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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 84  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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didn't families gather outside the morgue hoping the next body brought in will be their loved ones most of the victims were women and children as young as two years and now. they are stripped from the simplest of their rights to have closure i'm afraid the longer these missing remain at the bottom of the river the bodies will decompose beyond recognition therefore we will have to go to the next stage with the d.n.a. testing and it will take months. in a city riven by sectarian violence muhammad's family hope his death will become a symbol of unity natasha al-jazeera mosul iraq. the preliminary findings of a u.n. investigation in northern afghanistan has found that a u.s. airstrike on saturday killed thirteen civilians most of them children the air strike and condos followed the taliban raid that killed six afghan and american soldiers shelob ellis is looking at that for us. what's left of one man's
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life on the back of a farm truck in kunduz. under the blankets a tiny casualties of the afghan war the u.n. says team children and three adults were killed in a u.s. airstrike on saturday morning. show it was around one am on friday when the plane bombed there is thirteen people were killed the victims are from my aunt's family my cousins their daughters and grandchildren they are all my family. in afghanistan so many people are dying in airstrikes in rural areas farm trucks are often used to bring bodies into town seem to use this was two weeks ago and gas me province. and unlocking province following an airstrike three weeks ago u.s. forces say they didn't to see civilian casualties yet these people blame the u.s. chanting death to america further. but not that many cock up parts of the government are saying they didn't do this it's not their job they say it's the us
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our government is backing the us then the us is doing this to us but americans are being killed her the latest is strikes and condos were ordered hours after two u.s. soldiers were killed nearby along with four afghan commandos they were on a joint operation against the taliban u.s. forces say they were acting in self defense and take every mission to prevent civilian casualties in contrast they say to the taliban who intentionally hide behind women and children the u.s. is investigating the strike the u.n. wants the findings published in compensation paid to victims airstrikes are in. singh problem in afghanistan u.s. forces relax their rules of engagement last year removing certain proximity requirements for air strikes the result according to the un was the deaths of three hundred ninety three civilians more than double the year prior and more than twenty fourteen twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen combined two thirds of the dead who
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women and children i don't get is that there were not al-qaeda they were not terrorists they were from this soil from this nation for god's sake we asked the government why are we killed. far from qantas province the u.s. and taliban continue to negotiation into the seventeen year war with the prospect of peace is fuelling the battle both sides fighting for live rich in the talks in the middle lie these children still in the pajamas they went to sleep in dallas. a cease fire has begun in a city in yemen following intense fighting online video shows the results of days of street battles in ties some civilians have been reported killed the fight for control of the city in the southwest is between the yemeni army backed by saudi arabia and fighters supported by saudi arabia's coalition partner the united arab emirates it has been for years actually since the war began in yemen violence which
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has caused widespread suffering and millions of internally displaced yemenis are still living in desperate conditions priyanka gupta reports. nothing much grows these days in this barren land surrounded by mountains in northern yemen but hundreds of families have found shelter here from airstrikes and shelling in her province an active frontline in yemen's war joe being a smile and his family are one of them they have been displaced not once not twice but four times. they are here was that we used to work we had farms and shakers but today we have nothing we walked from one place to another with no money i have full poison six girls none of them can go to school they're collecting firewood and bringing water instead for hours and hours fighting between pro who the forces and saudi a morality back to yemeni fighters has intensified in the province since march more
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than four hundred twenty thousand internally displaced people are living in hundreds of makeshift settlements and the number keeps rising there are thirty one districts in hatcher twenty eight of them are classed as in a state of humanitarian emergency and of those twenty eight eight of them have pockets people living in a catastrophic experience in catastrophic levels of hunger i mean like in these areas with the most vulnerable populations the families with highest levels all the areas that are experiencing active conflicts but that's just. more than three point three million yemenis have been internally displaced by the war in the capital sanaa mohamad l.g.m. spends hours begging on the streets hoping to get a meal for the day. i don't remember how many years i've been displaced i
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pray to god that i can get ten to twenty rios to eat. in her data. people are scavenging for food and things to sell although aid is trickling into her day the port a key gateway for eighty percent of yemen's food and humanitarian assistance local markets are struggling. you know what i work in the supermarket the shops are full of goods but now we don't have most things there is a real shortage there is no drought or natural disaster in yemen yet millions are going to bed hungry every night because of a war that's now lasted for four years. priyanka gupta zero. let's just. picture a little bit earlier we've got them again. that has happened in the gaza strip.
