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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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u.s. president donald trump has long condemned as a witch hunt in till it was released and now the president is cheering the findings there was no collusion with the russia there was no up structure. and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration that's not completely true the attorney general says there is no evidence the trump campaign coordinated with russian officials but on obstruction of justice the special counsel robert mueller didn't decide if he should be charged the attorney general made that call and in his letter to congress he made clear this report doesn't find the president didn't possibly commit a crime right in the special counsel states that while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him and that is democrats demanding answers jerry nadler heads the committee in congress that will be investigating pretty general clark. who are dishing for his role you don't remember in the suggesting
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that the obstruction investigation was on functional and that a president and that it was almost impossible for any president to commit a rupturing of justice if he's the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence and under forty eight hours this inclusions raise more questions than the answer given the fact that muller uncovered evidence that in his own words does not exonerate the president he's promising to call officials to testify and vowing to get the tens of thousands of pages of evidence that have been collected in the trunk campaign was quick to try and use this to bolster his chances of reelection really see in this video evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion with the president's proclaiming victory but as congress pushes to make all the evidence public and with several other investigations ongoing he may want his supporters to believe it's over it isn't. just checking in in
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washington d.c. we're just monitoring this as well that's lindsey graham senate judiciary committee chair senior republican politician who is actually speaking about the conclusions from the miller investigation as brought by the attorney general william boss so we're just keeping an eye on that but we're going to talk to patty calhoun in the meantime as well you just brought us that report you said at the end of your report patty that it's not over and i guess in large part that now comes down to the democrats and what they can push through. exactly in the democrats across the board in the house the senate they have said they want to see this full report it is somewhat inaccurate to call it the moeller report this is really william bars the attorney general's report of what muller found we haven't heard from robert muller he has a tremendous amount of evidence to be interviewed five hundred people there were five twenty eight hundred subpoenas so there's going to be a lot of evidence they want to see every single document so can they well the
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executive can try to basically slow down that process the attorney general did not recommend that the grand jury testimony go before a judge and a judge can decide to clear because right now the law says if you talk to a grand jury in less a judge releases that to the public it has to stay secret so they could try to subpoena the report but the executive has a lot of power to try and slow roll that eventually would likely be decided in the corporate that could take months possibly even years precedent says democrats will eventually get their hands on it but again it's a long process in the more immediate they can subpoena the attorney general to testify before them under oath or they could try and get work but robert mueller to come and tell them in his own words what he found he still special counsel least he showed up at the justice department today not sure how many more days that's going to be but once he's a private citizen you click can't claim executive privilege even the ministration might try that but on the flip side of it patty president trump has said ad nauseum there was no collusion and broadly that is what the report says as well it might be
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as he says complete exoneration but he can use this. he can and he will as you saw his using it to raise funds he's going to you know he turned basically he was complaining about a witch hunt and now he's saying look it was a witch on i am under attack i need your support so you can see he's going to try and make this last for the next two years and democrats are being warned to tread carefully here you don't want to overplay your hand because a lot of average americans are saying enough there's no collusion move on let's do something for the american public now i think it's important to point out though that this isn't over because the standard that robert muller would have had to set for allegations like collusion the charge like collusion it would be a criminal conspiracy he'd have to have a whole lot of evidence and federal prosecutors don't bring cases unless they pretty much believe eighty to ninety five percent that they can actually get a conviction so we do know there were a lot of different contacts between russian officials and the trunk campaign what
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do we know about all of them we don't know we're going to have to wait and see if we see the mole or report and then we might know much more so public opinion conspiracy is much lower than muller's conspiracy so it isn't fair is it in washington d.c. thank you very much. here is what is coming up for you on this news hour the votes not on the why there is a wait to see of thailand's pro military policy will be in charge. the u.k. parliament still stuck on a break that deadlock has to rescind may find to stay in control and sport want to baseball's most sort of the players the sort of financial around the details coming up a little later. so yes let's talk brags that britain's prime minister has made a cabinet for break that talks as she tries to get a plan approved but also fights to stay in power series some i also spoke with the northern irish members of the democratic party discuss the issue of the irish
