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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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ok the whole process still be revived to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. israel strikes into gaza and prime minister benjamin netanyahu makes an early return from the u.s. as an election looms. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. condemnation against president trump's decision to recognize israel sovereignty over the golan heights with turkey and. hardy's i mean these are exactly the. thing to break a deadlock on british m.p.'s russell control of the debate from prime minister
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theresa may. we. need to work well for us so we need to rebuild. cleaning up after cycling to die we need survivors and one town in mozambique the government has forgotten about them. israel's prime minister is expected back home in the next few hours after cutting short his visit to the u.s. and egyptian brokered cease fire is some place between hamas and israel but the israeli army says it's been hitting several hamas targets in gaza overnight on monday seven israelis were wounded by a rocket which landed on a house or tel of eve or aboard mainly has more. the u.n. secretary general here in new york is watching the situation in gaza with great concern. he's long warned of the dangers of a new conflict a new conflict now on the way the secretary general is gravely concerned by the
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latest developments regarding gaza today's firing of a rocket from gaza towards israel is a serious and unacceptable violation were also where of the latest reports of firing on gaza in a monitoring events we urge all sides to exercise maximum restraint this very moment the secretary general spokesman was briefing reporters president trump was signing his declaration recognizing israel's sovereignty over the goal and a direct challenge to the international consensus on the issue for the secretary general it is clear that the status of golan is not change the u.s. policy on the golan is reflected in the relevant resolutions of the security council you may notice a reticence to criticize president trump even though there's little doubt his proclamation is in breach of international law this will be a difficult issue too for the u.s. is close allies on the u.n. security council which meets to discuss israel palestine on choose day since the
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start of the trumpet ministration the council has allowed the u.s. to lead diplomacy on this file but there is growing unease among diplomats on gaza don't expect any action other than council members adding their voices to the calls for restraint on gaulin don't expect any action a tall other council members of very unhappy about president trump's decision but even if they wanted to come up with a statement condemning it the u.s. would block it james pays out his era of the united nations. a hostage scientists now from the border fence attend israel and gaza so where do things stand right now with the cease fire as far as we know. well lead the cease fire. has been talked about by hamas but so far and this is very typical of these sorts of situations no confirmation from israel and indeed just before that ten pm last night timing that the cease fire according to hamas officials was meant to come into force there
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was a big volley of rockets that came out of gaza or in the projectiles that came out of gaza and that continued to be israeli airstrikes for some time after that ten pm . deadline for the cease fire that was according to the there was according to the excuse me one second. there was according to the israeli military another volley of about thirty rockets that came out of gaza in the early hours of the morning there were further israeli air strikes that came after that and so this supposed cease fire has certainly not appeared to be a very watertight one and there are various questions as to whether this is what we have seen in recent months which is a gradual deescalation from this point and that israel has done what it sees to be a sufficient response to this rocket attack or whether there may be more in store
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because there is still a restriction on schools here on the israeli side of the border outside gaza on universities inside gaza apparently the schools are officially open but our colleagues that tell us that very few people if any sending their children to school today said harry what do we know about when benjamin netanyahu will return home and what he has been saying about how he's going to deal with this when he gets back. he's judy back in the early afternoon israeli time he gave a brief statement before leaving washington in which he talked about israel having given a strong response so he talked about it in the past tense however he is in the middle of an election campaign during which he's been heavily criticized by his main opponent over his act over his policy here on gaza. is criticism coming from his education minister who is running in a separate party from netanyahu. in this election saying that the cease fire off to
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such a short lived response was embarrassing so he is under political pressure the question is whether he feels that there's been a sufficient military action already or when he has further meetings with his security high high ranking stop where the war may be in store the israeli army said that in the early hours of the military operation it was just the start however there is this talk of a cease fire and hamas is saying this morning that it is it is looking towards mediation for a fresh cease fire so there are signs on both sides of the ledger possible for the deescalation while still the threat remains that perhaps we're not sure it's over just yet all right here fossett lifeless on this rock gaza border thank you now is james they supported the launch of the airstrikes came as united states officially recognize israel's claim to sovereignty or the occupied golan heights syria
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described terms decision as a blatant attack on that sovereignty and territorial integrity damascus says it has a right to reclaim the territory i should warn the move with further deteriorate the situation in the region turkey called the decision unacceptable and plans to take action against the move in saudi arabia says it's a violation of international law. m.p.'s in britain have voted to take control of their bikes and agenda from the government that's another crushing blow to prime minister theresa may on wednesday politicians all began the process of deciding on a series of alternatives to maine's deal which has been voted down twice in parker has more. defining the bricks in battle ground and piece of dealt another blow to the british prime minister by voting in favor of changes to to reserve may's next breaks it steps many of those m.p.'s before may's own party three junior ministers have resigned after voting against the government ties to the right three
