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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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mode against the democrats he say who slandered his name but more head on al jazeera including parts of western australia face the wrath of a helpful site on and will find out why mexico's president here promised to do more for the vulnerable is canceling social programs. hello there we're seeing plenty of showers over the southeast in parts of asia at the moment quite a few of them have been making their way towards thailand there bangkok scenes of particularly heavy downpours but a bit of thunder and lightning as well those showers could return as we head through the day on tuesday one or two of them rather heavy but then the gradually trying pull away towards the west as we head through wednesday so we could just catch one or two but the majority of them are heading their way away from us further south lots of showers here at the moment stretching across many parts of
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borneo and we're also seeing more make their way towards the philippines at the moment to a bit further towards the south and of course for some of us in australia it's been incredibly wet over the last few days for the northwestern parts that's been thanks to a psych loads like i'm veronica has brought a lot of rain some places seeing over three hundred millimeters of wet weather thanks to this storm system the eye of the storm hasn't actually made landfall and is gradually running its way towards the west but as it does so it's dragging in a load of dry yeah the winds high up in the atmosphere a very strong and it's now grating along that northwest coast of australia so all of this means that it's weakening and weakening quickly so for the northwestern parts then the winds won't be too much of a problem over the next day or so but the rains will gradually be easy as we head through tuesday. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other
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stories. provided a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cutting short a visit to washington after a rocket attack north of tel of the israel's foreign ministry says it was fired
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from gaza and hit a house in the area of. the strike comes just two weeks after israeli elections. almost all the votes have been counted in thailand's long awaited election it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro-military rival this is the first time people have been able to vote since the military coup five years ago . and democratic politicians in the u.s. want robert full reports on the russia probe to be made public a summary concluded there was no evidence at all trump's campaign kulu to moscow during the two thousand and sixteen election but he didn't draw a conclusion on whether he obstructed justice. a cease fire has come into effect in the many city of ties after and tense fighting between fighters and the army backed by saudi arabia and those supported by saudis coalition partner the united arab emirates video shared online shows several buildings on fire after days of street battles witnesses say a number of civilians have been killed and it's been four years since the saudi
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coalition began its military offensive supporting the many government against the rebels war's had a devastating impact twenty four million people that's nearly eighty percent of the population need aid to survive ten million of them are facing extreme levels of hunger three point two million people need treatment for being severely malnourished and that includes two million children under the age of five seventeen point eight million people don't have access to safe water or sanitation at nineteen point seven million don't have access to basic health care millions are internally displaced many are living in desperate conditions as priyanka group to reports. nothing much grows these days in this barren land surrounded by mountains in northern yemen but hundreds of families have found shelter here from airstrikes and shelling in her job province an active frontline in yemen's war job us smile and his family are one of them they have been displaced not once not twice
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but four times. we used to work we had farms and but today we have nothing we walked from one place to another with no money i have four boys and six girls none of them can go to school they're collecting firewood and bringing water instead for hours and hours fighting between pro who the forces and saudi women rotty back to yemeni fighters has intensified in the province since march more than four hundred twenty thousand internally displaced people are living in hundreds of makeshift settlements and the number keeps rising there are thirty one districts in hatcher twenty eight of them are classed as in a state of humanitarian emergency and of those twenty eight eight of them have pockets or people living in a catastrophic experience in catastrophic levels of hunger i mean like asians in
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these areas with the most vulnerable populations the families with highest levels all the areas that are experiencing active conflicts. but that's just how. more than three point three million yemenis have been internally displaced by the war in the capital sanaa mohammad spends hours on the streets hoping to get in me for the day. i don't remember how many years i've been displaced i pray to god that i can get ten to twenty reals to eat. in one day the people are scavenging for food and things to sell all do aid is trickling into her day the port a key gateway for eighty percent of yemen's food and humanitarian assistance local markets are struggling. i work in the supermarket the shops are full of goods