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border and peace preparing to debate proposals for a series of votes. on alternatives to the deal in palm. side the british parliament in westminster name is there any clarity. to put any clarity about this week's proceedings at least. i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is no clarity over exactly what's going to happen in the coming days in the building behind me we we were hearing earlier on monday that said the prime minister was hoping off to her cabinet meeting. be able to bring back her withdrawal agreement the deal for a third go and getting it through the commons another meaningful vote it was resoundingly defeated twice before. that now apparently even though she there was a feeling that the hardline group within her own conservative party. were moving towards
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backing the deal if she gave them a timetable for when she might resign there's been a phone call between the prime minister and the leader of the northern irish democratic unionist party and the d u p have told her in no uncertain terms that they haven't changed their stones they will not back that deal so the government's not clear that they have the numbers here we just don't know whether they will try again what we do know is that a number of politicians from different parties now intend later on monday to try to get amendments chosen by the speaker so that they can be voted on one of them brought by the opposition labor party simply calls for a series of indicative votes in parliament to see what other options vic the house can actually rally behind earlier on i spoke to hilary benn the chair of parliament's breck's it committee and us him to explain a bit more about what that entails. the amendment is passed today and on wednesday
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m.p.'s will have a chance to vote on a series of proposals we'll have to see what that produces but that at least is parliament trying to rise to which from civility the public expects us to work as hard as we can to find an alternative way forward i don't know what the outcome will be but that is not an argument for not trying i think we should try. so given everything you've outlined. the chances of a no deal break that is that still very real. it is a very real prospect so knots the background to what hilary benn was alluding to finding a way out a way out of what a way out of the default position which is which it has been shifted from this friday to a deadline of april the twelfth that if the deal prime ministers deal doesn't get posts through parliament this week then the u.k. leaves the e.u.
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on the april twelfth with no deal and many people are very worried about it but the european commission on monday is put out a statement saying that they have finalized their preparations for that scenario that they're fully ready but they also think that the chances of a new deal breaks it are actually getting bigger by the day you last week of course there was that summit in which they were disappointed that prime minister treason they didn't have a plan b. if a deal fails and that's the default position lots of people have been signing petitions here in the u.k. marching at the weekend in london calling for the article fifty that breaks it process to be whole to all for a referendum and despite the possibility of these indicative votes they might not actually come up with a solid proposal and if that doesn't happen then there would still be that cliff edge if nothing's done where the u.k. will leave without a deal so many people thinking now that politicians if they do get their act together in parliament might be so alarmed at the prospect that they will bend say
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yes let's back a referendum let's buy another general election or stopping the brics that process is very unpopular with brakes it is obviously it just it did it's uncertain right now as to where the numbers stand in parliament comeau. to thank you. thailand awaiting for the election commission there to release results of sunday's general election shaping up to be a close race between the party backed by the military government and the main opposition party scott with us from bangkok. the morning after the much anticipated election the people of thailand were still waiting for results from the election commission and they had to wait until the late afternoon almost twenty four hours after the polls closed. the main opposition party winning one hundred thirty seven seats in the house of representatives with the military backed party problem at ninety seven but the military also gets to select the two hundred fifty member
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senate the key number to form a government is three hundred seventy six in both houses more results are due to be declared later in the week but put has already said it's in discussions with other parties about forming a coalition on the streets of bangkok there's been a mixed reaction. wherever he's in charge as to watch their back because there will be your positions that can call for a bolt of no confidence if the compliment. but. please we have to accept whatever happened yesterday but as a new generation like me we have to look forward to the election commission here has said that they've received hundreds of complaints but it's going to take some time for them to investigate those and other reported irregularities official election results will be announced by may not have been some analysts feel that in this election the military entered new territory and if the put in that temporary air. that they had in that game
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election. the broad theme you have the last day may be filled by the. now when. the political landscape appears to have changed in other ways to one of thailand's newest. party's future forward which campaigned for a more equal thailand has enjoyed considerable success especially with young voters while the oldest party the democrats was deserted in droves by its former supporters and its leader promptly resigned scott hardly al-jazeera bangkok. and still in the asia pacific a straight lines are being urged to stay indoors because off site clone veronica it's expected to come ashore on the north northwest coast port hedland further north has already felt the force of one hundred sixty kilometers an hour wind speeds from abroad says the cycling was bigger than anyone expected. what made it all the more unprecedented for australia was that it coincided with