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hundred and twenty now i know the no use to the last three hundred in two m.p.'s have decided to debate and vote on wednesday on alternative ways forward a process referred to as indicative votes m.p.'s will now decide on a range of bricks and scenarios including a possible softer breaks it with greater alignment to the e.u.'s customs union and single market they could decide to revoke article fifty altogether or back another referendum the list goes on the aim is to test the will of parliament in the search for an alternative plan to to resume a stalled deal earlier the prime minister acknowledged there isn't currently enough support to push a breakfast deal through parliament for the third time laid out the options available unless this house agrees to it no deal would not happen no bricks it must not happen and just no bricks it which extends article fifty beyond the twenty second of may force is the british people to take part in european elections and
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gives up control of any of our borders malls money or trade is not a bricks it that will bring the british people together the leader of the opposition responded calling the government's approach to brecht's it a national embarrassment after two years of failure broken promises after broken promises the. reiman is to finally accept the inevitable last week and voted to extend article fifty and went to brussels to negotiate last week summit represented another negotiating failure for the prime minister her proposals were rejected and new terms were imposed on her if may's deal doesn't pass by april the twelve no deal is still the default position for the united kingdom but to resume a could still find a way out of this impasse if m.p.'s do decide to back a much softer version of brecht's it indicative votes of wednesday it could in theory play into the prime minister's hands spruiking hardline breck cities within
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the ranks that have so far rejected a deal into now backing it but all of this could mean that two reason may might bring the plan back to parliament for another go before the end of the week but it's a big gamble it's been defeated twice already a third defeat could be devastating for to resume a's leadership the u.k.'s already in extra time amaze under huge pressure from probe conservatives to set a quick timetable for her departure the withdrawal agreement was supposed to be the easy part of brics it talks of the future trading relationship haven't even begun the volga al-jazeera westminster and a barber has the latest now from outside parliament in minden center jane what do we expect to happen this week now in parliament. well as you're hearing in nice report there will now be on wednesday
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a series of votes so-called indicative votes on different options ways forward for the bright said process and although nice was saying that they could in some eyes actually benefits resume a scare some wavering m.p.'s here into backing her deal i don't think many commentators are really betting on but it's really really lost a lot of sort of popularity in the last week and it was seen as a big defeat for her as she said it could create a dangerous precedent parliament being in control of the timetable for exploring these ways out but at the same time she pointed out in the commons on monday that there will be no deal in her words there will be there won't be a no deal breaks it without the approval of parliament well that's correct in theory they voted to reject it before but they must come up with a plan b. and if not as nice was saying on april the twelfth that's the deadline for the u.k. either to come back to to brussels with a definite proposal or to leave without
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a deal and not produce that prospect is something that's concerning a lot of people not least i'm a parliamentary committee who's warns that breaks it could seriously damage the legal rights of e.u. citizens already living here even if they've been here for years things like the right to housing and social security and at the same time we heard on monday the european commission saying that no deal was becoming more likely and that it would hit the u.k. citizens in many areas including travel vade now have to queue up not in the e.u. q when they go on holiday for example but with everybody else and they would be asked to show that they had the financial means to support themselves so that warning that in many many areas it is going to cause chaos if there is no deal breaks it but they're saying they're ready for it lots of people in britain now getting. kristie concerned about it to the extent that it signing petitions
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a calling for the government to revoke article fifty simply to stop breaks it whether that might happen partly depends on what happens here in parliament in the next few days all right bob a live press in london thank you any more head on al-jazeera including we'll have an update on venezuela and voting what the government says is behind the latest power outage last. would be ironic good news that the report turns into something we can all agree upon which is let's move on and work together more on the reaction to the robert miller investigation out of the u.s. . hello again a welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across europe we ended last week looking quite nice across much of central europe we have seen a lot more problems in terms of the clouds in the winds as we start the week here
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and we're going to be seeing more of that as we go towards tuesday we have a fronts can be slipping down here towards the southwest there the clouds right there and the winds behind it and we're also could be seeing those temperatures only getting to about the single digits for many locations so berlin at seven the war side about eight degrees there here across the west not looking too bad in the trend is going to be as we go towards wednesday things are improving out here towards much of western europe temperatures are going to start to come up in some locations so paris a nice day if you at fourteen degrees there well here across the northwestern part of africa and fortune of the next few days we are going to see more in terms of clouds as well as rain for many locations we did have a break across this region we did see some very rainy conditions it did clear up but in forty as we go from tuesday to wednesday more of that activity is going to start to push over here towards the central part of northern africa and that means of rain for tunisia neck could mean some localized flooding in the area as well so rain here in tunis at fifteen degrees in algiers we do expect to see
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a messy day for you with the temperature fifteen. something.
