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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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well what we've seen in the past is that you will have these ready air force hit various targets in gaza the last escalation just over a week ago so one hundred targets hit inside the strip but you had no casualties no injuries and there were empty buildings or an empty land i at the moment have masses evacuated all their buildings their headquarters their bases the leaders are not moving around freely they have gone into more of a sort of underground course just approach because there is talk also here the israeli media that it needs to be as skated so what you're seeing what could be on the table that say that speculation richelle is to have a more aggressive military approach that could perhaps target military leaders that could perhaps see ground troops you could perhaps even more intensive limited war let's say for a couple of days that really kicks out the infrastructure of hamas and other groups again this is speculation but i think you know listening to and of this this interest really media listening to the the politicians all pressurizing this
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already prime minister at such a crucial point in these elections we are expecting. a strong response let's say but nothing's happened so far so that's what see how things are going to develop over the next couple of hours ok do keep us posted stephanie decker live for us on westray some thanks to you still ahead on al-jazeera we are in one of the remote parts of mozambique where help is finally arriving by road more than a week after cycling on a day. hello there we're seeing lots of wet weather push its way towards japan for look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud make its way out of china there across the southern parts of south korea and across parts of japan a few outbreaks of rather heavy rain out of this system and then it will gradually
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begin to pull away i think on choose day we'll still see a few showers at first only in tokyo but things will improve during the day and then as we head into wednesday that should clear away completely and we should be left with the sunshine tokyo seventeen degrees towards the west is now pretty warm for some of us here beijing at twenty degrees for the southeastern parts of china also fine dry weather to be found on tuesday but the clouds begin to gather again as we head through tuesday night and into wednesday with the who bay for a province and all the way across towards shanghai expecting to see some rather heavy rain at times for the southeastern parts of asia there's also a lot of wet weather here at the moment to some rather lively showers making their way across parts of thailand more of them as we had three tuesday they'll begin to ease as we head through wednesday but only because they're working their way away towards the west further south a lot of showers here to so much as looking pretty unsettled and we'll also see plenty of showers over borneo to the philippines as well where we're crying out for rain looks like we'll see some most of the rain will be in the east.
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this powerful social network is sculpting a global society and regulation is playing. scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. to gauge how ethics weigh against profit and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cutting short a trip to washington after a rocket attack north of tel of israel's foreign ministry says it was fired from the strike comes just two weeks before israeli elections. the british prime minister is holding a cabinet meeting ahead of speaking to parliament about later and discuss a number of amendments. on leaving the e.u. . final results are delayed in thailand. and it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro-military rival the first time people have been able to vote since the military coup five years ago. a summary a special counsel robert dollars report says the investigation found no evidence that donald trump's campaign coated with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election president says he's been completely exonerated the summary presented to congress doesn't draw a conclusion on whether trump obstructed justice and democrats are demanding to see
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the full report radical he reports from washington d.c. . it's the investigate. u.s. president donald trump has long condemned as a witch hunt in till it was released and now the president is cheering the findings there was no collusion with the russian there was no up struction none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration that's not completely true the attorney general says there is no evidence the trunk campaign coordinated with russian officials but on obstruction of justice the special counsel robert mueller didn't decide if he should be charged the attorney general made that call and in his letter to congress he made clear this report doesn't find the president didn't possibly commit a crime right in the special counsel states that while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him and that is democrats demanding answers
