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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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it's a rubric for a very slow mark of the certain restrictions on place of you're going to see the contents of how it is presented it's when content is marked as disturbing a warning is added to make the content viewable users must click on this warning under eighteen should not be able to view the content but it remains on the site and freely available to anyone claiming to be over eighteen a video or so one guardian is not necessarily going to get the board they want your markets to buy cigarettes what you just could is a work of policy that money stays or not basically both are a few. critical items to a warm weather this under considerable loss of. it's being dissolved in the. videos of people who don't do not show what a newbies we were just mark resistance of the book and still share those like raise awareness and work. so that was part of. the next policy this far
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weeks this is video news but short of child abuse i did find on one of the. easier for sloppy. form of the walk. also for the. boy. or. wrong or shoot. to your. wrists are ghouls very. right. always more. horse. example. it's. more. you recognise those images and that from my video. was video from they are
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from. that was sent to us from one of all supporters asking for help when there were some d. inbox on this facebook page. asking for help because. they saw that they'd sin and they were obviously they didn't want to call. saw initially see a little tiny boy it was about two or three on the video with a man talking to him which i not say. and then he was hit him and punched him it was so him about and the newest stomping kicking on him and then not be so the video or call saul. l.f. if. absolutely nothing apart from a sickening feeling you've just you've seen some autonomy little boy.
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i mean you know you start from that. but they are. not just out of their hair the noise. you are so he can get out your ass is literally all you say and that's all you think about is a little why and why he's a in the way he's a named him and you have all the videos as i said i am i did initially and we received my message back saying it didn't violate. some conditions. as it is are. there left off wasn't made. no gray area but this is so interesting to the mob stuff yeah because it's so
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obvious he's still technically only on the go for all reporter asks another moderate so why he thinks some graphic content gets marked as disturbing rather than deleted then i will be raising as behind police or murder using. people for all of this is itself a bunch of kids with gorman's and. yeah no social safety of. budgeting it should just be delayed and like i said. no because i don't assume of censorship them ok if you start censoring to her it will lose interest but it's all good it's a little more than that. in the first two days after it was posted on facebook the video of the little boy being beaten was shared more than forty four thousand times . from facebook point of view this is essentially. you know the crack cocaine of their of their products right it's the really extreme really dangerous form of
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content that. attracts the most highly engaged people on the planet for. facebook understood that it was desirable to have people spend more time on site if you're going to have an advertising based business you need to see the ads you want to say what facebook is learned is the people on the extremes of the really valuable. because one person on either extreme can often provoke fifty or one hundred other people and so they will live as much extreme content as they can get . we put the results of our investigation to facebook's vice president of global policy. shocking content does not make us more money it's just a misunderstanding of how the system works shocking content truly keeps people on facebook that means it's more likely that they move your advertising that makes you
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money that's why shocking content is good for facebook again i don't that's not our experience of the people he's also obvious around the world there is a minority who are prepared to abuse our systems and other internet platforms to share the most offensive kind of material by just don't agree that that is the experience that most people want and that's not the experience we're trying to deliver. there's not a couple of other options on that page so that with that we have is looking to see if you can find any time gaggle of fans through kevin and if you've been going on for a while with no idea where to go with us and if you put a facebook not us so it's a bit there are three of his just say to try and find out some information on the video and to tell you i say. you go. with. the we've.
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got to do our whole. for life if you're always with your goods this is good videos that are not worth i'm not munching on person to people. it's for photos. so you're over for promotion. or go for more but in order to move. our investigation found that unless they are streamed live videos of physical child abuse a not usually reported to the police. sold best to geisha price as a follow up price. and may be. off the not so. pro and on and on and on child because it will be a story. about dad very nice stuff like. carpenter's the stuff i mean so ration cards or art or otherwise just for real
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concern of course research from current user. i know it's when i spoke to do anything i would they possibly know unless if you see something where trot is going to read by the supers was a large video i suppose why do various lawyers make a different card by as i've heard of star trek a video store getting rescued. is not going to be reported by off to the police i think the reality is someone is going to it's going to be. most united now about how you know boys we've found out and he says in malaysia these child i'd. say it was stepfather and been arrested and jailed for twelve months. how long ago was it that you first kind of most of it yeah i mean that was and i think it was december two thousand and twelve. i saw it's being sick you know it's almost. a long face of the eighty's yeah.
