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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 84  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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effective that it's one fact and not a fact that the human rights watch has been demanding all along is if the window is serious about holding an election that will be recognized not only by high people but by the rest of the world the election need to be consecrated will it require i and all pen and being and for unmanned but that is not the case as the one does to trolling people in jail for criticizing military rule the junta still restraint freedom of expression and media freedom t.v. station which doll house balkan news on call were removed from all sections this did not bode well in the lead up to election day type people seem to be fairy commit that that they are now making and taking and up he would cost to push back repressive grow off the wouldn't to push back against an even playing fail because in this election general preview doesn't have to win majority in the
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lower house he simply need one hundred twenty eight states and that come by with senate us two hundred fifty of them that there are people can say i will and that will be enough to give general prayuth suffrage and support to return to power as prime minister and he could return to power without winning the popular vote we need to respect that weiss is right privy to if one party of the opposition party of the opposition collective wins the popular vote but does not she win because of the way the military has skewed the rules what do you think the reaction will be on the street how will the electorate respond will they respond with resignation will some kind of resistance. i think it is quite clear from before the election that this election is written so that you could continue in his power prime minister and i think the number that has been mentioned is already you know in that
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direction but i think the number of these strong opposition that we have seen by the people going for the parties that stand firmly that they are against the who and the military is also affected that needs to be taken into consideration that after this it would be a coalition government and this spite the number of these that they would have in terms of selecting the prime minister but in running the government and in running the government that would mean that they wouldn't let the government would run into quite a strong opposition so we are looking at. coalition party that would be not yes it would be a general prayuth but it would not be a dictatorial that no one can oppose all can question at least we would have the opposition in the house and that things would be moving along more and i think most
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of the thai people know that this government that would be form after this election is unlikely to last very long but this election is not the end in itself and perhaps it could be considered as an election for the next one that we can move forward for otherwise we would remain in the same that. so to me i see this election as a way forward to the next step and despite this perhaps if it the left government it will not be true and check like it was before this election right and when you see the next just very briefly outline for us what you believe the next step would be. i think if the government the way that they would run into a strong coalition strong opposition party and this could lead it into more of the and stability of the next government that might lead to the next election and i
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think that would be also strong movement to to to to really to rewrite the constitution and perhaps that would be the constitutional crisis that this government would be getting into with their very strong opposition that we are likely to see michael is that you'll sense that if you have this the status quo is kind of maintain but with this if it's really fragile coalition that she presents an opportunity for change in the quite near future. i think that's right and i think many students of thai politics have noted in the past year or so that military parties program and parties. designed to be vehicles for the military have a very poor track record in high political history the only thing that i would also point out is that we need to be attentive to the possibility that. general break or
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a military figure will assume the premiership and then attempt to govern without reference to parliament because as dr velveeta has pointed out life could be miserable for someone like general but youth in parliament when he did not enjoy men or a majority of seats in the lower house that will introduce the temptation to use parliament to gain the premiership and then to try to freeze it out of the political process by relying on. not elected institutions to govern the country and that's a risk that i think we need to be attentive to and see not how do you assess that risk if parliament is is frozen out of the political price as well that there is no political process is that well it is possible as as mike was suggested that. the next prime minister wish to have no general prayuth can grow using
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executive decreed by pos in parliament three checks and balances and we must not forget that. the drop off that you know the current constitution. political parties in the parliament and in the government to follow twenty year snatch strategy so whatever promise during election will be tested against the wouldn't twenty years strategy if there is no compatibility what will is the junta blueprint for the country that is number one number two is given the possibility of having a franchise coalition government that got them and would rely even ma on military backing which has repeatedly threatened to stay and not get cool to quell the disturbances after the election so we are heading to what uncertainty and not a shapter of uncertainty in thai politics one wonders where you're an economist one
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wonders where thailand's economy is going if the status quo is maintained or at least if we get into a situation where there's this fragile coalition tell us a little bit about how thailand has performed economically since june to control it and what your senses about where we could be heading. if we're looking at the thai economy i think it's fair to say in that land has had its lost decade because of our political trouble mystically and i think since the who has taken power although they try to claim that they have managed to restore confidence and growth in the economy showing bided g.d.p. growth coming up to three to four percent we might say that that could be one way of looking at it but if you look at the long term thailand has been in this kind of political uncertainty for
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a long time and that adds to the opportunity cost for the country we spend so much of our energy and i will resources talking about how to get rid of sin or how to get rid of the junta and the task at hand is that thailand is not alone in this region and why us moving not moving forward and other people moving forward thailand's economy is now you know not doing the best in the south east asian region and although we are performing three to four percent which is world average growth but i think that thailand would have to be concerned about its economy is global and regional competitiveness and its structural challenges that we have to address for example the reform of the education the reform of the public sector and the increase of the productive u.-t. all those area major and if thailand remains in this political