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but now we don't have most things there is a real shortage. there is no drought or natural disaster in yemen yet millions are going to bed hungry every night because of a war that's now lasted for four years. zero. new zealand's prime minister has announced a wide ranging commission of inquiry into security agencies after two mosques attacks and christ church would kill fifty people or what and everything from gun laws social media and how to prevent terror attacks the inquiry will look at what could have or should have been done to prevent the attack it will inquire into the individual and his activities before the terrorist attack including of course a look at agencies will look at the actions of the. police customs immigration and any other relevant government departments or agencies australians are being urged to stay indoors because
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a cycle own veronica it's expected to come ashore on the north west coast port hedland further north has already felt the force of one hundred sixty kilometers an hour when rob mcbride has the latest from there. people were told to expect a massive weather event it turned out to be as big as anybody here would want what made it all the more unprecedented for australia was that it coincided with a second massive storm cyclonic trouble that barreled into northern territory causing widespread destruction there as here in this part of western australia people were under a cyclon red alert that's a virtual lockdown for the best part of forty eight hours told to stay indoors and seek shelter it was only when that was lifted that people were able to come out and assess the damage and start the cleanup people here are used to cycle owns they had prepared well but this was
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a reminder that they live in one of the most cycloid prone of australia we've dodged a bullet but you know this is the sort of stuff that happens in this area or end when it does he does it you know it creates a significant amount of damage you know how about people's preparations for this everyone takes this very seriously look at complacency is a worst thing that can happen in a community end and dead the community itself pulled together and they got very prepared for the cycle and so you know what we will well prepared for there is also the economic impact of storms like this one this part of western australia provides much of the world's iron ore and a lot of it goes through places like port hedland normally the horizon here would be full of cargo ships waiting to take iron ore out to the world's markets and the speculation that this disruption will of caused doc all effect even to steel production in china it may only be temporary but it is
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a reminder that extreme weather has not only a human impact but a very real economic cost and saturn africa an important road destroyed by cycle any tie has or. opened following allowing aid trucks that are to reach the survivors the road links mozambique as well as neighboring allowing and zimbabwe are so devastated by last week's storm sunnybrook reports from mozambique aid agencies are desperately trying to reach from areas. food supplies are getting to be or the problem is getting them to the people who really need them. this is what happens when bread is distributed to the needy people are desperate for every piece they can grab food is scarce and supermarket supplies are expensive a delivered by air and water is not enough. then six road is the bane road artery from biro to the remote parts of mozambique it was so bad in the psych loan you can
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get a real idea of the power and severity of this psycho namie flooding that followed by this area this entire area as far as you can see was covered in water it destroyed everything around here the power here even pushed off this car off the road and miraculously the driver escaped he swam to safety but it destroyed about one hundred meters a road that had been you rebuilt by the chinese the road was cut for a week on sunday it reopened after chinese contractors and local workers worked day and night to build a new stretch and restore a vital lifeline that serves malawi zambia and zimbabwe does the road being damage it's bad for them you can see we have a situation like better see it is well for us to get poor relief help these kids are difficult but they are like a seed for was the greek and they also for the good come to the neighboring countries in order six really important. food is needed everywhere and mina and her sister regime there live next to the road their home was destroyed in the surge
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that swept the road away they said the water was up to their necks and they had to climb trees to survive but there aren't and cousin drowned and those did you get the men are very nice that one she told me that she thought she was going to die that day but since then they have received no help or food or shelter she says she prefers to stay here with family in hardship rather than go to beer with nothing that. is the same story for hundreds perhaps thousands of people who prefer to live in makeshift shelters close to where their homes once stood. mozambique is relying on the outside world for help but local people are rallying around to to help their fellow countrymen at this church in bira they were collecting money and food for the victims. a separate will be and that is that it's going to take time to recover our houses were basic but they were not built in one day or a week you will need more time five years ten years it will depend on what people