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this video is used in facebook's training as an example of the kind of child abuse that should be marked as disturbing and left almost silent. if that's being used as an example for motivators of what is considered acceptable to say what is tolerated on facebook is truly shocking this is just a haitian boy was. caught up in or that a of the indication and rescue of it into the physical abuse we may not immediately remove this content from facebook it's perfectly possible for facebook to take down footage of child abuse and for that to be passed to the north of four copies of the
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t.v. or to be retained if that will assist in a law enforcement in a police say investigation it's difficult to conclude why that material would need to stay on the site we know that for as long as that content command on a social media site then that exacerbates the trauma that children might feel not only has that child been subject to sustained physical abuse but unfortunately that child is being. the abused by the fact that that content is there for anyone to go on to facebook and see unfortunately the child is being really abused with every click. on facebook and individual showed it i want to be clear that's not acceptable but shouldn't be that material should have been taken down on the site that you went to the c.p.l. site you see part of the total system so those are the front line reviewers but
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behind them sits a team of child safety. expos there are actually facebook full time staff they will make an assessment of whether the child is at risk they will make a decision about what to do with the content including referring it to law enforcement agencies whether that's a program. we chose to we made facebook aware of this child abuse video it was still available on the platform they told us they have now reviewed the material used to train new moderators. just this for all i'm always a bit just one car. so they were just saying basically if i said to me i'm a pretty show that minus. it's kind of just to go fighting. over up at the very mention of a school stuff and. all the pulsar was moderating a video showing two teenage girls fighting both girls are clearly identifiable and
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the video has been shared more than a thousand times. one and definitely more i don't want to. play for the face. also for those. she has said. there she is how she's very selfless. and i. my friend for me and i just saw a movie star you don't there. is a video of you toss she thought you need to see it you say. start to fight. in the throw each other on the flaw. the other girl saw. just posts time on my thoughts i. just repeat. nice and kicks in
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and they had. and she looks she just looks out of control basically she looks like a wild animal. to wake up and stand behind i what joy in the whole world is watching as well a scene at most a baby you know horrifying it was humiliating for. the video has been posted with a caption condemning the violence based on the new policy yeah but it's one of the foremost republicans are. really rather you know that even if it's from government money i mean if it looks everybody condemning is a reason for it would be before we go over the wealth. of a whole book. following a recent change to the public see even experienced moderate says i'm not sure whether the video should be deleted almost as disturbing i'm left on the sites where they don't vote. but. saw anything on a video of the border mourners sort of condemning books of its ability. or is this
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one of them optimism out. of them because. midcoast as a caption condemning the violence the video gets months is disturbing and i'm left alone the signs. from. you showed footage from under cover filming to the girl's mother. should really have been a question but boy it's tacky he. should have been a discussion those he said himself he bought and saw. a way of paying. dish and being questioned and.
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you see they had mentioned his ad and it is horrible aids. is these. so why was it why was it discussion why was it discussion with its. i don't know. you know someone's child but. it's not fast spoken. so that's interesting because i i swear if there is like bullying between two humanity you can just delete or you sort of know where we go if there were if there will. be some of these groups groups for the world to look around a forum to give them room to screw or or daughter or ok. to be on for the first three right i say overdue for if there was a caption saying brilliant she had taken really really your order those motocross three and four from the book. no matter what option is all not ready or. should
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have been taken down there all the worst spread awareness with a. video we someone's daughter beamed. but was no emotion at all my god what's happening to the not think you know the beginning this is the thinking of the policies if they're watching a video of their own daughter what decision. they make. if a parent or guardian sees a video of that child in circumstances that they object to they do have the right to insist that we take it down and we do take it down where we're made aware so you're putting the onus on the victim here to complain to you why aren't you taking this material down before humiliates children and again if the content in a way that praises or encourages that violence is going to come down but where people are highlighting an issue and condemning the issue even if the issue is
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painful there are a lot of circumstances where people will say to us look facebook you should not interfere with my ability to highlight a problem that people watch these videos facebook's making money. the money we make is by people using the service and seeing ads within the newspaper. when you have forty billion a sales and tens of billions of profit per year pretty much have to . do everything in your power to make sure that you're not making the world worse for the users of your product.
