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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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is something she finds difficult to contemplate. from now on life will be difficult i will need food i will need shelter he's crying for food now but i don't know what he will be crying for when we go back. these people are getting three meals a day and access to medical care so safe and sound and driving they have no idea when they'll be able to go back to their homes that is if they have a home to go back to. the massive emergency operation involves dozens of countries and it's costing more than fifty million dollars but the focus is now changing at the moment the the cute phase of risk is pretty much over those people needed to be lifted out of raging water. people and trees and the top of causes most of that is as as those people most of those people have been risking their artwork the think the focus area at the moment is relief getting that relief to the people who need it is now an urgent priority before cholera and other diseases break out the
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situation is improving but there are still risk of further flooding sadly the risk of flooding is ever present and ultimately we have red alerts now on two of the major rivers one is a busy flowing in from zimbabwe to the sea and the other is the boozy river which is a short fat flat river which floods very easily as already battle saturation of the germs are full so we're facing multiple routes that won't affect these people their concern is their next meal and how to rebuild their homes their communities and their lives tony burke read out his era beera. mollies armed forces chief and several top commanders have been sacked after more than one hundred thirty four people women and children among them were killed in an attack on a village a local man says gunmen dressed as traditional dons the hunters stormed or gas so will a village of cattle herders in bangkok in central monny they also attacked a whaling guy. another felony village near by violence between frannie and rival
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communities have compounded and no ready die a security situation in mali says that region's prime minister announced the sacking of the military commanders after an emergency cabinet meeting adam a gay is a west african analyst and former director of information for ecowas the economic community of west african states he says there's a general feeling in mali that the state is no longer there the project of being insured. it's a presence in the. east so people have come to contradict the. general from the words of jesus christ. before the first battle to save the record so it's a big struggle. you don't want the user or poor people. pulled over learn. the first four.
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hundred thirty stories. don't believe the bible government of. the government but also really little article last little bit of the real feel that this article when affected it's also the little. most of the spirits are the type of the that looks like to us the form of to do is look i think there to be a little of. this article. plenty more ahead on this news hour including we'll look at the high cost of living in the middle east's poorest country after four years of war the opposition cries fall in the kemar as over eve bitterly contested presidential election and in sport the campaign for gender equality in argentinian football recruits the men's former national captain peter hart for details and
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sports. to. but first to the u.s. where a decision wait awaited from the attorney general on when and what details will be published on the miller report into russian interference in donald trump's election campaign special counsel robert muller handed over the result of his two year investigation on friday trump has repeatedly denounced the investigation as a partisan political witch hunt rosin jordan is in washington d.c. forrest rozen we're still waiting for the details what do we know and what don't we know so far. well following multiple news organizations securing the united states are reporting that there will be some sort of summary delivered from the attorney general william barr to congress and perhaps to the u.s. public at some point later on sunday afternoon but again we don't have
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a specific time when this might happen we don't know in what form or fashion that this summary will be delivered but this is now what multiple news sources here in the united states are reporting we also don't know really just how long this report is what material what evidence is included in this document and we don't know whether there is a rationale being provided by robert mueller for why he is not indicting any other persons thirty four people and three organizations have been convicted as part of his nearly two year long investigation but certainly once this summary is handed over to congress then the real discussion here in washington and indeed across the united states will get under way what has been the official reaction from washington. well from the white house's perspective
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late on sunday morning they say that they had not received any guidance or any briefings from the attorney general of about robert mueller so report meantime on the sunday public affairs shows democrats and republicans basically took the positions that you would expect them to take democrats say that they want the report as well as the evidence supporting that report to be made public to not just members of congress but to the general public in the interest of transparency they also argue that if there is a case to be made for impeachment they can't do it as members of congress without all of that information republicans for their part are saying that this is nothing more than a witch hunt using the president's phrase as you pointed out they say that the fact that this investigation is ending without any further indictments means that there is no evidence of collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign in two
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thousand and sixteen and russia and so the general public and congress should let the matter go what happens once this summary comes out well you can expect that the rhetoric is simply going to ramp up thank you for that loss in jordan i for a say in washington d.c. . time now for a look at the stories making headlines in europe here is an island a new center. folly thank you a cruise ship that ran into trouble in extremely rough seas off the coast of norway on saturday has finally reached fort half of the passengers on board the viking sky had to be airlifted to safety after the luxury liner had engine problems more than twenty people are being treated in hospital so again a girl has a story. the remaining passengers aboard the viking sky came off the ship in the port of boulder only
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a day earlier they narrowly escaped disaster. this was the view from inside the cruise ship. before the alarm went off the mayday call was put out on saturday as the vessel drifted in the norwegian see more than thirteen hundred passengers and crew were aboard the luxury cruise liner when its engines failed during stormy weather and was battered by eight metre waves just off the coast of norway here the weather is known to be fierce and the shallow waters are renowned for their reefs. throughout the night rescue services managed four hundred seventy nine people most of those on board were elderly tourists mainly from the united states and the u.k. a few escaped of light injuries many were left traumatised by the experience.