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that that was the. of course a senior member of. hit the building with three warning. attacks they usually come from a drone and then hit it completely with a rocket and destroyed it three buildings destroyed so. it was the building of a local insurance company. security building and then this one which was the office of the. evening in gaza and it looks like this may be going on for some time into the night the latest developments of course as they happen on al-jazeera next though we will have. to quit. that story.
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we are looking at sport and football now with our thank you so much to all iceland will be aiming to cause an upset in euro two thousand and twenty qualifying when they face world champions france in just under an hour both teams began their campaigns with a win iceland have qualified for the last two major tournaments but finished bottom of their group at last year's world cup we know what. the french seems capable of they're capable of in teams and. and we know what kind of players they've got in their squad who are playing in every best teams in or around europe so we need to
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be made to be well unware of the quality they have got in their squad european champions portugal are looking for their first win in qualifying they face serbian group b. while world cup semifinalists england are looking to make it two wins from two in group a when they take on montenegro. there's a huge match in the miami open last sixteen later number two seeds about how laplace's seven time grand slam winner venus williams took world number three hollow close to three hours to get the better of polonia hertzog can return to the top of the world rankings with a title grand in miami i've. run number one novak djokovic has stayed on course for record breaking seventh title the miami open jack riches three to the fourth round but was pushed hard by frederico doubleness the argentinian one the second sat and looked capable of causing an up side jock of a check back to win the decider six one and set up a notch with roberto batista
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a. i want to baseball's most sought after player says hit a financial home run mike trout is that of a twelve year contract extension with the angels worth more than four hundred million dollars reports. the low thirty's angels have officially landed the big one center fielder mike trout have found the repl breaking twelve year contract extension would hold hundred thirty million dollars to welcome the bill twenty seven your my drug has been the american league's most valuable player on two creations the twenty seven year old will now be expected to bring his team some overdue world series success and i still think the saints you guys are. thank you know that i believe all and just want to chance it back again i was going to. try out four hundred thirty million dollars deal will bring him an annual
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salary of around thirty six million dollars it smashes the thirteen year three hundred thirty million dollars contract recently signed by bryce harper at the philadelphia phillies. full comparison alex rodriguez a rod agreed to a ten year two hundred seventy five million dollars deal with the yankees in two thousand and seven pretty much the group that's driven out to center field the angels haven't won the world series since two thousand and two and the sis the outlay on try out is part of the considered plan for success. you have a farm system that is out there is going in the right direction i'm going to continue to build something sustainable here something healthy here. and expect to criminally beat any of the top teams in baseball year in year out the chance to. try out was due to be a free agent next year realistically if the angels had to break
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a record to keep one of the league's most sought after hitches and she lot of talk that didn't actually ease back she was to you know enjoy enjoy every minute period it's not you know i was a mix that a child in jail for life it's the best news i've heard since two thousand and two when angels won the world series very exciting is going to be around yeah he's right there monica's best player in baseball there is one curious sadistic trial to be desperate to correct the season for all his individual success trott is yet to win a playoff game with the angels sun him most al-jazeera. and f.l. star rob gunn koski has decided to quit the game at the age of just twenty nine current house help lead the new in the patriots to three super bowl titles in nine seasons but as battles a number of serious injuries in recent seasons his totals of eighty one receptions and twelve touchdowns in the postseason are records for
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a title it's. and that's all your support and come all back to you lovely thank you for that far so much happening today the latest from bragg's that and from israeli strikes on the gaza strip with bullets sitting in london. the war on truth where on live what tina is taught us is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs to tradition or if you join us on saturday israel is an apartheid state and in the ethnic
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cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from he'll join the global conversation amount is iraq . with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is corresponding sleeve and bringing the stories they tell of this. book at the bottom of the lesser. we're at the bridge of the russian camp for palestinian direct i'll just zero fluid in world news rewind continues to care breyer people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentary the struggle continues bought from by the till now is destroyers revisiting return