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jerry nadler heads the committee in congress that will be investigating pretty general clark. who are different from his role you don't remember in the suggesting that the obstruction investigation was unconscionably and that a president and that it was almost impossible for any president who committed rupturing of justice he's the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence and under forty eight hours this included raise more questions than the answer given the fact that molar uncovered evidence that in his own words does not exonerate the president he's promising to call officials to testify and vowing to get the tens of thousands of pages of evidence that have been collected the trim campaign was quick to try and use this to bolster his chances of reelection really see in this video evidence it's pretty clear that there was collusion in the president's proclaiming victory but as congress pushes to make all the evidence public and with several other investigations ongoing he may want his
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supporters to believe it's over it isn't political al-jazeera washington. really help at trying to live now from washington d.c. so kimberly what happens now. will this really opens the next phase of what is expected to be a very long and protracted fight as political hay reported there house democrats are looking for a number of things essentially full access to the documents that were put together in order to make this report and also to to really find out how the report came to the conclusion that it did so what we expect is that there will be witnesses called there will be hearings called even as donald trump and his associates are celebrating the outcome perhaps somewhat prematurely given the fact that they're still at least a dozen federal as well as state investigations including the one conducted by house democrats that are still underway so what this is done is this is really
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allowed the trumpet ministration to try and use this is a battle cry as it prepares for the twenty twenty presidential election that it is continuing to be victimized by democrats even as this report as patty reported points that there has been no conspiracy found but at the same time does not exonerate the president when it comes to obstruction of justice all right kimberly so what has the what is the president been saying and tweeting about all this. yeah well not surprisingly the president up early as he often is he likes to watch fox and friends which is tends to be a right leaning program supportive of the president so he's been tweeting some of the narrative from there but also from another network known as m s n b c that tends to be highly critical of the president noting sort of the favorable conclusions of the report namely no trump russia conspiracy that headline again not tweeting about the part with regard to there being no determination with regard to
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its struction of justice we do expect to see the president today in the oval office well we have been reporting that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short his trip to washington the white house schedule still has the two meeting in the oval office in about five hours time where we are expecting that the president could formalize some recognition of israel's control over the golan heights all right complete alkali for us in washington kimberly thank you a cease fire has started in a city in yemen following intense fighting online video shows the results of days of street battles and ties civilians are reported killed the fight for control of that city in the southwest says between the in many army backed by saudi arabia and fighters supported by saudis coalition partner the united arab emirates it has been four years since that war began in yemen the violence has caused widespread suffering and millions of internally displaced many are living in desperate
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conditions as priyanka good to reports. nothing much grows these days in this barren land surrounded by mountains in northern yemen but hundreds of families have found shelter here from airstrikes and shelling in her province an active frontline in yemen's war job us smile and his family are one of them they have been displaced not once not twice but four times. we used to work we had farms and shapers but today we have nothing we walked from one place to another with no money i have four boys and six girls none of them can go to school they are collecting firewood and bringing water instead for hours and hours fighting between pro who the forces and saudi backed yemeni fighters has intensified in the province since march more than four hundred twenty thousand
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internally displaced people are living in hundreds of makeshift settlements and the number keeps rising there are thirty one districts infection twenty eight of them are classed as being in a state of humanitarian emergency and of those twenty eight eight of them have. people living in a catastrophic experience in catastrophic levels of hunger i mean like. these areas with the most vulnerable populations the families with highest levels all the areas that are experiencing active conflicts but that's just. more than three point three million yemenis have been internally displaced by the war in the capital sanaa mohammad l.g.m. spends hours begging on the streets hoping to get in me for the day. where i am where i don't remember how many years i've been displaced i pray to god that i can get ten to twenty reals to eat. in her data. people are scavenging for food
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and things to say all do aid is trickling in to hold the the port a key gateway for eighty percent of yemen's food and humanitarian assistance local markets are struggling. you know what i work in the supermarkets the shops are full of goods but now we don't have most things there is a real shortage there is no drought and a natural disaster in yemen yet millions are going to bed hungry every night because of a war that's now lasted for us. to zero the head of mali's armed forces and several senior commanders have been sacked following an attack which killed one hundred thirty four villagers reportedly trust us on so hunters and storm fall on a cattle herders in the desert region of bank us another for a village was attacked nearby government ministers who visited the area were told