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watching out to sara let's recap the top stories this hour benjamin netanyahu returns home to handle tensions with its ahead of elections airstrikes were launched by israel across the gaza strip hamas on the other side launched at least ten rockets into southern israel attacks began on monday after seven israelis were wounded by a rocket north of tel of the. world leaders have condemned donald trump's decision to recognize israeli control of the occupied golan heights syria's calling it a plain attack on its sovereignty while russia turkey and saudi arabia also oppose the move. members of parliament in britain have voted to take control of the parks agenda from the government on wednesday politicians will begin the process of deciding on a series of alternatives to prime minister teresa mayes deal which has been projected to ice. cleanup efforts are underway in the city of barren mozambique after it was hit hard by a powerful cycle and some believe they're being neglected by government officials
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in the capital of poodle because of their city's long running support of the opposition our correspondent tony pertly is n.p.r. with this report on how survivors are coping. on the streets a view of the clean up of cycling even as destruction has begun it's a must supertask well into the ground to try and restore a sense of normality to this ravaged city. mungo's the homs all men who gets up every day at five am to supervise the operation and try and still hope we're also trying to build the people. there's no food. but we need to wake me. what do our farmers so we need to really build ourselves people are living in schools and on street corners it's a miserable existence even for families familiar with hardship before the psych loan struck this region had an unemployment rate of seventy percent with forty percent of those making living on the streets the majority of big companies that
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employ most of beer is full time work force have been devastated by it i many have gone bust and getting the economy back up and running is now one of the top priorities it's been a climatic battleground here but also a political one there has been hard core opposition and has voted five times against the ruling for lemo government in parliamentary and presidential elections and some people here believe they're paying a price for that opposition critics accuse government leaders in the capital murder of previously failing to invest in infrastructure including schools and hospitals and of not doing enough to help victims of the disaster there so question i asked grogs god why are you breaking cycle and here i want to get. only god can tell you that. i'm saying to say that only the central government can't that's what i do a lot giving us. government supporters maintaining all it can with limited funds
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and that. funding is allocated regardless of which party is governing all provinces what is important is the direction of the country and not the party. but politics is a game that few of mozambique's poor and destitute play their lives there always been a struggle to has been unemployed for twenty five years he lived in a shack and survived a lot of jobs the cycler left him with nothing. and did i had a home before the cycle of my life was a little normal even though i didn't have much but now i have lost everything it's not just me sleeping here the streets are full of families with children. many of beer is new street dwellers don't know what even care this is an election year in mozambique for them life is about if and when they will next meet not when they'll vote. we did i don't care about politics we just need help there's nothing to eat
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and we don't have medication we don't even have pots and plates. the misery for many of mozambique's cycling victims won't end until help arrives tony berkeley al-jazeera beera at least seventeen people had been killed after flash flooding had parts of southern iran more than seventy others have been injured by the extreme conditions caused by heavy rains. the downpour has continued with about six thousand. more than six hundred thousand people have signed an online petition calling for the impeachment of thailand's election commission allegations of widespread irregularities during sunday's vote ameri results point to a close race between the party backed by the military government and the main opposition party either of which have managed to win a majority of seats and it may be weeks before the final results are released. you know senate majority leader has blocked a second attempt by democrats to force the justice department to release
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a report on russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election attorney general william barr says that special counsel robert muller did not find any collusion between the truck campaign and russian officials had a hand reports from washington d.c. . us president trump feeling vindicated and victimized it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again i can tell you that i said very strongly. very few people i know could have handled it we can never ever let this happen to another president again with that he's calling for an investigation into how the investigation of him began and one of his top allies in the senate is complying what makes no sense to me is all the abuse by the department of justice in the f.b.i. the unprofessional conduct the shady behavior nobody seems to think this much important. well that's going to change i hope this summer of miller's report says
