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continuing with his forceful message that he in his words was completely exonerated that's being repeated by his press secretaries and by his reelection campaign as trump has turned back to his full comfort zone of being in attack mode against the democrats he say who slandered his name and plenty more still ahead on the news hour including a close race in thailand we'll have the latest on the first election since a military coup five years ago to resume a chairs a cabinet meeting amid reports of moves to remove her as prime minister. and in sport underhand tactics at the miami open these here with that. new zealand's prime minister has announced a wide ranging commission of inquiry after a gunman's attacks on two mosques in christ church killed fifty people get
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a look into everything from gun laws and social media's influence to whether the domestic spy agency and police have the right focus the inquiry will look at what could have or should have been done to prevent the attack will inquire into the individual and his activities before the terrorist attack including of course a look at agencies will look at the actions of the east i use the g.c. spay police customs immigration and any other relevant government departments or agencies. new zealand has already banned semiautomatic weapons and is rewriting its laws in the wake of the last shootings gun laws in australia where the alleged attacker came from a much tougher but officials from the american powerful gun lobby the n.r.i. . been filmed by al-jazeera as investigative unit advising an australian political party on how to deal with public opinion in the wake of mass shootings peter
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charlie reports. on a visit to washington last attempt by a team from pauline hanson's one nation party sort help from the n.r.a. in order to changes trillions strict gun control laws in the country where you live on this. in a series of meetings one nation was given advice on how best to prepare a stranger for a change to its laws i think. you are and take steps in the right direction to start providing protection to people and again that. look at us. astray or severely restricted the sale of semiautomatic and automatic guns following a massacre in the tasmanian town of port arthur in one thousand nine hundred six. thirty five people were murdered by a gunman using an a r fifteen assault rifle six hundred fifty thousand weapons were
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confiscated and destroyed you probably don't really have to call to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market where there goes eight improve the lives of going on a daily basis it does demonstrate that we begin to know that my kids won't you can start making a difference in a break down the narrative so that people who need to react to going to use it make it. astray strict gun control laws are problematic for the n.r.a. it's officials have said they fear success could be used to limit gun ownership in america it's the left wing anti gun owners who literally point to wash trail you as this shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation in the run up to the port arthur massacre strider was tracking on the liberal and right now shootings as the americans since not a ninety six there been zero mass shootings people would not mind being silent in stride no. one nation was coached on how to react if soft a gun was
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a village to another measure in a strenuous n.r.a. officials suggested to one nation that they smear advocates of gun control for exploiting the massacre there used to raise children but. if your policy isn't good enough to stand so there you go for. the really good that's a grab the n.r.a. playbook also included planting articles there's a lot of times we're right down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll drop dead or she will have to strap it will do a lot of the leg work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic and it's coming from that community we will have we're all behind this charlie
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al-jazeera sydney well just contacted all those who featured in this report but none of them responded the investigative unit program how to sell a massacre will be broadcast on monday twenty hundred g.m.t. . tourism a is holding a cabinet meeting after reports senior party members are plotting to remove her as leader the british prime minister is coming under increasing pressure to resign ahead of a final push to get her briggs's deal through parliament the barber has the latest from outside the u.k. parliament in london so will she or won't she resign was the word on the street. well she's certainly not going to resign willingly there was this talk over the weekend of a growing movement within her own cabinet to get rid of her to push. some hardline right to taze met the prime minister's country residence check is.
