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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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for us the status of the occupied golan is in trying in security council resolution position has not changed while what will see next here at the united nations is the u.n. security council on shoes day they were already going to discuss the israeli palestinian issue they now have two things to discuss the situation with regard to that u.s. recognition of israeli sovereignty over the go land and the ongoing military action in garza it's worth telling you that since the start of the trumpet ministration the international community and the u.n. security council pretty much left to the diplomacy on this issue to the united states is that going to continue because i can tell you behind the scenes kemal there's a growing sense of unease ok james bay is at the u.n. thank you. and through with us here and our senior political analyst mona shower what is well this is
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a broad question what is donald trump doing in specifically to talk about the occupied golan heights reversing fifty years of u.s. policy with a pen stroke let me just add that also he is trumpeting over a united nations security council resolution forty nine seven was passed with the u.s. blessing in one thousand nine hundred eighty one after israel annexed the golan heights so what is there a broad international law there is a u.n. security council resolution that the united states itself has voted in favor one of those who rare ones that the united states did not veto in favor of israel in general i think the united president trump and here i just want to take exception to some of the stuff i've been hearing in general you know when he started his campaign back in march two thousand and sixteen he said he's neutral on israel palestine he said i am better as president and i can reach a deal between person israelis because i'm neutral and at one point you said why
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you want to have one state used two states how whatever you pete whatever you agree to i'll be happy with it and so on and so forth and i think with time and because of appeasements especially a certain so would the i'm right the egyptian appeasement of president from now i think he can get away with everything and with having a certain and to raj like the ones we saw now was specifically behind him and best of the freedmen his son in law as well as secretary pompei and vice president. mike pence all of them have basically been playing him into taking certain positions that are not only against international law that are not only against american interests i would argue that they were probably proved to be in the long term against israel's interest because israel's security and israel living in peace with. he valued much more than gaining a number of meters here and there in the golan heights or in east jerusalem let's
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talk about prime minister netanyahu as well because he gave where you know discussing it early it almost amounted to a campaign speech tonight because he's got an election to worry about in in two weeks' time and he wants to look as strong as he possibly can hence he's heading back to oversee what's happening in gaza well i think probably the best way to do the script is probably just to rephrase what but i missed that and to now say then i'll take the liberty of doing he can always complain codgers zero he said there is no better friend than person thrown from to israel arguably there is no president but a friend to prime minister netanyahu that person because prime minister netanyahu has had difficulty with two american presidents president clinton for tween one thousand nine hundred six and one hundred ninety nine when he didn't like him and he actually favored both prime minister shimon peres and it would barak and in two thousand and nine and after two thousand and nine when president obama also preferred the other. prime minister and certainly prime minister now who has not
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been to that to the liking of american president because he did not fulfill his promises to american presidents about the peace process they also process that two for two your own security council resolutions now he finds his last hero guru you know support in person trump person from basically from polls over all international law you on security council resolutions traditional american policy in order to fulfill prime minister netanyahu was really wacky fantasies that we haven't thoughts at any point over the last several decades that any american president prime minister will sit down and say ok we're just going to say this is the law of the jungle no more international law and wherever you can take by force you keep that happened during the medieval times not in the late or in the beginning the twenty. first century quick final word then on me and what else is happening in that it's gaza maybe we've got a live shot to just have
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a little look at as well darkness over gaza right now but we've been seeing the sky light up with flashes as the gaza strip gets hit again this is forgive my phrasing deja vu all over again you know. i mean i actually feel for any children anywhere and i'm sure it's probably not comfortable for a lot of israeli children to be told no they can have to go to the child on the shelters there are no shelters in gaza. for fifty two years but a senior in countless percentage of the had been living under the threat. of israeli bombardment israeli threats tanks incursions and as of recently also there have been a lot of them haven't been even happy with how much room in gaza and i really feel for those children and in fact one of this i'm just going to throw it now and they are just for the sake of it one of the most important psychological profiles done on the children of gaza as they try not to be but their very very high percentage more than most other children around the world wet their beds at night because