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of the lizard king we went on the cover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling rewind on al-jazeera. israel carries out air strikes across the gaza strip ourself to a rocket fired from there is a house north of tel aviv. color that i've received are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back
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a deal for thirteen for vote u.k. prime minister to resign may accept defeat on her deal for the moment spot remains determined to see off plans by rebel m.p.'s to seize control of the brics it. no clear winner yet in thailand's first election since a military coup five years ago. how america's gun lobby is working to influence policy outside the u.s. and al-jazeera investigation into the an all raise australia connection. the israeli military has begun bombing targets across the girls a strip rocket attack near tel aviv is ready forces say the hissing hamas targets including the offices of hamas leader ismail haniyeh israel has also mobilized ground forces near the gaza border early a rocket fired from gaza struck
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a home in central israel seven people israel will not tolerate this i will not tolerate and as we speak as i told you mr president just now israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression i have a simple message to israel's enemies. we will do whatever we must do to defend our people and defend our state. allowed there is high for situ as is life now on these frail girls aboard a salary brings up take the latest you're hearing about those airstrikes on gaza. well we've actually been hearing and seeing some of them ourselves just in the last twenty thirty minutes there was in israeli military helicopter which flew over here and fired a rocket towards what seemed to be a position on or near the border behind me but more significantly is what's been
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going on inside gaza or inside gaza city itself as you heard at the beginning there is male one year the leader political leader of hamas his office was struck several times by warning blows and then came the major attack which is entirely destroyed that office that's the first time since two thousand and twelve that that has happened and before that there are two other multi-story buildings that were taken down one in the west of gaza which was the internal security building and another right in the center of gaza very close to the al-jazeera bureau actually that was from our colleagues there that we heard about this first that at insurance building belong to the insurance company. tells them that was struck and destroyed an insurance company believed to be owned by hamas according to the israeli military it was targeted because they say it was the secret headquarters for among other things general intelligence and military intelligence so this is
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already a very different situation from what we saw ten days ago or so when there was another double rocket attack on tell of evos rockets falling into empty ground in israel's most populous city that time there were about one hundred targets struck by the israeli response inside gaza but mainly empty training grounds empty military facilities this time they are attacking what sites inside the center of gaza city what we are also hearing though from inside there is a statement from islamic jihad one of the armed factions inside gaza saying that for now they are priority. ties in the efforts of the egyptians and of course egypt has been trying to mediate between these two sides for many months now not just trying to tamp down episodes such as this where we have seen major military escalations before in recent months but also trying to create some kind of a longer term truce between the two sides that does suggest at least some offer
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towards deescalating the situation however benjamin netanyahu and the israeli army have said that this is an extremely serious incident this home targeted by this rocket coming out of gaza. only these seven people were injured but easily there could have been fatalities and it's in the middle of an israeli election campaign during which netanyahu has been criticized over what his opponent the former army chief benny gantz says is the failure of his gaza policy so we are expecting and the army is saying that this is the beginning of a major military operation arson harry said keep an eye on that story for us terry there on the israel gaza border thank you. all the launch of the airstrikes came as the united states officially recognized israel's claim to sovereignty over the occupied golan heights donald trump signed a presidential proclamation at the white house of the meeting israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel sees the strategically important area back in
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one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and has occupied it ever since united nations says the u.s. navy is a unilateral announcement to add it is standing by the current situation of israeli occupation. a white house correspondent kelly halkett joins us live now from washington d.c. secondly this is a big change of course a u.s. policy it's hugely symbolic but why is it happening now. with this is a departure of more than five decades fifty two years to be exact u.s. presidents have always recognized that the occupied golan heights had strategic security importance for israel but they wouldn't go so far as we've seen with donald trump today with this presidential proclamation essentially condoning and recognizing the addicks ation of by israel of syrian territory so this is the question becomes why is it happening now there's no question this is a president that has long portrayed himself as a friend of israel not just with this move but we've also seen with the moving of