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a second massive storm cyclonic travel that barreled into northern territory causing widespread destruction there as here in this part of western australia people were under a cyclon red alert that's a virtual lockdown for the best part of forty eight hours told to stay indoors and seek shelter it was only when that was lifted that people were able to come out and assess the damage and start the cleanup people here are used to cycle owns they had prepared well but this was a reminder that they live in one of the most cyclists on prone of australia we've dodged a bullet but you know this is the sort of stuff that happens in this area or end when it does he does it you know it creates a significant amount of damage and how about people's preparations for this everyone takes this very seriously look at complacency is a worst thing that can happen in
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a community end and dead the community itself pulled together and they got very prepared for the cycle and so you know what we will well prepared for there is also the economic impact of storms like this one this part of western australia provides much of the world's iron ore and a lot of it goes through places like port hedland normally the horizon here would be full of cargo ships waiting to take iron ore out to the world's markets and the speculation that this disruption will of caused doc all effect even to steel production in china it may only be temporary but it is a reminder that extreme weather has not only a human impact but a very real economic cost. still ahead if you want i'll just zero we will take you to a remote part of mozambique where help is finally arriving within a week to start current a diet swept through desperate for any scraps of food a call to kenya's government for action to stop the starvation and in sport and
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hand tactics at the miami open for a it's here but that and. hello there has been an awful lot of wet weather for some of us in the middle east recently here's what it looks like in parts of iran clearly a lot of water has fallen here in fact put some places were expecting around one hundred fifty millimeters of rain you see the water logged that we've seen there that system where you can see it on the satellite picture very clearly gradually edging its way eastwards continuing to give us some fairly heavy downpours as it does say so during the day then on choose day we'll see the wet weather through parts of iraq and iran still stretching down towards the southern parts of iran as well and that all moves away northeast with as we head into wednesday so it will be edging its way down through parts of afghanistan as well that's good news because
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we do have a drought here towards the west a few showers are likely for some of us in lebanon and those will also be affecting us in parts of turkey and in syria as well towards the south it's warm force in riyadh and draw it's twenty eight to be our maximum temperature but here in doha a fair amount of cloud that's clouds already with us it's still going to stick around as we had three choose day and then slowly this whole thing moves away towards the south as we head through wednesday so wednesday should be an improving picture then and the winds will swing around to come from the northwest so the ash should be fairly clear twenty seven will be our maximum temperature and it should get a bit dry not as humid. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby have been employing illegals making a lot of really. reveal secret see what messaging out there will be evil outbreaks. and connections some don't want exponents nanny and legacy
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media full blown mass shooting. back next week night al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it and if we can we should have people in power investigates the private companies and rule us towns and logically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day in sets or not if you're in the hands of the cia you can make the sunshine or not rendition movies or ted caught on out is iraq.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories israel's prime minister is due to meet the u.s. president donald trump shortly book spend a minute and yahoo is cutting short his visit to the u.s. after the rocket attack near tel aviv was ready force is now mobilizing near the gaza border those democratic politicians want robot mothers full report on the russia probe to be made public a summary found no evidence donald trump's campaign colluded with moscow during the twenty sixteen election but it didn't determine if he obstructed justice and britain's opposition labor leader jeremy coleman's told to resubmit is no basis for a third vote on her break the deal after it already felt. british prime minister address to parliament about holding a third vote on tuesday. a funerals been held in iraq for yet another victim of last week's ferry disaster as well as the dozens of passengers who drowned three
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volunteers also died in the tigris river while trying to recover bodies and name reports now from mosul mohammed jessamy awad was like many other iraq ease displaced from his home by years of conflict and struggling to find work but these people gathered to offer condolences will remember the heroic actions of a twenty four year old in extraordinary circumstances mohammad volunteered to help retrieve bodies from the tigris river within hours of an overloaded amusement park ferry capsizing he borrowed money to take a taxi to the accident site had to be. saying i'm going father and mother with a smile it was as if he knew he was not coming back. he couldn't help seeing all those people drown and not doing anything about it so he acted spontaneously since he was a little kid he was always brave and helpful to others. without any diving gear
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mohamed told eight bodies from the cold murky river while battling against a strong and unforgiving current mosul emergency responders were overwhelmed by the scope of the ferry accident they lacked equipment and manpower officials were so desperate for assistance they put out a call via the media for volunteers two of those volunteers including mohammed drowned while trying to recover more bodies from the water side heard about his death on the news and says he was overcome with emotion. it inspired me to go to the river and retrieve this hero to return him to his family his tribe and to the people of mosul everyone is so proud of him he achieved so much that will be remembered for years to come. dozens of people are still missing each day since the accident families gather outside the morgue hoping the next body brought in will be their loved ones most of the victims were women and children as young as two years
