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tv   Youssou N Dour  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2019 4:57am-5:01am +03

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if you're going to go to prison for lying to the f.b.i. and possibly go to prison one definitely is five have pled guilty one still facing charges so if you didn't do anything wrong why would you lie about it that i think is still the open question. pedicle him with the latest there from washington patty for the moment thank you. and back to james boys here in the studio with us more details coming out now not enough because we obviously still don't have the full report what do you think the political impact of this will be well i think as patty was rightly pointing out there as i was talking about a little earlier on that key line there that this report does not exonerate donald trump is going to let all over by the democrats who are going to be saying that this in that one line encapsulates every concern they've got about the way that this has been handled by the d.o.j. that there is going to be a political spin put upon this and it was robert barres interpretation of what what mahler's report says that he's now in the public rather than the model report
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itself the report was always going to be the political threat to donald trump and as patty was rightly saying in some of our reporting there there is also the legal threats to donald trump they haven't gone away at all if you look at what's going on in the southern district of new york for example a whole host of other jurisdictions are holding senior level investigations into donald trump and his business activities and to answer the question that patty rightly raised there about why there were so many people getting caught in a perjury trap effectively of lying before congress lying to the f.b.i. what more is investigation was doing was also opening up a whole can of worms about other financial irregularities that many of these people were involved in and as the the trump white house would doubt me point out they were accused of lying about issues that were not directly related to what the main focus of the investigation was about now i think you're going to see the focus move away from more towards these civil create crises these these state level and
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federal level investigations particularly in new york led by the district attorney science parents jr for example looking at don't want terms business dealings his financial issues and probably rightly pointed out the issues to do with the you nor gray. and so this is not the end of the crisis for donald trump whatsoever it is the beginning of the end perhaps of the molar phase but this spill out from this is going to be i think richer showing until the end of at least donald trump's first term in office and perhaps not even beyond that but certainly his base and not just his core base but generally his supporters will see this is in being exonerated what they dub salut that they will say now that's it done dusted no problem whatsoever we've got the findings if there was a smoking gun or would have found it i dare say that those very people who just yesterday were basically suggesting that robert marlowe was not to be trusted well now we're looking at him it's just what a fantastic the investigation his lead how wonderful it is except for except for
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exception ok and what do you think are the chances of seeing the full report based on that twenty two month investigation that well i think as the attorney general he pointed out at the end of that letter there will need to be several legal loops that need to be jumped through before that report can be released but certainly he didn't close it down in his testimony before being confirmed for the position he said that he would release if you possibly could the president has said he wants out the entire united states house of representatives has voted to get this thing released so there will be political pressure to do so i think as quick as possible because up until now i mean until that sort of fall report is published presumably we are just basing this on the interpretation exam valid today maybe of course of the attorney general which i'm guessing some democrats would still question but of course just because what he's not sure about this the attorney general is appointed by nominated by president trump he is not donald trump's personal attorney must be point.


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