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like cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should and if we can we should have people in power investigates the private companies and mutual us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and when sets are not a future in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition movies or to talk one on out is iraq. is a dime in the over the headlines here al jazeera israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu
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is cutting short a visit to washington d.c. after a rocket attack north of tel aviv israel's foreign ministry says it was fired from gaza but hamas denies firing the rocket the strike comes just two weeks before israeli elections seventy deca has more from west jerusalem. but we are looking at this in the context of around two weeks to a hotly contested election there's a lot of pressure on the israeli prime minister to do more there are these rounds of escalations come and go and certainly now when you have a long range rocket and this is why it's so significant it's very unusual that with a group fire such a long range missile out of the strip it's hit a residential area injuring israeli civilians so we are expecting the response to be more severe than we have in the past british prime minister to resign may as been meeting with a cabinet after reports senior party members were plotting to remove her as leader may is under increasing pressure to resign as head of
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a final push to get her briggs's deal through parliament voters in thailand waiting for the election commission to release preliminary results of a long awaited poll it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its probability rival this is the first time people have been able to vote since a military coup five years ago in the us democrats won robert muller's reports on the russian probe to be made public summary concluded there was no evidence donald trump's campaign colluded with moscow during the two thousand and sixteen election the us president has declared himself completely exonerated but the summary doesn't draw a conclusion on whether the he obstructed justice a cease fire started in the yemeni city of ties following intense fighting some civilians are being killed.
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new zealand's prime minister has announced a wide ranging commission of inquiry into the government's attack on to christ church mosque which killed fifty people it will look into everything from gun laws and social media to whether the best expire agency police and immigration have the right focus. those headlines the news continues after inside facebook secrets of the social network she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's still the front believer in the principle she fought for assuming. the iranian vice president for women and family affairs talks to al-jazeera. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been imploring it was me to go to really . reveal secrets see what. sitting out there i mean people out there
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you know. and connections some don't want exposed many in legacy media. last shoot. for my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. with filming undercover in one of facebook's largest content moderation senses to reveal how the social network decides what you can see on its platform and ask someone. if they use a finds a piece of home sent they think it's inappropriate they can reduce it to facebook. the moderator will then decide whether almost it breaks the platform's rules. if there are few people who work for them so there are dearth of over them go to
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school. so for us it's pretty good says. each of these reports is called a ticket and the tickets build up in the queues that the moderates is one of three after three and a half weeks of training all reports and was now working through his own queue of tickets. while we were filming on the cover. was cool to fool the u.s. senate and accused of not doing enough to protect facebook's uses we want to hear more without delay about what facebook and other companies plan to do to take greater responsibility for what happens on their platforms. it's not enough to just build tools we need to make sure that they're used for good or in the last year we've basically doubled the number of people doing security and content review we're going to have more than twenty thousand people working on security and content review by the end of this year. recently there's been
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a huge boom to spoil you did so getting reported on it we've closed the book so we do get fifty those reports today that the job you do maybe you continue to do is sit through those and she does move quicker to rebuild them such as more people with. facebook aims to assess all reported content within twenty four rounds but it's become clear that there is a backlog of fifteen thousand tickets that have been waiting longer than last year i just want to say how is that different for the active faculty and i mean. it's really been recognized not just with a c you have put on a higher level in the mountains with facebook. and you know the last couple of weeks have been really hard the backlog is crazy i feel that's understaffed and the three days. over and over it's like fifty seven hours in the house like over six numbers three hundred sixty four