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victims were shot or hacked to death with machetes fighting between falana and rival communities has worsened the security situation and mollie's desert region at a time when a un security council delegation visited this al region to assess threats. so then africa an important road destroyed by cycle has reopened allowing aid trucks to reach survivors road links mozambique as well as neighboring allowing zambia and zimbabwe also devastated by last week's storm tony brooklier reports from lawmaker and mozambique aid agencies are desperately trying to reach for most areas. food supplies are getting to be a or the problem is getting them to the people who really need them. this is what happens when bread is distributed to the needy. people are desperate for every piece they can grab food is scarce and supermarket supplies are expensive a delivered by air and water is not enough. the in six road is the bane road artery
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from biro to the remote parts of mozambique it was so bad in the psych lone you can get a real idea of the power and severity of this psycho namie flooding that followed by this area this entire area as far as you can see was covered in water it destroyed everything around here the power here even pushed off this car off the road and miraculously the driver escaped he swam to safety but it destroyed about one hundred meters of road that had been you rebuilt by the chinese the road was cut for a week on sunday it reopened after chinese contractors and local workers worked day and night to build a new stretch and restore a vital lifeline that serves malawi zambia and zimbabwe does the road being damaged it's bad for them he can see we have a situation better see it is well for us to get. relief help is it all difficult but like a seed for the greek and also for the country neighboring countries. really important
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. food is needed everywhere and mina and her sister regime there live next to the road their home was destroyed in the surge that swept the road away they said the water was up to their necks and they had to climb trees to survive but there aren't and cousin drowned and those did you get in there are you know so she told me that she thought she was going to die that day but since then they have received no help or food or shelter she says she prefers to stay here with family and hardship rather than go to beer or with nothing that is the same story for hundreds perhaps thousands of people who prefer to live in makeshift shelters close to where their homes once stood. mozambique is relying on the outside world for help but local people are rallying around to to help their fellow countrymen at this church in bira they were collecting money and food for the victims. are separate will be and that is that it's going to take time to recover our houses were basic
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but they were not built in one day or a week you will need more time five years ten years it will depend on what people will have to build with us now we need stronger material but our spirit is strong mozambique will need support for some time to come and for many their lives will never be the same again tony berkeley al-jazeera may go central mozambique. australians are being urged to stay indoors because the cyclon veronica it's expected to storm ashore on the northwest coast quite helen further north has already felt the force of one hundred sixty kilometers an hour when it's running pride has a cyclone was bigger than anyone expected. what made it all the more unprecedented for australia was that it coincided with a second massive storm cyclonic travel that barreled into northern territory causing widespread destruction there as here in this part of western australia
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people were under a cyclon red alert that's a virtual lockdown for the best part of forty eight hours told to stay indoors and seek shelter it was only when that was lifted that people were able to come out and assess the damage and start the cleanup people here are used to cycle owns they had prepared well but this was a reminder that they live in one of the most cycloid prone of australia we've dodged a bullet but you know this is the sort of stuff that happens in this area or end when it does he does it you know it but it creates a significant amount of damage and how about people's preparations for this everyone takes this very seriously look at complacency is a worst thing that can happen in a community and and dead the community itself pulled together and they got very prepared for the cycle and so you know what we will well prepared for there is also the economic impact of storms like this one this part of western australia provides
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much of the world's iron ore and a lot of it goes through places like port hedland normally the horizon here would be full of cargo ships waiting to take iron ore out to the world's markets and there's speculation that this disruption will of caused doc all effect even to steel production in china it may only be temporary but it is a reminder that extreme weather has not only a human impact but a very real economic cost opinion teacher who gave away most of his salary to support stools and promote impoverished villages when a global teaching award and a million dollars here to be here. global teacher prize at a ceremony in dubai the science teacher was recognized for helping many students stay in school and go on to college.
