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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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story worth hearing. cover often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera. sporadic exchanges between israel and hamas continue across the gaza strip despite an egyptian brokered ceasefire. also coming up the british parliament votes to take control of the brags that agenda from the government and a further blow to prime minister to resign. venezuela's suffer another widespread power outage for the second time in a month. and an al-jazeera investigation uncovered america's gun lobby is working covertly to change australia.
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could cease fire appears to be holding between israel and hamas the airstrikes on gaza my rockets have also been fired israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has left washington and is on his way back home following the military escalation well there were several explosions after the cease fire was due to come into force seven hours ago but the situation is reported to be calm earlier the two sides exchanged fire cross the gaza israel border with multiple israeli airstrikes and at least ten rockets launched from the strip into southern israel israeli jets hit hamas targets including the offices of the group's political leader ismail haniya and also mobilized ground forces near the gaza border where the fighting on monday began when seven israelis were wounded by a rocket which landed on a house in a suburban area near tel aviv. israel will not tolerate this i will not
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tolerate this and as we speak as i told you mr president just now israel is responding forcefully to this wanton aggression i have a simple message to israel's enemies we will do whatever we must do to defend our people and defend our state and here's how aforesaid has this update from the israel gaza border. well despite reports of a ceasefire despite announcements of a ceasefire coming from senior hamas officials one of whom said that on tuesday the ministries and schools would be open again inside gaza there has been continued strikes coming from the israeli side and indeed rockets being fired out of gaza territory as well we heard some intercepted near our position here near the northern area of the gaza border in israeli territory and we could still hear
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strikes going on in the background as well that is the message we're getting from our colleagues inside gaza that after this ten pm local time cease fire arrangements that have been declared by hamas there were still israeli strikes continuing and as i say we have seen rockets still coming out of gaza as well all of this following what happened earlier on tuesday a rocket fired out of gaza territory hitting an israeli family home northeast of tel aviv seven members of that family injured in that strike benjamin netanyahu promising forceful act reaction to that he is in the middle of a very hard fought election campaign in which he has been criticized by his main challenger the former israeli army chief benny gantz for his gaza policy for not bringing results in terms of containing hamas and so we were expecting a forceful and indeed major israeli military operation multi-story buildings housing what the israeli military says were the hamas internal security and an
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insurance building which it said was a secret base for the military intelligence another services as well as is mahoney the political leader of hamas his office building three major targets already destroyed inside gaza the army was promising that there was more to come out of their arabic correspondent he shams or could report from the scene of one of the israeli airstrikes on gaza. i thought. this is the result of one of the israeli airstrikes that hits a residential building here in central gaza the first floor of the building hosted the headquarters of insurance company the top floors were residential apartments which had been fully destroyed but residents had hardly any time to escape the strike fleeing the building only minutes before it was destroyed by israeli jets the house was hit first by a number of drone missiles then israeli jets fully destroyed it civil defense and
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ambulances have arrived in this area is full of residential buildings hitting such buildings in central gaza is a sign of an escalation. the launch of the airstrikes came as the u.s. officially recognized israel's claim to sovereignty over the occupied golan heights in contravention of international law and united nations resolution our diplomatic editor james bays reports. the u.n. secretary general here in new york is watching the situation in gaza with great concern. he's long warned of the dangers of a new conflict a new conflict now on the way the secretary general is gravely concerned by the latest developments regarding gaza today's firing of a rocket from gaza towards israel is a serious and unacceptable violation we're also where of the latest reports of firing on gaza and monitoring events we urge all sides to exercise maximum
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restraint this very moment the secretary general spokesman was briefing reporters president trump was signing his declaration recognizing israel's sovereignty over the go land a direct challenge to the international consensus on the issue for the secretary general it is clear that the status of golan is not change the u.s. policy on the golan is reflected in the relevant resolutions of the security council you may notice a reticence to criticize president trump even though there's little doubt his proclamation is in breach of international law this will be a difficult issue too for the u.s. is close allies on the u.n. security council which meets to discuss israel palestine on choose day since the start of the trumpet ministration the council has allowed the u.s. to lead diplomacy on this file but there is growing unease among diplomats on gaza don't expect any action other than council members adding their voices to the calls for restraint on gaulin don't expect any action it all other council members of
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very unhappy about president trump's decision but even if they wanted to come up with a statement condemning it the u.s. would block it james pays out his era of the united nations or trump's proclamation has received international condemnation with syria calling it a blatant attack on its sovereignty and territorial integrity it says it has a right to reclaim the territory russia has also. warmer the move would further deteriorate the situation in the region turkey says the decision by the us is unacceptable and will take action against the move and the arab league has described transaction as illegitimate israel occupies nearly two thirds of the wider golan heights as a result of the nineteen sixty seven conflict the annual gathering of the pro israel group known as a pact continues in washington u.s. vice president mike pence addressed the conference and expressed support for strong ties with israel mike hanna reports. tumultuous applause for u.s.