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tickets and not one bar ok so our latest is a five day is eighteen hours and forty five that's very hard because our turnaround time for this queue is twenty four hours. so that means you have to get everything down by twenty four hours and i'm not going to have the order books so within the high risk area but there be anything like. someone saying i'm going to crisis in ten minutes. with that yes. any reports that related to somebody at risk of suicide would not have gone into the queue where there was a backlog they would have gone into a high priority queue where we were meeting the standards we've checked since you brought this issue to us and we're very confident that even in that period where we had a backlog in the normal cute we did not have a backlog in the series i q so the c.t.o. moderation was rolled there were all these licenses yes right ok facebook told us this backlog was cleared by the sixth of april and they are doubling the number of
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people working on safety and security. base is really for them because they have every you know five hundred. thousand hard and i feel sorry for wi-fi revise these i've weighed more than many other things. undercover reporter is being trained in how to deal with content relating to self home. those are examples over three sites out there on any material promoting self harm or suicide gets deleted in the first one we have four of the thoughts they all read your friends or might you know i'm ok let me say wait so very serious i mean maybe right. so if we're all here and i will be any material that shows self home but doesn't promote says it's called self harm
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admission and gets left on the site without a warning so if you do know when i make sure we are going to send a check with it because we want to sound resources to doctors like minded folk i respect for how although for me with self home admission the user who posted the contents the sense a message called a checkpoint containing information about mental health support services. millions of these light sources so. i think that probably around sixty five percent of my scars owing to the impact social media has had on me. there's definitely a bit of a rush of adrenaline. amazed in the blood was a relief because it reminded me that there was something inside of me and that i
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wasn't as empty as i felt. at all these fine. fine so you. were. somebody that i met who had facebook she used to regularly post pictures of herself home before the way healed and before there was scar and i would look at her picture as there was also a group that i used to follow on facebook. i meant that i was surrounded myself with people that were south hamann it would encourage me to cut a lot more it became a bever competition in the afterlife i need it's a duty. and that i needed to have with self.
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the other person. for the. birthday of the school for. was to moderating our reporter comes across graphic images of self. over to the point mugu for those kids or in a good way out of it overnight. so for a new shoot with the cruise. for promotion. for so soon more so what's that supposed to do is. it's not a private you can see the people of of a badly cut themselves as old scars this is this isn't just a one off and they're cutting themselves that's not appropriate that's not ok. misery loves company so if you can get out there and you can actually see people
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doing the thing that kind of is a representation of their misery there might be something. attractive in that and no track to live to or a mind that isn't functioning how it should be. or more your. looks are most of. our nothing more towards what was gone to school work or they will all be. praying for a year old or you're. using this every justification for all allow you and your images of yourself it's not really. you know there are healthier ways of doing that it's not that we don't want to listen to them it's not that we don't want to help them in the long run it's not a healthy thing to do you know this needs this level of of harm needs proper
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professional intervention and putting stuff out on social media is not professional intervention. or the board. or those with. guns drawn to school just barrel and. forced to. fall for aggression using the drugs. or the mother or. i just think it's something that's going to be hard for other people to down to have an experience there i think that self harm is something that's so complex that . it can't be characterized in a guideline or in a rule and it can't be understood by so. but he who doesn't understand how it feels to do that would you have a look at. images a cell phone
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a face or no now no not at all i'm strong enough to fight not to affect me but i'm not strong enough to take the rest of it i believe that it wouldn't affect me completely believe that but i'm not prepared to take a chance. there's actually a very strong valid interest from that person if they're expressing distress to be able to express their distress to their family and friends friends through facebook and then get help and we see that happen every day the individuals are provided with help by their family and friends because the content stayed up if we took it down the family and friends would not know that that individual was at risk. but i see the picture of what really is our boys are there too so if you're worried
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about so dirty. work that looks pretty good whoop jury in the training session on cell phone the issue of child uses comes up so we don't actually own a car or as they're reading your great facebook's rules state that no one under thirteen can have an account you have all the luck but think. yeah so you'd be very right and we'd be more ok i remember if you got she would. get. so if you thought of this for the. little bit of your life people have one. very serious all great leaders like that and now we're going we don't know when the underage. facebook told us they only investigate a user's age if someone has reported them as being under age.