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now is that in fact any leadership challenge is now kind of dissipated least for the next twenty four hours it could well come back very soon it's clear that once she went to brussels on thursday and came back with nothing new except a new hard deadline of april the twelve fifty doesn't get a deal or unpopular deal through parliament this week it became clear that her position her credibility had once again been diminished she's unpopular with the hard line it is the one of the senior members of the nine hundred twenty two committee of backbench a group of conservatives has said clearly a number of people do not want the prime minister anywhere near the next phase of negotiations very clear language there she's also unpopular with a great number of her supporters who all the while have been saying let's give it one more shot best to realize that the chances of getting her withdrawal deal through parliament
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a really really disappearing and vesa jesting. have said to her in fact you need to promise us that you'll step a site that's the only way that it sounds any chance of getting through so desperate times for her but now she holds on. to the prime minister what happens next. right well she's currently meeting cabinet and we're hearing what we expected to happen which was that. ministers would actually be shown the details of what indicative votes in other words what options the government would like parliament to sit in the coming days of that hasn't actually been shown to those capital. mina's says whatever the case labor the opposition the main opposition party in parliament intends to bring it to try to get a vote on monday foreseeing parliament to hold indicative vote on a number of options out there
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a simply right now let's have all of those options debated the liberal democrats are saying that they want to vote on either to extend the article fifty negotiating period or a second referendum some conservatives are hoping to bring amendments getting the government to commit this week to what they'll do to avoid a no deal breaks it which parliament's already voted against if they can't win any of it if none of these indicative votes leads to a preferred outcome or not it's extremely possible some of the people who are bringing these amendments admit they might not work which brings us back to how do you avoid crushing out to some people call it well over the weekend. about one to two million people marched calling for the government to revoke article fifty there's a petition which has five million signatures and growing saying that there needs to be a revocation some people want a second referendum nobody's ruling it out even within now trees amazin or circle apart from a v.c.
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the hardline branch it is who would welcome a no deal breck's it or and the mob of there thanks for that. almost all the words have been counted in time and long awaited elections it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its military rival the election commission says just more than sixty five percent of registered voters made their way to the polls this is the first time people have been able to vote since the military coup some five years ago let's go live now to france she's in chiang mai first of all it seems that they've delayed the announcement of the election result what's going on. that's right the election commission was supposed to have made an announcement of the preliminary results on sunday night a couple of hours after the polls had closed and they delayed it to this afternoon without giving a reason they say ninety five percent of votes have been counted they can't announce results for constituencies where there are ongoing disputes and they have
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till may ninth to make an announcement off the final results and what do the preliminary results show well so far when it comes to popular votes they show that the pro-military party that's polling in the lead but in a parliamentary democracy it is the party with the most number of seats that get to form the next government and in this regard it is the main opponent to the military group per tie that has the bigger number of seats they are in the lead by about forty two seats now and that of course is not the full picture but that it could because this is only with regards to three hundred fifty directly elected constituency seats there still another one hundred fifty allocated seats that make up the rest of the lower house and these seats are distributed based on the number of votes that parties received but they're also capped by a complicated system designed by the military that critics say was to happen. so at the moment we still don't have a full picture may expect to get a clearer picture when the final results are announced doesn't look more like the
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you know the prime minister. or this is going to hang on here. well the final results haven't yet been announced but already the jostling has begun per tire that's the anti military groups it's looking to form the next government it's going to begin talking to other anti military parties on the basis that it has got the most number of seats in terms of directly elected constituency seats but the pro-military group paatelainen prussia says now just gave a press conference a couple of minutes ago and it said it's ready to form the next government it's already talking to coalition partners it won't reveal who they are and a party spokesman said they are confident of getting two hundred fifty seats in the lower house and that's also that's only with regards to the lower house don't forget the military is in control of the entire upper house it drafted a new constitution that gave it the power to appoint two hundred fifty senators who