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you know. they are stripped from the simplest of their rights to have closure i'm afraid the longer these missing remain at the bottom of the river the bodies will decompose beyond recognition therefore we will have to go to the next stage with the d.n.a. testing and it will take months. in a city riven by sectarian violence muhammad's family hope his death will become a symbol of unity natasha al-jazeera mosul iraq. a ceasefire has begun in a city in yemen following intense fighting online video shows the results of days of street battles in ties some civilians are reported killed another fight for control of the city in the southwest is between the yemeni army backed by saudi arabia and fighters supported by saudis coalition partners the united arab emirates it has actually been for years now would you believe since the war began in yemen violence which has caused widespread suffering and millions of internally displaced
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yemenis are now living in desperate conditions priyanka gupta reports on that. nothing much grows these days in this barren land surrounded by mountains in northern yemen but hundreds of families have found shelter here from airstrikes and shelling in her province an active frontline in yemen's war jabir a smile and his family are one of them they have been displaced not once not twice but four times. we used to work we had farms and shakers but today we have nothing we walked from one place to another with no money i have four poison six girls none of them can go to school they're collecting firewood and bringing water instead for hours and hours fighting between pro who the forces and saudi a morality back to yemeni fighters has intensified in the province since march more
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than four hundred twenty thousand internally displaced people are living in hundreds of makeshift settlements and the number keeps rising there are thirty one districts infection twenty eight of them are classed as being in a state of humanitarian emergency and of those twenty eight eight of them have pockets people living in a catastrophic experience in catastrophic levels of hunger i mean like in these areas with the most vulnerable populations the families with highest levels all the areas that are experiencing active conflicts but that's just. more than three point three million yemenis have been internally displaced or in the capital sanaa mohammad l.g.m. spends hours begging on the streets hoping to get a meal for the day. i don't remember how many years i've been displaced i
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pray to god that i can get ten to twenty rios to meet. in her day the. people are scavenging for food and things to sell although aid is trickling in through her day the port a key gateway for eighty percent of yemen's food and humanitarian assistance local markets are struggling. really yeah you know while i work in a supermarket the shops are full of goods but now we don't have most things there is a real shortage there is no drought or natural disaster in yemen yet millions are going to bed hungry every night because of a war that's now lasted for four years. the zero. is an advocacy manager at the norwegian refugee council who we spoke to earlier and she says that the humanitarian situation in yemen remains extremely fragile despite the cease fire. four years of war and
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a country which has added needs and our population who has suffered immensely so really you know the large numbers are also about individual stories so i recently went to the idea and they and i met and you see displaced people and a new report shows many of these people have been displaced over and over and over again some of them have thoughtful child and three for example in an ip town which got attacked and they said to me we're really afraid to be have because they're worried that the piping will is coming closer and closer to as softer for you as not just humanitarian crisis and i'll see we recently did some analysis which shows that conflict even though in the overall while has made use of the result of the fire in other parts of the country like your records show been hijacked by the civilian casualties some more than potholes since the cease fire and in danger in
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the south and the fire is very fragile so it is a very very worrying situation you have of the conflict remaining yet a massive humanitarian crisis where are the and other aid agencies desperately need i just thought that they can get assistance to people. developments to tell you about we were talking to not a correspondent earlier outside to the houses of parliament inside terrorism is back on her feet addressing parliament and she has just announced i'm quoting here as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back the deal for a third meaningful vote so this is what she wanted to do she wanted to have a third vote on her deal which has been voted down twice already she seems to be conceding now that there is not support for that and so parliament now has to find another sort of way through just looking on twitter for some latest updates as well there is not sufficient support in the house so she will not bring her break that deal to
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a vote for the time being we'll keep an eye on this one bring you the latest developments when they happen in southern africa an important road destroyed by has reopened allowing aid trucks to reach survivors the road links mozambique as well as neighboring malawi zambia and zimbabwe which have also been devastated by last week's storm was tony but the reports from in mozambique aid agencies and are desperately trying to reach the remote areas. food supplies are getting to be a or the problem is getting them to the people who really need them. this is what happens when bread is distributed to the needy people are desperate for every piece they can grab food is scarce and supermarkets supplies are expensive a delivered by air or water is not enough. the end six road is the main road artery from biro to the remote parts of mozambique it was severed in the psych lone you can get a real idea of the power and severity of this psycho namie flooding that followed