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will have to build with us now we need stronger material but our spirit is strong mozambique will need support for some time to come and for many their lives will never be the same again tony berkeley al-jazeera may go central mozambique. millions of dollars are set aside every year for water projects in areas prone to drop and kenya many people though are still dying of hunger every year and those affected in the northwest region after karla's say the government needs to do more kathryn's where reports of. food has begun are arriving into qana it's one of thirteen counties most affected by a severe drought the government says more than a million people need argent help a quarter of two can as residents are on the brink of starvation this food has come from kenya's capital nairobi we need to get a permanent solution to this problem because we've been having because of droughts previously. of the undone sea we've just done with them but any measures the
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national government has released two million dollars to help other kenyans are making donations through different initiatives there's a rush to get out to those who need it most of this is the drought that's what i. was wondering when i was there i was the primary pang of the old rules about how the government has responded to this crisis. droughts cattle rustling in conflicts over what had postures are common in this vast region with an incredibly difficult tearing local government has spend millions of dollars sinking ball holes trucking water to those who need it and setting up a culture projects official say harvesting and storing water in dom's will help but there's just not enough money to be dams will request a shell of. m for priorities of the people. you do budgeting in the produce of a people you do people care less it only money toward that then you and freeze
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a problem because if you question is a problem. aid workers also say convincing donna's to invest in a long time projects to deal with climate change has been hard the acceleration of a full climate changes fast and i would capacity to to cope and respond he's not as quick as it should be and therefore we are very much in entering into it to a vicious circle where we are looking at short term solutions addressing the effects of the crazies and not in the city did the root causes of the crisis but for now the focus is getting immediate help to families that have nothing but these wild foods to eat but many villages still with us they want more they say they need a lasting solution if they are to survive what has become a cycle of devastation catherine saw al-jazeera to camera north western kenya
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finish prime minister theresa may is to hold a cabinet meeting on monday after reports senior members of her own party are planning to alster as leader as coming under increasing pressure to resign ahead of a final push to get her bricks a deal for the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. through parliament m.p.'s are expected to vote on the ritual agreement for a third time some have suggested they would always support the bill if mayor agrees to step down. as president under has been well lopez obrador swept to power with promises to help the country's poorest people now though he is carrying government welfare programs among those targeted or soup kitchens that feed the hungry john homeowner ports of mexico city. mix can community kitchens where some of the country's most vulnerable you get a cheap meal that were never necessary to quote lou pape their life saver in feeding her family of six on up with his gaze wally i know it's really helped with
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our finances even with the gas for the stove and now i go to work rather than just worrying about cooking and until now we've never gotten. that many of mitts because almost six thousand federal food kitchens have already shut as part of budget cuts to social services it's not just the soup kitchens closing their doors funds have also been slashed for child daycare centers and the government plan to shut down shelters for women fleeing domestic violence and give the money instead until a backlash made it change its mind. and this is all come from a president who's long championed the poor and vulnerable at school some surprise and indignation nameless he says the measures necessary to stamp out corruption said that i mean it's finished around thirty years of these programs which were just used to win elections and get media attention. programs which encourage corruption using the name of the humble the poor to do it that's all finished the
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c.f.l. on the base something in the government social ministry was recently implicated in a monumental corruption scandal but civil society groups say the wholesale scrapping of programs for the pool is not. and some worry there are other motivations well my concern is that is really an attempt to concentrate power to have all the social programs in their hands to be a political platform i mean that if you really committed to transparency and avoids corruption will be transparent spread in the sense of the of a new feature of the of the new of the new programs that you're putting together none of that so far. the new programs he's talking about include expanded help for students the old and those with disabilities the president it seems does will social programs just ones bill to his own design john home and out is it a scarcity.