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then get a say in picking the next prime minister so it's looking quite likely that china char who let the coup in two thousand and fourteen and who was prime minister is going to be able to hang on to power because he's also the candidate nominated to be prime minister by the pro-military group. when you're in chiang mai that's of course stronghold of former prime minister thaksin shinawatra how do people there feel about the way it was going. well initially there was shock and disbelief really because this is a tough and strong hole in taksin is the deposed prime minister he was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six but he is linked to purge type party the main rival to the pro military groups and he and his allies have never been defeated in an election since two thousand and one noun initial remarks suggest that by initial remarks my officials from poto suggest that they're going to be challenging the results even though they have got the greatest number of seats but they there are
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questions about voting irregularities they've said that they want to inspect and disqualified votes the election commission has said that there are about five point five percent of disqualified votes including overseas votes that did not make it back to the country in time to be counted and that's pretty high number so there's already a sense that not only are they in shock and disbelief that they may not win this election but that they are going that well they're not going to be so ready to accept the results if they don't go their way or it will leave it there for now thanks so much florence louis now in southern africa an important road destroyed by cycle only day has reopened allowing a drugs to reach survivors the road links mozambique as well as neighboring malawi zambia and zimbabwe they've all been devastated by last week's storm tony bird flu reports from may go in them big aid agencies are desperately trying to reach remote
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areas. food supplies are getting to be the problem is getting them to the people who really need them. this is what happens when bread is distributed to the needy. people are desperate for every piece they can grab food is scarce and supermarket supplies are expensive a delivered by air or water is not enough. the end six road is the bane road artery from biro to the remote parts of mozambique it was severed in the psych lone you can get a real idea of the power and severity of this psycho namie flooding that followed by this area this entire area as far as you can see was covered in water destroyed everything around here the power here even pushed off this car off the road and miraculously the driver escaped he swam to safety but it destroyed about a hundred meters a road that had been you rebuilt by the chinese the road was cut for a week on sunday it reopened after chinese contractors and local workers worked day
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and night to build a new stretch and restore a vital lifeline that serves malawi zambia and zimbabwe does the road being damage it. can see we have a situation like a better city as well for us to get there will go out relief help the skating difficult but like a state for wasn't going and there was software company but in countries in order sixth really important. food is needed everywhere and mina and her sister regime there live next to the road their home was destroyed in the surge that swept the road away they said the water was up to their necks and they had to climb trees to survive but there aren't and cousin drowned and no sitter get made out there you know so she told me that she thought she was going to die that day but since then they have received no help or food or shelter she says she prefers to stay here with family in hardship rather than go to beer with nothing. it's the same story
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for hundreds perhaps thousands of people who prefer to live in makeshift shelters close to where their homes once stood. mozambique is relying on the outside world for help but local people are rallying around to help their fellow countrymen at this church in bira they were collecting money and food for the victims. a separate group in there is that it's going to take time to recover our houses were basic but they were not built in one day or a week you will need more time five years ten years it will depend on what people will have to build with us now we need stronger material but our spirit is strong mozambique will need support for some time to come and for many their lives will never be the same again tony berkeley al-jazeera may go central mozambique australians are being urged to stay indoors because of side phone veronica is expected to storm ashore on the northwest coast of port hedland further north has
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already felt the force of one hundred sixty kilometers an hour wind speeds robert wright has the latest from there. people were told to expect a massive weather event it turned out to be as big as anybody here would want what made it all the more unprecedented for australia was that it coincided with the second massive storm cyclonic travel that barreled into northern territory causing widespread destruction there as here in this part of western australia people were under a cyclon red alert that's a virtual lockdown for the best part of forty eight hours told to stay indoors and seek shelter it was only when that was lifted that people were able to come out and assess the damage and start the cleanup people here are used to cycle owns they had prepared well but this was a reminder that they live in one of the most psych load prone of australia we've
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dodged a bullet but you know this is the sort of stuff that happens in this area or end when it does he does it you know it creates a significant amount of damage you know how about people's preparations for this everyone takes this very seriously look at complacency is a worst thing that can happen in a community end and dead the community itself pulled together and they got very prepared for the cycle and so you know what we will well prepared for there is also the economic impact of storms like this one this part of western australia provides much of the world's iron ore and a lot of it goes through places like port hedland normally the horizon here would be full of cargo ships waiting to take iron ore out to the world's markets and the speculation that this disruption will of caused doc all effect even to steel production in china it may only be temporary but it is a reminder that extreme weather has not only a human impact but