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i'm richelle carey let's recap the top stories now in al-jazeera israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cutting short a visit to washington after a rocket attack north of tel aviv israel's foreign ministry says it was fired from gaza and the strike comes just two weeks before israeli elections but its prime minister theresa may is holding a cabinet meeting ahead of speaking to parliament about bret's it later and he will discuss a number of amendments to may's deal on leaving the e.u. some m.p.'s have said they would only back it if the prime minister steps down the special counsel robert muller support has found neither donald trump nor any of his officials knowingly colluded with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign but the report did not draw a conclusion on whether president attempted to destruct justice. final results are delayed in thailand's long awaited election and it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro-military rival this is
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the first time people have been able to vote since the military coup five years ago . or from scott heiler. what we've been waiting for and what is kind of normal operating for a procedure is that they release pullin unary figures and that is what we're still waiting for we've seen kind of the numbers tick through and as you kind of alluded to there the pro-military party. is leading the polls and. behind them what's variance in this is how close they are and more importantly what happens from here now the prime ministerial candidate has already announced that they are going to start to talk to other parties to form a coalition within the parliament there are starting that process even before we hear these numbers as fire has started a city in yemen following intense fighting online video shows the results of days of street battles and ties and some civilians have been reported killed the fight for control of that city in the southwest is between the u. many army by saudi arabia and fighters supported by saudis coalition partner the
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united arab emirates as are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come throughout the day in the meantime inside story it's up next. five years after a military coup thailand holds an election with millions of people cast your ballot for the first time but is the vote democratic and how much power is the military prepared to hand over this is inside story.
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over there welcome to the program i'm not clark the last time thailand trying to hold an election in two thousand and fourteen it ended with a military coup an army general took over as prime minister and promised to hold a new election but it's taken five years for people to be given the chance to vote well ninety two thousand polling stations open across thailand on sunday the prime minister probably. wants to remain in office but he faces a strong challenge from tie the most prominent and tea party linked to the former leader attacks and she know what six million young people are casting their ballot for the first time and since the coup numerous new parties have sprung up to court their votes. in the past we've seen that nothing has changed i want to know how much change this election is going to bring. i want things to improve
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we've had too many conflicts in the past. and i want the country to move forward in the right direction and without any corruption that's the way polities she had should be well it's here now from scott hyla who reports from bangkok. for the most part smooth polling across thailand at the more than ninety two thousand polling stations across this country six thousand here in bangkok alone now there are a couple of incidents that have been reported to the election commission they say they're going to investigate those there was a neighbor countries represented a neighbor countries invited to observe the elections here by the thai government they have been peppered throughout we've gone to a couple of polling stations throughout the day here on sunday in bangkok now for the most part things were going smoothly and the voters were excited we talked to a couple of young voters and this is very interesting because the last polling the last time thais cast ballots was eight years ago so there have been a sizeable chunk of people who grew. so they could finally vote this time around
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seven million we spoke to one of those and he said he was excited to cast his ballot but he came in kind of eyes wide open that's because the way the constitution is written now was written by the military government who has ruled this country over the last five years they had a head start coming into election day two hundred fifty seats in the senate already there's so ballots being cast the voters understand that that's going to be a little bit of a challenge when it comes to forming the government particular when it comes to just how democratic it's going to be for inside story well thailand's army has repeatedly ousted democratically elected governments. twelve times since nine hundred thirty two in fact of the last two coups were against prime ministers from the chena what family texan should know what was ousted in two thousand and six while he was out of the country his sister young luck came to power in two thousand and eleven but within three years she was overthrown and fled from thailand commander general. was named prime minister promised elections but they didn't
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happen a new constitution was approved in two thousand and sixteen the military june to appoint the upper house and all governments over the next twenty years must adhere to a military strategic plan. all right let's bring in our panel in bangkok we have seen it tyler was a human rights watch in tokyo via skype michael month the son of a senior fellow and coordinator of the thailand studies program at singapore's i.c.'s use of institute and also in bangkok we have been on an economist and professor of international business at the times business school welcome to you all and soon if i could start with you human rights watch so first elections since the military takeover desist signal the beginning of the return to democracy i just came back from of being the election and vote count atmosphere across bangkok is
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people showing into it and enthusiasm against the odds repressive political and for unmanned where freedom of expression freedom for political activity have mean restricted they are acting against the odds by ass electro rules clearly the w.c.s. of type people after spoken out whether we would say that why you say it's being translated into transformation of thailand in to democratic civilian rule we will stuck with and not a form of dictatorship that the same can't take off their military uniforms put on business suit and go on with asked business as usual that is remain to be seen. what it what's your thought about this given the turmoil we've seen in in recent years isn't the best that we this is the best that we can hope for a step towards democracy democratic transition under military custody if you like.