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there's always this feeling of fear so we can talk about god in you know hyperball security a certain sense but my heart tonight goes out once again to another generation of children in gaza that lives on that acute patient that is threatened by bombardment and hence the question to president trump ok so you say israel has a right to defend itself do the palestinians have any of right for self-defense after seventy years of dispossession and fifty years of occupation food for thought with my own bashar a senior political analyst thank you. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour the killing of children in afghanistan a preliminary investigation puts the blame on u.s. airstrikes. i pray to god that i can get ten to twenty reactors to be a daily struggle the reality of life for so many yemeni people after four years of war and sport one of baseball's most sought after players hits
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a financial around the details a little later. back to donald trump now who says he wouldn't be bothered at all if the rusher election meddling report by robert muller is released in full it found that neither trump nor any of his officials knowingly colluded with russia during the twenty sixteen campaign however the report didn't draw a conclusion on whether president trump attempted to obstruct the course of justice democrats have been demanding the full report be released well the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee says he wants the attorney general to appear before the panel to discuss a special counsel report what's next i hope will be the committee. releases much as possible on the mall report one of the things that can't be released grand jury information is prohibited from being released because it would
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compromise the grand jury process he in his letter to me answered feinstein another said that he's asking the special counsel team to help him with the information that may be covered by the grand jury statute class classified information and don't know how much if any there would be something you'd have to think about let's check in with patty calhoun is following this one from washington d.c. is it significant that lindsey graham wants this sort of action to speak to the attorney general or is it really the democrats you have to watch here. the democrats are going to drive this but i think what i took from that from lindsey graham is he is trying to basically get people to understand that maybe not all of the report is going to be released because democrats are saying nothing short of pretty much everything we'll do and here's what he didn't mention in that clip is that there is a way for grand jury testimony to be made public and that is if the judge who is in
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charge of that grand jury proceeding says that they in fact can be now deterred justice department might try to claim executive privilege it looks like this could end up in the courts but at the same time the republicans aren't just claiming victory because miller said there was no collusion although he said he couldn't exonerate the president on the possibility of obstruction of justice so republicans are claiming full victory and they're going a step further let's listen again to lindsey graham there are some people are never going to accept the motor report when i say or what mr ford is but by any reasonable standard mr moeller thoroughly investigated the truck and you cannot say that about the other side of the story and what i hope mr barr will do is understand for the countries appoint somebody else the current system to look into these allegations somebody we all trust and let them do what mr motive
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so willing to graham senator lindsey graham is saying there is basically doing exactly what the u.s. president donald trump wants him to do which is to try and get it investigation started look into how the investigation into the president started because he is couldn't he has contended all along that it. big conspiracy a democratic conspiracy and they're actually trying to put that into practice now. in washington thank you all right we're looking at the developments in bragg's that today and for that we're going to miss the bar in london. kamal thanks so much the british prime minister to resign may has cost of holding another those on her deal for leaving the european union they told parliament she doesn't have enough support from m.p.'s to pass the withdrawal agreement but she's fighting plans by a group of rebel m.p.'s to seize control of bricks it as chancellor reports. now
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there is no need to go to mars arriving for a crisis cabinet meeting to discuss what happens next politicians from the ruling conservative party trying to find a way forward. think prime minister treason may acknowledge there isn't currently enough support to push the deal through parliament for a third time but made out the options available unless this house agrees to it no deal would not happen no breaks it must not happen and just slow breaks it which extends article fifty beyond the twenty second of may fall says the british people to take part in european elections and gives up control of any of our borders balls money or trade is not a bricks it will bring the british people together she said her government would not back a plan to allow parliament to take control and set out a timetable for so-called indicative votes that could put forward alternative bricks adoption and a vote to the main opposition party say they will support to see
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a limited past. in a wednesday m.p.'s will have a chance to vote on the series of terms of proposals will have to see what that produces but that at least is parliament trying to rise to. the public expects us to work as hard as we can to find an alternative way forward arjen know what the outcome will be but that it's not an argument for not trying i think we should try if may's deal doesn't pass by april twelfth and no deal is still the default position for the united kingdom a scenario the e.u. says is increasingly likely in a no deal scenario the u.k. will become a third country without any transition rearrangement all e.u. primary and secondary door will cease to apply to the u.k. from that moment onwards there will be no transition period as provided for in the withdrawal agreement this will obviously cause significant disruption for citizens and businesses. but more than