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vice president mike pence the trumpet ministration is wildly popular in israel and this reflected in what is nominally a bipartisan lobbying organization penned seizing the opportunity to hammer the democratic party members who stayed away from the gathering in pointed protest against the methods of the pro israeli lobby eight democratic candidates for president are actually boycotting this very conference so let me be clear on this point. anyone who aspires to the highest office in the land should not be afraid to stand with the strongest supporters of israel in america restrained applause for the democratic party leaders that did turn up including both the senate minority leader and speaker of the house. the major event of the day though took place down the road where prime minister benjamin netanyahu arrived for a meeting with the u.s. president to mark the occasion by signing
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a presidential decree recognizing israel's claim to suffering teeth over the occupied golan heights. committed by the israeli prime minister's breathless gratitude mr president over the years israel has been blessed to have many friends who sat in the oval office. but israel has never a better friend than you israeli opposition leader benny gantz as grateful as the prime minister for the u.s. move but at the same time warning against israel taking sides in the u.s. political process we want all of america republicans and democrats. all of america's republican and democrats to move forward with us in this period of true by brute as and that did not save the south did served us so well in the past all delegates here are keenly aware of the
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elections taking place in israel next month many will be voting in that one but a significant number two will also have a say in the us electoral process in twenty twenty and president trumps the city was pro israel policy perhaps a recognition of this lebanese influence in that process or does mike hanna al-jazeera washington british lawmakers and voted to take control of the brig's agenda from the government it's another crushing blow to prime minister to reason they should be forced to hand over control to parliament on wednesday and m.p.'s lend try and work out a way forward a bug reports. defining the breaks in battleground and piece of dealt another blow to the british prime minister by voting in favor of changes to to reason may's next to break six steps many of those m.p.'s before may's own party three junior ministers have resigned after voting against the government i to the
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right three hundred twenty now i know the no to the left three hundred two m.p.'s have decided to debate and vote on wednesday on alternative ways forward a process referred to as indicative votes m.p.'s will now decide on a range of bricks scenarios including a possible softer breaks it with greater alignment to the e.u.'s customs union and single market they could decide to revoke article fifty altogether or back another referendum the list goes on as the aim is to test the will of parliament in the search for an alternative plan to to resume a stalled deal earlier the prime minister acknowledged there isn't currently enough support to push it. deal through parliament for the third time but laid out the options available unless this house agrees to it no deal would not happen no bricks it must not happen and just no bricks it which extends article fifty beyond the
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twenty second of may force is the british people to take part in european elections and gives up control of any of our borders malls money or trade is not a great sit that will bring the british people together the leader of the opposition responded calling the government's approach to brics it a national embarrassment after two years of failure broken promises after broken promises the prime minister finally accepted the inevitable last week and voted to extend article fifty and went to brussels to negotiate last to examine represented another negotiating failure for the prime minister her proposals were rejected and new terms were imposed on her if may's deal doesn't pass by april the twelve no deal is still the default position for the united kingdom but to resume a could still find a way out of this impasse if m.p.'s do decide to back a much softer version of brecht's it indicative votes of wednesday it could in
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theory play into the prime minister's hands spruiking hard line break cities within the ranks that have so far rejected a deal into now backing it with all of this could mean that treason may might bring a plan back to parliament for another go before the end of the week but it's a big gamble it's been defeated twice already a third defeat could be devastating for to resume a's leadership the u.k.'s already in extra time amaze under huge pressure from probe conservatives to set a quick timetable for her departure the withdrawal agreement was supposed to be the easy part of brics it talks of the future trading relationship haven't even begun the barca al-jazeera westminster. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back a preliminary u.n. investigation says a u.s. airstrike in afghanistan on saturday killed thirteen civilians most of those children. and an emotional goodbye to the volunteers who died trying to save lives