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if we're looking at the implication of the election at least this is we know that this is not the food fully democratic election with the rules and the regulations being written the way it has been but it's a start to go in that direction after this it has to be. look at how how the government would be from and how how things with. that is but i think one thing is clear is that people have spoken out and you can see from the way the direction of their vote is chilling and that there are clearly the voices of people who voice their approval of. the government or not and then there are also new voices coming up and i think it's quite clear that the people have spoken out and if this voices are not taken into consideration for the
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way going forward i think that would lead into to further sort of perhaps it would be how thailand move to the next stage right that's something we'll explore the program goes on but i just want to ask you privy to quickly from your perspective in thailand all reporters are reporting a public since relief that people are actually just able to vote once again is that your sense. yes this is so people have been able to vote again and i think people have cost that their voice who they prefer to who they prefer to elect to become that next government i think that is already a good start for the democratic plan for thailand although when i'm not very happy with the roof and the regulation but the fact that the election took place today that is already. a good move forward you know the rules in the regulations michael months on take given the the army has has really written the constitution they
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they've secu the way this election could go they will remain influential in all probability whatever the outcome can you explore first a little bit while that actually means well a few moments ago you used the word army custody of the country and i think that we can't speak about our because city because the national council for reason or dictatorship has been incompetent at political management during the period when enjoyed absolute power so it does not have the competence to exercise custody over thailand in the future especially now that there will be an elected parliament in which voices of dissent will be represented and voices of dissent will have standing the other point i would make regarding these rules is that everybody in thailand and observers internationally understand that these rules have skew. the
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campaign and the terms under which people have been elected as a result as an exercise in legitimation these polls were a failure before anybody cast that evokes and i think that we need to understand that the rules imposed on voters were self-defeating because they expose the illegitimacy of the juncos effort to remain in power but i would repeat my point that i put to a privy to that summit. dog you that this is a process a unnecessarily tennstedt step if you like towards restoring democracy i think that if i think that if we use language like that sir we're conceding a process of arbor tura like what the brazilian dictatorship went through b. after the one nine hundred sixty s. and i think to to concede a process to a military dictatorship is essentially to concede to the military dictatorship
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vision of the future of iowa ticks and i think it's unfair to the millions of time voters you this campaign as a competitive process from the beginning and i don't think they they viewed it in those terms at all when they said i have human rights watch you keep a close eye on what goes on in the country give us a sense of the military rule in thailand what kind of authority sixty nine million people live under well under military rule with that now been five vs general prayuth different a leader who states a coup in two thousand and forty and is being no mean at that as a promise a candidate it why still meant handing unchecked absolute power that he has will without any mean he this power will remain weak type people until a new government is formed and the f.x. off. all this up in our preview including in violation human rise will remain
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effective that it's one fact and not a fact that the human rights watch has been demanding all along is if the window is serious about holding an election that will be recognized not only by high people but by the rest of the world the election need to be consecrated will it require i and all pen and being and for unmanned but that is not the case as the one does to trolling people in jail for criticizing military rule the junta still restraint freedom of expression and media freedom t.v. station which doll house balkan news on call were removed from all sections this did not bode well in the lead up to election day it type people seem to be fairy commit that that they are now making and taking and up he would cost to push back repressive grow off the wouldn't to push back against an even playing fail because in this election general preview doesn't have to win majority in the
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lower house he simply need one hundred twenty eight states and that come by with senate us two hundred fifty of them that will and that will be enough to give general prayuth suffrage and support to return to power as prime minister and he could return to power without winning the popular vote we need to respect that weiss is right privy to if one party of the opposition party of the opposition collective wins the popular vote but does not she win because of the way the military has skewed the rules what do you think the reaction will be on the street how will the electorate respond will they respond with resignation will be some kind of resistance i think it is quite clear.


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