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a very real economic cost. well in a few moments we'll have all the weather with steph gold so but also still ahead on al-jazeera. as a. growing voice against gun violence worldwide why brazil's new government is planning to make it easier to buy what. parts of kenya's northwest on the brink of starvation the government is accused of not doing enough to deal with the drought. on its schools a record breaking effort from this ethiopian runner on the streets of los angeles. hello there well let's have a look at what's happening in australia then with a storm veronica and here's a fact like picture over the last thirty six hours or so you can see at first we
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had quite a well defined eye and the system was quite organized but then where you can't really make out the eye anymore and the whole system is kind of turned into a big jumbled mess and that gives you an indication that it's lost its organization and it's losing its intensity and it will continue to do so as we head through the next few hours and that's because of three things firstly it's dragging in some very dry air from across australia secondly the winds high up in the atmosphere a very very strong stopping it and making it more disrupted and we're also now seeing a lot of friction because about half of that storm is over the land now so for those three reasons the storm is disintegrating very readily and it's gradually now tracking out towards the west so choose day then it's really not showing up particularly well on the charts and by the time we get to wednesday we'll have put the little identifier on but it's very difficult to tell where that storm is in fact if i run the accumulation shot over the next three days so this is the rain we're expecting over the next three days doesn't really show up there much at all instead your eyes are drawn to this bright red blob of rain here over parts of
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queensland now this is. what's left from all storm trevor that hit the northern territory is now working its way down towards the southeast the much average is fifty eight but we could see around three hundred millimeters of rain from the system. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. as much content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook.
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she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's still the firm believer in the principle she fought for assume am to cause iranian vice president for women and family affairs talks to al-jazeera. they're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines now israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is cutting short a visit to washington d.c. after a rocket attack north of tel aviv israel's foreign ministry says it was fired from the gals of the strike comes just two weeks before israeli elections. almost all
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the votes have been counted in thailand's long awaited election and it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro-military rival this is the first time people have voted since the military coup five years ago. democratic politicians in the u.s. one robert muller's full report on the russia probe to be made public a summary concluded there was no evidence donald trump's campaign colluded with moscow during the two thousand and sixteen election but didn't draw a conclusion on whether he obstructed justice. cease fire is started in a city in yemen following intense fighting online video shows the results of days of street battles in ties some civilians are reported killed in the city in the southwest the fight for control is between the yemeni army backed by saudi arabia and fighters supported by saudis coalition partners the united arab emirates it's
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been four years since the war began in yemen which has caused widespread suffering twenty four million the yemenis that's nearly eighty percent of the population need aid to survive ten million are facing extreme levels of hunger three million need treatment for severe malnourishment and they include two million children under five eighteen million yemenis can't get safe drinking water or sanitation and almost twenty million can't get basic health care and millions of yemenis forced from their homes by fighting a living in desperate conditions priyanka gupta reports. nothing much grows these days in this barren land surrounded by mountains in northern yemen but hundreds of families have found shelter here from airstrikes and shelling in her province an active frontline in yemen's war jabir a smile and his family are one of them they have been displaced not once not twice
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but four times. he was at we used to work we had farms and shapers but today we have nothing we walked from one place to another with no money i have four poison six girls none of them can go to school they're collecting firewood and bringing water instead for hours and hours fighting between pro who the forces and saudi a morality back to yemeni fighters has intensified in the province since march more than four hundred twenty thousand internally displaced people are living in hundreds of makeshift settlements and the number keeps rising there are thirty one districts in hatcher twenty eight of them are classed as in a state of humanitarian emergency and of those twenty eight eight of them have pockets people living in a catastrophic experience in catastrophic levels of hunger i mean like in these
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areas with the most vulnerable populations the families with highest levels all the areas that are experiencing active conflict but that's just. more than three point three million yemenis have been internally displaced by the war in the capital sanaa mohamad l.g.m. spends hours begging on the streets hoping to get a meal for the day. i don't remember how many years i've been displaced i pray to god that i can get ten to twenty rios to meet. in her day the. people are scavenging for food and things to sell although aid is trickling into her day the port a key gateway for eighty percent of yemen's food and humanitarian assistance local markets are struggling. really at an hour while i work in a supermarket the shops are full of goods but now we don't have most things there