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after a ferry capsized in iraq more than. hello again it's good to have you back here cross the lavon we have seen a big problem just over the last few days with the heavy rain coming into parts of iran now that has caused localized flooding across the region and if you look at the satellite this widespread area of clouds that is where the rain has been a huge problem and a fortune the rain is going to continue as we go towards tuesday so the flood threat will also be in place across much of the same area we're talking about the western portions of iran anywhere from the north all the way down here towards the southwest so we'll be watching this over the next few days because as you see going from tuesday to wednesday it really doesn't end until we get to the overnight hours so that will be when we start to see an improvement across much of the area much of
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that rain does move to the north as well as to the east by mid week well here across the gulf that same system brought some rain here across doha and as you can see here on tuesday the clouds going to remain in those clouds we could be seeing the rain as well that system will be pushing over here towards the east on wednesday and abu dhabi you're going to see a shower or two as well with a temperature of twenty eight and then across mozambique not looking to bet on tuesday we do expect to see across the flooded area kiddish is a little bit drier but unfortunately we do expect to see more rain in the forecast in this area and johannesburg attempt a few of twenty three. who want to sponsor a town in. the war on truth when they're on mine. t.v. you know it's taught us is to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means. or if you join us on say israel is an
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apartheid state in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. welcome back up to come out of the top stories here this hour on a gyptian brokered cease fire appears to be holding between israel and hamas off across the border fighting on monday. israel across the gaza strip and hamas launched at least ten rockets into southern israel. president mike pence sounds reiterated washington strong ties with israel at the annual gathering of the pro israel lobby group known as a pac and so criticized some democrats are boycotting the event saying it shouldn't
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be afraid to stand with one of america's strongest allies. and british lawmakers are voted to take control of the brig's agenda from the government will now be up to parliament to work out a process and leaving you. now for the second time in a month venezuela has been hit by a major power outage at least sixteen of the country's twenty three states have been affected by the blackout what led to this latest outage is unclear but the information minister says the main hydroelectric dam was a touch. reports from columbia. the capital caracas and at least half of them in this well and states suffered another major blackout on monday this was started around one thirty pm it continued through the afternoon and at the beginning of the evening just served as people were trying to go back home metro system was down in caracas in another number of cities many stores
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closed fearing the looting and the kind of chaos that we've seen two weeks ago in venezuela when the country was paralyzed by the longest blackout in its history and just like two weeks ago the government of president nicolas maduro blamed the opposition and their allies starting with the united states as being behind an attack on a degree down that's the largest and most important hydroelectric plant in the country this serves most of any swelling in the meantime also the political international confrontation surrounding the government of nicolas maduro continued to military to russian military airplane landed in caracas over the weekend with the troops the u.s. is now calling that a reckless escalation of the situation in venezuela promising some type of retaliation so as we can see both inside when the swell and the internationally the
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confrontation continues for the future of the country the preliminary findings of a u.n. investigation in northern afghanistan has found that a u.s. airstrike on saturday killed thirteen civilians most of them children. what's left of one man's life on the back the farm truck and condos. under the blankets a tiny casualties of the afghan war the un says ten children and three adults were killed in a u.s. air strike on saturday morning. show it was around one am on friday when the plane bombed there in riyadh thirteen people were killed the victims are from my aunt's family my cousins their daughters and grandchildren they are all my family. in afghanistan so many people are dying in airstrikes in rural areas farm trucks are often used to bring bodies into town seem to is this was two weeks ago and gas me province. and in latin province following an airstrike three weeks ago u.s.