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a million people marched on saturday hoping to avoid that scenario demanding another chance to vote on bret's that the u.k. is already in extra time and may is under huge pressure from pro bricks and conservatives to set a quick timetable for her departure they want to replace her with their own candidate who can guide negotiations in the second phase it's a pressure she might bowed to if she can secure their backing for her deal but the withdrawal agreement was supposed to be the easy part of brecht's it some say negotiating the future trading relationship with the e.u. will be the real challenge charlie and our desire under. he's outside parliament for the prime minister in a bit missing she doesn't have support a policy. yet she still hasn't given up on it. though she hasn't and she also hasn't given up on the job as well she's going extraordinary staying power considering that that deal has been defeated
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resoundingly twice already but a move of caution perhaps from the prime minister she was unwilling for now at least to put it in front of parliament again after it became clear earlier on in the day that the democratic unionist party on which the government of course relies upon for votes in parliament came out and saying once again that it would not support it to reason may though his stake her entire political reputation on getting they steal pos she sees it as being the only way forward to the compromise deal that was satisfying both remain is and leave is but what it isn't satisfying so far m.p.'s in parliament we saw on the weekend key bracks a ts senior ministers summons to check as her official residence there was some reports that she may be under pressure to give some sort of timeline for her departure but then first thing on monday morning some of those same back cities said that they were sticking by the prime minister why because the arithmetic
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wouldn't change even if there was a different prime minister is a minority government that depends upon the d.p. and it also faces a parliament that is remain in a leaning so even with a different prime minister the problems would remain what is interesting because it is still debating the house of commons behind they may yet get a chance to look at all the possible breaks and options and wait. for the subsidy to roy there's an almighty tussle at the moment between who really assess the scene who dictates the breaks that battle ground what will happen next is it the government or is a. parliament a little bit later on the m.p.'s will wrote on a series of amendments including one key amendment that would see a series of indicative take place later on in the week possibly as early as wednesday the indicative votes involve a whole range of different possible. to revoking
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article fifty altogether a much softer break said the u.k. is much more aligned to the customs union in the single market also proposed by the opposition labor party that is a very soft the opposition and labor leader jeremy corbett has said that if the government does not. seriously consider the results of these indicative votes then the opposition labor party would push for a nother public vote another referendum on the future of britain's fortunes of course what the. looking for is consensus within parliament an idea around which all m.p.'s can really rally around warm that is essentially a counterpoint to the deal that theresa may repeatedly is trying to get m.p.'s to back although as we've seen today she's being very cautious about putting in front of parliament one small because her entire political reputation is staked upon not
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very. i can't. well let's stay with fact six we're joined now by europe when he's a visiting senior fellow at the chatham house think tank and lots of good to have you with us so we in the u.k. still don't know exactly what's going to happen in the coming weeks but the european union says it is now ready for a new deal likes it is for pet well the e.u. has announced that it's ready to go with no detail and is affectively calling the u.k.'s bluff and saying that it's given the u.k. a short extension to see if prime minister may can get her dale over the line for a third time if that doesn't happen then the u.k. is going to have to request a longer extension which the e.u. will need to give a mission to and if that longer extension kicks in then the e.u. is going to want to see what the u.k. is going to change is there going to be a second referendum is there going to be a general election is there going to be some radical changing of direction in the brics it issues so the only person at the moment who seems to be holding control of
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this really is the e.u. and also if we talk about the e.u. if they are prepared to have a longer extension that doesn't mean that the u.k. space take part in european elections and that is that is one of the things that is really muddy the water has hasn't it indeed the funny thing in a way about british politics is you know voters are very wary they're fed up with bricks set they're fed up with elections and here we are talking about a fresh set of elections to the european parliament to be held in the spring that's the majority of brits never bother to fight in any way because i'm most interested in vote but of course what we have seen in those elections let's not forget in the past a populist euro skeptics doing very well you can depend on the party won those elections in twenty forty this time around of course on the remains side we've got this new independent group which would almost certainly stand candidates so if prime minister may cannot get her deal through for a time then we are likely to look at this long extension one option which would
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include the european elections but beyond that one option could. second referendum another could be a general election and of course parliament now is beginning to mobilize around the idea of revoking article fifty altogether i hate all scheme guess this but i you know best prediction of where we might people at the end of this wake by the end of this week i don't think prime minister my is going to get deals through i think the legislature the house of commons will have asserted it's all over the executive again and i think longer term prime minister mays days are numbered i think it's on a matter of time until she's replaced by somebody else or i think it would get to you thank you so much. and that's it from here in your for the moment back to commercial for the city thank you in a moment we'll have an update on our top story the bombing of gaza and then in sports a big match awaiting this former world number one of the miami dolphins still to.