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the special counsel didn't decide if the president obstructed justice saying he didn't conclude the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him democrats want to know what that means they want to see the evidence for themselves we have a four page summary written by somebody else not by rubber roller and that somebody else is not a disinterested party he's a political appointee. donald j. trump they will call the attorney general and the special counsel to testify before congress and they will push to get the report made public this investigation means trump will avoid a criminal court in this case but democrats are hoping that he can still lose in the court of public opinion. al-jazeera washington yes defense department is releasing one billion dollars to construct parts of president trump's proposed wall along the us mexico border the fans have been allocated to construct a ninety two kilometers of fencing improve roads and provide logistical support
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along the border the u.s. army has already been given the go ahead to start planning the project last month president trying to clear a national emergency in order to bypass lawmakers and release eight billion dollars in funding sleeping blackouts have plunged much of venezuela into darkness for the second time this month at least sixteen of the country's twenty three states have been affected and led to this last outage is unclear but the information minister says the main hydroelectric dam was attacked. on the story from macau colombia. the capital caracas and at least half of them in this well and states suffered another major blackout on monday this was started around one thirty pm it continued through the afternoon and at the beginning of the evening just served as people were trying to go back home metro system was down in caracas in another number of cities many stores closed fearing the looting and the kind of chaos that we've seen
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two weeks ago in venezuela when the country was paralyzed by the longest blackout in its history and just like two weeks ago the government of president nicolas maduro blamed the opposition and their allies starting with the united states as being behind an attack on. the largest and most important hydroelectric plant in the country this serves most of the swelling in the meantime also the political international confrontation surrounding the government of nicolas maduro continued to military to russian military airplane landed in caracas over the weekend with the troops the u.s. is now calling that a reckless escalation of the situation in venezuela promising some type of retaliation so as we can see both inside and internationally the confrontation continues for the future of the country australia's prime minister says he is very
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concerned over out a serious investigation showing links between the u.s. gun lobby and australian political party officials from the n.r.a. were filmed by al-jazeera is investigating unit advising australia's one nation party how to deal with public opinion in the wake of a mass shooting his harley reports. on a visit to go to. a team from pauline hanson's one nation party. from the. changes trail years strict gun control laws in the country where you're going on this it's pretty obvious. in a series of meetings one nation was given advice on how best to prepare a stranger for a change to its laws i think beneficial you are on the take steps in the right direction to start providing protection to people and again that helps us because i would. be look at australia astray or severely restricted the
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sale of semiautomatic and automatic guns following a message in the tasmanian town of port arthur in one thousand nine hundred six. thirty five people were murdered by a gunman using an fifteen assault rifle six hundred fifty thousand weapons would confiscated and destroyed you probably don't really get called to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market what they're going to improve the lives of going on a daily basis it does demonstrate a big you know didn't get slope can start making a difference in a break down the narrative so that people in this reaction to going to use it make it. astray has strict gun control laws are problematic for the n.r.a. is officials have said they fear that success could be used to limit gun ownership in america it's the left wing anti gun owners who literally point to wash trail you as this shining model as to why we need gun bans and gun confiscation in
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the run up to the port arthur massacre strider was tracking on the liberal and right now shootings as the americans since not having any six their brain zero mass shootings of people would not mind to be silent in stride if. one nation was coached on how to react if soft a gun was a village to another measure shooting in a stray you n.r.a. officials suggested to one nation that they smear advocates of gun control for exploiting the massacre there used to raise children but for. the op if your policy isn't good enough to stand out so there you there. for. the really good that's a great what is wrong the n.r.a. playbook also included planting articles there's a lot of times we'll write down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever and we'll drop dead or she will have