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or. or is that a boat load of. sin or you know. we were thrown tugboats one in front and the other behind towed the ship towards the port city of boulder the passengers and crew may have had a lucky escape but it brought what was supposed to be a twelve day cruise along norway's coast to an abrupt and terrifying end sort of a ever al-jazeera. with media reports of an internal crew to oust her u.k. prime minister to resign may summon the leading bricks of supporters in a ruling party to our country residence for crisis talks may is coming under increased pressure to resign ahead of a final attempt to get her brakes a deal through parliament m.p.'s are expected to vote on the withdrawal agreement
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for the third time next week some have suggested they would only support the bill if may agreed to resign well it's been one of the reason is most bruising week says britain's prime minister it began with talk of a third vote in parliament on her brakes at the zero but it quickly became clear that she still lacked enough support from m.p.'s to get it passed frustrated made a televised address to the nation on wednesday in which she blamed m.p.'s that for a delay to bracks it it is high time we made a decision so far parliament has done everything possible to avoid making a choice motion after motion and amendment after amendment has been tabled without parliament ever deciding what it wants all m.p.'s have been willing to say is what they do not want. well that speech backfired alienating m.p.'s even further in need of more time to pass for a deal may went to an e.u.
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summit in brussels on thursday where leaders gave for a two week extension to the fast approaching breaks a deadline britain could still crash out there without a deal if there is no agreement by april twelfth and the week ended with an estimated one million people marching through london calling for a second referendum and britain's leading political journalists reporting a plot by members of kerry's amaze cabinet to remove her altogether one minister is reported to have said the end is nigh when media reports suggest a coup might see may's deputy david leading turn replacer as caretaker leader but he denied wanting to take over when asked about it earlier ok a. lot of far fetched speculation around the smaller from for my political debate clear is that. one hundred percent behind the prime minister i'm working flat out as always have been to try to get support for her deal i don't think that i've any wish to take it from
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the pm i think it's doing a fantastic job i tell you one thing that the working close of the prime minister does it cure you completely of any lingering shred of ambition to want to do that that task i have absolute admiration for the way she's going about it but we're joined in the studio by john johnston who works for politics home of musical news website here in the u.k. thank you for joining us david linton obviously they are not sounding like you particularly wants the job it's a bit of a poisoned chalice now but really do you think that if she was replaced that it would actually make any difference the backstop is that there is an issue the e.u.'s said it won't negotiate further what difference for a new leader make whether certainly concerns about terrorism a leading the party into the next set of negotiations so there has been suggestions that the brakes tears would be happier if she was to set out. out her resignation timetable as part of the next set and therefore if she was to leave some of
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them may decide to back her deal with the idea that a new prime minister would lead us through the next set of negotiations the problem is that at the moment we've had steve it lead into him being touted mr linton was david cameron's former minister for europe he was the prominent remainer so for many people that wouldn't really solve the problem of having him or bracks it minded prime minister leading us to the next stage of bracks ok so i mean bizarrely her resigning may increase the chances of her own deal being passed is that right yes absolutely ok well i mean you know she's been a bit of a punching bag in the past the past few years really certainly the past few months rightly or wrongly people have their own ideas on this but do you think she has mishandled negotiations or she just put in a situation whereby the e.u. was just not going to budge and soon the shoes i think the red lines were possibly not realistic and that they didn't they this is out of the single market. the
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customs union taking back control of the borders and in the jurisdiction of the european court those things didn't really line up with the makeup of parliament the general election that she called the snap election in two thousand and seventeen which cut down her majority forced her to go into this pact with the northern ireland are to the that has made the entire process infinitely difficult for her because it's meant that wherever she put forward the parliamentary reform it it was always going to be incredibly hard for her to mention her redlines then specifically her fall but surely there are linked to freedom of movement which surely most people who voted breaks it if they didn't understand anything else they understood that that they wanted to end freedom of movement so whether really her read the red lines that was that not really the mandate of people who voted for x. they were certainly guided by what do you believe campaign. had said during the referendum the worry now for break steers is that tourism is deal doesn't fully deliver on those promises it leaves us tied in many ways to the e.u.