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by this area this entire area as far as you can see was covered in water destroyed everything around here the power here even pushed off this car off the road and miraculously the driver escaped he swam to safety but it destroyed about one hundred meters of road that being new rebuilt by the chinese the road was cut for a week on sunday it reopened after chinese contractors and local workers worked day and night to build a new stretch and restore a vital lifeline that serves malawi zambia and zimbabwe does the road being damaged it's bad for them you can see we have a situation like better see it is well for us to get there relief help is skating difficult like a state for was the greek and also for the country the neighboring countries in order sixth really important. food is needed everywhere and mina and her sister regime there live next to the road their home was destroyed in the surge that swept
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the road away they said the water was up to their necks and they had to climb trees to survive but there aren't and cousin drowned and those did you get the man out there you know so she told me that she thought she was going to die that day but since then they have received no help or food or shelter she says she prefers to stay here with family in hardship rather than go to be able with nothing. is the same story for hundreds perhaps thousands of people who prefer to live in makeshift shelters close to where their homes once stood. mozambique is relying on the outside world for help but local people are rallying around to to help their fellow countrymen at this church in bira they were collecting money and food for the victims. a separate will be and that is that it's going to take time to recover our houses were basic but they were not built in one day or a week you will need more time five years ten years it will depend on what people will have to build with us now we need stronger material but our spirit is strong
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mozambique will need support for some time to come and for many their lives will never be the same again tony berkeley al jazeera may go central mozambique kenyans living in drought prone areas say the government needs to do more to stop them from starving to death to can or is one of many regions suffering from severe drought catherine soy has been there to see the devastating effect on food supplies . food has begun are arriving into qana it's one of thirteen counties most affected by a severe drought the government says more than a million people need argent help a quarter of two can is residents are on the brink of starvation this food has come from kenya's capital nairobi we need to get a permanent solution to this problem because we've been having because of droughts previously. of the undone sea we've just done with them but any measures the national government has released two million dollars to help other kenyans are
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making donations through different initiatives there's a rush to get out to those who need it most but this is a route that was the only one i was proud of the primary thing and of the overall about how the government has responded to this crisis. droughts cattle rustling and conflicts over water and postures are common in this vast region with an incredibly difficult terry lane the local government has spend millions of dollars sinking boreholes trucking water to those who need it and setting up a culture projects official say harvesting and storing water in dumps will help but there's just not enough money to bring those dams will request a shell of reserve money i'm sure priorities of the people as we are told you would do budgeting when the product is available you don't provoke a less settlement money toward that then you're in face of problem because
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indication is a problem. aid workers also say convincing donna's to invest in long term projects to deal with climate change has been hard the acceleration of climate changes is fast and i would capacity to to cope and respond is not as quick as it should be and therefore we are very much in entering into it to a vicious circle where we are looking at short term solutions addressing the effects of the crisis and not necessarily the root causes of the crisis but for now the focus is getting immediate help to families that have nothing but this wild food to eat but many villages stalled if they want more they say they need a lasting solution if they are to survive what has become a cycle of devastation catherine saif al jazeera to camera north western kenya is the prime minister has announced
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a wide ranging commission of inquiry into security agencies after the two mosque attacks in christchurch which killed fifty people will be looking into everything from gun laws social media and everybody how to prevent terror attacks of course new zealand already banned semiautomatic weapons and is rewriting its laws after the most shootings gun laws in australia where the alleged attacker came from they're much tougher there but officials from america's powerful gun lobby the n.r.a. have been filmed by al-jazeera as investigative unit advising astronomy and political party on how to deal with public opinion in the wake of a mass shooting peter charlie has our report. on a visit to washington last september a team from pauline hanson's one nation party sold help from the n.r.a. in order to changes trillions strict gun control laws in the country where you're going on this let's put it. in a series of meetings one nation was given advice on how best to prepare
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a stranger for a change to its laws i think beneficial you are and takes steps in the right direction to start providing protection to people and again that helps us. get. a look at australia astray severely restricted the sale of semiautomatic and automatic guns following a message in the tasmanian town of port arthur in one thousand nine hundred six. thirty five people were murdered by a gunman using an fifteen assault rifle six hundred fifty thousand weapons were confiscated and destroyed you probably don't really get called to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market with eight improve the lives of going on a daily basis it does demonstrate that we begin tonight in the gives hope you can start making a difference and a break down the narrative so that people's natural reaction to going to use it may get. history is strict gun control laws are problematic for the n.r.a.