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forces say they didn't to see civilian casualties yet these people blame the u.s. chanting death to america forever. but does that make up the parts of the government to saying they didn't do this it's not their job they say it's the u.s. government is backing the u.s. then the u.s. is doing this to us but americans are being killed her the latest is strikes and condos were ordered hours after two u.s. soldiers were killed nearby along with four afghan commandos they were on a joint operation against the taliban u.s. forces say they were acting in self-defense and take every mission to prevent civilian casualties in contrast they say to the taliban who intentionally hide behind women and children the u.s. is investigating the condo's strike the u.n. wants the findings published in compensation paid to victims air strikes are an
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increasing problem in afghanistan u.s. forces relax their rules of engagement last year removing certain proximity requirements for air strikes the result according to the u.n. was the deaths of three hundred ninety three civilians more than double the year prior more than two. the fourteen twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen combined two thirds of the dead who women and children plato that is over there were not al-qaeda they were not terrorists they were from this soil and from this nation for god's sake we asked the government why are we killed. from this province the u.s. and taliban continue to negotiation into the seventeen yo who are with the prospect of pace is fuelling a battle both sides fighting for the leverage in the talks in the middle east children still in the pajamas they went to sleep in the palace. more than six hundred thousand people have signed a petition calling for the impeachment of thailand's election commission the online
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petition follows allegations of widespread use in the election sunday's vote is shaping up to be a close race between the party backed by the military government and the main opposition party. officials been held in iraq for another victim of last week's ferry disaster as well as the dozens of passengers who drowned three volunteers also died in the tigris river while trying to retrieve bodies the reports from mosul. mohammed jetsam awad was like many other iraqis displaced from his home by years of conflict and struggling to find work but these people gathered to offer condolences will remember the heroic actions of a twenty four year old in extraordinary circumstances mohamad volunteered to help retrieve bodies from the tigris river within hours of an overloaded amusement park ferry capsizing he borrowed money to take a taxi to the accident site. not to be. saying i'm going father and
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mother with a smile it was as if he knew he was not coming back he couldn't help seeing all those people drown and not doing anything about it so he acted spontaneously since he was a little kid he was always brave and helpful to others. without any diving gear mohamed pulled eight bodies from the cold murky river while battling against a strong and unforgiving current mosul emergency responders were overwhelmed by the scope of the ferry accident they lacked equipment and manpower officials were so desperate for assistance they put out a call via the media for volunteers two of those volunteers including mohammed drowned while trying to recover more bodies from the water side heard about his death on the news and says he was overcome with emotion. it inspired me to go to the river and retrieve this hero to return him to his family his tribe and to the
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people of mosul everyone is so proud of him he achieved so much that will be remembered for years to come. dozens of people are still missing each day since the accident families gather outside the mork hoping the next body brought in will be their loved ones most of the victims were women and children as young as two years you know. they are stripped from the simplest of their rights to have closure i'm afraid the longer these missing remain at the bottom of the river the bodies will decompose beyond recognition therefore we will have to go to the next stage with the d.n.a. testing and it will take months. in a city riven by sectarian violence muhammad's family hope his death will become a symbol of unity natasha al-jazeera mosul iraq. new zealand has already banned semiautomatic weapons and is rewriting its laws in the wake of the most shootings gun laws in australia where the alleged attack came from
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a much tougher but officials of america's powerful gun lobby the n.r.a. have been filmed by al-jazeera as investigative unit advising on a strange political party on how to deal with public opinion in the wake of a mass shooting they did charlie reports. on a visit to washington last attempt a team from pauline hanson's one nation party sold help from the n.r.a. in order to changes trade use strict gun control laws in the country where you live . in a series of meetings one nation was given advice on how best to prepare a stranger for a change to its laws i think. there are all it takes steps in the right direction to start providing protection to people that. look at us. astray severely restricted the sale of semiautomatic and automatic guns
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following a massacre in the tasmanian town of port arthur in one thousand nine hundred six. thirty five people were murdered by a gunman using an a.o. fifteen assault rifle six hundred fifty thousand weapons were confiscated and destroyed you probably know i'm realistic goal to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the margins what does improve the life of a gun on a daily basis it does demonstrate and it began i did not get sloppy you can start making a difference for it down the narrative so that people can issue a reaction to going to use it and make it. astray has strict gun control laws are problematic for the n.r.a. is officials have said they fear success could be used to limit gun ownership in america it's the left wing anti gun owners who literally point to australia as the shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation in the run