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the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem even the tearing apart of the iran nuclear agreement this is a president that has worked his supporters the pro jewish supporters that he has also the evangelical supporters and is doing this once again because of course these are some tough domestic times there in terms of the headlines here in the united states the president is dealing with the aftermath the release of that muller program muller report that did not exonerate him when it comes to whether or not there was obstruction of justice in that russia probe that has been ongoing here in the united states for so long so we saw the embattled u.s. president alongside the embattled israeli prime minister in the diplomatic room it was quite striking because they were in matching outfits and even as the headlines for the israeli prime minister were certainly very tense he's cut his trip in the united states short in order to deal with the situation he says back home he made
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the time to have this photo opportunity to show that he was friends with donald trump essentially this allows him to have a foreign policy victory even shedding his blue tie that we normally seen wearing to adopt the red tie that we always see donald trump wary this was a photo opportunity there's no question this is certainly an effort that donald trump has tried to try and hand him some. victory even in advance of the israeli elections that are taking place next month because of course we know the israeli prime minister facing corruption charges this was carefully orchestrated but it will certainly be difficult for donald trump and this administration moving forward because while they have recognized this attic sation they've also not recognized or have pushed back on the attic sation of crimea by russia back in two thousand and fourteen and teach people how could in washington thank you.
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now british prime minister to resign may has cut off holding another vote on her deal for leaving the european union may told parliament that she doesn't have enough support from m.p.'s to pass the withdrawal agreement but she's fighting plans by a group of rebel m.p.'s to seize control of bracks it. reports were just resigned to go to bars arriving for a crisis cabinet meeting to discuss what happens next politicians from the ruling conservative party trying to find a way forward. think prime minister to use a may acknowledge there isn't currently enough support to push through parliament for a third time that made out the options available unless this house agrees to it no deal would not happen no breaks it must not happen and just slow breaks it which extends article fifty beyond the twenty second of may fall says the british people to take part in european elections and gives up control of any of our boarders
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balls money or trade is not a great sit that will bring the british people together she said her government would not back a plan to allow parliament to take control and set out a timetable for so-called indicative votes that could put forward alternative bricks adoptions for a vote the main opposition party say they will support the amendment it passed today in a wednesday m.p.'s will have a chance to vote on a series of terms of proposals we'll have to see what that produces but that at least is parliament trying to rise to reach from stability the public expects us to work as hard as we can to find an alternative way forward i don't know what the outcome will be but that is not an argument for not trying i think we should try if maze deal doesn't pass by april twelfth and no deal is still the default. mission for the united kingdom a scenario the e.u. says is increasingly likely in a no deal scenario the u.k.
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will become a third country without any transition rearrangements all e.u. primary and secondary door will cease to apply to the u.k. from that moment onwards there will be no transition period as provided for in the withdrawal agreement this will obviously cause significant disruption for citizens and businesses but more than a million people marched on saturday hoping to avoid that scenario demanding another chance to vote on bricks that the u.k. is already an extra time and may is under huge pressure from pro breck's that conservatives to set a quick timetable for her departure they want to replace her with their own candidate who can guide negotiations in the second phase it's a pressure she might bowed to if she can secure their backing for her deal with the withdrawal agreement was supposed to be the easy part of brecht's it some say negotiating the future trading relationship with the e.u. will be the real challenge our desire landed. sounds like paul meant for
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us also debating going on in the house of commons house of commons behind you and me how crucial also night's proceedings to the chances of breaks it actually happening. on the surface tonight's proceedings appear well very procedural but they all crucial when it comes to defining the shape of the bricks and battleground going forward over the course of the week there is an almighty tussle going on in the moment between the government and parliament over who is essentially in control and at ten o'clock local time m.p.'s will vote on a series of amendments three of being selected two of them focus on it having a series of so-called indicative votes as early as wednesday on a range of very different breaks it possibilities and scenarios a soft breaks or for instance a closer alignment with the single market in the customs union revoking article fifty having another breaks at vote and so on and so forth why.


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