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is officials have said they fear success could be used to limit gun ownership in america it's the left wing anti gun owners who literally point to wash trail you as this shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation in the run up to the port arthur massacre australia was tracking on the liberal and right now shootings as the americans since not having any six their brains zero mass shootings people would not be silent in stride no. one nation was coached on how to react if soft a gun was a village to another measure in a strenuous n.r.a. officials suggested to one nation that they smear advocates of gun control for exploiting the massacre there used to raise children but or. if your policy isn't good enough to stand. there. or.
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to really do that to grab the n.r.a. playbook also included planting articles there's a lot of times we'll write down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll drop dead or she will have to strap it will do a lot of the leg work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming from that community we will have are all behind this charlie al-jazeera sydney and for the record as they were to contact all those who featured in this report none of them have responded if you want to see the full al-jazeera investigative unit film it is called how to sell a massacre the next screening monday twenty hundred hours g.m.t. so that's around four hours from now on a gun in brazil is set to become easier despite
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a school shooting there earlier this month some argue arming teachers would have prevented the killing of students in some part of latin america editor senior minutes. business has never been better at the colt forty five shooting academy in rio de janiero. twenty seven year old lau deni is one of those eager to learn the basics after the rules and theory course becomes the most important part relating to aim and fire. the police would take too long to arrive if i'm attacked at home so i want to be able to defend myself. brazil leads the world in homicides sixty three thousand murders last year alone the vast majority using firearms defenseless brazilians say they're sitting ducks volume to fight fire with fire right when president jalal sonata has signed a decree to increase rather than reduce the number of guns by relaxing the
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requirements for ordinary citizens to buy a weapon for one thing they no longer need to prove they need a gun just experts say that instead of strengthening public safety the government is actually passing on the responsibility to the individual when we have some problems in health system for example we don't say you know you make your own third tree if you have a problem why do you where faced with guns and say. well we're back at the academy. complains the guns are still much too expensive but not for long. the importation of weapons is suspended right now but we're waiting for the president to reopen the brazilian market very soon because we know that when that happens the price of buying a gun will go down significantly. she is happy to show me that it's easy to use a gun like many here he believes the decree doesn't go far enough because it allows
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brazilians to keep up to four guns at home but not carry them on the street where criminals roam but that too may change shortly. the push to allow want brazil to this new zealand is the world's fourth largest exporter of arms the gun lobby has a long history congress allowed us not only to hold every one of the big difference now is the full body of support of the present. city stick suggest that the move guns there are more violence there is another good reason say critics to fear that lax or gun laws will simply increase brazil's shooting spree to see in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro let's go back to our top story and that is events happening on the israel gaza border with well two things really one we're waiting to hear from the israeli prime minister in washington hoping to get a live news conference from him shortly with the u.s.
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president on trial in the main time and we'll go to harry forces on the gaza israel border for this one harry reports that israel has now begun its strikes on gaza. yes we've seen several plumes of smoke coming up from the garden skyline behind us and we've seen confirmation as well from the israeli military that these strikes have begun it was a little over an hour ago that we got warnings from the local government here on the israeli side of the israel gaza fence. the residents here what to expect explosions and the military operation to get underway soon everywhere within a forty kilometer radius of the israel got a book gaza border on this side has been told to open up bomb shelters in the expectation of potential rocket fire coming back in response from inside gaza so just in the last few minutes we've seen those strikes get underway. ok harry will
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come back to you again later as things develop on the border there. have begun that rocket attack. from gaza. this.