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richelle carey these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cutting short a visit to washington after a rocket attack north of tel aviv israel's foreign ministry says it was fired from gaza and response israel's army has what extra forces to the border fence with gaza the strike comes just two weeks before israeli elections almost all of the vote has been counted in thailand's long awaited election and it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro-military rival election commission said it will release poem and results on monday scott haidar has more now from bangkok. what we've been waiting for and what is kind of normal operating for a procedure is that they release figures and that is what we're still waiting for we've seen kind of the numbers ticks through and as you kind of alluded to there the pro-military party polling process that out is leading the polls and. is
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behind them what's variance indices how close they are and more importantly what happens from here. the prime ministerial candidate has already announced that they are going to start to talk to other parties to form a coalition within the parliament there are starting that process even before we hear these numbers and the u.s. democrats want robert muller support on the russia probe to be made public the entire report a summary concluded that there was no evidence that donald trump's campaign colluded with moscow during the two thousand and sixteen election president has declared himself completely exonerated but it doesn't draw a conclusion on whether he obstructed justice cease fire has started in the many city of ties after and tense fighting between fighters and the army backed by saudi arabia and is supported by saudis coalition partner the united arab emirates that is shared online shows several buildings on fire after days of street battles when this is say a number of civilians have been killed is
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a prime minister has announced a wide ranging commission of inquiry into into the government's attack on to christ church mosque which killed fifty people will look into everything from gun laws and social media to whether the domestic spy agency police and immigration have the right focus. as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera there's much more news to witness at next. it. was so cool and looked at the duty you got to just sit on your innocent shaky
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demand that they do almost. at a seven help the insanity and get down on. a finish. in a country. russia the people are trying to find. out. oh the penalties. the better. the weakness. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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after a rocket attack north of tel aviv is vowing to respond with force. and al-jazeera investigation uncovers close links between america's biggest gun lobby and some australian politicians. beyond ending misery caused by four years of war we look at yemen the shattered economy and its impact on people in school one of baseball's most sought after players has had a financial run mike trout has landed a record breaking four hundred and thirty million dollars deal with the los angeles angels. now the firing of a rocket into
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a house north of tel aviv has prompted israel's prime minister to cut short a visit to washington d.c. but he may netanyahu will meet donald trump in the next few hours before returning home he's already talked of responding with force israel's foreign ministry says the single rocket was fired from gaza early monday morning seven people are reported to have been injured all of this comes two weeks before elections in israel who was to have spent several days in washington stephanie decker has more for us now she joins us live from west jerusalem for first of all stephanie what's the word from gaza on the rocket fire. well there's been no official claim of any of the factions that they carried out what is one of the longest range rockets that has been fired over the last couple of years sami and the only official statement we have is from islamic jihad one of
6:51 pm
their leaders warning israel against any form of attack of response they called it on gaza because they are ready to retaliate now we are seeing movement in gaza like usually when you do expect retaliation from israel hamas is evacuated its headquarters its positions also its leaders are not moving around as much as you would expect any form of normal day let's say yes in moore who's the leader of hamas was scheduled to give a speech in the next couple of hours to mark the one year anniversary which is coming up this weekend of the great march of return which is of course the border protests that have been ongoing for the best part of a year now he has counseled that everyone is expecting israel to do something there's a lot of pressure on the israeli prime minister here sadly you mentioned there he will be returning to israel after meeting donald trump we have had escalations in the past where it goes up and down there's a response there's a cease fire but now you have calls at the time of the election that is that the
6:52 pm
president by netanyahu sorry is not doing enough that he needs to deal with this with a stronger hand so we're going to have to wait and see what kind of response they're going to take it's particularly steffen the pressure for a military escalation waters on because what's on the table. absolutely what has happened in the paul sam is that you will see an escalation particularly by airstrikes for example the last escalation we had just over a week ago one hundred targets were hit inside gaza but again there were no casualties there were empty buildings there were empty land what people are talking about now is the potential because of the pressure on netanyahu because of the fact that it hit the civilian home and the pictures coming out in the israeli media putting even more pressure on the israeli prime minister is perhaps talking of an escalation militarily that will see there's calls for example for a return to the israeli previous policy of targeted assassination on hamas leaders
6:53 pm
again this is speculation sami but will there perhaps be an infantry movement through ground troops involved to get through the posture none of the sides have wanted an escalation why because any military escalation sam is still not addressing the core issues of why we keep seeing these rounds happen and go in gaza but i think benjamin netanyahu has been put in a very tight position here which is why a lot of people are speculating that there will be an increased military response so far there's been none but we are seeing the prime minister return later today we're seeing his opponent benny gantz speaking at apac in a couple of hours he of course is a previous chief of staff he was chief of staff during gaza war he's going to be targeting netanyahu saying that he is weak on gaza so i think we're going to have to wait and see what will happen but certainly there will be a serious mature response stephanie we're going to end this live show and let you go we're going to talk about stephanie's reporting because netanyahu as you