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is a real shortage there is no drought or natural disaster in yemen yet millions are going to bed hungry every night because of a war that's now lasted for four years priyanka cook the zero. also tala begum is advocacy manager of the norwegian refugee council she joins us on skype from good to have you with us so as we explained in the lead in they're almost eighty percent of a population eighty percent of aid to survive i mean how on precedented is that. well even then it's described has been described as at the well mannered terry there's so some of the figures that you reveal which is that eight and ten of the population is in need of some form and humanitarians that spends ten million people on the family in exactly the huge number and it's very hard to get our head around
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heads around you are going out four years ago or an accounting which an addict's anything and a population who has suffered immensely so really you know the large numbers are also about individual stories i recently went to and how they and i met knew he just made people well and as you report show many of these people have been made over and over and over again some of them have sort of thoughts and three great example in and i think people have which got attacked and they said to me we were really afraid to be in arabs because they weren't at the fighting coming closer and closer to arabs so after four years not just a humanitarian crisis and we recently did some analysis which shows the conflict even though i mean are they lying and has been used as a result of the fire in other parts of the country like your or chosen hijacker and
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with a civilian casualties have more than one holds in its police fire and i think there is something he's firing very fragile so it's a very very worrying situation you have a conflict that's remaining you have a massive humanitarian crisis where an army and other aid agencies desperately need the fighting to start so they can get assistance to people when you look at the statements coming out of the u.n. for example talking about how cholera is spiking some of the figures you mentioned that two million kids suffering from malnutrition does that make you worry that as bad as things are the future may be more complicated. yes i mean without action the situation in yemen goes from wanting to have to feed to another and you know two years ago there was a massive outbreak of cholera in yemen one million people were affected by cholera
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and why in colorado so. color will be devastating in that context you've got a situation where you've got millions of people who are basically display eight million people who are hungry a situation where the war has damaged the country would say infrastructure you've got people living in unsanitary conditions and so i was already seeing in the daily life plan a in her there which was one of the worst affected areas in the india go of last year the right of colorado and also in touch or i care as well so these places which are all ready immensely affected by the humanitarian right as it could be affected even more by a color our brain when people are weak when that moment when children are large out of that island there is no water and there isn't and the campaign and
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conditions are really bad. cholera and the railroad and we can see many denial of it right. all right thanks so much built on a big number. the president of the camorra silence is expected to win reelection but the opposition is alleging fraud in sunday's vote as one hundred other reports from the capital the opposition says arrests and voting irregularities amount to a coup d'etat. costing the vote amid rising political tensions voters turned up in polling stations across the three islands that make up morris there was serious delays in some areas due to the late arrival of. forcing the electoral commission to extend voting hours. i expect the president to develop this country and to take care of the youth especially because they are the future it will take care of us in the future. transparency transparency so that
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the people will be reassured that the winner is the one they voted for that's transparency. they are tall for position convenience in the contest but none look likely to defeat president does some money if he has his way. opposition leaders were crying foul the been before voting and it for them but the part of the self to noon opposition candidates whole four of them were huddled in a meting in this house behind me surrounded by a policeman keeping security when they come out to speak to the media they said they would not accept that as the rules because of well there must have been a get out it is in the elections where you have to get a complaint of the stuffing of ballot boxes with three marked papers in favor of the incompetent ok nuno got on very near in response to the coup to talk carried out throughout the country and it muzzling the population in order to go to the polls provided for in the electoral code we declare the current government held by colonel as ali the legitimate on tanja one island opposition supporters and socked
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a dozen polling stations according to officials from the electoral commission witnesses say the polling stations was a target of the people found stuffed ballot boxes it's a claim been downplayed by the current president it could be a problem but i was told that there are problems in the both security forces and the election commissions are taking the necessary measures if there are any ballot boxes that are stuffed we can replace them but apparently the situation is under control and everything is fine these are the first presidential elections and since a referendum to increase time limits was held previously the presidency was able to sit around the three indian ocean islands every five years a system which was put in.


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