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as you say but we're going to get a check on some sports news now with our great thank you so much can all iceland will be a major cause of upset and euro two thousand and twenty qualifying later this
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monday they take on world champions france and paris both teams began their campaigns with a win iceland impala five for the last two major tournaments but finished bottom of the group at last year's world cup. we know what the french team is capable of they're capable of teams him. and we know what kind of players they've got in their squad who are playing in every best teams in or around europe so we need to be made to be well unware of the quality they have got in their squad. world number one no doubt jock that has stayed on course for a record breaking seven title at the miami open jack which is through to the fourth round but was pushed hard by frederico doubleness the argentinian won the second sat and looked capable of causing an upset jock which hit back to win the decider six one and set up a night with a virtual bar to start
12:44 am
a good. thing. it carried also added another page to his book the eccentric behavior and underarm serve his latest tactic it was still too much for his serbian opponent to stand the australian winning this match six three six pm on. sloane stephens as defense of her title is over the american was beaten in straight sets by tatyana maria germany the twenty seventeen u.s. open champion has had a poor start to the year winning consecutive matches just once. well took world number three simona halep close to three hours to get the better of polonia hertzog can return to the top of the world rankings with a title winning miami chain that space the seventy seven time grand slam champion of the n.s.w. . steph curry returned from a one game break to help shake off the embarrassment of a big defeat for the golden state warriors a day on from
12:45 am
a thirty five point loss to the dallas mavericks the reigning n.b.a. champions beat the detroit pistons one hundred and twenty one to one hundred fourteen the win returns the warriors to the first place in the western conference . and i've said and a fellow star rob go see has decided to quit the game at the age of just twenty nine grown koski help the new england patriots to three super bowl titles the nine seasons but is battled a number of serious injuries in recent seasons is totals of eighty one receptions and twelve touchdowns in the postseason are records for a title. as. to produce a record breaking run at the l.a. marathon route she set a new course record of two hours twenty four minutes and eleven seconds bettering the previous mark by nearly a minute. of kenya won the men's race. and that's all your support can now come all back are you think you so much your mind coming back in
12:46 am
a few minutes but there is a lot going on at the moment we've got developments and brags that from the u.k. theresa may conceding that there is not enough support for her meaningful vote we have got strikes on gaza beginning from the israeli military and we're also waiting to hear from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that's coming from washington d.c. plenty more to come stick with us we're back in a couple of minutes. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life. with updates and the best about
12:47 am
zero as documentary the struggle continues book from two of no use to students revisiting return of the lizard king we went on the cover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling rewind on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs medical care. local officials say there isn't enough
12:48 am
housing stock available. isn't the problem for your town that they may not have a health question program but he does have a corruption question mark over it doesn't look good for a village to get a kidney has meant they were going to do everywhere you have known about before you cited the rich you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe too far that is called for or the bridge doesn't build confidence it breaks to join me near the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories i don't think issues. israeli military has begun its and strikes against gaza in retaliation for sunday's rocket attack to tell of a. joke
12:49 am
i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera. i expressed my frustration with our collective failure to take a decision but i know. theresa may admits there is not enough support to take a break as it deals with third thoughts. no clear winner yet in thailand's first election since a military coup five years ago. i pray to god that i can get ten to twenty realistic and a daily struggle the reality of life for so many yemeni people after four years of war. so it's ready forces have begun responding to the early morning rocket strike into a house north of tel aviv prompted prime minister benjamin netanyahu to cut short his u.s. visit israel's foreign ministry says the single rocket was fired from gaza seven people are reported to have been injured so the latest now with harry force of who
12:50 am
is on that border. and israel harry. poco yes in the last few minutes last fifteen minutes or so we've seen evidence of those strikes getting underway on the gaza skyline behind us i want israeli side of the border. and the israeli military has indeed confirmed that this response is underway it comes about an hour after there was a warning from the local government side that the military action would soon be getting underway for resident. as to expect explosions bomb shelters in the area have also been ordered open from our colleagues inside gaza where hearing that so far the targets appear to be empty training camps associated with hamas is military wing the alka some brigades also a c. base as well however what we are expecting is a more extensive military response than what we saw just ten days or so ago when
12:51 am
there was another double rocket launch targeting television in that instance one hundred targets were struck inside gaza but this time the main opponents to benjamin netanyahu in the currently running election campaign elections on the ninth of april. sorry to interrupt you there harry we have got saddam or trump and benjamin netanyahu speaking now in washington as the kariya. an incredible way of life in the face of great terror the united states recognizes israel's absolute right to defend itself the despicable attack this morning demonstrates the significant security challenges that israel faces every single day and today irie powerful very strong national security which they're entitled to have in a moment i will sign
12:52 am