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specifically to do with us withdrawal agreements and the concern that should we not be able to negotiate a deal with the e.u. that we would be trapped any form of customs union or over the northern ireland border. obviously a lot of options are now becoming ever more real we saw a million people on the streets of london on saturday wanting a second referendum probably not going to happen but certainly a lot of people very vociferous about that no deal is becoming a potential reality how is the british government trying to get ready for it well what they're talking about doing is possibly having a set of for the clint decorative votes this week in parliament these are non-binding votes where m.p.'s could set out things that they wanted to happen so far along with the criticism of m.p.'s and from the prime minister she made the speech last week not a good idea but she blamed m.p.'s for it but her point was that a lot of people believe m.p.'s have constantly been saying what they don't want to
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happen in parliament but not really saying what they do want to happen but if there isn't a deal apparently there's a bunker and under the ministry of defense for they're all trying to get ready little bit about this is part of the government's wider new deal contingency planning the energy have given three and a half thousand troops in order to be ready for a new deal scenario and yes this week we've heard it confirmed by the minister of defense they have an operation running in a bunker underneath whitehall or smiling about it now we may not be smiling about it in a few weeks for the moment john johnston from politics home thank you thank you. now hundreds of french algerians have been staging a rally in paris calling for political change in their ancestral home they're calling on of jarius eighty two year old leader a president have been as he's put a figure to step down the peaceful demonstrations and now spread to other major cities and friends they've been chained to has more from paris. beginning to dare call it the algerian spring here in paris the hope is going to the country that
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parents and grandparents called home is on the cusp of a real transformation this is a sixth time there's been a demonstration like this in the french capital similar scenes to in must say france is home to the biggest algerian community in europe here like many of them a dozen americans. the sake of today got to leave. because actually the people did not at this and why very or the body of the king man. the biggest. concert of the algerian president up to a let's see who took the car has repeated the said it's time for his generation to give up their grip on power but will the generals and the rich business own who surround him alive to keep his promise. i am very happy to see that everyone is united were united not around one algerian person not around one region but iran
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daal jiri as a whole and to say we are fed up we'll head out put this abuse of power algeria gained its independence from france dumped a bit to colonial war in one thousand nine hundred eighty two but the links between the two countries but culturally and economically remain strong the french government say they will not interfere in the sovereign affairs of another country the behind their scenes that diplomats will be trying hard to be the midwives of change and that is it from europe now let's go by. the falling into barbara thank you very much for that still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour this his meeting of the powerful program lobby gets under way with some leading democrats out of the picture plus how a government initiative in mexico could affect thousands of people reliant on social programs and we'll tell you about a gymnast who's going viral with her six a perfect ten and her choice of music you don't have the details in sports just a. hello
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again to welcome back we're crossing live on things are going to be very messy over the next few days we did have a system coming in off from the northeastern part of africa that has now moved into the western part of the and we're talking about widespread rain even some snow into the higher elevations of parts of turkey as well as iraq but the rain is what we're really concerned about particularly over here towards iran where the rain is going to continue now notice here on our forecast map there very dark green area the rain is going to continue in that area over the next two to three days and that means we are going to be seeing probably the likelihood of flash flooding in this area anywhere between two hundred and two hundred fifty millimeters of rain could be seen in the southern part of iran so we're going to be watching that very carefully well here across the gulf it's going to the clouds and so it's going to be the rain