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hello there has been an awful lot of wet weather for some of us in the middle east recently here's what it looked like in parts of iran clearly a lot of water has fallen here in fact put some places were expecting around one hundred fifty millimeters of rain you see the water logged that we've seen there that system where you can see it on the satellite picture very clearly gradually edging its way eastwards continuing to give us some fairly heavy downpours as it does say so during the day then on choose day we'll see the wet weather through parts of iraq and iran still stretching down towards the southern parts of iran as well and that all moves away northeast with as we head into wednesday so it will be edging its way down through parts of afghanistan as well that's good news because we do have a drought here towards the west a few showers are likely for some of us in lebanon and those will also be affecting
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us in parts of turkey and in syria as well towards the south it's warm force in riyadh and draw it's twenty eight to be our maximum temperature but here in doha a fair amount of cloud that's cloud already with us it's still going to stick around as we had three choose day and then slowly this whole thing moves away towards the south as we head through wednesday so wednesday should be an improving picture then and the winds will swing around to come from the northwest so the ash should be fairly clear twenty seven will be our maximum temperature and it should get a bit dry not as humid. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishits off trash you know. that's not insignificant and i'm sure is that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime against the very significant by dictating big government in the
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fucked up policy now shall not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera they should what they call waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have an adequate tax we should have people in power investigates the private companies and move will us towns and magically complicit in the illegal use of torture under interrogation the sun will rise once a day and sets not a future in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition even said to talk one on out is iraq.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories ready forces are once again bombing of the military says it's hitting our math targets and has mobilized ground forces near the gaza border this is after a rocket landed near tel aviv and wounded seven people. the more us president donald trump signed a directive recognizing israel's sovereignty over the occupied golan heights the u.n. secretary general says the status of the dollar has not changed and legally as an illegally occupied territory until recently i believed her brags that deal lacks the support needed for a third photo but britain's. prime minister says she will not allow the u.k. to the e.u. without a deal unless the government agrees. so just back to our top story now as we said israel launching airstrikes on the gaza strip we've just had some new pictures come in of a first strike it's a look. right so that would
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be i would believe at least the third building to be hit harry force that our correspondent was telling us earlier about two buildings that have been hit that the most recent one pictures coming in from dallas are of israel striking what it says are hamas targets inside the gaza strip we've got more on rabbani with us in washington to talk a little bit more about this and other issues he's the coeditor of which is an online magazine focusing on the middle east gaza first of all. no. shall i say surprise or coincidence that this is happening two weeks before prime minister netanyahu faces an election he needs to look strong at the moment and this is the i guess the default option for looking strong. yes i mean it's interesting that no palestinian movement has taken responsibility for the rocket that was fired at central israel last night and this is well established
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palestinian militant it's never hesitate to take responsibility for their actions if anything they exaggerate the scope of such actions and so here we may well be talking about some rogue elements perhaps within hamas perhaps with a mix. that is also affected by the growing blockade of the gaza strip things that have been happening in jerusalem the west bank with the prisoners and so on and i think. benjamin netanyahu now faces somewhat of a dilemma on the one hand as you correctly point out he needs to look strong and tough and all the rest of the on the other hand if this turns into. greater escalation. you know central israel and other parts of israel will come under palestinian rocket fire and that's not going to make him look very good particularly one his main election rivals are a set of former generals and chiefs of staff and so on who are already attacking
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him not for failing to resolve the gaza strip issue but rather for not being even tougher on this siege palestinian population let's talk about the other issue of occupation and that is the occupied golan heights which donald trump has now said well the u.s. recognizes israel's claim to sovereignty over the golan heights it doesn't change reality on the ground it is just one country recognizing this however again how does that help prime minister netanyahu how does it help president trump. there's several issues here first of all as you correctly point out changes nothing about international law changes nothing about the status of the occupied syrian golan heights and so on having said that the united states is not just any country it's the most powerful country in the international system and for it to recognize