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much of the content reports it's a facebook's u.k. moderates as relates to hate speech so i'm sure you're out there but i thought last night no pay for the all the photo space or to write about what our personalities are really hot for the days when month appeared before the u.s. senate he was questioned on facebook's hate speech means our goal is to allow people to have as much expression as possible and i don't want anyone at our company to make any decisions based on the the political ideology of the content facebook say their rules are intended to protect certain groups from being abused or attacked on the platform or through their core or more of them are who are or were. but we found moderates his was sometimes told to ignore disturbing content
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before. we voted for of course. it's been around for more water. than ignore. for the last well through your correlation you don't go over to the gutter group or over. the border for the use of force mark boal the root of the two true thought was your harm to him because we hope to go to war so for this one shooter or this is a regrettable for those who go through her. facebook told us the picture does in fact violate the hate speech rules and they're reviewing what went wrong to prevent it happening again in order to create a service where every. and has a voice we also need to make sure that people aren't bullied or or basically intimidated or the environment feels unsafe for them but some things not everyone
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gets the same level of protection i kind of instinctively think. ok is it really. all reports or is moderating the colemans says back to your own countries. it's been posted the video with the caption the film to muslims in the us. to their. children three zero zero zero immigrants mostly immigrant if you do that most of them you take this option but it doesn't so it's our. facebook allows users to say more abusive things about muslim immigrants than it does about muslims. they are still muslim or even say it was muslim immigrants system muslims or islam was an example there are. you know exactly what makes someone to do this for you. and for three.
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you're just saying that they're thinking we're. physical inferiority if you like muslim immigrant school for. people are debating very sensitive issues on facebook including issues like immigration very currently and that political debate can be entirely legitimate that's why you allow people to say muslim immigrants get out of britain but not muslim get us britain we're trying to distinguish that between hate speech which is against a class of peace you don't think muslim immigrant get out of britain is hate speech you get there this is something that we've looked at in a lot of detail these very hot this is right on that line is a hate speech right on that line we've not defined it as hate speech if you are again you express. a view about the government's immigration policy. we discovered that some far right pages receive special protection on facebook. and ferry sank
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they'll think this casting by saying that they write the british children. the britain first facebook page had more than two million followers when it was deleted in march while we were filming after its leaders were convicted of racially aggravated harassment. really not taken down. the wrong group or your order of mall or form more local we've been tracking that page since it had three hundred thousand followers it ended up with up to two million followers at one point before that page was polled the question to me else why did it take so long about the british stuff it was pretty much oil market are you just so much for want to stroll. over north for lucian sugar in the fourth. look forward to her revived facebook if a page has five pieces of content that violate facebook's rules our reporter was
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told it should be taken down to britain first was a highly popular facebook page these pages a shield it and can't be deleted by ordinary content moderators at c.p.l. . it was never met threshold before it was taken down. oh i think. it is just up to me from the feel good. to me. what is actually me. but when he said i shared it it goes to another if you have to use an image. for sometimes. you know just depends on what it is britain for if it's very right. but. when shielded pages have content that breaks the rules they're put into the shielded review queue so they can be assessed by facebook itself border. shooter of iraq main. computer from her home be prepared to go all the followers you don't want through your term you want to be
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one for sure there are girls who are eager to show her for fear. of them physical tools for triggers are yeah look like other prefer stuff. if it is a sure do they get so special consideration over to her. facebook special consideration appears to also apply to phone right figureheads homey robinson about children being killed they're being killed if they're not being bright destroyed and bust out well from their being but shouldn't i mayn't see said there's soaps that's the future projects. in march this year robinson was permanently banned from twitter but his facebook page is still active this may he was jailed for contempt of course following a facebook live video he posted outside a course in leeds. one of these places becomes a target of some logs is there any point me looking for you to come to. you.
