kenyans of goodwill just coming here and calling to the villages to to to deliver the.


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