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that some of us are going to be see winds are going to be a problem as well that means low visibilities in some areas for here in doha passing showers maybe a thunderstorm or two clouds across the area but the temperatures twenty nine degrees here on monday thirty degrees as we go towards tuesday abu dhabi we expect to see about thirty degrees for you there and then across mozambique a lot of the area of rain is making its way up here towards the north we do expect to see temperatures for harare about thirty degrees or johannesburg a partly cloudy day for you with a temperature of twenty eight degrees. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against
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profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been employed it was me going to really. reveal secrets see what resiting other people outweight you know. and connections some don't want exposed many in legacy media. mass shooting. like night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. you're
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watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to bore a reminder of our top stories thailand's pro-military party has taken a narrow lead in the country's first general election since a military coup five years ago with more than ninety percent of votes counted it's still short of an outright majority in parliament that could mean weeks of haggling before a coalition government is formed. kenya's government has warned that more than a million people i risk of starvation as parts of the country endure a severe drought conditions in thirteen counties are continuing to worsen with widespread vegetation loss and no a copy of this and a miley's armed forces chief and several top commanders have been sacked after more than one hundred thirty four people women and children among them were killed in an attack on every image. in the united states politicians and power brokers a meeting in washington for the annual gathering of america's influential pro israel lobby israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will deliver the keynote
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speech at the apac conference later this week this year several democratic presidential candidates us not being the event reflecting a growing us political divide over israel mike hanna has our report from washington . it's a close relationship like none before president trump has repeatedly made clear his support of israel reversing decades of u.s. policy by moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem and most recently recognizing israeli sovereignty over the golan heights his decision to unilaterally tear up the nuclear deal with iran another move that the like to do is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu who sometimes was a loss for words in proclaiming his gratitude the president. has just made history. i called him. i thanked him on behalf of the people of israel
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he did it again congress too has played its role in recent days a bipartisan bill introduced in the house denouncing efforts to boycott israel as incompatible with a two state solution despite this there are clear signs of a potential split among democrats with regard to israel new representative omar controversially implied that israel was buying supporting congress a claim she subsequently withdrew but not before an intense debate among members of the democratic party caucus the first palestinian american representative in congress rushy that adding her voice in cautioning against unconditional support for israel. these new positions in the party gaining some traction a number of democratic presidential contenders have announced they will not attend the conference. senior democratic party leaders like house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer will take part in the conference. at issue the
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votes of jewish americans in twenty twenty in the last election donald trump drew just over twenty percent of the jewish vote as opposed to the nearly eighty percent cast for hillary clinton. a statistic president trump is clearly intent on reversing to the extent of labeling democrats anti semitic the democrats are very much proving to be anti israel there's no question about that and it's a disgrace i don't know what's happened to them but they are totally hentai israel frankly i think they're entitled to a common set may resonate in israel with president trump support his bolstering the prime minister's chances in next month's election but it will be a concern for an organization with a slogan connected for good one that traditionally has been staunchly bipartisan in politics both home and abroad my kind of his era washington.