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israel's illegal claims of sovereignty over the golan heights i think is sending a very clear message that the united states has now taken taking even further measures to dismantle the international system international institutions and most importantly international law and in terms of how it will help or hurt trump or netanyahu i tend to agree with the lists of israeli politics who say it will have a marginal impact on the israeli elections because the vast majority of the israeli electorate will have already made up their minds about whether they are for or against that's and yahoo i think we should look perhaps more to the united states in terms of the impact it will have which is to say that this is trump making another play to solidify his base particularly evangelical christians in the run up to the two thousand and twenty presidential elections and i also think there are
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two factors at play here on the one hand this is the trumpet ministration seeking to do everything possible to support israel virtually without a bandit i mean one one wonders whether the united states will next recognize israeli sovereignty over washington d.c. but there is also a broader agenda here in the sense that it is not just about supporting israel. in terms of its territorial claims an insatiable appetite for arab land in the middle east it also fits into a broader agenda. dismantling the structures of international law and international accountability and the benefit of doing so in the middle east as that is the region in which trump and the republican party are going to find the least counter-pressure from the democrats because the democratic party establishment tends to have an equal level of support for israel all of these issues in just
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a quick word if you wouldn't mind on the personalities involved here because we can look at this as u.s. israel relations which have always been strong and on question but i think prime minister netanyahu especially wants to make it look like a trump netanyahu relationship a special relationship. yes well not only netanyahu trump as well both of them i think have have an interest in trying to present this relationship as being somehow dependent on the personal rip or chemistry relationship between trump and netanyahu and of are either of them were to be removed from the scene that somehow u.s. israeli relations would be in crisis that is of course. not in any way the case when rabbani always good to talk to you thank you. now if you know it's been held
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in iraq for yet another victim of last week's ferry disaster was one of the dozens of passengers or drowned three volunteers also died in the tigris river while trying to recover bodies going to reports from mosul. mohammed jessamy awad was like many other iraqis displaced from his home by years of conflict and struggling to find work but these people gathered to offer condolences will remember the heroic actions of a twenty four year old in extraordinary circumstances mohammad volunteered to help retrieve bodies from the tigris river within hours of an overloaded amusement park ferry capsizing he borrowed money to take a taxi to the accident site to be. saying i'm going father and mother with a smile it was as if he knew he was not coming back he couldn't help seeing all those people drown and not doing anything about it so he acted spontaneously since
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he was a little kid he was always brave and helpful to others. without any diving gear mohammed pulled eight bodies from the cold murky river while battling against a strong and unforgiving current mosul emergency responders were overwhelmed by the scope of the ferry accident they lacked equipment and manpower officials were so desperate for assistance they put out a call via the media for volunteers two of those volunteers including mohammed drowned while trying to recover more bodies from the water side heard about his death on the news and says he was overcome with emotion. it inspired me to go to the river and retrieve this hero to return him to his family his tribe and to the people of mosul everyone is so proud of him he achieved so much that will be remembered for years to come. dozens of people are still missing each day since the accident families gather outside the morgue hoping the next body brought in will be
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their loved ones most of the victims were women and children as young as two years you know. they are stripped from the simplest of their rights to have closure i'm afraid the longer these missing remain at the bottom of the river the bodies will decompose beyond recognition therefore we will have to go to the next stage which is d.n.a. testing and it will take months. in a city riven by sectarian violence muhammad's family hope his death will become a symbol of unity natasha al-jazeera mosul iraq. the preliminary findings of a u.n. investigation in northern afghanistan has found that a u.s. airstrike on saturday killed thirteen civilians most of them children their strike and condos followed the taliban raid that killed six afghan and american soldiers shelob ellis is looking at that for us. what's left of one man's life on the back
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of a farm truck and couldn't see anything under the blankets a tiny casualties of the afghan war the u.n. says ten children and three adults were killed in a u.s. airstrike on saturday morning. show it was around one am on friday when the plane bombed there is thirteen people were killed the victims are from my aunt's family my cousins their daughters and grandchildren they are all my family. in afghanistan so many people are dying in airstrikes in rural areas farm trucks are often used to bring bodies into town seem to says this was two weeks ago and gas me province. and unlocking province following an airstrike three weeks ago u.s. forces say they didn't to see civilian casualties yet these people blame the u.s. chanting death to america further down. but not that many cock up parts of the government are saying they didn't do this it's not their job they say it's the us.


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