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uncertainty i'm afraid that that would not well for the future of thai economy ok i believe it is very brief if you would just give us a sense of the potential that thailand has if it if it did have a settled political landscape. with that if thailand becomes much more unstable we have a strong opportunity in the region if you look at thailand the economy which is about seventy million but combine that with the countries in the region what we call c.l. in v cambodia. and vietnam thailand stands at the very geographically strong location to be the gateway into those market that's one strong potential second thailand is not the country that is competing with the kind of the low and we could be the country that move forward more into the strong
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value adding activities in the economy and that's one area that thailand can be one country that improve itself but as it is right now i think thailand faced the risk of the structural challenge of improving its. competitiveness in many areas we still be high countries in the region and without addressing those it would be it will undermine thailand's potential in moving to become the regional leader not only in economic terms but also in the political area we have not done well in terms of leading the asean region this by being the us in chad this year so with with those. uncertainties perhaps hopefully becoming more settle i think thailand has a lot of homework to do still we have some potentials to go forward and with the woman you know i'm going to jump in there because well i just knew that
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going michel i mean every my family coming towards the end of the should be to realize the potential that michel that peter has been talking about that do you think it's something that it can be dealt with within the nation itself or does it need international pressure as well. i believe that there is plenty of awareness and plenty of talent within thailand to address these problems the awareness of some of the issues that dr david has discussed it is a very long standing in thailand and there is certainly the capacity internally to address these issues. and finally if i can come to you soon i even though democracy may not be restored in thailand in a short time where does your sense for optimism. if it doesn't fool well if that areas and the optimism. kick in from today's
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exercise of a type people it's right about people have spoken out in fairly high number it has hit a record high that pasta eighty percent are now in most places that is one thing to be recon with and not a piot that we must not forget immediately after the two thousand and fourteen coup that will come in to he has said preconditions to normalize sation with thailand that is thailand to hold a credible free and fair elections so the piii is whether the well community was standing with thai people and set the bar high for darick mission rejection of this election. it's certainly a pivotal pivotal moment in. politics we appreciate your time everybody thanks very much indeed for joining us for this important discussion thank you i guess as you know michael i want to start a. pattern on and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by
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visiting our website out there that call for further discussion go to our facebook page that is facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story of course you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is a j inside story from a clock and the whole thing here it's goodbye from. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam has sent engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rolonda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism
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and in-depth stories israel is to hold an election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. on counting the cost this week on al-jazeera we'll take a deeper dive into what's behind algeria's protests last what it's really get from joining china's belton road initiative plus we'll take a look at the plight of venezuela struggling fishermen. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it is murder when you throw
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a firebomb into someone's home and meet heat new off acid you know. not in a significant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as it crime gag down very significant by dictating big government and the fucked up policy now shall not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera.
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i'm sam is a diamond with a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is cutting short a visit to washington d.c. after a rocket attack north of tel aviv israel's foreign ministry says it was fired from
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gaza but hamas denies firing the rocket the strike comes just two weeks before israeli elections stephanie deca has more details from west jerusalem. that's right we've had a long range rocket and j eighty it's got a range of one hundred twenty kilometer is fired out of the gaza strip hit a residential home north of tel aviv injuring seven people so what you have now is you have the israeli prime minister is also the defense minister in the united states he's going to be meeting donald trump later today he will then be returning already the israeli army has called up a limited number of reservists and sent to infantry battalions to the border this is not unusual when you have an escalation but we are looking at this in the context of around two weeks to a hotly contested election there's a lot of pressure on the israeli prime minister to do more there in these rounds of escalations come and go and certainly now when you have a long range rocket and this is why it's so significant it's very unusual that with
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the groups fire such a long range missile out of the strip it's hit a residential area injuring israeli civilians so we are expecting the response to be more severe than we have in the past the british prime minister held a cabinet meeting before speaking to parliament about briggs it will discuss a number of amendments to resume a still on leaving the maze under increasing pressure to resign ahead of a final push to get a break through parliament in the u.s. democrats won robert muller's reports on the russia probe to be made public summary concluded there was no evidence donald trump's campaign colluded with moscow during the two thousand and sixteen election the us president has declared himself completely exonerated the summary doesn't draw a conclusion on whether he had struck the justice final results are delayed in thailand's long awaited election and it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro-military rival this is the first time people have been able to vote since military coup five years ago.