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up to the port arthur massacre australia was tracking on the liberal and right now should use as the americans since not having any six their brain zero mass shootings of people but not to be silent in stride no. one nation was coached on how to react if soft a gunman was a village to another measure shooting in a strenuous and iraqi officials suggested to one nation that they smear advocates of gun control for exploiting the massacre there used to raise children but for you. if your policy isn't good enough to stand it so there you go for. the really good that's a great read on the end i raised. also included planting articles there's a lot of times we all write down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll draft dinner see what's up distract it we'll do
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a lot of the legwork because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming from that community we will have we're all behind this charlie al-jazeera sydney well australia's prime minister says he's very concerned the investigation under thomas reports from sydney. early on tuesday australia's prime minister scott morrison sent a tweet saying that reports that senior one nation officials call to foreign political donations from the us gun lobby to influence our elections and undermine our gun laws are deeply concerning and that really gets to the heart of the two crucial aspects of this story first that one nation a political party was trying to get money from a foreign organization in this case the national rifle association in order to swing elections here now this secret footage was recorded at the end of last year but since the beginning of this year foreign donations to political parties have been illegal in australia and even then they were highly controversial ironically
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with one nation foremost among those calling for a change and for foreign donations for political parties to become illegal so not a good look there and then there is the aspect of getting that money to try and weaken australia strict gun laws the gun laws were tightened here in australia in the wake of a massacre back in one thousand nine hundred six and there's a lot of concern among australians that those gun laws could be weakened in months and years to come but securely of course in the wake of what happened what twelve days ago in new zealand with the massacre in christ church one nation for their part they're trying to turn the tables they put out a statement early on tuesday as well accusing al jazeera of being a foreign agent state propaganda arm of the qatari government they say not a legitimate media organization they have also accused the undercover reporter of himself being a foreign agent and they say they refer this whole matter to the australian federal police questioning whether it amounts to foreign interference into australian politics that's not yet having much traction though at the moment all the pressure
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here is on one nation themselves well i was in a contact at all those who featured in the report but no one responded and you can watch the full program to mount a serious investigative unit how to sell a massacre and i'll just iran tuesday a twelve hundred g.m.t. . part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera an egyptian brokered ceasefire appears to be holding between israel and hamas off across border fighting on monday as drugs were carried out by israel across the gaza strip and hamas launched at least ten rockets into southern israel well earlier on monday netanyahu met with the u.s. president donald trump signed a presidential proclamation saying the u.s. recognizes israeli sovereignty over the golan heights the united states recognizes israel's absolute right to defend itself the despicable attack this
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morning demonstrates the significant security challenges that israel faces every single day and today i am taking historic action to promote israel's ability to defend itself and really to have a very powerful very strong national security which they're entitled to have u.s. vice president mike pence has reiterated washington's strong ties with israel at the annual gathering of the pro israel group known as a part prince also criticized some democrats for boycotting the event saying they shouldn't be afraid to stand as one of america's strongest allies. british lawmakers voted to take control of the brigs agenda from the government will now be up to them to work out a process for leaving the e.u. prime minister cerys amazed as the move sets an unwelcome precedent. for the second time this month venezuela has been experiencing a major power outage transportation services are stored in the capital at least
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sixteen of the country's twenty three states have been affected the government says the country's main hydroelectric dam was attacked. more than six hundred thousand people have signed a petition calling for the impeachment of thailand's election commission the online petition follows allegations of widespread irregularities in the election sunday's vote is shaping up to be a close race between the party backed by the military government and the main opposition party under u.s. lawyer who represented the adult film star stormy daniels and lawsuit against u.s. president donald trump has been charged with fraud prosecutors are accusing michael of a nazi of trying to extort more than twenty million dollars from sports giant nike he says he expects to be exonerated. sorry well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the streets of so much of the.
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zero. swear every. day and you're in the stream today what is the. way take an in-depth look at the latest groundbreaking film from al-jazeera as investigative unit how to sell a massacre over. a three year investigation into the program we've been hearing it has me going to really. reveal secrets so you want. their. connection some don't want to expose in legacy media. mass shootings. like night al-jazeera
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investigations how to sell a massacre the very divisive. issue. the country is still reeling.


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