a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights the state of israel took control of the golan heights in one thousand sixty seven to safeguard security from external threats today aggressive action by iran and turns groups in southern syria including has vala continued to make the golan heights a potential launching ground for attacks. against israel very violent attacks any possible future peace agreement must account for israel's need to defend itself from syria iran and other regional threats we do not want to see another attack like the one suffered this morning north of tel aviv in our meeting today the prime minister and i will discuss these dangers as well as several mutual priorities in the middle east and beyond we'll be discussing other subjects also
12:53 am
including trade but we will mostly be discussing this defense and perhaps often it's under my administration the unbreakable alliance between the united states and israel has never been stronger you read things you hear things it's never been stronger just remember that people talk but it's only talk our relationship is powerful at this moment the american embassy stands proudly insurer's the capital the jewish people have established and they've wanted the embassy for many many years for many decades and frankly through many presidents and we get it done not only do we get it done we also get it built at a slight cost saving like about one billion dollar cost saving and i want to thank embassador david friedman for the job he's done and jason green blatt and jared and
12:54 am
everybody that worked so hard together so i want to thank you all thank you very much and best if you're enjoying it and you love israel good and america. as waiting for him to say that. we have defeated the caliphate in syria we have withdrawn from the horrible iran nuclear deal and imposed the toughest ever sanctions. and these are by far the toughest ever on the iranian regime is having a big effect of iran is not the same country that it was when i took office the day i took office we had threats all over the middle east and beyond iran is a much different place right now than it was as i said during my state of the union address we will not avert our eyes from the dictatorship that chants death to america death to israel and calls for genocide against the jewish people
12:55 am
we won't let them even consider that we will confront the poison of anti-semitism through both our words and maybe even more importantly our actions in the last century humanity witnessed the horrific consequences of anti-semitism and a world without a jewish homeland in the wake of those unthinkable horrors the jewish people built a mighty nation in the holy land something very very powerful something very special and important today israel demonstrates that incredible possibilities when strong sovereign and independent nations chart their own destinies they can be no better example of great does than what israel has done starting from such a small speck of sand israel is an inspiration
12:56 am
a trusted ally and a cherished friend the united states will always stand by its side. i'd like to now invite prime minister netanyahu said a few words and b.b. and i have known each other for a long time he's another one who truly truly loves israel i think i can say also loves the united states so before i signed the presidential proclamation recognizing israel sovereignty over the golan heights i'd like to ask prime minister netanyahu to say a few words thank you very much thank you. mr president i dear friend donald you have shown consistently incredible support for israel for our right to
12:57 am
self-defense when we exercise that self-defense you have never flinched you've always been there including today. and i thank you yesterday a rocket was fired from gaza deep inside israel it hit a home north of tel aviv it wounded seven clued into small children and miraculously no one was hurt no one was killed israel will not tolerate this i will not tolerate this and as we speak as i told you mr president just now israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression i have a simple message to israel's enemies we will do whatever we must do to defend our people and defend our state after this meeting i will return home ahead of schedule to lead the people of israel and the soldiers of
12:58 am
israel but before i go mr president it was so kind of you to invite me to come here it was so important for me to come here to the white house and to thank you mr president over the years. israel has been blessed to have many friends who sat in the oval office but israel has never had a better friend than you you show this time and again you show this when you withdrew from the disastrous nuclear deal with iran i remember in one of our first meetings you said this is a horrible deal i will leave it you said it you did it you showed it when you resort sanctions against a genocidal regime that seeks to destroy the one and only jewish state you said i will restore those sanctions you said it and you did it you show that when you
12:59 am
recognize you salute as israel's capital and move the american embassy there and gave us a tremendous about you said it you did it and you showed it once again today mr president with your official proclamation recognizing israel's sovereignty over the golan heights as president ladies and gentlemen this is truly a historic day for two decades from one nine hundred forty eight or nine hundred sixty seven syria rain deadly fire from the golan heights an israel citizens below a generation of israeli children lived in constant danger and then in two glorious days in june one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the brave soldiers of visual scaled those daunting heights and liberated the goal and this has profound meanings
1:00 am
for all israelis and for me personally one of those brave soldiers was my brother who was wounded in battle three hours before the end of the war. and a few years later as an officer in a special unit i let my soldier into a covert mission into syria and as we came back to the golan to israel we nearly froze to death. in a blinding snowstorm well as you can see i'm still here. but at that point in nine hundred sixty seven israel seized the high ground which has since proven invaluable to our defense because in one thousand seventy three syria launched a surprise attack against israel and those same golan heights proved to be to enable us to absorb the initial attack it was a horrific attack and successfully counterattack the invading syrian forces within three weeks we were at the gates of damascus outmanned outgunned our brave soldiers
1:01 am
triumphed after one of the hardest fought tank battles in our history but while israel won those two wars the.


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