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because we want to go to the dentist suppose those produce an image. like you do. you happen to be talking to a video just goes through this feel to the truth of anything there. with nine hundred thousand followers robinson's facebook page is so popular it's been given the same protected status as governments and news organizations when they say freedom of speech what they're really saying is we really want to permit people to do whatever they want in this platform and we will do the bare minimum to make that socially acceptable their business model is really tied to being able to publish whatever they want and it once you understand the nature of lard. internet networks is that the harshest meanest voices are
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going to dominate but you realize that the more open you make the platform inherently the more unpleasant inappropriate bad content you're going to get on it . why does tony robbins get a shielded account the same as the government of the b.b.c. high profile organizations that are respected if the content is indeed violating it will go to the very valuable accounts these are but i got hundreds of thousands of followers again i will be clear this is not a discussion about money this is a discussion about political speech and i think people would expect us to be careful and cautious before we take down that political speech. we didn't come in. and day to misuse that's not going to. which is why facebook has changed from facebook has launched a high profile campaign to improve its image. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook
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i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here i understand why it's been hard for people to come to grips with all this but the incentives to do so now are really compelling and i just hope that as a consequence of this film that the tone of the debate becomes sharper more focused more persistent and that we stop accepting their excuses we stop accepting vera surance says c.p.l. told is ensuring our trainers and employees are always fully trained and up to date on facebook policy changes is critically important to us so we are investigating this matter as a priority and taking immediate steps with facebook. this is included conducting extensive refresher training within the last week for all of china's we're one of the most heavily scrutinized companies in the world and that's right we have
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a lot of reach to people in many different countries it's right that we're held high standards we also hold ourselves to high standards you've identified some areas where we failed and i'm here today to apologize for those failings and make it clear that we do recognize that they were weaknesses that we should not be in this position all i can say is that we are committed wherever failings are brought to our attention to taking them seriously to addressing them and trying to make sure that we do better in future. when they're on line what tina's taught us is to be able to incite
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a steamer expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs. or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state and in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a global conversation. hello there a cycle has developed off the coast of brazil it's a fairly rare event we've only had nine named storms here this little circulation here but fortunately it was like it won't make landfall so instead it's just a bit of a talking point really the showers there further inland over many parts of brazil and then the stretching down towards the northern parts of argentina and we're seeing some fairly heavy ones here at the moment to the south of that it's pretty hot in santiago twenty nine should be our maximum on tuesday but not as hot in one
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of the hours where temperature will be around twenty degrees for the central americas we're seeing quite a bit of cloud over parts of cuba and across the bahamas and this system is still going to linger during the course of the day so a few showers are likely here they could also be one or two particularly around the dominican republic this sharipov should looks like it's going to stick around for tuesday but elsewhere there's plenty of dry weather to be found with mexico city making it to twenty five degrees now for the north we've seen some destructive winds and some very large hail from parts of texas all the way up towards illinois this system is working its way eastwards still at risk of having a some severe weather as it does so i'm behind it it will turn cooler so for tuesday the maximum temperature in new york will just be seven degrees. with sponsored town. rewind continues i can bring your
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people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about just the arrest documentary this troubled continues both from bad to now use distance revisiting return of the lizard king we went on the cover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling. he is off to the u.k. very tired to me due to the european union accept is yet to take for nick kemp britain seem through its divorce from its european neighbors the whole process could still be revived to stay without zara for the latest. harley is influenced by their football fans who don't think about the opening. lead explaining when real madrid loves worth five hundred million euros or expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice. in
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part two of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to bring the endless chain on al-jazeera and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbeds my case one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. this is al-jazeera.