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has more from bangkok. what we've been waiting for and what is kind of normal operating procedure is that they release pullin unary figures and that is what we're still waiting for we've seen kind of the numbers tick through and as you kind of alluded to they're the pro-military party. that out is leading the polls and. is behind them what's variance in this is how close they are and more importantly what happens from here now the prime ministerial candidate has already announced that they are going to start to talk to other parties to form a coalition within the parliament there are starting that process even before we hear these numbers a ceasefire has started in a city in yemen following intense fighting online video shows the results of days of street battles and ties some civilians are reported killed the fight for control of the city in the southwest is between the yemeni army backed by saudi arabia and fighters supported by saudis coalition partners the united arab emirates new
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zealand's prime minister has announced a wide ranging commission of inquiry into a gunman's attack on two christ church mosques which killed fifty people is a look into everything from gun laws and social media to whether the domestic spy agency police and immigration have the right focus ahead of mali's armed forces and several senior commanders have been sacked following an attack which killed one hundred thirty four villages gunman reportedly dressed as dons zero hunters stormed full and cattle herders in the desert region of bank us another full on the village was attacked nearby australians are being urged to stay indoors because of side flown veronica is expected to come ashore on the northwest coast or on the career is particularly dangerous because it's barely moving to rancho rain is increasing the threat of flooding. and the kenyan teacher gave way most of his salary to support students in
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a remote impoverished village is one of global teaching awarding the million dollars people she was recognized for helping students stay in school. inside facebook now. facebook is all you believe the most powerful company in the world one point four billion people use it every day more than the population of any country on earth except china the story that you created represent the american dream you know that our mission at facebook is to help connect everyone in the world we take that
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responsibility very seriously but a series of recent scandals has exposed hope blooms of the haunts of the social network ministers that coburg i think we all agree that what happened here was bag of knowledge she was a breach of trust and i just want to be clear that you're going to take early action in this film we go into companies with facebook's content moderation is to reveal how facebook decides what you can see that plan. it's good for you to report of them so their birthright go to school. so. it's pretty but. with billions of pieces of comb sends uploaded every day these decisions how far reaching consequences. of the woods on you is not necessary. but how they're made has been shrouded in secrecy until now you shouldn't be speaking of ever curvaceous topics ok you know just goes on probation it does not
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often. from violence. to hate speech we revealed how facebook deals with extreme comes. through for two three. four. k. through her father who for schools with graphic videos routinely left homeless sites she has to treat it especially for the face of a selfless. and far right groups getting special protection over sort of loaf over switcheroo the river facebook is facebook putting profits before safety if you start censoring triggers them to believe interest in the growth process it's all about it's all a big one of the. these
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isn't even a facebook the green arrow helps you get there at the meeting not the whole company this year facebook published a set of rules about what content is allowed on this platform. to be on our reserve the walls and gates faith and trust in facebook that's the meter not going to break if i remember that one that we work for. moderators have told us there are serious problems with the way these rules are applied so we're going under a company facebook's launch a sense of the u.k. content moderation in something. facebook has outsourced a lot of its activity our reporter is working for a company called c.p.l. resources. p three policy that you should be speaking to their record basis of topics ok to be on your to store for patients and got sucked up to facebook a highly secretive about the world so again no matter how strong you are there sure
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is that you don't actually feel the provision for what you actually hear. so. give you the first quality of what you're going to do it was a call to whatever. the full fiscal policies. or these flaws we are. every week millions of pieces of content to reports it's a facebook by users who think they should be deleted. so these are some of the examples these do are the photos that we're going to defeat because these are the needles years not tougher going to dig for the new folks and their life it's completely open so in that case we're going to go. unlike other media that there was little regulation restricting what can appear on
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the social network so the decision to delete or ignore is entirely up to facebook. and it started off in us colleges and then we launched in u.s. high schools and a little bit in u.s. corporations and since when we opened up the site actually last ember of sex. started exploding internationally when i first met zuck he was twenty two years old and from that moment forward for a period of about three years i was one of the people that he turned to for mentoring. venture capitalist roger mcnamee was one of facebook's early investors and a mentor to found among. he was absolutely convinced that connecting the world was possible and that that should be his mission we believe really deeply that if people are sharing more then the world
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will be a more open place where people can understand what's going on with the people around them and that's really what we want to get towards i was more proud of facebook than anything i'd ever done in a thirty five or six year career. before i understood what was going. there or a good few glitches further from the front for. one of the most sensitive areas of facebook's content rulebook is the section on graphic violence i just know that and so it's a feel good stuff and so i go for whatever the books. you know our three auctions we have are no more there's no option taken to lease a room or for facebook our work on the server is restrictions on place of you're going to see the contents of how it is presented us when content is marked as disturbing a warning is added to make the content viewable users must click on this warning
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under eighteen should not be able to view the content but it remains on the site and freely available to anyone claiming to be over eighteen a video or so one volume is not necessarily going to go to each board you want your markets to buy separate one you just could as well let the policy that money stays for more basic birth of a few. critical items through a war i'm going to respond and consider one also. it's been dissolved the. videos the people involved did not show what a newbies we were just mark resistance of the book and still share them like crazy words from work. so it was part of. the next policy this far weeks this is videos but short of child abuse i did find on one.


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