6:54 pm
mentioned that is due to meet with the u.s. president donald trump during that u.s. visit but he won't be addressing the conference stephanie explains why he now. two men bashing it out for the israeli leadership one a political veteran the other a military one but a political novice at the state of israel that think prime minister netanyahu knows apac well for benny gantz it's a first but he is familiar with washington because a lot of people don't know about that he goes because he lived in washington he was a military attaché he worked in the embassy he's been on capitol hill he knows these people dance is due to give a major speech to apac on monday but he could be overshadowed by netanyahu who is meeting president trump the same day so it will be interesting to see what exact goodies president from give them both in words and deeds meaning the fact that it's and you know will sit there in the oval office in a wing chair with president trump and president trump will say i'm looking forward to working with it and you know for the next you know four years or more is going
6:55 pm
to be significant for both men these really prime minister already brings with him a sense of victory trump tweeted last week that it was time the u.s. recognize the occupied golan heights as israeli territory is part of the syrian golan heights or annexed by israel in one nine hundred eighty one and israel has always maintained that this area is vital to its security. a lot of israelis feel the same way with the golan heights without the belied currently we know that it's also spread digic point for us because this country is a very small very small who are surrounded by people that unfortunately don't like them so much as they live here having the u.s. acknowledge israeli sovereignty in the golan heights is something the israeli prime minister has been lobbying for for years by recognizing the occupied golan heights as israeli territory the u.s. president donald trump is giving a major political victory to benjamin netanyahu and the timing of such a major announcement on the eve of what is
6:56 pm
a hotly contested israeli election is seen by many as a public endorsement of trump for netanyahu for yet another term as prime minister the pin. polls show that it will be a tight race both men aiming to impress in the united states hoping their performances abroad will win them votes back home stephanie decker of his era in the occupied golan heights israel's prime minister is welcoming the decision by honduras and romania to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital palestinians are angered by the announcement of the apac jewish lobby conference in washington romania plans to move its embassy to jerusalem while honduras will open an office for trade in cooperation palestinians want occupied east jerusalem to be their capital. a summary of special counsel robert report says the investigation found no evidence donald trump's campaign colluded with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election the us president says he's been completely exonerated but the
6:57 pm
summary presented to congress doesn't draw a conclusion on whether trump obstructed justice democrats are demanding to see the full report particle he reports from washington d.c. . it's the investigation u.s. president donald trump has long condemned as a witch hunt intil it was released and now the president is cheering the findings there was no collusion with the russians there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration that's not completely true the attorney general says there is no evidence the trump campaign coordinated with russian officials but on obstruction of justice the special counsel robert mueller didn't decide if he should be charged the attorney general made that call and in his letter to congress he made clear this report doesn't find the president didn't possibly commit a crime writing the special counsel states that while this report does not conclude
6:58 pm
that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him and that is democrats demanding answers jerry nadler heads the committee in congress that will be investigating pretty general clark. who are dishing for his role you know the member in the suggesting that the obstruction investigation is unconscionable and that a president that was almost impossible for any president who committed rupturing of justice he's the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence in hundred forty eight hours. this included raise more questions than the answer given the fact that molar uncovered evidence that in his own words does not exonerate the president he's promising to call officials to testify and vowing to go. the tens of thousands of pages of evidence that have been collected the term campaign was quick to try and use this to bolster his chances of reelection really see in this video evidence it's pretty clear that there was
6:59 pm
a call to the president's proclaiming victory but as congress pushes to make all the evidence public and with several other investigations ongoing he may want his supporters to believe it's over it isn't political in washington. joe castro has more trump's reaction when president donald trump arrived home at the white house after receiving the brief on the summary from the attorney general he had only one thing to say to reporters america is the greatest place on earth he said and he took no questions a press secretary fills in the press a little bit more on what happened as the president flew home from our law go in florida he said that the president was feeling very good that he spent the time on air force one talking to his staff making phone calls and watching television and when pressed by reporters why trump continues to repeat that he was fully exonerated when in fact that is not what the report says the spokesperson said
7:00 pm
prosecutors don't exonerate they prosecute they do not prove a negative and seizing on that trump is continuing with his forceful message that he in his words was completely exonerated that's being repeated by his press secretaries and by his reelection campaign as trump has turned back to his full comfort zone of being in attack mode against the democrats he say who slandered his name. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including a close race in thailand we'll have the latest on the first election since a military coup five years ago to resume a chairs a cabinet meeting amid reports of moves to remove her as prime minister. and in sport underhand tactics at the miami open he's here with that.


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