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a low i'm sami's a down this is the news out live from the coming up in the next sixty minutes to retaliate with force israel's prime minister cut short his trip to washington d.c. after a rocket attack north of tel aviv. an al jazeera investigation uncovers close links between america's biggest gun lobby and some australian politicians. and villages starving in northwest kenya why the government under fire for its response to drought. and in school one of baseball's most sought after plans has had a financial plan run my trial to sign a record breaking four hundred and. thirty million dollars deal with the los angeles and church. the firing of a rocket into
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a house north of tel aviv has prompted israel's prime minister to cut short a visit to washington d.c. benyamin netanyahu will meet donald trump in the next few hours before returning home he's already talked of responding with force israel's foreign ministry says the single rocket was fired from gaza early monday morning seven people are reported to have been injured we've got three correspondents covering this developing story kimberly how can it is standing by for us in washington d.c. when netanyahu is set to meet with trump harry force it is at the gaza israel border but first to stephanie decker who's in west jerusalem for us so let's start first of all what's the word out of girls on how they say what happened today. well we are expecting a statement from the joint operations room shortly there hasn't been anything official at the moment no claim of responsibility the only thing we've had from the
9:51 pm
factions islamic jihad a spokesperson morning israel against any operation inside gaza that they would retaliate but what this is done sadly is put an incredible amount of pressure on these radio prime minister you'll hear from kimberly a little later about now he's going to meet trump we are expecting trump to sign a deed that recognizes radius sovereignty over the occupied golan heights now netanyahu is going to play this is a huge election card really overshadowing his opponent benny gantz is due to speak at a package just about an hour from now well now really this is reverse the tide you're going to hear benny gantz addressing this rocket attack by the gods of course the former chief of staff who was in charge of the army during the two thousand and fourteen gaza war he's already tweeted that benjamin netanyahu has not been able to contain gaza there's a lot of pressure on the israeli prime minister to do something and to do something more than we've seen in previous escalations which is to hit targets but they're usually empty buildings and empty land without any casualties so this is where we
9:52 pm
are at the moment we are expecting netanyahu to fly back arriving in the early hours of tuesday morning betty guns is going to be flying back after his speech and i think we're going to have to wait and see what's going to happen but certainly all sides are expecting a serious escalation all right stephanie going to think you can continue to talk about this though with our force that he's on the gaza israel border fence and we heard reports about mobilizations how do the movements look from where you are. well we've seen very little apart from one solitary time which was being transported southward as we were driving down here ourselves but that doesn't tell the whole story by any means the israeli military has mobilized an extra two brigades they have put preparations in place to call up army reservists as well in various specialisms within the military they have also closed off the border crossings into gaza and as well as declaring that agricultural land such
9:53 pm
as that behind us should be not answered by israeli civilians we drove past one such access route being closed off on our way here as well what we're hearing from inside gaza is that gaza schools which operate in two shifts a morning shift in the later shift that later shift has been ended and school children are being sent home. our colleagues inside gaza are saying that there isn't exactly panic yet but there is a great deal of concern among the residents of gaza about what is likely to happen in the coming hours people who can afford it are stocking up on goods in the shops and there are preparations being made in full expectation of a major israeli military response to the rocket fire that we saw this more this morning injuring seven members of israeli family. from harry forces there let's cross over to kimberly how good is live for us in washington d.c. how much of a shadow is this costing over those talks between netanyahu and. we'll
9:54 pm
certainly all eyes will be on the oval office when that takes place unfortunately the white house is making this a close press event when the israeli prime minister meets with the u.s. president in the oval office it will be expecting some sort of a picture but very little more than that unless it is opened up this means reporters will not be able to ask questions there's no question that this is very much a photo op designed for both leaders as the u.s. president continues to deal with the aftermath of the release of the molar report investigation into the last two years of his presidency and also his campaign for the israeli prime minister of course facing corruption charges also that imminent election both of the embattled leaders looking for favorable press coming out of this and that's perhaps why this is a very confined event in terms of what could happen coming out of this meeting because as we have been reporting this is