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there's been fierce fighting in the many city of ties between an element of the many army supported by saudi arabia and fighters branch by the united arab emirates a video shared online shows several buildings on fire in ties after days of intense street battles sources at the scene say a number of civilians were killed in the fighting a cease fire has since come into effect much of thais is under the control of the yemeni army well this week marks a fourth anniversary of the start of the military offensive in yemen by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition thousands of people have been killed and iran twenty two million depend on age to survive yemen's a failing economy has shrunk by fifty percent since twenty fifteen more than two thirds of small and medium businesses has laid off half of their employees and food prices have more than doubled priyanka gupta has our report. the markets of sun are who once at the crossroads of trade in the middle east. today
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the street is an alcohol market one of the oldest of the city a surly whatever little local farmers can produce prices a steep and out of reach for most the few who can buy are often in debt. and with a smile has a family of eight he's among the millions of yemenis for whom the war has meant sleeping on an empty stomach. the war destroyed the gulf arabs and the saudis and the u.a.e. destroyed us food prices are ten times higher because the yemeni real has no value at present human central bank is split between government controlled eden and who the control center saudi arabia publicly post of two billion dollars but only to the bank in aden to keep the currency afloat as of december it had received only three hundred forty million dollars the money from the bank of aden pay salaries of
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government workers. most of yemen's workforce. but five hundred thousand civil servants and who the areas haven't been paid it through here as. black markets like these are try being in some and in aden it's beyond imagination that there's oil shortage here in aden can you believe that patrol is not available in the patrol stations but is available in the black market i am astonished to see trucks carrying patrol from the even oil refineries but no idea where these trucks go and where the patrol its profits from yemen's booming coffee industry and farms have plummeted because of high fuel prices fell yemen depended on its exports before the war production has almost stopped since the conflict began is under the control of emirati backed fighters but the main problem is this the port in her data to which eighty percent of food aid comes in and that is out of bounds for most. the impact
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of the war and the crumbly economy has forced within twenty four million yemenis to depend on aid just to survive and humanitarian aid is not enough you need a political solution that is going to allow the economy to revitalize that will allow restrictions on imports to be lifted that will allow sellers to be paid the jobs created markets to be revitalized. such sectors to come back to life again so that people. you know slowly can start to sort of resume a life that used to exist prior to the contract i hope that perhaps many yemenis still have despite the real threat of hunger and famine priyanka gupta argosy. syria's kurds are calling for international help in dealing with the thousands of isel fighters of captured during the conflict a day after u.s. bank rebels took control of eyes always last pocket of land in eastern syria the
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kurds have warned of another threats they say their fighters kept captive along with women and children are a quote time bomb that nice if you sing in morocco a protest by teachers seeking better working conditions has been broken up by police security forces fired water cannon for hours and demonstrators in the capital a but the protestors were planning to spend the night outside parliament ahead of a bigger demonstration called by opposition parties rallies have been held since wednesday to mark eight years since morocco's our spring protests. a presidential election has been held in the camorra as which some opposition parties are calling a power grab three hundred thousand people were expected to vote in the indian ocean archipelago where there's been several coup since independence in one nine hundred seventy five president azadi as a mani is seeking reelection to a second term after winning. last year's referendum to extend term limits the
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results triggered violent unrest in several opposition leaders were convicted before sunday's election while my dad joe has more from the camara says capital marrone. election topping contest that have been in the proportional stages of becoming more complicated opposition candidates contesting against incumbent president does that money have come out that will not accept the results of the elections the been massively regularities they say have been the tough love books with. peoples for the incumbent president and of their supporters to have to parliament buildings a few hundred meters behind me. looks as from entering the marshall hollings center where the final results will be amongst opposition candidates are saying this is nothing short of a coup on our pilling to the african union to intervene because they've been incidents of violence in and through on one of the islands that make up the whole
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models and the opposition hold. more than a dozen polling stations where they say there will be cases of staff involved. the current president. of course these elections have been from the beginning opposition candidates have been expressing very little hope that there will be free and fair amount with what happened today many people are seeing us to ocean where this country. unstable past because that cool slot had brought the country together and probably created the stability thousand witnessed in recent years has been removed by the telephone and the that is the rotational presidency between the sri i learned stuff a couple of models now is what it does take a many people a feeling for this country's future. and new zealand
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a vigil has been held in the city of christchurch where a gunman killed fifty people at two mosques the service was at a park near the hour nor mosque which was the first to be attacked andrew thomas reports from christchurch. perhaps as many as twenty thousand people have come out of what is a beautiful autumn evening here in christchurch to remember the events of nine days ago and see commemorate the victims but also to appreciate what the last nine days been about as well the coming together of a country because this country really has unified in opposition to the horror of what happened nine days ago this event began with the imaam of the lynwood mosque the second of the two two being attacked he gave some prayers and then read out the names of all fifty victims all of those who lost their lives by evil followed by christie embraced by a catholic bishop and then we had maori songs a minute's silence the national anthem opera.


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