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distracted we'll do a lot of the legwork because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and then they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic and it's coming from that community we will have we're all behind this charlie al-jazeera sydney. enter thomas has more on prime minister scott morrison reaction . early on tuesday australia's prime minister scott morrison sent a tweet saying that reports that senior one nation officials call to foreign political donations from the us gun lobby to influence our elections and to undermine our gun laws are deeply concerning and that really gets to the heart of the two crucial aspects of this story first that one nation a political party was trying to get money from a foreign organization in this case the national rifle association in order to swing elections here now this secret footage was recorded at the end of last year but since the beginning of this year foreign donations to political parties have been illegal in australia and even then they were highly controversial ironically
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with one nation foremost among those calling for a change and for foreign donations for political parties to become illegal so not a good look there and then there was the aspect of getting that money to try and weaken australia strict gun laws the gun laws were tightened here in australia in the wake of a massacre back in one thousand nine hundred six and there's a lot of concern among australians that those gun laws could be weakened in months and years to come but to killing of course in the wake of what happened what twelve days ago in new zealand with the massacre in christ church one nation for their part they're trying to turn the tables they put out a statement early on tuesday as well accusing al jazeera of being a foreign agent a state propaganda arm of the qatari government they say not a legitimate media organization but you have also accused the undercover reporter of himself being a foreign agent and they say they refer this whole matter to the australian federal police questioning whether it amounts to foreign interference into australian politics that's not yet having much traction though at the moment all the pressure
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here is on one nation themselves you can watch the full program from our serious investigative unit how to sell a massacre right here on al-jazeera on tuesday at twelve g.m.t. . i'm richelle carey in doha these are the headlines on al-jazeera israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is returning home early from the u.s. to handle tensions over gaza head of elections airstrikes were launched by israel across the gaza strip amoss on the other side launched at least ten rockets into southern israel attacks began on monday after seven israelis were wounded by a rocket north of tel aviv israel will not. and will not tolerate and as we speak as i told you mr president just now israel is responding forcefully to this want to aggression i have a simple message to israel's enemies we will do whatever we must do to
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defend our people and defend our state. condemn donald trump's decision to recognize israeli control of the occupied golan heights syria's calling it a blatant attack on its sovereignty while russia turkey and saudi arabia also oppose the move members of parliament and britain have voted to take control of the brics agenda from the government on wednesday politicians will begin the process of deciding on a series of alternatives to prime minister teresa mayes deal which has been rejected twice flash flooding in southern iran has killed at least seventeen people have others have been injured near the city of shiraz tens of thousands are affected by days of torrential rain. or than six hundred thousand people have signed an online petition calling for the impeachment of thailand's election commission it follows allegations of widespread regularities during sunday's vote.
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your results site is point to a close race between the party backed by the military government and the main opposition party neither of which have managed to win a majority of seats and maybe weeks before final results are released. yes department of defense is releasing a billion dollars to construct parts of president proposed wall along the us mexico border the funds have been allocated to construct ninety two kilometers of fencing and prove roads and provide logistical support along the border yes army has already been giving the go ahead to start planning that projects last month the cleared a national emergency order to bypass congress and release a billion dollars and funding are so bad why keep it here on al-jazeera and much more news to come throughout the day and the main time inside story is that next. the arab world is going through some unprecedented changes from the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen to the conflict in syria and protests and. the
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arab league will hold its thirtieth summit in the two museum capital tunis after a nearly eight year absence will syria return to the league join us for up to date coverage and in-depth analyses. zira. no collusion with russia and insufficient evidence of obstructing justice donald trump says the investigation completely exonerates him but does it really and wolf or report be released this is inside still. a welcome to the program hasn't it's been the biggest question for donald trump during his u.s. presidency so far did.


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