9:55 pm
a visit that has been cut short but still we are expecting that the u.s. president will continue with his departed years of u.s. policy declaring a formal announcement recognizing israel's control over the golan heights again this is something that plays very well domestically here in the united states for the u.s. president of course for the israeli prime minister as well all right let's thank kimberly how to get them from washington d.c. . britain's prime news that's reason may is been meeting with a cabinet officer reports senior policy members are plotting to remove her as leader he's under increasing pressure to resign would have a final push to get a deal through parliament. has the latest now from outside the u.k. parliament in london so the d.m. what exactly happened in that cabinet meeting. sami we know that there is a lot of tension to say the least within the cabinet and it follows
9:56 pm
a meeting on sunday at the prime minister's country residence. where we were expecting really to hear formally announcements that would be a leadership challenge the talk of the weekend that's going to weigh for now but in that cabinet meeting apparently behind the scenes and treason was given more of a positive message from of the hard line breaks it is about her attempts her aim to bring back her deal her withdrawal agreement for a third time to parliament this week to try to get it through and we're hearing that it could be on tuesday that she tries to do so but also there is a really a large amount of frustration cross party now in parliament with her perceived stubbornness and for the fact that many people see her deal is doomed means that they want to put down a series of indicative votes in the coming days to see whether parliament can can reach consensus around another way out of the the current pos so even though
9:57 pm
theresa may might wish to bring it back on tuesday or another day this week we're expecting the speaker of the house in the next few hours to look at some of these other ideas that members of different parties are putting forward one of them pushed by the opposition labor party simply says that they want to have indicative votes one of the amendments that could come later on monday if that happens then from the middle of the week parliament could be arsed to look at these different proposals henery ban the chair of parliament's breck's it committee told me a bit about what that means. if the amendment is passed today on a wednesday and peace will have a chance to vote on the series of tens of proposals we'll have to see what that produces but that at least is parliament trying to rise to which from civility the public expects us to work as hard as we can to find an alternative way for i don't know what the outcome will be but that is not an argument for not trying i think we
9:58 pm
should try. i'll talk about trying the e.u. apparently trying to come up with some kind of no deal bragg's that plan what are you hearing about that. that's right the european commission the executive now saying that they have finalize their preparations for a no deal bricks it scenario is something that everyone that they say they don't want that the british government say well the parliament has voted to reject. and now the european commission spokesperson saying that they are ready for that scenario but not just that saying that the likelihood has actually increased of course last week at the summit in brussels they gave to reason may this new deadline of april the twelfth deal doesn't get through parliament this week then that's when in the absence of any other deal the u.k. leaves the e.u.
9:59 pm
no deal breaks it some people see it as crushing out extremely harmful to some sections of the british economy the governments put in billions of dollars in preparations and vera prospects like the army being deployed in certain areas. things like him lori parks being prepared in southern england to to prepare for the traffic chaos expected the day off to a no deal breaks it not just that but there are there's a growing if you like groundswell of of concern amongst some of the public there's a petition with more than five million signatures saying that the government should actually revoke article fifty. and also push for a second referendum behind that all of those precise fears of a no deal breaker some within to resume a zone poncy would welcome that no deal scenario and that's why we still none the
10:00 pm
wiser about the parliament she timetable this weekend and where it's going to go all right well enough now thanks so much to the mama. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including parts of western australia face the role of a powerful. and emotional goodbye to the volunteer who died trying to save lives after a ferry capsized in iraq. i . waiting for the election commission to release results of sunday's general election it's shaping up to be a close race between the party backed by the military government and the main opposition party scott hytner reports from bangkok the morning after the much
10:01 pm
anticipated election the people of thailand were still waiting for results from the election commission and they had to wait until the late afternoon almost twenty four hours after the polls closed. the main.


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